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EvilMinion's page

671 posts. Alias of CursedFrogurt.


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Technically, the distance to be jumped in that instance is 16 feet.
Assuming you start on solid ground, and want to end on solid ground. =)

So DC 16!

To clear a 15 foot hole, you need to jump 15+1 feet.

Though usually easier just to go with 15 =)


Scorpion Whip? (between Legacy of Fire, Adventurer's Armory and Ultimate Equipment I've no idea how this thing is supposed to work)

My interpretation has always been Sequence B as the correct one and that you only get SequenceA if you gloss over a word or two in the feat description(s).

But lots of folks interpret differently, to be sure.

I got one of each for my summoner... but I got the Eidolon-only one first... and have made good use of it (in and out of combat)

Remember that Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon is 1d10+1 healing (vs 1d8+1 for the cure light wounds). Not a huge difference, but something to keep in mind.


I got a chronicle with a partially charged wand of crafters fortune on it once... So pretty sure wands are valid.

Would love to play through this with you Rev with a lv 2 blasting wizard type.
Be even better if his buddy Archie could come too (also a lv 2 wizard)

Heh, yes we do. =)

And you can't get an AOO if your opponent has any kind of cover... This includes soft cover from people (allies or not) in your way.

Utnapishtim, the weasel would not be able to provide flanking.... Its too small


Jesse Davis wrote:
Which boon are you missing and from what game? I will check

The Mendevian Weapon Training boon, selected after getting the rolled 20..., won during session 87 (Slave Pits of Absalom... Which has been reported)


At what point should we start enquiring about unreported sessions and/or unreceived player boons? and through what channels?

Just once. You cant splash and direct hit the same critter with the same explosion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No. It gives you a +8 bonus on the skill check.
It does *not* give you 8 ranks in the skill... which are what give the additional languages.

I do not have any way to scan in chronicles, or a spot to display them for that matter.

Luckily, one of the two scenarios was done online, so I do have a jpg of that one, as it was sent in that format.

The first one however, is just a paper form.

Could he not just poke it once with the bleeding dagger, then wait for it to die.

Seems unlikely the Jotund could do a heal check on its insides to stop the bleeding, though magical healing would still stop it.

Then he would just need to live long enough outside the bag to get the one stab in, then retreat back in.

The previous poster who mentioned using Perception to try to ID the other potions was a great suggestion.

What else is in the bag with you?

from a PFS perspective...

If one has a serpentine eidolon, would it be able to manipulate objects with its tail? (For purposes of things like sleight of hand, or disable device, for instance. Or just picking things up in general.)

I realize from a descriptive pov, its easy to say that its tail is prehensile enough to do such things, but from a rules perspective, I'm not sure if its allowed.

If its not, what would be required to allow it to use skills like those mentioned above? A tentacle? Limbs (arms)?

And if it has arms (and the hands that go with it) is it ok to describe them as a prehensile tail? Or is that the bad type of reskinning, and if it has hands we have to describe hands for the outside world to know about?

I'll join in... 1st level dwarf rogue with 2 scenarios under his belt.
Getting him sorted out, so might be a few minor adjustments still.

Have played Confirmation before with different PC's.


Another Confirmation-like scenario (tier 1-2) could be problematic too, if he does not wait to start in on them. Would be very easy to out-level it.

I'm with Kwauss and My2Copper. The fire doesn't spread.

Nothing in the description indicates it does. Real world examples do not do so either.

Applying a fire source burns one five foot section, and that's it.
If you want more sections to burn, you have to reapply the fire source.

The web itself does not provide said source.

Why not just have undead squirrel swarms?

Model it after a rat swarm, but add zombie templates (or perhaps a few with skeleton templates)


Then damage isn't an issue =)

The swarm would still have 3 HD with the zombie template.
So you could then have 18 of them... each one consisting of upwards of 300 squirrels! That's alot of squirrels.

Ha, the fact the lack of amulet proved actually relevant, made that whole thing much funnier!


The chromicle I received Friday morning had 2 checkboxes.

As expected... No clue how to know who were meeting up with.
The Elven Entanglement game happening, and if so, where?

You asked in the rules section for how the rules treat it, then refuse to actually believe the answers you're given. So what was the point of asking?

And, as I mentioned before, a magical item's aura is entirely relevant to what its powers are (especially given this item specifically says so).... it is not just a byproduct of the spell used to create it (although they are often related for obvious reasons (as is the case here), though not always (see amulet of might fists for instance)).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The trait typically requires you be a member of the pathfinder society.

