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EvilMinion's page

594 posts. Alias of CursedFrogurt.


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You can't take Defender of Society trait, unless your first level is in fighter (or you pick it up via Extra Traits feat later on)

You absolutely should consider specifics of the spell when adjudicating how much to price items.

The magic item creation rules are guidelines that require GM adjustment.

Else every player would be doing what the original poster was talking about... making cheap-ass items with constant effects like Shield or Protection from Evil, Expeditious Retreat, Mage Armor, et al.

There are lots of spells that you shouldn't just follow the table guidelines for cost. If you want to create such an item anyway, then you need to consider other factors... bypassing the personal only aspect of spells, or casting time of said spells, etc, are definitely factors that should be considered...

Perhaps why you can't make potions of personal spells.

Just be aware you can't take the Horse Master feat if you have less then 4 cavalier levels or if you have the beast rider or strategist cavalier archetypes (due to not having Expert Trainer class feature to qualify)

Otherwise, as others have said:

Boon Companion if you're mostly cavalier with a (<=4 level) dip into fighter.

Horse Master, if you want more fighter levels and don't mind waiting to qualify for it.

Air walk isn't flight. Not even close.

You're walking, not flying.

You can't go straight up, you can't go straight down (or any angle > 45 degrees for that matter.)
Using it in combat for positioning can be a real pain... and anything that can actually fly will run circles around you.

Never mind if it gets windy.

No contest.

?? invisibility is not a personal spell

I was referring to the 'see invis' spell, not saying to see the 'invis' spell =)

The Sable Company marine archetype, with the hippogriff is from the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path, and is not legal for PFS play as far as I've ever been able to tell.

The d20pfsrd is just a renamed version of that, as James pointed out above I believe.

Not sure if there's another Korvosa source book anywhere that might have added it in legally or not.

The Role described in the Varisia book is not the archetype, just descriptive fluff, and really should not have been made 'legal' if only to avoid this sort of confusion.

You should think twice about making any 'personal' only spell into a magic item usable by anyone without additional cost.

The fact that you can't cast shield on another player, only on yourself, is a significant restriction of the spell. Same for most personal only spells (see invis, divine favor, expeditious retreat, true strike, et al)

Putting that same affect on a magical item, that allows you to ignore this balancing restriction, should have an additional cost above and beyond the base cost of doing such a thing.

The same is true for spells with casting times longer then 1 action (enlarge person, sleep, lesser restoration, silence, et al), as you are effectively allowing them to reduce the action to a standard action (activating a magic item). If its a spell-trigger item, that's ok, since the casting time is the same, but use activated, or constant, is a big benefit that should cost extra as well.

Its easy to make broken magic items if you're not careful.

So, when looking at the 'Sessions' tab for one of my PFS characters on this site, I notice that it has the following text in the Notes section for two different scenarios: (paraphrased somewhat to remove specific names/#'s)

"Player has already played scenario at [session#] of [event#] on [date]."

Both scenarios are listed as no prestige gained.
Both were supposedly re-playable scenarios (The Confirmation for the first one (assigned at level 1), and We Be Goblins for the second (assigned at level 2))
Both of these scenarios had indeed been played at the earlier event/date and credited to a different PFS#.
Both scenarios have since been played again, on a third character, without this note showing up in the session reporting.

Can someone explain what's going on? Or how to fix it if its an issue?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Was playing a Gunslinger who got 4 shots in this particular round.

Rolled four d20's at one time.... got three 20's and something else.

Rolled three d20's (all at once) to confirm the three possible crits... got three 1's.

Ah, the fickle things that are the dice gods.

Pandamonium1987 wrote:
If it wasn't for the disease attack also the dire rat could have been a valid option, anyway I think this is a good way to look for a solution, thank you!

Dire Rat's never get bigger then small anyway... and if you use one as an animal companion, you can just pick the +2 dex/con option instead of the 4th level advancment, and it doesn't get the disease.... not to mention if you look under dire rat in the animals and transport section of ultimate equipment, it states "However, dire rats raised in captivity can be trained as loyal pets and protectors. Pet dire rats do not have filth fever." ... so not hard to exclude it under that pretext.

