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Laori Vaus

Fionnbharanel's page

514 posts. Alias of JAF0.

Full Name

Fionnbharanel "Fionn" Teklet


F gnome


diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4


HP 50/50; AC 23, (T 13, FF 20); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; cleric (theologian)/5


S 3'2"



Special Abilities

see descriptive text






common, gnome, sylvan, ignan, abyssal, aural celestial draconic dwarven elven giant infernal



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 18
Charisma 17

About Fionnbharanel

HP 50/50; AC 21, (T 12, FF 18); saves fort 5, refl 2, will 7 (+4 v s fear/despair);bab 3 melee 3, ranged 4; CMB 3, CMD 17; init +3; perc +15

special abilities:

aura of good;
channel energy 2d6 7x/day; 3/7 remaining
Fire domain: fire bolt 7x/day 1d6+4, range 30; 7/7 remaining
low light vision;
+2 racial bonus on perception checks;
gift of tongues;
1x/day can cast dancing lights, flare, prestidigitation, produce flame (can cast an additional 1x/day any one of these spells (trait bonus));
pyromaniac: +1 CL when casting fire spells;
eternal hope +2 vs fear, 1x/day reroll any 1 on a d20;
use domain powers as if 2 lvls higher than her actual lvl.
resist fire 10 (domain power)


Selective Channeling - When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Cha modifier (2). These targets are not affected by your channeled energy.
Extra Channel - You can channel divine energy more often. Benefit: You can channel energy two additional times per day.
deific obedience - Gain spell-like and other abilities in exchange for performing a daily obedience

diplomacy 9, heal 7, knowl history 6, knowl religion 6, linguistics 7, perception 13, sense motive 7, stealth 3, profession cook 9, spellcraft 4


naturally gifted (one extra use of gnome magic/day).
campaign trait (Legacy of Fire): Finding Haleen, +1 hp/+1 sp per level


+1 breastplate,
light wooden shield,
light xbow,
10 bolts,
handy haversack,
traveler's outfit,
50' silk rope,
belt pouch,
wooden holy symbol
+2 rop
scroll lesser restoration x2
wand of cure moderate wounds (50 chgs)

0: light, stabilize, create water, purify food and drink
1: burning hands, burning hands, bless, burning hands, shield of faith
2: weapon of awe (+2 dmg sacred bonus), summon monster II, produce flame (1d6+5 dmg, 6 flames), produce flame
3: invisibility purge, fireball, protection from energy

Born in Korvosa in Varisia, Fionn quickly found the place not to her tastes. Even as a young child she bristled under the laws of the city and yearned for freedom. Her parents left the city to become itinerant merchants but died while she was still very young.
Her adoptive family, a human woman named Haleen, raised her well and cared for her with all the love and devotion as if she'd truly been related. But Finn loved traveling to distant lands, a passion imbued in her during her early, if brief, sojourns with her parents. When she was just a stripling, she pleaded with Haleen to send her to Qadira for an extended period so she could study fire magic, which she had a knack for.
Haleen finally agreed and Finn quickly learned what she could from the wizards of Katheer. When she was done, she dutifully returned to Haleen's care, though Haleen had grown quite a bit older by this time, gnomes maturing much slower than humans.
One night, Haleen just disappeared, leaving a cryptic note which told her little or nothing about why her 'mother' had left or where she went. Fionn sought solace in religion, and turned to the church of Sarenrae for help dealing with her loss. In her worship there, she found a great peace, and a love of the fire of the sun which inspired her to devote her life to the service of the Dawnflower.
Not long ago, she had a dream about her adoptive mother, Haleen, leading her to a ghost town called Kelmarene. She did some research on the place and even went to the Pathfinder Society to ask their aid, but came away with little knowledge of the place other than what she started with. Though perhaps, she thought, they might be interested if I learn something of the place. When she heard an expedition to the area was being arranged, she quickly signed up, hoping that going to Kelmarene would bring her closer to solving the mystery of the disappearance of Haleen.

hero points:


what Fionn knows about the monastery:

Since you rolled a 20 I am going to consider you well involved in the stories of this monastery so here we go, In the past two decades a mad cult from Kelmarane invaded and put the monks to death, this place stood as an empty ruin. It is rumored that the most powerful threat here was in fact its greatest defender, the essence of Varhishal himself, a Templar of the Five Winds slain in antiquity in the orginal battle against the efreeti Jhavhul and his terrible forces. The templars of the Five Winds.
1) The Templars of the Five Winds were a group of five powerful genies from antiquity. They have not been heard from in centuries, but travelers in the northern reaches of Katapesh and the southern bounds of Osirion still sometimes attributes miracles or victories to their guidance.
2. Legend tells that the Templars of the Five Winds defeated a great evil hundreds of years ago near Pale Mountain in the Brazen Peaks, a pinnacle not very far from the village of Kelmarane. each Templar was associated with a specific aspect of the wind, and each wielded a distinct, highly potent magic weapon.
3. The Templars of the Five winds were said to be particular enemies of the cult of Rovagug, god of destruction, and many tales of their triumphs recount battles against the spawn of that vile religion. The templars themselves are jann, mortal genie-spirits dedicated to no particular element. For some reason, these jann cannot die, though none have been seen in centuries.
4. The Templars of the Five Winds served a powerful djinni princess named Nefeshti, a great genie noble whose designs upon Osirion and Katapesh have had good and bad consequences. The song of Edrehu suggests that the Templar's immortality came from a powerful wish uttered by Nefeshti in antiquity, stating that so long as the warriors retained her favor, they would live forever.
Davashuum wields a powerful quarterstaff
Kardswann's weapon is an elaborate greataxe
Pazhvann's weapon is a tremendous burning flail
Vardishal's wields whatever weapon is favored by his new host
Zayifid's weapon is a delicate but razor-sharp scimitar

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