Some GM's might actually enforce that. =)

Won't be able to make wednesday due to scheduling conflicts that evening.
Though a thursday afternoon game sounds fun.

Also, how are we going to go about finding folks to meet up, without a location?

And given Calistrian's are not the type to overlook a slight... perhaps not the best goddess to fake =)

Redmond is not exactly close to the Airport. =)

W Canepa wrote:
The aura of the magic item determines what magic was used to create it. It doesn't dictate that the magic item is a spell of of that school.

And you're basing this off of what?

The magic items aura absolutely relates to what it actually does... that's the whole point of identifying things.

Have you actually fully read the item description for feather tokens?

A particular feather token has no specific features to identify it unless its magic aura is viewed

Its aura is entirely relevant to what it does. In this case, it conjures a boat. You can try to ignore the conjuration side of it, but that's not going to end well for you with many GM's.

No, what spell was used to create it is not really relevant.
If you look at the items magical aura (which the item description states is the only way to identify what they do), you will note that it is, indeed, a conjuration.

As such, it should obey the rules of conjurations.

And although yes, you can summon the boat on land, it is more likely to displace folks then crush them.

Its not a weapon!

No. You cannot summon something in open air.

It won't activate.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Swan Boats are conjurations, and as such must obey the rules of conjurations.

More specifically:

Magic Section, under Conjuration wrote:
A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.

So no, you can't conjure it inside of something that's swallowed you, or up in the air to fall on people.

Hmm... have you found someone to GM the Sunday game yet? And the 1pm start time is a bit tricky, given that Sunday's lineup of games are all 9-2, no? Is this somewhat flexible?
Tentatively signed up on warhorn, but the start time might be an issue.

Played a WeBeGoblins game with Rusty last year the day before the con (was my 3rd ever pfs game). Was alot of fun.
Here we are, a year later, figured I'd try for an extra game this year too. =)

If you need a body on Wednesday to fill out the WBG table, Rusty, let me know... just have played it a few times now so was letting others give it a go. That one last year is still the longest one =)
The room we got in the back was awesome.


Curaigh wrote:
There is some hope you might be able to play and get credit again. Someday. :)

What a great idea!

Wonder what scenario the players chose to play for this, or if the converted scenario (even if its still retired) will be available for download afterwards?)

People suggesting alchemist's fire really should take a step back and rethink it when advising low level players (Dunno if the original poster is such)

It sounds great on paper, but most swarms have great touch AC's... and most clerics have lousy ranged touch attacks.... so basically they're just throwing money away using them, for a whopping 1 point of damage (that includes the 50% increase).

There's nothing more disappointing them watching alchemists fire miss 'cause the swarm has a 16+ touch ac. It happens far more then it does not.

If you want a fun option... use Skyrockets ... bit pricey... but they can't miss (though a reflex for half), and have the option of hitting more then one thing! And not sure if you can blind a swarm, but if so, that'd help even if you don't kill it. Channel your inner goblin!

Alternately, you might be able to use summon monster.
A fire elemental might not do damage, but if they bite it (which they do if its in their space), they'll take burn damage.
An air elemental might be able to hoover them up with its whirlwind ability.
Would a Lantern Archon's 'Aura of Menace' ability keep a swarm at bay? Its a will save, but nothing says its mind affecting... so not sure.

Just because you 'can' trample/overrun as part of a charge, does not in any way mean that you are always able to do so. You still have to obey the rules of charging. Nothing in those descriptions negates that fact.

(Note the existence of the charge through feat.... which would be pointless if you could do the same thing without it)

My POV, anyway.

I'm in the camp that the only two options that are unclear are whether it gets to do a single move or a double.

hit the FAQ button.

Make it look like a big catapillar with a hookah.... ala alice in wonderland.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think you're missing his point June.

He's not saying it can't trample lots of things just by moving over them. He's saying it can't do so by charging over them.

If it wants to charge, then it cannot trample multiple targets, as it has to follow charging rules and does not have the feats that would allow it to happen (these feats exist, it just doesn't have them)

If it were allowed to charge and trample (which it shouldn't be, I agree here) it would move up to double its movement (60') trampling everything along the way.

So if it can't charge then it has to do the trample as part of normal movement (which is perfectly valid)... which Roysier is saying means just a single 30' move... still getting everything in its way, just not as long a swath.

