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Errant Mercenary's page

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Unchained's Revised Action Economy has now been out for a while. It got very mixed reviews then, and probably still has and the core of the issue is that it moves power around and you either accept it or dont.

We need to review actual play of these rules now.
I would like to hear from people who have been using the RAE in their games, how has it affected your combat and fluidity and which classes. I am thinking of starting a new game and on the fence on implementing this (mostly everything else Unchained is though).

What Im particularly looking for:

  • Has movement "creep" become a problem? You can now do 60ft movement + 1 action. People crossing battle maps faster?
  • Does combat feel different? Is it more fluid?
  • Have Swift action classes been hurt (magus, warpriest etc)? Did you house rule this?
  • Have unused builds and strategies come into play? (demoralise, feinting, hit and run)
  • Is there a notable difference in play compared to the old system?
  • Did you houserule something? If so, what? Case by case swift actions etc...
  • Rocket tag. Is it happening less, more? Less at higher levels?

There are some things I like about the system...ranged can move shoot and hide, one big hit enemies are more dangerous (action economy usually made these enemies weaker), hit and run like pseudo spring attack from everyone, no more million attacks at high levels (might make combats last more rounds but the same duration), limits casters to chose mobility or casting when quickening spells, feinting works.

All in all I wonder if there is a point to this system apart from shifting power balance slightly or if it'll just bring too many headaches for little benefit.
I dont see Paladins using smite, Rangers using Instant enemies and other really dramatic buffs needing an action a problem. I think the middle ground buffs are the problematic ones (f.ex monks).

There is a very very long discussion of RAE here which I did follow when it was going on and have re read most of it. However, we need play experience now: n-economy-system

Is anyone...using this system at all? Or did it just get dust forgotten...

Healers are a clutch solution or an after party resource (which is replaced by wands).

Damage mitigation however is very strong in combat. I suggest looking at the Sacred Shield. It can also heal with Lay on Hands.

If you want to sponge damage, I would say this is absolutely the best. If you want to go overkill, grab a Tower Shield and pick Bulwark Style.

Chess Pwn wrote:
potions of shield are not legal potions.

Thank you for reminding me of the Shield limitation, indeed Personal doesnt work as a potion. Wands or scrolls it is.

Just a comment on people trying to increase AC very high. The fun in the game is being able to interact with each other, sometimes by covering all defenses what you achieve is the Gm not being able to interact with your character during combat.

As for more ac options, the Gauntlet style gives you a shield bonus, unsure how it interacts with monks.

Have several potions of Shield and Mage armour are the cheapest and one of most effective ways of buffind monk ac. Combine with Divine fighting technique from Cayden Cailean (note, alignment needs certain archetypes) and instead of a tankard skin it as a sake pumpkin - the true drunken monk!

Look into the Mobile Bulwark feat, lets you set a shield as a move action, follow the line to give total cover to someone behind you. Combine with a cleric casting spells as standard actions.

I also find that CRs mean nothing at all. I will look at a spread of CRs and see what those things can do then sort of by feel put X amount of Y. It would be nice to have something a little more solid.

Building monsters does require point expenditure systems, it would be interesting for the GM if the monster was marked as to where most of the points abilities, physical, spellcaster, without having to inspect every single stat.

I have also miscalculated what some monsters can do, and also monster+environment can mean a useless monster vs a killer one.

For example, jelly fish or anemones...nothing special.

And then this (Skull and Shackles spoiler):
The anemone under Harrigans fortress almost cause a TPK cause no one saw it, while the rest of the fortress was an absolute cakewalk. The anenome is in a little cavern where it can reach everything, in a difficult to fight place as a tight lightless cavern and in a pc unfriendly territory like flowing water

Troop subtype, never look back.

I would suggest decoupling Plunder from Gold altogether. As mentioned above, S&S has a lot of headaches (but worth them, good AP).

If you dont make Plunder be worth gold you can still make it be worth other things. In Pathfinder there are few things as efficient in character building as gold.
Reputation, Ship goods and upgrades, paying/hiring crew, bribing other captains, using it to give + to some skill checks (the the infamy checks), buying ship "slots" (thus pacing how many ships they can mantain). These are resourcelike and kinda boring but you could also use them as more volatile general hero points, just not for in combat stuff.

Increase the distance between islands by 3 if you want to mantain a semblance of reality in ship travels.

