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Errant Mercenary's page

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The template I posted is from a 3pp. However there are a tonne of templates out there that each do very different Things.

Hey, first:
Most AP fights are very easy, for a decently optimised party. Specially if going With more than 15 point buy or rolled stats. Some APs do have Deadly fights, usually early on due to the binary way combat goes and the lack of options characters have.

Second, a template may confer DR, such as plant creatures ( reature-cr-varies-tohc)

Third, assaulting all combats in a RaaaaageAaaaRrrAaaGgGhGH!!! is a Perfect way of dying in fights that are otherwise fairly simple. We dont have much info from Your post about how you went about it so we cant comment much.

You went out of the mist and then re entered, telling us that perhaps fighting those Things was not of inminent priority. If you could have a few rounds to buff, scout or change tactics it may help.

Otherwise, staple paizo Boards answer: talk to Your DM about what you both want and expect from the game. Ask him if he expects you to play different or he does do tough fights.

All in all rather than a new character my suggestion is to improve battletactics. My Group certainly learnt that there are several solutions to a problem, amd usually charge in and kill is the one that hurt themselves most. More information in context could help us understand the problem further.

Giving the players control of the GM character is also a possibility. They might kill him by dumb positioning but hey that's how it plays.

Skull and Shackles does not care about what race you are. Very easy to think of a reason why a rare race would be there (slavery, trade routes of several different nations, for example).



Some sea plants are actually grasses. Also, sea weed does have "weed" in the name. /more pedantics

Shane LeRose wrote:
Gisher wrote:
Advanced Class Guide wrote:
A character can take more than one archetype and garner additional alternate class features, but none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the base class as the other alternate feature.
Eldritch Scion replaces the Arcane Pool feature, and Bladebound alters the same ability. So they are incompatible archetypes.

Not so fast! Although Eldritch Scion states it replaces arcane pool it also states that abilities which modify arcane pool also affect eldritch pool. Could that include other archetypes? Could it be interpreted that the specific (eldritch pool = arcane pool) trumps the general rule (archetypes cannot replace the same ability).

It's a valid discussion.

I would agree, though more in the benefit of making this dodgily worded archetype more accessible.

Holy Vindicator, With it using blood to fuel his Powers. Fluff it as Unholy vindicator.

Avoron wrote:

Yes. You can do much the same with Beast Rider.

In fact, I made a Fighter 4/Packmaster Hunter X build that, at level 12, had 3 rhinoceroses at effective druid levels of 11, 12, and 12.

This character could share teamwork feats with each of these rhinoceroses. The teamwork feats I had in the build:
Distracting Charge
Horde Charge
Coordinated Charge

I just built this as you said for an NPC and this is SICK. Throw in there Charge Through and the Overrun feats, if space on the hunter's feats include Outflank and Pack flanking. This is a painful stampeđe.

All the huntmaster's feas went into Teamwork feats.

Edit: full huntsmster, no fighter, so could probably get more feats.

Paladin: Sacred Shield (Warrior of the light Close second)
Rogue: (ninja) Scout
Bard: Arcane Duelist
Fighter: Two Handed weapon fighter
Ranger: Trapper
Oracle: Bones mystery
Cleric: Divine Strategist
Gunslinger: Bolt Ace
Inquisitor: Sin Eater
Monk: Master Many Styles
Magus: Kensai
Witch: White haires witch (wish the faq hadnt been so brutal)
Alchemist: Grenadier
Warpriest: Sacred Fist

Others i cant comment on

A pulley system that allows you to Reach any point of the ship from the rigging, grab it and zip down, as a zip line essentially. Mechanical, but could have some Magic Component.

Similarly a self-latching zip line from friendly ship to enemy ship from the rigging would be cool.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Nicos wrote:

There are bad things out there, but I do not belive there is something worst than

Voices of the Spheres

At 2nd level, an empyreal knight learns to speak and read Celestial, if she could not already.

This ability replaces divine grace.

Basically in exchange of a powerful defensive ability you gain a point in linguistic.

