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Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 923 posts (925 including aliases). 6 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.

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At this time, please cancel my Card Game and Maps subscriptions.

I'd also like to hold my AP and Campaign Setting subscriptions; I will likely start them back up in a couple of months, and I'll be looking to complete the collections one I'm back in the country. I'm pretty sure there's a term for this, but I can't remember what it is at the moment.

A player rolled a survival check. Her dice pool was d4 (no skill) and a d10 (recharge this ally to add d10 to your survival check).

Another player played a blessing to "add a die" to a check. Can the player then roll 2d10 + 1d4, or must it be 2d4 + 1d10? There is a d10 involved in the roll, and the blessing does not say which die must be added to the check.

The rulebook is also unclear - the only example (under "Assemble your Dice") involves a single die in a check, and so which die to add is obvious.

If there's a quote I'm missing, I'd love a citation. Note that this is for Organized Play, so I'd like something concrete, not simply, "It's obvious that it's intended to work in this way."

I ordered this product here because my FLGS has it on backorder, and it was showing as available at Paizo. The email I received shows it as backordered here too, and now the website lists it as such.

If Paizo does, in fact, have it backordered, please cancel the order; I'd rather buy it at my FLGS when it becomes available again.

So, I've noticed recently (like, over the past few months, recently) that Pathfinderwiki is slooooooow loading a lot of the time. Like, my browser times-out slow, and more than half of the time that I try to go there. Happens to me on both Firefox and Safari.

Over the past week, after several attempts to visit the site, I'm always getting the same message on the page:

Firefox wrote:
Gateway Timeout: can't connect to remote host

I sort of figured I wouldn't be the only one noticing this, so figured it might be just me, but going on several months of trouble now, I figured I'd ask to see if it's just me.

I know there are issues with the display of subscriptions, but I just wanted to be sure that there's no mistake. I stopped and then restarted my ACG subscription with the class deck to avoid the shipping costs associated with a core set; I plan to buy it at my FLGS.

With the adjustment to the core set's shipping date, it's reappeared in my pending subscriptions. I presume that's because I have a subscription active at the time of its release.

Can someone verify that I will not be charged for, or receiving, the ACG core set, please?

I was wondering if I could cancel my subscription for ACG and then immediately restart it. :)

Basically, I just want to skip the Skull and Shackles core set (prohibitive shipping; I'll pick it up locally), but restart with the Extra Character deck.


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I spent this past weekend in Boston, and I knew ahead of time I was going to have a block of time on Saturday afternoon, so I started a couple of months ago looking to see if I might be able to squeeze in a PFS game.

When I started looking, it was only a day or two before Lucas Servideo, the VL of northern MA, pinged me on Facebook. Over the next month, he proceeded to literally arrange a table for me. He found a GM to run a game, asked me what scenario I wanted to play, and made the whole thing happen. (For the record, I was pretty flexible about the scenario - I just gave him a list of the stuff I hadn't played before.)

The day before the event, I got an email from David Montgomery, the VC of Boston (who signed up to play at the table with me), with a slew of instructions on how to get to the venue by public transit, as well timing and whatnot, and contact info in case I got lost or needed clarification.

The GM, Ray, was well-prepared, engaging, and fun. The other two players, Michael and Arial, were a pleasure to game with, and a good time was had by all while battling demons and dinosaurs.

I can't praise those members of the Boston/MA Lodge enough for the quality of experience I had while randomly in Boston with a few hours to spare. Thanks for a fantastic time, everyone.

If you, other person on the forums who is reading this, find yourself in Boston, do yourself a favour and look up a game. You'll be glad you did.

Hi folks,

Hardcover book shipping to Canada is notoriously expensive, and with the Inner Sea Gos book upcoming in the May shipment, I'm looking at a big ding in the wallet that month. Most of the hardcovers aren't worth the price of shipping for a free PDF, but this one might be.

Is it possible to get a comparison of the prices (including shipping) of my May subscription shipment with and without the Inner Sea Gods book?



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Well, I do, anyway. Two of the four scenarios he wrote for PFS are solidly in my top five favourites to run (3-01 and 3-15), and the other two are also great.

I know he's been called up to the big leagues, writing AP chapters, but can we get him back once or twice a season to write something for PFS, please? :)

After December's shipment (ie: after Magical Marketplace) please cancel my subscription to the Player Companion line.


