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Hoary Muntjac

Faol Mhor's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 39 posts (880 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 7 aliases.


sounds good. I'll wait for Scot to get his up and then we will get going.

Discussion thread is up

Misarias was a border town on the north east border of the kingdom of Cheliax which bordered on Isger to the north. Its streets where always full of caravans and travelers making their way along the well warn trade routes between the two kingdoms. Isger itself was nothing more than a free state in name alone, everyone knew it bent to the will of the Queen of Cheliax and served as buffer between Cheliax and her enemies and as one of Cheliaxs most profitable trade routes. Because of its location there was always an army camped near Misarias ready to defend the borders from any threat.

The morning everything changed in Misaria was the third Oathday of Rova, and a cold crisp wind blew the freshly fallen leaves all about the streets and turned the red brown cobblestone into a carpet of golden brown that crunched under each footstep.

At first it was like any other morning, children ran and played in the piles of leaves while their parents set about the daily mundane tasks. Merchants began to prepare their wagons and horses for their long journeys and mercenaries and guards began to stumble through the streets groggy and complaining of their head pains from the nights frivolities.
The mood around town was no different than any other day, but around two hours after sunup word had spread of a new edict that had been hammered to the doors of the Cathedral of Asmodeus. It read…

By Edict of Her infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, Baron Garvis Kath-Thune of Brastlewark is here by appointed lord and protector of the town of Misarias and her surrounding lands. Forthwith all lands and titles previously held by Duke Vuln Hasberg and his family are to be forfeit to Baron Kath-Thune and his descendants. Furthermore any association with or collusion with members of the family of Hasberg will be grounds for punishment and the fair justice of Baron Kath-Thune. All Hail her Majestrix!

In the streets people murmured that it had even been posted early that morning just before sun-up by the hand of an emissary from the Hellknights themselves, the intractable arbiters of Justice and the will of the queen.

The streets and workhouses were a buzz with speculation. Each person had their own opinion on what would happen or why Old Hasberg might have fallen out of favour with the queen.

The Mayors manor itself was quiet, with no one coming or going. But people swore they could see Duke Hasberg passing in his office and some said that the servants had come to fetch extra supplies in the markets early that morning. Most people agreed that Duke Hasberg would be making a run for his life if he hadn’t already done so.
By noon a rider rode through town with the message that most of the soldiers had left the camp nearby.

An hour before dinner the cathedral bell rang out and word spread like wild fire, the army was marching on Misarias and the Baron rode at the head.

Despite the situation much of the town remained calm. After all only the Hasbergs had anything fear from the oncoming soldiers. The city guard was given the order by the captain of the watch to prepare to report to their new lord and the town’s gates were left open ready to receive him. All of the nobles and affluent members of society came out dressed in their finest clothes and the town square was quickly bedecked with all the regalia fitting their new liege’s arrival.
The town was ready and they waited, and waited…

An hour after sunset a second rider came careening headlong through the streets, his horse frothing at the mouth and both the rider and steed looked half made with terror.

“Run, run for your lives, Run damn you all run! He’s mad he’s sent out a dragon!”

The people turned to the outskirts of town and in the hills north of the whisperwoods the sky glowed with a red hue and soon flames could be seen in the farm lands.

The town went mad. Mothers and fathers gathered their children and their meager belongings to run, while the merchants and nobles loaded anything they could onto carts and wagons and horses. IT was madness and chaos and it was in the midst of all this that the dragon came. The beast was no small thing but a great Wyrm, a thing of myth and legend that blotted out the stars and the moon. Its tail like a giant oak, its scales like shields, it’s wings could span the river and it’s eyes burnt like a dwarven furnace and horns the length of a man.

