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Hand of the Inheritor

Fergie's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,883 posts (1,905 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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Uugghhh! Sounds like a pretty bad situation. I could be wrong, but it seems like she has become very manipulative, (threats and hot/cold behavior) and it won't be doing her any favors to indulge it. Either she is going to feel shame/remorse or encouraged and do it again - bad or bad.

If you can, give yourself a nice long break from the whole situation to get your head together. Be prepared for the opposite behavior, (probably with a good dose of lust involved), as this pattern has probably happened in the past and she has probably used sexy/sweet to regain a sort of control.

It sounds like she has more serious problems then a nice commie goblin can solve. Just be very careful not to enable bad behavior, as this will just get worse and worse for both of you.

EDIT: I just hit the back button and noticed this post from a month ago:
"48 hours of fighting with La Principessa led to tearful reconciliations and mutually amazing phone sex. Relationships are weird."

Not a good pattern.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I am starting to remember why I stayed single for those long, long years.

Sorry to hear about all the personal troubles going on right now. People are not supposed to be all bent out of shape this time of year. Maybe some pagan rites of spring will bring everyone together.

just some advice from some guy on the internet:

Just a quick note to be very careful about that hospital thing. If it is needed, by all means go for it! However it is a very tricky when the doctors can decided if you are allowed to leave or not. Perhaps talking to someone who has been through something similar can aid her in getting help, and avoid saying something that will get her commited against her will.

Also, do your best to keep your own head together despite the craziness going on around you (it sounds like you are). You won't be in the position to help anyone if you get worn out by these things.

Good Luck.

Dragonchess Player wrote:
Fergie wrote:
It seems Two Weapon Fighting works with thrown weapons and does not require a full round action...


Core Rulebook wrote:
If you get more than one attack per round because your base attack bonus is high enough (see Base Attack Bonus in Classes), because you fight with two weapons or a double weapon, or for some special reason, you must use a full-round action to get your additional attacks.

(emphasis mine)

It does work with thrown weapons (although you need the Quick Draw feat as well to use it at full effect).

Getting multiple attacks requires a full round action, however you can still wield two weapons for the purposes of AoO and defending weapon property and such. Feats such as rapid shot specifically require a full round action to use.

Byakko wrote:
Commence discussion on how to deal with abilities that only apply to ranged or melee options when used together:

Power Attack - "You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls."

Power attack works well. Deadly aim has the same text except with melee replaced by ranged.

It seems Two Weapon Fighting works with thrown weapons and does not require a full round action, Rapid Shot specifically requires a ranged weapon and a full round action.

Chaos Domain
Touch of Chaos (Sp): You can imbue a target with chaos as a melee touch attack. For the next round, anytime the target rolls a d20, he must roll twice and take the less favorable result. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

I think law and luck domains also involve rerolling dice.

Just a quick note, forcing rerolls or worse of extra dice can get a little annoying for some players/GMs. Just search for peoples feelings about Pugwampis for an idea of what this is like...

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A great Onion video about parenting advice

Here are some great Onion articles about parenting

and another one

If you got it, see a doctor and get rid of it!

searches bookshelf.... pulls out Dragon #80. Stares at cleavage on cover...
These guys really took their time

Wow! And for a good cause as well!

My hat is off to everyone involved, back then and today.

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The story of two transgender children
From the BBC magazine

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Also, intriguingly titled article from The Free Thought Project, which may or may not be internet hipster douchebaggery clickbait:

Man Imprisoned After Filming Eric Garner’s Death, Refusing to Eat, Rat Poison Found in Jail Food

Damn, as if prison food wasn't bad enough... F@#*ing RAT POISON?

Good News Everybody! [/Farnsworth]
Bail money raised!

Speaking of Dune and movies...

