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Fake Healer's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 7,338 posts (9,866 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 15 aliases.


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The Exchange

My DM is having us make perception checks throughout combat, not just during surprise. Three rounds in the people in the back still need to make perception checks to see if they can see the bad guy thats been fighting their buddies....
I will have to remember that about Dwarven vision though. It's really irritating how much they keep changing that from edition to edition...I still remember infravision and such...

The Exchange

Terquem wrote:

But if the same sort of situations came up in one of my games, say a PC wanted to "notice" an enemy approaching and there were people between the PC and the enemy (a crowd, friends, whatever) I would categorize the DC of the active Skill Check as either Medium DC 15(2-10 people)or Hard Dc 20 (11+ people) and then apply Disadvantage to the roll if the conditions of Light or such things as smoke or fog applied

So you would rule that in a lit room your 2 allies being between you and an enemy 20 feet away would require a DC 15 perception check to even see that the enemy is there? That seems a bit harsh and would make bars and malls IRL really odd places.

The Exchange

So on the vision thingy- If I am a dwarf standing 10 feet in front of my human friend who is carrying a light source giving off 20 feet of light, I can see 10 feet in the light and then 50 feet with darkvision, or can I only see 10 feet and after that darkvision is nulled because the light is within my square?

The Exchange

Adjule wrote:

Are these things that your DM has said happen? Or are these things you think should be happening but the DM doesn't?

The DM is currently ruling in these ways and I have only seen rules that contradict those's frustrating me because I really am trying to stay as close to real rules as possible as we test the system but some of these "houseruley" type of rulings just seem to be slowing down the game and adding in weirdness by making people have to make odd checks to move through allies squares and even seeing if there is an enemy 20 feet away if an ally or 2 are in between the looker and the enemy. I want to gather information to present actual rule info when the weirdness pops up next.

The Exchange

Also what about soft cover or targeting enemies with allies in between you and the enemy? Is there a rule that either gives an advantage/disadvantage or something?
My DM has been running pretty loose on the rules and I want to iron some of this out so I can play the game by the rules instead of by some loose houserules if at all possible.

The Exchange

Is there a rule about making a perception check or something to see an enemy when there is an ally or 2 between you and the enemy?
What about darkvision, does a torch in the area totally negate it or does it work outside of the torch area?
How about moving through a friendly pc's space during combat, is there a check to do it or is it ok as long as you don't end movement in an occupied square?

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I'm sorry to say this but as soon as any person says "Quit being a baby" when I express dislike of a ruling or gaming situation I am done with that person. Who the f**k thinks they can talk to someone like that without a bunch of players that don't want to play with a bully GM? Even if I was one of the other players in the game I would have been out, how dare you disrespect and degrade another player in front of everyone...I don't want to around people like this in a paying job or life in general, why the hell would I put up with that treatment during my fun recreational time.
Most of my old groups would have banded together and told him to leave. We play a co-op game, not a GM is God VS the players.

The Exchange

penut88 wrote:
I want to run rise of the rune lords but my players don't seem to be intrested in playing a prewrittin campange what can I do to intice them a bit more

Sandpoint can be an excellent sandbox to start is a town with a lot going on in and around it. A little bit of prep work can make it more accessible as an open area with some good leads to draw them in different directions. Write up an old fashioned flow chart with all the stuff in the area and any possible side leads....then you can see things clearer and adjust to the party roaming the town exploring as they wish.

The Exchange

bugleyman wrote:

The 5E PHB and MM did not disappoint me; I have no reason to believe the 5E DMG would, either.

On the other hand, if they truly do miss the mark as completely as you fear, I'm reminded of Hanlon's Razor (though I'd substitute "incompetence" for "stupidity.")

I agree. I am loving the PHB and MM, I can't imagine the DMG being a sudden departure from what is already laid out. I will wait until I hold it, have read through it, and have used some of it in game before I condemn it....5e thus far has earned the benefit of the doubt to me.

The Exchange

Had a dog chew up 15-20 of my Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance novels.... He grew out of that kinda stuff though rather quick and was a pretty cool dog, a basset hound with 10" long ears. Broke my heart when she passed. Long-bodied and barrel-chested dogs sometime have their stomachs twist up on them pinching off blood vessels and their throat and intestines. I learned about that from her on Christmas night 2007.
Ah well, I still have a few of the half-chewed reminders lying around sans covers and mostly unimportant pages to remind me of the little darling.

