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EvilMinion's page

892 posts. Alias of CursedFrogurt.


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Well, Knowledge (arcana) has a roll to identify a spell effect, in place.
Which one could supposedly use to identifying someone who was petrified via the Flesh To Stone spell.

So a similar sort of roll for the Medusa's supernatural effect doesn't seem out of line.

Nor would lumping it under what one might roll to identify the abilities of the medusa in the first place (Knowledge (nature)) just with a higher DC because you're missing some of the more obvious info to connect the dots.


What is being proposed, is kind of the opposite of bloat.

Core rule book, the seasonal guide, plus a single online Core supplement of some sort.


Jack Brown wrote:
Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
Jack Brown wrote:

I agree 100% that it should ignore the miss chance... but...

On the other hand, in addition to the higher save DC, that wrapping should have allowed it to bypass the miss chance :)

In developing the scenario, I thought that the spell did not suffer a 50% mischance. Making an official ruling on the spell would be a matter for the design team, but for PFS purposes, I'll take Jack's solution.

The wrapping around the wand of ghostbane dirge allows it to bypass the 50% mischance.

Thank you, Linda.

I think that's a fantastic solution to the problem.

OK... we did some math at the table.... in the higher tier... (I go off vague memory here)

Chance to affect incorporeal target with corporeal spell: 50%
Chance of bypassing said targets Spell Resistance (CL 5 vs SR 19): 35%
Chance of said target failing the will save (DC 17 vs +12 Will): 20%

Chance of wand spell landing without the above mentioned change: 3.5%

Chance of wand spell landing with the above mentioned change: 7%

Either way, the wand (though great flavor) is basically a trap, and a PC is almost always better off doing just about anything else then attempting to use it.

Which is sad really... but its a problem with spell not the scenario.


Perhaps a new on-line product that has just additional core-available options. So as not to clutter up the resources list.
Language/Ethnicity stuff, some vanities, perhaps some wayfinder options, and the Pathfinder lore.

Though that would be its own can of worms, I suppose.


Would be nice to have some vanity options to spend prestige points on.
The PFS Field Guide and Primer would allow be nice for that.

Would be nice to have more Pathfinder background info... so I like this thought.

Sign on as a player then!

You would constantly be making concentration checks if you're trying to gather power while mounted and moving about.

And if you fail of course, it blows back on you.

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Nature abhors a vacuum!

In the absence of information, I'm always more than happy to make up info!

So ya, make up names for them.

They can object all they want, but you're doing so in character... and its their own damn fault.

Hell, some of the nicknames might even catch on! I love a good nickname backstory!


1) no, they do not get full hp on the first HD like PC's.
2) I'd think you round at the end, not incrementally. So every other level you make up that half. At least that's how I've been doing it. =)


Her appearance in Overflow Archives is nice, as a post-dark-archives-forming sort of thing.


Are spellbooks ever listed on chronicle sheets?
Don't recall ever seeing one.


Pirate Rob wrote:

Is it windy escape? I bet it's windy escape.

I've almost completed my 10 punch card for telling players no, they can't cast windy escape. Yes, I'll literally told 9 different players no, they can't cast that spell.

Mudball is the one I've got the most stamps for =)

ashuramarsh wrote:
If you get your eidolon to size large through normal evolutions and then cast an enlarge person spell to make it huge, followed by a permanency. What would happen when you got to the point of being able to buy the huge size evolution? Would it just not be effective or would it increase another size level?

You would no longer be able to give it that evolution, as you do not qualify.

From the Large (ex) evolution description wrote:
The eidolon must be Medium to take this evolution.

In order to give your eidolon the large evolution *or* the huge evolution, it has to be medium to start out (as per the text of the evolution).

So if you make it large by default in the mean time, you no longer qualify to take the evolution.

How it gets adjudicated from there, I'm sure would vary by GM.

And channeling can still heal them just fine.

Though the point that dragonhunterq made above: that, even if they do save, they just take half the healing not none at all, is the important one.

So you can still heal them if they're hanging on by a rage-thread... it just costs you more resources.

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
As for killing them, a good one I've heard for dealing with flying dragons is to ready a Wall Stone to appear in their flight path when its too late for them to turn to avoid (like as they are swooping in to attack). Since it's instantaneous, should work here. Is limited to the GM's interpretation of what would happen, but I've heard good results on this end. And since they are crashing into the wall, instead of the wall attacking them, it often bypasses DR and such (like falling damage).

This does not work either.

Rules for conjuration/summoning spells don't allow them to be called into existence in mid-air.

And even if the dragon were flying low enough that you could build it up tall enough to try, the dragon should still get a save to avoid it. (much like trying to use a wall to 'trap' someone, as per the spell description.