The towns southern wall was set ablaze first, followed by the manors of the nobles and then the stables and shops. No part of the town was spared from the creature’s fury. A few foolhardy adventures and mercenaries took up arms and attempted to fight the beast but none of them survived. Their bodies were left charred and mangled in the city square. The people streamed from the town into the northern hills and valleys across the river keld, running for their lives holding desperately to their children and their valuables into the lands between Cheliax and Isger
By midnight all the survivors could do was look back across the river keld and ask in anguished cries and sobs “why?”
And so our story begins…
For whatever reason you were in the city on either business or perhaps pleasure, or maybe your family had lived there for generations. Whatever the case your life has been changed dramatically, any plans you might have had have been interrupted. Now you find yourself a refuge among the masses of refuges from the town as they huddle in the dark, cold and afraid not knowing where to go or what lies ahead or why so many people’s lives had to be destroyed.

Hey Guys, just to let you all know where things are at. I think I'm gonna have to call it quits on this game for various reasons.

At present I just started a new job which takes a lot out of me, we just bought our first house which needs some work and my wife is pregnant and due sooner rather than later so as you can guess my situation has changed since we started this boat ride.

To keep going in the campaign we would really need to consider recruiting as Four Skulls pointed out and I just don't have the time to give that any attention or to do this game well and haven't for the last month. Rather than continue with a mediocre game I think It's just best to pull the plug.

Very sorry about this guys ending this campaign here really sucks I know. Hope you can forgive me for this. :(

If one of you wants to take over as GM let me know. I'll keep checking this thread.

Same to you. Happy new years everyone.

yup. each of you received the amount listed except Gan who is currently chained in the Man's Promise

Hey Merck, I marked the other campaign inactive. hope that helps.

lol Merck, In my RL S&S I have a husband and wife playing, but the wife is playing a male halfling rogue who wants to assassinate things while the husband is playing a gnome gunslinger...she is a teacher in RL so it helps her get her frustration out instead of on the kids :)

Their characters are always arguing and always competing to hit on Rosie Cusswell.

Early on in the campaign her rogue got mad at one of the NPC's who turned them in for something so at night she snuk through all the other sleeping pirates and murdered him in his hammock...I looked in the book at the character and it said, "this character shows up later in the campaign so your players shouldn't have much interaction with them..."

Anyway I let her murder him, he just about was able to get a scream out but she won init and cut his throat with the second attack. I don't know what I'll do about that NPC being dead later on but I'll improvise.

Each game presents it's own challenges that's for sure :) And Gan is making this one interesting, right Gan? :)

...mostly I spent last night thinking about how I could prevent all of you from dying lol.

I like it when players do something I didn't expect them to, it keeps things interesting, but I also don't want to hold back from consequences for player action, because I want there to be a real sense of danger in the game as well.

Last night was a game I'm actually playing in, for once! and the GM had an mysterious elf we've have been trying to find show up and tell us they'll meet with us later, and then she slips away into the darkness of the night...

My character, is like "No effing way! Did she use magic? No then I'm going after her.." I try and follow the elf, we've been looking for this thing I'm not letting her get away...I chased the elf through town and tracked her up a tree in the woods. hehe.

Anyway, long story short The GM had planned to make her show up later but some lucky survival checks and some other skill checks and he had to figure out what to do next and before you know it everything's changed and orc's are burning down a forest trying to find us... :)

I love RPG's

Like I told Jove Four Skulls, When I previewed the post, the rolls worked out to get a hit, for some reason they then changed when I went to post which never happens. In any case I said we would go with the posted rolls so you are correct it did not hit you.

I also need you to update your AC stat if its changed by a modifier like shield of faith because I don't always remember what happened at the beginning of a fight because it can take some time to get through one ;) See Jove's Character bar for an example of what I mean next to his AC.

As the Shoanti Charges forward and impales the last sailor from behind a crack from Gan's gun goes off and a bullet hits the man as well. He screams in agony. His body slumps to the ground and stops moving.

Lol Jove, You stowed away ;)

Avakor is that an allied targeted channel or an AOE Channel, I'm assuming from what you ssaid its an un-targeted AOE? In any case...

