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EvilMinion's page

831 posts. Alias of CursedFrogurt.


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Hit the FAQ.

But just to throw another bone in the pile.

Mithril is generally priced by weight for non armor/weapon items.

Would it make sense for the size/weight of the armor to take a similar route...

For instance...

A mithril chain shirt for a human is 1100 gp
A mithril chain shirt for a medium sized small cat has the exact same weight. Sure, it costs a little more to make, due to the odd shape, but the amount of mithril present has not really changed.
So wouldn't it make sense for it to be 200*2 + 1000 = 1200 gp?
I can't see why you'd double the mithril cost if there's the same amount of mithril in it.

That would mean a chain shirt for a large-sized animal, which only weighs twice as much, would end up 100*4 + 1000*2 = 2400 (instead of 4400 if you'd multiplied it all by 4)

So basicaly, multiply the base armor price by the cost multiplier (x2 for medium, x4 for large) and the mithril price by the weight multiplier (no change for medium, x2 for large)

That makes sense from a materials standpoint, and might keep the armor in a price range where folks might be able to afford them.

Of course, it then makes you ponder small-sized guys...

Just a thought.

Ya, I've seen all that. Thus my confusion =)

I'll hit the FAQ button and hope it gets to a point where someone 'officially' says something!

Given that if its not wrong, the entire animal companion section of a whole book is wrong... perhaps that will lend some weight to getting an answer. Errors in that scope seem like something that should get answered.

what to play... what to play...

Disclaimer: This is for PFS, so keep that in mind... I'm casting the net wider, however, for information's sake.

I have a large sized mount, with the Narrow Frame feat... which is nice to get him into tight spaces... but alas, it does not remove the movement penalty for moving through those spaces.
Which puts the kibosh on options for charging, et al (PC is a cavalier)

So I'm wondering if there are options for removing this penalty for the mount. Traits, Feats, Magic Items, etc

To date i've been able to find a trait (Suck In Your Gut in Kobolds of Golarian... which is not PFS legal (I don't think))

A magic item (the Corset of the Vishkanya... which requires activating to use, which is not permitted by animal companions in PFS)

Is there anything else?

Being able to ignore difficult terrain does not seem to do it.
Would Freedom of Movement?

The NPC Codex supports the ruling.

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

This is in regards to the Multiattack feat that druids gain at level 9 for their animal companions.

"An animal companion gains Multiattack as a bonus feat if it has three or more natural attacks and does not already have that feat. If it does not have the requisite three or more natural attacks, the animal companion instead gains a second attack with one of its natural weapons, albeit at a –5 penalty."

Which, makes it sound like if you have an animal companion with 3 or more attacks, who has no secondary attacks (which is most of them) that gaining this ability does absolutely nothing.

So, is this a thing? Officially?

Based on the developer post linked, in response to that official blog post, animal companions with 3 (or more) natural attacks, are supposed to get an iterative attack once they get Multiattack at (druid)level 9 if they have no secondary attacks.

This seems contradictory to the wording of course... but if you look at any and all of the animal companions listed in the NPC Codex Appendix from Druid level 9 and up, that have 3 or more attacks (small/large cats, badgers, dinosaurs, etc). All of them gained an iterative on their main attack.

So it seems like this is actually an official thing... and there's some language missing from the ability description.

I'm asking from a PFS perspective of course...

The Kineticist has me curious... though not sure if level 1 is the best point to get a feel for it.

Failing that, barbarian or cleric (since I have aliases set up for them already and I'm lazy! =))

I'll give it a go as well.


FLite wrote:
Jessex wrote:
andreww wrote:
A Paladin of a Good aligned deity couldn't cast it in any event as they, like clerics, are incapable of casting spells of an opposite alignment to their Gods.
They are good divine casters. They cannot cast any spell with an evil descriptor period.

Ambiguous, actually.

Their deity does not grant them any evil spells, and they are effectively not on their spell list. But he isn't using his divine levels or divine spell list. He is using his bloodrage. It is a case where he is getting powers from two different sources. One is his god, the other is his blood. The powers from his god don't stop him from using the powers in his blood. But if he uses them for evil, he may lose the powers of his god.

Actually, the restriction on good/evil/chaotic/lawful spells does not state the restrictions are limited to spells from the class itself.

For instance the cleric/inquisitor versions state: "can't cast spells of an alignment opposed to her own or her deity's (if she has one)."

Nowhere does it state that the source of those spells matter.


OK, so the text for the Grab evolution for eidolons states that they can only use it on creatures one size smaller then themselves.

This has always been the case, and was not updated with the bestiary ability of the same name... nor was it changed in the Unchained version.

But, looking at the Iconic unchained summoner's eidolon (Padrig) included with the Fane of Fangs quest (@ level 5)...

The text for it's Grab ability does not match the Grab ability in the Unchained book, instead following the bestiary language.

Is this an error in Padrag or an error in the Unchained/APG?

