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Deep Crow

Filby Pott's page

153 posts. Alias of William Staples.


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Are the islands that are left of Azlant completely barren, or are there any native cultures living there (other than the Sun Temple Colony)?

About how much space does the Azlanti archipelago take up? Is it Greenland-sized? Australia-sized?

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Will the Occult Bestiary include updates of any creatures from the Psionics Handbook?

What 3rd Edition sourcebooks do you think hold up best for Pathfinder players/GMs?

What's the most memorable thing that's happened in your campaign lately?

Also: Ostog status: still unslain?

Who came up with the Dorvae from Bestiary 4? Is there a story behind its creation? And was it a test run for a wider fiendish "race", like the kyton and ogre mage in the first Bestiary?

Do you still use loumaras in your home campaign?

Are they connected in any way to the Shoal? The story about a whole pantheon being imprisoned reminds me of the story in Fiendish Codex 1 about a whole pantheon dying.

If you redid the orlath demon from "The Porphyry House Horror" and "Serpents of Scuttlecove" for Pathfinder, would you still give it 17 melee attacks per round? Just looking for some advice as I'm eying it for conversion to my home game.

And thank you so much for answering so many questions here. I know some of my own questions have bordered on inane and I thank you sincerely for your patience.

Have we seen the last of the "Monsters Revisited" books?

What did you think of the Seeds of Sehan campaign arc?

Also, what's your favorite Paizo adventure outside of the APs?

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What creature type would you make Ridley from Metroid? Dragon, magical beast, monstrous humanoid?

Do you like Lolth better as a demon lord or a deity?

Will the Deacons and the draug from your home campaign ever be published? They sound fascinating.

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1) How do you feel about 3E's divine "aspects", like from the Miniatures Handbook or your Demonomicon articles? And if I were to use them in my game, would you recommend making them mythic?

2) If you could bring Iggwilv into Pathfinder, would you still make her CR 30, or would you tone her down compared to her mother Baba Yaga? (I love the dimensional occultist witch archetype, btw.)

Asking both questions because I'm looking at Savage Tide thinking of running it and both feature in the AP.

Have you ever run any D&D adventures converted to Pathfinder, and if so how did they go?

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James Jacobs wrote:
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Who came up with Proteans as Chaotic Neutral incarnate? I'd like to give whoever it was a metaphorical pat on the back, because I was never satisfied with Slaadi, and think Proteans are superior in every way (redacted).

Wes and I pretty much came up with it, and then had Todd run with the idea to flesh out our initial concepts of them being primal serpent like entities with the heads of prehistoric sea monsters.

Also... let's all avoid badmouthing other companies if we can. Thanks! :-)

I think proteans and slaadi complement each other very nicely. Proteans are chaos focused outward, destabilizing orderly systems; slaadi are chaos focused inward, existing for their own hedonistic desires. Both exist in my campaign.

And the fact that the primordial chaos gods of ancient Egypt had the heads of snakes and frogs seems too on-the-nose to be a coincidence.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Darius Darrenbar wrote:


How well do you think Thri-Kreen (or Mantisfolk in general) would fit into Golarion? I got this bizarre idea for introducing them as fleshwarped Red Mantis Assassins among other things but barring that what would be a good way to introduce them as a normal race?

They, like pretty much all the classic D&D monsters we can't touch, would fit in quite well. I'm not gonna go into where I think they'd fit though. That's up to you folks to decide for your home games as you see fit.

I gave their cousins the tohr-kreen an empire on Castrovel close to the formians and said the thri-kreen are exiles living on Golarion and Akiton.

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I could see this book being of considerable use to space-based adventures, especially concerning Verces and Eox. I'd also like to combine it with Dreamscarred's psionics rules for adventures on Castrovel or Akiton.

Hi. I'm a little embarrassed to be posting this here because asking for help is hard for me to do, but the guys on PathfinderWiki urged me to, so here goes.

My name is Will Staples. I'm a PFRPG player and have posted on these boards on and off for the last few years. Before that, I was active on the Dicefreaks messageboards since around 2005-ish. I run a gaming blog, The Creature Chronicle, where I convert monsters from D&D 3E to Pathfinder.

