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Errant Mercenary's page

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Fourshadow wrote:
So does the "no bonus attacks" mean that a natural weapon character (claws) does NOT strike any of these foes TWICE? One claw attack per foe, correct?

Yes one attack per enemy strictly.

Thanks for the answers again. I imagine swift actions lie either before or after the WWAttack action too.

I hope this ship still is sailing! Could you send it to me too?

pelayosecades AT gmail DOT com

About bonus or extra attacks, found a 2010 necro'd in 2012 that says "Bonus" should be "Bonus Attacks" due to avoiding old d&d exploit rulings.

Edit: Thanks for the swift reply! They are very explicit mentioning "foes you threaten" etc that when I read something like this it makes me wonder.

I have some questions on Whirlwind Attack, as I find the wording confusing. I am GMing a group and this will come up soon.

WhirlWind Attack:

Whirlwind Attack (Combat)

You can strike out at every foe within reach.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, base attack bonus +4.

Benefit: When you use the full-attack action, you can give up your regular attacks and instead make one melee attack at your highest base attack bonus against each opponent within reach. You must make a separate attack roll against each opponent.

When you use the Whirlwind Attack feat, you also forfeit any bonus or extra attacks granted by other feats, spells, or abilities.

Reach vs Threatened:
You attack each opponent WITHIN REACH.
Does this means that if you have a reach weapon you can also attack those at your 5ft squares, not only those at 10ft squares?
Case Study: Boarding Pike of Repelling from Skulls and Shackles extends to 20ft as a swift action. Does it mean said character attacks everyone within 20 ft? Just those at 20ft?

Forfeit any bonus or extra attacks:
Does this refer to boni such as Bless, True Strike, Weapon Focus, Power Attack? Or is the bonus just redundancy with extra, refering to attacks?

Any help, I cant find anything in the forums, very underused feat.

Playing a combat cleric a little different:
Divine Strategist cleric (plus to initiative, lvl 8 +int bonus to AoO and flanking)
Animal, Feather Subdomain (i.e. Ra, I like the desert theme)
Animal Companion: Wolf/hyena/anything works
Manacing Weapon
High Int High Str
Improved Innitiative
Level 8 flanking: 6 (Bab) + 2 (flank) + 2 (outflank) + 2 (menacing) + 4 (int, minumum) + 3-4 (str) = +20 before buffs to hit

Add buffs (Divine Power, Bless Ferovr, Magic Wep, greater), perhaps reach, kirin strike, monk level (flurry) if you want more attacks.

Huh a quick search doesnt yield me anything either

redeyes9411 wrote:
you should just switch to a elven archer unless your dead set on a dwarf then just roll through the tough spots

I think at this point it's just necromancy that we're looking into

Is it just me finding this item disastrously overpowered for when it arrives?

It's a lot of fun, and I'm encouraging my group to use it. However with enlarge, maybe a bloodline that extends reach or similar and some of the AoE feats, it's quite crazy.

Ill_Made_Knight wrote:

Ok so I have been working through this since I am going to be hosting a party of six. I have the Wormwood Mutiny done.

So here it is

Ill_Made_Knight's GM Guide to Skulls and Shackles for Six Players .

Did you ever get further?

I had a frontliner bard and main damage dealer of our campaign for a bit.
Arcane duelist archetype with a Nodachi
1 level Unarmed fighter
Feats: Tiger Style, Crane Style (before "revision")
Fought defensively and used power attack and crit like a truck.
He had a no point waiting attitude, ready to accept duels and prefered to go out in glory and gore than grow old and bored.

While your stats are not good for this (Cha), check this:
Phalanx figher 3
Sacred Shield 2-4
Oracle War X
Inmediate charges that reduce the damage your group takes. Dragon breaths fire? Inmediate charge (Oracle) to your group for decreased damage (Sacred Shield).

Otherwise have a look at the Combat patrol feat line. Perhaps the Overrun and improved overrun to get to enemies fast if your group is that mobile.

Works, thanks! This will be useful, started the campaign last week.

