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Friendly Fighter

Farid Heydar's page

543 posts. Alias of Dennis Harry.

Full Name

Farid Heydar


Human Barbarian 1/Rogue 2 HP 31/34 | AC 14 |(Free Re-Roll)|


FF 12, T 12 | F+6 R +5 W -2 | Init +6 | Per +5 (+6 Traps) | SM 0 | CMB +3 | CMD 15 | Speed 40'














Common, Dwarven, Kelish



Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 7
Charisma 11

About Farid Heydar

Size Medium 5/9' 180 lbs.

HP = 34 (Favored Class Barbarian)

XP =

Initiative +6

Base Attack +2

Greataxe +4 - 1d12+2 x3

Dagger +4 or Ranged +4 1d4 19-20x2

Heavy Crossbow +4 1d10 19-20x2 (35 Bolts)

Sneak Attack +1d6

AC = 14 (10 + Dexterity Bonus + Leather Armor)

CMB = 3
CMD = 15

Speed 40'

Fortitude = 6
Reflex = 5
Will = -2

Acrobatics +8
Bluff +6
Disable Device +8
Escape Artist
Handle Animal +4
Intimidate +5
Know Dungeon +7
Know Local
Know Nature +6
Perception +5 (+6 to find traps)
Ride +6
Sense Motive
Sleight of Hand +8
Stealth +8
Survival +4

Fast Talker


51 GP
7 SP

Backpack 1: (Contains: 8 torches, flint & steel, grappling hook, 50' silk rope (2), waterskin (2), 8 days rations), Silver Dagger (Masterwork)

Backpack 2: Cure Light Wounds (12) Caster Lvl 1 &
Bull's Strength 1 Caster Lvl 3
cloth for careful wrapping of the potion bottles.

Improved Initiative

Special Abilities:
Fast Movement
Rogue Talent - Trap Spotter

Failed Son

Qadira is a kingdom with the power of a sprawling empire at its back. It is a land of richness with rivers of gold flowing through it from all corners of Golarian. Indeed the kingdom holds more wealth than any other three kingdoms on the Inner Sea. As much as it is a land of wealth and plenty it is also a harsh desert realm. It is a land where the weak are enslaved and if they are lucky simply die.
Merchants and merchant caravans travel far and wide across, through and beyond Qadira. Little seen and even more little thought of are the nomads of this land. The people who have for millennia lived off of the land and its harsh environs sometimes hostile and sometimes friendly to the trade caravans these people are not respected but they are feared by those caravans who fail to bring enough protection along the road with them.

Farid Heydar is the first son Behrouz Heydar and his only son, Farid’s mother having died in childbirth. Behrouz is a powerful warrior in the tribe and was overjoyed that at the very least his dearly departed wife brought him a healthy son. Farid’s youth was a difficult one, learning how to live in the harsh desert environment. Most important was the way of the blade, in this place those who cannot fight will die. The barbarian tribes do not live in the cities of Qadira, they live strong and proud away from the rules of the government and so must their children. Farid was enamored of the trade caravans that came and went to the oases controlled by his people. Those with appropriate protection were either ignored or traded with those without were fair game. Farid longed to live in the cities he could see in the distance along the travels of the tribe away from the oases.

Behrouz sensed this weakness in his son but ignored it believing that over time Farid would come to accept his fate as all men must. Indeed Farid did show promise with the blade and perhaps would one day be worthy of the deeds Behrouz accomplished before him. As the years went by though Farid did not change his longing never went away and the desire to live among the tribe became less and less. At 14 it was time for him to pass the tests into manhood. One full week with only a waterskin smallclothes and one weapon did the new crop of men need to complete to survive.

Farid returned to the tribe after only two days, he abandoned his fellows and refused to return to the trial. Behrouz was enraged. He sought to slay his son that had brought him so much shame to him. The tribes elder, Aurang Atash decided instead to banish Farid. Aurang knew that such shame would undermine Behrouz’s attempts to claim leadership over the tribe. Behrouz in anger gave Farid all of his possessions and vowed to reclaim his honor lost by his only son. Farid was cast out of the tribe and told that to return would result in death.

Farid clearly misread how important the test was. He did not want this life though he also did not want to be banished. He fled the tribe moving towards the nearest city Katheer. For the first time Farid entered the city he so longed to go to. As a barbarian youth who could not read and was improperly dressed he was not allowed to go into any area of the city where the wealthy and privileged lived. Indeed he was forced into the squalor of the slums, not the reception Farid expected. The travelers told of the rivers of gold and silk and spice to be found in the cities - what was this smelly dirty place he had entered! With no way to go back and no ability to be accepted into the hierarchy as a barbarian Farid did the only thing he could, he resorted to stealing.
Stealing was similar to raiding in many ways one took what they wanted from those who could not hold onto what they had. Initially Farid would challenge his opponents but this did not last long as he barely escaped with his life a few times. Farid was amazed at the fighting prowess of the city people he thought them all to be soft! Some carried no blade and some were almost as skilled as his tribesmen. It was often in the intervening months that Farid had to nurse his wounds for days at a time before venturing out again. He was a loner as even the street rats did not want to associate with a barbarian from the wastes.