Tonight I hosted a few members of our PFS community as we ran through PFS Scenario 3-25: Storming the Diamond Gate with level 6 ACG classes. Creation was done using pure WBL guidelines. The classes were: Warpriest, Brawler, Arcanist, and Slayer.

All of the players had done the scenario before, though exclusively at the low tier. (They didn't metagame the scenario at all, regardless.) One character died during the second encounter. (We allowed a 'respawn' once the fight was over so we could continue the playtest.) Two characters died in the final combat, and the other two fled.

I'll leave it to the players to comment on their experiences with their specific classes. I'll just speak in general, comparing my experiences as a GM with these classes.

Overall, none of the classes stuck out as being tremendously unbalanced or overpowered. The Warpriest seemed overshadowed by his Slayer and Brawler colleagues in terms of melee combat, and the middling level of his casting stat meant that the power of his offensive spells were somewhat limited.

I'll be sending a link to this thread to all the players, so hopefully they'll weigh in in the next couple of days with their own reflections on the classes strengths and weaknesses at level 6.

I was... apprehensive about this game at first. I bought it after a couple of months of hearing people rave about it. I love it. I really appreciate the feeling of an RPG adventure in a quick session, and I commend you, Mike, for being able to recreate that feeling in a card game.

(On a formatting note, there's an extra double-quote in the link to the Desert Bus for Hope website that's breaking the link at the moment.)


I had a few things that were on sale (Adventure Path volumes, primarily) in my cart. When I put them in my sidecart, presumably because my next subscription shipment is not due until early December, the price jumped to the normal price (less the Pathfinder Advantage, of course). Is this the intended result? I don't believe that's ever happened with the Black Friday sales before.

I picked up the Base Set a week or so ago, and happily went about dividing all the cards into their appropriate locations with the diagram in the rulebook. But there's a LOT of space left - I'm specifically thinking about the henchmen space, for example.

Is the intent for me to break out the adventure packs and sort the cards into their respective sections? And if that's the case, then why on earth would I want to have space within the box to hold the adventure deck/character deck add-on boxes, if all their contents are going to be spread throughout the rest of the thing?

If that's not the intent, then where are all the cards that will fill this baby up going to come from?


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Could we get all the pregens in a single file, rather than one per class (or in addition to?) Ideally, a file that's all the level 1s, and a seperate one for level 4 and level 7, but even all 39 pages in one file would be great.

I'm trying to print off just a set of level 1s for an upcoming convention, and it's a huge pain in the butt to send 13 print jobs when I could make due with selecting pages in Preview or Reader and sending a single job.

As in the title. The shipping on the hardcovers is prohibitive, I'm afraid.


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Earlier this summer, the Ontario Pathfinder Society website relaunched with a slick new design and a better interface, thanks to the hardworking efforts of Toronto Venture-Lieutenant Michael Iantorno, whose degree in Fine Arts means that he knows a whole lot more about design aesthetics than I do.

In addition, we took the opportunity to launch a series of community-focused columns, written by members of our community with experience and/or passion for writing. Our goal is to publish a column every Monday, rotating through the different columns so as not to overwhelm a particular author.

The columns are:

5-foot Theatre: A column focused on useful tips for GMing in general, but with a particular focus on the challenges for GMs.
Asmodean Advice: Similar to the Mergy's Methods, this is a column on advice for players. It's designed to be useful tips for new players and experienced ones.
Companion Corner: Wondering if the newest volume of the Companion line has anything useful for PFS play? This column has the answers! Every month, with an aim to look through the newest release, we'll look at a few of the new options (equipment, feats, and so on.)
News from the Front: For members of our community who have an idea for a column post, or something to talk about that they'd like a soapbox for, News from the Front is the space for them to do it. You never know what might get posted here until it goes up.

If you're interested, this link will take you to an index page for all the columns.

...because of a health emergency. (Not to mention the whole convention - Boo!)

My subscription page says that my August subscription shipped Aug 12, presumably because that's when it left for Gen Con. Is there an easy way for you to find out if it's been put in the mail yet? (No is a perfectly acceptable answer - I'm happy to be patient if that information isn't readily available.)

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It's been quite a while (nearly 2 years, if my search-fu hasn't failed me)since a Golarion Day post in the blog, and I've been itching to ask about it. Now that the Gen Con crunch is over, I thought it might be a nice time to bring it back up. I really loved the idea that once a week, there'd be a little post - a few hundred words - about a specific element of the Campaign Setting, and it's been sorely missed by more than just me. Is there any chance we might convince the staff to start that part of the blog up again?