Some clarification from the powers that be would be nice.

I know I've avoided this evolution for some time due to the size limitation.


If we already own the scenario in question, we don't need to register a game by this Sunday, correct?

Am humming and hawing about whether I want to give the PBP gming thing a try... just trying to determine my deadline to make up my mind =)

Still have the Amiri info from the last time I did this, so good to go. =)


As the subject states...

is this Quest replayable?

The fact its for level 5 pregens seems to make me think no.
But various language on the nature of Quests in PFS seem to indicate yes.

So in the end I am unsure.

I'd like to join!
level 6 evoker-type in the low tier.
If we end up high, might switch to something else.

I've got a level 6 and a level 4 near the arcane department.

looks like we're in the lower tier, whichever I bring so the 4 seems more appropriate.

Dr. Menese Strang

I would like to sign on for this one.

Not sure what character yet.

Its Harry... take amateur gunslinger and buy a pistol!


As Kysh mentions, oblique references don't count in PFS. It has to be explicitly named. Which it is not.

Your Improved Natural Armor example works, because that feat is explicitly named.


FLite wrote:

I wonder if the bigger problem with the old FCB is sound striker's weird words. With the errata to WW it is no longer capped at 10 levels of damage. So at level 8 you would have 12d6+charismax3 damage, and at 11th you would get 16d6+charismax4 damage. All sonic, one of the rarer energy resistances. All ranged touch attacks.

Seems unlikely this was any sort of game breaker. 8P

You're forgetting you cannot take a FCB to boost a class ability you do not have, so they can't start boosting weird words until they get it at level 6.

The Base soundstriker gets a word at 6, 8, 12, 16, 20
OLD FCB soundstriker gets a word at 6, 7, 10, 13, 15, 18
NEW FCB soundstriker gets a word at 6, 8, 11, 15, 18

So, under the Old FCB, they got one extra word over a 20 level career. VS just a few levels earlier on some for the new FCB.

In a normal 12 level PFS career, there's almost no difference at all, as all will only ever have 3 words.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

It comes up for the Breadth of Experience feat...


Dhjika wrote:

mask of stony demeanor going from 500 gp to 8000 gp is the other big one I saw - but there may be others I missed.

About time!

Sadly, people will still try to buy the 500 gp version 'cause they didn't change it in Ultimate Equipment as well.


No. No it is not.


Divine Grace is now once per day rather then constant.
Wonder if it will become PFS legal again.

Druids have had options to wild shape into things other then animals right from core.

Animals, magical beast, elementals, and plants have always been options.

Planar Wild shape is limited to just the animal forms as stated.

Eidolon's can only use grab on things smaller then them.

Its fairly limiting.

They're using 'touch triggers' in their example... so to use it offensively, they have to touch you with it (instead of you touching it).

The same would apply when trying to force people to activate 'view' triggers.

If you're trying to force someone else to activate it through your actions instead of theirs, you are using it offensively.

Blinkback belt?

I'd rule them the same thing.

Your logic is flawed.
As pointed out, and ignored earlier, you are NOT using ready to 'turn a swift spell into a standard spell'. That's what you want to do, but that is not allowed, and not what the ready action is doing.

You can 'ready' a swift action, as pointed out, but its still a swift, and you still only get one.

I don't quite get how Battle song of the People's Revolt is really helping at all.

Since you can't have two performances going at once, you can give them amplified rage, but you can't give them raging song to use with it.... and visa versa.

So what's the point? Or am I missing something.

It does go to 90', but you still gain the light sensitivity.


GMT +10? Egads...
Math is hard!

Anyway, pretty sure that's around 5pm the day before for me, which is all doable, so I'll sign on with a brand new level 1 dwarf cave druid.
Personal info to follow in PM


Inspector Pendergast wrote:
That is definitely incorrect (unless there's been an FAQ or something), since the Investigator's writeup says they prepare spells "like an Alchemist".

The use of spell trigger items has nothing to do with how someone prepares spells.

Read what The Fox quoted above ^

As it stands now, Investigators cannot use wands like Alchemists can, due to the missing language in the Alchemy class ability description.


Irwin, the Gnome wrote:

I seem to recall an Investigator in my area using a wand of Alchemical Allocation, which is why I thought wands of Alchemist spells were a thing.

Apparently I'll have to track him down.

Also, Investigators cannot use spell trigger items without UMDing.

Though I keep hoping this gets errataed if and when they come out with the advanced class guide errata.

FLite wrote:
here is the whole list, reordered by who gets what:

Wow, I thought it was just the Inevitables that got hosed for options... but it appears like all the Good-aligned forms (except Agathions) did as well.

Definitely alot of love for the Evil over the Good when you look at the list from this PoV

And really, Rend should not be listed under 'All' as it requires claws... so should be listed under those that can get claws.