The Exchange

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If a friend of 25 years walks out over something that had this much meaning to you then I would seriously re-evaluate the friendship and see where it actually ended, because it's been over for a while if it ever really was in the first place. A friendship is about give and take and compromise, like any relationship.

The Exchange

I love the one post that says "i told him not to turn to page 74!"...too funny. Much respect for a man who wrote books that not only helped foster a love of reading in me but expanded my sense of fantasy, make-believe, and creativity. Thank you for entertaining your passion and entertaining my younger mind. I am saddened but glad to know that the legacy is passed on to my kids....
If you agree with this post turn to page 93.
If not turn to page 4.

The Exchange

Kirth Gersen wrote:

I love my daughter. I can't wait until she's old enough to play.

That said, I also love a beer-fueled adult game, full of moral ambiguities, insanely convoluted plot lines, savage revenge, all kinds of NC-17 goings-on offstage, etc. And I would not really want her playing in such a game at age 12. I would not want to forcibly mix the two, or dilute the one, or whatever.

Instead, I would try like hell to have two separate games, one PG-13 and one R, if you will.

Explaining to the 12-year-old that there are two different games, one which he's allowed to play, and one that he's not, shouldn't be too different than explaining why he's not allowed to watch movies with "Emmaneulle" in the title. Yeah, it's slightly awkward, but doable.

*Wall O' Text*

This is kinda where I am at. I love playing as an adult with my "how much is a night going for, strumpet" character partying it up. However I also think that bringing new blood into the game is good. It sounds like the OP is solo-gaming with his son on the side and has his son around during game sessions (freely roaming around the house at the time) so in theory the game is already somewhat being played at a level that a 12 year old is able to be present without wondering why the barbarian is "paying those 3 ladies to spend the night with him and what are they smoking?".
I take my adult game away from the kids, and if there is a kid nearby it quickly gets cleaned up for their presence so I assume that the OP's current game is somewhat kosher for the kid. I am wondering if there is some underlying issue with the kid....does he act bratty, show lack of attention, or poor sportsmanship when the group is around and they are reacting to that and not the age issue?
If you could iron out the whys you may have a better idea of how to incorporate the kid into the game.

I would also suggest that maybe you run a once a month game in place of the regular game where the kid can play with the group, and ask the group to help make him into a good player by offering RP tips, tactical suggestions, helping with attentiveness and good sportsmanship....if it works out over the course of a couple months and the players are feeling good about his gameplay then adding him to the regular group would be much better received and the transition much easier. If it doesn't work out after a few sessions then you can drop the once a month thing and wait until the kid is more ready. During the time, after games, offer your boy gentle critiques on his behavior, how he RPed, social cues and such....remember that we all had to develop to be good gamers (and some are still having issues with it after years of gaming!) and that you and your friends are trying to make a good gamer. A lot of people wish they had a good system of guidance to help them become good gamers instead of trial and error until we got better.

The Exchange

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Draco Bahamut wrote:

I would love to play a "low magic" magic game, but i guess i simple don't have the time for it.

I often wonder if what many GMs really wanted is a SLOWER game, where people has time to discuss the lore about that +1 longsword, or tracking over half the kingdom a potion seller who has potions of cure moderate wounds. After years and years of campaing, people deserve to be teleporting around the continent because they already been everywhere.
Some people long for a more literally game how was played back then in 1E. But nowdays everything is fastpaced, you didn't even used that 3rd level spell and you already learning the 4th.

I guess it's sad.

Yup, pcs can hit 20th level in a couple of months of adventuring. I love a slower paced game. I liked the years of campaigning to get a character to grow. Everyone seems to be on a "1-20 in as quick a timeframe as possible then onto the next PC". We used to cherish the journey and now it seems to be all about the destination. It is sad...and I have seen quite a few times where I got new shiny abilities without using the ones gained 2 sessions ago when I leveled before. I want a slow burn, lots of downtime, not gaining 2-3 levels in one adventure/dungeon. Even on slow XP rate it isn't slow enough for me. I want to play once a week for 3-4 hours each time and take a year to get to level 6. Another year to get to 12....I want to invest in my PC instead of keep wishing for more and more faster and faster until I wish my PC into retirement because the campaign was over so quick....

