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Corvin Tergsvor

Eris Kallisti's page

47 posts. Alias of Majestic8705.


Well, me thinks I'm going to have pull my application from this. Just got into another PBP and I don't think I've got the time for RL and two quality PBPs. Best of luck to those who do get picked, and have fun all.

Yup...Eris, that's me XP

Incidentally, I hope you aren't taking my lack of participation in this thread as a guide of my regular posting while in game. That I do frequently (daily...typically a few times a day, depending on current interactions). I just haven't had cause to say much of anything further about anything and since soo many others are trying to get a word in edgewise, I figured may as well let them have the floor ^^

I submit Eris Kallisti for consideration. Half-Elf Bard who will eventually be taking two levels in Lore Warden. In brief, Eris is a sex slave who is going off on adventure to earn his freedom. Personality wise, Eris is a flirty, playful, pansexual...think like a half-elf version of Jack Harkness from Torchwood, if you like.

Crunch wise: I shall build him to fill in whatever roll we are most lacking. By default, I'm thinking scorpion whip and ranged focused with bardy stuff being a bonus, but not 'the focus', as it were. But, as I said, stats will be tailored moreso to a finalized party.

Preliminary profile can be viewed here.

The stats will have to be tweaked somewhat as I ran another version of this character through a Second Darkness campaign that ended really before it got started. However, I loved the character so I figured I'd submit him here as he seems to fit the setting quite nicely.

The Story:
Eris is the unwanted bastard child of an illicit affair between a visiting Elven merchant and a wealthy Human noblewoman in a large city a fair distance away from Katapesh. Initially, the woman intended to play the child off as her Human husband’s offspring as Half-Elves, as some were able to do. However, even Eris’ genetics were conspiring against him as he came out looking like the purest blooded Elf that ever lived. It was his eyes: one an impossibly green emerald green, the other a shade of purple so rich and vibrant it was almost too purple to be purple. The nobleman was, unsurprisingly, livid at this turn of events – the heir he’d hoped for was the half-breed child of a whore. Despite his wife’s protests, he gave the child to one of the servants to leave the child outside so he would die of exposure. The servant took pity on the child, however, and instead deposited him at a local church of Calistria where he was raised in the ways of the church until he was around the age of twelve.

Even then, he had an almost impossible beauty about him. He had the bravado of a man, but the physique of someone much more soft and feminine. He had long golden hair and an elegant swagger that he’d picked up watching the local girls of the church doing their business. He was happy here, despite the place being an ‘inappropriate’ place to raise a child.

As with everything else, however, this too turned against the young half-breed. A local brothel began to view the church as ‘a threat to business’ and elected to do something about the threat. A band of thugs were dispatched to do away with the church. Most of the church workers were killed. Those unfortunate enough to survive were taken into the brothel where they were sold into sexual slavery. Eris, much to his dismay, was one who survived. Though, for what it is worth, he fetched a higher price than most of his ‘colleagues’. Not only because he was young, but because of his impossible beauty.

And so he was trained in the ways of the prostitutes. He learned the things to do, the things to say to please his clients. He learned the way to walk, the way to talk. He learned how to cause the right kinds of pain, and he learned how to suffer through the many unforgiveable pains. He learned to please men, women, and everything else. But one night, he was asked to do too much – he cracked. He killed the fat bastard he was with, and mangled the man’s genitals and face something fierce.

The slavers realized the boy was broken: the brightness in his eyes was gone. But instead of leaving him to ‘face the music’ for his crimes, they sold him to an Elven travelling merchant on his way to Katapesh. The Elf was a cruel woman who seemed to enjoy tormenting her half-breed slave; she made the young Eris wear the most disgustingly revealing clothing at all times and perform some truly sexually depraved acts on command. The one redeeming quality of the woman was that she was no sadist. In fact, when the two were left alone in her tent she was almost tender: she would apply various salves and balms to the abused half-breed’s whip-scarred back. Though those wounds would never heal, the tenderness felt…good: A welcome change from the day’s humiliations; a welcome escape from Eris’ tortured life.

