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Hand of the Inheritor

Fergie's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,518 posts (1,538 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 3 aliases.


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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
"But what I really think is, it should be like a corporation. You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes. How's that?"

Gasp! That is UN-American! You need to BUY those votes from the private sector, not get them from big government!

PS Thanks thejeff! You said it better then I could.

Fouquier-Tinville wrote:
. wrote:

Pretty much what I said. Not just homophobic, though I'd count "proposing castration for sodomy" to be pretty damn homophobic by today's standards.

But pretty much ok if you kept it discreet. Stayed at least nominally in the closet. Both for homosexuality and for heterosexual affairs.
Pfft. We declared sodomy "an imaginary crime" and abolished all laws against homosexuality in 1791. Eat that, Jefferson.

Sparta had man-boy sodomy ingrained in its culture in 400BC!

[sodomizes mic]
[drops mic]
[walks off stage]

Smurfs got it worse!

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Kryzbyn wrote:
Well, that's certainly one opinion.

I did hold back my real feeling since this is a forum where people are expected to be polite, and not use four letter words.

I guess I'm not a fan of governments using force against civilian populations.

Never bought the justifications for it.

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Lord Snow wrote:
... In the following few days the IDF raised a polite hell.

Or as it is more commonly know-war crimes.

While I feel bad for many of the civilians, the rulers of Israel deserve to be hung by their necks from the nearest street lamp.

Occupation, torture, apartheid, murder, etc. etc. these are the actions of scumbags, not a civilized society. Your governments actions are to blame for these current problems.

Lord Snow, I'm glad your alright, and I'm deeply sorry you are a victim of location and circumstance. Clearly you are not to blame for any of this. I feel great sorrow for the kids and others killed on both sides, but Israel's government is less deserving of sympathy then just about anything short of North Korea. Israel is the source of its own suffering, and needs to get its morals right, or suffer the consequences.

PS Don't get me wrong, the US plays a huge part (especially financial/arms) in all of these problems, and if there is a night of long knives (to put it in Nazi terms), the US government would also get thinned out quite a bit.

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Fake Healer wrote:

I just don't understand it. Frickin' burger flippers trying to demand 15-20 $ an hour, people making almost double the minimum wage in a minimum wage job and complaining about how is covered in their healthcare....
I guess it's just me but I don't feel sorry for some idiot making almost double what he/she could be, who passes over 16 forms of covered contraceptives, who then gets pregnant and complains that the 4 methods of contraceptives that could then work are not covered while my wife, who also works for a corporation, has coverage that sucks in general.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but it is probably the same lack of empathy for "some idiot" that results in your wife's poor health care. I'm guessing that you probably make well more then minimum wage, and that you make a decent living wage for your area. I'm guessing that you and your wife feel you deserve better care then you get and better care then that idiot you mentioned. Now there are many people making not twice, or four times, or even ten times, but 100 times more money then you make. If you work for a corporation, there are probably many who make decisions about your compensation and benefits. To them, you and your wife are the "idiots" who get paid far more then the minimum wage they feel you deserve. In their minds YOU should just be glad to have a job at all, since outsourcing your jobs would save them all kinds of money.

The measure of how deserving you are of healthcare is not based on the size of your bank account. That guy flipping burgers, or the CEO of Burgercorp is neither superior nor inferior to you. People deserve the best healthcare and education that the society can provide, not the most they can buy leaving the scraps for the poor.

Andrew R wrote:
Many conservative feel the gov is often the problem, many liberals believe that the gov is always the answer.

Do you honestly believe any part of that?

I think the whole debate just illustrates that Capitalism, (especially of the crony variety) is a piss poor way of taking care of medical and health needs. For capitalism to work, it needs to be able to fail, and there needs to be a mechanism of informed choice. You just can't get anything close to a "free market", and even if you could, the poorest people would just be left out of it.

I think a single payer system including everyone from the president to those on death row, with real limits on where the money goes would be better for almost everyone in the country, and would simultaneously fix most of the problems of the VA, which as far as I am concerned is a national disgrace.

Rynjin wrote:
Modern Warfare 3 is basically the worst thing in existence.

That is true from a time destroying perspective, and in the sense that it trains you to shoot at people (who are often speaking in middle eastern sounding voices).

This will blow many peoples minds, and I'm sure make them think less of me, but... I don't even play it online...

