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Finn K's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 608 posts (1,004 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 11 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Full Name

M. Glenn


Human? (more or less?)


n/a (Furry: Wolf totem)






40-ish (40+ not 40-)


Good (usually); probably Neutral or Chaotic (but alignment's not a real-world thing)






Federal gov't employee (low-level bureaucratic functionary), former Soldier (US Army Reserve Retired)

About Finn K

I enjoy the game, and I enjoy discussing the game, but *I* am not a character in the game. (nom de plume comes from former RenFaire and SCA activities-- no longer active in that-- and from use for poetry & at local poetry readings-- something I'm still involved in)

Ah, thought I'd add a little more background. I've been playing roleplaying games for over 35 years (started in 1976, while I was in elementary school, because my Dad and my older brothers picked up the original 3 little D&D books, started a campaign, and decided to let me get in on the family evening entertainment-- have been playing various rpg's ever since, and it has stayed an active, life-long hobby for me. I have played many different role-playing games (can't say I've played 'em all, because there have been so many titles out there, but I've played a lot of games & game systems). I've played every version of Dungeons & Dragons including the Basic/Expert set (but never took that path up into "Master" and beyond (thought I hadn't, but I tripped over some old characters made and played under that line), starting off with each version that I played from when it was relatively new. For what I have played, that includes the original 3 little booklets + supplements (and also have played Chainmail), AD&D 1E, AD&D 2E,D&D 3.0 and 3.5, and I even played 4E for a while (hated it, it's not Dungeons and Dragons-- someone in one of my groups insisted we try it, and eventually I left the group because the game was so terribly bad); and of course, I play Pathfinder. I've also tried 5E now-- think I prefer Pathfinder, but it's a huge improvement over 4E. Truthfully, from an aesthetic standpoint-- there are systems I prefer over any of the D&D/D20 system derivatives... I don't really care for class/level based systems and the hit dice/hit points/level mechanics of D20, among other things. I wind up playing Pathfinder most of the time, because it's what everyone I know at the moment seems to be playing most of the time.

So, I suppose I'm a bit of a grognard... but when I occasionally ramble on to D&D history lessons and the past of the game... it's 'cause I was there... I do emphasize role-playing (not roll-playing or tactical emphasis over personality), place the story first, and am willing to bend the rules if they get in the way of the story and/or everyone's fun.

Currently, although I'm looking for a good "home game" in my new local, I'm stuck with PFS as my main RPG outlet-- playing and doing a little GM'ing so far.

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