Hm I cant seem to open it. Am I being daft?

I'd like to see this too :)

Thanks for the ideas! Well clerics are versatile by nature. The ones i see do mot eapexialise much.

The HangOver cleric is also a fantastic cleric that plays alittle different.

Ps I meant Divine STRATEGIST in my previous post. Also the Feather subdomain thouhh fur is good if you have free actions.

I would like to see a Magus style cleric, but very limited to a couple spells or doing witha shield (ala skirnir). Think there is an archetype somewhere but it isnt a main bool.

I am also looking for fun clerics. This is a cleric that I have not se en played often:

Divine Tactician archetype. Lvl 8 int to hit on AoO/flanks, plus amazing initiative.
Fur (animal) domain. Gain a companion.

Relevant feats:
Outflank (teamwork, extra +2 attack bonus on flank)
Pack flanking (teamwork, adjacent counts as flanking)
Improved spell sharing (teamwork, divide spells on companion)

Posible feats:
Evolved companion (give evolution to pet, like reach)
Kirin style, Kirin strike (x2 int to dmg as a swift)
Warblessings (get minor blessings)
Legendary teamwork
Two weapon figting

Menacing weapon enchantment


This gives a first action cleric that can move into position and gain amazing flank bonuses (int +2 flank + 2 outflank + 2 menacing. Crank int up a bit and you have +10-12 easy).
He is a buffer that when he self buffs he also targets his pet, doesnt need wisdom except for minimum casting.
Round 1 buff, move. As 2 you Will get AoO so you wont be wasting much time by buffing.

Strength, Int, wisdom con, dex, charisma. Int and str especially.

Posible advancement:
Cleric twf: amazing to hit makes twf viable. De have few feats though
Cleric reach: get a reach weapon and reach evolution.
Cleric tank: bolster con, give pet tanky feats, buff and go in first, making a good frontline of 2.

Still unsure what to do here...cleric casting is good.
Monk: flury of blows, Wis to ac (if you have good wis).
Magus: spellcombat, level 3 arcanas to either add int to hit or armour. Other int stuff.
Witch: prehensile hair uses int to hit/dmg! But 1 min/level and los base dmg

Yeah I do love the concept (I go with Mobility, Spell Dance, etc to get the flavour going. Also Arcana that adds Int to hit is great in the magus build.) but with some explanation it goes. If you see this going on for the first time youd just think it too complicated.

For all the skeptics about Action Management: Combat Style Master. Your styles do not take swifts anymore!

I play something similar with Panther, Snake and combine it with Monk (MOMS2/flowing monk) and Magus(SpellDancer/kensai). Add Rime Spell to Frostbite and you do what you are saying + Fatigued + Entangled + Denied dex to AC. It works well but..can be a lot of rolls and tracking per turn.

If you add another step (swashbuckler parry) you might provoke AoOs from more dangerous foes, your friends at your table, cause man does it get micromanagement like.

Good luck though :)

With my build you can take the Panache Arcanas and get Precise Strike as a Magus.

Imbicatus wrote:
TGMaxMaxer wrote:
Now, as a swift when you take that single shot you also add double int after you see it hits.

...after two rounds of setup and wasted swift actions.

Round one: Swift Action enter Kirin Style
Round Two: Swift Action Identify
Round three: Swift Action apply 2x INT Damage on a hit.

It's a Trap. By the time you can apply the damage, it's not needed.

Combat Style Master helps a lot. If you do go this route, you need to be dedicated however.


I made this build to shoot once during combat and buff/position with the rest of the actions. Can work with any ranged weapon, though I built it to be used with a crossbow (repeating heavy if possible). d-ideas#75

Alchemist X/Barb 2/Wizard 1
vital strike, bombs, intelligence based mostly.

Combine Spring Attack with Snake Style. Now they are both down to Standard Actions since the spring attack forces the other to move, but as he receives a blow (oberyn) he can use Snake Style to negate it.

So crank that Sense Motive. I think it fits well.

edit: and as bignorsewolf suggests, put in Combat Reflexes.

