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EvilMinion's page

693 posts. Alias of CursedFrogurt.


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thunderbeard wrote:

Improved Two-Weapon Feint, combined with a Mask of Stony Demeanor and the Dueling Sword Adept trait, means you can feint everyone all the time and deal huge gobs of damage.

The mask doesn't apply to feinting.

Did I read the initial post correctly, in that this will be one update a week?

Bumping this back up.

Or perhaps there has been no clarification on this?

Or just as written... no they cannot.

I wouldn't allow it with most shields... they do not count as an obstruction, any more then the person wielding them does.

But I'd certainly consider it if they had a tower shield... as that can provides cover and you can define an edge of your square to be treated as a solid wall which could therefore perhaps 'intercept' the fireball.

So am I missing it somewhere, or was this indeed the design decision to not allow investigators to use spell-trigger items for spells on their formula list?

The Alchemist parent class has specific language under their Alchemy class feature that allows them to use them...

The investigator's Alchemy class feature does not contain this language.

This has been an error for some time, but since there might be a lot of other 'fixes' going on I'll mention it here.

on the Spell List page for the Core Rulebook, under the 1st level cleric spells, the spell Doom's summary information states: "One subject takes –2 on attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, and checks."

The problem is the bolded portion.

If you then click on Doom and read the actual spell description, it gives the Shaken condition, which does NOT give a negative to damage.

So either the summary info in the spell listing is wrong, or the description of the shaken condition is wrong.

Hmm... never looked in the book to see what it says in the actual printed copy.... perhaps this isn't strictly a PRD thing.

I really am not liking the format change at all.

Although this may have made things better on tablets and devices (dunno), it is a great deal less useful on PC's now.

Navigation menus that scroll off the screen, or not really useful for navigating.

If you could make a way for the menu to stay on the screen, despite scrolling down the content, that would go a long way to improving it.

When the menus were horizontal across the top like before, this was not an issue... those worked wonderfully. Having them in a panel to the left, however, just scrolls them with everything else... and given there's a lot of info on the content pages sometimes, this means they're pretty much always out of sight.

The best part of the feral gnashers improvised abilities, is that they can pick stuff up off the ground as a free action.

So you should be using your environment. Tossing the weapons/helmets/shields/boots/et al from downed enemies (or the enemies themselves), tables, chairs, rocks, sticks, chests, candelabras... basically anything you can get the GM to describe as existing in the area. =)

Also, check out the Refine Improvised Weapon spell from the new Advanced Class Guide, might be relevant.


The text you quoted says 'every alternate class feature you add/subtract/replace'.

Poison Lore and Poison Resistance are not alternate class features are they? The first part of your quote refers to them as standard class abilities.

Sounds to me like you're just adding one alternate feature, by replacing two standard class features. And thus should only count as one change on the retraining radar.

I'll join.

Character in flux currently... will post it soon as I can (has 1 xp from we be goblins at present)


Could you get there going on the slow advancement track for a short bit?

Technically, by a strict reading of the trait, it would do nothing for a 1 level difference.

Now, I've never seen anyone interpret it that strictly... but there's always one out there somewhere... 8)

I agree that enervation is no big deal... Unless your applying the negative levels wrong.
You might want to make sure you're adjudicating that part correctly.

I'll join.
Aasimar cleric with one GM credit to his name.

Still kinda working out the specifics of where to start him... but will mostly be around what you see there.

Equipment still needed.


I suspect that the adventure path bits would do more to confuse a narrative story then contribute to it though... if the intention is not to continue said adventure path.

So the hope, for now, is to stick to PFS scenarios... if any exist.


The characters will all be level 3.


So I've recently started some friends of mine playing through various scenarios using PFS rules, me as GM.

But to make it more interesting, I'm trying to string the scenarios together to tell a story, or at the very least, not seem so disjointed going from one to the next.

So far, so good.

Recently, I ran them through Frozen Fingers of Midnight

but they used up too much of the lamp oil, and once Natalya returned home, she couldn't send them back, so they were unfortunately stuck in Irrisen

Which then lead well into The Frostfur Captives

as the local undercover pathfinders used the recently arrived folks to escort the prisoners safely out of Irrisen to Trollheim (and got themselves safely out as well)

This then will lead them into Shades of Ice, Part I

having the prisoner pickup team from the previous scenario give them the chest to deliver for this one

Which of course will lead to Shades of Ice, Part II

Not sure how they'll feel about having to go back to Whitethrone

And eventually to Shades of Ice, Part III.

What I would like, however is another scenario to introduce between parts 2 and 3 above. Mostly to bump them up to level 4 before they go into part III, but also to break up the railroad just a bit.

So are there any other lower level scenarios (1-5, 1-7, 3-7) that take place in or around Irrisen (or perhaps in the Land of the Linorm Kings, or Realm of the Mammoth Lords) other then the ones mentioned above that I could insert?


Huh... had never seen the humble beginnings trait before... fun!

Imagining a character walking around with a bucket.

The other issue is shield mastery and two magic shields.
Since you can only count one shield, the enhancement bonus from one of those will not work for your attack bonus, because one shield is effectively mundane.

