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Fidoc's page

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Urban Skald sounds interesting; I will check that out, it might be just what I am looking for.

Hello all. In a month or so I am going to be in a group that is starting the Iron Gods adventure. We are looking at different character ideas, and so far it looks like our group will probably consist of a Ranger focusing on archery, a Gunslinger, a Fighter, a healer, plus my character.

I have a fantastic mini that I have had for probably 15 years that I finally got painted this summer that I would love to put on the table, it is a Dwarf musician from the defunct Confrontation game; he has no armor, has an axe in his right hand and is blowing on his bagpipes that he is holding in his left hand - it is a fantastic, characterful mini.

Looking through the class options, I came across the Skald, and thought it seemed like the closest match to my mini. My question to you much more experienced players (I have only played Pathfinder for a year, and that is with a Warpriest), is in light of the group make-up that I posted above, how would you recommend I build my character to make him a good complement to the group? I have only ever played a Cavalier and my current Warpriest. With the charisma hit that Dwarves take, I realize Skald may not be the absolute best class, but if I can make him effective enough to help the party and be fun to play, that's a win for me!


Hello all, I am quite new to Pathfinder (I have only had a couple game sessions). I have the opportunity to join in on a very casual game where our team of PCs is 'good' guys and will be facing off against any and all 'bad' guys. I love the Lord of the Rings 'world', and am making a Cavalier in an attempt to style him after a Rider of Rohan. I cannot afford to buy the books yet, and will not have access to anyone else's book the first game session. :( Is there anyone that would be willing to make up a level 7 Human male Cavalier from one of the 'orders' where he would be a good guy that protects the innocent, etc. I'm thinking Lawful Good alignment, and message or email me the info? The theme to keep in mind is Rider of Rohan.


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