I mostly just play the survival mode and missions split-screen.

Horrible right?

Any other games that are good to play split screen these days? I've been thinking of Boarderlands 2. Since I have something like 40 full days of playing time on MW3, I'm thinking it is time to give it a break for a while.

Also, for Rise of Nations, I mostly just play a "quick game" against a couple of digital opponents. What makes the game so great is that you can totally customize every aspect of the game, from difficulty to victory conditions, resources, etc.

Assault Rifle Armed Monkey Uprising?

Where do I sign the petition to get this thing off the ground?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Going way back in time, I would mention the Bard's Tale games from the 80's. But the best games of that era were the Ultima Series from Lord British aka Richard Garriott. I played the hell out of Ultima 4, but 5 was AMAZING for the time.

Flash forward to more recent times, and I would have to say War Craft 2, Star Craft, and age of Empires 2 all leading up to the best game ever, and one that I have lost a chunk of my life to - Rise of Nations. RTS with everything from spearmen and slingers to ICBMs and Artificial Intelligence, with all the cool machine guns, air craft, tanks and battleships as well.

Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance for PS2 had the best graphics and game play of that era. I have played through that game and the sequel several times, and they are always fun and addicting.

Special mention goes to SimCity 4 with some of the fan made add-ons. If they just remade that game with a modern interface and a few tweaks it would be incredible.

Finally, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the best FPS I have every played. Even Black Ops and Ghosts do not have the "combat simulator" feel of MW3. It isn't so much a game, as a conditioning tool for shooting people. Disturbing good fun. ack#254

This post also gives insight into the design process.

From FAQ:

"Unarmed Strike: For the purpose of magic fang and other spells, is an unarmed strike your whole body, or is it a part of your body (such as a fist or kick)?

As written, the text isn't as clear as it could be. Because magic fang requires the caster to select a specific natural attack to affect, you could interpret that to mean you have to do the same thing for each body part you want to enhance with the spell (fist, elbow, kick, knee, headbutt, and so on).
However, there's no game mechanic specifying what body part a monk has to use to make an unarmed strike (other than if the monk is holding an object with his hands, he probably can't use that hand to make an unarmed strike), so a monk could just pick a body part to enhance with the spell and always use that body part, especially as the 12/4/2012 revised ruling for flurry of blows allows a monk to flurry with the same weapon (in this case, an unarmed strike) for all flurry attacks.
This means there is no game mechanical reason to require magic fang and similar spells to specify one body part for an enhanced unarmed strike. Therefore, a creature's unarmed strike is its entire body, and a magic fang (or similar spell) cast on a creature's unarmed strike affects all unarmed strikes the creature makes.
The text of magic fang will be updated slightly in the next Core Rulebook update to take this ruling into account."

I bolded the key part

EDIT: I vaguely recall that unarmed strikes did bludgeoning damage, but I can't seem to find that in the rules anywhere...

I think the "political practice" argument really only comes up when you compare a windmill to no-windmill. Sure, if I don't have to live next to a windmill, I won't.

But reality dictates that modern civilization requires lots of electricity. [Sites important SimCity4 statics]. So no matter where you live, there is probably going to be some form of power generation system nearby.

So, you get to live near:
A. Coal burning power plant/strip mine
B. Oil burning power plant/ Iraq
C. Gas burning power plant/ fracking hole/ polluted or used up ground water
D. Nuclear power plant/ post apocalyptic wasteland
E. Solar farm - lots of unsightly panels
F. Wind farm - lots of unsightly windmills.

Hydro-electric, tidal, and geothermal not included due to severely limited locations.

So, unsightly panels/ turbines with some noise, tv reception, and a few dead birds...
OR Iraq, climate change, and possible environmental devastation lasting up to thousands of years...

Cpt_kirstov wrote:

Where? Having one turbine up lowers property values and scares away potential buyers for a 2.5 mile radius around it. This is why almost no towns are allowing them in their limits. Depending on the state/country they may also allow anyone who gets chronic headaches after a turbine goes up to sue the town if they do not have voted on planning and zoning specific to turbines. Creating this planning and zoning costs the towns a lot in lawyer fees and time to come to a consensus with those who come to meetings. The wind colony off Cape Cod has been planned for over 10 years, but stuck in legal battle for 8

Besides, building a wind turbine is a 7-10 year process. They put poles up to monitor the wind in several locations for a 5-7 years per turbine, and then spend 2-3 years building the actual turbine at the best location.

