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Feliks's page

77 posts. Alias of MisterLurch.

Full Name

Feliks Jaggael

About Feliks

WORLD: Shrine World

BACKGROUND: Adeptus Astra Telepathica

ROLE: Seeker

To war is human.

WS 25 Bonus: 2
BS 30 Bonus: 3
S 30 Bonus: 3
T 30 Bonus: 3
Ag 25 Bonus: 2
Int 25 Bonus: 2
Per 30 Bonus: 3
WP 50 Bonus: 5
Fel 30 Bonus: 3
Inf 31 Bonus: 3

FP: 4
Wounds: 10/12
Move: 6/12/18/36

Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica)
Forbidden Lore (the Warp)

  • Weapon Training (Las)
  • Keen Intuition
  • Psyker


  • Sanctioned


  • Willpower
  • Psyker
  • Fellowship
  • Intelligence
  • Perception
  • Social
  • Tech
    Faith in the Creed: Whenever a shrine world character spends a Fate point, he rolls 1d10. On a result of 1, the character’s total number of Fate points is not reduced.
    The Constant Threat: When the character or an ally within 10 metres triggers a roll on Table 6–2: Psychic Phenomenon (see page 196), the Adeptus Astra Telepathica character can increase or decrease the result by amount equal to his Willpower bonus.
    Tested on Terra: If the character takes the Psyker elite advance during character creation, he also gains the Sanctioned trait (see page 138).
    Nothing Escapes My Sight: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (see page 293), a Seeker character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at an Awareness or Inquiry skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Perception bonus.

    Psy Rating: 2

    Psychic Powers:

    Telepathic Link



    Imperial Guard Flak Armor
    Psy Focus

    Feliks was found by the Black Ships at an earlier age than is usual for Psykers to be found. An orphan from a shrine world, he made the poor choice to steal food from a monastery kitchen. When Feliks lashed out with his mind at the monk that discovered him, his fate was all but sealed. He grew to adulthood at the Adeptus Astra Telepathica on Terra. He passed all the tests to be a fully sanctioned Psyker, and his keen eye and sharp intellect earned a spot for him in the Imperial Guard. He might have spent his life there, dying anonymous among the teeming millions of the Imperial Guard, if not for a chance encounter with the Inquisition. A cell of Chaos cultists were operating on the planet where Feliks was stationed some three years after he left Terra. He was at the scene of one of their murder rituals when an Inquisitor arrived to pursue the investigation. When Feliks pointed out three details at the scene that the Inquisitor and his retinue missed, Feliks found himself commandeered by the Inquisitor during the rest of the investigation. Seeing the effects of the Chaos Cult on innocent lives, and the twisted and insane creatures that had once been humans that worshiped Chaos, Feliks was left with a hatred for the heretic. When the Inquisitor left the planet, Feliks was offered a place on his shuttle. Feliks sensed that he would have more opportunity to do good for Mankind serving the Inquisition than he would if he remained behind in the Guard. He collected his few possessions and never looked back.

    XP Earned: 1200

    XP spent: 1150

  • Psyker Elite Advance (300)
  • Willpower (Simple) Characteristic (100)
  • Willpower (Intermediate) Characteristic (250)
  • Telepathic Link Psychic Power (100)
  • Invigourate Psychic Power (100)
  • Tech-Use (known) Skill (100)
  • Smite Psychic Power (200)

    XP saved: 50

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