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Errant Mercenary's page

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Nice find. The magic cheat sheet from the same author is also good.

sylvansteel wrote:
You should look up the Hanse and the Vitalienbrothers, ...

The northern european pirates are indeed very interesting. You also have the Barbary pirates in the mediterranean which had to be fought in wars eventually.

The thing with piracy is, we dont actually know that much. The piracy there was got very little doccumented (no official writings or few onboard/related that would write their procedures down). In comparison, they New World piracy was extremely doccumented; often the captains having been mariners or people of wealth, in an age where literacy was more common and so was the practice of writing things down.

There is also very little information of piracy world wide. We have a very European-centric mentality to all of this, including the sailing itself (just have a look at how poorly understood pacific sailing was to the european colonists).

In Pathfinder, I am still torn whether to use ship to ship combat at all. Adding an extra lair of rules is not something (most) of the table will appreciate, so it should be run mostly from the GM, elucidating which choices they have in a simple enough manner, informing the players in a qualitative/descriptive way how the battle is going.

I will add that I think that the Ship to Ship combat should be used in certain encounters. For example, they fight two ships. One of them might get grappled, but the other one is free to siege the PC's ship. Then you need rules.

Shane LeRose: Have a look at the Skull & Shackles AP section of these boards, there are a lot of resources there.

Ships of the Inner Sea - There are a few in there that you can use..well, all actually.

Rival Guide - I absolutely love this one. There are 2 parties in there (Hellblood Corsairs, Hands of Slaughter) within the areas of S&S. The others are adaptable enough. Not a must, but very apt.

PapaZorro wrote:
I think the real strength of the Kapenia Dancer archetype is that it can be combined with Hexcrafter AND (if you want) Spell Dancer (elf archetype) to provide you with a fantastic AC (+Int from Kapenia + 2/4 from Spell Dancer) AND Hexes for offensive/versatility/whatever. Take a 1 level dip in Master of Many Styles Monk, pick up Snake Fang, don't wear armor and add your Dex/Wisdom/Int to AC, pick up the Precise Strike arcana and both your scarf AND your Unarmed Strike will qualify for Precise Strike (Snake style allows it to be piercing damage). Pick up Hex Strike for more fun.

Combine with Panther Style (MOMS, Combat style master), Frostbite+Rime spell and this archetype combination is an amazing battlefield control nutter.

Gulian wrote:

I'm afraid you and I are playing different games if kobolds would laugh at a player character.

I think this is a Reference to an encounter Experiment posted a long time ago, whete a bunch of simple kobolds made an encounter very challenging by way of smart tactics.

Again, if you fight a big evil dragon, give me a sacred Shield. Bunch of kobolds? Individuals wont be useless and breaking their smart strategy isnt going about hitting hard. Its stupid yo invalidate 1 build because of 1 encounter, talk to any rogue vs thinga that cant be sneak attack, or any caster susprised in meele combat.

I wanted to drop to mention the BattlemOracle as a possibility multiclass. Or the Phalanax fighter which can 1h a polearm, giving reach and some Battlefield Control.

Also the spring attack feat, in case you need to move but still want to attack.

Good Luck With your Tower door, and have fun.

I would also like to shed some light into the Teamwork Feats, now that we're on the "this is a team effort" game, specifically Shield Wall.
If you stand behind someone with a tower shield, their total cover affects you too.

Honestly guys, what if this guy is being build with a full-attacking archer? The AC, damage mitigation and sheer immovability of this combination can break encounters. Not all builds/strategies fit the same battles. Read Heyyon's post for in-game experience.

There are more strategies in this game than Zerg Rush. Everyone here assumes the party works 1. Charge 2. End of battle. Do ask first how the party works before you fall into the error of assumption.

Movement wise, you could throw in a Quickrunners shirt and think outside of the box about movement.
You only need to move to where your allies are in order to become an incredible force.
For example, if you're high on the initiative, lower it so that you go just before your ally. SPEAK to your team mate and ask them where they'd like to go. You moved. Their turn. They move. They go before you? Ask them to hold actions until you act, so long as there aren't any dangerous foes in between your two initiatives.
You can also have different tactics you use in different situations (I know, charge then ask is the most popular but there are others).

