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Anemos maybe? With their ridiculous range, and powerful special attacks, anemoi can crush things way out of their nominal weight category without breaking a sweat.

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Berselius wrote:

Was kind of hoping Soul Warden would have been revised in this manual to be a anti-undead/divine caster-based prestige class.

Any info on the Bestiary? More powerful versions of base elementals? New celestials or inevitables?

Skeld, PDF Prophet wrote:

Bestiary Section:
Aphorite; LN Medium outsider (native); CR 1/2

Bastion Archon; LG Huge outsider (archon, extraplanar, good, lawful); CR 20
Argent Warden; LG Medium construct (extraplanar); CR 8
Cynosoma; CG Medium outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, good); CR 12
Duskwalker; N Medium outsider (native); CR 1/2
Empusa; CN Medium outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, shapechanger); CR 13
Etheroot; N Large plant (extraplanar); CR 8
Ganzi; CN Medium outsider (native); CR 1/2
Novenarut Inevitable; LN Medium outsider (extraplanar, inevitable, lawful); CR 4
Valharut Inevitable; LN Medium outsider (extraplanar, inevitable, lawful); CR 11
Irii; LN or CN Medium outsider (extraplanar, shapechanger); CR 19
Leviathan; N Colossal magical beast (water); CR 30
Moon Hag; CE Medium monstrous humanoid (extraplanar); CR 7
Roseling; NG Small plant (extraplanar, shapechanger); CR 7
Sapphire Ooze; CG Medium ooze (extraplanar, shapechanger); CR 2
Sirrush; NG Gargantuan dragon (extraplanar, good); CR 21
Watcher; LN Gargantuan outsider; CR 22
Whyrlish; N Huge aberration (extraplanar); CR 15
Wisagatcak; LE Small outsider (evil, extraplanar, lawful); CR 14
Wrackworm; CE Colossal outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar); CR 20
Xiomorn; LN Medium outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar, mythic); CR 20 / MR 8

Know that much in the way of knowledge can be found upthread, yea, even such things that ye seek.

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Gold Sovereign wrote:
Is Jandelay one of the demiplanes described in the book?
James Jacobs wrote:
bananahell wrote:

Speaking of the great Oliphaunt of Jandelay, will we be getting some information about Jandelay in this book?

Skeld wrote:
Gold Sovereign wrote:
Now, I would like to get more details about the Watcher, as it's one of the most notorious creatures in the book. From which plane does it come?
They're headquartered in Jandelay.

All signs point to yes.

I don't know about the edict dragon proper, but all the other Planar dragons were illustrated by Leesha Hannigan.

Well, aphorites have to come from somewhere.

Yqatuba wrote:
I can't find one in in the SRD.

Not really, the closest you can get is the Broken Soul template. The Directosaur says that he doesn't want to have specific templates for risen fiends or fallen celestials because that implies it's a lot more common that it supposed to be (i.e. as common as a fire elemental taking up deep-sea diving)

From the Management of Expectations Department:

James Jacobs wrote:

Furthermore, the game play niche of the gigas was in the early days intended to fill the CR gap between giants and titans. But that gap no longer exists. We've gone ahead and filled the CR 14 to CR 20 range with a LOT of regular giants.

Long story short, I wouldn't expect to EVER see us put gigases into a hardcover, and we are very unlikely to do much more with them in the very near future. I suppose I could see them leaking in one at a time in an Adventure Path bestiary now and then, but even then... meh.

James Jacobs wrote:

You are not the only one who noticed there is no CR 20 archon.

... Yet.

CR 30:
Leviathan is both a tane and the CR 30.

Selene Spires wrote:

Any news about 1st Ed. Stuff?

Like will Planar Adventures be the last 1st Ed Hardcover?

Is there going be a Campaign setting hardcover in the coming Year?

Besides the name of the last AP, the name of the LN planar race, and what the CR 30 is, not much. Everything else 1st Ed. related was stuff related to organized play or things you'd probably already know about from lurking on the boards.

Yes, it will.

They didn't mention one, so probably not.


James Jacobs wrote:

No worries! I'm just a bit reflexively thin-skinned when it comes to Mythic Adventures. I'm actually VERY proud of Wrath of the Righteous—it's a storyline I'd been aching to tell more or less from day one of Pathfinder once we decided there was a Worldwound, and it's just really soul-cripplingly frustrating and depressing that some folks have latched onto it as a failure due to the way the Mythic Rules and high-level play interacted when I put so much work into the AP to make it memorable. It just ended up being memorable for a lot of the wrong reasons, and that overshadows what I feel is one of the better storylines we've done in the line.

