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Fake Healer's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 7,398 posts (9,927 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 15 aliases.


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anyone still playing appears there are some expansions to it and I am just starting to play it...seems OK.

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Mordo wrote:
What's in the box? wrote:
SmiloDan wrote:

You can use the Herbalism toolkit to make a potion of healing, too.

I saw this in the players handbook as well, but... How? There weren't any instructions for it or an equivalent exchange nod that I could find (I was not exhaustive in reading the book so I may very well have overlooked it). I didn't see anything about HOW you would use tools to MAKE stuff: Like Alchemists tools to make Acid flasks... I tried finding that too...?

I am confident it is stated plainly in the book and just in an odd section (kinda like DR and Enhancement bonuses in PF... that $#!+ irritates the #311 outta me).

How to make healing potions, alchemist fire, acid flask, poison, and the like is up to the DM.

GitPG user Fralex, did a nice job writing down rules for foraging, and potion crafting, including a list of recipe for a lot of potions and alchemy concoction.

Wow, those rules look really interesting and seem to add a whole new level of detail to a relatively overlooked and handwaved aspect of the game. I can't wait to discuss adding them with my group....thanks for posting them!

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I gotta say, no complaints. I am enamored of this edition. I have been playing since it came out and there are some class/race imbalances but nothing that makes any class or race combo a "broken win" build nor are any combos made into "weak-sauce" builds.
I love it. Combat is smooth and quick, character creation is a breeze, designing new aspects such as homebrew races, classes, and archetypes is fairly simple.
I have no complaints and I really thought I would when the edition first came out.

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Morzadian wrote:

Every badDM has a bias or personal preference.

Fixed that for you.

I can't do a front flip from a standing position. It doesn't mean no one can. I can't breakdance. It doesn't mean no one can. I can't skateboard. It doesn't mean no one can.
If you can't put away personal bias and preference as a DM it doesn't mean no one can. Your limitations are your own, not mine, and my limitations don't determine your own.
Rolling to make unbiased decisions doesn't break immersion any more than rolling a saving throw or an attack roll does. Dice rolls determine the random aspects of the game. If you can't separate the dice rolls of the mechanics of the game from your immersion in the game then you are genuinely screwed when you have to roll your 3 attacks and reflex save this round in combat. But sure, the DM rolling to determine who a baddie attacks is breaking immersion...

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Seerow wrote:

So you genuinely don't see the difference between making a personal PC that the DM takes control of and has personal vested interest in vs giving your players the ability to call upon allies made in game to work with them on their own terms?

Because the former only works if the DM is really, really, good at avoiding personal bias. In my experience a lot of them aren't. I'm conscious of it being a problem, and still would rather avoid it by putting most of the power there into player hands rather than maintaining direct control. Games where the DM insists on running their DMPC isn't...

If you show me a DM who runs a DMPC badly with personal biases and such I would place a bet that the DM also is one of those that has his favorite Big Bad Evil Guy escape at the last moment no matter what the PCs do, and somehow combats last exactly as long as the DM deems it to despite whatever damage the PCs have done, and NPCs seem to always survive as long as he decides they do, and the PCs will be knocked unconscious and taken prisoner when he decides that is what he wants the story to do.....This is all bad DMing. It isn't about a certain aspect of the game being wrong, it's about a DM's inability to properly use a certain aspect of the game fairly without bias. If a DM is gonna lay favorites with a DMPC he is gonna do it with NPCs and BBEGs also. Part of being a good arbitrator(which is what DMs should be) is being unbiased. I roll in the open so the PCs can see that I don't "cheat" rolls for effect. I do not adjust HP on the fly to make things more harrowing. I do not play favorites with BBEGs by making up a last minute way for them to survive the encounter. If a monster is fighting 2 PCs and needs to attack one and neither has stood out as the more imminent threat, I roll to see who he attacks. Fairness. That is what DMing is about and if it isn't done well then the problem isn't in the tool (the DMPC) it's in the user of the tool.

The Exchange

Seerow wrote:

I dislike GMPCs. If there's a legitimate need for an extra party member, I prefer to give the players the ability to run a second character to fill out the gaps.

For my upcoming campaign, since we have 3 players, what I'm doing is starting out with just those 3, but working in a stable of PC-caliber allies, that the party can call in to help out as needed/desired (I have about 7 prepared so far that they will meet on their way to level 4). These allies all fade to the background when the PCs don't want their help, and play minimal to no part in the story after their introduction. The players will control all of their actions within certain bounds while they are within the party (those bounds will basically be "Don't make them act wildly out of character").

I also plan to let the players introduce any potential backup characters they want in case of PC death to add to this roster, so it feels a little less out of nowhere when a PC dies and his replacement automatically shows up. And of course if a PC who dies wants to take over one of the NPCs, they're welcome to adopt it as their new PC, at which point any restrictions I did have on them are gone.

