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Esfana Arantia's page

227 posts. Alias of Gandal.

Full Name

Esfana Arantia


Human ( Varisian)


Cleric lvl 2 ( Iomedae )




medium 5'3'' -140 lb (173cm - 65kg)




Neutral Good




Kaer Maga




Priestess,healer,battle support, exile

About Esfana Arantia

Strength : 13 (+1) actually 14 (+2)
Dexterity : 10 actually 10
Constitution : 12 (+1) actually 12 (+1)
Intelligence : 9 (-1) actually 9 (-1)
Wisdom : 18 (+4) actually 18 (+4)
Charisma : 15 (+2) actually 15 (+2)

HP:(HD 1d8+1const)tot hp 13 current hp 13 HD rolled:8+1/3+1/
AC: (10 +5armor +0dex +1shield)tot16 FF16 touch10
CMB:(bab+1 str+1 size+0)tot +2 actually +3
CMD:(bab+1 str+1 size+0 dex+0 +10)tot 12 actually 13
Fortitude save:base+3 stat+1 tot+4
Reflex save:base+0 stat+0 tot+0
Will save :base+3 stat+4 tot+7 (+9 against Fear)
Speed :30ft actual 30ft

Initiative +0

Char Traits: Ease of faith(+1 Diplomacy)
Divine Warrior-Iomedae-(+1 Melee damage for weapons affected by w.dam affecting spells)
Corageous(+2 save agaist Fear)
Favored class:Cleric

bonus from favored class:
lvl 1 +1 skill rank
lvl 2 +1 skill rank

Racial Traits:+2 to an attribute score
+1 skill rank at 1st lvl,+1 skill rank at any newly gained lvl

Skills: Knowledge (religions)+3[Int -1stat +1rank +3class]
Knowledge (nobility) -1[Int -1stat rank class]
Knowledge (arcana) -1[Int -1stat rank class]
Knowledge (history) -1[Int -1stat rank class]
Diplomacy +7[Cha +2stat +1rank +3class +1trait]
Perception +4[Wis +4stat rank class]
Sense Motive +8[Wis +4stat +1rank +3class]
Heal +9[Wis +4stat +2rank +3class]
Spellcraft +3[Int -1stat +1rank +3class]
Appraise -1[Int -1stat rank class]

Feats: Simple weapons proficiency [class]
Longsword proficiency [class]
Light armor proficiency [class]
Medium armor proficiency [class]
Shield proficency [class]
Human bonus feat: Combat Casting (+4 caster level check to cast while grappled or defensively)-current caster check +6
1st lvl feat: Extra Channel (+2 additional channel energy/day)

Class Features: Aura (Neutral Good)
Domains (War-Sun)
Channel Positive energy:7 times/day 1d6 damage to undead or wounds healed to allies - radius 30 foot (3 from class +2 from charisma +2 from feat)- DC to halve damage when casting to harm undead: 10+half cl lvl+Charisma mod (actually 13)
Spontaneous Casting:A good cleric may choose to "lose" a prepared spell (no orison and/or domain-spell) in order to cast a same or lower level spell of the "Cure" subtype

Prepared Spells:
Level 1-Shield of Faith-Magic Weapon-Protection from evil
Domain Spell-Endure Elements(Sun)-Spirital Weapon(War)

Domain Powers:

Sun's Blessing (Sun):Whenever you channel positive energy to harm undeads, add your cleric level to damage dealt.Undead don't add their channel resistance
Battle Rage (War):With a standard action, you can touch a creature to grant him/her a bonus to melee damage equal to half cleric level for 1 round -actual bonus +1-7 times/day

Powers used:


Longsword 15gp 4lb worn
[att+3 dam1d8+1 crit 19-20 x2 S]
Morningstar 8gp 6lb
[att+3 dam1d8+1 crit x2 B/P]
Light crossbow 35gp 4lb
[att+1 dam1d8 crit 19-20 x2 range inc.80ft P]
Crossbow bolts x20 2gp 2lb
Scale Mail 50gp 30lb worn
[armor+5 dex+3 check -4 spell fail 25%]
Shield-light wood- 3gp 5lb worn
[shield+1 check-1 spell fail 5%]
Explorer's outfit 10gp(free) 8lb
Cleric's Vestments 5gp 6lb worn
Waterskin 1gp 2lb
Backpack 2gp 2lb
Bedroll 1sp 5lb
Holy Simbol-silver 25gp 1lb worn
Lamp-common 1sp 1lb
Oil-1pint 1sp 1lb
Pouch belt 1gp 1/2lb worn

Magical equip:

3x Cure Light Wounds potion
Ring of minor prowess slot ring -weight neg-value 2000 gp-effect +1 strength after 24 hours (worn)

Encumbrance: 47lb
Carrying Capacity:Light50lbMedium100lbHeavy150lb actually Light58lb Medium116lb Heavy175lb

She is the daughter of a Taldan male officer stationed in Lastwall and a
Varisian priestess of Iomedae.
Esfana followed the career of battle cleric of The Inheritor since
childhood, she has light brownish skin and dark,long wavy hair.
She was eventually romantically involved with the son of a chelaxian
ambassador,but the father of her lover, seeing Esfana as an obstacle to the career of the son used his many friends in the nobility to send her in battle along the borders of the Mindspin
Mountain and also paid assassins to kill her during her service there.
They ambushed Esfana short after a skirmish, and she fell down a cliff;the assassins could not chase her because of the rest of the troops arrival but her body was never found.
When Esfana came back to her senses she was in a wagon of a merchantile
expedition heading toward Kaer Maga ; she wanted to pay her savior but had
nothing with her apart from her battle gear, so she promised to make a new
life for herself in this new city and earn what she needs providing both
healing and battle skill for the needing. And she has anyway unfinished business awaiting at home.

51gp 8sp


Prestige Awards:
Church of Iomedae/total PA 4/current PA 4

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