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Fei, of the Sun Soul's page

1,272 posts. Alias of The Dalesman.

Full Name

Fei, of the Sun Soul


Human (Paragon)


Gestalt Monk 14 / Fighter (Unarmed) 7 / Elemental Fist 5 / Enlightened Scholar 2 / [CLASSIFIED] 6 (^-^); Champion of Courage


Image Male


Medium; 5'11", 197 Lbs


17 (Apparent); Long black hair (in ponytail), brown eyes, tanned skin

Special Abilities

Yes :)






Avalon Academy, Agartha


Common, Celestial, Abyssal, Draconic, Terran, Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Elf, Dwarf, Goblinoid


Student, Warehouse Stock Clerk, Champion of Courage

Strength 30
Dexterity 30
Constitution 30
Intelligence 30
Wisdom 30
Charisma 25

About Fei, of the Sun Soul

Endurance, [CLASSIFIED] (^-^), Combat Reflexes, Throw Anything, Catch Off Guard, Versatile Unarmed Strike, Defensive Combat Training, Greater Grapple, Snatch Arrows, Improved Critical (unarmed strike), Technical Proficiency, Ignore Distraction

Bonus Feats (Deflect Arrows, Improved Disarm, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, Yogic Levitation [variant]), Improved Evasion, Still Mind, High Jump, Purity of Body, Diamond Body

Stunning Fist: (14/day; stun, fatigue, sicken or stagger, Fort DC 41)
Unarmed Damage: (2d8)
Monk AC Bonus: (+5)
Ki Pool: (17; magic, lawful, adamantine)
Fast Movement: (+70 ft.)
Slow Fall: (70 ft.)
Wholeness of Body: (heal 14 hp by spending 2 ki)
Diamond Soul: (gain SR 24)


Bonus Feats (Elemental Fist [1d6], Kirin Strike, Touch of Serenity [13/day, Will DC 41])

Unarmed Style: (Kirin Style)
Harsh Training: (+2 to saves vs effects that cause the exhausted, fatigued, or staggered conditions or temporary penalties to ability scores)
Weapon Training: (+1 to attack & damage rolls with monk weapons)
Clever Wrestler: (takes no penalties to Dexterity or on attack rolls while grappled, retains Dex bonus to AC while pinning an opponent; make attacks of opportunity even when grappled and even against creatures attempting to grapple him if the opponent has the Improved Grapple feat or the grab ability)


Stone Oni Stance 2xday (up to 11 rounds per use; +2 Str, +2 AC; considered Large-size for all grappling purposes)
Leaves Swirling Through Reeds 1xday (Blink as Sorcerer 16)
Wind's Grace (+10 competence bonus to Acrobatics [Jump] checks, may always 'Take 10' on these rolls)
Phoenix Spreads its Wings 2xday (11 rounds per use, 1d4+5 fire dmg; +10 Jump)
Koi in the Pond (+10 competence bonus to Swim checks, can hold breath for 120 rounds)
Immortal Breaks the Blade (Rusting Grasp as Druid 16 for 5 rounds; 3d6+15 damage)
Dragon Strikes the Waves (Su) (resolve attacks as touch attacks 11xday)


Moving Meditation: (+4 to Initiative rolls, and always receives a partial action in the surprise round)
Unshakable Calm: (+10 competence bonus to Acrobatics [Balance], Autohypnosis and Sense Motive checks, and may always 'Take 10' on these rolls)
Self Sustenance: (no longer needs to eat, drink, sleep or breathe; immune to drowning, starvation and dehydration)
Circular Thought: (retains Dex modifier to AC even when caught flat-footed or attacked by invisible opponents)



  • Early AM Work Study (Materials & Supplies - before school hours)

  • Advanced Physical Education
  • Deep Meditation
  • Work Study (Infirmary EMT)
    ---LUNCH PERIOD / Tutor Session with Aanandareavekki (suspended due to pregnancy)---
  • Kuros Work Study (Defense Force)
  • Kuros Work Study (Defense Force)
  • Kuros Work Study (Defense Force)

  • Late night patrols of town, school grounds and refugee camps

    Reference Images:
    Fei - focused

    Fei - pensive

    Fei - Expressions

    Fei in Gi sketch

    Fei in training

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