Perhaps look at the Goblin Dog as a base? Its actually a rodent. Just lose the allergic reaction stuff, and you could use the animal companion stats as is. Though wouldn't be large enough to ride until level 4.

Robert A Matthews wrote:
Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
WRoy wrote:
A magic circle against good cast upon a specially-prepared diagram and augmented with dimensional anchor will trap a called creature (which is what a paladin's mount effectively is) within its confines for 24 hours per caster level.
A paladin's mount is NOT a called creature. It's just an animal. An unusually strong, smart, and loyal animal to be sure, but its just an animal (at least until 11th level).
I thought that at first too, but it does say that the Paladin "magically calls" the mount to his side. If it is not a called creature then he wouldn't be able to use this ability if the mount was on another plane.

Not how I read that at all.

The mount itself, is just horse.
The paladin, however, has the magical ability to call the horse to his side from wherever it might have wandered off too since last he saw it, once a day.

I view it more like the Maker's Call class feature for Summoners.

All its doing is saving the horse from walking to the same location.

Amanda Holdridge wrote:

In PFS play you have to take Extra Item Slot feat to get anything beyond neck slot and barding. The listing in Animal Archive simply points out what you can take the feat to get.

Really? Wow, totally missed that, even though I'm sure it was mentioned a few times earlier in this very thread.

That means muleback cords would be an issue too.

Ah ha! Captain Zoom, you may have answered my question right there!

I totally missed that the bonus was spelled out in the Link ability! (I thought it was just in the skill description)

Andrew Christian wrote:
I'm assuming you took Extra Item Slot to get that headband?

Giant Wasp isn't classified as 'verminous' ... its under quadruped/hexapod (which get shoulder and armor and headband, et al slots just fine) ... so is not really an apt comparison to the actual verminous category critters. =)

This is referring to the following text under the Special section of the Handle Animal skill:

A druid or ranger gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Handle Animal checks involving an animal companion.

Does this bonus apply for people who have animal companions who are not druids or rangers? Sylvan Sorcerers, Hunters, Animal Domain Clerics?

What about mounts that function like animal companions in other aspects for Paladins or Cavaliers or Nature Oracles with the mount revelation?

Because the bonus is a rider on the Handle Animal skill *not* the animal companion ability itself, it seems like it is pretty specifically just for druids/rangers.

My initial reaction is only druids and rangers (though chances are hunters should be counted) ... The fact it doesn't mention Paladins, for instance, leads me to think it wouldn't apply to them... or cavaliers by extension...

I've seen GM's rule it the other way though, so am a bit confused. Has this been clarified anywhere?

Jiggy wrote:


So I guess my options are druid or Beast Master ranger.

And the Cavalier with the beastrider archetype... just depends on how soon you want to be airborne =)

Belafon wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
EvilMinion wrote:
One starts large (hippogriff) and stays large, but is only available to rangers with the sable company marine archetype.
I can't seem to find this one; what's it in?

A Blog post from four years ago. It's not PFS legal.

Blog Post

Hm... I was sure I'd checked and it was.

Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Player Companion: Varisia, Birthplace of Legends

Roles: Duskwarden, Frontier Defender, Magnimarian Warden, Professional Gambler, Sable Company Marine, Sczarni Tough, Shingles Dweller, Shoanti Outrider, Shoanti Totem Shaman, Sky Magistrate, Varisian Bravo, and Welcome Wanderer are legal for play.

Hmm... originally I'd seen the Sable Company Marine in the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path. It was a feat available to 4th level rangers. Since that was 3.5 material and the hippogriff didn't hit the official pathfinder bestiaries until Bestiary 2, I just assumed seeing the quoted bit above that it was back on...

Perhaps I was mistaken! What is a 'role' anyway?

This seems to have gotten worse on the profile pages.

Now you can't get the bullets to show up at all.

All three variations of the tags indicated do the same thing now.

Again, this appears to be specific to the user profile pages.

FLite wrote:
Isn't Giant Bat in that list somewhere? (Too lazy to look)

Hmm.. you're right. Not sure how I missed I M DIRE BAT.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


There are only a handful of flying creatures that can be animal companions,

Two of them (birds and puffballs) never get above size small, so they're out for riding.

