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EvilMinion's page

981 posts. Alias of CursedFrogurt.


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15th level druid, using Control winds (a 5th level spell) (possibly with a rod of maximize spell or incense of meditation).

Note, that's a 600' radius tornado at that point. (or a diameter roughly the length of 4 football fields)

Give it an updraft, and anyone that does get ejected, gets sucked right back in.

Won't be much of an army left after that, typically.


Wyverns don't have hands... why would a pseudowyvern?

Its a bearded devil.

First hint of trouble, teleport somewhere else, summon a buddy safely. Both of you teleport back.

Make it a non issue.


The 'favor' pays out in 1.45 Delirium's Tangle doesn't it?
Not sure, but seems like 'owing him a favor' is where it was supposed to go.

Did you not see Wanted (the movie)? Bend that bullet!

If Angie can do it, so can you!


My Enemy's Enemy has some connecting info (though she's not in it personally). Even a boon on the chronicle about her remembering you in the future for foiling her plans. So seems like it should get tossed in there.

Basically the various Shadow Lodge scenarios all fill in bits.
City of Strangers (1 and 2) first give you the clues at the end of season 1 (mentioning them setting up lodges in Almas, Whitethrone, Sothis)... that then lead to Shades of Ice (1 through 3 aka Whitethrone above), Wrath of the Accursed (Sothis) and temporarily concluding in Shadows Last Stand (1 and 2, Almas), all in season 2. (Shadows Fall on Absalom also is a rogue shadow lodge bit, but did not feel as connected... as well the s2 Special.)

Of course, the Spider eventually resurfaces... which then gets you into the above mentioned Enemy's Enemy and on to Rivalry's End in Season 4.

Not sure if she (or mention of her) came up elsewhere in season 4, or in season 3 at all (Though I suppose Frostfur Captives had some fallout from the S2 Shades of Ice shadow lodge stuff).

Follow-Up Answer: Check on The Mantis' Prey for info on Torch's transition and fallout from some of that earlier stuff. Which should be included in there.

You can't quite do both Phoebee. As mentioned, getting out of the tent is a full round action.
So get out of the tent, or start the song and start crawling out of the tent

Phoebee, Terril, and Jones all manage, with some small amount of struggle, to get their tent flaps open, and crawl out of into the predawn light and the chaos that awaits them.

GM Screen:
red bite vs Masym: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12, 1d4 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0
Yellow vs Masym: 1d20 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 1 + 2 = 20, 1d4 - 1 ⇒ (2) - 1 = 1
blue vs F/D: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3, 1d4 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0
trip: 1d20 - 1 + 2 ⇒ (9) - 1 + 2 = 10

On of wolves, circles around to flank with its packmate and it and one of the others continue trying to drag down Masym to no avail, though he does suffer a small nip. (1 damage to Masym)

The last one, however, seems unhappy to have a goblin latched onto its back, and spins awkwardly, trying to bite its new hanger-on. Unfortunately it seems to be having some trouble maneuver with the extra weight in the deep snow. Its goblin rider continues to yell at it encouragingly, seemingly oblivious to the fact its does not wish to be rode.

-- Round 2 --
Fritz & Deiter, Other Frostfurs (sleeping?)
Phoebee, Terril, Jones
RedWolf (-5), BlueWolf (mounted), YellowWolf
Malusha, Nella <--- We are here!

-- Round 3 --
Masym (-6, 6 non-lethal, fatigued)

Group Buffs: Bless (+1 to hit)

Bold can go


So no, if Karmic, Linnorm, Sage, Sanguine, Seaborn, Sylvan, Umbral, Void-Touched, or Warped


Traitor's Lodge! You can creep the heck out of that one with just a little descriptive imagination.


The important thing to remember about oracles, is that you have no idea where the power is coming from.

Yes, lots of folks like to say its this god, or that god, that has invested them with this power.

But that doesn't necessarily have to be true.

Hell, if Zon Kuthon were really the one powering you, you would likely not be able to channel positive energy.

But you could be a Zon-Kuthon worshiper... and believe with every ounce of your being, that all your power is coming from the Prince of Pain himself... But it might turn out his sister Shelyn providing the power... for reasons unknown... or perhaps you're tapped into Zon-Kuthon's earlier Dau-Bral being (before he got tormented and transformed).
From a storytelling standpoint, it all works.

Holy symbols are never part of the equation for oracles. They do not need one for channeling or anything else.

Herald of the Horn skald archetype gets a bonded item as well.

Also look into the Create Reliquary Arms and Shields feat, if all you're after is a weapon (or armor) that functions as a holy symbol.

It just adds 250 gp to the cost, so you might be able to convince your GM to allow you to have one made by an NPC with such a feat.