I'm in a bit of trouble. Due to an inability to pay property taxes in 2010 and 2011, my city foreclosed on my family's home and will evict us on February 28th if we can't pay. The property taxes alone are over $6,000, and that's not counting legal fees and other costs. We haven't been able to get a straight answer yet on the exact amount that we owe.

We've lived in this house for 22 years and the thought of being kicked out is unbearable. I, my mother, my sister, her fiancee, and their 1-year-old son with congenital health defects would be cast adrift with nowhere to go.

With that in mind, a friend of mine suggested I set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe. This is it right here. Another friend of mine runs a fairly popular blog and thanks to her help we were able to raise about $2,500 in the first day, but after that, unsurprisingly, the interest dropped off and donations started drying up.

And that brings me here. Mark Mooreland and Alex Greenshields at PFWiki suggested I "raise the gamer goodwill signal" on the Paizo boards. I don't know if there's anything anyone can do to help. I'm not demanding anything. But if you could donate anything - even just your daily coffee budget - to our cause, I'd be in your debt. If you need an incentive, a comic book writer/artist friend of mine is offering his original graphic novel, Damnation, for £2.50 ($4.11 USD), with proceeds going to our collection drive.

If you can't afford that, just share it on Facebook or Twitter. The more people who see this, the closer we get to saving our home of 20+ years. In the meantime, we're seeking legal advice and whatever eviction protection we can find.

Will / Filby

I note the Worldwound's expanse ends right at Tanglebriar in Kyonin. I wonder how Treerazer would get involved.

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I've been waiting for this a long time :)

I hope there are more "...of Golarion" books featuring "savage" races, though, like hobgoblins or whatnot.

I'm hoping for some of the creatures that have received mentions but no stats, like...

Akyrak (Pathfinder 10: A History of Ashes, pg. 64)
Drake, caustic (Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg. 71)
Drake, lightning (Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg. 71)
Drake, thunder (Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pg. 71)
Dream wolf (Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg. 3)
Elemental, time (The Great Beyond, pg. 50)
Formian, wasp (The Great Beyond, pg. 30)
Ixion worm (Princes of Darkness, pg. 13)
Keld piskie (D0: Hollow's Last Hope. pg. 5)
Kyton, oitos (Princes of Darkness, pg. 24)
Loa spirits (W2: River into Darkness, pg. 18)
Silkgoyle (Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg. 33)
Skullwasp (Elves of Golarion, pg. 18)
Wisagatkak (Princes of Darkness, pg. 18)

Other types of gigas besides the Hell gigas and Abyss gigas (Nirvana and Maelstrom have received passing mentions).

Any of the groupings of dragons mentioned in Pathfinder 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants, pgs. 70-71:

Abomination dragons: Hoarfrost, rot, ruin, rust, suffocation
Humour dragons: Choleric, melancholy, phlegmatic, sanguine
Mineral dragons: Coal, pyrite, silicon, sulfur
Thaumaturgic dragons: Abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, necromancy, transmutation
Miscellaneous types: Gray, sin, virtue

Any number of alien races and creatures mentioned in Distant Worlds.

The elemental lords (Ayrzul, Hshurha, Kelizandri, and Ymeri)

Furthermore, now that mythic rules have arrived, it would be awesome to Pathfinderize some creatures from the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook, especially the abominations.

@Calas Dermain: IANJJ, but catfolk can be found in southern Garund (i.e., south of the Mwangi Expanse) and the Valashmai Jungle of Tian Xia.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, uh... anyone else super stoked to read about the gods of ancient Osirion?

My favorite option is the cavalier archetype from Animal Archive. Can't remember the name, just that I thought the houndmaster was an excellent idea ever since it came up in one of the RPG Superstar contest and was thrilled to see it in print.

I noticed that in addition to the undead and necromancy, Orcus is also the demon lord of wrath. How is that expressed by him and his cult, aside from being very very angry?

Who came up with Usaro and the Gorilla King, and were they consciously inspired by Gorilla City and Gorilla Grodd from DC Comics?

EDIT: Nevermind, looked up the answer myself. Sorry.