It's possible that this thread belongs in Website Feedback. Mods, feel free to move it if that's a more appropriate place for it.

I've no idea if this is the right place for this feedback, but there's a typo in yesterday's press release about the new shirts. Correction capitalized and bolded. Maybe it's too late, and maybe it doesn't matter, but I just thought you should know.

"We are thrilled to have the license for Pathfinder RPG apparel," says Barbara Tillburg, CEO of OffWorld Designs. "Our shirts are well-knowN in the gaming industry and Paizo, as well as Pathfinder, are both fan favorites, so this is all a natural fit!"



p. 6 - Caphorite says it 'absorbs light.' Does this include nonmagical sources like torches and lanterns, or is the only effect the one notes in the boxed text, influencing spells with the light descriptor. Additionally, does Caphorite affect existing spells that enter the room, or only new spells being cast?

p. 7 - Does the magic suppression effect cover the entire room, or target individual creatures? Am I correct in thinking that there is no save against that part of the trap's effect?


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The Ontario Pathfinder Society is pleased to announce that we'll be present and running games at Phantasm: Gamer's Equinox this year.

Because it's a new presence for us, and we're expecting mostly unexperienced PFS players, we're choosing to be very flexible about what offers. Rather than pre-registering for individual scenarios, we'll be mustering on-site based on player attendance, experience, and demand. GMs will be present with a number of scenarios available to play, and we'll do our best to accommodate everyone.

If you're a very experienced player who's planning on coming to the convention and want to make sure that you'll have a table you're eligible to play at for credit, please send me an email at so I can make sure that we have a table ready for you.

Hope to see some of you there!

The "Join the Pathfinder Society and create your character now" link on the Pathfinder Society landing page takes you to the "My Pathfinder Society" user page if you're logged into the site.

If not, however, it just redirects to the store blog - I had a new store owner who wanted information on getting started who was very confused by this yesterday. Is there any way that for guest users, it could redirect to the login/create an account page instead?

Hi Folks,

I haven't received my copy of the Thornkeep Kickstarter physical copy (autographed version). I understand that some of the backers didn't get this with the January shipment because of technical difficulties and that those people should get it with their February stuff - my February stuff arrived today and still no sign of Thornkeep.


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After Gen Con last summer, I found myself in possession of a race boon that allows the creation of a Kitsune, a Nagaji, or a Wayang (player's choice.) Six months later, I find that I still have no interest in using the boon, so I have a racial boon sitting unused in my character binder.

Now, I've always been a fan of character development and personality. For that reason, I've decided to give away this boon as the prize in a writing contest to be held here in this thread. I'm interested in hearing about your character's experiences as members of the Pathfinder Society in their own words. And I'm prepared to offer to snail mail my race boon to the author of the best story.

The Rules

Your entry:

* Must not exceed 1000 words.
* Must be told, in-character, from your character's point of view, in the form of either a written report or an oral report to Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch.
* Must tell the story of your character's experience while completing a scenario from Season 4 of Pathfinder Society. It need not be the scenario from start to finish, and may be a chronicle of an encounter with an NPC, a combat, an exploration, the discovery of an artifact, or any other element of the scenario.
* Must be posted in this thread, in Spoiler Tags, with the title of the scenario and the word count outside the spoiler.
* Must be posted no later than midnight, Pacific Time, on February 28, 2013.

Things you need to know about me:

* I'm a bit of a grammar nut, though I make allowances are made for writing in accent or dialect. I'm also Canadian, so bonus points for extra Us in the correct placement.
* I'm a teacher, and I have absolutely no sympathy for people who can't follow clear instructions. You know how in RPG Superstar this year they didn't automatically disqualify anyone who misformatted their entry? That's not the way I would have done it.
* I like a good story, so tone, pacing, and voice are the most important elements of doing this right.
* I'm a Venture-Officer, but this contest is my own initiative,and has nothing to do with Campaign Leadership. They've okayed the idea, but this is a boon I earned that I'm giving away, not a boon that someone gave me for this. By extension, this does not signify a change in policy that race boons will be given away outside of conventions, so if you can't get to a con, this is a very limited opportunity for you to get your hands on a race boon.
* If you don't think this contest is fair to you because you don't think that you're a good enough writer to win, too bad. It's my boon to give away, which means I get to set the criteria for the winner. However, I encourage you to give it a try anyway; you might surprise yourself!