I banned long distance Teleportation (and Divination) because there is no points to ships and this AP otherwise.

Adopt Troop rules for mass combats if you plan on running something big instead of keeping it toe to toe.

Weather tables as mentioned above. Random ship encounters, while some might think boring, actually getting to see a lot of the dangers of the sea will add a lot of the world. Go through a bestiary search with "aquatic".

Use Automatic Bonus Progression for all NPCs. These were built a long time ago and terribly so. Everyone's a weak mix of fighter rogue. Be prepared to run a lot, a lot, of humanoids (tell your players, they can build pcs around this, like disarm etc).

Use Unchained poisons (SO many poisons in this AP).

Some of my suggestions for this Ap.

I would suggest a Flame mystery Oracle. I built one as an efreeti and it was fun, played him as boisterous and brash (was an enemy NPC who pretty much entered the fray as a ball of fire from the skies). They are thematic and inbuilt in a good class.

If there is a way to somehow get Detonate that is a good spell too.

Still not there. I hope they decide to do something fu, but knowing them it'll be gruesome enough.
My worries is that the fortress, and Harrigan himself, is a cakewalk..

Daw wrote:
Do your players want to be mastered?

It is you or them, remember it is always a battle of atrition and they are out for your blood! Right?

I believed in 25ptb. I dont anymore, 15pb all the way. I can give extra stats along the way as items, boons, divine interference.

A high point buy will cover weaknesses in pcs and make their resources last much longer. Swashs get more parries, monks more ki, people sacrificing stats for that 18/20 arent sacrificing much any longer.

Player mastery is a factor.

So what if they kill Sandara?
Do they piss off Besmara? Then she should show them a little of what Poseidon demonstrates to Ulysses for 10 years.
If they are marooned then give them some hardship and then an out, like a passing ship.
Besmara enjoys scoundrels and taking what you want. She isnt going to bother with them past the first bout of anger, she is fickle, and probably pities the fools that think they csn challenge her seas, and might tease them from time to time as her play things.

Many ways to solve things, and above all not taking religion too seriously, specially when it's Besmara, the devil-may-care goddess.

Cigar Hunter!

Pick a Freebooter Ranger and see everyone shut up about a fighter and love you to bits! (Freebooters apply a +hit to any target they designate, to their party)

Makes encounters blander, more difficult to prepare and design and widens the void between those with access to flight and those without.

Longer version, fly automatically destroys any encounter about terrain. Destroys any encounter with enemies without flight and without very strong range options. Destroys how believable many of the AP scenarios are, which can usually be solved by a smart use of flight.
You'll get people saying "but your encounter can take account that they are flying". Now you're in the territory of preparing a counter to your PCs tactics which is a no no on these boards and we're also back into making encounters blander.
It single handedly invalidates many GM tools, including terrain and half the bestiary.

Edit: I think using Fly should be a risk, I do not like the auto-levitate portion of the spell.

Buy a Pearl of Power at spell level 4 and get someone to cast Greater Magic Weapon on your shurikens.

+11 to hit is very low at level 10.

Have you considered the rogue talents to get Fiery Shuriken as a spell?

Demagogue Bard is a fantastic archetype for this...turns people against whatever you like and starts the fires no problem. Has the Charisma to pull off being manipulative and good at social interactions too. Has the skills to back it up, the escape mechanisms and an apt spell list to strengthen his role.

Had an NPC who kept washing up on the same shores after being killed. He would start his life anew, with all his memories, but his curse would slowly drive him insane, filling him with delusions of grandeur. Eventually he'd proclaim himself a living god. Then he'd get killed by either adventurers or him getting in too deep in hubris. Wake up on the shores..realise this will happen all over again and there is no escape. PCs had the option to help him out.

Dresdran wrote:
Errant Mercenary wrote:
You're going to need a Lucerne Hammer, perhaps a Glaive Guisarme. Feats like Lunge, Difficult Swings and the Improved Combat Maneuvres will be important. Medium armour is expected, though if you do go for light you can put it to being a rebellion fighter agaisnt the Hapsburg rather than an army or mercenary man from the later centuries.
I forgot about those two weapons, quite handy. Will have to start a list of weapons and appropriate feats to use with them.

While they are good weapons (I think the GGuisarme is exotic though) I was referencing Swiss Mercenaries of a few centuries back in a bit of a tongue-in-cheek manner due to the thread name. However! I wrote a more concrete answer to go with it.

