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Fergie's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,678 posts (2,707 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


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189birds wrote:
Happy December, everyone!

That means it's officially Dokken History Month!

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Rysky wrote:

So I've spent all day watching one of my favorite artists draw porn on Picarto :3

Sweet! Just out of curiosity, are they hiring where you work? It sounds like a job even I could handle.

Happy Birthday!

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What Mr_Bearkitty said.

PRD - "You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll, and its effects last until your next turn."

What happened to you Blizzard? You used to be cool...

Finally broke down and bought SC II after resisting it for years. I played the hell out of WarCraft II, StarCraft, and then was seriously disappointed by WarCraft III. World O WarCraft was cool, but I'm too cheap to pay monthly, and honestly don't have the time to invest every month.

Back in the day, you could play with eight of your friends off of a single copy of WarCraft II. Now I can't even open my copy of StarCraft II, because is down for maintenance, and selecting "Play Offline" still brings up the same message.

I hope the person who decided to require constant logging-on dies a penniless beggar on the street!

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I have to second the Mystery Science Theater 3000 suggestion. They also do commentary on more recent movies under the name "RiffTrax". The RiffTrax version of Highlander is about the funniest thing in the world!

I would also recommend just about anything by John Carpenter. His movies often seem silly and campy, but usually have more going on. They Live is a great example.

Crusinos, just out of curiosity, why the mindless movie kick? I will be returning to this thread for suggestions next time I come back from the dentist all drugged up.

EDIT: Also, this thread is like a list of my favorite moves growing up...
Oh, yeah, I would also recommend the original Ghostbusters movie, and Superman movies. And Mel Brooks History of the World part I. And anything with Gene Wilder and/or Richard Pryor.

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Oh yeah, one more thing.
Don't neglect your will save! Plan on one of your feats going into iron will at some point (+2 on will saves) and try to get a spell like Protection from Evil cast on you as much as possible. Not only will this give you +2 to your AC and saves when fighting evil opponents, but it will also prevent you from being dominated or otherwise mind controlled. The worst kind of fighter is the one who attacks his own party members. Don't build that kind of fighter!

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grimdog73 wrote:
no tower shield....just go need a separate proficiency for tower.

I think fighters get Tower shield proficiency as a class ability.

Looks like a solid first level build. You might consider dropping the strength down a little, and upping Int and Con. You will still kick a lot of ass, and Int will let you develop social and other skills so you can do more then just combat. If your GM allows traits, you can make diplomacy a class skill, and take a feat that gives you a bonus. There are similar tricks to get access to other skill options.

As others mentioned, some feats are better then others, at least from a numerical perspective. Bastard sword proficiency is kind of ho-hum. I think it just gives you +1 average damage per hit. Cleave is kind of cool at low levels when you can kill two goblins, but less useful later on when you don't want to go toe-to-toe with two fire giants at once. Remember that you can always retrain combat feats later on!

There are two big questions when designing a character like this:
What other characters will you be adventuring with? Look for synergy with other party members. For example, if you have a cleric who will be channeling positive energy (healing) a lot you can let your AC be lower then normal. If there is no ranged character, you will want to invest archery.
What level of optimization is the group? In a lower op group, if you show up with a absolute blending machine, with no other abilities, you are going to make the other characters feel useless in combat, while being bored yourself out of combat. On the other hand, if you make average Joe the guy with a little of everything, you might find yourself useless in combat.

Finally, a little warning about the message boards. There are some people here who will say that fighters are useless and any character who can't kill a CR+1 foe in a single round is a liability. Ignore these people! The truth is that the default game is really not that hard, and you can do just fine with a 14 strength, a few feats toward diplomacy, and just about any weapon. I recommend just looking at a few different scenarios, such as a social situation, a ranged combat, an adventuring situation, etc., and try to have something to contribute to each. You built a good character if you can participate in most of the game, not dominate one aspect of it.

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I'll always remember the great work he did for South Africa.
Long live the revolution!
[Clenched fist salute]

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Walmart ordered to pay truck drivers $54m in minimum wage suit
"Walmart intentionally failed to pay hundreds of truck drivers in California the minimum wage, a federal jury decided on Wednesday, awarding the drivers $54m in damages and opening up the retail giant to penalties."

Potion of eagles spender?

If you are looking for huge numerical boost, the best I can think of would be 'Glibness' I think it is +30 to bluff checks, or something like that. However, it is a third level bard spell, so getting it in potion form might be tough.

What class and level are you, and what kind of shopping access do you have?

Less then one hour to go...

Zips up jumpsuit and glues final parts on robot friends

Irontruth wrote:
I'm not a fan of Bill's welfare reform, but are we making the claim that this kind of thing never happened before that was passed? That seems kind of naive.