Simon Legrande wrote:

Goofy combinations that I haven't had a chance to try yet:

Dwarven Barbarian 1/Ranger 10/Druid 9 - Take barbarian just for the extra 10' movement
Samsaran Battle Oracle 12/Fighter 8 - Wields a bastard sword two-handed, going for an Eternal Champion feel
Human Dark Tapestry Oracle 11/Fighter 4/Rogue 5 - Includes all the way up to Greater Eldritch Heritage (Abberant), just because
Human Ranger 12/Heavens Oracle 8 - Two-weapon fighting style with a pair of sawtooth sabers

Can't understand the point of the last one. Also not sure why these classes in particular..rogue fighter oracle. Can see the first one though, sounds fun.

The flavour for the above character was a bounty hunter, a specialist. Having Bane arrows/bolts for every enemy kind (since he shoots so few times, it's worth it), knowing all weaknesses, being a tactical genious and using a lot of potions/consumables.
Alchemist formula for Alchemical Allocation allows you to buy higher level potions once and keep using them.

ps: gravity bow forgot about that

and the damage calc: crossbow, buffed with gravity bow 2d8, GM rules that furious finish works for weapon+vitalstrike, not any other dmg

24(4d8maxvitalstrike)+2d8(namedbulledcrit)+8(namedbulletCL)+ 20(5intx4,kirin/bomb)+3d6 (bomb) + 1(pbs) + 6(deadly) + 2 (weapon probably)
= 69 min, 75 max. That caster be dead. 1 shot, minimum combat clutter.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One Shot, One Kill. Vital Strike, Kirin Strike and others

For reference: Bloodtroll's One Bit Hit build thread, thanks for that lovely thing :)

Shoot with a ranged weapon once. Use your move action or preround action to buff yourself, position, stealth, whatever.
We max Intelligence.

Most levels Alchemist (Mindchemist. Could also use Grenadier if adding gouda)
2 Barbarian (for barbarian rage power maxing vital strike)
1 Wizard Foresight School (for prescience)

Accelerated Drinker (drink as a move action)
Mythic:(if in play)
Two Fisted Drinker (2 pots in one stnd action)

Throw anything - Int to Damage with Bombs
Cognatogen - +to int
Extracts - buff list at the end
Discoveries - extend, etc (extra arm could be useful)

Prescience. Roll a d20 at beginning of turn (lvl+int times), use whenever you want in turn

Urban barbarian for the Dex and being focused
Furious Finish rage power: Max all vital strike dice

IUS, Kirin Style, Kirin Strike
Vital Strike (mythic if possible)
Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Reckless Aim
Combat style master
if crossbow (large weapon dice, stylish as feck):
Crossbow Mastery
Reckless Aim/Deadly Aim (prescience at start of turn to know if you can affort shooting with this)

Conductive weapon - add bombs to your shot. If you do grenadier, as a move you can do this. Or with a Standard Action and the Explosive Missile discovery

Targeted Bomb Admixture (double Int dmg to bomb)
True Strike (prescience should cover this though)
Named Bullet (any hit is a crit if confirmed. Xbows work great with this..x3)
Arrow Erruption (30ft around kill enemies take the same shaft. Named bullet included. Ouch)
General buffs

Round 1
Swift Action Examine with kirin style (note: mindchemist is xint bonus to knowledge)
Move action - Drink a potion (accelerated drinker)
Standard action - either shoot (Vital Strike) or buff

Round 2
Prescience. Roll that extra d20.
SHOOT! Standard Action Vital Strike + Conductive Weapon + Named Bullet + tBAdmixture + well, whatever you used
Swift Action Kirin Strike
End Rage Furious Finish

Weapon x2 ( max damage Vital Strike) + Named Bullet crit multiplyer (x2-x3) + Named Bullet CL + Strength(if bow, if xbow not) + Intx2(kirin) + Intx2(bomb) + xd6 bomb + PBS if 30ft + Deadly Aim, etc.