The difference between the two is the total distance it can travel while trampling (and thus how many things it can mow down in one round).

I'm not sure if the second case is right, but I agree the first one is not.


John Francis wrote:

All I see is a pyramid starting off on one side of a group of adventurers charging down the corridor trampling everybody in a square it passes through, usually ending up on the far side of the group.

It's not charging through people; it's trampling across them. Trample is obviously not restricted to a single enemy; the description of the trample ability explicitly mentions "targets" (plural), not "the target". The rules also describe trample as possibly passing over a creature multiple times in one round, so it's clear that trampling a creature does not stop movement.

Reread what you typed John... note the bolded bits...

'charge' is a very specific action in pathfinder, careful you're not using it as a descriptive term.

Methinks Roysier's point is that it can't Charge *and* Trample with its current feats. But I suspect folks are just getting creative with language, and saying its 'charging' in a descriptive sense rather then a technical maneuver sense....

cause 'it moves down the corridor trampling people' just doesn't carry the same gravitas


TriOmegaZero wrote:
Yes, the 20ft range increment is only for alchemist bombs, which I don't think the investigator gets. Still, a penalty to a touch attack usually isn't terrible.

It is vs swarms that typically have very high touch AC's (this swarm was no different)...

Is quite disheartening to throw your expensive alchemists fire at a swarm, feeling good about being prepared and having it... only to miss and only do 1 point of damage.... happens far too often.


Quick question...

Recently completed a game and the GM had us roll to see if we won a boon... which I did, and got to pick one of four choices.

This was different then the past pbp Gameday, and we were confused whether the boon has to be applied to the PC who played that particular scenario... or if it was like other boons, and the player (in this case me) could decide which character to apply it to later?

As far as I know, you cannot.

Cover is cover, be it soft or not. And you can't make AoO vs anyone with any degree of cover from you, as you already noted.

The advantage of a reach weapon is that you have the option to attack past an ally... not that you can do so with all the aplomb you could if he wasn't there.

As for the height thing, I don't see why the Z-axis would not be a valid consideration... other then math =)

His AC is actually 2 worse, due to the -4 dex he gets from being entangled... so its probably close!


Think folks are missing the original point. Its not to build a horrible character... but to find bad archetypes, and then let their players try to make them viable.


The vampire hunter inquisitor archetype is horrible.


Why would it take 9 fame to alchemical silver a gun? It requires fame to get the gun in the first place, but once you have it, the alchemical process is always available, neh?


Alternatively, what about Alchemical Silver?

As Mistwalker mentions, the guns material doesn't affect the damage, the bullet's does. So would the -1 to damage even apply?

Since its a process that is applied to an existing steel weapon, you should be able to run your starting gun through it.
You'd just have to pay the upgrade cost (90 gp for a pistol, 180 for a rifle maybe?)

Not sure if this is doable or not. =)


nosig wrote:

drat... wait. "require sufficient Fame"? huh? I didn't pick up on this.

what is the Fame have to do with it? Mithral is always available.

In case you didn't figure it out yet, guns are NOT always available, and you have to have sufficient fame, and the Gunsmithing feat, to purchase one.

And, as you noticed, if your starting gun can't be mithril, then you'd have to buy it. The mithril isn't the sticking point, the gun is =)


1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I've been working on stringing together a bunch of scenarios that sort of follow a storyline of sorts to a conclusion.

In this case, the whole Shadow Lodge stuff from Season 1/2.

As such have been making attempts to introduce the PC's to some of the major players, ie: Torch.

And this scenario seemed to be one to add in as it even has his name in it.

Noticed at the end that there's a 'boon' of sorts on the chronicle that states 'You owe Torch a favor' ... is this ever utilized in a later scenario at all?

Was thinking of doing Delirium's Tangle at a later date, and thought I could flavor that mission as the 'favor', but don't want to do so if said favor is used somewhere else.

Optimally, I'd cash in on that 'favor' on an individual PC basis, rather then all of them...

hmm.. actually I suppose I could flavor some of the old more nefarious/distasteful faction missions as torch calling in a favor... that might work too! Though for that I'd have to actually read ahead on the scenarios, which I've been avoiding. Bah.

If you look at the text for Overrun you quoted... you'll note that you're overrunning your target... not some mook on the way to your target.

So you have to be charging the mook, to overrun the mook.

Charge Through seems to let you get around this, to overrun the mook, while charging the wizard.

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