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FenrysStar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 640 posts. 13 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.

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A Good Start

***( )( )

I'm an old school fan of SpellJammer although Spider Moon is growing on me, like a fungus really but I digress. I am a GM that wants to resurrect SpellJammer using Pathfinder rules and this was not enough. But I am aware of 2 more third party books coming down the pike to supplement what little is here so I'll take this book for what it is.

Now keep in mind I like the book as a whole but there were some teasers I found annoying in illustrations of being I would love to have stats for towards the end of the first section. It's a nice solar system model I may steal for my own campaign and there are some nice ideas in here, that I wish had been given more info. And in the intro would it have killed you to list some stories that feed into this, I mean, Heck Planet Stories has a good chunk of them, pimp yourselves!

The space travel is a little too light for my tastes but I had the same problem with the first section of being too short. The one new magic item inspired me to create my own. That said the image that starts the chapter off is just fun.

The last bit was all about Aliens and this too could have been expanded. Great stuff and suggestions of other monsters to add in that you may already have was nice. I love the space whales and living clouds best but there isn't a bad monster in here.

Ultimately this is your primer to fantasy space, if doubling the page count would have upped the price I would have paid the extra gladly. I'm looking forward to what Zombie Sky is putting out and I'm sorry I couldn't put in a bid for that one, but i expect it will supplement this nicely. Clockwork Gnome's book I did help get launched and with my pledge I'm getting a copy to use with this and I hope others will too. If you want interplanetary adventures this will get you started but as I have said, there could have been so much more in here.

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A lesson in what not to do

**( )( )( )

Ainimorphs is a rather confusing and by my mind incomplete product. Animals to be made anthropomorphic are give point totals but nothing much to compare them to except maybe each other. There is no range given as to which races a GM can safely allow in his or her campaign without worrying about balance issues. The numbers given sort of remind me of what has been put forth by Paizo in their playtest for Ultimate Races. However, there is no test given to indicate that those numbers are to what the totals should be compared to. Without a sliding scale to use for comparison the numbers are meaningless.

Bottom Line: If you can stomach or ignore the sexual portions of Skortched Urf's Fursona pdfs you're much better off with them than you are with this one.

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Happy Horror Days Act 4


Entertaining so far but the adventure here is only very good in comparison to how bad its predecessor was. I was expecting a lot more aberrations thrown in here and in that respect I am disappointed. But the article and the expanded bestiary more than compensate.

The article on the old cults is something I have been wanting since I first saw a mention of them in the first Inner Sea Guide. I can run a campaign on just this article. Not as many pages as the adventure itself but the sheer volume of information here is worth at least half the cover price alone.

The bestiary is the other darkly shining star of this book. I am not going to spoil anything but any Lovecraft fan who wants to run a Pathfinder game session or campaign in homage to the man needs this book. This one is the best of the series folks, it's just that good.

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Happy Horror Days Act 3

**( )( )( )

Not the best adventure in the series and real let down from the previous two. If I do run this, it will be heavily modified, almost to the point where what I run is only superficially what was published. However the zombies and new aberration are good and I liked the fiction as well as the Whispering Way article. It's OK but not much more than that.

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Happy Horror Days Act 2

****( )

Great adventure with more investigation than combat but sometimes that's what you really want. There is one area I will be swapping out the monster but this is minor and will not take away from the general flavor. The villains that kind of serve as a mid-level boss are genuinely creepy. Great stuff and a fine follow up to the first part of the AP.

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