I can't speak for Anklebiter, but I think this article has some relevant statistics about the economic aspects related to poverty, and "extreme poverty".

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The Turkey Day Marathon Returns!

On November 14, 2016, Joel Hodgson and Jonah Ray announced on that the 2016 edition of the annual Turkey Day marathon would stream beginning at 12pm ET / 9am PT on Thanksgiving Day (November 24th). The stream will be available to view at and will present the six highest-ranking (available) episodes based on a poll held earlier in the year.

When it comes to customer service nightmares, you can't beat:
It is specific to the food service industry, but the tales of woe are just amazing! I was very sad when the site stopped being updated a while back.

EDIT: I just discovered that the editor of all those stories, C.A. Pinkham, moved on to, and is now at
Enjoy the tales of horror!

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Don't Get Mad. Join A Union.

Hey Anklebiter, do you still have a working PS2? Want a couple of subversive books? PM me your address!

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BigDTBone wrote:
Unless you are trying to use the Starship Troopers definition. "Violence, the ultimate authority from with all other authority is derived." Followed by "Acts of force, including voting, are violent." Then sure, but in regular contemporary English, not so much.

I don't know how they vote where you are, but it can get pretty hairy around here.

New Heavy-Duty Voting Machine Allows Americans To Take Out Frustration On It Before Casting Ballot

Just over 20%! WTF?

How is voting done in the union? That is to say, where do you get a ballot, and where do you submit it? Why do you think so few people vote?

For anyone interested, here is a link to the Adventure Zone podcast.
The Adventure Zone

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone.

EDIT: Here is a link to the first episode.

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OK, I think this idea might be a little too far out for the context of this thread, and is really just a rip off of the Book of Lairs from 1986, but:

What if each card was just an APL+3 encounter tied to a sweet reward? They would all have open victory conditions (or as open as possible). For example, it could be "Convince the tribe of giants to stop raiding the human settlement." When the card is drawn the characters are immediately drawn into the thrown room of the giant chieftain, who is unfriendly to the group, as are his henchmen and other followers. The room of giants and pets would be an APL+3 encounter. It could be solved by combat, level appropriate skill checks, or creative means.

The locations are extra dimensional spaces, and the creatures are are just hardwired to act out their parts. Victory conditions are decided by magic, and events usually require prompt action. Cards would correspond to archetypal legends, fables, tales, etc. You could also tie aspects to the suits (Spades requires combat, while Hearts are focused on social skills). Rewards would be generally things not purchasable by gold. For example, success with the giants could give every character the ability to use enlarge/reduce person at will (CL 20).

This would require a lot of GM oversight, and has a kind of old school Star Trek feel. The party would just end up in some bizarre setting performing a difficult task set up by powers beyond their understanding. I think for the point in the game where the deck comes into play, this would be perfect.

The difficulty I see, is that by the time the deck comes into play, the caster classes are going to be getting the level, while the martials are going to take a pass.
Perhaps if the opponent you had to face was a mirror of your own character, but with a beard or goatee of course.

I'm not sure if the ace of spades should be the 'worst' card to draw. It is my feeble understanding that most of these types of things have some sort of duality. Death might be the end, but it is also a blank slate to start from - that kind of thing.

How about changing it to a total shift in either time or space. The group is transported forward or backward 1,000 years. Or they are teleported so far into a distant universe that even spells are of no use in returning. Basically, the party is completely separated from the world as they know it. You could even make it the end of the world. For example, and asteroid destroys the 'Earth' while the party is left intact.

Just a quick note on group vs solo. I don't think something happening to 1 character is horrible design, but solo combat at high level is... problematic. It is essentially a test of a characters ability to nova an encounter. The caster can probably do OK, and the paladin can kick an evil opponents ass, but a fighter, or rogue? Do you really want to pit the monk against a dragon or marilith demon in solo combat?

A quick story about my personal experience with a Deck O Many Things. It was the tail end of the first campaign I was in when we first switched to 3.5. Seeing how bad-ass monks were compared to AD&D, I excitedly played a katana wielding monk... and discovered just how brutal CoDzilla and C/Md was in core 3.5. In the final sessions we all drew from The Deck, and I got the card that made you GAIN 4 LEVELS! I thought I would be like a god, but it turned out I still basically sucked compared to the rest of the party.

Perhaps adding more "if ____, then ___" statements to the deck would allow an element of player choice. Rather then forcing something to happen, it dangles a semi high stakes gamble in front of the player.

Also, "do this thing SOLO" is bad design in a multi player game.

I think card 1 could be changed to altering one axis of the alignment scale. Card 2 could be the whole party defeating an APL + 2 monster (totally random outsider or dragon?) (perhaps with a time limit). The reward could be gaining a level, or something like a heroism spell that lasts for a long period of time.