Also, shield is an actual item slot on the body... and thus you are limited to just one magical one, if your intention is to have any sort of magic on these shields (be it a simple +1, or bashing, or returning, or agile, et al)

Until anwered officially by the powers that be, or the cost changes significantly, the sleeves will always be illusionary at my tables.


Hey, you're right. That's actually an important point.

All those dual shield builds take note! Only one magic shield allowed!

Technically, the distance to be jumped in that instance is 16 feet.
Assuming you start on solid ground, and want to end on solid ground. =)

So DC 16!

To clear a 15 foot hole, you need to jump 15+1 feet.

Though usually easier just to go with 15 =)


Scorpion Whip? (between Legacy of Fire, Adventurer's Armory and Ultimate Equipment I've no idea how this thing is supposed to work)

My interpretation has always been Sequence B as the correct one and that you only get SequenceA if you gloss over a word or two in the feat description(s).

But lots of folks interpret differently, to be sure.

I got one of each for my summoner... but I got the Eidolon-only one first... and have made good use of it (in and out of combat)

Remember that Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon is 1d10+1 healing (vs 1d8+1 for the cure light wounds). Not a huge difference, but something to keep in mind.


I got a chronicle with a partially charged wand of crafters fortune on it once... So pretty sure wands are valid.

Would love to play through this with you Rev with a lv 2 blasting wizard type.
Be even better if his buddy Archie could come too (also a lv 2 wizard)

Heh, yes we do. =)

And you can't get an AOO if your opponent has any kind of cover... This includes soft cover from people (allies or not) in your way.

Utnapishtim, the weasel would not be able to provide flanking.... Its too small


Jesse Davis wrote:
Which boon are you missing and from what game? I will check

The Mendevian Weapon Training boon, selected after getting the rolled 20..., won during session 87 (Slave Pits of Absalom... Which has been reported)


At what point should we start enquiring about unreported sessions and/or unreceived player boons? and through what channels?

Just once. You cant splash and direct hit the same critter with the same explosion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

No. It gives you a +8 bonus on the skill check.
It does *not* give you 8 ranks in the skill... which are what give the additional languages.

I do not have any way to scan in chronicles, or a spot to display them for that matter.

Luckily, one of the two scenarios was done online, so I do have a jpg of that one, as it was sent in that format.

The first one however, is just a paper form.

Could he not just poke it once with the bleeding dagger, then wait for it to die.

Seems unlikely the Jotund could do a heal check on its insides to stop the bleeding, though magical healing would still stop it.

Then he would just need to live long enough outside the bag to get the one stab in, then retreat back in.

The previous poster who mentioned using Perception to try to ID the other potions was a great suggestion.

What else is in the bag with you?

from a PFS perspective...

If one has a serpentine eidolon, would it be able to manipulate objects with its tail? (For purposes of things like sleight of hand, or disable device, for instance. Or just picking things up in general.)

I realize from a descriptive pov, its easy to say that its tail is prehensile enough to do such things, but from a rules perspective, I'm not sure if its allowed.

If its not, what would be required to allow it to use skills like those mentioned above? A tentacle? Limbs (arms)?

And if it has arms (and the hands that go with it) is it ok to describe them as a prehensile tail? Or is that the bad type of reskinning, and if it has hands we have to describe hands for the outside world to know about?

I'll join in... 1st level dwarf rogue with 2 scenarios under his belt.
Getting him sorted out, so might be a few minor adjustments still.

Have played Confirmation before with different PC's.


Another Confirmation-like scenario (tier 1-2) could be problematic too, if he does not wait to start in on them. Would be very easy to out-level it.

I'm with Kwauss and My2Copper. The fire doesn't spread.

Nothing in the description indicates it does. Real world examples do not do so either.

Applying a fire source burns one five foot section, and that's it.
If you want more sections to burn, you have to reapply the fire source.

The web itself does not provide said source.

Why not just have undead squirrel swarms?

Model it after a rat swarm, but add zombie templates (or perhaps a few with skeleton templates)


Then damage isn't an issue =)

The swarm would still have 3 HD with the zombie template.
So you could then have 18 of them... each one consisting of upwards of 300 squirrels! That's alot of squirrels.

Ha, the fact the lack of amulet proved actually relevant, made that whole thing much funnier!


The chromicle I received Friday morning had 2 checkboxes.

As expected... No clue how to know who were meeting up with.
The Elven Entanglement game happening, and if so, where?

You asked in the rules section for how the rules treat it, then refuse to actually believe the answers you're given. So what was the point of asking?

And, as I mentioned before, a magical item's aura is entirely relevant to what its powers are (especially given this item specifically says so).... it is not just a byproduct of the spell used to create it (although they are often related for obvious reasons (as is the case here), though not always (see amulet of might fists for instance)).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The trait typically requires you be a member of the pathfinder society.

Some GM's might actually enforce that. =)

Won't be able to make wednesday due to scheduling conflicts that evening.
Though a thursday afternoon game sounds fun.

Also, how are we going to go about finding folks to meet up, without a location?

And given Calistrian's are not the type to overlook a slight... perhaps not the best goddess to fake =)

Redmond is not exactly close to the Airport. =)

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