Ironically everyone here saying that this sucks cause it's a teamwork game isn't actually thinking about what makes a team a team. Strategy and cooperation.

Disclaimer: If your group is gun-ho charge and murder everyone for themselves, I would also support not going sacred shield. But, believe or not, these parties can see the light too :P

Bonus points if you invest into Archon Style, which you can take as an aasimar.

Archon Style:

You have trained thoroughly to protect your allies from harm, even if it means temporarily sacrificing your own safety in the process.

Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +2 or monk level 2nd.

Benefit: While using this style, as a standard action, you can actively protect adjacent allies from a single opponent that you are currently adjacent to. This grants any adjacent allies a +2 dodge bonus to AC against that opponent's next melee attack (as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn), but causes you to take a –2 penalty to AC against that opponent until your next turn. The dodge bonus persists even if your allies move away from you, but still only applies against attacks made by the opponent that you designated upon first using this ability.

Archon Diversion:
Archon Diversion (Combat)

You are able to throw yourself in front of danger to protect your friends.

Prerequisites: Archon Style, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +4 or monk level 4th.

Benefit: The penalty to AC for using Archon Style to grant nearby allies a bonus to AC against a single opponent decreases to –1, and you can spend a move action instead of a standard action to use this ability.

Once per round while using Archon Style, when you have at least one hand free, you can divert one melee weapon attack that would have struck an adjacent ally and take the blow in your ally's stead, using your own AC to determine whether the attack hits you. Whether or not a diverted attack actually hits you, the ally you protected can make an attack of opportunity against the diverted opponent. You expend no action to divert the attack, but you must be aware of it and must not be flat-footed.

You must declare that you are using this feat after your opponent has declared the target of its melee attack but before it makes its attack roll.

Archon Justice:
Archon Justice (Combat)

Your righteous indignation knows no bounds, and foes that attack your companions soon learn the error of their foolish ways.

Prerequisites: Archon Diversion, Archon Style, Combat Expertise, Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +8 or monk level 7th.

Benefit: You no longer take a penalty to AC for using Archon Style to grant nearby allies a bonus to AC against a single opponent, and you can spend a swift action instead of a move action to use this ability.

Whenever you take damage from using Archon Diversion to divert an opponent's attack toward yourself, any allies threatening your opponent can make an attack of opportunity against the diverted opponent.

Rynjin wrote:

I really really really don't see how.

You have MORE defense without the Tower Shield, by far.

Swift action healing + Being able to actually DO something in combat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>>Some extra AC, even if you're going with the Bodyguard thing.

I'm only quoting this in case you edit. Too funny not to.

I'll answer too: I think the purpose of a tower sacred shieldadin is not to do damage but to be a walking Buff (Heaps of AC and 1/2 damage received for being in your spanking holy presence. Beat that for a buff spell.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This thread needs more superstition, more burning witches and some aliens too.

Shaun wrote:
I'd really enjoy playing a ranger focused on using harpoons. Because what other adventure ever would you get to make use of magical harpoons?

Would be nice to see players prepared to use Harpoons, Cutlasses, Tridents and other sailor common weapons rather than the usual weapons.

Zhayne wrote:


Also, bear in mind you *are* the GM. If you want to give them all a +2 to attack rolls just 'cause, then you can just do that.

And this! Though if he gave his PCs 25 PB, the enemies should also get that, and it wouldnt be GM fiddling, so long as the encounters are designed for 15 PBs. But yeah, GM fiddling goes a long way if necessary.

Shadenir wrote:

Oh, I know why it's easy:) I am using 25 point buy, and I like to hand out good loot (when I can... This AP hasn't made that easy so far.). I've already completely re-stated the standard thug they encounter. I've got the problem mostly fixed, and I was just looking for a specific feat that can help with this one specific problem. It seems to me that it's a fairly basic idea for a feat. We've already got Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, Power Attack, and I think one or two others that allow you to trade one bonus for another. I'm just looking for a feat that will do that trading AC for AB. Does it exist?

fair enough. I am having very similar troubles as you in the AP I'm running (worse, this AP gives them quite a lot of time to prep for battle).