"I dislike DMPCs but I created a slew of them for the party, but wait it's different, THEY control the DMPC...."

Yeah, glad to hear that your flavor is the right one but almost the same flavor is bad/wrong.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Would greyhawk inspired adventures for 5e be of interest to anyone? I can't do Greyhawk itself, but I can certainly make adventures that would fit will in Greyhawk.

Absolutely, maybe with a section in front of the adventure advising what area(s) would be a good sub in Greyhawk.

I personally love Greyhawk because it was the default for a long while and some of the best old adventures were set there. There was never a feel that the world would end if the PCs didn't do there job which always seemed more believable to me. A world that could end every couple years if the right group of heroes doesn't come along in the nick of time to save it just isn't something I find attractive or feasible.

The Exchange

thegreenteagamer wrote:

This wasn't a random list, it's an actual upcoming group. As I recall, the oracle is the only one who hasn't fleshed out much, though I assume she'll have a modicum of recovery magic given the spell list, the rogue being skirmish style melee with trap popping, the gendarme a mounted charge beast, the zen archer....Well, duh, ranged attacks, and the witch battlefield control and knowledge skills. I'm not sure beyond that what you mean by "roles", unless you meant the forge analogy, in which case it looks like an arm, an anvil, and three hammers.

It's kingmaker, and the GMPC is to join when the monk is around, who is a part time player, for ease of switching from original to 6-player conversion.

Probably a bard or a sorcerer with a couple blast spells and some good buffs but only if the party wanted another character in the game....they covered most everything and there are 5 of them so to me they have enough to survive OK. I usually offer a DMPC up when the group decides that they don't want to cover a main base like arcane caster, divine caster, trap/lock dude, and meat shield. The only real lack in that group is a dedicated arcane caster which a fairly built sorcerer or even a bard (backup healing for a bonus) can cover decently.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:

So, question - for those of you who think a GMPC can be done right, do you prefer built before game so it compliments their needs without outshining anyone, or introduced as a regular NPC who may or may not join and evolved naturally into a companion?

Say you had a party of an aasimar oracle (undecided mystery thus far), tiefling unchained rogue, half elf bonded and white haired witch, human gendarme cavalier, and dwarf zen archer monk, what would you toss their way?

Can you maybe tone down the "one part from each book" characteristics and make the list into something easily digestible? Many of those characters could be played to cover different roles.

Make a list that covers their roles more than the names of what they are and I would be glad to answer.

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pres man wrote:
If you have every played in a module or AP that you had previous played either as a GM or player, do you play as if you always have the answers and make the other PCs bystanders? Why or why not?

I have run The Sunless Citadel twice for different groups and played in it once afterwards and each time it was 3 totally different adventures besides the areas and creatures being the same. I had intimate knowledge of all the encounters which according to some in this thread would ruin the game for me or make me act in a manner that showed partiality to the knowledge I have. To those I say, Roleplaying. That is part of the game's name and it involves immersing yourself into a character including knowledge that the character has and removing knowledge that a player has.

When I fight a troll for the first time with a PC he doesn't have any knowledge on how to fight a troll unless he gathered that info somehow. It is an exercise in impartiality that has happened with every character fighting every troll for the first time over the last 32 or so years of characters. Anyone saying that impartiality is unattainable is painting everyone with their own experience and ignoring that people are varied and disparate. I can't run a 4 minute mile. That doesn't mean that no one can, just that I can't.

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The whole argument breaks down into 2 sides: People that are good at running or have DMs who are good at running DMPCs and People who are not good at running or have DMs who are bad at running DMPCs.
There is no absolute "DMPCs are BAD/WRONG" or "DMPCs are TEH AWESOME" because their usage is based on the DM doing a good job at running them. If the DM can't do this, whether due to inability to not metagame, desire to play the Lord of the PCs, lack of time and effort to put into the roll, lack of fairly applying the rules across the whole table including his own PC, then a DMPC is gonna be a failure.
Mine are successes and my groups have agreed to the point that several people who were skeptics to the idea have switched sides on the issue. Long story short: DMs define whether the DMPC is going to be a success in the party or a failure by their ability to DM impartially and fairly without metagaming.
If you can't do that that doesn't mean everyone else can't also. No absolutes. I can do it as can many others on this thread. If you can't perhaps you should look to improve your skills and see this as a chance to broaden your skills or accept that there is some shortcoming in this area that effects your ability to play a DMPC but doesn't make you a bad DM.

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Ashiel wrote:
DrDeth wrote:
Ashiel says he always runs one. Ashiel says he always runs one.