They also can't be within a certain number of miles from any endangered bird nest, (and if one is even sited due to moving immigration patterns, they need to stop and take down the turbine within 60 days - at least in my state)

In other words - your time limit is bogus 20-30 years MIGHT be doable, and you don't address what happens if there is no place that will allow them.

I live near one of the oldest nuclear plants in the US. I would trade the made up "problems" you mentioned over the possibility of a Chernobyl or Fukashima any day of the week, and I would bet the same thing could be said for the next hundred generations as well.

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It's just like that documentary, Red Dawn.

PS You know who freakin' loves military helicopters?

The Russians!

Coincidence? I think not!


You may vote for someone you like for president, but you don't "elect" them to office. The Electoral College does that, and a few times in history, such as 2000, the one with the most votes does not get elected.

And then there are all sorts of other sleazy tricks like kicking people off of voter lists and monkeying with ballots, counting, etc.

We get the democracy we deserve, not the one we want.

Somethings are left best as a dream. If you can live with that, then letting go could be easier. Gotta be clear on your choices, and yes you can keep your cake and still properly utilize the icing on your cupcake without hurting anyone. 

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"its only illegal if you get caught"
-The Code of Hammurabi.

When law enforcement commits a crime it often falls to the victim to pursue action through lawsuits and court processes. It isn't illegal until the court says so. When you commit a crime, they lock your ass up on the spot. It's illegal when they say it's illegal.

That is pretty close to what is often described to me as the long version of "Anarchy". I guess it is the most lawful yet non-hierarchical form of governance your going to get.

Myself, being more along the chaotic end of the spectrum, can't sign your petition. But for the love of Chaos, there go I.

Just say no.

Charm is OK, as it is a first level spell that basically just bypasses a diplomacy check. You can get creatures to do something they wouldn't ordinarily do, but the spell doesn't say anything about getting them to do something they would never do.

Dominate Person is one of the most powerful spells in the game. There is nothing stopping a caster from having several or even several dozen dominated minions. By selecting the right victims (mostly chaotic/evil creatures), and properly wording commands you can get them to do whatever you want.

If the player wants a sidekick, there is leadership. If the player wants to run half the monsters and NPCs, they should sit on the other side of the screen.

1 person marked this as a favorite. y.html

So if you catch them spying on your phone, and sue them, and win, and the case makes its way through the appeals process, someday, you might get a court settlement.

Your "rights" protect you...

You will want wands of speak with animals, and magic fang for your summoned creatures. Mage armor and or shield are also nice, but displacement is the best.

A shocking grasp wand made at caster level 5 is nice for damage. 5d6 touch with no save.

remove fear, remove paralysis, delay poison, and lessor restoration are all great, but wand-worthy? Depends on the campaign.

He's right you know!

That shiznit will f#*# with your fragile mind!

Welcome Mark! Thanks for doing this, and please try to maintain your sense of humor about what people write on the internet.

My big question is:

If you interact with an illusion once and fail your save, do you get to save against the illusion every time you interact with it again, or are you stuck believing the illusion unless you get incontrovertible proof or are told by someone else that it is an illusion?

What counts as an interaction? Every action a person can take against an illusion in a round? Every attack (so a full round action that is 5 attacks would get 5 saving throws?) Do attacks on the illusion that miss count as interactions?

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

If only I, Jason, and Stephen knew Comprehended The Rules...

Meh. That spell only let's YOU understand the rules, not convey the rules to others.

I generally play in a group with three players and the GM, and we use Adventure Paths and occasional Paizo modules with very little alteration. Due to the small party size every character is expected to contribute significantly in most situations, especially combat.

I find that a fighter works very well (great AC, damage output, and nice bits like armor training). Rogues on the other hand don't do well due to lack of defense, and difficulty getting flanks in such a small group (even with a flank, damage output is meh).

I tend to enjoy designing characters in a slightly different way then the class intended. Greataxe wielding bard, archery cleric, tower shield barbarian, etc.

We also have an unofficial agreement to not focus on action-denial/Save-or-Suck builds. Even if a character is playing a full caster, they don't spam color spray or blindness all the time.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Yeah, I read it after I posted.