I generally beef hp to 75%-100%, give everything a +2 accross the board (as in advanced template) and then always give the enemies Weapon Focus. So they at least stand a chance to once in a blue moon connect :)

My general + hit feats I use are: Weapon Focus and Outflank.There is also Furious Focus, which is a straight +hit if power attacking.
Specifically about exchanging Hit with AC the Tiger Style feats do that, but are narrow.

I suggest giving the enemies a template, such as "Advanced". Or having more of them and using Aid Another. Either that or spending lots of time redoing NPCs and statting them properly.

You should also identify why the encounters are so easy. APs are made for 15point buy of a 4 ppl party (fighter rogue cleric wizard to be precise). If you have 25 point buy, the AP is going to be a literal cakewalk.

Throw out some Fey. You have the choice to have silly-prank loving fey or the sinister otherwordly ones.
There are a few threads with wonderful suggestions as to how to run fey encounters, have a look through the search function.

Sacred Shields are amazing, if you play a tank.

Tower shields are also more useful than people think. Ever tried as a GM to put players against enemies with Tower Shield and Shield Wall teamwork feat? No reason your players can't use these tactics too.

Quick Channel is an absolute must. You can throw out a spell and a channel on the same round, controlling the battlefield a lot more. Definately a must!

Also, have to thank you for the idea of Earth Variant channel, had not put things together until this thread.

I would suggest changing the shape of your Channel. 30 ft radius is good, but perhaps if you could change it to cones or lines it could be a more versatile option.

For example, be an Aasimar and invest into the Channel Force feats.

Channel Force:

Your channel is bolstered by your faith, allowing you to move and damage your foes.

Prerequisites: Aasimar, channel energy 2d6.

Benefit: When you channel energy to deal damage, you may choose to affect only a single target within 30 feet. In addition to dealing damage, if that single target fails its saving throw, you may pull or push (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 303) the target up to 5 feet for every 2d6 points of channel energy damage you are capable of dealing.

Improved Channel Force:

You move your enemies within a beam of righteous energy.

Prerequisites: Channel Force, aasimar, channel energy 4d6.

Benefit: When using Channel Force, you can affect all creatures in a 60-foot line or a 30-foot cone-shaped burst. You must choose to either push or pull all creatures within the affected area that fail their saves.

Greater Channel Force:

Your eruptions of divine power move your enemies.

Prerequisites: Channel Force, Improved Channel Force, aasimar, channel energy 6d6.

Benefit: When using Improved Channel Force, you can affect all creatures in a 30-foot-radius burst.

This would also allow you push or keep them in your difficult terrain. Or into pits. Greater Channel force is not that key in this case, Improved being the true gem.
Improved Force Channel allows you to disrupt the terrain ahead of you but not where your party is, allowing for better reactions from your team. Force Channels are also magnificent ways to deny enemies hitting your squishies, or at least full round attacking, if you push them 10 ft away.

Ravingdork wrote:

How on earth do you get 17 rounds of fire before boarding actions take place? The way the ship to ship encounter rules are written, you almost always start out within ramming distance of the enemy ship.

This is one aspect I dont like about Pathfinder rules. Seldomly at sea would things start off so suddenly. Ships would see each other miles ahead, and chase for a whole day and easily loose track on the night.

Putting this into rules and actual play could potentially become a drudgery I understand. However, a simplified chart corresponding to ship speed, maneuverability and sailing ingenuity could go a long way.
17 rounds of ballista firing however would make for a dead crew or a sunken ship (depending what rules you follow, FASB is far deadlier to the ships).

The underlying problem here is that the sea is such a fickle and complex battlefield with many nuances that are hard to put down in paper, or to actually explain. Naval battle tactics are not an easy topic to jump into.

Gluttony wrote:

I've always thought of the rogue's main role as melee support. The one who plays nice with the fighter/barbarian/ranger/etc. and works in tandem with them to get lots of flank. Turn the melee advantage of the dedicated fighter into an even more unfair advantage by adding sneak attack, basically.


Most classes can do this better than the rogue.

1) More AC, more Hp, to get into position.
2) More accuracy, so Butterfly Sting,Combat Manuevres and effects work more often
3) Have more "tricks" than the rogue to get there. Bladed Dash magus, Grace spells, etc.
4) Acrobatics stuff as easily done by other classes too.
5) Sneak attack is garbage damage. Numbers have been run, this is not up for contest. Also, it hits not very often.

