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Krun Thuul

Fetrin's page

6 posts. Alias of Runner188.

Full Name

Fetrin Pensmar




Summoner (Blood god disciple) 1








The Blood God


Orc, Common, Infernal

Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 9
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Fetrin

Init: +1; Perception: +0; Darkvision
Spd: 30 ft. HP: 7
Current Wealth: 0 gp

AC 11 (15 with Mage Armor), T 11, FF 10
CMD 15
Fort -1, Ref +1, Will +1

Offense & Weapons:
Melee: +4
Ranged: +1
CMB: +4
Spells:1st (DC 15)(3/day)-Lesser Rejuvinate Eidolon, Mage Armor
Cantrips (DC 14)-Detect Magic, Acid Splash, Mage Hand, Read Magic

•Grudge Fighter

•Unbreakable Hate
•Crime: Murder

Racial Traits:
•Orc Ferocity
•Orcish Weapon Familiarity

•Intimidate +11 (1 rank, 3 cha, 3 class, +2 racial, +2 trait)
•Knowledge (Arcana) +6 (1 rank, 2 int, 3 class)
•Knowledge (Local) +6 (1 rank, 2 int, 3 class)
•Knowledge (Planes) +6 (1 rank, 2 int, 3 class)
•Linguistics +4 (1 rank, 0 int, 3 class)
•Perception +0 (1 rank, -1 wis)
•Spellcraft +4 (1 rank, 0 int, 3 class)

Special Abilities:
•Blood Feast (8/day)

Combat Gear

Other Gear

0 gp
0/50 lbs light

Fetrin was born in the Savage North to a human who had been captured by an orcish tribe. He was born in this tribe and trained for leadership here. But as Fetrin grew, he could see that he was much smarter, and better than these orcs. He could not settle for their simple training. He began looking for knowledge in the raids he led—whether he took the smartest person there as prisoner, or found books depended on what was available. After a time, he began to find the random killing and raiding of these orc tribes tiresome. He could see that it was not getting them anywhere. He began trying to change the tribe, but the orcs would not have it. They were too lazy to be disciplined in any real manner. Fetrin decided that it was time to look higher than leading an orc tribe to glory.

Fetrin moved into the cities of Talingrade, but soon found how hard it was. He was discriminated against by many different people. But despite this, Fetrin was able to find more of the information he needed. He studied for years, only going out when he needed to.

Eventually, Fetrin learned to summon an aspect of the Blood Gods he grew up with. It was a terrible creature shaped by Fetrin’s will. Fetrin knew he had power now, and he was drunk with it. He went out to the tavern that night to celebrate. There, he found more taunting about his orcish ancestry, but this time, he could not take it. He waited, and followed two of the men along their way home. When he was sure no one was around, he pulled them into a side ally and killed them both, tearing them apart. The next morning, a little boy found one of their hands that had fallen into the street. There began to be an investigation, but no one came for Fetrin. For a time Fetrin thought he had gotten away with it. He began planning his next stages, but did not get very far. A few nights after the investigation began, the guards came to Fetrin's door to take him to Branderscar.

Fetrin is an angry man. He will not put up with being disrespected. He believes strongly in order and in laws. Though that doesn't mean that they can't be broken, just that you must be smart about it. If you get away with it, it's okay. Fetrin will work with a group as long as they will adhere to some order and help him gain power.

Before you stands a short half-orc--only 5 and a half feet. His clothes are only rags, but he still stands straight. A large brand stands out on his arm marking him as forsaken.

Eidolon: Gabbor

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