Are Kurgess and Ghlaunder still considered demigods, or have they been bumped up to full deity status like Achaekek?

Do any Neutral Evil or Lawful Neutral druids worship Asmodeus in his aspect as a fire god?

Can you tell us anything about Typhon? What he was like, how he looked, what his portfolio was, how he differed from Barbatos in ruling Avernus?

If Malcanthet existed in the Pathfinder cosmology, how would you differentiate her from Nocticula?

Are "ghoul" and "ghul" pronounced differently?

I'm thinking of converting kuo-toa to PF rules because I like their special abilities, but their campaign role seems to have been taken over by the skum, which I also like for their Lovecraft influence. Can you think of any reason to include both races in a campaign?

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Wait, woah, woah.

Zon-Kuthon is the kytons' "prisoner"?

I'd be fascinated to learn more of this!

James Jacobs wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
James, could we ever hope to see an Elementals Revisited book?

I suppose that's possible.

Were I to greenlight this book today, I'd probably do 10 chapters as follows:

Air Elementals
Fire Elementals
Earth Elementals
Water Elementals
Invisibile Stalkers


There's actually not a lot of elementals out there. I'd be tempted to expand it to include salamanders and xorn but those aren't elementals.

And I'm not sure 16 pages on the 4 elementals is the best choice either, since those creatures are kinda simple and samey...

In the end, the subject COULD work, but I can think of many others I'd rather do first...

Maybe group all the "true" elementals together like gremlins in "Fey Revisited" or hags in "Classic Horrors Revisited", and expand the book to Inner Planar creatures in general? Like:

Invisible Stalkers

Or some similar lineup.

Is there room in Pathfinder for adventures dealing with alternate timelines? Like an alternate version of Golarion where the Worldwound has spread even further, or where Taldor never lost control of Cheliax, etc.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
In your mind, is it possible for some catfolk to have manes or stripes like big cats? Or are the cats they're related to strictly house cats?

If you need a lion-like humanoid and your GM is lenient about homebrewed material, I came up with "greater catfolk" race stats inspired by Mystara's rakastas you might be able to use.

Why aren't hags grouped together in the Pathfinder Bestiary?

I liked in 2E how green dragons had a poison breath weapon, and I'm trying to think of how to handle that in Pathfinder. Do you think 1 point of Constitution damage per age category, requiring a Ref save for half, is too much/appropriate?

In the anime The Twelve Kingdoms, children aren't born, they grow as fruits on magical trees and are picked by their parents when they're ripe. It's not canon, but I'd like to imagine samsarans being born the same way.

Anyway, James: Have you heard of these hive-dwelling shrimp? It makes me want to create an aquatic formian variant, like the flying wasp-formians mentioned in The Great Beyond.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Will we see desert elves? Ouat dwarves? I'm really curious about non-human options in this book.

I'm thinking of placing some Dark Sun monsters on Akiton (natives riding kanks and erdlus, etc.). Is that a good fit do you think?

Also, how much vegetation is there on Akiton? Are there scrub forests like on Athas, or is it 100% plains/desert?

The Gibrileth Demon reminds me of the weird floaty thingies in the Worldwound illustration in the 3.5 Campaign Setting book.

Is there likely to be another book on outsiders in the vein of Book of the Damned and Chronicle of the Righteous next year?

James Jacobs wrote:
2) There are volcanoes in the Five Kings Mountains (Droskar's Crag is the tallest and most active). There are also volcanoes in the Kodar Mountains, in the Shackles, and in the Barrier Wall of Garund. There are more, but those are the primary volcanic sites that come to mind.

Also the Hellrung Mountains in the Crown of the World, just off the map to the north.

Can lycanthropes still speak and cast spells in animal form?

A couple of Lovecraftian questions:

Among what people/creatures did the Aklo language originate?

And did the serpentfolk empire have significant contact with Leng?

Happy belated birthday!

If a lizardfolk becomes a werewolf, does it still have reptilian features in hybrid form?

Re: Ratfolk on Castrovel: Distant Worlds says that there are some Ysoki ratfolk from Akiton who came to Castrovel through the interplanetary portal network.

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