Now, a Wall of Force, on the other hand, is evocation...

Make sure he actually gets to make those attacks of opportunity in the first place.

The Whip does not threaten without feats that he does not currently have.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Just a Mort wrote:

lantern archons (yup whole load of em-who told you evil arcane casters/oracles can't summon them) and a dancing bard.

Although good in theory, in practice it is extremely unlikely that a lantern archon would be able to resist the Frightful Presence aura, and would just spend all its time fleeing in fear without ever being able to get close enough to use its ranged attack.

You can't 'perma-prone' people with trip.

I see no actual whip proficiency (its an exotic weapon so he's not proficient just for being a fighter, or a human).
Also, he does not threaten with the whip without Improved Whip Mastery... so how is he getting any AoOs at all?

As for what to do, sunder the damn whip, its got no hit points or hardness to speak of.

edit: also, you could use enlarge person on the giants (they are humanoids)... once they gain a size category, he would no longer be able to trip them at all without increasing in size himself... though he could still disarm them.

I've yet to see a GM that agreed with that interpretation.
Thus the expectation of variance =)

I waffle on the animal fury with feral gnasher.

The 6th level Improved Lockjaw ability specifically states "is unable to move or use her mouth for anything other than grappling."

This could be interpreted as precluding using it for additional bite attacks from animal fury.

Expect variance there.


Can you get floating disk and have the bird on that?

A wand wouldn't last overly long (its 1 hour a level) ... but if you can cast it yourself (perhaps with a lesser rod of extend) you could work it to last the whole work day, before too long.

If its a familiar, I can only assume you have access to arcane spells in some fashion... so a possibility.

Now if you can just have your floating disk look like a 1974 dodge cop car...


Same Season 2 scenario:

Heh. Rebel's Ransom, in the high tier, can also be a beast on that fight if the GM decides to use the oracle's higher level revelation...
And why wouldn't he? =)

OK, I've given it some thought, and I think I'm going to bow out of the AP.

Too much for me! =)

But the rest of you have fun.

Now to figure out how to undot myself... hmmm.

ya, wait, don't withdraw because I pondered a goblin. =)

I was just throwing it out there to see what folks thought of it.

To be honest, I'm pondering not doing the AP thing at all.
I get way too caught up in this stuff and am no sure I should be committing to it at this point.


Re: goblin PC thoughts

The general hope will be to tie his background in with one of the other players (whoever feels up the RP side of things and a willingness to work it in)

Basic premise being, said other pc managed (completely unintentionally) to save him from drowning (exact details of the event to be decided)... and ever since, despite countless attempts to lose him or shoo him away, he's been following them around incessantly like a cheerful little puppy... (that occassionally goes all feral and gnaws someone's leg off.)

They finally gave up trying to dodge him, and just got used to him following them around. Though he doesn't speak common (goblins do not get it automatically) and the other PC does not speak goblin, eventually the two of them have worked out a sort of pseudo language between them (part common, part goblin, part facial expression and physical gestures and tone, etc) that they understand each other well enough... much to the confusion of others.

Mechanically, I can give him common, just not use it.

(my main reason for hoping to do it this way, is because I want to make him this seemingly happy cheerful little fellow that's almost always talking to himself and breaking out into cheerful-sounding goblin tunes he makes up on the fly (like Golum in the LotR movie singing his little song while catching the fish) It would be really difficult to come up with all of this for real, so much easier to just mention he's off to one side singing something then worry about making up the words (I'm obsessive enough I'd probably try to do it)

I don't intend on him being a big conversationalist, just a missile you point and shoot at the enemy (possibly with a hidden clever side not immediately obvious.. depending on how my stats work out =))

Motivation is not a big issue, as he will just be intent on doing whatever the other PC is doing, and supporting their decisions over anyone elses. (In reality he believes the other PC is an avatar of the goblin hero god Zogmugot, who for whatever reason decided to allow him to live then stick around so clearly he must assist them in all things)

Not sure on the campaign traits, will partially depend on when he and the other PC meet up (I could work in a few of them if needed)

The feral gnasher archetype is a goblin only barbarian archetype that basically gives them a bite attack and upgrades to that.
So his main attack would be a natural bite attack, and I'd want to focus on that...
There's also some improvised weapon stuff to work with too (I'm pondering the throwing random things as he charges in to gnaw)

Lots of background and Rp stuff rolling around my head still, but don't want to dive too far down this rabbit hole if its not going to work for the campaign.


The only pc I'm inspired to play at the moment, that I can't do in PFS, is a goblin feral gnasher...