Actually, I said "pretty much every time thereafter" referring to that specific group. Sorry if I was unclear. Perhaps amusingly enough, it began at their suggestion and then continued by their request so I assume that it's not merely conjecture that it was being done in a way that was good for the players.

One of the benefits I've found for GMPCs* is that it provides a roleplaying opportunity for players in virtually any situation. It can make dungeon crawls less of a crawl, for example. It's also really spiffy for dropping bits of lore into the game that would otherwise be overlooked, such as the character commenting on things or asking characters questions about themselves.

I have the same sort of experience with GMPCs. I use them a lot and the group(s) have all liked them because they are basically followers that are there to fill a role that no one in the party seemed to want to fill (like a locksmith/trapfinder or an arcanist). Their personality is more of a background character and i usually build them to be a totaly average PC but if there is some cool story element to get to the PCs I can use the GMPC as a delivery method or a sudden inspiration. I don't outshine anyone else with them and if the GMPC happens to land a final blow to a mook then there is not a jealous kill-steal moment.

I have had one DM that really was bad with GMPCs and he basically had Elminster with a different name join the group. Combats didn't end until he ended them and he chose ineffective actions constantly so the party drained resources for many rounds before jumping into the fray and dropping the nuke to save us all. BUT that has nothing to do with GMPCs and everything to do with Bad GMs.
If you can't run a GMPC without outshining and ruining the PC's fun then you may be a bad GM. A good GM sees what the group likes and is looking at making the game fun for the players. I've had players that told me that they usually hate GMPCs but that they love the ones I play because they aren't spotlighters, resource hogs, and party drags. They contribute to the party in a useful fashion and allow the party to shine.
That's what a GMPC is supposed to do and if it isn't, there is bad playing by the GM going on.

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DrDeth wrote:

Well, I have been playing know. And, I found the best way to spice up a game is to do a weird campaign. All Uncommon Races, no full spellcasters. Everyone rolls (5d5 drop 2, re-roll 1s) and takes the stats in order.

Or try another RPG that isn't fantasy- wild west, supers, 1920's Cthulhu*.

* is it weird that spellchecker knows this?

*not in the least....

My group is me running a D&D 5e campaign and the alternate GM running a 1920's era Cthulhu campaign set in Tuxedo Park, New York. We alternate in 2 week blocks and whenever one campaign is ready to be shelved for a bit someone else will pick up the GM seat and start another game...possibly something Steampunkish, Star Warsy, or Dark Fantasy. But whatever is next it is all good because we know there is an end point and other options on the horizon.
I personally dislike the giant campaign arcs anymore. The stories last forever and it seems like you are trapped in a book with no way out but to keep reading until the end. I am looking at my D&D sessions and have started to look into crafting more of a "comic book" or short story approach into my game. Players stay more focused and on task when they know the story is only going to last for 4-6 months of real time and there is less "hey back in Sept of 2013 didn't that guy say that such-and-such had a certain item in his possession?" The last few Pathfinder and 3.5 games I was in were 2 to 2-1/2 year campaigns from level 1 to level 15+. That's a long time to be on one story. I feel like as an adventurer you should have a much more episodic career with short adventures. Mini-series of 5 shows, not a 5 season series.

I am really enjoying the variety and the Cthulhu game is being run by a dude who actually grew up in Tuxedo Park so his details of the area really help to get you into the game. I hope everyone can find such good gaming. Between the switch to 5E and this alternate game it is a welcome change at a time when I was starting to get jaded by the long, drawn-out campaigns that drew to a standstill once higher level combat set in. The role play seemed to die when tactical combat started taking almost the entire session. I like the quick eloquence of 5E and the heavy roleplay involved in Call of Cthulhu.
Just wish that the dreams of the 3 armed lady's head that crawled into my 1916 Packard and made us careen into a lake would settle down a bit!

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Kolokotroni wrote:

One thing I have found really effective is to rotate games. Wether your group plays weekly, monthly, or whatever, get 2-3 games going (each run by a different member of the group), and rotate them in and out of play.

It can take a bit more work to keep track of everything, but it also keeps everything fresh, and you look forward to getting back to each game more. It also gives each gm more time to prepare, and lets them relax when they are just the player for a session or two. Even if your preference is to run exclusively, its good to take off the dm hat every now and then.

It also helps to build the idea of collective storytelling as opposed to single sided story telling. Even more so if you are all working in the same game world. Nothing is more fun (in my mind) then seeing an organization you created for one game show up in another campaign. That has definately helped me recharge and stay excited for a game.

This is excellent advice. I tend to do that in my groups, lets me stop being a DM for a couple weeks so I can just enjoy a story without making up all the details and during those weeks I can also use the extra free time to prep for my own campaign's return which makes it run better and allows me to toss in more interesting and creative stuff.