CEO's still dead, though.

[Whistles innocently]

I note that the first paragraph says,"KOLKATA, India — An angry mob of Indian workers wielding iron rods and stones beat the CEO of a jute factory to death in a dispute over increasing their working hours, police said Monday after arresting six workers.

Police never get the facts wrong!

[signals to Anklebiter that the cops are around]

Continual Flame cast by a cleric on any item defeats almost all darkness effects short of deeper darkness. Not bad for 50gp.

pres man wrote:
Outsourcing brings down cost of production, thus making items more affordable. This benefits the workers who were not involved in the production of the item initially. For those workers, well sucks, but they need to find another job and now the items they had previously made are cheaper them as well.

The result of all that is that the rich get richer, and the poor have to undercut each other for the few remaining jobs. As technology progresses, once "safe" jobs get outsourced, and the gap between owners and former-workers grows and grows. You end up with a tiny fraction of the population controlling a huge percentage of the wealth. If trickle down economics worked, our country would be booming...

But like in Fight Club, you have to ask yourself, "... how's that working out for you." Since it has been many years since NAFTA and the other global trade agreements, we know the answer.

Andrew R wrote:
Certainly they do. many of us oppose outsourcing as stripping local jobs and harming our country, others defend it as good for business. 2 sides that can see little common ground.

That is my point. The vast majority of people want jobs. A few wealthy people would rather make even more money and not abide by the laws within their own country. I think both sides can see the advantages and disadvantages. It just so happens that one group gets the advantage, the other gets the short end of the stick.

Andrew R wrote:
On the rights issue you run into things like gay rights vs religious freedom. both are wrong in the term that is wrong to tell a religion that it must perform gay marriage even if it is directly against there religion, while the religious are wrong to oppose the marriages for existing at all.

That is the theory behind separation of church and state, and the basis for our principle of religious freedom. The government should not dictate how religions handle faith, and religions should not try to use governments to enforce their policies.

I think you are talking about the age old difference between what the rulers want and what is best for the people. Back in the day it was the king or god emperor vs. the peasants slaves and serfs. In modern times it is the corporate interests and their kept politicians vs the other 99+% of the people.

"Those "stable futures" rely on each generation being larger than the last..." No they do not. It operates on the same principle as insurance- not everyone who pays in, gets to take out.

I also think your "2 sides, both of which are almost always half wrong" is a silly assertion to make. A great many issues have few or no politicians on the peoples side (for example - outsourcing) and a vast number of issues such as racial civil rights, gender/sexuality issues, etc. don't have "half wrong on both sides".

PS - You can't complain about Ponzi schemes and cheerlead for the free market. Ponzi schemes are free market economics at their most pure!

Andrew R wrote:
Good luck trying to convince humans to stop breeding like rodents though

It seems the best way is to stop treating them like rodents. With a few exceptions, raising the standard of living (and especially guaranteeing secure retirement) tends to cause the birthrate to drop off sharply. Sadly, our economic system is set up to provide far more profit for killing people rather then providing them with stable futures.

thejeff wrote:
Fergie wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
Wich is like saying child slavery is bad but if we keep just enough to make what we want at least there isn't as much so we are doing good. Really it is more about limiting humanity than stopping us from having plastic that will do long term good.
Just out of curiosity, are you being serious? I can't tell if your Final Solution/ Plastic Problem theory is real or a joke...
It's a classic technique for avoiding action. Make it seem as if the only effective action would be ridiculously drastic and use that as an excuse not to do anything.

But traditionally when that tactic is used it involves telling people they have to drive tiny cars with pink triangles on them and eat quiche. Liquidating the populace is a whole different kind of talk, especially given the US habit of thinning out the populace of places like Iraq with sanctions, bombing, and general mayhem.

Andrew R wrote:
Wich is like saying child slavery is bad but if we keep just enough to make what we want at least there isn't as much so we are doing good. Really it is more about limiting humanity than stopping us from having plastic that will do long term good.

Just out of curiosity, are you being serious? I can't tell if your Final Solution/ Plastic Problem theory is real or a joke...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I see this as an unfortunate crossing of spheres of influence. Science is clashing with our "free market" system of aligned business and politics. Similar to the case with tobacco use and health problems in the twentieth century, we have a political "question" about the science, rather then a scientific question. (In the nineteenth century it was more science vs religion with cases such as human evolution being decided.)