I was going to suggest this one when I read the thread title.

eenofanderezot wrote:

i really can't understand how there are ... what, four? archetypes of the ranger who have non-functional class abilities and it hasn't been answered yet.

does everyone just houserule this or something?

Because paizo is extremely sloppy in reading before they print. Archetypes are their worst, feats perhaps a close second. Every new book has several things that just dont work or are unclear.

I like the company and their products, I buy from them, but I'm getting very tired of this. A new large book (acg) riddled with errors when its a crunch boom dedicated to classes and archetypes.

As for the freebooter, I agree with the above..perhaps better not to FAQ it cause they might take the lazy route and just omit that class feature without anything in return.

Would it be asking much to see some spreadsheet examples of a character? I build a lot of humanoid NPCs and ugh it gets hefty.

Part of the problem about martials is not their design but how combat in pathfinder is designed.

You either full attack things as a martial or ýou suck (or are less than hald as useful as others).

You can't build for anything else or you'll be setting yourself behind. When was the last time you saw a martial moving and hitting once as a viable combat tactic? (instead of full attacking when both were possible). It's the system, not the classes.
This has a simple solution through feats and archetypes to give more options (shot on the run, vital strike, fighting defensively, combat maneuvers..) that they just don't write, leaving them as always sub or options.

Arcane Archer substitutes (but not the real deal):

- Mymidarch magus
- Card Caster magus
- Drow Cavern sniper (darkness imbued Arrows)
- Alchemist (Conductive weapon with bombs/grenadier archetype/focused shot/vital strike)
- Bards (Sound striker with conductive? Just thought of this will check if legal)

Those function slightly like an arcane Archer, can cast and do well in combat.

I get a little more excited than i should when someome posts in this thread. Bring the demise at sea!

Kysune wrote:
Errant Mercenary wrote:
heyyon wrote:

Resurrecting this from the forgotten rules questions grave...

Does this work? Move action for that one specific potion?

It seems that if in round 1 you use the gloves' free action on round 2 you may drink it as a free action. You must begin Your turn With potion in turn. You cant use this With just 1 turn.

Sorry, your response makes no sense. claudekennilol posted the description of both the Glove of Storing and the Accelerated Drinker feat. Nothing in that said anything about drinking a potion as a free action. Accelerated Drinker allows you to drink a potion as a move action.

I see no issue with this as you are starting the round with the potion in your hand, albeit it's shrunken in size. The potion is not in some extradimensional space and it's not merged with the glove either. You could, at the start of your turn, take a free action to restore the item to regular size and then spend a move action to drink the potion.

Yeah i mistyped sorry, good Catch. Drink as a move but the potion must be summoned yo Your hand before your turn, i.e. in the previous turn as a free action. Therefore minimum time to use this combination would be 2 rounds. Thatd be my interpretation, but hey if your GM is willing, why not :)

If you already have the potion in hand (iron flasks to avoid aoe damage if Your dm wants to be pedantic) then its just drink it as a move. Have a look at Two Fisted Drinker from mythic for double the fun.

Thank you for the answers, clarifies it all.

Full bonus feat quote

Bonus Feats

A far strike monk adds the following feats to his list of bonus feats at 1st level: Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and any targeting feat.

At 6th level, he adds the following feats: Improved Precise Shot, Parting Shot, and Trick Shooter.

At 10th level, he adds the following feats: Improvised Weapon Mastery and Pinpoint Targeting.

So pin pointing targeting is added at Level 10, but what about every other targeting feat not mentioned?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The far strike monk says that you may add to the bonus list any targeting feat. What does this mean?

The feat "pin point targeting" is a targeting feat but i doubt we're supposed to be able to take it considering it has a bab 16 requirement.
"A monk need not have any of the prerequisites normally required for these feats to select them."

If so, this archetype is bananas.

Bonus Feats

A far strike monk adds the following feats to his list of bonus feats at 1st level: Far Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, and any targeting feat

Pinpoint Targeting (Combat)

You can target the weak points in your opponent's armor.

Prerequisites: Dex 19, Improved Precise Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, base attack bonus +16.

Benefit: As a standard action, make a single ranged attack. The target does not gain any armor, natural armor, or shield bonuses to its Armor Class. You do not gain the benefit of this feat if you move this round

heyyon wrote:

Resurrecting this from the forgotten rules questions grave...