I like the Rogue, but it is just not as good. I will always be playing rogues, because it isnt just a bunch of math it is also the idea that comes with the package that we've been associating with during all these years.

Also, Ninja does solve some rogue problems.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Million topic and one to discuss this, here we goooooooo!

Rogues need to put in more effort* than other classes to be up to scratch with the rest.

*system mastery, battlefield awareness, positioning, thinking outside of the box and making pigs fly.

PS: That's why I think they're fun, they force you get out there are die more often. I mean try harder and succeed.

roysier wrote:

For our group Skulls and Shackles was the deadliest. We had 5 character deaths in one 4-hour session during Book 4 Island of Empty Eyes.

We also almost had a TPK on the Island at the end of book 1.

Glad to see S&S still holds danger past book 1!

Are you playing by the book? As in 15 point buy, no changes to monsters?

ACG has an incredible feat, Lunging Spell Touch.

Adds 5 ft to your touch attack, so no Meta Magic needed if you can be safe enough at that distance.

Nawtyit wrote:
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. One Piece is definitely about pirates.

We need to have "the talk"..come, sit here...

Roger Corbera wrote:
Answering to Dave Justus: yes, the rules says something about throwing grapples, etc. But after that? No rules of mass combat, defending the wood castles on the bridge, throwing greek fire from the masts, etc.

I do agree. The rules for ALL ship combat within pathfinder are lacking, canons or no canons. I would certainly like to know what good having a forecastle to the brim with archers does, versus not having one. At the moment, there isnt a big difference.

The combat in the background idea works well enough, however I would like your decisions and resources to matter in how that combat goes, and the outcome of it affecting your own PC-focused combat.

Implementation of corvus, actual ramming ships that aim to sink opponents rather than grapple, fire ships (immolation ships), fortress ships, Sea-to-Land and Land-to-Sea modifiers/effects, a better implementation of magic at sea.

I insist though, FASB has many things that can be used in all ages of sail, or easily modified, and they are vastly superior to anything pathfinder has made on the subject.

Fourshadow wrote:

When playing Heroscape, we often said: Do what the card says, not what it doesn't say.

If something isn't there, assume there is a reason for that and just do what the talent says.

So your bomb DCs are 10 + 1/2 alchemist level + Int for a rogue cause that's the original? Because it does not say to use rogue or character levels.

No, this is, sorry to say, a stupid way to go about it. Pathfinder rules are written poorly and wrongly lately and just dont work. It isnt about reading more or less into the rules.

Xethik wrote:

@Errant Mercenary: It's Savage Critical from Monster Codex.

Thanks! That's a very interesting feat. It makes so that you dont need to be a Scout at all (unless you need the sneak attack on a charge instead of move-VitalStrike)

An Improvised weapons character. Nothing says rebel like busting out of a prison cell by slamming guard's faces into bars, opening skulls with mugs, slamming people trying to stop you with chairs, ceramic pots, shackles, other people. Seeing the panicked face of those that have seen what you are capable of, when all you have is a broken chair leg in your hand and confident glare.

I need no weapons. Chains wont hold me. You words are meaningless. Your oppressing rules will hold us no more.


(Tiefling Brawler? Or Improvised master monk? That archetype needs a brush up though, it's severely lacking some streamlining UC/ACG got)

pennywit wrote:

A Pathfinder version of Spelljammer would be kind of interesting as long as it isn't Skull & Shackles IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!

Hilarious. I'd like an underwater AP. From experience the most fun APs are those that break a bit the monotony of adventuring. The going there, killing that, doing this because we're good guys.

S&Shackles for example is a new environment, much more 3d than other APs and with a clear fluff to it.

ElementalXX wrote:
So a 20 level barbarian can actualy swim in lava, thats funny

I think by level 20 you are wondering if there's a couple more of your high level friends if you could not go and kill a demi god, so you know..epic stuff.

It could also be a Trait, since it is not enough for a feat. However the compromises of Swift actions etc all make good sense.

While Anthony up there has a certain way of making a point about the needing a feat for everything, I very much agree and it is linked to what I mentioned before about feat bloating. Sometimes, I would like to tell my players "this happens" without someone asking "well what are the rules for that, because here is says that..". Just breaks narrative, and I dont feel like making someone take a DC-because-i-said-so-40 or hand wave rules away because they are seriously getting in the way of common sense, storytelling or because I did not think of reading up on mice juggling rules and the necessary animal juggling feats.