I am amazed at how well such a "question" diverts the attention from a solution, and promotes the status quo. At least that political tactic works well in this country. In most countries the conservative parties are not climate deniers (some exceptions for countries that produce a lot of petro and/or pollution.)

To me the very definition of being philosophical craven is to allow political/corporate lobbyist types to influence science, especially when the stakes are high. Note that I'm not a big fan of the political/corporate influence on anything... but especially art, science and math, and religion.

[Beats self about the head and shoulders with keyboard for introducing topic to this thread.]

Next time I bring up climate change-

Instant thread lock!

But really, it was just a throw away example, not worth derailing the thread over.

I'm having the same issue playing a summoning cleric. I pop a nice celestial jackoffasaur on the board, hit it with a "touch of luck" domain ability, or other buff, then...

At lower levels I was able to use a longbow (elf) well enough to be relevant, but 1d8+5 just doesn't cut it after level 7-8. I'm not built for melee, and most combats don't involve more then a round or two of healing. So I end up doing things like putting up a total defense or whatever.

Is there a cleric version of call lightning, or flaming sphere or something?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:

If you are conservative walking into an otd on Paizo, you might as well come strapped like Bill Burr did, walking into this rude heckling audience in Philadelphia. It's not like you're going to convince nobody of anything.

It's funny, I find that ACTUAL conservative values and ACTUAL liberal values are generally welcome by the vast majority of people I encounter in life and online (a.k.a. not real life). I find that the values of lobbyists, establishment politicians, and various monied interests are about as popular as cancer when they are not properly sugar coated. I don't find this to be very surprising, but rather a refreshing reminder that people are capable of caring about things other then celebrity gossip.

Want to talk about lowering taxes and more personal freedom, I'm all ears. However, if you are telling me trickle down economics is real, and climate change is a myth, you better bring some serious facts to the table or you deserve to get laughed at.

EDIT: I can't say I have ever seen a thread locked preemptively for anything other then housekeeping reason (e.g. duplicate thread, violates terms, etc.) I'm generally surprised that many threads are allowed to go on, and people are allowed to be generally hostile and insulting to Paizo staff. If I ruled the world of Paizo message boards, I would be a lot harsher, and put my company profits ahead of allowing everyone to mouth off about many of these issues.

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Grease! So when you're about to... um... you know...
[looks around all embarrassed.]
Err, I mean cure light. Yeah can't go wrong with cure light!

Anyone ever chart how AC ramps up as a character levels? I have found that a moderately well armored character can do well against most monsters attack bonuses until sometime around level 8-10. By that point AC barely creeps up by 1/level, but monsters attacks seem to bump up by 2-3 points. But then a couple levels later, monsters attacks seem to level off again...

I have found the best way to challenge high AC is by variety, and masses of attacks. If you roll them enough, eventually the dice do the killing for you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I clearly remember the days leading up to the Tienanmen Square massacre of students and other demonstrators. I recall saying how I wish I could join them, and my wise parents shaking their heads and warning me that such events often ended badly.

I remember their Statue of Liberty and tractors and speeches and everything. I also remember the lights going out and the sound of shooting and screaming. Somewhere in the back of my head, I can still hear the fear in the reporters (Ted Koppel?) voices as they described the scene.

As an adult, I became a pro-democracy protester myself. When I here the sounds of people getting violently arrested I get the same sick feeling- there is just something unique in the screams of people being abused by their "own" government that seems universal. But for the chance of being born when and where I did, my friends and I would have been the ones getting shot, ran over with tanks, and later executed for our "crimes".

I have always been thoroughly disgusted not just at the actions of the Chinese government, but also at the greedy scumbags in my own government who rewarded them with favored nation trading status and allowed companies like WalMart to become little more then importers of products made by a nation of exploited workers. If they gave a quarter s*#+ about democracy they would have banned Chinese imports, and while US might have lost our manufacturing, at least Mexico would be doing well...

George Bush Sr. can go to hell for his support of the Chinese Government, as can those sleezey Arkansas (home state of WalMart) lawyers Bill and Hilary Clinton. Since almost no major politician including Obama has made a damn peep about Tienanmen Square, they can go to hell as well. *

Buy American
Buy Fair Trade
Free Tibet
Support your local Goblin protesters!