Other build paths:
Zen Archer (3 levels)
Weapon Adept (rerolls)
Arcane Archer (because fun)

Oradin, a new look with Combat Patrol

This is a build I used expanding on the Oracle/Paladin thing. He was the representation of defense and protection of life for his order, so this is how I went about building him:

2 levels Paladin, then up to 4 Paladin,
3 levels Fighter, Phalanx Soldier
Rest as Oracle, Battle

Build for Combat Patrol (combat reflexes)
Stand Still
Didnt use but could use the Aidother and Archon style feats, especially In Harm's Way

Inmediate Charge - amazing thing that you'll actually use with this guy

What this does:
Oradin - CHA to saves. You lose smite, but gain Bastion of Good (Su), halving any damage done to your adjacent allies (10ft). At 4th level Holy Shield (Su) gives your Shield bonus to your adjacent allies.

Combine with Sudden Charge: As an inmediate action you can rush to your allies, making sure that Dragon's Breath, Fireball or whatever only does 1/2 damage to them.

Phalanx figher:
Polearm in 1 hand, shield on the other, means you have reach (I built this because his weapon was a lucerne hammer).

Combine with Combat Patrol & Enlarge it creates a large area where everyone provokes.

Stand Still (Combat)
You can stop foes that try to move past you.
Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes.
Benefit: When a foe provokes an attack of opportunity due to moving through your adjacent squares, you can make a combat maneuver check as your attack of opportunity. If successful, the enemy cannot move for the rest of his turn. An enemy can still take the rest of his action, but cannot move. This feat also applies to any creature that attempts to move from a square that is adjacent to you if such movement provokes an attack of opportunity.

Amazing Saves, guy built to control the battlefield with a huge reach and making sure his team mates avoid at least 1/2 damage from nukes

Enlightened Magus Monk, attacks of opportunity please

This is something that you may have seen around, but the combination of the archetypes/classes is what is fun:

2 levels Master of Many Styles
5 levels Magus Spell Dancer (combine with: spire defender or kensai)
conitnue Magus or 3 Duelist

Panther Style, Panther Parry, Panther Claw
Snake Style, Snake Fang
marid style (later in levels)
Combat style master,
Dodge, Mobility, Combat reflexes
Enforcer, Rime Spell,

Play Style:
Buff yourself with a Standard action (Frostbite). Swift action enter Spell Dance (+Ac vs AoO, +movement). Free actions enter styles (snake, panther). Move an provoke.
They attack you, you hit them with a Panther Claw before they hit you. If you hit, you can apply:
-Rime Spell (-2 hit, entangled)
-Enforcer (-2 hit, shaken, Intimidate check)
-Panther Claw (-2 to hit you)
= - 6 to hit you. If you had time to prebuff, Elemental Touch for Staggered/Sickened

AC: Dodge 1, Mobility 4, Wisdom, Dexterity, Int(if kensai/duelist), spell dance 2+, whatever buffs you have on (mage armour hour/level!), shield etc.

As the combat proceeds, you buff yourself more with each Standard action. If they stop attacking you when you provoke, full round them with frostbite, or True Strike/Spellcombat a Manouver.

To Duelist or Not to Duelist
3 levels duelist = 7Ac when moving, 3 damage, full bab
3 levels magus = more CL, more AC spell dance
note that high level magus spells arent terribly necessary to this build.

Why AoOpportunity? Because they are with your highest BAB :D
Damage wise, you're doing your STR (unless you go finesse/mythicfinesse), +Frosbite1d6+CL, +elemental touch if you buff.

Edit 2:
Amazing Trait for this build: Magical Lineage, gain those 2 lost CLs

Heya, I love unique-quirky builds! As some of the players say at my table "one day, you'll play a standard sword and board".

Intelligence cleric, never miss:

8 levels - Divine Strategist Cleric, Animal domain, Feather Subdomain
Feats: Outflank, Powerattack, IUS, Kirin style/strike, Combat Style Master. No particular order, just useful ones.
Animal companion: Outflank
= A tonne of Innitiate, an animal companion to always flank, +int to hit flank/aoo lvl 8

1 to x levels - Witch
Hex: Prehensile Hair (int to hit and damage)

This means that at level 9, you have double your Int to hit, you do your int in damage + double int once (kirin swift), your flank bonus is +4, lots of inniative.