As for real life sheathing, I have not found anything either WraithStrike, certainly not something that people practice often nowadays it seems. My experience is not with a weapon, but a tool, a sailing knife in classic ships and rough weather conditions. It was an example to compare a mundane task with what someone amazing (high dex, adventurers, etc) could potentially do.
± fingers.

Adding to fey naughtiness.

Log trap (as mentioned earlier a log, a pit, image and grease trap) When the pc fails and falls, take out 15d6s or something ridiculous. Roll it in front of him as you describe how he is falling and falling... tell him to count it and make a doubtful face, hopefully theyll assume you are rolling damage. Then tell the rest of the players that they see their mate rolling and thrashing in a 5ft leaf filled pit, being totally unreasonable. The victim Wakes, sweating and shocked to be..not falling. He is cursed with severe vertigo for howmany hours you rolled die for. Mean but hilarious, a la fey. It should convey the misjudging possible in this realm.

Squirrel_Dude wrote:
I don't think that quick-sheathing should exist in terms of a free action. Perhaps if it cost an extra feat (psst. btw, one does exist). Maybe, instead of quick draw making sheathing a weapon as free action, it made it a swift action, it would be balanced.

Feat bloating restricts character options, it doesnt expand i believe. Roll it into Quick Draw or Lightning reflexes, mobility, something useful. Gets to the point that you need a special feat for every little thing and ruling while number of feats aatainable is static.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Some anecdotal addition then. I work with knives in sometimes unpredictable, unbalancing, sometimes stressful, situations. I can assure you i can sheathe a 25 cm blade knife om the run nå problems. I can do it hanging somewhere stupid. Small thing, but know it inside out and i know where to guide it on the sheathe.
Thats a fairly average human being.

Now increase dex to inhuman Levels and years of weapon training.

As per difficulty, Yeah perhaps if Quick Draw let you do it above Dex 16 or such itd represent the challenge more, i do get your point.

Edit: abuse of the feat is another thing, if abused you can put limits. Remember as GM you say how many free actions players cam have. Example, if you are aheathing you may only do it once/turn or as part of another action(move). It perhaps isnt that broken though, blink back belt does the sheathing of thrown weapons itself.

The point here is that it is beyond human. Whirlwind attack, pushing Assault, manyshot/rapidshot/archery in pf, reload times of guns, dodging a stream of fire (evasion), carrying 10 weapons a bedroll pots extra clothes wearing z cloak and still being able to swing a sword 5 times or sprint. Unthinkable and unrealistic. And that is just martial stuff.

This isnt a realism question anymore.
Anything above 15 dex starts to be awesome, by 20 it's unreal. 30? Youre having paper rock scissor games With Neo while you Dodge bullets for breakfast.

Ps: no sheathing videos but some stuff people pull off is way more impressive. Plus, some weapons are very easy to sheathe, where the Equipment has been modified to make it fast. Sorry for the horrible autocaps/correct btw.

wraithstrike wrote:

As for dexterous part, even that has its limits. You are likely to stab yourself in the leg even with a dex of over 30 IMO especially while moving.

Isnt 10 standard human? I think you understimate what dex 30 means, or what talented humans (18 dex?) can accomplish. Google "People are awesome". Bizzare Precision, inhuman almost..yet they are.

Is that Savage Critical from 3pp?
Also, apart form getting sneak attack and good str its fairly straightforward, but it is for sure fun. Have a look at a thread called "one big hit build" i think it was called; it has good ideas.

Furthermore, if you attack once per round medium bab hurts. If still rogue look into Ninja, iirc can take Scout archetype.

Consider Impact for weapon damage too.

It gets to the point where too many mundane Things require a feat. See feat taxes such as combat expertise. Vital strike, something that could have enhanced the zystem if Integrated, or bracing.

As you say, let Quick Draw do this. Too mich mundane feat bloating as it is.

If you are playing a d10/d12 class, that is a feature of the class. If you make them roll 1d10 and they get 1, or minimum of die+2, whatever, it is short changing a class feature.