Two of them start at size small (dimorphodon and giant beetle), but grows to medium, so can be a mount for a small-sized PC once they do (levels 7 and 4 respectively).

One starts large (hippogriff) and stays large, but is only available to rangers with the sable company marine archetype.

The other 6 (giant mantis, pteranodon, quetzacoatlus, roc, giant wasp, giant vulture) all start at size Medium, so can be ridden by small PC's from level 1, and medium size PC's at level 7 (or 9 for the quetzacoatlus)

So that covers most of the options for what's available that can fly.

Next is getting them available to you due to restrictive list choices. Other then the hippogriff, you have to have access to the druid AC list to get any of the others... which means only Druids, Hunters, Sylvan Sorcerers, and Rangers with the Beastmaster archetype.

Then there's the special case of Cavaliers with the Beastrider archetype... at level 7, medium-sized beastriders get a caveat that lets them pick any animal who's natural size is large or huge as long as the animal companion version can be medium at 7th level.
As far as I can tell, this then adds giant wasps, giant vultures, and pteranodons (which are natural size is Large and are all available as medium sized AC's by level 7) to the list they can choose from (but not rocs (naturally size gargantuan), dimorphodons (naturally size medium), or quetzalcoatlus' (which don't get to size medium til level 9).
Giant Beetles I'm not sure how to adjudicate, since there's not such creature as a 'giant beetle' to know what its natural size might be.

As far as I can tell, all these creatures are PFS legal.

There's probably some odd corner cases or obscure reference material I'm missing, but that seems a decent starting point.

If you don't fix it before your 10th post, you won't be able to fix it (assuming its supposed to be Imbroglio).

If its the other text that's wrong, and its supposed to be Imroglio, then its no biggie =)

Except you have your profile name spelled wrong =)

Since I posted that earlier, the bullets still don't show up inside the list tags... but the unlisted bullets no longer extend outside the margins anymore... so something changed again! =)

Swashbucklers are designed around using a single one handed weapon with a free hand. Two-Weapon fighting is not really the way to go

This is working differently in different sections of the forums it seems.

For instance, here in this forum, the following:

[list ]
[* ]Item 1
[* ]Item 2
[* ]Item 3
[/list ]

[* ]Other Item 1
[* ]Other Item 2
[* ]Other Item 3


  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

  • Other Item 1
  • Other Item 2
  • Other Item 3

    But, if I use the *exact* same tags in the Paizo People section for my aliases, I get this.

    If I just use the [* ] without the list tag, I can get the little stars to actually move left out of the defined tab area.

    The list tags were working differently (the way you described above and how they work on this forum) a bit back, this change happened relatively recently.

  • 'cause I didn't post as Theo, just provided a link =)

    As a summoner, you really do want to gain the four elemental languages (or a subset of them), because the elementals are handy for all sorts of out of combat things, and not being able to ask them to do them negates this whole option (you want an earth gliding earth elemental to explore somethin and report? Or a water elemental to quench a fire? Or a air elemental to whirlwind up a swarm? etc, etc... you need to speak the language)

    No language will help you with templated animal summons, as they are animals and do not speak a language of any sort. Mostly they're just good for attacking things.
    Handle Animal skill will help with these, but since its unlikely your summoned animals will come appropriately trained, you will have to Push them to do odd things, which is a full-round action on your part and a DC 20 check regardless. Way to large an investment to make this a reliable option, really.

    (To be honest, I'd assume a celestial creature would smite everything it can, as its not smart enough to know the difference, and would never use the option otherwise)

    Most of the outer planes outsiders (demons/devils/angels et al) could benefit from you knowing the outer planar languages, but most of them can speak enough languages to cover common and/or have telepathy or truespeach or the like. So you can avoid learning those (Check the language entry for the creatures you can summon to see if you can talk to them)

    Your GM, IMO, was wrong about the smiting. Even if you knew celestial, you could not have told it to do so.

    Sign me up!
    Surly dwarf ranger. Level 3 at the moment, hopefully 4 by the time this starts.

    OK, so according to the Handle Animal skill and training of animals, normally they will only attack humanoids, monstrous humanoids, giants, or other animals (extra attack tricks aside)

    Most folks know about this, and apply it when they're using animal companions and the like...