Upon arriving in Katapesh, the woman lost the vast majority of her fortune gambling. To pay her debts, she, more or less, sold Eris to the state conscripting him into a band of mercenaries to establish a new trade route. The fee for that job went to her to pay for her man’s services. However, the conditions of the job more or less declare Eris to be property of the state and the state itself does not own slaves. Thus, as a consequence, upon the establishment of the trade route, Eris would be free. As the date of embarkation drew closer, Eris’ eyes grew bright once again until finally…

”Freedom,” Eris smiled as he made for the rendezvous point to commence the adventure. Never had he dreamed it possible, and yet, here he was. With almost girlish glee, he walked: skipping, every now and again in an outrageous fashion. Singing old songs of freedom and so forth to himself and whoever happened to make eye contact with him. Let them stare, he didn’t care. After all he’d been through, being caught in a good mood was hardly the least humiliating thing he’d ever experienced.

Ah well, c'est la vie. 'tis a real shame though, I thoroughly enjoying this character.

Anyways, gl and hf with all your other stuffs everyone.

Eris shrugged his shoulders as the Human disappeared into the tavern. If he weren't so terrified of me, I'd almost feel insulted, Eris mused to himself as he moved on to take in the gaming area. Eventually, he caught up with Restless Cherry Blossom and Deneb at the Ghoulette table, hearing the croupier correct the witch's bet.

Eris enjoyed gambling, but he had never been one for games of chance like Ghoulette -- everything about them was so real, so final, so determined. The Tiefling much preferred to play cards or other games of appearances -- where the cards boldly declare the player's fate, but often, its the player who makes their fate in games like that. A little lie here, a distracting comment there, and suddenly that crap hand you were dealt is a winner. The reality is irrelevant, what matters is the appearance, the illusion.

Spotting Deneb who seemed to be paying far too much attention to the game for his own good, Eris walked up to him with an amused smirk, pulled out a silver coin, and held it up to the cleric's face. "A kiss for luck?" Eris asked, blinking his eyes in the most effeminate overly flirtatious way he could. It was both painfully adorable, and impossibly ridiculous at the same time.

Deneb* wrote:

Close. Odds are 1 in 38, not 37. Your other math is good, allowing for that correction.

Its smarter not to bet at all. And smartest to own the casino. :)

Typo XP

You know, I never really thought about it before.

Consider a typical roulette wheel. There are 38 numbers on a roulette wheel (0, 00, 1-36) meaning the odds are 1 in 37 to win (roughly 2.7%, which means the 'house' has a [roughly]97.3% chance to win). To win 100% of the time, one would have to place a bet on all 38 numbers. This, while possible, would actually mean losing money because roulette pays out at 35:1 if you bet on a single number (if you bet $1 on a winning number, you now have $35).

It similarly makes no sense to bet on 35 numbers because you would still, statistically, end up losing money and only ever 'break even' whenever you win.

So to turn a profit, the most numbers one can bet on would be 34 which is, roughly, 89% percent of the board. What that means is that placing $1 on 34 individual numbers would earn you a whopping $2 (you 'lose' on 33 tiles [$33] but 'win' on 1 number [$35]. 35-33=2).

Now, of course, there is a (roughly) 11% chance that you'll lose all $34.

If you bet $1 on one number for 38 games in a row you would, statistically, win once with a payout of $35. However, you would lose $1 on 37 of those bets at a cost of $37. Meaning overall, you have a net loss of $2 ($37-$35=$2).

Now, if one were to bet $1 each on 34 numbers for 38 games in a row one would, statistically, win 34 of those games at a rate of $2 a win. Meaning overall winnings of $68. When you lose, however, you lose hard and you would lose $34 4 times which amounts to $136 (34*4=136). Subtracting our winnings of $68, we have an overall loss of $68 (136-68=68).