Farid continued to learn the ways of the streets slowly, he learned that it was wiser to sneak and steal then to openly challenge all comers. Indeed Farid had started to finally learn his way around when the city guard began a sweep of the slums. Slavers were looking for merchandise and no one cared where the slaves came from especially considering the poor were of little regard to the rich. Farid who was still not streetwise enough to avoid the sweepers was picked up by the guard and led away in chains!

The slave caravan brought Farid to the city of Sedeq to the slave markets. Farid was miserable, how could he have fallen so low? Why did he fail to pass the test of manhood he should have listened to his father but it was too late for that. He was sold to a property master along with an older gentleman who was a convicted criminal. This criminal saw in Farid a target ripe for exploitation. Amin Sattar was his name. He knew that he lucked out, a young back to aid him in his endeavors he could teach this youth much, not only that but to be sold to a noble house, it would be easy to break out! Moreover the barbarian youth would be able to aid Amin in surviving in the wastes between cities, a requirement to get away from enslavement.

The nobleman was successful merchant from the city of Gurat. After a few months of back breaking labor in the house of the nobleman Darius Zia, Amin was able to convince Farid that they should escape together. The penalty of being caught escaping was losing a hand and Farid was not interested in having that happen. However, in the night a few weeks later Amin carried Farid’s sleeping form to the very walls of Darius’ grounds. It seemed that again Farid had no control over his life. He was forced to flee with Amin. Luckily Amin knew what he was doing and both were able to escape with their lives (and hands) intact. Farid even as a callow youth of almost 16 knew that they needed to get out of Gurat completely.

Farid and Amin with but the clothes on their backs snuck out of Gurat in a caravan by hiding in baskets of silks. The road was long and winding and both Amin and Farid were able to steal what they needed to survive and get away from the caravan. Freedom had never been so sweet! Farid was able to help Amin survive in the desert. Using tactics Farid knew from his youth they raided small caravans with a combination of stealth and steel. Farid and Amin’s long journey fially brought them to Lopal where Amin promised to teach Farid what he knew of the streets. Indeed for two long years Amin was mentor and almost a father to Farid. After accumulating a great deal of wealth together and establishing themselves in the local thieves guild Amin taught Farid one last lesson, trust no one. Amin vanished in the middle of the night, leaving Farid his sword, his buckler some clothes and waterskin. He left a note that presumably mocked Farid but the barbarian could not read it. Farid attempted to track Amin down but it seemed he had fled the city.

Farid became even more bitter and disillusioned. He was almost ready to kill himself when he realized that revenge was a stronger emotion than pity. Farid was determined to gain vengeance against Amin and eventually against Darius for enslaving him. Farid took six months to “reacquire” the wealth taken by Amin so he would appear more respectable and took on a job as a merchant guard for caravans. He was able to travel back and forth across Qadira with less difficulty than he would have on his own he was also able to perfect his sleight of hand skills on those around him. After three years of travel Farid was no closer to finding Amin.

Finally a month ago Farid was given a tip, Amin was rumored to have drifted to the Inner Sea region known as Andoran. The tipster cliamed there were great riches in the mountains nearby and the will of the local folk prevented them from reaching for it themselves. Farid set his course for the place known as Darkmoon Vale looking to settle a score once and for all with Amin...


Farid is an angry young man. He has very little trust in his fellow man. (Paranoid). He blames others for the mistakes in his life not recognizing how his own choices have led to his current situation. Farid has absolutely no respect for law and bends or outright breaks laws when he is able to. Farid has gotten a bit wiser (though not much) and is much less impetuous than he was just a few years ago. His driving goal is to gain vengeance – after that is accomplished it is pretty clear that Farid has no idea what to do with himself.

He has a low Wisdom so is fairly gullible but he has a pretty good Intelligence score so he is also smart so can figure out puzzles and problems with the proper amount of time. Farid cannot read and it bothers him so he pretends that he actually understands what things say when he does not (he can distinguish prices though). Farid seeks vengeance against those who have done him wrong and will stop at almost nothing to get it.

He is tough and as a barbarian from the desert wastes has pretty strong survival skills. Farid is not very cultured though he is becoming more streetwise especially since Amin’s teachings. Farid has a somewhat lively personality but he would not really stand out in a crowd. Farid has decent strength and is fairly agile.

As a barbarian he is somewhat reckless though he will not rage in combat unless he absolutely has to as he realizes that blind rage reduces his ability to think quickly in a situation. Farid trusts no one as a result of his betrayal at the hands of Amin and his (imagined) betrayal at the hands of his tribe. He holds a grudge against his people and would love to pay them back for his ill treatment (that he refuses to acknowledge that he brought upon himself).

Chaotic Neutral

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