    But I had never actually thought about this from the other direction. Given that PC's can fall outside of those 3 types quite often (with the influx of races like aasimars, fetchlings, oreads, et al)
    I'm pretty sure most wild animals are not considered 'trained', so how are they supposed to react?

    Does this mean an aasimar, thiefling, oread, et al character will not be attacked by animal enemies?

    I don't think I've ever seen a GM take this into account. Should they? Has anyone ever actually cut both ways with this knife?

    Well, you have to first ask yourself if the eversmoking bottle would subject you to smoke inhalation penalties.

    I'd have to think there are varying degrees of 'smoke' ... and if the eversmoking bottle were pumping out the heavy smoke variety that people would choke on, it would have been referenced in there somewhere.

    As it stands, all it appears to do is pump out vision obscuring smoke, little different them obscuring mist, not the choking on it kind.

    Whether this is true or not I dunno..

    If it were not PFS, I'd say ask your GM.

    Feral Gnasher barbarian archetype for goblins gets it.

    I can join.
    Friday works fine (any time).
    Thursday is potentially ok, from about 9pm EST onwards.

    (I am in Pacific time zone (PST))

    So how does one adjudicate the following:

    NPC starts a coup de grace action on fallen opponent while threatened, thus provoking an attack of opportunity.

    PC hits NPC with their AOO, taking the NPC to exactly 0 hp's, thus NPC is now staggered.

    Can the NPC complete their coup de grace action this turn? next turn? at all?

    Similar sort of situation could come up if a character charges.

    Xaratherus wrote:

    Magic - Special Spell Effects wrote:
    Attacks: Some spell descriptions refer to attacking. All offensive combat actions, even those that don't damage opponents, are considered attacks. Attempts to channel energy count as attacks if it would harm any creatures in the area. All spells that opponents resist with saving throws, that deal damage, or that otherwise harm or hamper subjects are attacks. Spells that summon monsters or other allies are not attacks because the spells themselves don't harm anyone.

    The section is, again, only talking about spells (from the perception of a newer player or GM not as familiar with the rules). From someone familiar with the rules, there'd be no confusion. The definition of 'attack' there is, to my knowledge, included not to imply that LoE somehow applies outside of spells, but so that spells without immediately damaging effects are known to break Invisibility and other spells that break upon 'attack'.

    The fact that this thread exists (and that doing a quick Google search indicates that this isn't the only time the issue has been brought up) indicates that it could be more clear. The fact they are not is because those sections are artifacts from 3.5 - but if\when there's a chance they should probably have footnotes added to clarify that they also apply to Sus (assuming they are intended to apply to Sus - which I believe they would).

    Also note that it mentions Channel Energy (which is a supernatural ability).

    Still nothing.

    Investigators do not get the ability to use poisons safely.
    If you read the description, they can identify and neutralize them without poisoning themselves only. Not use them.

    The Sun Metal spell is pretty much just that, except only 1d4, instead of 1d6.

    If animals like him over all other targets... why not put in some bat or rat swarms?

    Swarms typically just kinda of target whoever's closest... now they have a reason to target him! =)

    I'm sure some abandoned place full of constructs has a few magical traps lurking that could summon such things... especially given they won't hurt the constructs at all.... so have both!

    A teleportation circle is a permanent spell effect, not a magical device trap. Craft Wondrous Items was not involved.

    You can't 'identify' that... but I'd have to guess that there is an actual circle of some sort inscribed on the floor that one knowledgeable about such thing (aka via knowledge (arcana)) could figure out. That seems a perfect example of what knowledge (arcana) is meant for...
    aka: via the line that reads: "Identify a spell effect that is in place" under the knowledge skill.

    The bad water on the other hand, seems a little less obvious. It also is not a magical device trap.... (but one has to wonder if the fountain itself is the actual magic item?)
    The water is almost exactly like a potion... ie: a use-activated magic item. So you should probably treat it as such.
    In which case, identify should work, or the alchemy skill, or any of the various ways to id potions.
    Though it identifying still requires the close observation... so that's up to the GM to define (perhaps they have to remove a sample from the fountain first, so the aura is not so overwhelming?)