A few feats to consider:
Whirlwind Attack (note: couple with Trip etc you can trip everyone around)
Whip Feats for large range
Stand Still for blocking pathways
Difficult Swings to make surrounding squares difficult terrain
Step Up And Strike chain when facing casters or slippery opponents
Blind Fight and similar for concealments

You're going to need a Lucerne Hammer, perhaps a Glaive Guisarme. Feats like Lunge, Difficult Swings and the Improved Combat Maneuvres will be important. Medium armour is expected, though if you do go for light you can put it to being a rebellion fighter agaisnt the Hapsburg rather than an army or mercenary man from the later centuries.

Edit and on topic:
Warsighted really opens up the options. On that, I suggest building a list/block with the couple of feat groups and what they are used for. "I need to trip" "I need to defend" "I need to gain movement and still attack" etc. 2
On race, as an oracle with 2 of the most battle-flexible options I dont think it matters much. Spell selection will probably be more important.

I would chose Human and for the feat get an extra revelation or a base feat that is a requirement that comes up often for the feat lines you want to use martial flexibility.

I would also consider looking into a way of giving people around you a Teamwork feat you posses - the combination with martial flex is then a lot of fun and powerful.

Knight Magenta wrote:
quibblemuch wrote:


Tell the GM there's always a 5% chance to hit and to stop complaining because those odds are just fine. A mere 95% chance of failure is hardly reason to complain.


I am playing a Stalker from Path of War. I have an ability that lets me spend a ki to make attackers roll twice and take the lowest for 1 round per point of wisdom modifier I have.

So not quite 5% :p

The rest of the party has 20+ ac, and we are level 4.

You're wondering if your AC is too high. Yes, probably, also this ability is out of whack unless it's a high level one.

Strife2002 wrote:
Maybe it's early and I'm just not thinking correctly. I have a player who is playing an Oracle with the time mystery and two of his revelations are melee touch attacks. I know that when you use a touch spell you are considered armed and therefore do not provoke attacks of opportunity when trying to touch someone, but I wasn't sure about these melee touch attacks if they function the same way and also don't provoke attacks of opportunity .

They most likely work the same. Sorry no references. However it would be piss poor design to give a class an option to touch someone and get hit for it.

Su abilities generally do not provoke.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That Magic document wahahahahaa!

BigDTBone that's definitely the kind of system change I'd like to see, something that can be calculated easily and is open. The current system makes some players, specially veterans, get stuck into Standard-Move squareness that can sometimes threaten the bold/more imaginative options.

While we're at it, I would like to point out how a rules light-option light setting might differ and what I would look into a rules-light one.

When a player asks me if he can jump over the ledge, grab onto it, scurry to it's side, drop down to the balcony there behind the sniper aiming at a team member and trip him/disable him/point a gun pointblank a say "move and your brains'll do some out-door decor" I dont want to ask "did you take the Ledge Jumper Feat for the extra 7.3 feet, the Good Grip trait from Numerian Cat People Adventures, and the If I Shoot Point Blank It Actually Matters feat chain?". Sure, I can bend rules and omit some others, but then we're in 100% house rule territory, and we're talking about rule systems so everything can be standardised and therefore universally easy to assume things.

To summarise:

Question/Player - I would like to do this and that.

Answer - Roll X with Y modifiers and apply you Z to it. When XYZ are any number of dice, any fixed attribute, any spendable resource.

Yes it is simple, but with enough options that dont come down to "when they moon is half full apply +2 circumstance bonus if you're talking to butterfly people, round down, and if your bab is 14-28*2 then it is doubled but for rounds/level".

I admit that I dont know many systems apart from PF (Shadowrun, D&D), so I am open to suggestions! I heard the Starwars system is quite easy and with enough depth, albeit quite story-telling driven.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Last thread I was at the "hell no" camp. Now? I just introduced someone to Pathfinder who hadnt played ttrpgs. It wasnt easy...and it is much more to absorb than when I picked up PF 4 years ago; you can stay core only but since the rest of the table and the GM use most of the stuff it is a steep learning curve.

But..the money invested..and time.

My preference would be if they started a second system and setting that was completely different (sci fi, horror, whatever, just not fantasy) with a much simpler rule set and they kept that alive through APs, which is what makes Pathfinder so great.