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I find that I hit a slump when higher level combat starts coming around between 8th and 10 level in 3.5 and Pathfinder. A well constructed E6 (or P6 game) worked well to alleviate that feeling for a while but it came back as soon as I went back to normal Pathfinder/3.5 games. I have figured out that as I got older, my tastes are more about description and the adventures than it is about combat and tactics. I tried to find ways to simplify Pathfinder, having abandoned 3.5 totally, and kept hitting walls until I started playing games with simpler systems like Legend of the Five Rings, Castles and Crusades and a few others and I now realize that I like a fun game with simple combat rules and less focus on "crunch".
I waited to try 4e and judging by some reviews from sources I trusted and scanning through it in the store I decided it wasn't for me.
5e came out and I waited and heard some good things and some bad things...but the funny thing was that most of the "bad" things sounded like things I wanted in a game. Resting, spells being dialed back at higher levels, magic items not being prolific, etc. all sounded like good things to me. I tried it out at home with the basic boxed set running the boxed adventure for my 2 kids and I have to say I really love the system, combat is fast, neat, and fun while still being a challenge and I feel like I did back with the Basic, Expert and Companion versions of the BECMI version of D&D. The game is fun for me again.

You need to figure out what is dragging you down in YOUR game and find a game system that solves that issue. If the group doesn't want to change, then you may have to find new people of like mind to your own and make a move. The difference between playing an awesome game and playing a game that doesn't really move you is huge and makes an enormous difference in your quality of life. I walk on air for days after running my 5E campaign or when I am playing in the alternating game of Call of Cthulhu and traipsing around 1920's Tuxedo Park looking for a 3 armed lady's head that made my buddies sink their car into the local lake.
You have to really, honestly analyze your game and find out what you need to move you. It's worth the change-up.

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Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:

There is such a thing as peaceful protesting but it hasn't been what is happening lately. Curfews were put into place to stop the RIOTING, not the protests. The protests just get screwed because they now have to stop protests at a certain time due to the curfew put into place because of the VIOLENT RIOTING. If the police don't enforce the curfew then everyone ignores it and houses, businesses, cars, etc. get trashed by the RIOTING.

2 main differences in the different groups: Protesters can get change enacted by demonstrating to the government (local or higher) that they aren't going to be ignored by having peaceful protests for however long is needed until they are heard. Rioters are people looking to cash in on misery by using an excuse of injustice as a means to lash out at the community, government, and police under a hopeful guise of mob anonymity to try to avoid responsibility for their actions. Rioters undermine a good peaceful protest.
I do think that what happened to the man is a horrible tragedy and really hope that those responsible are brought to justice, but violent protesting that destroyed property, injured a couple dozen police officers who probably have 0 to do with the case and are just as innocent as any peaceful protester, and undermined the way protests are viewed by the general public was a really stupid way to try to enact change.
A peaceful protest would have accomplished the same result without being hurtful to innocent people, innocent people's property, and to the view society has of protests.
So what you are saying is that the protesters image and credibility were destroyed by a few violent individuals?

You said destroyed, I said undermined. I stand by the thought that Peaceful protests work, it takes longer sometimes but it is just as effective as violence. I don't understand how people can attack people who didn't do anything wrong and that is what people think gets change to happen. If people allow violence to become the way change is done....also what if the police were innocent and there was no racial issue, illegal procedures, harmful actions, etc....we have violent protests that have no basis in what actually happened. I don't like the idea that an uninformed mass can decide that there is wrongdoing, violently protest and harm police officers, and be held up as examples of how change is done.

The Exchange

There is such a thing as peaceful protesting but it hasn't been what is happening lately. Curfews were put into place to stop the RIOTING, not the protests. The protests just get screwed because they now have to stop protests at a certain time due to the curfew put into place because of the VIOLENT RIOTING. If the police don't enforce the curfew then everyone ignores it and houses, businesses, cars, etc. get trashed by the RIOTING.
2 main differences in the different groups: Protesters can get change enacted by demonstrating to the government (local or higher) that they aren't going to be ignored by having peaceful protests for however long is needed until they are heard. Rioters are people looking to cash in on misery by using an excuse of injustice as a means to lash out at the community, government, and police under a hopeful guise of mob anonymity to try to avoid responsibility for their actions. Rioters undermine a good peaceful protest.
I do think that what happened to the man is a horrible tragedy and really hope that those responsible are brought to justice, but violent protesting that destroyed property, injured a couple dozen police officers who probably have 0 to do with the case and are just as innocent as any peaceful protester, and undermined the way protests are viewed by the general public was a really stupid way to try to enact change.
A peaceful protest would have accomplished the same result without being hurtful to innocent people, innocent people's property, and to the view society has of protests.