My exemplar, using one character's experience in a Season 0 scenario:

Perils of the Pirate Pact (838 Words):
On the Destruction of the Hanspur’s Luck

Lady Heidmarch,

It is my deepest hope that this missive reaches you ahead of the message that I suspect is already enroute to your esteemed self from the Black Marquis, that cursed Pirate Lord from Deadbridge with whom I was sent to entreat.  My efforts to explain the circumstances surrounding the events aboard the Hanspur’s Luck were poorly received, and I would be very surprised if the Diplomatic Package he sent did not contain scathing remarks about my character and the ethics of the Pathfinder Society in general.  I will endeavor to explain the Incident, and it is my hope that you find my explanation satisfactory.

On our initial meeting with this Pirate “Lord,” it was clear that he was unable to produce the tome that we were sent to secure. He spun us a fanciful tale, the crux of which was that we were to travel upriver in the company of his Second, a cruel and uncouth woman by the name of Riverbane. I will spare you the details of that river voyage, as they are incidental to the issue at hand.

Suffice it to say that we came across the wreck of the Hanspur’s Luck, tilted at a severe angle such that the stern was completely submerged. It was aboard this ship – part of the Black Marquis’ fleet – that the tome was rumoured to be lost. Riverbane and her subordinates made no move to investigate the ship, nor did they even seem to be interested in the fate of the book we were supposed to be recovering, but merely indicated that the last they heard, it was belowdecks on the ruined vessel.

My companions and I made for the wreck, and quickly secured the upper deck. Modesty requires that I add that this area of the ship was clear of threats to begin with, and the most complicated difficulty with which we needed to contend was the steep incline; it made movement about the ship quite difficult. As my dwarven sight gifts me with the ability to see in total darkness, my companions nominated me to lead the investigation belowdecks.

I had not even progressed past the base of the stairs when I noticed that the entire hold was filled with a thick and nearly opaque wall of spider webs, which covered the cargo, the ceiling, the floor, the masts, and everything else in sight. I have ever had an aversion to vermin of the eight-legged kind – I suspect it began as a childhood trauma in Absalom, but the reasons for my distaste are irrelevant. Suffice it to say that I had no interest in venturing further into the hold and disturbing whatever creatures might dwell in such a monstrous web. Without even calling to my companions, my decision was made.

From my pack, I withdrew a pair of torches, and set them alight. Once they were burning well, I tossed them into the webs, thinking that the webs would burn well, but the waterlogged hull should keep from catching. My suspicions were confirmed when several large spiders – and to be clear, by “large spiders” I refer to the variety that is the size of a small terrier – descended from their burning home to attack me. My companions and I were able to fight off the vermin, but in our preoccupation, we neglected to notice that some of the crates making up the cargo of the Hanspur’s Luck were also burning.

In hindsight - that most perfect of viewpoints that affords us the luxury of reflecting on the impact of the decisions we make – it is easy for me to say that I should not have lit the fire. The sudden explosions of the countless glass flasks of alchemist’s fire that made up the bulk of the cargo caught us off-guard, certainly, and even the soaked and treated oaken hull caught fire and began to burn. While the smoke billowed, it was all we could do to make it back to the upper deck and abandon ship, slogging toward the shore for safety.

It took only a quarter of an hour for the Hanspur’s Luck to burn to the waterline.

I will save the remaining details of the assignment for my formal report. To close this portion of my missive, however, I will note that on our return to Deadbridge we found the Black Marquis to be quite incensed. He complained vociferously that he was unable to salvage the wreck of the Hanspur’s Luck to bring his “fleet” back up to full strength; apparently keeping control of this portion of the Sellen River is a difficult task, though I have personally seen no evidence to support that point of view. Despite my best diplomatic efforts, he was unwilling to recognize my choice of stratagem as valid, nor did he accept my premise that the loss of the Hanspur’s Luck could not have been avoided.

I, however, stand by my tactics.

Yours respectfully,

Edrykk Aengrilor
Pathfinder, and Sword of Gorum

Hi web team,

I'm trying to report a game session from last night, and one of the ID numbers gives me an error and doesn't let me report the session. (I've reported the session with a blank space in the meantime.) The number in question is in the 79000s; I wonder if there's a problem with the number being too big for the data type in the column?

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