Avakor's healing energy rushed over all those still standing. The Sailors on the deck do not move. those of you injured are healed for 3 HP

For now the Stern castle appears calm, you've taken your objective with little effort. Below you the melee rages, Pirates and sailors hack and slash at one another across the main deck. Some men fall from the rigging into the ocean and you can hear the screams of the unlucky who are still alive as they are ripped to pieces by the sharks.

You can all take a round after the combat to say and do something if you like. Tomorrow afternoon, I'll post again/

Going by AC in profile line, forgot you cast mage armour...that was almost two weeks ago ;). Up date in your character bar the modified AC in brackets or something behind your AC. With so much to keep track of it will make my life much easier.

Oh...I also noticed that it changed my rolls from when I previewed the post to when I posted the post... that's very odd. Thats never happened before. The pirates just barely hit both of your ACs with my original rolls, JOve should have taken 5 and Four Skulls should have only taken -2 HP. In anycase he only had a 14 on you JOve so with your mage armour he misses and we'll go by the roll thats posted and say he also misses Four Skulls.

Well the other option is merger between the two games, you are virtually at the exact same spot in the campaign so the transition could be fairly easy. The other two in the other game which are left are interested in merging. What do you guys think?

Marns correct.

Okay update. Plan was to post last night...however my laptop has been on a slow ride to the grave and last night it decided that it no longer wants to make the effort to connect to the Internet. Which is great...anyway I'm writing this from my phone. Tonight the plan is to move all my pathfinder stuff to my brand new and super amazing laptop and get my a** in gear posting.

So, all that to say sorry and I will post again soon. Hopefully I will have you murdering and pillaging very soon. And thanks for your patience.


Please cancel my subscription to the pathfinder adventure paths. Only the Adventure paths! I wish to continue with my other subscription.

Tahnk you

Lol! Saskatoon Sk born and raised myself but moved out to BC for my wife :-)

Lucanus you are from Canada? Where? I'm lower mainland bc myself.

These men themselves are not necessarily nobles but rather make up a more of a middle class of well off soldiers. They would see themselves as better than a commoner but they themselves are men at arms.

Sense motive to Kayla's bluff 1d20 ⇒ 3

They seem to believe you that there must be more wine on deck. But they also seem to be fueled by enough wine already not care. They seem more interested in a fight.

its kind of critical that Avakor's character gets in on this at least a bit so between Kayla's bluff and Lucanus ridiculous intimidate roll :-) I'm going to say nemius (was that his name?) needs to take an action, but Lucanus your roll and what you said still stands and won't be tossed out

I'm going to leave it open for more posts for the night and a little in the morning so feel free to continue your conversations with the NPC's. Oh, and Gan because you haven't actually done an action this evening go ahead and choose one if you like. It will take place after your brief chat with grok.

Several of the sailors mumble to one another as they see Sabinae's long tail. One of the sailors, a particularly overweight sailor, with no shirt and sweaty tanned skin likes his lips and sneers at Sabinae. But doesn't make any comment.

I'll post a longer one when I get home from work

Hmm...very interested. I'll write up a character and post it soon.

Thanks for the Help Xzaral. Really appreciate it.

I can't seem to activate the gameplay thread to Post in it.

I'm a new To PBP and I'm GMing my first one so I'm a newb. My question is how do I add players and characters to a campaign and how do I start the gameplay thread?

I can't seem to get those figured out.

I've heard a few people wondering the same thing. But from the description in the campaign itself and of the shackles it seems that most of the piracy takes place north of the Eye, near Cheliax and the Arch and then the the pirates escape south to port peril.

Of course that doesn't fix the fever Sea problem, but from what I understand a lot of trade comes out of the shackles as well. Merchants buying goods from the shackles and heading back north.

I was thinking of GMing a more medieval pathfinder game, politics and knights on horseback and such.

One thing I felt was lacking was knights on warhorses charging across the open field and meeting in an epic crash of lance on steal.

I just felt the current Pathfinder rules based on init didn’t lend well to that so I put together a house ruled for counter charge and I just wanted to see what some other people thought.