The Exchange

Dazing Metamagic rod instead of Extend....that's all.

The Exchange

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Werebat wrote:

Great question, Ragnarok.

I started playing D&D way back in the red box days.

We moved on to AD&D, then 2nd Edition, then 3rd Edition. When 4th Edition rolled around, I and my gaming group (mostly friends from college by that point) decided it wasn't for us and liked the feel of Pathfinder more.

I guess you could say it felt like a better progression of the rules to us.

I personally liked how PF guided players away from multiclassing mayhem, beefed up some classes that needed it (sorcerer, for example), and rewrote some of the more problematic 3.5 options such as the Scout class in order to bring them back down to earth.

Today we play Pathfinder because we're still running one campaign that started about three years ago, and the other GM who is just starting out is using PF because he's most comfortable with it. The general consensus seems to be that we're getting ready to move on to 5th Edition D&D, though.

PF has just become too "bloated" for our tastes -- there are many ways to describe this, but the one that comes to mind first (because I've been doing it this week) is that it takes forever to pore over every PF book that exists trying to build characters for fear of missing some interesting or competitive option. Don't look at me like that -- if there's ONE powergamer at the table, EVERYONE has to be one or they'll be swimming in his wake the entire campaign.

So, the short answer would be -- I switched to PF because I didn't like what I saw in 4e, but I expect I'll soon be switching to 5e because I'm seeing it as a possible refinement of PF, or maybe a palatable synthesis of 3.5 and 4e, as I realize PF has grown to have lost much of what I liked about it in the first place.

I switched to 5e a couple months ago and it is refreshing....the bloat from PF made higher level games a grind and lower levels were a constant scouring of books so you didn't miss something that your character would love. I may look at Pathfinder 2 when/if it comes out but D&D 5 would have to really make some mistakes with splatbooks to lose me now.

The Exchange

I am gonna be running a one-shot for Next week, 5E, and I need 7 or 8 pregens for the game....
I am looking for odd combos of race and class, 3rd level, with basic equipment...
Any help would be welcome. For stats I want to stick with the basic array in the PHB.

The Exchange

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
What I want to know is, does it rhyme with "Zebu?"

And more importantly is a Zebu the same as a "Cebu?

Sad cebu is rowing and crying "Boo-hoo Moo-moo, Boo-hoo Moo-moo, Boo-hoo Moo-moo moo mooo."

The Exchange

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:

I didn't have a Phantom Cat instance but I remember something distinctly when I was younger, around 6 or so, and we lived in an old 2-story farmhouse in South Jersey. I woke up one night, looked across my room and saw my Lion piggy-bank(Cartoony character, not a realistic lion) climb down off of my dresser, using the handles of the drawers to climb down. I was terrified and it felt like my throat was paralyzed and my body refused to move. I could hear it coming across the wooden floor to my bed. I felt the pull of the covers at my feet where it had grabbed them and started pulling itself up onto my bed. Then I heard the sound of ceramic tinking against my footboard as it hauled itself up and I finally was able to scream and I continued until my mother and father were both in the room holding me as I cried hysterically. They asked me what was wrong and when I could speak enough I said "my lion-bank was coming to get me..." they looked at my dresser and didn't see it then they looked around the room. It was lying on floor by the foot of my bed.

I slept with them for several weeks after that. I had several weird things happen in that house while we lived there but nothing that was so real and that stuck with me in such detail. I don't know if it was a creative nightmare or something else but I am open to the possibilities...
Poor kitteh just wanted to be petted.

I explain it away in my rationality as I must have dreamed it after messing with my Lion-bank and leaving it on the floor and my dream used that....but I don't remember messing around with the Lion-bank before and it was always on my dresser, complete with dust-ring around it.