How about one of the dwarves during their quest for the sky... so coming up from the darklands to the surface.... just make sure you got stoned before the sky citadels themselves were all created, else you'll have a hard time explaining why you don't know where those lost ones are. =)

Besides, if the statue is underground, it offers a good explanation why it managed to go undamaged all those thousands of years.

The inclusion of an Inevitable subtype was kinda of nifty...
Especially given it gets some construct traits...

Makes for all sorts of fun character concepts...

Until you notice that it was not included in ANY of the evolutions that are only available to certain subtypes. So you can select almost nothing to help customize it to fit any of those concepts.

Horribly thought out.

OK, I realize that the NPC magus is not available in the pregen download...

But according to the additional resources, the 1st level iconics from the NPC Codex are allowed...

So the question is, does Seltyiel's stat block show up on pages 274 to 297 of that book? (Don't have it myself, so can't look) =)

OK, here then! I'll run with Kyra.


Noticed they did not change the wording on grab to follow the regular grab rules.
So its still only on creatures smaller than the eidolon. Always hoped they'd just forgotten to update that to 'your size or smaller' like the regular bestiary rules. Guess not.

Had hoped they removed the the cost for slam if using it to replace the starting claws. It was bearable with a few more evolution points to throw around, but hard to stomach with the lower evolution amounts.

Interestingly enough, the Reach evolution can not be selected more then once... (It does not have the 'can be selected more then once' language)
Yet the Daemon serpentine base form has reach on two different attacks, breaking that rule.

Some have mentioned not needing the Mount evolution to ride an eidolon... The Mount evolution allows you to treat the eidolon as 'combat trained'... if you don't have that, you will be having a very hard time using it in combat at all... for more than just a -5 to ride checks (waste a move action *every* round to do a single standard action... and if you fail the ride check, no action at all).

Is it just me or are a lot of the evolutions not allowed to the Inevitable Subtype? lessee... in the 1 or 2 point range: they cannot select: Bite, Claws, Mount, Pincers, Sting, Tail, Tail Slap, Tentacle, Gore, Poison, Trip
So basically, the only way an inevitable gets extra attacks is more slams... which means you have to add more arms... wing buffet... which means they have to get flight... or use a weapon... which also requires additional resources spent. That kinda sucks for what seems like it should be a flavorful option.

The loss of variety is noticeable reading through all this stuff.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Divvox2 wrote:

And just to throw out my level 8 Eidolon build to show that combat is not nerfed half as much as some folks like to complain...

Eidolon Feats:
-Improved Natural Attack (Bite)

Pretty sure this feat is not legal in PFS... unless something in the unchained book opens it up for eidolons? (which was not true up until now)

I'd love to jump in on this if there's any room remaining.

Light Sensitivity is a -1 on perception and attack rolls.
How is that 'not able to function'?

Squint a lot, curse the great fiery orb, and go about your daily business as usual.


Acedio wrote:
Only humans get an ethnic language for free, so you would need to learn these languages using linguistics ranks.

Although its true that only humans get the free ethnicity languages, I don't think the rest of this statement is right. They can still pick them with bonus languages due to high intelligence.

The PF Guide to Organized Play states:

"If you have a high Intelligence modifier, you may select bonus languages from those listed in your race's entry in the Core Rulebook and the Modern Human Languages list (The Inner Sea World Guide 251)."

The blog states they overlooked this bit, and that the languages in the blog would fill in for the Inner Sea World Guide for the language availability in Core.

So as a halfling, due to his 14 int, he can select two languages from elf, dwarf, gnome, goblin, or any of those modern human languages listed in the blog.

The rank in Linguistics then allows him to select other languages from that list as well as any of the other languages in the Core book or from other languages listed in the blog (Ancient and Other)

That's my interpretation anyway.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mathius wrote:
The wear of the cloak is large and a Magus would love to ride him in order to be able to move an full attack. That is standard with a mount but can a manta ray be used and are there rules for intelligent mounts?

I just want to stop on this for a moment for a slight derail:

I've seen lots of folks who seem to think they can use a mount for free pounce type effects... ie: it moves you to the target on its turn, then you get a full attack, once there, on yours. But that's contrary to the mounted combat rules as far as I know.

Am I missing something, the rules for Mounted Combat say that if you're mount moves more then 5', you only get a single attack (with melee weapons, at least).

Or is something else in play here?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You could also be a cast off. Someone who didn't quite meet the stringent standards.

The last chapter (or was it next to last?) in the Shackled City adventure path for 3.5 had a big set of adamantine doors in the bad guys' lair ... I knew as soon as I read it that at least one of my players would be doing math in his head as soon as I described them.

This particular set of doors had a constantly resetting disintegrate trap attached to it, but still...

Luckily, was a very strict time limit on the players at the time, so they couldn't try to scavenge them at the time, and they didn't get the chance to come back later.

Just be aware: neither the gun nor the rapier are a light weapon.
So you will be taking the additional penalties when using both. (So a total of -4 to hit with both the sword and the pistol).

The beneficial bandolier is not PFS legal.

Because it was made by devils?

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