It seems like its actually 'safer' to bet on just one number consistently. At least, you'll bleed your monies out a lot slower.

The odds of winning in Ghoulette are 1:11 (or, roughly, 9%). The payout is 10:1 thus to actually win something, one can only place stuff on 9 numbers (75% of available numbers). Let us assume the bet is 1gp on each individual number with a payout of 10gp (1pp) on a winning number.

So, if one plays for 12 rounds, and one bets 1gp on one individual number, one is expected to win once for 10gp total. However, one would lose 11 other times at a rate of 1gp a round meaning a net loss of 1gp.

Now, if one plays for 12 rounds and bets 1gp on 9 individual numbers, one is expected to win nine times for 9gp in profit. However, one would lose 9gp 3 times for total loses of 27gp. Subtracting from our winnings, that's a net loss of 18gp.

So in either case, its smarter to just bet on one number.

See kids, math isn't useless XP

I too am good to go and hoping the vacation was enjoyable and stuff. I'm just waiting on Kallan to post again...don't wanna be rude and walk away from him mid greeting and all XP

On an actual game related mechanics note...correct me if I'm wrong, but on that game of ghoulette, couldn't one put a bet of 1 silver on 9 individual marks and have a 75% chance of walking away with +1 silver each time?

Eris took in the Human's rather obvious nervousness and it made him smile. Not so much because he enjoyed torturing the poor man, but because there was something so adorably helpless about him. However, the Tiefling had learned something from this initial exchange: he had caught the human's eye. That is to say the Human had taken an interest in Eris' falling out of a window, and his arrival in this fine establishment. Either he genuinely hadn't seen a Tiefling before; or he is following me, Eris reasoned.

"You flatter a sideshow like me with your interest, Sir," Eris said with a toothy grin as he went into an over-the-top bow before the Human. The gesture, of course, was clearly more so for dramatic effect than an actual proper ceremonial bow. He used the opportunity to take in the Human's equipment in somewhat greater detail, noting the various blades and what have you the character was carrying. Eris did this not because he considered the man a threat (indeed, his nervous twitching and shifting suggested the Human was anything but a threat), but because it never hurts to take note of these kinds of things. "I am, indeed, the one who fell from the window earlier today, and Miss Blossom and I are...acquaintances, for lack of a better term," Eris continued after he came up from his exaggerated bow. His hand went to rest on his rapier but, before it got there, he thought better of it and extended it out to shake the Human's hand. "Name's Eris," he said with that same stupid smile.

I'm waiting on Kallan or Deneb's response to my introduction. I can post again, but I didn't want to do it right know, give the other players a chance to post something and stuff.

Apologies for my delayed posting...exam and no sleep made me crash hard.
First of all, for that appraise a while back: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5
Knowledge (planes) to know Old Scratch:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5
A roll higher than a 5 at least once in a while would be nice oh paizo server...
And can I roll a knowledge (local) on this place/any other local questions that might pop up? Or is all of that just covered by the initial roll where we all pick two districts stuff?

Eris begins singing quietly to himself as he pays his fee, and signs the document:

"Well you made a deal with the devil
And now your soul is mine
You sold it for eternity
When you signed that dotted line..."

He looks up at the stunning woman with a grin on that last line as he dots the last 'i' in his name and then he paid the woman the necessary entrance fee. He made deliberate eye contact with her, smiling sweetly for a moment as he looked into her eyes. And then, he sang quietly to her, "so long, farewell; I'll see you in Hell my friend," With that, he winked smugly, and walked inside, grinning all the while.

On passing her, he took a moment to take in the whole scene before him and the illusion of this whole thing was...delightful. They even managed to grab themselves a real devil to display in a cage which made the Tiefling shake his head somewhat. Given his history being a sexual slave, it should be hardly surprising that Eris has somewhat of a negative view of slavery. Having said that, the Devil seemed to be something more of a stage prop than an actual slave being tortured and tormented in any meaningful way.

