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FallofCamelot's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,932 posts (1,951 including aliases). 7 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 17 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.

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Don't care, don't care, don't care...

*( )( )( )( )

This scenario was an opportunity to look into Nagaji society and after playing it I must say that I'm not exactly eager to go back.

Effectively this plot is Yojimbo (or a Fistful of Dollars or Last Man Standing if you prefer.) It's the classic tale of two warring factions in a town that see visiting strangers as a way of breaking their stalemate. Neither side is particularly pleasant and the whole thing is morally grey. Now that works well with a largely amoral central character like in the movies but with a group of pathfinders this falls down for the following two reasons.

Firstly, it is highly unlikely that every PC in the game will be morally grey. You are almost certainly going to have a good PC or two who will object to working with these generally reprehensible people.

Secondly, the players are not there to make money or solve this problem they are instead there to get a magic Macguffin. Because of this the PC's have no real investment in solving this problem beyond "we have to do it to get the magic football of Bob". This is exacerbated by the fact that both sides are pretty much functionally identical- horrible people prepared to let the people suffer for their own petty power plays. Effectively you are forced into the highly unpleasant choice of either kidnapping or assassination.

The result of this was that we just didn't care about the Nagaji or their stupid problems. Instead we let them slaughter each other at the end and this barely registered any concern from the players at all. This was not because we wanted people to suffer but that we felt that whatever choice we made a colossal scumbag would still be in charge. Better for these idiots to kill themselves and decrease the global moron count.

If you are going to have a moral choice in a game it should follow the following format:

Choice one: Morally dubious but easy.
Choice two: Morally good but more difficult or restricted outcome.

Alternatively you could have the following format:

Choice one: Morally dubious
Choice two: Also morally dubious

After investigation though you find a third option that resolves the conflict and makes everything better (a.k.a. the hidden third way.)

This scenario seemed to follow the second pattern but in actuality it was the second pattern without the satisfying third option. As a result we had no investment in the outcome of the petty squabble that was going on and as a result the outcome of this scenario was deeply unsatisfactory.

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Harsh but fun

***( )( )

Be warned folks this is not one for the faint of heart! One of the encounters is especially harsh and is a potential TPK in a can to a non optimised party.

The story was really just an excuse to string some encounters together, however it was nice to see the adventures in season three referencing the ongoing plot.

The encounters themselves are memorable utilising classic monsters and making them a credible threat to a pathfinder party. Be warned however, they are not cakewalks and players should be very cautious about playing up on this one. We lost one PC and I was a lucky diceroll from becoming the second PC death.

All in all it's a memorable module but that's largely due to the power level of the encounters.

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A good, solid adventure

****( )

This was the first PFS scenario I played and also the first I ran. It's basically a dungeon crawl with a series of encounters set in a line so it's perfect for those who are starting PFS as either a GM or a player.

The scenario does a great job of providing interesting encounters that are fought in close quarters with little room to move. This presents a decent challenge to players beyond the normal hack and slash. Plus there are several moments where roleplaying can come to the fore.

All in all this is an adventure with memorable encounters without proving to be too much of a headache to run.

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Short, easy and forgettable

**( )( )( )

I played and ran this at Tier 1-2 and frankly this mod is too short and too easy. When I ran it only one of the fights lasted into a second round (although admittedly one of the fights was completely missed.)

There is very little in this mod to challenge even a non optimised party. Also there are very few opportunities for roleplaying, puzzle solving or the use of skills it's just half a dozen simple combats in a row.

Basically it's a simple dungeon crawl mod with very weak enemies. The other Devil We Know modules are far superior.

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Almost perfect


The APG was Paizo's attempt to stamp their identity on a game system they inherited. Up until the release of this book the game was 3.5 with tweaks, after this book it is very firmly Pathfinder.

What is so impressive about the APG is how it fits seamlessly into the rest of the system. Virtually everything in here is new and interesting and of benefit to most groups. The six new classes are fascinating without being overpowered whilst the new options for the core classes allow you to customise and expand your role as you see fit. The new feats and spells are useful and well written and it all seems to have been put together so as to complement and expand the core rules.

You could criticise some minor proofreading issues but really that is a minor quibble. Other than that there is very little to find exception with.

All in all the APG is an essential buy for Pathfinder and should hold a welcome place at any game table.

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