1. Easy to learn/run without the obsessive number crunching (which I love but it's starting to get in the way). Intuitive, rules-lite.

2. APs and stories with PF quality so you can run things straight off it with its fantastic writing.

Eventually I think people would flock to this system, and then it's a question of transfering the rules from this system to the Golarion setting, and BOOM: step wise path to Pathfinder 2.0.

The "each with its own triggering event" line, to my readying, implies that you are allowed to have each shot trigger on different things, ex. 2 shot at casting, 1 shot at moving and another at the fighter for drawing a weapon.

It is a perk, not a limitation. Without this clause we could only assume that the 4 attacks MUST happen on the same trigger, since before this we've only ever had 1 readied action per turn. Therefore, yes, you can shoot 4 times for 1 triggering event, since each shot has the "shoot at X moment" trigger.

You're giving up a full attack and the possibility that your target does something different denying you your shot, or that your shot becomes impossible when it was possible on your turn (cover, allies, modifiers, you being affected by something else), denying you your attacks again. Big trade off.

pauljathome wrote:

Since this thread seems to have turned into a "complain about Paizo's maps" thread:

My biggest peeve with Paizo maps is that, for absolutely no apparent reason, North is often NOT up on the map. This is exacerbated by the fact that the room descriptions may or may not notice.

The maps are often very, very beautiful mind. I really like most of them. Just put North at the top of the map and I'll be happy with circles, misfitting rooms, etc.

The city of London thought it was a good idea to have all of its maps with Up being the way you are facing instead of North. What a mess, there is no standard there. I know how to read maps..part of my profession, and those give me nightmares. Is it supposed to be easier to the non map trained?

What I use is a transparent laminate with squares...and put it over the map I want. I can move the laminate to better orientate the lines (if the aforementioned glasswork building is diagonal...move the laminate and now it aligns.). And then I can draw on that too.

Water rules regarding cover are good. However, it should be partial-cover-total cover say at no depth, 5 feet, 10 feet.

When a water beast has attacked the party they've had to play smart, with readied actions. In this case I let them damage the tentacles as if it was the beast, but never kill it, just enough damage piled on to make it desist.

First time you mention PFS, many on these boards play at home games..the level 12 shouldve told me that though.

Shame 2handing doesnt work, wouldve been interesting to see more variations of the use of these feats.

PS. mentioned Myrmidarch before, but scrap that, standard actions and all that.

Warpriests probably get some of the best usage out of these feats.

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
Errant Mercenary wrote:
Just to be clear, you are not asking for anything fun, just simple and good at hitting stuff.
Yes. I derive fun from the RP.

Making sure :) I would then stick with my previous advice. Sometimes for my group archetypes or feats/class options can bring along a lot of RP potential or flavour to a game, but we are very much into mechanics as well as RP.

I would recommend looking at the NPC gallery and at the Barbarian/Fighter npcs for fairly straight forward combat option feats (i.e. Improved Will, Power Attack, etc). These fit your description because for GMing when you throw 7 NPCs at the players you dont want to have 7 intricate builds, just straight forward ones.

You can build a Barbarian that uses unarmed strikes and is simple by picking static rage powers, the only calculation needed is rage which is doable before the game and then lasts for a long time.

Erm...straight fighter. Improved Unarmed Strike. Go to town.
Feeling experimental? Unarmed fighter archtype.

Weapon focus Unarmed Strike, Weapon Specialisation..unarmed Strike, Power Attack.

Too much math: Abadars feat that lets you take average damage each time you hit. Dont need to roll damage again. Cant remember the name.

Just to be clear, you are not asking for anything fun, just simple and good at hitting stuff.

The new feats are fun. A build I was tinkering with was a cleric .

Cleric, elemental domain, whatever domain.
Energy Channel, Precise Shot, Starshot feats, Vital Strike.
Swift action, 2x damage of channel energy dice on your next 3 strikes (level 10 cleric with phylactery...7d6=14 extra damage). Vital Strike if you can be bothered.
Add a Conductive weapon and the elemental domain's first awful power is actually a bit of extra damage too.

The reason for cleric is that after playing as the only martial in a group I felt like the BMX Bandit. Finding something else to do with Standard actions would be fun...myrmidarch for example. Or with a move action, Freebooter!