*Special Ronald Reagan can go to hell mention for his support of Wingnut religious types at home and abroad (jihadists), Contras, Iran's govt, Saddam Hussein, South Africa, and others...

EDIT: But as for the thread title, you are crazy if you are going back to China and not hiding your identity somehow.

Some of the other knowledge skills can be nice, especially local and religion.

Three ranks of acrobatics will give you a +6 to AC when doing a total defense. That may not sound like much but if you are into polymorphing, you can actually end up with a whopping AC. But max ranks? Perhaps not.

I would probably go UMD, and knowledge (whatever is the most common creature type for the campaign).

Mapleswitch wrote:

Words in dictionaries are not defined in Pathfinder game books.

"Grapple" would like a word with you. And that word is grapple!

But seriously, "wielding" was not added to the glossary, although perhaps it should have been... So we are left with the word used more generally, and not always consistently. If you are unsure, ask you GM, or find that FAQ thread give it a click. Hopefully the developers will address your specific issue like in the case of defending weapons, but until then, ask the GM.

The NPC wrote:
Is there an American equivalent to "Lie back and think of England"?

I had heard it as "...think of the Queen."

I guess "... think of baseball." is the closest thing we yanks have.

Related BOHICA:
We found ourselves saying it so much that we had to shorten it to BOHICA from Bend Over Here It Comes Again! Useful for when you are about to get billed by our medical system!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Define 'Wielding"

Wielding: A term that has caused more rule confusion then any other.

"wielding" is used differently in many different places, and is best left up to the GM to rule on a case by case basis.

The best definition I have come up with is essentially: "ready to use" in the case of most items, or threatening for weapons. You are either carrying it as weight, or using it for whatever reason.

I think your bumper (with license plate attached) fell off while you were doing donuts on my lawn!

A few years back I picked up a 1986 BMW 325e for around $1,700. "e" Was the high mileage version of the series. 36 mpg on the highway from a torquey low revving 6 cylinder. That car ended up getting crushed while it was parked in the driveway on a beautiful sunny day. It was a weird summer where it rained almost every night and was hot and sunny every day. The trees were growing so fast they couldn't support their own branches.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Andrew R wrote:
When the cost for efficiency becomes that the vast majority of americans can no longer afford them what good are they to most of us? Maybe some of us would rather be ABLE to buy the 20 mpg "clunker" than have a $90,000 electric car dangled over us that we cannot afford. Or to have the jobs that MIGHT have let us afford them sent to a nation that still is allowed to have those "polluting" manufacturing jobs

OK, your mixing up several issues.

First of all, a fuel efficient car would only be slightly cheaper to buy then the gas guzzler (much cheaper then most SUVs). The total ownership experience would be much cheaper in the long run. MORE people would be able to experience car ownership, not less. Same with homes, industry, etc.

Second, gas is only cheap because so much or our resources (and lives) are redirected to keep it that way. Imagine how much more wealth our nation would have if we didn't have a gulf war or two ever decade... Imagine if all those soldiers were part of the work force, not dead or trapped in the VA maze... Imagine if ExxonMobile and others actually paid taxes... Imagine if we didn't have to prop up horrible human rights violators like Israel, Saudi Arabia, and all those other "strategic allies". Imagine the money we would save if we weren't like desperate crack addicts for gas.

Third, manufacturing goes to other countries because they are hellholes. You can either make the US a hellhole (Olde Southern model) to compete with them, or do what they did since the dawn of time - use tariffs to make trade fair, not "free".

I'm saying we need to invest in a long term rise of the lower and middle classes, not lower ourselves to be Bangladesh West.

(Disclaimer: I think casters only become a problem if they are played a specific way (save-or-suck) or later in the game around the teen levels.)

We see fighters at our table as much as any other class. However, since we play with only 3 players and the GM, and are doing APs, we don't see that many different characters.

I think one of the main things people miss about full BAB characters in the casters vs. martials discussion is that martials+casters is often more powerful then casters. Often it takes a little time to get that cleric buffed up for combat, or get those summons out. The fighter is what allows the casters time to do their thing. There are also many combos where the fighter plays a part - for example the hold spell-coup de grace.

So you think that people in the US and other countries don't want efficient homes, cars, and industry because we want to spend more on fuels and that the "richest" country in the world must waste resources to be competitive with some of the poorest peoples in the world?

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