Jodorowsky's Dune
Alejandro Jodorowsky had originally planned on filming Dune in the early-'70s, and had enlisted the help of Jean Giraud and H.R. Giger to create the movie's visual style. Salvador Dalí was enlisted to play the part of the Emperor, and Jodorowsky also intended to cast his own son Brontis Jodorowsky as Paul, David Carradine as Duke Leto, Orson Welles as the Baron, and Gloria Swanson as the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother. The soundtrack was to be done by Pink Floyd, whose compositions would represent the progressive House of Atreides, and influential 70s French progressive rock band Magma, whose compositions would represent the evil House of Harkonnen.

Wow! That is what I was really what I have been waiting for.

I have played a lot of simcity 4 but when I switched computers it started crashing a lot. I could tolerate all the little problems with graphics, interface, and game play, but combined with instability, it was just too much. Also, I did get sick of grid cities full of Cox Family Courts and such.

I played cities XL, but it has some sort of memory leak type bug that makes the clumsy interface BRUTAL to deal with. That game is broken, and should never been released, much less by at least two gaming companies. Also, almost no trains beyond nebulous subway lines.

How are the mass transit options for Skylines?

Melee Tactics Toolbox, p. 8 wrote:
Using the total defense action prevents you from attacking — including making attacks of opportunity — but you still threaten foes for the purposes of flanking.
PRD wrote:

Threatened Squares

You threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack, even when it is not your turn."

I guess the definition of flanking is different then I thought it was...

That must be the reason I flunked flank!

Good to know. Thanks Kudaku!

Well it would be +4 to AC, or +6 if you were a monk.
+2 to initiative.
+2 to all saves (+4 for a paladin)
+2 to all skills
+2/+4 To CMB/CMD

Better then a level of fighter, rogue, and probably monk.

Debatable for paladin, barbarian, ranger.

Worse for bard, cleric, druid, wizard, sorcerer.

Rynjin wrote:

Animated Objects are Constructs.
Constructs are creatures.
Therefore Animated Objects are creatures.
They are not objects. They are not affected by spells and effects that only affect objects. Prime example: You cannot use Stone Shape to neuter a stone Animated Object by filing off all the sharp edges.

He is correct, they stop being objects once they have a wisdom score, and become creatures.

See: ject

I would not allow any templates to be used, as they are not intended to be applied to PCs.

Advanced can be VERY powerful for a loss of one level. It is essentially +2 to every roll, +4 to several defenses, and many other bonuses. That is VERY powerful for some builds (almost all martial characters), perhaps not so for others (full casters).

I started a similar thread to this one, and got some interesting feedback.

Here is the section on GMing:
GMs enjoy the game for different reasons then players.
As a GM I have fun:

  • Presenting a campaign world with locations, encounters, mythos, timeline and NPCs.
  • Presenting a wide variety of encounters that engage the players, and encourage them to have fun playing their characters.
  • Knowing I have general control of the storyline and timeline, with occasional (sometimes unexpected) exceptions.
  • Knowing that players will use wits and creativity to solve encounters, and vary their tactics to fit the situation.
  • When everyone at the table participates in the game to the amount they are comfortable with.
  • When players are friendly, kind, and enjoy themselves.
  • While I decided if a roll is needed and add the modifiers, the dice decide the outcome.*
* GM, and even player "Cheating" (i.e. ignoring dice rolls) is a highly debatable topic. Like all issues, discuss it beforehand, and come to a consensus on how your group views it.

I like to make the players sweat a little in encounters and feel that their characters are at real risk. If that frost giant crits you with his greataxe, your PC could die! With that said, PC's should be successful in almost all encounters, barring real bad luck, or very bad choices. I like it when the monsters can do their thing, the PCs can use their abilities to the fullest, and the party wins in the end. I generally reserve Epic difficulty encounters for rare occasions, and warn the players beforehand.

I found rolling to-hit, damage, and whatever other dice are needed for an attack, at the same time, speeds up the game a little.

Once you get past about level 10, using averages for some rolls can be helpful.

Taking specific breaks from the game occasionally provides more of a sense of focus and urgency to play time. It is easier to say, "hold that thought for a few minutes" rather then, "stop talking about non-game stuff".