The Exchange

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I didn't have a Phantom Cat instance but I remember something distinctly when I was younger, around 6 or so, and we lived in an old 2-story farmhouse in South Jersey. I woke up one night, looked across my room and saw my Lion piggy-bank(Cartoony character, not a realistic lion) climb down off of my dresser, using the handles of the drawers to climb down. I was terrified and it felt like my throat was paralyzed and my body refused to move. I could hear it coming across the wooden floor to my bed. I felt the pull of the covers at my feet where it had grabbed them and started pulling itself up onto my bed. Then I heard the sound of ceramic tinking against my footboard as it hauled itself up and I finally was able to scream and I continued until my mother and father were both in the room holding me as I cried hysterically. They asked me what was wrong and when I could speak enough I said "my lion-bank was coming to get me..." they looked at my dresser and didn't see it then they looked around the room. It was lying on floor by the foot of my bed.
I slept with them for several weeks after that. I had several weird things happen in that house while we lived there but nothing that was so real and that stuck with me in such detail. I don't know if it was a creative nightmare or something else but I am open to the possibilities...

The Exchange

claudekennilol wrote:
Malag wrote:


While it might be true to what you say, per default game rules, nothing is sure. Cities usually have written "2d6 minor magical items, 1d6 major magical items, etc." which they currently have. These are default game rules for settlements and if GM decides to enforce it, it can change game direction a lot. Players will have to buy whatever is currently available or sit on their cash hoard and wait, hoping to get lucky.

Or take crafting feats and simply break the WBL standards. I'd much rather have whatever I want freely available than have someone take crafting feats and then simply buy whatever I want for half price.

Which is exactly what the players do when the GM implements the true "magic items available" rule.....

Tell them ahead of time that magic stuff is gonna not be whatever they want from the book and watch how you suddenly have monks and sorcerers and classes that don't rely on magic items that much....

The Exchange

For the record, the Pathfinder Core Rulebook is a combo of Player's Handbook and DMG in one book. There is a huge amount of difference in how D&D separates the books and how Pathfinder decided to go. I absolutely agree that the price of the new D&D books is outrageous but content-wise you can't compare the 2. D&D 3.5 had prestige classes, traps, poisons, magic items, and a bunch of other stuff in the DMG while the Players handbook was core classes, races, basic equipment, and stuff. If you want to compare Pathfinder core to D&D 5 for content you need to compare Player's handbook and DMG together to the core.

The Exchange

Kthulhu wrote:
5e has more class and race choices in the PHB than Pathfinder has in the CRB.

This exactly. And as far as I have seen every one is a viable choice. It also sets a premise for future books to follow of offering up different racial and class-specific long as they don't keep pushing the power level up to negate or outshine the original ones. I am looking for to seeing how they approach the classes and races in the future, it should be pretty cool to see, but I see a ton of diversity just in the PHB even if you don't include the optional "feats" part of the book.

The Exchange

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Cyrad wrote:
I think there's already been discussions about this.

So don't link to them or anything...just pop on and threadcrap away.

To the OP, I love what 5e has done with casters and I would just say Yes. Yes to anything and everything that 5e changed, port it all over and add it to Pathfinder....however you are going to get resistance from players that like being wizzo-gods. I took another path. My group just straight-up switched to 5e and we are loving it. The game is fast, simple and easy to play and everyone is feeling like an equal part of the game instead of one or two players with uber-game mastery or an interweb-build of destruction being the main reason the party stays alive.

Other than that, you could shoehorn in parts of the system into the existing but I doubt that many players are going to like it and you are left with a mish-mash of game rules that weren't meant to coexist. It will take a lot of tweaking to make them run smoothly together imo.

The Exchange

Thanks for the list, it should help. Also I am seeing the Assassin archetype for rogues has an ability that gives him an advantage when he has surprise on a foe(like in the surprise round) so I am guessing that normally surprising someone in the surprise round doesn't give advantage to the attacker otherwise that ability wouldn't be very special.
A rogue can also get sneak attacks off without advantage if an ally is within 5' of the target apparently but it isn't an advantage situation....makes getting the sneak damage easier but without an advantage. Interesting....
I wonder what the average of 2d20 drop the lowest is but I don't know the formula to figure it out....I wouldn't mind knowing what the average bonus/penalty would be from Advantage/Disadvantage.

The Exchange

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So my group is playing 5E and we are enjoying it very much. I am not seeing us using the Advantage/Disadvantage system much though and I want to figure out why.
The actual rules surrounding when they should be used seems to be mostly "when the DM determines you have one". It doesn't clearly define when to use them though.
Here are some questions:
*Is it basically a replacement mechanic for +2/-2 adjustments?
*If you are a rogue using your sneak attack do you get advantage?
*Does higher ground/lower ground trigger use of Adv/Disadv?
*How about surprise round? Does everyone participate in combat on the surprise round with the surpriser getting advantage on attacks and the surprised getting disadvantage?
*How would this work with skills?