The Exchange

I like a good amount of the Yogi herbal teas...especially the echinachea one. I find that they all have a different flavor and some i just don't enjoy. I find that green teas and herbal teas are what I usually like although I have no particular brands that stand out as I seem to be ever searching and exploring varieties, but I do prefer organics in general and depending on type I like to sweeten them with organic agave, stevia or a minimally processed, organic sugar. Honey is for my oatmeal or for tea when I have a throat issue, but not usually used in my teas....

GreenTea: Side question, how far are you from Celebration, Florida? I live there and we have a pretty robust gaming group that is always looking to increase it's numbers.

The Exchange

Very nice! It must've been a great campaign. Thanks, I see a great amount of resources to farm here!
Any thoughts on what parts of the path you would do differently or alterations that would help? I ran it for an old group so I saw a few issues that I want to iron out but I would love to hear a different opinion on the stuff from someone who has experienced the path.

The Exchange

No one? I know it's an old path but I thought someone would be active still....

The Exchange


The Exchange

I am going to be running a new 5E campaign that I am building on a stripped down Savage Tide game with a bunch of short adventures placed throughout. I am going for a more sandbox feel to the path.
I was wondering if anyone has any good resources that could help....battlemaps, maps, cool handouts, conversions, etc....basically anything that would enhance the gameplay and get the PC's into the feel more.
Sifting through the various STAP threads is painful with all the old links that no longer work so I thought to ask so those actively using the path might help out.

The Exchange

SmiloDan wrote:

Just curious, what version? 5th?

And bravo for beginning a Dark Sun campaign where they don't start out as unequipped slaves escaping a slave caravan in the middle of the slave desert filled with slavering monsters.

You mean there are other ways to start a Dark Sun campaign? Preposterous!


The Exchange

Watch the first season of Spartacus on Netflix.
Read up on Athas. Dark Sun Wiki ...there used to be good site on Athas but apparently it is largely gone.

The Exchange

So I am getting ready to DM a 5E game shortly...I ran one for my kids for a short while but this will be the first one as a serious test where I am running.
I have been in a game for 7 months or so where when I started the group a dude said he would like to run....he has been tossing in on-the-fly houserules ever since. Wanna attack someone? You are a dwarf with a human standing between you and the target so make a perception check to see if you can see the target. Wanna move up into combat? Passing through a friendly player's space requires a Dex check by yourself and the person whose spot you are going and fall prone.
Basically a ton of houserules to make life difficult and bog down the game. None expressed before hand and none open to discussion (and I tried, siting that we just want to test out the true 5e rules and how they run without a bunch of houserules).
That's why I and half the group are splintering off to run a new game.
To me you add houserules to a game in order to address a problem in the ruleset or add a certain style or flavor to the campaign world. You don't add them in because "I just think that looking at a fight when you are behind a guy is harder" or "I just think that Dragonborn are over-powered so I am eliminating them, so what if I never saw one in play or heard anything negative about them and you guys wanna test out the game".

I currently don't see much I would think of houseruling, although I haven't quite figured out how grappling works if you want to choke someone during it, or stab someone, or what types of weapons are usable in one. I am gonna have to look into that more but I really don't see much that needs attention. The game runs smoothly when we aren't succumbing to DM imposed extra dice rolling not within the rules.
I look forward to seeing the game run as close to RAW as possible and can't wait to give the players that experience also. If something rears it's head I will raise it to the player's attention and we can decide how to fix it or even if it needs fixing.
It's not my game it is OUR game. I don't force MY agenda on the group, we all should decide what goes on in our game to make it fun for all of us.

The Exchange


The Exchange

I have a strange request for a couple or portraits....
I am creating a 5E race for an upcoming campaign and I would love to have some portraits to represent them.
The race has three different offshoots and appearances.
The race is called the Slincendi, and they are basically divided up into the Lacertikind which would be very similar to lizardfolk (and may replace them in my campaign) and probably is easy enough to find pictures and such of but the other 2 offshoots may be harder.
The Naedrikind are an offshoot of humanoid/serpent mix, scaled skin, forked tongue, tail...with 2 varieties, one based on vipers and poisonous snakes, and the other being heavier and based on more of the constrictor types of snakes.
The other offshoot is the Lissamphikind which are humanoid/amphibian mix, which doesn't really pose an issue with frogs (bullywugs and such provide a good pic for them and these may replace them in my campaign also) but the mix of toad is a bit different and I also have a variety based on salamanders and newts.

So if you or anyone feels like taking a shot I could use a viper/humanoid, a constrictor/humanoid, a toad/humanoid, and a salamander or newt/humanoid.
Thanks and I understand if this is to far outside the typical stuff.