Here are the links...

Bruce Higa wrote:

First a note about safe viewing. Please take a moment to read the following advisory:


Here is an interactive map that shows the path of totality:

Here is a link to some important weather data for the 2017 eclipse:

Thanks for the great info!

Some video game questions:
-What are the earliest video games that you really enjoyed?
-Did you ever play any of the Ultima series?
-The Bards Tale? (The originals from the 1980's)
-Do you enjoy turn based games?
-And finally, are you familiar with Darkest Dungeon?
Also, Welcome Back! I hope this thread lives up to the excellent effort that you have put into it.

On the topic of Registration:

Trump Team Has Plan to Build Wall, Maybe Reinstate Muslim Registry

"Under the 2002 National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, which Kobach helped design, people from “higher risk” countries were interrogated and fingerprinted upon entering the country. The “special registration” program required some noncitizen males over the age of 16 to register in person and occasionally notify the government of their whereabouts.

Following complaints that the program violated civil liberties and was discriminatory toward Muslims, the special registration program ended in 2003.

“It was clearly discriminatory because the nations listed were only Arab and Muslim nations,” Abed Ayoub, the national legal and policy director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, told The Wall Street Journal. “They just put in North Korea for good measure.”

The Obama administration ended the rest of the NSEER requirements in 2011, but it accomplished that by removing all the countries from the list. Technically, the regulation is still on the books.

The big difference I see today is that at least half the country (hopefully even more) finds racist, sexist, and other types of bigoted policies abhorrent, and as demographics change, this is more true everyday. I can't say more without this becoming too political, but there are people in every town and city who won't tolerate fascist garbage, and will fight against it.

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In an effort to spread some good will, and seasonal cheer, here are some of my favorite photos from the NYC Halloween Parade!

There are thousands of photos in the galleries linked from the main page, so throw on some music, and start clicking away!

Here are two photos that I really liked!
Alluring Unicorn Woman
Pink Unicorn Float
Please post any photos that you like!

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Stumbles out of rubble, and coughs up a big cloud of ash and dust
What did I miss?

Maybe we need some kind of play by post alternative or something? My gaming group fell apart a while ago, and one of the former members (who was on Paizo a few years back) is moving out of the country today because of... recent events.

I recall back in 2000 (leans back in rocking chair) when a similarly heated election caused a lot of strife in an online community I was part of in those days. I wish I could say that everyone had a good laugh, and everything got back to normal, but well, lot's of stuff was changing, and that community and the world became a different place.

I'm happy to put the political stuff back into the smouldering dumpster for a while, and get my mind on other stuff that isn't depressing. I would also like to hear some opinions from posters and moderators about making discourse here more inclusive. I thought that some of the ideas about arguing your 'opponents' position were good, and another poster had some good stuff about not "arguing in bad faith". I also give credit to Kobold Cleaver for introducing me to the term Edgelord, which I thought was very funny.

In the mean time, here are two 5 gallon jerrycans of "vitamin G" to help you with your leaf problem...

Fight the new Drug tax info:

Here is a link to their tax information.
I didn't really notice much, but I'm not an expert on this stuff. It seems they take in under a million a year, which is fairly small. I did not find who their major contributors are, which could reveal a lot. They are out of Utah, so my guess is religion is not as separate as they claim.

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Hitdice wrote:
That made sense, right?

As much sense as anything else in the last week or two...

Shares homemade chocolate chip cookies with everyone

EDIT: France should really be mentioned if were are discussing the founding of American Democracy as well. Also, Capitalism is heavily wrapped up in those times as well.

Irontruth wrote:

People didn't vote for change. They sent all the same congressional people back to Washington.

My incumbent Congresscritter won re-election.

Because she is so popular?
No, she was running unopposed.
Just like with the national election, you can't hold the candidates up and say, "this is what people want". They are crappy candidates that are selected by the ultra-wealthy and party elites. These are not free or fair elections, and they don't produce legitimate politicians that represent the will of the voters.
NOTE: I'm not saying that free and fair elections would necessarily produce different results, just that the current system is a not a reflection of voters will.

Sanders Derail:
Sanders would have crushed Trump easily. The numbers have show it from the beginning. The same numbers that showed Hillary and Trump close, but were dismissed. When I traveled around the Midwest, everyone LOVED sanders, and they were not the type you would normally associate with a Jewish socialist. All he would have had to do was talk about this life, his wife, and his family, and Trump would have shrunk down to the size of a GI Joe, and then imploded.

I would 100% recommend taking a break from most media. I have found that TV is stress inducing in the best of times. In times like this, it is an instant anxiety attack. Clicking around on the internet is slightly better, but it is a little too close to the rat hitting the button over and over to maybe get a treat. Not natural, and not good for mental health. The best advice I can give is to get outside, as far from people as possible. Hike into a park, kayak out into a lake, jog or cycle on a backwoods road. Give your brain a chance to reset, and get some fresh air.
Civilization is OK and all, but it isn't meant to be endured non-stop!