How do we know which of the boons listed in the Dropdown corresponds to which of the cryptic boon clues you gave us for the 1d6 player roll?

Player rolled a 6 ... so is that going to be the last one on the list?


I notice a field for email on the reporting form.

Is for players that win boons? Or do I need to fill that in for all of the players?

(Am hoping the former, cause I'm a lazy typer, and some folks don't like sharing emails if there's no point to it)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The third book in Serpent Skull AP has a whole section of the city inhabited by Boggards.

PFS scenario 6.13 has boggards (though that's in Tian Xia)

Not sure beyond that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Trick Riding allows you to use it twice / round.

avr wrote:

If you can get an anaconda's coils belt (& so constrict) you then qualify to get the final embrace feat, which gives you grab

Anaconda Coils do not qualify you for Final Embrace. They were errataed a year ago.

you guys still have room for more?


Ohako, you've made a fallacious assumption that the heal day job = long term care.

It does not. It could be any of a number of things that the skill covers, and more.

As has been mentioned earlier, any benefit that affects only a specific use of the skill (in this case long term care) does NOT have any effect on day job checks.

I think I'm going to change the alias I'm using for this.

Realized I like to search on my name to find threads I've been posting in... and suddenly there's alot more posts to weed through, if I use this alias for the GM stuff too =)

Also, realize its helpful to have a profile image attached to the GM alias too.

So will be making a GM alias shortly and use that from this point forward.

Also, shopping during a scenario has to take community size into account for what might be available.

Not an issue if you're in Absalom.
Might be if you're in Turtleback Ferry.

(And no, I'm not sure where that is... just recall reading the name somewhere!)

1) Buy what you'd like now if you know what that is.
Once it starts... though you might have a better idea of what you might need, you never know how rushed you'll be...

2) Believe so... you're the only native of the desert =)

6 days to go time.

If you've not gotten me your PFS info yet, please do so (Think only Phoebee is missing).

Also, be sure to finalize any pre-scenario purchasing and the like.

I can join you guys in this, if you need a 6th.
probably at level 5, so would still be low tier.

Shrug, not too worried about it one way or the other.

Am eager to start, but the 27th is so far away. =)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The mask continues to stare at you in impassive judgement.

just as an fyi... the recruitment thread actually lists this as The Kortos Envoy.

Has confused me a couple of times when I click on it and it ends up being King of the Storval Stairs =)

Ah true. Yes, no in character reason really to have such things prepared!

Nope. You have nothing that indicates that.

And (ooc) there won't be even after you get going.... just a routine task in town as far as you're aware.

Ya, I did some research, and its all over the map how folks do it.
Though the print it off, fill it out, and scan it method seems popular... just seems like a lot of work and tree killing (and requires a scanner!)
Many have premium pdf editors in their own right... but I'm a skinflint!
Doesn't help that the Paizo pdfs are protected such that you can't easily extract just the chronicle from the pdf.

I found a free web site pdf editor, to which I can upload the scenario pdf... then I can delete all the pages but the last one (which is the chronicle) and edit that. Then save the finished product back to my local drive. I think it will work out well, with no foliage or pocketbooks harmed in the making of!

Though my ability to do a signature with a mouse on a screen is somewhat lacking =) But close enough for government work! Hopefully I just have to get it looking good once... than can copy it from there.

Ya, am doing pdf.

I just realized, while I was figuring out how to do it (for free), that I could make many of the fields form fillable text fields.
So you guys could then fill in the values for chronicle #, accumulated xp/PP/gold et al, right in the pdf, and not need to use a pen at all (or worry about illegible handwriting)
Hmm.. though unsure on purchases... I'll have to ponder that section.

Not sure if that'd be good or not, but liked the thought while I was playing with it, so was thinking of trying it out on you guys. =)

OK, we have 6 folks tentatively checked in! (Phoebee is replacing Deko's mesmerist)

Figured I'd post some expectations and the like now. In case folks feel they can't meet them, it still leaves lots of time to find something more suitable.

As I may have mentioned, this will be my first go at GMing a PbP ... (have played many, and GM'd over the table many times... but first time in this format, so will be some adjustments as we go.) So feel free to ask questions and make comments and suggestions as we go that will help improve the experience for all!
Will use GoogleSlides for maps and such (figured out how that works over the weekend) ... and even sorted out how to do the chronicles, though not necessarily how to distribute them yet (might get emails from you guys for this later). (anyone have any thoughts on making the chronicles fillable pdf forms?)

I'm intending to run a bunch of scenarios in a row and will attempt to make the transitions between them as fluid as possible. This will occasionally mean I will need to change up some of the intro text a bit from the stand alone scenarios (including who is delivering the information), as well as some text in the middle to avoid temporal confusion (we'll be going season 0, 3, 2, 2, 6, 2 possibly), but nothing too major beyond that. It does say I can 'paraphrase' the info =) I'm taking that to heart.
The first two, at least, should fall easily withing Gameday5 (possibly more depending on how we progress) and will be reported as such. After that it will continue normally, til we're done or you guys decide to stop!