The Exchange

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Lorathorn wrote:
I'm hoping that soon I can compile all of the relevant articles from the WotC site for easy reference. The site itself is not easily navigable.

I agree totally. Their site's layout is difficult to navigate and is confusing. I also find their messageboards to be the same. I wish they could work some of the confusing elements out and make their site work better.

The Exchange

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Lorathorn wrote:
I'll do my best to continue updating any other free resources. At some point I will also link the web enhancements so that we can just have them all in one place. Regrettably, my time has been spent on other projects, but I don't want to forget this, so bear with me.

Another 35 D&D 5E resources!

I figured I would lend a hand Lorathorn...

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Fake Healer wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:

OK, so I have been in Celebration for a while, gamed with some people up in Orlando but it is too far away and was on a bad night/time for me.

I have 2 other people in Celebration and we are now a group of 3, we could use around 1-3 more people that are in or around Celebration. We are primarily Pathfinders but the new D&D 5th edition rules look fun so we are open to that also.
Post here if Celebration is within range for you and you want to game.

UPDATE: We are a good-sized group, looking to expand still if anyone is interested. We also have branched out and are looking to have our group(s) do things like a game night where we bring different games, invite the public and get some newbs playing Settlers of Catan, History of the World or some such and still have a group or 2 that get together for RPGs. Right now the group is mostly focused on RPGs and D&D 5th Edition in the game. We are enjoying it immensely and would welcome any who wish to join.

Update again: We have a good amount of players and are at the point of dividing into 2 separate groups if we can find another player or 2...2 would give us 5 players and a DM for each group. The one group is mostly sticking with D&D only and the other would looking to expand into other rpgs and games along with D&D, like Call of Cthulhu and some others....

Anyone in the area would be welcome to join either group.

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I've been playing 5e for 6months now and I love it. It's quick and easy, has a lot of variety for classes so far (and more if you count the free Eberron download and the Elemental evil download) and if I want more of the stuff from other versions it is an absolute breeze to convert over.
Magic items are now special and interesting instead of "great, another 10th level dude...he should have a cloak of resistance, ring of prot, gloves of X, same old same old.
I will worry about the level 20 cap in about 2 years when we reach that level.

Seriously though everyone always b@#~@es about stuff like a level 20 cap, and that there are less options....How many dozens of games do you play in per week that 30 varieties of class options and a level 20 cap is gonna come into play anytime before 2017?

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"I made ready to leave, thanking the man for his time."
from Black Wings of Cthulhu: Twenty-one Tales of Lovecraftian Horror. This passage comes from Desert Dreams by Donald R. Burleson.
I only just started the book and am still on Pickman's Other Model....

The Exchange

Very nicely done. I love the use of dots instead of a grid or +'s at the corners of the makes the floor look more natural and clean. I usually do similar stuff for the larger/more memorable battles in a campaign and I like how you did this. Did you use a wire knife or carve it with an exacto knife?

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Mark Thomas 66 wrote:

Yeah I've always figured all conversation comes to a screeching halt when a high level sorceror walks into the room.

Ever stood next to a top notch professional athlete on game day...a sorcerer gives that off.....all the time.

There's a reason some mages hang in the back.

Another example is actor/resses. People get all flustered talking to a person of fame that they recognize. Not all people, but a good amount. George Clooney/Brad Pitt/Norman Reedus/Halle Berry walks into someplace and they are now the topic of conversation and getting all the focus. If a hero with a 25+ charisma wants to go about without being noticed it is gonna take a disguise check (which may have some difficulty adjustment based on local/regional fame).

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DM_Blake wrote:
Triune wrote:
I think all of the responses along the lines of "well, if you think about it realistically, this type of character would be screwed over" to be entirely missing the point. This is not a video game. The purpose of the game is to HAVE FUN. If one of the players isn't having fun as a result of your DMing choices, you have failed, end of story. DMs hold all the cards and as such shoulder the lion's share of responsibility. If a player comes to you with a one trick pony before the campaign that you, using the knowledge exclusive to you as a DM, know will not work, it is your responsibility to warn them. That's why they went to you in the first place.

No, that's going too far.

Sure, I agree, the GM should make the game fun for everybody. But the players cannot be childish about it (unless they actually are children). I'm not trying to say the OP or anyone else is childish, but I am trying to say that some players DO have a childish mentality that goes like this: "I have made a one-trick-pony character that must devastate all encounters and if the GM doesn't let me devastate every encounter then the GM is being a big fat bully and it's no fair!"

That's silly and childish.

Now I'm sure nobody posting here has that kind of mentality, but some of the posts on this thread seem to be suggesting that it's a GM's responsibility to handle every player as if they did have it.

I disagree.