Irontruth wrote:

Please list the presidents you think won less than 50% of the vote.

If we are talking about popular vote, Gore and Hillary Clinton spring to mind [EDIT: Or I should say W Bush and Trump]. I also suspect that Bill got less then 50% when he was first elected due to Ross Perot.

I tend to doubt many candidates in recent times has gotten significantly more the 25% of the total of all eligible voters.

I know first hand how messed up sleep can affect your mental and physical health. Definitely do what you need to, in order to get a full nights sleep.
Last time I had a lot of medical bills, I was able to get a Healthcare Advocate through the county hospital that helped me navigate medicaid. I'm not sure if they have something like that where you are, but maybe there is a similar program.

EDIT: Also:
Beams some Love and Happiness through to Bob.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
I just realized that my posts have been getting a bit snippier since the election. I hope I'm not alienating people. I'm more likely to snap or dismiss than usual.

The same thing happened to me in 2000, and well just about every election, here and abroad, since then has made it worse. I somehow turned into a cranky old man, and I'm barely past 40. It's just that in my day, you could get a Hershey bar the size of...

I saw that you used the term edgelord in another post, which I though was very funny once urban dictionary explained it to me. I think all we can do is to try and remember that this is just the internet, and to not take ourselves and others too seriously.

Also, killing massive amounts of kob... er... orcs! Yeah, killing orcs to help relieve some stress.

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jeremiah dodson 812 wrote:
Why on Earth would you play a race team stats total -2?

2010 was like, a totally different era, man. People were more free and wild in those heady days.

gazes into distance wistfully

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Bob_Loblaw wrote:
For anyone who is interested in what the cause of my PTSD is, you can read it here.

Damn, I'm at a lose for words. I just want to say that you have already overcome more then most people will ever face, and well, that is more impressive then almost everything most people hold up as great achievements. Climbing Mt Everest? Pfft! That's nothing!

Well, I'm a fan of old BMW cars, (and fighting ISIS) so this totally made my day!

Man in a bulletproof BMW saves 70 people from ISIS snipers

Photos of car

Nice style! I really like the design of the logo as well.

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captain yesterday wrote:
And I never even flagged any besides the one or two last night.

I suspected the whole thing was a false flag operation. Doing at after election day was just too much of a coincidence! Alex Jones was right about everything!

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Bob_Loblaw wrote:
What if I don't want to continue fighting? What if I'm tired of getting my ass handed to me? What if I don't really want to be a part of a world that doesn't want me here? This has been a struggle for nearly 40 years for me. It's tiring. I'm so close to being done.

"The revolutionary must not only be brave, but wise in order to avoid the killing fields."

If you don't feel like fighting, don't. Take a rest for a few days, and gather up your strength. No one said you have to deal with the crazy s~~$ that has been going on every waking hour of the day. Choose your battles and fight on your terms.
I think I speak for everyone here when I say, WE want you here!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There is a movement to get rid of bypass the electoral college system and award all electors to whoever wins the popular vote.

New York and ten other states have signed on, but it would not take effect until states representing 270 electors had signed on.

It's a start...

Agreed. 7000+ posts was long enough. I wish everyone the best, and just want to thank everyone who contributed, whether I agree or not. Also, huge thanks to the mods for everything.

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Freehold DM wrote:
I'm not happy. I'm just not happy.

If it's any consolation, I'll be out there on the streets of NYC protesting. I would like to extend personal invitations to everyone to join me. I think Anklebiter will be there when he can ski down from NH, (or ship himself via UPS) and well, you have a couple million friends and sympathizers here in NYC! Regardless of what happens in national politics, the people of NYC are pretty cool, and as I said before, there are F!+$ING MILLIONS OF US, and we love YOU, not a bunch of politicians!

Meh. Throughout the 2004 RNC, 1,800 friends and I, were put in filthy chainlink cages topped with coiled razorwire. The police filed false, made-up charges against us, and edited video to back up their lies. They took my stuff, beat up my friends, and harassed us for many years. It took ten years of legal BS to get compensation (settlement with no admission of wrongdoing, blah blah blah.) No one hates the Republicans more then me. With that said, Hillary Clinton was my Senator at the time, and didn't do a damn thing.

Things are going to suck bad now that the Republicans have every branch of the government under their control. However, not much would really be different under the dems. Obama could have actually held people accountable for torture, invasion of Iraq, etc. But he didn't so all that stuff if coming back. When the democrats come back into power, they will exonerate the republicans, and the cycle will start all over again.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz 2024!

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