Returning weapon: Bad enchantment as written, if you throw and move, you wont get your weapon back. Blink Back Belt!

PS: While Starfall is a cool name, the build itself is nothing special. It is just a standard throwing Startoss build with the obvious feat choices and nothing else going for it. Add some flare to it? Look into VMC choices since figthers can spare feats?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to highlight 2 things here:

1. Development as a step by step process, defined by time.
Technology is progressive and non constant. Discoveries are made due to time invested or chance. It happens at different paces in different places of the world. The knowledge on one thing does not necessarily lead to the knowledge of another, unless very tightly connected, and even then it requires understanding which comes in time invested to study and chance (reconstructing, reproducing a process). Magic skips time and therefore...

2. Magic circumvents step-by-step knowledge of technology.
Magic is magic, sure there is understanding that comes from it but it is not molecular biology, chemistry, is abstract as defined in Pathfinder and often linked to mathematics or some research. Divine magic is even less related to the understanding of a process and just mumbojumboin' to your god that you want dem nonbelievers smited yo (thank the gods this doesnt exist).

Case study: Glass and the world
The chinese were for a while the most advanced civilisation for quite a while but didnt have good glass manufacture, despite how useful we know glass to be. At the beginning of the glass process its properties and uses were very unknown and limited, unlike developed glass which has allowed us to advance as a civilisation.
The chinese had porcelain, by all means a much better material than glass for the uses they had at the time, so they stuck with that, since there was "no point" to developing the glass industry as much. This is a very interesting topic with much written on it, I am generalising.

Relevancy: Magic is porcelain, technology is glass
If you were to bring magic, something that is more advanced than something else, why would you bother developing the worse option? So technology would be a side project at best in a fantasy world.

Similarly, because you can create iron out of the arcane ley-line harry club smoking discontinuum, you would not need to develop ore refineries or such stuff. Therefore, your advancement relies solely on magical power.

-supply, demand, and more real worlds in here----

Add the fact that 10 wizards will probably go and monopolise the markets and make everyone else obsolete. This will create and environment where 1 nation/group/person doesnt have access to wizard iron defecation, and will look for an alternative because reasons/prices/revenge/loveinterests. Without the access to magic these guys either discover magic or start a step by step process of SCIENCE, B&!!+ES.

-Locke Lamora is hiding from these guys----

The magic people have limited ways to respond to this. Crush the opposition, anyone trying to do magic in the world besides you, making the step by step process miss a few steps and perhaps something not be discovered at all. Perhaps if we had never found how to make fossil fuels go boom we would've made something else and be much much farther ahead in technology than we are now and fossil fuels was our magic. Or perhaps we would all still wear funny hats and monocles instead, whatever.

If magic is unavailable for research/discovery, again the Harrys have the option to either let nations develop technology or to scorching ray their asses, in which case...yeah same thing.


A world with technology together with magic would probably look extremely different from our non-magic counter part world, so you can never assume "hey why dont they have chain-assembly factories by now?" actually even makes sense as a question.

Technology takes time and is a chain in which you can skip steps. However those steps may have lead to something awesome. But you skipped it, keep drinking tea in porcelain while I look at dying stars.

(Strong necromancy powers are a good start to godhood)

Having a horse with appropriate facial expressions in the background suits some folks.

And as stated above, a god is the voice of the GM. STOP GROVELING!

Dealing with Darkness on the cheap:

Buy a rope. Tie a knot every 5 feet. Tie a rock to the end. Cast light on each knot.

Enter dungeon, each person throws the coil along, creating several lines of light, illuminating an area where you can now fight with vision.

P--o--o--o--x x is stone/weight, o is light, - is rope, P is Player.


Buy consumables such as Lamp oil and get creative if you dont have access to the light cantrip. It also does damage when thrown and is very cheap.

Yeah, so I can't even begin to think what a wizard can do versus a party. Do you play your casters smart and survival-style or do you make them have obvious shortcomings? (like pride of a dragon or arrogance of my above cleric?).

I'm looking for ways to for example not have Adelita (sorcerer? insert any caster here) from S&S wipe the floor with them without dumb play. I think with the cleric I patched all the weaknesses a bit too much. I dont want to get into the discussion of caster-non caster, but at these levels casters can really patch their weaknesses...and if half smart, they should (they didnt get to these levels by being unprepared push overs).