It's also the player's responsibility to know his limitations and expect the game-world to occasionally throw him a curve ball that makes him deal with adverse situations.

Triune wrote:
I think a lot of players get trapped in a PFS mindset. One of the major advantages of a home game is that you can play that odd character that wouldn't work anywhere else. You can play a one trick pony that normally wouldn't work because you can trust the DM not to dick you over.
If I make a kobold-slayer with favored enemy kobold, bane weapons vs. kobolds, and every trick I can imagine to make me...

I disagree with your example because this isn't about being a kobold killer and expecting to only fight kobolds. This is more like kobold killer going up against kobolds who are suddenly immune to his damage. The GM made a race of people that is totally immune to a dude that is supposed to be good at controlling people. He created a race to specifically nullify a character's ability with foreknowledge of the character. He could have said "they all have +4 to enchantment saves" but he didn't, he made them immune. This is more like "well the kobolds in this area of the world actually descended from the heavens and technically aren't kobolds so your favored enemy, bane, and all the anti-kobold stuff you have doesn't work on them.

That's bad GMing whether it was intended or not, and even if not intended it should be something the GM sees going on and corrects it. It's bad form.

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Between this and the Eberron supplement they put out I am happy. I like the new features, classes and such that they are putting out. They are seeming to be very well balanced against the core despite some not liking some of the ways they are balancing stuff. I love it. Also even if I don't want to add in Eberron stuff, I can reflavor and rename stuff to fit however I feel and it all helps to increase some of the player's options.

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Back to the original topic.....
In life I generally give a degree of trust unilaterally to everyone. I tend to take people at face value and assume they aren't actively out to screw me over. As those people perform actions in life around me I give or take away trust depending on the action. The initial degree of trust is usually rather low and grows or shrinks rather quickly.
I follow a similar method with D&D/Pathfinder GMs. When I GM a game tell the players the rule that are available and how I run a game. I tell them that I roll in the open and the dice fall where they fall. I explain that they are the stars and I am setting the stage for them to tell a story.
When I am a player I come to the table with expectations that I am part of a team of people trying to have fun and create a cool story.
I have seen GMs that after several sessions I realized that they are telling THEIR story, not a story of the characters, and there was no variation from their plotline or deviation from how they wanted things to play out. This has shown up as on-the-spot-rules to de-power a player or empower a bad guy that MUST make his showing, or in GM fiat that eliminates a player's action.
I have seen 4-5 bad GMs in my gaming life of around 34 years. I usually figure out after a few sessions what a GM is like and then I decide if I can adjust to their style or not. I have been blessed with long-term groups in the past with good GMs, and I love GMing so it usually works out well but before those and now recently I am finding that since I moved away from long-time group, there are some bad GMs out there.
Currently my tolerance level is lower than usual but I still portion out the trust and try to back that up with privately voicing concerns with GMs if there is something going on that I don't particularly like. If they choose to totally ignore my concerns then I can see that there is a gap between our play styles that either I have to bridge or I have to walk away and find a new game.

I am currently in a game where the GM is using some vague houserule for passing through ally's squares, perception checks for looking past allies into a combat and random ridiculous checks for stuff that is covered in the rules but doesn't fit his view of things and when approached about it was dismissive and showed no concern for my opinion (which mirrors most of the other player's). The group is planning to split shortly with me and another player going to alternate GMing.

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So no one has any ideas if there is a Lands of Mystery download somewhere with the labels removed....or any of the old Maps of Mystery?

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I miss seeing West maps and Dungeon mag (the print version). That said I am gonna use Lands of Mystery as my campaign world in an upcoming series of campaigns and was wondering if there is a good quality download of it somewhere and maybe a download that has the labels removed (or some of them, don't really mind the regional stuff like "The Inner Sea" and cities but would like ruins and such to disappear). Glad to see I am not the only one with a Maps of Mystery folder of all Dungeon Mags old offerings. It was a Golden Age.

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bookrat wrote:
I ban the CRB.

I banned Pathfinder. When I was running Pfinder I saw broken stuff all the time and if you didn't purposely look for every angle in every class/race/feat combo you would be surprised sooner or later. Higher level combat was a combo of rocket tag and endurance simulation with hour long combats being more and more frequent.

I switched to 5E D&D and it is so much easier to play and run and if I want an option for my idea that isn't covered, it is easy to create an option to cover it. I haven't been this happy with a game system since early Basic D&D and maybe Legend of the 5 Rings.

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So does RavingDork intend to mount his cock and ride it a lot? If so there are some other feats he should be looking at....

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The game is realtime combat with the ability to pause. I read an article a few days ago about it and it spelled that part out. I personally prefer the option to switch from realtime with pause and turn-based (especially the turn-based when playing a single-player game that has a party). I have played a couple of games a long time back that had that ability but don't remember their names, only that I enjoyed the combat aspect of them immensely.