I really like the rule but it is so vague on when to use it that it almost doesn't seem to exist in my game currently and that is really a shame. I want to rectify this.

The Exchange

Yea, now we can have portable nuclear bombs all over instead of just located at big reactors. I am sure that the corporations will follow all the proper (and expensive) protocol to keep such things secure and protected as they have proven how responsible they are no matter the cost.

Just a side note, how in the hell is a mini reactor in the Sahara to pump water any different than a solar-powered pump? How does that change the world in a way no other power source has managed? It will still be expense and if a village can't afford a solar grid to power a pump station then I doubt they are gonna suddenly find the funds to go with fusion.

I am sure that once this tech is viable it will disappear into some government warehouse, like the carburetor that made regular cars get 100+mpg, and cars that ran on distilled water....big oil is not gonna allow a tech to show up that will hit their pockets. They will toss millions at the right politicians to make this story and the tech slowly fade away.

The Exchange

Fake Healer wrote:

OK, so I have been in Celebration for a while, gamed with some people up in Orlando but it is too far away and was on a bad night/time for me.

I have 2 other people in Celebration and we are now a group of 3, we could use around 1-3 more people that are in or around Celebration. We are primarily Pathfinders but the new D&D 5th edition rules look fun so we are open to that also.
Post here if Celebration is within range for you and you want to game.

UPDATE: We are a good-sized group, looking to expand still if anyone is interested. We also have branched out and are looking to have our group(s) do things like a game night where we bring different games, invite the public and get some newbs playing Settlers of Catan, History of the World or some such and still have a group or 2 that get together for RPGs. Right now the group is mostly focused on RPGs and D&D 5th Edition in the game. We are enjoying it immensely and would welcome any who wish to join.

The Exchange

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Yes! I was trying to mentally control all birds and make them poop on people's heads today! A little more practice and my minions will be ready for my bid for world domination....

The Exchange

ElementalXX wrote:

Lets try to make this clearer so its understandable

Example 1

-I have prepared quickened fireball
-I have prepared quickened create pit

This are my only remaining spells, i cant cast them both because i only have one swift action.

Example 2

-I have prepared fireball
-I have prepared quickened create pit

I can cast both since one is a standard action and the other is a swift action.

This is a very niche example but there could be more.

Ok so would it be ok for the wizzo to suddenly get ambushed, cast Quickened create pit (swift), 5' step into the pit, cast featherfall (immediate), then blast straight up with a quickened fireball (standard action used for swift) and follow that up with quickened fireball to mop up (move action used as swift)?

Not positive all that would jive if swifts were allowed to substitute for standard and move actions.....but I see problems with people getting 3+ spells a round off.

The Exchange

bookrat wrote:
Shinigaze wrote:
So have we come to an accord here? I guess the idea is that the Gunslinger is not "viable" as a class because it requires 1-5 to be taken with consistency and is hampered greatly if multiclassed before then. Firstly, most people don't take a 1 level dip for an ability that doesn't synergize at all with their chose role. Secondly, if someone could post a class/build that can multiclass twice before level 5 and still be as powerful as other party members that would probably help the argument that the Gunslinger is not viable. Barring that though I think we have come to a consensus.
I guess all of pathfinder is not "viable" as a system, because the vast majority of builds are more powerful if you stay a single class rather than mulitclassing. Especially at low levels.

You are posting to a February 2013 thread......holy thread necromancy!

The Exchange

Epic Meepo wrote:
thegreenteagamer wrote:

I don't. I want to play a Dogfolk, but they don't exist.

Not a wolf person/werewolf. Not a hyena person/gnoll. A dogfolk.

Dogs > Cats

If you want to play a dogfolk in a game that allows non-Paizo races, you can always grab Clan of the Dog in the Paizo store.

Also, you'll be pleased to know that my current sales data support your assertion that dogs > cats. It's close, but as of this post, Clan of the Dog is outselling its feline counterpart, Clan of the Cat.