    Is Fishcraft a performance type, a profession, or an actual craft skill? Hmmm....

    Might depend on what skills your trying to get access to.

    Investigator would work if you're not multiclassing from rogue or alchemist.

    lots of class skills, 6 skill points, plus a free 1d6 on any int-based skill check that you have trained a point in. And 1d6 to any other roll at the cost of inspiration (depending on intelligence)

    Plus trapfinding, alchemy, and some extracts.

    A friend with the Butterfly Sting feat going before you.

    Bless Weapon spell vs evil enemies.

    I agree, you cannot expect other players to sign anything. I know I would not. Since it would be quite obvious, from a PC standpoint, that this is all because of some diabolic thing, and I would have no interest in signing anything one of hell's agents puts in front of me.

    You are still required, by the Pathfinders, to cooperate with your team, and work with them to achieve whatever your current objective is, contract or no.

    Its just a bad idea in general.

    Just because you have a contract with your employer, does not mean all your coworkers have to have a contract with you to expect you to do your job.

    If you get permanent enlarge person on yourself, you are pretty much required to get all of your equipment in a large size.

    If you just assume your equipment, prior to being enlarged, will work just fine, you are not really thinking things through...

    From that point on, you can never take off your armor (to go to sleep, to bathe, to swim, to have a night off at the local brothel, or just get captured and have it removed for you). If you do (and you will) you can't use it anymore.

    Same with a weapon, if you ever put it down (or get disarmed, have to drop it to grab something else, or asked to leave it to attend a fancy party), you now have a inappropriately sized weapon from that point forward.

    So if you're walking around with a medium sized bow and arrows, as a permanently enlarged humanoid, your going to screw yourself sooner rather then later.

    Just get large everything and avoid the whole argument.

    Jesse Davis wrote:


    EvilMinion wrote:

    One of those numbers was mine (and one of the other players in the same game I was in).

    So I assume that means our GM was not responding. =)

    email sent.

    What sort of response time should I be expecting?

    If you are more then 5' from your target with smoke in between, you have total concealment from said target (just like being invisible).

    At which point, all the sneak attack stuff comes online.

    (Jiggy, check out the Firesight ifrit-only feat, that's the important one for this build)

    One of those numbers was mine (and one of the other players in the same game I was in).

    So I assume that means our GM was not responding. =)

    email sent.

    Also sent a personal message to the other player, hopefully he will see it. Can the powers that be work with a Paizo account ID?

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    I've always been under the impression that Oracles don't really choose where their power comes from... so they can worship anyone they want, and change whenever they want... cause their power was never guaranteed to come from that source. =)

    Probably why oracles don't have the Aura class feature like clerics and paladins.

    So go ahead, make Abadar your deity of worship... doesn't mean your power isn't still coming from Asmodeus =)

    redward wrote:
    keeper0 wrote:
    I wonder why a Small beast rider could not select a Medium or Large creature which is normally available as a Small-sized animal companion.

    The Beast Rider archetype, as written, does nothing for Medium characters until level 7.

    I don't know that there are any Small-sized animal companions at level 7.

    Dire Rat!

    So if someone encounters a wight, you don't tell them its a wight? Instead just describing an evil-looking emaciated creature of some sort?

    Players need appropriate information to respond to things in the appropriate manner.

    In the wight example, they get a knowledge check to learn not just what it is, but what it can do, and possible the best way to combat it.

    Why should this situation be any different for a trap or a haunt?

    If they make the appropriate rolls to learn what they are dealing with (whatever those roll(s) are defined as), the GM should be giving them the information they need to deal with it, otherwise, what was the point?

    In the case of a trap, its actually telling them it could be a trap (So they know that things like 'disable device' are now relevant)

    In the case of a haunt, same deal, that it actually might be such a thing. (so they know that things like positive energy or running away, might be relevant)

    Otherwise, its purely subjective. Just because you describe something in what you believe to be a 'totally awesome and obvious' descriptive manner, doesn't mean anyone else is going to interpret it the same way... and in fact, rarely do.

    And this, in a nut shell, is probably why many players view haunts as the GM trying to screw them... because the GM's think they players should be able to glean everything they need from prose.

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