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I don't have a problem with the books or the movie's kink and sex parts. It is fine. What I have a problem with is outside of is a story about a dude who is using mental and verbal abuse to reduce his girlfriend's mental image of herself into her being nothing but his property to do with as he pleases, not just in a sexual manner. He is imposing martial law over her entirety. If you replaced the BDSM elements with straight up beatings, punching, yelling and such you would see better the controlling abuse and mental breaking down of the victim until she has no self-worth and is nothing without her man.
Why women see this as a sexual awakening film is beyond me. I like BDSM, participated in some cool stuff and have no issues with such but is there really a large population of women in the world that want to lose all self worth and be nothing but a meat-puppet for some spoiled brat to play with? I don't think so. I think some are interested in the BDSM parts and purposely blinding themselves to the mental and verbal abuse that goes beyond the bedroom games.

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BTW, Hollow's Last Hope and it's followers were written up for 3.5 but the conversion is so terribly simple....just swapping out monsters and some skill updates....that I didn't feel like it was a detractor to it's worth as an easy to run adventure.
Just an FYI...

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I will agree with the people saying Rise of the Runelords and Crypt of the Everflame, but here is an option you should definitely explore.....

Hollow's Last Hope. It is a FREE download of a Free RPG Day adventure that has 32 reviews on this site and 4.5 stars out of 5.
I thoroughly enjoyed the module and if you like it there are several other adventures set in the area that can be tacked on to create a mini-campaign, all of which are great modules. Crown of the Kobold King, Carnival of Tears, Hungry are the Dead....all modules that add onto the region of Falcon's Hollow (the main town in Hollow's Last Hope) and expand on the area and campaign. There is also the Guide to Darkmoon Vale that gives a ton of info on the region...64 pages of it!
But like I was saying....for a free, short adventure to test the waters you should absolutely check out Hollow's Last Hope. At worst it isn't what you want, at best you took a risk-free step into a campaign based around 4 adventure modules and a regional supplement book with a ton of details to flesh out your campaign.

Good luck and have fun.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
... because he's a fictional character?

Boooo!!!! Party foul! You suck, Wertz, way to break the mood!


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D to the O to the T.
And Thanks Lorathorn...having a consolidated list of resources is really cool and make life easy. You rock!

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Legowaffles wrote:

I once amused myself with the idea of a Handy Haversack containing about 1,000,000 Type 4 Bags of Holding. The goal being to have enough carrying capacity (spread out though it was) with a strength score of five to literally steal a castle (brick by brick by brick) whilst still being under a light load.

I didn't actually know about a Fortifying Stone. I assume you could not use multiple Fortifying Stones on the same item and benefit from all of them however.

"Extradimensional Spaces

A number of spells and magic items utilize extradimensional spaces, such as rope trick, a bag of holding, a handy haversack, and a portable hole. These spells and magic items create a tiny pocket space that does not exist in any dimension. Such items do not function, however, inside another extradimensional space. If placed inside such a space, they cease to function until removed from the extradimensional space. For example, if a bag of holding is brought into a rope trick, the contents of the bag of holding become inaccessible until the bag of holding is taken outside the rope trick. The only exception to this is when a bag of holding and a portable hole interact, forming a rift to the Astral Plane, as noted in their descriptions."

Placing Bag of Holdings in a Handy Haversack or vice versa makes them cease to work. No castle in bags for you.

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MAJT69 wrote:

No, by 'vendor trash' I meant:

"Okay, the fight's over, you search the bodies and find 20 +1 items."

"Okay, stick 'em in the Bag of Holding and we'll sell them back at town.'

In other words, extraneous low-level magic items that exist only to be sold to shops. My players seriously think it undervalues the concept of magic. They want something other than 'Diablo' or similar games where trash loot is commonplace.

So you want a game that fixes the Christmas Tree Effect and the rampant magic items everywhere? That is 5E. I don't understand where you are getting that 5E is going to be mostly represented by MMOs and boardgames...they have slowed down with the supplement books a bit from their past, but they are focusing on good adventures and quality supplements. You have knee-jerked the system based on absolutely zero understanding of how the game is progressing...hit the forums and troll around and you will see more about the path forward, unless you already closed off your mind to 5E. It really is an awesome game for eliminating the magic mart/christmas tree syndrome.

Pathfinder is almost impossible to make work in the same way without massive houserules and such.

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Go old school and convert the 3.5 Dungeon mag adventure path Savage Tide. It's too fun not to run through and there is thorough posting on this site about the problem areas and how to correct some of the problematic higher-level stuff.
Diseased Savage Monkeys are too awesome not to unleash upon a group that may have never see such....

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