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Felwyn's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 8 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

I started in 1994 while I was in middle school. Been in several groups since then so I too envy those still in their original group.

Grand Lodge

Ruloc wrote:

On a roll. :D

Tried something new for Huran and Falita. Like that approach.

** spoiler omitted **...

Thank you so much for doing this, I think it turned out wonderfully. You are a great artist I will make sure my wife tosses in a donation for you (I don't have paypal) :)

Grand Lodge

Thank you for your service Ruloc, I love your work. I have so many characters I want done it was hard to come up with two portraits. I am not picky which of the two are on the primary list VS secondary lists.

1) Huran and Falita
Huran: 23 year old man from Katapesh. Huran is thin and muscular and stands about 5'8". He has brown eyes and dark brown hair, and can often be seen with short facial hair (he forgets to shave). He grew up on the streets of Katapesh and survived by his skills of stealing and rapier fighting. He often teases Falita whom he has known since birth and likes to claim to be the best swordsman in the known lands (often challenged by Falita). His character class is Rogue/Duelist.

Falita: She is a 25 year old woman from Katapesh. Falita is thin and lithe and stands at 5'5". She has the build of a dancer, which is also her profession (she is a Dervish Dancer/ShadowDancer). She has black hair that goes to her mid-back and dark brown eyes. Her clothing allows for freedom of movement, but also fits in with the Katapesh style. She wields a scimitar more often than she casts bard spells. As for personality, Falita is a spitfire. She also has a love of bantering, and enjoys teasing Harun unmercifully (whom she has grown up with). She is not afraid to put a stop to seeing someone being picked on by others, but she also doesn't go out of her way to cause trouble.


2) Leoric Ironfist
Leoric is a half-celestial paladin. He has gold skin and silvery white wings. He is 21 years old and has a large muscular build(24 str) and a calming appearance (28 chr). He worships Torm (3.5 Forgotton Realms deity) but has good relation with Tyr and Illmater and often prays to them collectively as the triad. He bears the symbols of Torm on his forehead, Illmater on the back of his left hand as well as Tyr on the back of his right hand in the form of glowing glyphs burned into him during his trials. He fights in full plate armor and uses a unique greatsword called 'triad's blessing' in battle. The sword bears the symbols of all three deities on its silver and gold hilt (I never got a full descript of it other than bearing all holy symbols of the triad- be as creative as you like ;)).

Let me know if you decide to draw Leoric and need pictures to refernce for the holy symbols.

Thank you kindly in advance :)

Grand Lodge

This was a fantastic event :)

My wife and I were in costume at the convocation but were still getting XP while the group photo was taken. We did get an individual picture taken though, any ideas when these will be posted?

Grand Lodge

There is also the potential, they are adding 1 HP per favored class level.

Grand Lodge

Sounds like a solid list of books. I can't remember if the adventure paths have all the information on creatures or not. You may consider getting a bestiary rather than the gamemastery guide if you can't pick up both.

Being a new GM, the gamemastery guide is very helpful though since you are running an adventure path you may be fine without it.

Grand Lodge

Mark Moreland wrote:
Felwyn wrote:
Is there any suggestions for lugging around a stack of pathfinder books while in costume?

If you have the PDFs of the products you'll need to reference (or rather, that the GM may need to reference), print out just those pages each of you need and carry those around with your character sheets. If you don't have the PDFs, and are going to be at the same table as one another, you can certainly share.

The primary purpose of bringing the books to the table is for GMs to be able to read, in the original source, any rules with which they may be unfamiliar when your character uses them. Sharing books or bringing printouts of just a page or two are totally fine as long as they are readable and quickly accessible by a GM who needs to look something up.

Awesome, thanks. That will make things much easier.

Grand Lodge

Mark Moreland wrote:
CalebTGordan wrote:

What should I expect in real life as a player? It sounds like we are not sitting down at a table and rolling dice. It also appears as if I have a chance to gain multiple chronicle sheets from this event.

How is this different from standard Pathfinder Society scenarios?

What do I need to bring? What shouldn't I bring that is normally at a game?

Basically: I am curious what I am going to experience as a player when I walk into the room there at PaizoCon. I am asking more about the technical side of things and less about the game world flavor.

If you want to sit at a table and roll dice, there are standard mini-adventures that can take a good portion of your time, and there are some events that take place during which all participants will engage in combat/skills/other dice rolling.

If you want to roleplay your character and interact with other PCs and NPCs, you can do that too. Or if you want to test your skills, knowledge, etc. you can participate in smaller sub-events like a harrow reading, archery contest, and other mini-games.

And woven throughout all these events are a number of faction-related plots that you can choose to pursue (or ignore if you just want to fight stuff).

You'll get a Chronicle sheet for each sub-event you partake in.

As for what to bring, you'll need dice, a mini, your character sheet and past Chronicles, and any books you need to run your PC. If you also want to bring a costume, we encourage that sort of immersion in the event.

I have a couple questions. My wife and I are planning to attend the grand convocation for the first time and we both have 1st level characters (new to society play) as well as hard copies of all the books we need. The problem is we only have one copy of each book - do we need to each have our own copy?

Our group has shared pdf's (for convienience) of the books as well but since I am not the one who bought them, I would need to bring my hard copies. If I brought the stack of hard copy books, would one of us be able to have the pdfs on an ipad and the hard copies for the proof of purchase?

Is there any suggestions for lugging around a stack of pathfinder books while in costume?

Thanks in advance :)

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