Does this work? Move action for that one specific potion?

It seems that if in round 1 you use the gloves' free action on round 2 you may drink it as a free action. You must begin Your turn With potion in turn. You cant use this With just 1 turn.

Castle doors, abandoned rafts, your professor's boring book you need to read, someone charging a pavise and the artist not understanding it wasnt his shield and thats not how you Shield bash.

On a serious note, and already mentioned, The Illiad by Homer describes Ayax amongst others fighting With a huge Shield where a colleague would hide behind and come out to shoot arrows.

mplindustries wrote:

So, look, obviously, talking to the players is the best step, but it bugs me whenever I see threads like this and most of the advice is "teach them how to play right (i.e. how you want to play)." Have so many of you failed to considered that they might be playing the way they enjoy best? Who are you to teach them the "proper" way? What if they enjoy just smashing stuff until it falls down? What if they have no fun debuffing first?

There's no "correct" way to roleplay, so, at least consider that they are having fun as is and the real issue is incompatibility of style between PC and GM.

Agreed. But if the GM doesnt have fun the game will soon enough stop being fun.

Bored/unhappy GM = dead game.

My solution is to build encounters where defeating them whack whack whack ends up in tears but doing it With smart play is smooth and efficient. (An encounter With the fabled kobolds, or a Group that uses closed rankeds, Tower Shields and the Shield wall feat)

Dropping hints and pulling the right questions from Your players With some guidance would go a long way.

This only if you feel that the type of game needs to change. Whack whack is sometomes what People want/need. You however are also part, not a servitor of Your players but one more. Fun for all.

As an example a Group i play With was very straight forward. After usimg a character of mine differently when i was a player and rewarding another's alternative plan thinking when i was a GM has really evolved strategy for us at the table.

Good Luck.

Bard performing and Saving Finale spell (imm., reroll failed save, end song). Feat in ACG that gives +fear and reroll (untyped, any saves, probably unintended) terminating the aura.

100% With you here. When it comes to archetypes, rogue talents, alch discoveries, etc, race in my games is unimportant (ũnless for a compelling reason).
When i first read the archetype i got hyped up - Fireballs couple times a day for s rogue talent! Or G Invis! But then i saw the Advanced requirement.
It takes 3 rogue talents to get it, limiting Your build inmensely, earliest being Level 6 (wizards cast 3rd lvl at 5). So so. Then again ninja g invis trick is lvl 10 (but needs Investment of only one talent, incrediby useful too.

If you have a way to protrctbthose around you passively (for example Sacred Shield aura, any aura), and Immediate move action can save the day.

Example: Surprising Charge from the Oracle Battle mystery.

For reference:

Eldritch Raider: ch-raider-rogue-gillmen

2nd level spells ADVANCED talent:
Minor Eldritch Magic (Sp): The eldritch raider gains the ability to cast a 2nd-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list two times per day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for this ability is equal to her rogue level. The save DC for this spell is 12 + her Intelligence modifier. The eldritch raider must have an Intelligence of at least 12 to select this talent. The eldritch raider must have the major magic and minor magic rogue talents before choosing this talent.

3rd level spell ADVANCED talent:
Major Eldritch Magic (Sp): The eldritch raider gains the ability to cast a 3rd-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list two times per day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for this ability is equal to her rogue level. The save DC for this spell is 13 + her Intelligence modifier. The eldritch raider must have an Intelligence of at least 13 to select this talent. The eldritch raider must have the major magic, minor eldritch magic, and minor magic rogue talents before choosing this talent.

At a house game I wouldnt mind making the "minor eldritch magic" a normal talent to be honest.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like useful erratas even if late!

I agree it is powerful, and barring some freaks out there (slumber, heavens oracles), these things come at a resource cost. In this case, it'd be gold, which is the cheaper and most accessible resource, so perhaps it'd be too good.

However, in 2 rounds a Barbarian is going to be putting out a ***tonne more damage than this.

