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Faunra Variel's page

73 posts. Alias of mathpro18.

Full Name

Faunra Variel




Bard(Arcane Duelist) 3







Special Abilities

See Special Abilities tab


True Neutral




Common, Elven, Gnome, Goblin



Strength 12
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Faunra Variel

Hit Points: 21/21
Init: +3
Melee: +3
Range: +3
Club +3 (1d6+1/20/x2)(Bludgeoning)
Masterwork Dagger +4 (1d4+1/19-20/x2)(Piercing/Slashing)
Masterwork whip, Scorpion +4(1d4+1/20/x2)(Slashing)
Unarmed Strike +3 (1d3+1/20/x2)(Bludgeoning)
AC: 15


Bard(Arcane Dualist) = 6+INT+FC= 9/level = 6+2+1
ACP = 0 //Armour Check Penalty
Format: Total = ranks + stat + trained(?) +other(noted) -ACP
*Acrobatics: 1= 0 + DEX Mod + 0-ACP;
*Appraise: 2 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
*Bluff: 8= 2 + CHA Mod + 3;
*Climb: 6 = 2 + STR Mod + 3 -ACP;
*Diplomacy: 8 = 2 + CHA Mod + 3;
Disable Device: NA = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 - ACP;
*Disguise: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Escape Artist: 6 = 2 + DEX Mod + 3 -ACP;
Handle Animal: NA = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Heal: 0 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
*Intimidate: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Know(Arcana): 6 = 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Know(Dungeon): NA = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
*Know(Engineering): NA = 0+ INT Mod +0;
*Know(Geography): NA = 0+ INT Mod +0;
*Know(History): 6 = 1+ INT Mod +3;
*Know(Local): 6 = 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Know(Nature): 6= 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Know(Nobles): 6 = 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Know(Planes): 6 = 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Know(Religion): 6 = 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Linguistics: 6 = 1 + INT Mod +3;
*Perception: 8 = 3 + WIS MOD + 3+2(Keen senses) ;
*Perform(sing): 12 = 3 + WIS Mod + 3+3(Skill focus)+3(other);
Ride: 1 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Sense Motive: 0 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
*Sleight of Hand: NA = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Spell Craft: 8 = 3+ INT Mod + 3;
*Stealth: 1 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Survival: 0 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
Swim: 1 = 0 + STR Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Use Magical Device: 8 = 2 + CHA Mod + 3;

Class features, Feats, Traits and Racial Traits:

Languages Common, Drow Sign Language, Elven, Gnome, Sylvan

Class features:
Bardic Performance (standard action) (11 rounds/day)
Bardic Performance: Distraction (Su)
Bardic Performance: Fascinate (DC 14) (Su)
Bardic Performance: Inspire Competence +2 (Su)
Bardic Performance: Inspire Courage +1 (Su)
Bardic Performance: Rallying Cry (Su)
Arcane Strike (Combat)
Armor Proficiency (Light) (Combat)
Bard Weapon Proficiencies
Combat Casting
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency - All

Weapon Finesse
Skill Focus(Perform(sing))

Focused Mind (Magic)
Kyonin Gatekeeper (Regional)

Racial Traits:
Low-Light Vision
Elven Immunities - Sleep
Elven Immunities
Elven Magic
Keen Senses
Weapon Familiarity


DC = 10 + CHA + Level
Caster Level 3
+3 melee touch
+3 ranged touch
Concentration: +6

Spells Known:

Level-0 (6):
Detect Magic
Know Direction
Read Magic

Level-1 (4):
Charm Person
Cure Light Wounds

AC, Saves, Attacks:

AC: 15 = 10 + 4(Armour) + 1(Dex);
Touch: 11 = 10 + 1(Dex);
Flat: 14 = 10 + 4(Armour);

Fort: 3 = 1(base) +1(CON) +1(Resistance);
Ref: 5 = 3(base) + 1(DEX) +1(Resistance);
Will: 4 = 3(base) + 0(WIS)+1(Resistance);