Mourge40k: I had read Karzoug was actually a push over, so a nice touch to make him use his resources properly. However he is really a last last boss so it's alright that there are some casualties.

SheepishEidolon: All the game is Epic point buy, hence so are the villains. I only added a single Mythic power (reroll the SR). No especial items apart from a negative channeling phylactery. I even forgot to debuff them with variant channeling even though i did only give them half damage. It is a fun build that I had planned as a character myself...perhaps that's the moral, dont build an NPC as you'd build a character? You have a point that the more stuff you put on definitely the more deadly it becomes. Some parties I guess have trouble with some things and others dont (a gunslinger and reach martial wouldve snuffed the cleric in 2 rounds I guess).

I run some APs and have been wondering at the disparity in difficulty between one BBG and another depending on their class (sometimes on their context battle too).

Example. Skull and Shackles:

...Zaksia Galembar alchemist, Isabella the sorcerer, the wreckers, Bikendi vs Harrigan/any non caster.
The casters are a possible tpk usually with a few deaths; just from looking at the obituary threads and from personal experience

It does vary upon:
- Group Composition, Preparation, Optimisation and Tactics
- Previous knowledge by PCs of BBEG or the opposite
- Luck. Them saves or suck rolls...

Considering this, I pit my players (party of 4, a divine nature caster, a monk/rogue, an occultist and a swashbuckler, all level 10 with decent wbl/optimisation) against a single cleric that knew they were coming and had fought against the party 3 levels before. They knew they were probably going to fight him too.

The cleric BB(g)G battle::

A level 12 cleric with 1 mythic ability (reroll spell resistance), epic point buy (25), automatic bonus progression and a little spice. No henchmen.
Focuses on channel with the aasimar feats (push/pull). Very high DC due to charisma focus, feats and traits increasing charisma and a little bump for being alone. Variant channeling but totally forgot to apply the effect even though I was halving the damage.

Prebuffed with:
Antilife shell (PCs dispelled it after 4 targeted dispels...), True seeing, Shield of Fortification, Aid, Righteous Might, Wrathful Mantle. Can fly due to aasimar wings.
Edit: and some lower level buffs with longer durations, such as Aid.

Spells cast:
Blade Barrier, Greater Dispel Magic (failed), Harm (success).

It was painful and I was a little worried it could end in a tpk or 3 party members dead with the cleric surviving/escaping.
Cleric comes in and taunts them, they approach him and are met by his Antilife shell. The dispels from the PCs start, failing. He channels (pushes them), casts Harm with Reach (rod-mythic) and gets the swashbuckler down to 1hp. The dispels continue, failing. He quick channels, casts Blade Barrier. He's almost killed 2 people by now.
Round 3 anti life shell is dispelled..but his high buffed AC allows him to survive long enough. He channels, pushing all, and flies up in the air ready to disengage the battle (Grace spell).
Now, appart from the pre-buffing, I didnt play him too smart, for example he actually landed and let the enemies surround him cause he's arrogant. He didnt go for the sure kills as he wasnt quite interested in killing.
We didnt finish the fight, some PCs wanting to continue chasing him...even though he'd probably turn around and unload the other half of the resources he hasnt spent yet and toast at least 2 of them.

Seeing this and a few of the enemies I've played...casters with a little smart play are absolutely terrifying and I feel that if I dont play them a bit dull, they can absolutely tear a party down in a minute.
For example from Skull and Shackles, there is an illusionist ghost mage who played smartly would never fight unless he had the advantage, and even if he didnt I dont see all members of the group surviving.

What sort of experiences do you have, do you find this normal too?
Am I optimizing enemies a bit too much?
A CR 12 figher or a CR 12 cleric or a CR 12 wizard as enemies are pears, apples and oranges; how do you deal with this?

Yes, I like them, hence I tried to implement them. But a couple of combats later they begged to go back to squares.

One instance that they dont work (or several) is the "chose one edge of the square" or a "chose a side of the square" for example for Tower Shields. You have a lot more sides to cover.

Also for cover hexes get very confusing.

Stebehil wrote:
Is anybody working on hex-based PF rules?

We tried hexes (A3 sheets printed out) but my players asked to return to the normal squares. I think it was because sometimes it was hard to calculate reach, areas of effect and 3d spaces.