Another idea, to the OP, is to take the Eldritch Raider archetype (Gillmen) which allows you pick more advanced spells as talents (i believe up to 3rd level). In this case, you get it at your Rogue/class level.

Zhayne wrote:
Errant Mercenary wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a 5th level rogue doing 3d8+9d6 damage with a single standard action.
First he needs to do the miracle of qualifying for sneak attack at range. ....oh god...the can...the worms, they are pouring out!
Invisibility. Which can also come in a wand.

That's 2 standard actions. If a ninja, a swift and a standard. The idea of casting this and then casting a shuriken off each round as a swift action is not bad (for when not casting the Vanish power). Again..qualifying for SA at range is very hard.

There is also a FAQ where invisibility only applies to the first attack from invisibility. We dont follow that at our table though.

Zhayne wrote:
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a 5th level rogue doing 3d8+9d6 damage with a single standard action.

First he needs to do the miracle of qualifying for sneak attack at range. ....oh god...the can...the worms, they are pouring out!

*Breaks wands*

icehawk333 wrote:

Problem is, you only gain one sneak attack per target.

"Each shuriken requires a ranged touch attack roll to hit and deals 1d8 points of fire damage"

Even with this? That can't be right. (grumble rogues u-word grumble no nice things *goes into cave*)

EDIT: From Scorching Ray " Each ray requires a ranged touch attack to hit and deals 4d6 points of fire damage." So the wording is the same. Still just 1 sneak?


Jeff Merola wrote:
I'd still consider the wand route the "best" way a single classed Ninja can get Fiery Shuriken.

A wand gives you 3 shurikens (cl 5), which is not many. Then again, it is 3 ranged touch attacks. IF you manage to be in a position to trigger sneak attack from that, it is a good investment.

Kodger wrote:

The Eldritch Scion uses CHA instead of INT. This means that he cannot be combined with any other Magus Archetype, as far as I know.

I think the Eldritch Scion should be an Alternate Class, like the Ninja is.

Does this idea make sense?

"Additionally, any magus's class feature or spell from the magus spell list that normally uses a calculation based on Intelligence is instead based on Charisma for an eldritch scion. "

Means ANY magus class feature. So combine it with any archetype you want, instead of Int it'll use Charisma.

Nakteo wrote:
.... the Red Mantis don't fail contracts. ...

An NPC in Rival Guide would like to disagree with you :P An ex-mantis assassin himself. Though it does have the clause that it's not happened "yet".

Roger Corbera wrote:
I think I found what I wanted in an old AD&D book: Of ships and the Sea.

Oh. Could we get a description/synopsis of how it works and what sort of things it focuses on? I am skeptical to buying more ship battle rules if they arent quite amazing by this point :P

How about one Level MoMS and rest sacred fist? 2 styles and the better hasis of the sacred fist.
Take Combat Style Master so your Swift actions are feeed up and you can stance juggle as free actions.

Ravingdork wrote:

If it's the latter, what is the point of having a 50-foot length of rope attached to it at all?

There is an Npc in skulls and shackles who uses the harpoon line toed off to terrain, the way it is written it assumes the victim will be tied to said point if grappled.

I would like to mention the extended Combat Styles according to deities (from gods of the inner sea), Besmara being a choice. Also the use of sea-typical weapons will come up!

dave côté 833 wrote:


How do you deal with RD if you make a broadside attack with your ship? Do you count it just once, or do you multiply it by the number of weapon you use?
ex: if I use 10 cannons and the ennemy's ship has a RD of 5, do I substract 5 to the total of my attack, or do I substract 50?

By RD you mean Damage Reduction? Then, I imagine it's from each attack that it's reduced..unless Broadsides get some special DR-only once sort of rule, but Im not aware of it.

As in similar topics, please refer to the S&Shackles section of these boards (further down) and consider having a look at Fire As She Bears, which is a more solid system.

Nice find. The magic cheat sheet from the same author is also good.

sylvansteel wrote:
You should look up the Hanse and the Vitalienbrothers, ...

The northern european pirates are indeed very interesting. You also have the Barbary pirates in the mediterranean which had to be fought in wars eventually.