I'm holding out for Clan of the Hedgehog....or Koala....or Raccoon...

The Exchange

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thegreenteagamer wrote:

But, then, as I said in my second post, I don't -really- want to play a dog person, as like most people who are fans of dogs, I'm not obsessed with them like fans of cats tend to be obsessed with cats.

But you could be a gambling addicted dogman who sits around playing poker....and has an uncontrollable urge to hump the leg of every giant humanoid he sees....yeah, to let sleeping dogs lie.

The Exchange

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3 words-
Elder Scrolls Khajiit.

I never cared much before playing that series, never got into the almost disturbing "furry", manga, toony bull**** that seems to surround people that tend to like catfolk but after playing a Khajiit as a stealthy assassin and enjoying the role, and seeing how seriously the Elder Scrolls took them, I now like them. And I even stopped naming them things like "Mittens" and "Snowball"

The Exchange

Zhayne wrote:
VampByDay wrote:
The point I was trying to make was that I had dumped EVERYTHING into being tough, and I still needed a six to save on my best chance.

To me, this is more an indictment of two things ...

1. The linear nature of the d20, and
2. The presence of save-or-die/save-or-lose effects,
along with the too-great-of-a-swing between good saves and bad saves.

One single die roll should not have that great an effect on a character or a combat.

Off track----I like how 5E D&D is handling this stuff. They seem to have softened the line a lot.

On track----I don't see the problem here, you need to roll a 6, and you can reroll. If you failed you failed. Your GM sounds like a bit of a jerk but you had 6 players, probably were using something higher than 15 point buy (which is the default standard that basic encounters and CRs are geared towards) and was not totally optimized for Fort saves. The GM upped the encounter level to account for more players than the standard 4 and (an assumption) probably a 20-25 point buy...
I think party preparation and tactics are more of the problem here.

The Exchange

I would love to see Sunless Citadel made into a movie, followed with Forge of Fury....but I also would love an Icewind Dale/Crystal Shard movie(s). I see more of a market for the Crystal Shard/Icewind Dale stuff...heck there was a decent video game with that title so there is that...

The Exchange

My group cast a couple wall of fires in Mammy's room to trap her and lit the whole house on fire. They almost lost people trying to escape the horribly built burning house....
I like the "raise dead" idea, make her have some zombies around her that were humans from the surrounding area and describe their appearance to show how they were tortured before they can get as graphic as your group allows....from them being skinned (with the skin hanging on the wall behind where they are stationed) to eyelids being removed or can get a bit gross if your group is OK with it....

The Exchange

Finn Kveldulfr wrote:
Anarchy_Kanya wrote:
The Mane Six (a known mercanary group in our game).

Okay... I gotta poke a little fun here-- so, what's a "Mercanary"? I'm getting visions of some kind of bizarre yellow-feathered underwater songbird that Merfolk keep in cages to brighten up their homes... but I'm not sure how well they'd behave in groups. Or is that a group of folks who catch, train, and sell mercanaries? I might have to use that in a game sometime. :P

Also, noticed someone brought up "The Lesser Evils" as a mercenary group name-- now that would be a cool name for an expensive but competent mercenary team, or a team that gets the job done-- with lots of collateral damage.

I almost thought it was a place that cans Mercs....Seems a good way to store them for a while....

The Exchange

Wrath wrote:
Azten wrote:

In part of a game of where all the Player Characters are female.

We call our unit The Crimson Tide.

Moan. That's awful.

That was a cramp induced moan, right? lol

The Exchange

I live in New Jersey and Delaware most of my life and worked in PA for a majority of my construction career and I will tell you that you should not, even if the basement has never had a problem, store a beloved book collection in the basement. It absolutely WILL leak at some point and all it needs to do is leak once to ruin your stuff. PA, Jersey and Delaware are wet, humid states.
A lot of the remodels I had to do were because a basement needed to be gutted, dried, and resealed. Do not store anything in them that you aren't willing to lose.

On a side note, welcome to 5 months of the year being too cold, a summer with more humidity than Florida and about 3 months of nice weather in the spring and are crazy for moving from Florida to PA.
I moved last Christmas from Delaware to Florida(Celebration) and I am loving it...I finally actually get to use a pool consistently and can be outside most of the year.