If an attacker charges within 20 ft resolve charge as normal and outlined in the rules.

If the attacker charges from a range over 20 ft the defender has the option to:
1) Brace with a brace weapon*
2) Counter Charge*
3) Allow the charge to proceed as normal

* See Perception check

Perception Check: If the Defender chooses to brace or counter charge and the attacker is charging from a distance greater than 20 ft. Than the defender must make a perception check to see if they spot the incoming charge in the first place. If they are unsuccessful in spotting the charge it means they were to distracted by something else or where not able to prepare for the charge.

The defender must make a perception check at DC 10 if not adjacent to an enemy or DC 15 if adjacent to an enemy or within an enemies reach, The DC is -1 for every full 10 ft. that the attacker took to get to the target beyond the first 20.

For example:
A defender charged by and attacker at 20 ft or less does not get the option to counter or brace.
A defender charged by an attacker at 20 to 30 ft. requires a DC 10 if out of combat, DC 15 if in combat.
A defender charged by an attacker between 30 and 40 ft requires a DC 10 or 15
A defender charged by an attacker between 30 and 40 ft requires a DC 9 or 14 (DC-1)
A defender charged by an attacker between 30 and 40 ft requires a DC 8 or 13 (DC-1)

This indicates that the further out the attacker charges from the more time the defender has to spot the charge and react.

CHOOSING TO REACT: (note these take place out of the normal sequence of play in the Attackers turn)

Choosing to Brace:

If the defender braces his weapon he may make an attack at -2 to hit the incoming charge because they were not readied. No matter the results the defender is considered to be staggered for the next round. The -2 AC the charger suffers does not come into effect against someone reacting to brace, it would against a readied brace.

Choosing to Counter Charge:

The defender may choose to counter charge, in this case the attacker and defender meet at half the distance the defender could cover in one movement turn.

The attacker completes their attack as normal at this point.

Attacker: After moving, you may make a single melee attack. You get a +2 bonus on the attack roll and take a –2 penalty to your AC until the start of your next turn.

Defender: After the attacker completes their attack the defender rolls their attack. They do not receive the +2 to hit but they suffer the -2 AC until the start of their next round. In their next round they are considered to be staggered. (this is because they have exerted themselves out of turn and therefore are not able to act fully in their next turn)



If one or more party has a lance and strikes his opponent the one who receives dmg must make a successful ride check or be knocked from their horse.

The ride check is DC 5+Damage dealt. If they one or both chargers are knocked off their horse they must make a tumble check.

Falling off your horse requires a Tumble check DC 15 + amount failed on the Ride check in order to avoid D6 non-lethal falling damage.

Some of the lance and tumble rules I grabbed from someplace...I cant remember off hand.

Anyway, this is my first draft of the rule, feel free to point out improvements or areas were this rule may be broken, etc.


Hey M@goo, I've found the best way to get in a game is apply for one.

Whenever a GM puts up a game there are about 10-20 people who apply so the GM is usually pretty busy sorting through applications.

So just look around the recruitment board and fire off an application. That would be my advice. Best of luck.

GM Valynce Sharae wrote:

So lets see if I got this straight for now.

1. TheHairyAvenger- Gnome Druid
2. NathanM- Human Ranger
3. jtfoto- Half-Elf Rogue
4. Valkyn Highwind- Half-Orc Fighter
5. Krumthi- Race? Cleric
6. Faol Mhor- Elven Sorceress (Nice picture did you draw it?)

Good combo of races and classes. Good job guys. I will be spending the next couple of days entering your info into my .pdf program as your information comes in, to check and make sure everyone is up to par. I am really looking forward to this.

On a side note: What time zone is everyone in? Just so I can try and figure out when to expect posts. I am in US Eastern and right now it is 12:13am.

I am in Pacific time zone. Canada west coast.

Yes I drew the picture. It is not done yet, needs to be cleaned up and the dead goblin added. I enjoy drawing a concept of my characters.

jtfoto wrote:
I think my rolls may have you beat Faol.

