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Ermintrude's page

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One Fantastic Poster Map, Lots of Useless Other Maps

****( )

I bought this product for the large poster map of Westcrown, and I wasn't disappointed. This poster map is vastly superior to the maps of the city that come with the Council of Thieves adventure paths, showing individual houses in a proper top-down view, instead of the styalised 3D perspective view that the city map has in the Paths. It would have been perfect if the map had street names on it too, but even so this maps makes it much easier for a DM to flesh out a campaign in Westcrown rather than simply playing the packaged scenarios.

However, the other maps are simple reproductions of maps that already come with the Adventure Path, and I don't see the point of them. They're useless without the Adventure Paths, and if you already have the Adventure Paths then you already have these maps.

Overall, if you want a poster map of Westcrown then this product is for you, particularly if you're looking to do more in Westcrown than follow the Path. Do not get it if you expect anything else at all.

I'm torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars. 3 stars seems a bit low, as the poster map is genuinely a great product, but on the other hand 4 stars seems a bit high, as the rest of the pack is utterly useless.

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