The goal of course being to make it seem like a small campaign over a couple of levels. How well it turns out, remains to be seen!

I would also like to keep them moving at a reasonably good clip (nothing like long delays to kill momentum). So expect reasonable posting rates from you guys as well.
Although once a day posting at a minimum will be expected, more is encouraged (especially during combats). Given that checking to see if there are new posts is a simple as clicking on a bookmark, I don't see it as a big time commitment to at least check to see if there is a need to post anything.

That being said, I am hoping for a lot of good RP opportunities... so encourage everyone to embrace the concept and setup. (Good to see folks posting in the gameplay thread already, getting introduced!)

Excited to do this thing! 19 days can't go by fast enough!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It hits everyone in the area.
Nothing in the spell allows for you to exclude folks.

All the pregens can be downloaded here

Personally, will go with either Kyra or Amiri depending on party needs.
As mentioned, I have the aliases set up already =)

I'll give it a go. (With either Amiri or Kyra (cause I already have aliases set up for them! =) )


No worries! No shortage of games. =)

And who do we contact if we did not receive the expected boon?

Aye, its 1-2, 3-4, 6-7 for tiers on a 1-7.

I was looking at either a 5 or a 4.

If qwerty has a 2 ... if I bring the 4, we're 1-2, if I bring a 5, we're at 2.5 at get the choice. =P

Little too much manipulating, so I'll just let Lady Ladile hop in, in my stead. Makes things easier for all =)

That's ok, Deko. Thanks for considering!

Will go see who else wishes to fill in from those who applied

Ya, if this ends up in the low (1-2) tier (which it looks like it will), I'll give up my spot.
Always seems a waste doing the 1-7's in that tier.

Am not allowed to officially start until the 27th, but RP is permitted in the gameplay thread before that (including introductions, et al) as you are left waiting for the VC to show up in his office.

I'd be up for this... even more so if it gets into the higher tiers.

Unsure on character choice at present.

(Will this be for Gameday5?)

Am going through doing a quick audit of folks characters as they come in.
Will send each of you a pm if I spot anything obvious or have a question.

Its lower level, so not so hard to do =)
(I once had a GM point out that I'd never bothered to buy any clothing.)

None at the moment. Her level has no impact on the tier at present.


You have been called to the Grand Lodge of Absalom for a briefing. Seated in a small chamber around a darkwood table, various trophies gathered from across the face of Golarion hang from the walls. A monkey-shaped mask with a serpent’s tongue glares out from the center of one wall, a strange halberd with gold rings piercing its thick blade and dragons carved along its haft hangs opposite the monkey mask. You are alone save your fellow Pathfinders, who apparently have been called here for the same purpose.

Feel free to hang out... but its still over 3 weeks til we start... and that mask is a little creepy...
This will not advance beyond basic introductions until then!

Ooops, was editing the campaign name and broke the link to it!

New actually-working link to campaign thread.

Welcome folks!

This will not start until Gameday V gets underway, so a bit of time.

We will be in the low tier... Penelope, that means you will end up out of tier for most of this... not sure if that's an issue for you or not.

We are of course starting with Frozen Fingers of Midnight (from season 0)!

If you want, and are sure you'll be in come the 27th, fill in some basic info for me, starting with:

Your Name:
Character Name:

I'd appreciate it if everyone can put a basic character sheet in their profile alias for easy reference to things. If you need help with this, let me know.

Since we've lots of times, I will take a moment to check them all over, see if there are any obvious hiccups that jump out at me.

OK, back from a long weekend!

Recruitment for this is closed. Have lots of responses.

Melshanto (Deko)
Wei Tchak
Dead-Eye Jones

Will keep the originally posted start date for now.

Have made a campaign thread (but again, not actually starting until Gameday (the 27th))

Everyone else: will keep a record, in case anyone is unable to go once the start date arrives.

@Nella: That's fine. Wouldn't be til after the weekend anyway.

Jeeze, I posted this super early, just to have more time to find folks able to play them all...

Hour and a half in, and lots of interest already.

@Deko: any format/alias is fine for the recruiting part. No need to create the PFS alias just yet. Though I'm curious, you have 16 PFS characters registered... how have you never made a PFS char? =)

@SkipperD/Wei Tchak: I'll keep the switch out in mind!

If we get a good selection of PC's soon enough, would folks be open to possibly just starting the first one, outside of Gameday, and then doing the 2nd and beyond when gameday comes around, rather than waiting a month. =) Frozen Fingers is season 0 so can go quickly...

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