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Finder of Stones's page

54 posts. Alias of Nimon.

Full Name

Akrem Shundar-Quah Finder of Stones


AC 14 Init+2 Per+0 Fort +2 Ref +1 Will +2 CMD 12









Special Abilities

Crystal Sight, Clouded Vision Curse


Chaotic Neutral




From Storval Plateau, Varisia


Common, Shoanti



Strength 14
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Finder of Stones

He was born Akrem of the Shoanti Spire Clan. When he was born his parents were concerned with his troubles with his vision, and his ability to pass the rite of passage for the clan.

During the rite of passage ceremony, he had to survive a harsh winter week alone in the Storval Plateau, and avoid the Giants and Trolls that call the jagged mountains thier home. On the third night a Giant tribe was headed his direction and he needed to hide. His poor vision made it difficult to locate a decent hiding spot and time was running out. Just when he was about to prepare to fight, he saw through a boulder as if it was made of clear crystal that was covering an ancient passageway to a lost Thassilonian underground ruin. Quickly he moved the boulder enough to make his way down the passage. When he returned to his clan after the ordeal, he shared his story and the location of the ruins. The leaders of the clan took this to be a sign from Gorum, and he began his life as Finder of Stones, Oracle of Gorum.

Recently Finder of Stones has been plagued with visions of Magnimar in flames. The Spire clan considers the monuments of Magnimar to be sacred,and when they hear of his dreams they believe this again is Gorum speaking to Finder of Stones and he should make a pilgrimage to the city to discover what the dreams can mean.

AC/Hp/Saves ect:
HP 13(8+2con+3tough) AC 14(10+4hide) Touch 10, FlatFoot 14 Saves: Fort 2, Ref 1, Will 2 CMD 12 Initative 2

Worn- Traveler's Outfit, Hide Armor, Boar Spear, Holy Symbol(silver) Gorum , water skin, spell componet pouch.
Backpack- 50' Hemp Rope, 5 days Rations, Flint and Steel, blanket(winter)

Spells and Oracle abilities:
Mystery of Stone. Clouded Vision Curse. Crystal Sight revelation.
lvl 0 -Create Water, Detect Magic, Guidance, Mending, Stabilize
lvl 1- Cure Light Wounds DC 14, Command DC 14

Skills w/ranks:
Diplomacy +7, Knowledge Dungeoneering +5, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +4, Survival +4

Feats:Toughness, Warrior Priest.Traits:Scholar of Ruins*knowledge Dungeoneering, Omen

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