The thing with piracy is, we dont actually know that much. The piracy there was got very little doccumented (no official writings or few onboard/related that would write their procedures down). In comparison, they New World piracy was extremely doccumented; often the captains having been mariners or people of wealth, in an age where literacy was more common and so was the practice of writing things down.

There is also very little information of piracy world wide. We have a very European-centric mentality to all of this, including the sailing itself (just have a look at how poorly understood pacific sailing was to the european colonists).

In Pathfinder, I am still torn whether to use ship to ship combat at all. Adding an extra lair of rules is not something (most) of the table will appreciate, so it should be run mostly from the GM, elucidating which choices they have in a simple enough manner, informing the players in a qualitative/descriptive way how the battle is going.

I will add that I think that the Ship to Ship combat should be used in certain encounters. For example, they fight two ships. One of them might get grappled, but the other one is free to siege the PC's ship. Then you need rules.

Shane LeRose: Have a look at the Skull & Shackles AP section of these boards, there are a lot of resources there.

Ships of the Inner Sea - There are a few in there that you can use..well, all actually.

Rival Guide - I absolutely love this one. There are 2 parties in there (Hellblood Corsairs, Hands of Slaughter) within the areas of S&S. The others are adaptable enough. Not a must, but very apt.

PapaZorro wrote:
I think the real strength of the Kapenia Dancer archetype is that it can be combined with Hexcrafter AND (if you want) Spell Dancer (elf archetype) to provide you with a fantastic AC (+Int from Kapenia + 2/4 from Spell Dancer) AND Hexes for offensive/versatility/whatever. Take a 1 level dip in Master of Many Styles Monk, pick up Snake Fang, don't wear armor and add your Dex/Wisdom/Int to AC, pick up the Precise Strike arcana and both your scarf AND your Unarmed Strike will qualify for Precise Strike (Snake style allows it to be piercing damage). Pick up Hex Strike for more fun.

Combine with Panther Style (MOMS, Combat style master), Frostbite+Rime spell and this archetype combination is an amazing battlefield control nutter.

Gulian wrote:

I'm afraid you and I are playing different games if kobolds would laugh at a player character.

I think this is a Reference to an encounter Experiment posted a long time ago, whete a bunch of simple kobolds made an encounter very challenging by way of smart tactics.

Again, if you fight a big evil dragon, give me a sacred Shield. Bunch of kobolds? Individuals wont be useless and breaking their smart strategy isnt going about hitting hard. Its stupid yo invalidate 1 build because of 1 encounter, talk to any rogue vs thinga that cant be sneak attack, or any caster susprised in meele combat.

I wanted to drop to mention the BattlemOracle as a possibility multiclass. Or the Phalanax fighter which can 1h a polearm, giving reach and some Battlefield Control.

Also the spring attack feat, in case you need to move but still want to attack.

Good Luck With your Tower door, and have fun.

I would also like to shed some light into the Teamwork Feats, now that we're on the "this is a team effort" game, specifically Shield Wall.
If you stand behind someone with a tower shield, their total cover affects you too.

Honestly guys, what if this guy is being build with a full-attacking archer? The AC, damage mitigation and sheer immovability of this combination can break encounters. Not all builds/strategies fit the same battles. Read Heyyon's post for in-game experience.

There are more strategies in this game than Zerg Rush. Everyone here assumes the party works 1. Charge 2. End of battle. Do ask first how the party works before you fall into the error of assumption.

Movement wise, you could throw in a Quickrunners shirt and think outside of the box about movement.
You only need to move to where your allies are in order to become an incredible force.
For example, if you're high on the initiative, lower it so that you go just before your ally. SPEAK to your team mate and ask them where they'd like to go. You moved. Their turn. They move. They go before you? Ask them to hold actions until you act, so long as there aren't any dangerous foes in between your two initiatives.
You can also have different tactics you use in different situations (I know, charge then ask is the most popular but there are others).

Ironically everyone here saying that this sucks cause it's a teamwork game isn't actually thinking about what makes a team a team. Strategy and cooperation.

Disclaimer: If your group is gun-ho charge and murder everyone for themselves, I would also support not going sacred shield. But, believe or not, these parties can see the light too :P

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