I explored such a concept with an alchemist and asked for advice on the forums, here is the thread:

Please touch me more

In addition, the Toxicant Alchemist is a fantastic archetype for this, dealing damage + int modifier + condition to attackers.

To expand upon this concept, you'd want a way to reduce damage or get healing. Good examples are DRs (from spells, adamantine), fast healing, Lay on Hands, Cleric Quick Channel, fast drinking potions (weapon masters book Cayden mug, potion glutton, mythic two fisted drinker, empowered discovery healing pots), self empowered healing (holy vindicator).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you need something piraty, Razor Coast is an amazing product as stated above. It also provides a sandbox; how-to story.

While enamoured with the western view of piracy and S&S, I would chime in with the above: No more straight piracy (Freeport-Razor Coast) but many more MARITIME adventures, please.

Exploration on the coast lines.
There are jungles, forests, whatevers and the sea is the easiest way to explore, and most direct. A trip through a river in a ship or raft, whether it is in a cold, temperate or tropical climate. Preferably exploring the Azlant/Arcadia/Australian continents.

Kingdom AP at sea.
Expand on the rules of mass ship combat from S&S (which are not very good) and build upon it. Battles which expand accross several ships that are engaged in melee, a chaos where 10 ships have rammed each other, the fire is spreading and there needs to be some rallying of troops, or to cut a line through the confusing melee to reach a goal.
Back to exploration (Azlant would be..amazing, there are a few suggestions flying in other threads about Azlant), your party is sent as representatives of a Nation/Company into an unknown/exploitable land and get a steady influx of supplies. Yet you are not the only ones, other Nations/Companies have landed along the coast/islands and are competition. Harass supply lines, make pacts and temporal alliances to be broken at earliest convenience, face the locals (wildlife/cultures) or befriend them. Combine the going up a river,dedicated to one AP book in a raft to explore what is ahead.

All with strong emphasis on maritime. Expand the aquatic bestiaries, especially the amphibious. With a healthy amount of battle at sea or water around. Possibly Kingom Maker style but with sea control (Azlanti or islands domains would be best here).

...hoping. I volunteer to write some of it even :P


We are spending several feats (Vital Strike tree, Overwatch Tree) and archery/ranged is feat starved, forgoing a full attack action (no Rapid Shot, no Clustered Shots etc) and perhaps depending on wording could lose some/all of our attacks because we are readying.


Is it that detrimental for Vital Strike to be used with Overwatch style?

Personal Opinon:

No it isnt detrimental, it's cool, brings potential tactical depth to otherwise straight full attacking boredrom characters and a different pathway for archery that renders less attacks than the usual. I would allow it.

Rules wise:

I hope it flies, the wording is so here or there that it sounds like a designer would need to give this a binary answer.

I remember seeing these spells in Baldurs Gate 2. They werent too strong there but in PF it probably will be.

Summoners already raise a flag in many groups, in mine they are banned, so by defacto this would be too, agreed Claxon.

As written, it is as above. However, since you'll only ever play with VMC at house games, I'm sure talking with the GM is the way here.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
If APs buff up some of the sidebars to add some "if you run this as a standalone adventure" wording, I think it would go a long way to include back some of the gamers who have less time to devote to the hobby than others. I know lots of people buy the APs just for reading, but believe it or not some people will only buy that stuff if they intend to run or play it, and would rather read novels or engineering manuals on their off time... ;)

I do similarly, though I do buy some AP books here and there (City of Seven spears, Kashikon...). "Buffed" sidelines are something that are very useful for this, and even when running the AP itself, giving a little "out of the box" or "out of the path" thinking.

+ to this

Seannoss wrote:

Does Skull and Shackles have any artifacts? Can't remember any in the first 4 books.

I'll second the idea that Wrath doesn't need any of the artifacts in it. Would be very playable without them.

And the Dreamstone which is artifact-y. Book 4.

Kalindlara wrote:
Note that there is a feat in the upcoming Weapon Master's Handbook that will allow you to add your Vital Strike damage to both Cleave attacks - if that's what you're going for. ^_^

And feats to make people flat footed to your Cleaves.

"Hit me, hit me harder! More pain!" is how I like it as a player (trial by fire)
"Yeah sure you can somersault, shoot your pistol through his eye killing him instantly (empowerment and open choices)...but it was pretty stupid, you land, slip on the wet rock and plunge 600 feet down, what do you do?" as a GM (consequences).

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