Melee: +3 = 2(base) + 1(STR);
Range: +3 = 2(base) + 1(DEX);
CMB: +3 = 2(base) + 1(STR);
CMD: 14 =10 + 2(base) + 1(STR) + 1(DEX);


Club +3 (1d6+1/20/x2)(Bludgeoning)
Masterwork Dagger +4 (1d4+1/19-20/x2)(Piercing/Slashing)
Masterwork whip, Scorpion +4(1d4+1/20/x2)(Slashing)
Unarmed Strike +3 (1d3+1/20/x2)(Bludgeoning)
--Weight: 7.0, 607 gp

Mithral Chain Shirt
--Weight:12.5, 1100gp

Misc Adventure Gear:
Backpack, Masterwork (empty)
Flint and steel
Grappling Bolt
Ink(1 oz. vial, black)
Lantern, bullseye waterproof
Oil(1-pt flask) x4
Rations x8
Rope, spider skilk(50 ft)
Water skin
Cloak of Resistance +1
--Weight:32.5, 1192 gp, 5 sp

Special Substances and items:
--Weight:0, 0 gp

Tools and Skill Kits:
--Weight:0, 0g

Entertainers outfit
--Weight:0.0 Free

Weight Toal:49

Light: 50, Med: 100, Heavy: 150


96.5 gp

Physical Description:

Faunra is 5’11 and 120 pounds. He has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Her skin is tan in color.

Data and Background:

Name: Faunra Variel
Race: Elf
Job: Bard(Arcane Duelist)
Age: 133
Likes: Singing and entertaining
Dislikes: When men get to grabby or disrespectful
Hobbies: Singing on stage at the Rusty Dragon, playing cards, reading, and writing

Background Info:
Faunra Variel grew up in the isolated forests of Kyonin, though she remembers little of her life there. Due to some actions taken by her father her family was expelled from Kyonin when she was very young. She never knew what her father did and when she asked she could never get a straight answer. Some suspected that her father was working with members of a faction that were trying to resurrect Treerazor and unleash him on the forests of Kyonin once more. This could never be proven.

Outcast from their home her family made their way west, eventually making it to Magnimar where they tried settling down. Faunra never could get used to life in the big city though especially with so many humans around. She missed her home and her relationship with her father soured greatly because of her suspicions. She stayed as long as she could tolelrate but one night after a rather heated argument with her father he became physically abusive. After he had fallen asleep she gathered up hat limited possessions she had, including a locket with a picture of her mother in it, and headed out never to return.

She followed the coast northeast and eventually made it to Sandpoint. Not really wanting to continue traveling the dangerous roads, Faunra decided to settle down here. It was a small enough city that she could tolerate being among the humans here. Besides most of them seemed harmless enough and the ones that weren’t thankfully worked on ships and often spent months at a time out at sea.

Having found a new home for herself Faunra soon set out to make enough money to support herself. She had started studying as a bard under the tutelage of her mother before they're banishment from Kyonin so Faunra fell back on these skills as a way to make money. She first worked as a street performer but her popularity with the locals soon caught the eye of local bar keeper Ameiko Kaijitsu. After a little armtwisting Ameiko convinced Faunra to start working at the Rusty Dragon as a barmaid and entertainer.

Over the next few years she became very happy with her life in Sandpoint. She misses her greatly but found it insulting that her mother didn’t come looking for her. She was sure that news of her success here in Sandpoint and reached her family and it pained her greatly that her mother didn’t come to see what Faunra had matured into. Faunra does still wear her locket as a way to remember her roots, though she hasn't opened it to look at the portrait inside in quite some time.

Faunra is a little over 130 years old now and stands just under six feet tall. She's slender with brown curly locks of hair that flow down to the middle of her back. Its been ages since she's cut her hair. She has dark blue eyes that seem to glow when she's on the stage performing. She doesn't like talking about her past, which many find odd for a bard. And she longs to go on an adventure where she could gain material for the epic songs she's expected to write.

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