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Dr Davaulus

Exiled Prince's page

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"My Review-or Just really how shallow I can be"

***( )( )

Ever been traveling somewhere you have never been and needing compainonship and a good tour guide you hook up with someone that,in the back of your head you know it's going to go nowhere? So you meet this guy/gal and to your surprise you like them. They make you laugh and they really show you a good time, but.. well lets be honest. In the end they are .. lacking. And whatever they are lacking in, it's enough that you cannot continue the relationship(at least until you come back next year and need the compainon again).
Well that is this book. Good enough to use as a whore, but not good enough to marry. There I said it. The haters can now write the responses.
First the good.
1. A great translation for the most part. There is always something that one feels could have been done differently but hey that's always going to happen.
2.Like a good whore,it's cheap(I bought the pdf for this review). But also like a whore I will not be buying the book because it falls short.

So what in my mind makes it worthwhile to use, but not own in book form?
The art/layout.
Now I know that someone is going to get up here and rant about how they would buy the book without the art yada yada yada.
But having work in art galleries for many years I can tell you PRESENTATION IS HALF OF THE SALE.
It's a dirty little truth that people that work in galleries and even those that work in the entertaiment fields will tell you.
At best some of the art is just plan misplaced, or does not give the "psionic" feel to it. In fact the first reaction to art in the book that fell into this catagory was it looked like 1st ed stuff(which is great for 1st ed-who can say anything bad about the art in the Ad&D monster manual??)
Than there is the bad art. The art that looks like it was done by someone in High School that has only started to draw. A prime example of this is the racial line up. For me, just looking at this piece was enough to make certain that I was not going to be buying the dead tree version.
So there you have it.
Will I be using it? Yes. With some alterations of my own though and all the while I'm doing it, I will be awaiting the time when Pathfinder will putting out thier own version. The version that I will marry.

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