EDIT: tsuruki's post reminded me of another concept. Beware of giving PC's situations where they will be under a very strict time limit once the encounter begins. Players will logically want to make a good plan for whatever possible situations they will encounter, and this can take forever. For example, if the encounters requires exploring the entire area accessed through potions of fly spell, most players are going to want to make a detailed plan before hand. This can devolve into endless speculative arguments about possible contingencies. If your groups planning is taking way too long, consider allowing the players a few chances to talk things out for a minute of two without taking game time. This can simulate the plan the adventures spent the previous evening planning, without spending a whole night of real time.

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Hmmm, that's tough as many of the films that I loved when I was young were R rated, then had sequels that were PG-13 or even PG. For example, I think Conan the Barbarian (rated R) was one of the best fantasy films ever, but the sequel seemed very tame as a PG rated film. Also, Mad Max and the Road Warrior were R, Thunderdome was PG 13. The later films also suffer from too much money being thrown into them and getting away from some of the more artistic stuff in favor of big explosions.

I enjoyed Aliens more then Alien, although I don't recall thinking much of the later films in the series.

Airplane and Airplane 2 (the sequel) were both great.

Pascal Théroux wrote:

A a DM (or Game Master), I nerfered Death Ward even more, since no negative energy can damage the PCs. Imagine an adventure with incorporeal undead that can't wound characters because of Death Ward! Shadows, Specters, Ghosts, even Banshee can't cause damage to PCs protected by the spell.

What changes did you make to the spell?

As a general principle, I like the idea of half damage more then blanket immunity. Although negative levels are soooo nasty that there should be spells like Death Ward.

Death ward did not prevent thread necromancy!
Not complaining, just making a bad joke.

MeanMutton wrote:

One of my biggest annoyances is people who don't understand Dominate. It's nowhere near as powerful as people seem to think it is. Note these two important parts:

Dominate Person wrote:
Subjects resist this control, and any subject forced to take actions against its nature receives a new saving throw with a +2 bonus. Obviously self-destructive orders are not carried out.

I think it kind of depends on how you define the word nature. I would use "the innate or essential qualities or character of a person or animal." In game terms, this is probably best represented by alignment subtypes, such [good] or [lawful]. This is what composes the very fiber of your being, not what you are taught - that would be "nurture". While paladins and clerics might be close enough to one of these alignment subtype categories by virtue of their auras, most other characters don't. For most PCs, killing things and taking their stuff is about as close as they come to having innate "qualities".

Dominate person is crazy powerful, perhaps even being the most powerful spell in the game. You can't command a dominated character to do anything without triggering a second save, but a well worded command will work without a save 99% of the time.

Rhedyn wrote:
Not to be overly pedantic, but rules do say everything is up to GM discretion.

Perhaps not the way they used to in earlier editions:

"The rules presented are here to help you breathe life into your characters and the world they explore. While they are designed to make your game easy and exciting, you might find that some of them do not suit the style of play that your gaming group enjoys. Remember that these rules are yours. You can change them to fit your needs. Most Game Masters have a number of “house rules” that they use in their games. The Game Master and players should always discuss any rules changes to make sure that everyone understands how the game will be played. Although the Game Master is the final arbiter of the rules, the Pathfinder RPG is a shared experience, and all of the players should contribute their thoughts when the rules are in doubt."

The Doomkitten wrote:

Out of curiosity:

Who expected this thread not to explode?

I honestly never thought that people would take this stuff personally. I thought the original post was made partially in jest, or at least with a good dose of hyperbole, so I took it as a humorous poke at some of the extreme views that pop up on the boards fairly frequently.

I don't know, I see enough "statements of fact" about the game on these boards that are wrong (or at least highly debatable), that I thought there was room to poke fun at that mindset. Again, I didn't think people would get so worked up by it.

Apologies to Chuck Palahniuk the author of Fight Club, but:
"You are not the Paizo messageboards"

Petty Alchemy wrote:
Rhedyn wrote:
If your fighter turns into a unicorn after every critical hit because the GM said so, then that is RAW.