Just a way to use the Divine Strategist which doesnt see much play

edit: actually prehensile hair is 1-1/2 damage if its the only weapon you use.

Or if your Dm is willing to let you tweak your character, you can switch the wizard archetype to the one that uses bombs (4 barred schools, steep but worth it) to skip multiclassing into alchemist.

Heya, go for a one-shot ranged character.
Take a level of Alchemist. Take the Kirin Strike feats. Take Vital Strike or Focused Shot (not both, standard action)
With a swift action and a Conductive longbow/crossbow (hitting with your bombs on ranged impact), you'll be doing x4 Int + x2 weapon damage.

Hints: Named Bullet, Arrow Eruption, True Strike, Gravity Bow.

As stated, Arcane Tricksters are hard stuff to build. My favourite take on it is a melee Arcane Trickster though.
Ninja (scout) + Magus (kensai)

Slower spell casting, however with a whip you can stay at range and deliver full round attacks. Ninja gives you an extra attack as a swift action (colliding with some magus arcanas, but still) and Magus allows you do do SpellCombat, which is yet another attack. Can also turn invisible as a swift action.
Strength and Intelligence, some dex?

Not the most efficient but an interesting character to play with, having to watch out for positioning yet with some strong defensive options (Mirror image/invisibility as swift/decent AC-shield-int-dex-armour) and a mix of everything. Oh and sneak attack cause that's what we're here for.

Hello there!

Spellslingers, by RAW, can use spells of ANY class. Scarred witch doctor (CON)? can do. Sorcerer CHA? Can do!

So pick Spellslinger Wizard and then sorcerer and go from there.

How about this:

Phalanx Soldier(until you get the 2h in 1h)/Sacred Shield Paladin.

This gives you a lot of fun things to do, playing with reach and being by your allies to minimise the damage around them.
I played a character who was an Oracle of Battle (with the sudden charge revelation), who dipped 2 levels (and eventually 4) into Sacred Shield, then would dip into Phalanx Soldier for the 1handed polearm and continued oracle.

Went with Combat Patrol chain and the sort, a good battlefield controler.

Hey, I played one similarly. I went Oracle of BattleX/Paladin Sacred Shield 4/Polearm Fighter 3.
Mixed with Combat Patrol, the revelation of sudden charge, the 1/2 damage to allies from paladin and being able to wield a 2h with a shield in 1 hand..quite interesting.

Anyway, I suggest Sacred Shield archetype as a Paladin :)

Gillmen in the adv race guide have a really interesting archetype for you. Allows a 3rd level spell.

Nice! Alright, adding a bit more since there are some threads about using Vital Strike and such around again:

Improved Feint (Feat): You can make a Bluff check to feint in combat as a move action (instead of standard)

ps: note to self dont shorten "standard" to "std".

More multiclassing!

Kensai Magus might be a good dip for you. As a rogue, it gives you access to a lot of rather useful spells (to use as wands/scrolls).
It also gives you in one level:
Weapon Focus
Exotic Weapon Proff
1 point of AC if possitive Int score (and wearing light armour)
Spell Combat (can cast in a pinch if necessary though you'll have few spells)
Arcane Pool for +1 enhancement to weapon as a swift action/1 minute

Gives you access to True Strike which is what you want for a sure Trip.

Personally I love a few more levels in kensai for rogues, for extra attack (spellstrike) giving you more sneak attack and the Arcana to add your Int to your attack bonus for ALL your attacks that round.

Hello everyone,

This is a recopilation that everyone can use but will likely appeal to a specialised few. I would like your help with it though!
It is a guide about what to do when you have spent your Standard Action doing something and have a Move Action left over and don't want/can't move.

The reason for this guide is that I was trying to put together a character concept revolving around sniping with a crossbow. Almost futile. Threads like "One Big Hit build" and many others dealing with Vital Strike, Cleave and such have been the kindling for this.