Mostly for the rp side of it, as I'd hope to convince everyone *not* to know goblin =)

Not sure how viable the archetype is over the long haul though, as want to mostly just gnaw on things.

Will have to ponder.

The musket and pistol used to say the same thing (what the pistol does now)

The errata changed the musket wording, but they forgot to change the pistol wording.

There was a later clarification that the pistol was supposed to change as well in the same way.

These were errataed (?) not too long ago.
The language should be the same for both now (the musket one has been updated properly the pistol wording is wrong)

ie: using both barrels is a standard action

This was primarily to avoid all the gun shenanigans that used to occur with folks shooting both barrels for every attack during a full attack actions.

So in your example, you would lose your iterative attack (as you can't full attack anymore firing both barrels) but gain the 2nd bullet ... so +2/+2

Unsure what happens if you misfire on both ... =) kaboom?

Nor can you use bite attacks when your mouth is already occupied holding onto your target.

GM V wrote:
its a 1-5 but we will probably be in the high tier. It is part 3 of an arc and you get to play with mythic powers.

Its actually a 3-7.

The first 2 parts were 1-5, the 3rd part is higher.

demonolgist wrote:
EvilMinion wrote:

Slashing grace does not work when fighting with more than one weapon.

And the beard counts as an off-hand weapon, and precise strike won't work either.

You do not gain this benefit while fighting with two weapons or using flurry of blows, or any time another hand is otherwise occupied.

precise strike does work because: To use this deed, a swashbuckler cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand or use a shield other than a buckler. my other hand is not being used for anything but a buckler.
we house ruled slashing grace the same because the wording is any time another hand is otherwise occupied this was brought up because of a character that was made with slashing grace before the nerfs were inplimented.

You are paraphrasing.

The exact wording is of import
Slashing Grace: "You do not gain this benefit while fighting with two weapons"

Precise Strike: "To use this deed, a swashbuckler cannot attack with a weapon in her off hand"
Barbazu Beard: "A barbazu beard can be used as an off-hand weapon"

Whether its in your hand is not relevant, for either ability.
If you're using two or more weapons (wherever they are) slashing grace does not function. If you're using an off-hand weapon (which the barbazu beard is) precise strike does not work.

If you've house ruled around the stuff, that's fine. But straight up, not so much.

Slashing grace does not work when fighting with more than one weapon.

And the beard counts as an off-hand weapon, and precise strike won't work either.


a dozen greater invisible critters spamming dominate person... your pc's will hate you =)


I think seasons 4 and 5 have all sorts of nicely connected gems in them, connecting things from both seasons and from multiple directions.

General plot spoilers for a number of Season 4 and 5 scenarios:

The afore mentioned Disappeared -> Fortress of the Nail in season 4 leading to the confrontation with TD in Vengeance at Sundered Craig in season 5

The Glories of the Past series in season 4 ... followed by the season 5 (Siege of the Diamond City) special ... leading into The Traitor's Lodge ... then to the same Vengeance at Sundered Craig scenario mentioned above, though for a different (but connected) npc confrontation.

And the Library of the Lion -> Horn of Aroden connection you mention above ... to find the Horn... then onto Assault on the Wound to actually use it (if you're the right faction) ... and the events in Assault happen more or less in conjunction with the events in Sundered Craig.

There's all great connected stuff going on there.

All in all, I think they did a great job of making the PC's feel connected to the massive events that went on with the whole Sky Citadel/Worldwound storylines. And not just in the above scenarios, but many others.

I thought you couldn't take Advanced Weapon Training until level 9?


The problem is that you want your mount to be an actual griffon... just a young one.

That leads to problems.

From an enemy not knowing that its not an animal, assuming its a magical beast...

To someone using Gorge of Gluttons on it =)

Its not 'just fluff that doesn't affect mechanics' if its type is visually different.

The rule quoted for smoke is not the rule for 'normal smoke' its the rule for 'heavy smoke'.

There's a difference.

It is the same as the smoke from a smokestick.

ie: it does nothing but obscure vision, just in a bigger area.

Just cause its a spell like ability, does not change the casting time.

It still takes a whole minute.

A spell-like ability has a casting time of 1 standard action unless noted otherwise in the ability or spell description

You said it already, it seems the closest to the urgrosh.

Which is basically a battleaxe/spear combo.

If you want to ignore the spear side, then its just a battleaxe.

It is not a dwarven waraxe.

You could use feat you mention, to do piercing damage with a battleaxe.
Or you could use the same feat to just take exotic weapon proficiency in the urgrosh
Or if your a dwarf, you get it as a martial proficiency for nothing.
If you're human, you can take the adoptive parentage racial trait (replaces your bonus feat) to get the whole dwarven weapon familiarity and achieve the same result (plus a few other weapon profs and languages).


mileage will vary

There is no miss chance due to being incorporeal.