RAW = Rules As Written.

Thus not quite. Unless, I suppose, your GM takes a sharpie to his Player's Handbook.

When we were kids, my brother took a pencil to the drawing of a unicorn on the cover of the olde monster manual. Apparently unicorns in his world were well endowed.

wraithstrike wrote:
They have also taught me people are good at taking things out of context and/or exaggerating claims.

Isn't that what this whole thread is about?

I think all the "debate" and misunderstanding boils down to many people on the paizo boards saying xyz is bad, and others reading this and concluding that people don't like xyz, think it is unplayable, and should always be avoided. Perhaps it is not as extreme as some say, but it is easy to see how these "xyz sux" (and abc rulz) memes get started.

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Xexyz wrote:
Isn't a dumb wizard a contradiction in terms? Intelligence is their primary stat.

The proper way to GM an enemy wizard (or any other enemy) is to lose to the party. Your GM is playing correctly.

Calm Emotions is a handy spell for when allies attack the party. There are also some good spells for disabling someone without damaging them, like Telekinetic Sphere.

TOZ wrote:
There's no niche protection here.

But if you put a little tape over the slot, you can bypass that pretty easy...

I'm thinking facilities that would organize the chaos of the city enough for everyone to tolerate each other. For example, it might contain a council of representatives from each different district the city contains. There would also be representatives from various farming, herding, logging, fishing and other groups that supply the city. There might also be some sort of judges that oversee conflicts between the richest and poorest residents, and different ethnic/racial groups as well.

Jane Jacobs?

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memorax wrote:
" Why are you still playing Pathfinder? Why are you here? Go play other rpgs".

Ha Ha! I got that exact same line for asking for advice playing low magic pathfinder! The best part? I was mostly talking about playing with half wealth by level - like they suggest for a "low fantasy" game in the core rule book.

Chess Pwn wrote:
...1) Again it's the similar state as the rogue. "Hi I want to be a healer" 'The mechanics of Pathfinder make healing not really work, if you want to your best options are the oradin or the ..., but here's the mechanics of why healing isn't useful in combat.' But every post I've seen they've still said that healing is still good for saving a life, as it's cheaper and usually the best way to end the fight faster. So can you play a heal focused character? more...

It is things like this that make people think healing in combat is a bad thing to do. (Also, the well liked post that says healing in combat is bad doesn't help!) Should you ever make poor tactical choices in combat? Of course not! Thus "never heal in combat" has become a common opinion on these boards. Even on threads that analyze it, there will be several posters who say that you should never heal in combat, and that if you need to, you are playing poorly.

The problem with such statements is that healing works just fine in Pathfinder. The math of healing and monster damage shows that it can be very effective, with relatively little investment. If you want to be great at healing, it is fairly easy, and you can still be great at one or two other things as well.

wraithstrike wrote:

So you are saying the majority opinion is to not EVER heal in battle no matter what?
This only requires a simple yes or no.

Sort of.

I think you are missing the hyperbole used in the original post. Many people won't go so far as saying you should NEVER heal, but it is common to say healing is ineffective, a waste of an action, and a sign of poor tactics. When you have a post in this thread that says, "When people say healing in combat is bad, they're right." and it gets 15+ likes, then it is safe to say that many people view healing in combat is a bad thing to do. Is the majority opinion that you should do bad things in combat? But frequently healing is effective, efficient, and part of good tactics. Making a character who has some abilities and/or equipment dedicated to being a good healer can be a very effective character. The math of the game proves this.

wraithstrike wrote:

If you say yes I can show that you are wrong. I actually made a thread on the of people taking the idea way out of context and only a few posters said "let the person die".

If you say no then his general point is wrong because his general stance was that most of are promoting never ever heal. If he general stance was more in the middle which it is not then it would be correct.

If you somehow think he is in the middle then you need to reread his opening statement.