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Black Dow wrote:

The Utter Shankers

The Udder Shankers ....Homophones screwed up their name and it stuck...

The Exchange

The Good Red Pickle....if ye be needin' sumfin' real bad, ye need to find yerself a Good Red Pickle!
Righteous Indignation
The Bitter Pill Co. Aye, we be hard ta swallow but our fee...not so much...
Some Action on the Side. Farmer sees a couple gobbos in his field "Honey, I gotta run out for a bit." Her-"Where ya goin'?"... "I need to find Some Action on the Side."....
Short and Sweet....That's describes yer problem after'n ye hire us...(Works great with a shorter character and a face in charge)

The Exchange

Scythia wrote:
LazarX wrote:
I won't pay 20 bucks to see the movie, but I'll watch it when it winds up on NetFlix. Not that it will... This is not going to be something that comes out on theaters but only sold at conventions.
Hopefully nobody uses Mind Bondage to make you pay $20. :P

I only really like Light Mind Bondage, the heavier stuff makes me feel cheap....

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Alex Martin wrote:

-The clichéd, but always fun, giant chessboard with life-size figures. Are they animated? Or part of a puzzle trap? My personal favorite was when it was really a medusa's lair and she had a flair for decorating the board with her victims. Players kept waiting for the statues to come to life and didn't see her until it was...too late.

I like a room with the entrance the PCs came in being directly across from a closed door on the other side of a 50' wide room with a checkerboard pattern on the huge floor. The doors are steel and shut and lock 2 rounds after a PC (or PCs) enter the room. They are locked for 10 minutes. After that time they unlock and can be opened. Players usually start running around the Checkerboard trying to act like the pieces of a chess set and it is kinda fun to watch them pick their brains to figure out how the door unlocks.....nothing does though, only time.

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Just make the entire spear out of mithral. A hollow mithral shaft with a solid head. Mithral is light enough that it should work out fine. Just make sure your GM is ok with it. I would be.

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Quirel wrote:

On a side note, this is how Pacific Rim ended in my headcanon.

That's funny!

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Dotting for interest....

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Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:

What I want is more Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon and more of other Jaegers beating up on kaiju. I don't really give a fig for any of the characters - they were just filler between fight scenes.

What I want is for giant robot fights to be something visable. The middle of the night filming to cut CGI budget sucks. The super fast camera pans to cut CGI budget sucks. I want to SEE the fight in all it's splendor, not see enough that my imagination connects the dots.

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I sometime see a poster and recognize them from past posts or if I like something they posted I go into their profile and check out some of their older posts to see how long they have been on the boards or what other cool stuff they may have posted....I don't see that as stalking. Stalking would be more like "I know you recently purchased the Beginners Box, want to get together at "someplace local to you" and get a game going?" That would be stalker to me....or knowing my online habits beyond Paizo that I haven't shared.

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Took the kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy, or Sci-fi D&D...the characters came together well, their was good, campy humor and the story was interesting. It was D&D in space to me. You had fighter, cleric, barbarian, expert/rogue, and "arcane blaster/tech guru". BBEG(s) had uber-detructive "magic" and tons of "undead" minions. Heck make him a mummy-lord or lich with ghouls or wights for minions and an artifact of power......

My point is that if the D&D movie was a reskin of something like that it would work easily. The problem is that no body really sees the D&D license as a seriously profitable thing. How the heck Guardians managed to get funding and development is a mystery to me. So many other more serious and well-known franchises would be more obvious to pick but somehow the money and time went into Guardians and the movie was great. I was impressed with how many of the actors from Guardians I recognized considering how far down on the list of Comic Book franchises it was before the movie. You can almost guarantee that there are gonna be sequels that are gonna make HUGE amounts of money and has drawn in a much wider audience than Guardians had as a comic. Imagine a D&D movie that was as good and did as well in theatres.
Money, good talent behind the screen and on it, a decent script and suddenly D&D isn't the basement nerd game. It is the mainstream fantasy. People would scramble for the next movie offering, whether it was the next in a series of Crystal Shard movies or if it was a totally different cast of characters in a Harpers movie....
Marvel is D&D. Marvel has a ton of comics and genre to draw from. D&D has a ton of books and genre to draw from. The trick is getting the public to devour one and get hooked so more can follow.

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