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Eviana Nirgassan

Eviana Nirgassan's page

3 posts. Alias of Endraca.

Full Name

Eviana Nirgassan










Crying Leaf


Ruling noble of Crying Leaf

About Eviana Nirgassan

Eviana is a striking figure. Her high brow is set with a thin
metal circlet, and small gemstones sparkle in her hair.
Although richly dressed in a finely made gown, the hilt
of a sword is clearly visible at her waist.

Eviana Nirgassan wrote:

“Please, be seated,” Eviana says in light and friendly voice. “I

received word from your friend Kwava that you were coming,
bringing with you knowledge that might help us with our…
situation, deeper in the Mierani. My people and I are grateful
that you made this journey. As you can likely guess, we are
in a delicate position. It would be best if what you learn here
does not spread beyond the bows of the Mierani. Do we have
an accord?”

She is of noble heritage and the leader of Crying Leaf, a small village in the Mierani forest created to control the Drow threat in the ruins of the ancient elven city of Celwynvian.

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