If you recall wraithstrike, I participated in that thread, and I'm well aware what the original post said. I'm also aware of what he intended, and what I have read in this thread, and many others. This isn't a legal debate, we are talking about general perceptions, not drafting The Constitution.

response for BigTbone, and more about healing:

BigDTBone wrote:

Two issues with this and views expressed in the linked thread.
1) The healing domain cleric casting her highest level spell should be healing more on avg than the "high avg" for a CR appropriate monster. Ie, you are specialized in healing and you have just dropped one of your most powerful daily resources. You should be able to MORE than undo the damage caused by a single monster in a single round.

You missing some very critical bits of info. First of all, you are NOT casting your highest level spell. You are casting a 4th level spell, which you can do 5/day. You are also not spending any feats, gp, or other resources. Also, a monsters "high avg" damage assumes all attacks hit. Even if this is the case, you don't need to undo all the damage, you just need to keep the PC out of danger of dropping/dying. If keeping the full BAB guy upright for 5 extra rounds while everyone else in the party beats on the monster doesn't help, there isn't much the cleric could have done to solve the combat. If you really want to heal a lot at once, just wait one more level, (or buy a scroll) then your highest level spell will heal 110hp, which is almost the entire hp of an 11th level character.

2) the burst heal myth is just as bad as the fireball myth. "If we can get all of the baddies to stand in exactly a 20-ft radius circle then I can do 123,547 damage with my 4d6 fireball."
If that works out then great, but that isn't exactly likely. Also, who cares if you can heal 100 damage in a round if it is spread out in 17hp chunks to all of your allies. The dude at the front soaking that 50hp a turn isn't helped by you patching up "grimoire" the witch's familiar for damage he hadn't taken.

Your missing the entire point of healing a group. You heal the group when the group takes damage, such as from the fireball you mentioned. If the individual is taking damage, you heal the individual, such as the 38 healing on the guy who just took 50. The nice thing about most classes used as "healers" is that they have the option of using a spell on the individual, or channel on the group. By using the right tool for the job, you conserve resources and keep people from dropping.

bookrat wrote:
This is why I said earlier that based on Vamp's posting history, he's unlikely to apologize to anyone for "misunderstanding" what's been said on the forums.

Given that there are several comments about healing on this very thread that are wrong, and many of them favorited several times, I think he is dead on about the general attitude towards healing.

I addressed it here:
Healing myth busted
and here:
Whole thread about healing in combat
(with posts by James Jacobs and Evil Lincoln)
and here:
And you barely break a sweat healing

Healing works fine:
"While it is true that healing can't keep up with damage indefinitely, it most certainly can be effective enough to be a very important action. For example, take a 10th level cleric with the healing domain, casting cure critical wounds- 4d8+10 empowered averages about 38 healing per round. If almost 40 hp of healing/round isn't keeping the character (who probably has about 100hp) in the fight, you probably need to switch up your tactics. Especially considering that the "high avg damage" of a CR 11 creature is only 50.

If multiple characters have gotten banged up, a channel will heal 5d6 (avg 17hp). while this isn't a very big chunk of hp at 10th level, if you hit everyone in the party, and a summoned creature, mount, familiar, etc. It could likely be almost 100hp of healing.

Considering that neither of these options uses any substantial resources, or requires any special feats, equipment, build (other then healing domain), I would say that healing is VERY effective!"

thegreenteagamer wrote:

It is widely believed on these boards that summoning is pretty much the apex tactic at mid and higher levels for powerful characters.

I have a game coming up (not for a while, but I'm a plan ahead kind of guy), wherein my most experienced player has told me he wants to play an Occultist Arcanist with a summoning focus. The other players are either moderately experienced or are being coached by one of the ones who are experienced, so this will be a savvy group, especially in optimizing.
Let me know if you have any tips or tricks as a GM to make the game more challenging, but NOT outright nerf the arcanist.

I was using "summoner" in the sense of anyone casting a Summon Monster/NA spell, not the summoner class. In the case of this thread, I was assuming an Occultist Arcanist, although there is probably some option that would let them do it as well.