Oh Ouch!! Yeah.

It's fun sometimes to have a character who has handicaps and isn't to powerful. Makes the RP more interesting.

Anyway, I have a rough draft of my background done but should have it up tonight, I also have a rough draft picture of my character.

Elven Sorceress

Let me know what you think. I'm going to add a goblin into the picture at her feat having met my morningstar head on. Should make for a funny picture when I'm done. I'm assuming that's pretty much all the's going to be able to kill with her morningstar hehe.

Yeah the morningstar looks more like a mace but whatever :)

TheHairyAvenger wrote:

I will warn everyone that I am very new to the CRB and will probably make a few mistakes in this character creation so apologies in advance.

In that link I put up on this page that site has a page Character Creation which lists the process in an easy to follow way. Just remember it also has more info than just the core rules so need to check back with the CRB so you don't grab something from another source. But usually they mark where the data comes from at the bottom.

The tricky part of creating a druid, I find, is the Animal companion but if you have any questions I might be able to help.

Here is my roll for my wealth. I've decided to go with an elven Sorceress so a massive 2d6. Common double 6's!!!

2d6 ⇒ (5, 1) = 6 hmm, so close...60 Gp for me.

Yes I do have access to the CRB.

For anyone interested is also my favourite way to access information about classes and anything pathfinder quickly. It has almost everything on there.

Ah Krumthi I am very jealous of all your numbers above 9 :)

More Questions for you Valynce,

1) What would you like us to do for starting gold? Average or roll?

2) And for trait approval should we just PM you or just ask for approval on this page?

I'm full of questions.

One more thing, I have very little experience with the forgotten realms setting, more knowledge about Golarion, but I'm more than happy to give this campaign setting a try.


8, 14, 16, 14, 9, 9

Ouch, three under 10 but that shouldn't be to bad. I'll be able to get 2 of those 9's to 11s and maybe drop a 14 to 12 after racial bonus if I play an Elf.

I was thinking an elf cleric of some kind. Maybe a CG cleric of Calistra if that meets with other's approval.

GM a few questions,

Any preferred Group Alignment restrictions?
Trait selections restrictions if any?
Are we able to use information from the Advanced player's guide?
I know you indicated you would start of with a D&D modules but is the campaign set primarily in the world of Golarion?

Thanks again for taking the time to set up a game.

Oh just got in as the 7th man. Thanks for the invite and I'm looking forward to playing

Well her go the stats.

4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 3, 1) = 9
4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 6, 4) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 3, 6) = 19
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 6) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3, 1) = 10
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 5, 1) = 10

Very new to this PBP thing but looking forward to it.

Well it looks like you may have your 6 but if there is still one more slot available I would gladly fill it.

I've been playing pathfinder for awhile and GMing it but I am very new to the PBP idea.

Well aside from the difficulties of grabbing and using a conscious goblin wouldn't it be much easier to simply kill one or knock him out and then use his limp helpless body as a weapon.

As a GM I think I would house rule a bonus to intimidate goblins when wielding a goblin as a weapon if a player managed to do it. Increasing the bonus if double wielding goblins. :)

Yes is does, Thanks very much for the information guys. Its greatly appreciated and helpful.

Cheapy wrote:

Sol is right. You don't get any bonus feats from sorcerers until level 7.

Further, you need to meet the prerequisites of the bonus feat anyways.

So no matter where or how the feat is acquired you still must meet all the prerequisites to have that feat and use it? Despite acquiring it as a bonus?

I'm sure if you are at the point to acquire a bonus feat you probably meet the basic requirements to use it but just in general is that the case?

ah! I see. okay that makes a great deal more sense. Thank you Sol, appreciate the help.

At level 1 a destined bloodline sorcerer gets leadership as a bonus feat.

It being a bonus feat indicates that this is a free feat usable by the sorcerer at 1st level.

If the sorcerer has a Charisma bonus of +3 there leadership score at level 1 would be 4 meaning they could receive a cohort who is level 3?

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