Half + a dice roll would be my choice. Or we get silly things like a wizard with more hp than a fighter because of un/lucky die rolls.

Addition. You are a Barbarian. You are trained to be durable. You have trained hard, put yourself through danger! You've used them muscles, hacked those heads off them bodies (aint going to happen alone). You level up to reflect your accomplishments! You get 1 hp!
The wizard used his vast intellect to overcome the trials, subjugated foes with him mind! He levels, and gets 6 hp!
Yeah. No.

Starting to get disappointed by the rules section of pathfinder products. Of the 3 last purchases I made, all of them have either blatant errors or a misinterpretation of a core rule or unfinished :S Then erratas don't come around.

Good questions, I would imagine it's class level too. I was disappointed to not see a clause saying that if the rogue took Throw Anything they'd get Intelligence to damage. Ah well.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How about a Varient Channeling cleric? There's a very simple, concise guide for this.
Crank the DC as high as you can, pick Daze/Nauseated effects, quick channel, and see their action economy go down the drain.
Extra fun: Aasimar and channel force feats.
That is, if their saves are separate or such.

Otherwise things with Evasion would probably be a good call.

I would consider Making Giles a Bolt Ace.

Furthermore, if you crit often and combine it with Critical Focus feats then you're getting the effects more often.

Lets not bring the W word here.

Anything will excel played straight forward compared to a rogue. I mentioned that rogue attract certain mind sets. Not being able to go RAAARGH KILL ALL means a rogue needs to think about maximising his effect. UMD is incredible. Certain rogue/ninja archetypes are very unappreciated.

I'm all up for the rogue being powerful, as we can see with the Slayer/Investigator/Alchemist classes, they are the patched up rogues. Can anyone do the rogue thing? Yeah. Does the rogue give tools to do this? Absolutely.

Does the rogue still need patching? Yes, I did not contest that.
Also, I suggest always combining the Ninja and the Rogue, with a CHA/WIS pool as needed. Or play a ninja, straight up better.

In my experience, if it was not for the resourcefulness or rogues/investigators/this kind of player/characters, the barbarians would not last 2 sessions.

Rogues attract a lot of people that think outside of the box and safe a lot of asses. It's a very unmeasurable thing.

Eating his Swift action for the next round, only agaisnt enemies he has reach to and it requires 5 feats and level 9 to work? And can use half of the feat once a round and the other half as much as he has dex modifier (which if he does have high str, isnt going to be that often, and if he doesnt he shouldnt be hitting hard at all).

Jokes appart, since MoMS does skip the requirements, it's a problem that smoothes itself as the party get levels. More attacks and more special effects.
You could change around type of critter you use, to Ranged, magic, special attacks. Use things that have touch attacks. Use Area of Effect stuff.

PS: We need a cleric to put down the closet skeletons.
PS2: Posted advice in case someone in the future uses the search function (HAHAHAHAHAAA...).

Hey there. First, this should probably be in Skulls and Shackles section, where you will find a lot of posts addressing these sort of topics.

On to the meat!
I would recommend, as many have before, to use Fire As She Bears (FASB) rules. They are simple, very plug in and incredibly solid and fun.
They offer something for everyone to do in ship battles, they offer a system for crew fighting and a way to make ships that makes more sense.
There is a fantastic topic around in the S&S section about using loyalty-morale for crew boardings in the background. FASB can be used for pre-cannon times either. It's just fantastic.

Also, considering it's Golarion and Pathfinder..ship realism...not to be too expected. You've got a world where Galleys, 1700s frigates and fireball hurling mages HAVE to coexist.
I would recommend having a look at One Piece, a manga about "pirates" (not really) but there you see a lot of different things together from huge warships to strange super powers.

I love naval history and accuracy. I do make my living in these vessels often and you just can't go all historical in pathfinder.
Why fire a cannon when you can cast Black Tentacles?

In closing, please have a look at S&S Ap subsection for a myriad of options, opinions and solutions to these issues.

Isnt Instant Enemy one of the better Ranger spells?

Use of Tower Shield #23

Using it as a sand surf board when some ruins are being swallowed by the desert. See: Prince of Persia movie. Challenge: Dont laugh at that scene.

On topic: Interesting, was not aware of the OP's question.


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