Can I get a source on that, because if he did say that, I expect he was being facetious. While one can find plenty of examples of Mr. Directosaur bemoaning the way high level mythic play works and the backlash that some of the consumers had against the mechanics thereof, he still seems to like the storyline of WotR. Seeing as it being canon has nothing to do with mechanics and evrything to do with story, I see no reason to assume that it wouldn't be canon.

Add to that fact that Paizo is unlikely to make a "we're closing the worldwound, for real this time" adventure for fear of outcry that they are invalidating peoples games...

Well, when you see an snow white dragon destroying a village, think chromatic wyrm, not renegade albino silver dragon.

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I fear your personal distaste for WotR does not affect it's canonicity as an Adventure Path.

kevin_video wrote:
The developers have spoken numerous times about how the World Wound will be closed come 2.0 so I'm very curious to know if the final AP will be responsible or if it's on the shoulders of PFS.

Umm... I think it's a bit late for that...

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LN Planar Race + a few other tidbits:
I honestly don't know. The section for Planar Adventures was rather brief. Mr. J said that there would be spells, feats, archetypes, and magic items (but did not give any examples), said the book would detail where deities live (with a grim hint that learning where ol' Z-K lives would shed light on what caused his transformation), would have three player races (the "aphorites" which the only things he said I transcribed in my previous post, and the ganzi and the unnamed race from the boneyard, both of which he remained silent on) and the name of the CR 30, and that was it in terms of Planar Adventures news

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LN Planar Race:
Is named "aphorite(s)" (not sure on the spelling, but that's what it sounded like) and was described as "downgraded axomites" IIRC

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CR 30 monster discusion:
James Jacobs wrote:
The Sideromancer wrote:
I thought the Thallasic Behemoth was Leviathan?
Nope. The thallasic behemoth is in fact a thalasic behemoth. It is NOT Leviathan.

I believe Mr. Directosaur intentionally used ambiguous phrasing to throw us off the scent (i.e. he meant that the Thalassic behemoth wasn't Leviathan, not that the CR 30 wasn't)

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David knott 242 wrote:
StygianRose wrote:
Can anyone tell us a little about the "Chart caster" Mesmerist?

He is basically a fake astrologer.

Ah, so he's an astrologer.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
I think that was intentional, Marco since they wanted to cap this thing out at 20.

I thought that was for Return of the Runelords. Are you sure you're not mixing them up?

So, the planes we already know are going to show up are Heaven (LG), Hell (LE), and the Shadow Plane (Neutral, but heavily influenced by both the Negative Energy Plane and Zon-Kuthon). Each of these planes have an obvious choice of what metropolis to detail, with Shadow Absalom for the Plane of Shadow, Dis for Hell, and Heaven's Shore for Heaven, seeing as all of these are bustling trade cities with a high amount of planeswalkers and non-natives to keep things varied. It's no sure thing, but I would be shocked if none of these cities were chosen.

Now, the only real question is 'which of the remaining planes will have a city statted up?' My guess is we'll get settlements in both Elysium and the Abyss (city is to strong a word to describe places where chaotic outsiders make their homes), in order to balance the presence of their lawful equivalents, leaving us with just the shadow plane needing a contrasting plane to balance it all out. The obvious suggestion would be something from The First World, seeing as it is the bright and vibrant counterpart to the Prime Material Plane, just as the Shadow Plane is it's dark and dingy twin, but that may be bit too on the nose. Instead, I predict that the last city will be in the Positive Energy Plane, seeing as it is a historically underutilized place, and that it would be interesting to see how the two primary inhabitants of that plane (the manasputra and jyoti) interact with each other, something that has not adequately been addressed.

Of course, since I'm purely guessing here, I am probably wrong, but I may be right.

So, will we get anything on the planar and primal dragons in this book? It would be interesting to see how these dragons fit into the fabric of these planes and the roles they are suspected to play, rather than just assuming that their main concern is collecting enough treasure to make fighting them worthwhile to the next group of heavily-armed vagrants of an appropriate APL to stumble by.

I decided to start another re-read of The Wheel of Time and ended up reading the prequel New Spring, which I had meant to skip. I enjoyed it a good deal more this time around, but that could be because my expectations were much lower than during my first leaf through. I recalled being my second least favorite book in the series, after Crossroads of Twilight, so if this is as bad as it gets it means that I like the series better than even I thought.

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"The Spammers are getting better at anticipating our moves.
I underestimated the hacker. The previous attacks were clumsy, but this one was swift and overwhelming."