Now, I have only a few suggestions and since Pathfinder is vast, perhaps we can all put down what we know. Eventually we can wrap this up in a google doc or with pretty colours :)



Team Up: Aid Another as a Move Action
Bulls Eye Shot: Gain +4 bonus on a ranged attack as a move action (PF Companion: Faiths of Purity)
Equipment Trick:Varies depending on the armament. Adventurer’s Armoury.
Master Siege Engineer: Crew can load Siege as a Move Action

Class Abilities or "dips"

Ranger(Freeboter): lvl1 – Freebooter’s Bane as a move +1 attack/damage to allies within 30ft against a foe, +1 per 4 levels(replaces Favoured Enemy)
Lvl 4- Freeboter’s Bond – Move action to grant flanking allies a +2 bonus to attack with freebooter or affected allies within 30 ft
Alchemist: Swift Alchemy Lvl 3 – Apply poison as a move action (as swift at 6)
Alchemist (Grenadier): Lvl 1 – Attach an alchemical weapon as a move to your shot
Barbarian (Drunken Brute): Lvl 1 – Drink as a move action (replaces Fast Movement)
Rogue (Scout): Lvl 8 - When you Move 10 ft in a round and attack opponent is dealt Sneak Attack as flat footed
Bard: Lvl 7 - Start Bardic Performance as Move Action instead of a Standard Action

Accelerated Drinker: Drink as a Move Action as long as Potion is already in your hand


STANDARD ACTIONS or "what's the point of this"
There are many great things that use Standard Actions in Pathfinder. It opens a different play style all together. It also decreases player's turn time with just one role or simple action.

- Vital Strike (Double weapon damage die)
- Cleave (Hit adjacent target if first hits)
- Focused Shot (Int to xbow/bow damage, 30ft)
- Sorcerer Bloodline Powers
- Oracle Revelations

Adding to the recopilation, what to have in mind:
Feats are always good, as full attacking becomes more prominent using Standard actions fades away when possible, so even if the feats have a high prerequisite they are worth mentioning. E.g. Vital Strike chain.

Class abilities preferably must come early, for dips, however it would be good to have a list of all "as a move action" abilities that classes get for possible combinations.

To give an idea of how playstyle may change:

Thrills the Standard Action Switch Hitter:

I decided to build a Switch Hitter specialised in killing with one crossbow bolt, that could grab his meele weapon and still do well.
For this I turned to Heavy Crossbows(large), Vital Strike, Alchemist, Barbarian and Consumables.
Accelerated Drinker Trait.
This guy walks with iron vials in his hand ready to drink. Gravity Bow/Lead Blades/etc. Helps that the Gm allows the D&D masterwork Potion Belt.
1-4 levels in Alchemist.
This gives Bombs (2d6+Int). 2nd level extracts for Alchemical Allocation. Conductive Weapon allows you to use Bombs with a shot for 2 charges. Alchemical Allocation allows him to drink potions of Greater Invis/Named Bullet/Whatever up to level 3 without spending them.
1-2 levels in Barbarian.
This gives Furious Finish to maximise damage from Vital Strike ending your rage. You need a BAB of 6 though.
Kirin Strike. Using this Style Feat he'll add even more Intelligence damage to that single shot/hit. (Kirin+Targeted Admixture+Bombs = 4x Int damage)
Vital Strike feat chain and Impact Weapon/Gravity Bow/Lead Blades. See the Vital Strike threads out there.
He's a bit more complex with extra multiclassing but this is the bare version:

1 Alchemist - F:Point Blank Shot, Half Elf Ancestral Arms: Repeating Xbow
2 Alch - Discovery: -
3 Alch - F:Precise Shot
4 Alch - Discovery: -
5 Ranger Freebooter- F:Bulls Eye Shot
6 Barb -
7 Barb- F:Vital Strike, Rage Power: Furious Finish

Feel free to give your character examples that use Standard Actions (but in Spoilers please)

Ah that's why you were making such a fuss about the Klar being sub optimal in another thread :) What other weapon are you using?
At what level are you?