Also, rounds, minutes, hours, doesn't matter for many enemies, especially if they have at will abilities, or something like regeneration.

{EDIT} Also, I would say that Dominate and Hold tactics would be the apex, but summoning is way up there.
v v v Oh, ok found it: .html v v v

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Artemis Moonstar wrote:
.... Hard Times...

To put a twist on an olde Winston Churchill quote, "In a couple of weeks, I'll have a job, but you will still have no clue."

Try not to let s$*+ like that get you down. Lot's of people are callous towards people who are having problems because they are too afraid or unimaginative to put themselves in your shoes. Lots of people get scared because they don't know what they would do in your situation, and it is easier to treat you as totally different then face their own frailty. "Get a job is easier then, "what if that were me?" When most people realize that hard times could happen to them, they change their tune.

Mooks mooks mooks!
Most summons have fairly awful AC's for their level. Mooks with composite longbows, greatswords, and feats like deadly aim and power attack can chew through summons fairly quickly. Serious brute monsters like giants can also get a summon off the field in a round or two.

Bringing the battle to the sky is also a good way to reduce the summoners power fairly significantly. The flying summons are a good amount weaker then their grounded counterparts (compare an earth elemental with a air element of the same size).

Encounters that feature lots of a specific element can make many summons require resist or protection, although sometimes the summoner can just pick the right summon for the situation (for example a fire elemental to fight the red dragon, or a water elemental to fight the shark). If you can make the summoner buff his summons for a round or two that is a significant chunk of resources.

Smite is very powerful, so neutral enemies are harder for a summoner to deal with then other alignments.

Many of the most powerful summons are large or huge later in the game. If the opponents can fit in smaller spaces, having the encounter in tighter spaces can limit the summoner to smaller creatures. Be careful of this backfiring however as 1d4+1 summons is a great way to clog up a room.

Use in an illusion or some disguised mooks or some other trickery to make the summoner expect one type of encounter, then deliver another. For example, a harpy wizard could disguise herself and her gargoyle minions as a group of burning skeletons or poisons centipedes.

Finally, if it is an intelligent opponent who understands magic, just leave for a minute or two after the summon appears. By the time the opponent reappears, the summons and a buff spell or two will have expired.

KenderKin wrote:
So paladins can't poison people, but it's ok to drug them?

Just a reminder that 'drugs' were added to the game after the paladin class was printed. As I said before, rule systems that are added after the core rules and monster books are written, require GM discretion to blend it into the game system in a logical way.

The best simple advice I can give is to use an average 15 (or maybe 20) point buy. Limit the max starting ability scores (AFTER racial adjustments) to 16 or 17. I also recommend limiting minimum stats to 10 or 8 (AFTER racial adjustments). These limits will encourage PCs more capable of dealing with a variety of situations, and less able to damage game balance.

Oh yeah, and hit points! Again, skip the dice, as no one wants to play a character that rolls a 1 every level, or be the sidekick to the guy who always rolls max. Follow the default max hit die (plus con modifier) for level one characters. After that, just give the PC happy side of average (plus con modifier) every level. PFS really got this one right. Generally, you should not modify this formula, as it can alter many factors such as the relevance of healing, AC, direct damage, etc.

In general, start the players off with less of everything. If you need to be more generous, everyone will be happy when you are. If you have given too much, everyone will be unhappy when you dial it back.

I have more advice in a guide I am working on, but it isn't finished yet. If you want to see what I have so far, click on my name and read my profile.

Quark Blast wrote:

@ Fergie - You watch the news? o_O

Why? ;)

You must not avert your eyes! That is what is coming at us.

EDIT: Also, "Be fruitful and multiply".

Jessica Price wrote:

On them just being the focus of discussion: welcome to male privilege. ...more...

This reminds me of the "porn rock" episode in the 1980's. I think the media loves to be able to shock/titillate people by talking about anal-sex and showing guys in bondage gear and stuff. Great stuff for sweeps week!