The concealment from the evolution should apply to everything (corporeal or not). that's part of the 'shadow' stuff, not the 'incorporeal' stuff.

Shadow Form is not making your eidolon incorporeal. Be clear on that. It gives it some concealment, and allows it to affect incorporeal creatures... but it is not incorporeal itself else it would not need to give it the Ghost Touch ability, as incorporeal creatures can already affect other incorporeal creatures.

And just for clarity, you can give your eidolon the shadow form evolution via the level 2 summoner spell, lesser evolution surge.
In case you don't want your eidolon all shadow all the time.

Also, this evolution might not be PFS legal, unless you're a Fetchling... if it matters.

You already found one. With shadow form, the melee attacks do 50% to corporeal creatures, not incorporeal. You get full damage on incorporeal.

Gwen Smith wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
In the Pathfinder Society Primer there is the spell Kreighton's Perusal, but that is all I know of.
I love this spell. All my knowledge-based characters keep a wand of this in a spring-loaded wrist sheath. Add a handy haversack with all the the Pathfinder Chronicles in it, and you have +2 to any knowledge check in a single round.

Utilizing the chronicles takes more then a round... well unless you spent the hour on the right book earlier in the day I suppose.

To reitterate what the previous poster was referring to...

It looks like someone overwrote the slayer class description page with the slayer archetype page.

and tml

both have the same content.

Not sure when this happened... but as of now, its impossible to look at the class description =)


outshyn wrote:

The spell Make Whole will fully restore a fully destroyed weapon. Yes, even if it's completely destroyed, Make Whole will return it to perfect working condition! There is a risk/cost -- the person casting Make Whole must have a caster level "at least twice that of the item." So you may need a high level caster, and that might cost a little extra.

OK, so what is the level of the item? The rules say, "For an item with only an enhancement bonus and no other abilities, the caster level is three times the enhancement bonus. If an item has both an enhancement bonus and a special ability, the higher of the two caster level requirements must be met." So let's use the +1 corrosive thundering katana as an example. The enhancement is +1, so that's easy. Corrosive is +1 equivalent, and thundering is too. You pick the highest (they're all 1) and triple it -- so the caster level is merely 1x3 = 3! Make Whole says it'll fully restore the item if the person casting the spell has twice that level, or in this case is at level 6.

Spellcasting services cost "caster level × spell level × 10 gp." So 6th level caster x 2nd level spell x 10 gp = 120 GP. Yes, that's right. To restore our completely destroyed example item, it's a mere 120 GP!!!

You're calculating this wrong in your example

a +1 weapon requires a caster level of 3
Weapon Special Abilities - Caster Level for Weapons wrote:
For an item with only an enhancement bonus and no other abilities, the caster level is three times the enhancement bonus.

A corrosive weapon has a caster level of 10

A thundering weapon has a caster level of 5
Weapon Special Abilities - Caster Level for Weapons wrote:
The caster level of a weapon with a special ability is given in the item description.
Corrosive wrote:
Price +1 bonus; Aura moderate evocation; CL 10th; Weight —
Thundering wrote:
Price +1 bonus; Aura faint necromancy; CL 5th; Weight —

So a +1 corrosive thundering katana, would have a final CL of 10 (the highest of the three) and thus the make whole would require a 20th level caster (thus putting the cost at 20 x 2 x 10 = 400 gp)

Out of curiosity, does a beast rider cavalier qualify to take Monstrous Mount? (They don't meet the requirements, as written, having none of divine bond, hunter's bond, or the mount class feature (the later is traded out for the exotic mount class feature)).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Racial heritage does not, in any way, allow you to select alternate racial abilities.

The answer is no, they can not.

How is this a problem at level 1?

A fine sized gunslinger will be doing what?

1d8->1d6->1d4->1d3->1d2 damage.

So he does 1 or 2 points of damage? And won't have any bonuses to that at 1st level other then maybe point blank shot. Most things will laugh at him.

Now, once the dex to damage kicks in, then it might be a decent number (along with deadly aim) ... but until he gets to level 5, he's not going to destroy anything.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Hmm... was sure the dwarven longhamer and longaxe were going to be in the polearm group as well.

Guess not.


I thought there was a rule somewhere that dire animals were not legal to purchase in PFS.


So its not legal to purchase dire animals from the Animal Archive.
But that language is missing from Ultimate Equipment.

Does the AA supersede the UE, due to being the newer publication?

Seems like it should just be a blanket things, but guess not.

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