As always the "Finale" spells are maginificent. Also simple buffing in first round, Song+Quickened Spell+Spell, is going to make you/your party great.

If you're melee, Mirror Image, Displacement, are great. I do a fair bit of tanking with my arcane duelist (we're a party of 3/4 bab, I use crane style and fighting defensively). Cant help you with high level stuff though.

HaraldKlak wrote:

I wouldn't have any problems with it.

If anything, daggers is going to be weaker than a bow (shorter range, more expensive enchanting).

Blink Back Belt.

Blueluck wrote:

I recently discovered Archon Style...

Archon Style is powerful. Broken powerful I think. I have an Arcane Duelist aasimar who uses Crane Style (dip into unarmed warrior), couldve chosen Archon Style but it would just spoil the gm's fun.

Elephant Stomp won by a large margin on "most useless feat" threads where it appeared. Forget it.

The question about Overrun is a good one. Look at the feat Charge Through for more confusion :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You're going to get an army suggesting that someone play a bard, so I'll be their vanguard.

Put a bard in there. Bards can come in many flavours too. The bigger the party is, the more awesome a bard is.
Also a rogue or vivisectionist can get a lot of flanking partners, making their sneak attacking easy to pull off and therefore a joy to play.

Sohei Monks can flurry with some weapon groups, and do not need to dip fighter because they gain weapon training.

"At 6th level, a sohei gains weapon training in one of the following weapon groups, as the fighter class feature: bows, crossbows, monk weapons, polearms, spears, or thrown weapons. He may select an additional group of weapons for every six levels after 6th, to a maximum of three at 18th level. A sohei may use flurry of blows and ki strike with any weapon in which he has weapon training. "

Here we go!
Two handed thrower.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Spellslinger gets no benefits from using a Crassbow. And will rarely benefit from Vital Strike.

That's why I mentioned you'd do it to get a firearm :) and to get a cheap Ghost Touch firearm. The Crossbow thing is a choice for flavour.

I remember seeing something, perhaps a barbarian arch that allowed to throw 2 handed weapons at BAB...cant find it now.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Spellslinger and Prescience school is an illegal combo.

Thank you for the clarification! I havent played him yet, just building him. It's..complicated, trying to make Crossbows AND vital strike an efficient choice. What exactly doesnt combine of the school and archetype?

School of the Gun replaces Arcane School. Thanks!

I really like this. I have been trying to make a character work with a crossbow. It's a headache. You can do MUCH better with a firearm or crossbow.

With this change it makes Vital Strike a real possibility with crossbows.

Firearm: same damage, higher multiplier, can reload as move (with feat/thing) no matter the type if 2 hander.
Bows: We've all seen the threads.

Building a switch hitter you can also use Vital Strike. In this case "Impact" weapon property would help.

I'll elaborate on what I'm building. He's a switchhitter/potion user with a repeating crossbow and a lot of Int.
Alchemist 4 levels (level 2 alchemical allocation)
Barbarian 2 levels (Furious Finish Vital Strike)
Rest in Fighter/Barbarian/Alchemist/Cavalier/Ranger..whatever you like

Accelerated Drinker trait (guy carries iron vials in his hand so as a move you can chug Gravity Bow/targetted admixture/whatever you need).
Kirin Style + Kirin Strike feats for adding x2 Int as a swift.
Conductive Weapon on the crossbow to add bombs (+int) to shot.

You can make it more impressive by one level Wizard Spellslinger to get a good nice firearm and the Prescience school.

To drink potions as a move action instead of a Standard (which lets you combine it with things like Vital Strike and other Standard action of other classes such as Alchemist Explosive Missile, Arcane Archer Imbue Arrow, Cleave, Spells..):

Drunken Rager Barbarian 1: lets you drink as move
Accelerated Drinker Trait: same, so long as it's in your hand already.

Alchemists are good at this with potions. Special mentions of
Alchemical Allocation (level 2 spell, spit back the potion, gain effects but not consuming it)

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