When it comes to media representation, I suspect that in addition to the reasons you mentioned, men are also shown because obviously gay (i.e. looking like the Village People) are a little easier to find, and reporters these days are SUPER LAZY. The theme of the reports is also generally "check out these crazy deviants!" and I suspect that showing women (or men who don't fit the flaming gay stereotype) might cause too much viewer thinking when you are trying to paint everyone with the same brush in a 30 second report.

Quark Blast wrote:

Unhealthy risks have unhealthy consequences. Always.

I think you are failing to understand the word "risks". A risk by definition has multiple outcomes. For example, skydiving is a risk, but very very rarely has unhealthy consequences. Playing Russian Roulette is also a risk, with 1d6 chance of a REALLY bad outcome, but otherwise no impact on your health.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think it is really the best case scenario for a potentially badwrongfun thread like this one. Although I have no idea what this thread will be in a page or two, probably a goof fest again.

Well no use speculating, apparently the question was asked a while back, and it was, "Answered in the FAQ".

I didn't find it when I looked, but someone else may have better searching skills then I do.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Human Fighter wrote:
Raise dead has no target to ever be useful according to fergie, and you should mend the bodies or animate object.


Raise Dead - "Target dead creature touched"
Works fine. So does Gentle Repose - "Saving Throw Will negates (object)"
Although why and how you get a save vs Gentle Repose is beyond me. Maybe, just maybe, these brief words in spell descriptions are not the true intents of how things are supposed to work?

HyperMissingno wrote:
I just wish that those of us that are into things that aren't the norm would stop getting looked at like monsters. Even if you're into something completely tame like hair people will freak out, gods forbid you're into something really out there.

Depends what you consider "the norm". I look at things like politicians showing of their smiling families, and just want to puke. A shameful display. On the other hand, having read Dan Savage columns for a while now, I suspect that behind closed doors "the norm" includes much more then most people are conformable admitting in public. People who live in glass houses are often prolific throwers of stones.

The best advice I can give is to be very careful about cars, they are a scam of the consumer culture to keep poor people broke.

So stop by the Times-Up! space or a recycle-a-bicycle and grab yourself a chariot of the People!

Oh yeah, and when you figure out how to live outside the city without a car, let me know, I have no clue...

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I feel like sex in our culture is presented in the same way food is. You can't go 5 minutes without being bombarded with food ads, but it is all plastic and fake and nothing like the real thing. The vast majority is processed unhealthy stuff that will make you feel like garbage, and contains nothing but empty calories. "Food" gets pushed all day, but nutrition NEVER gets a serious discussion. Sex is presented in a similar way. It is all about fake appearances and titillation, with actual truth about sex being about as common as a two dollar bill.

"Consumer culture" has a really sick take on most things, and it is sad it has such far reaching consequences.

EDIT: Wow! This thread went from the ultimate in foolishness a few pages ago, to being all serious again.

Probably the arroz con pollo. I guess mostly because it is fairly predictable in terms of how the chicken will be cooked, although knowing what it is stuffed with would be good. The Mofongo also sounds real good, but are the plantains sweet or starchy?

I would be least likely to order the Kingfish. While I would like a citrus seared salmon, tuna, sword, I don't like most freshwater fish. I don't really know anything about kingfish. Also, I'm not a fan of most other seafood, so octopus is right out for me.
Just a note: As a total Gringo, I am unfamiliar with most of the sauces, and several other items on the menu. Also, the prices would be considered affordable for lunch, and almost 1/2 what I would expect to pay for diner entrees. (I live about 30 miles north of NYC).

Here is the menu of a restaurant in my hometown run by a very successful guy who also has two other restaurants.

EpicFail wrote:

So what do we really mean when when we describe a character as having utility?

I would be tempted to define it as EVERYTHING EXCEPT Combat and social skills and abilities. Because the game is so broad it is almost impossible to list everything that could be considered "utility".

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