But Eris did notice that Deneb seemed to have taken an interest in the caged beast and that it seemed like he'd made a new friend as well. It was about this time that Eris realized just advantageous it might be to have a cleric of the lady of luck on his side during a gambling tournament...though, most gamblers will tell you its more skill than luck. It can never hurt to have both skill, and luck on your side. So, with that, Eris resigned himself to walk over and make nice.

"... even the lovely ladies can be yours for the taking, if ya got enough. That's the way Riddleport works best," said the Human standing beside Deneb, which made Eris grin somewhat.

"Actually the best part about Riddleport is that you never have to settle for these ladies because you can always find something more...exotic...If you know where to look," Eris interjected with a smirk, as he approached the duo with an obvious cocky swagger to his step. His right hand resting on the hilt of his rapier in a relaxed fashion. Not so much because he was threatened, indeed, the Tiefling felt right at home in this Hellish illusion. His left hand was resting on his hip. "And you have the coin for it, of course," he added, once he was sure he'd grabbed the attention of the Human. He still had his token grin on his face suggesting that at least some of what he said was a joke.

As an incidental, the song Eris is singing is "Sell Your Soul" by The Creepshow, if anyone is interested.

Yup, have fun and stuffs...

On a completely unrelated matter...are all of us in line together and we all have met each other previously? Or is it just Deneb, Cherry, and I in one group with Kallan and Kresham in the other?

Eris eyed the dress up and down, smiling as he did. "My dear, anyone that doesn't hire you wearing that dress..." Eris started but then kinda trailed off as he tried to think of an analogy. "Well, there's no one who wouldn't hire you in that dress. Hells, I'd hire you in that dress if I had even a table you could dance on." Eris smiled reassuringly.

"I know the idea is nowhere near as glam and glitzy as this place...but at least I'm a lot prettier than most of these rubes," He grinned a self-mocking kind of grin. Though, there was something about him that made certain folks...look twice. Wherever he went he seemed to stir up emotions of some kind, and always of extremes. Either people would swoon over him; or they would loathe the very idea of him. But even those that hated him admitted there was something about him...something unreal?

I also agree.

"Please, he doesn't pay me enough to take advantage of me," Eris said with a grin as he gave Deneb a rather obvious ogling look. "Of course, now that you mention it, I might just let this one take advantage of me for the fun of it," the Tiefling added with a wink indicating he's joking. Of course, exactly which part was supposed to be a joke was another matter entirely. Eris, of course, only smiles playfully.

A whore, a Calistrian, and a priest of the lady of luck walk into a bar, Eris mused, and almost burst out laughing as he realized his life was little more then a punchline to a cliche joke. Speaking of a bar and the Calistrian...

"Are you here for the tournament? To try your luck as I try my luck?" Eris asked, obviously playing off the Calistrian's bizarre speech patterns. "Or are you just here to pit your luck against mine?" Eris added, smiling coyly. He wasn't mocking the girl. Indeed, he rather enjoyed her punning. It always made for interesting, if utterly incoherent, conversations.

Sense Motive on that Bluff: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Eris smiled coyly, "then maybe there's hope for you yet, priest." He looked Deneb over, really for the first time as earlier, he'd been more concerned with not being where he was and not getting stabbed by the Elf woman he'd collided with. All in all, he didn't seem anything too extraordinarily special. In addition to checking out the cleric, Eris used the momentary pause to take another opportunity to make sure he wasn't being followed by any of 'father's' men.

If you're living in Riddleport and you're not paranoid, you must be crazy Eris mused to himself, the smile on his lips growing slightly as he bastardized another witticism he'd heard about somewhere else from some obscure writer a long time ago.

Perception to see if he's being followed: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

...really? Stupid dice.

Eris chuckled quietly to himself. "Told ya not to trust 'em," he said with a grin as he watched the group of them run off into the crowds. A terrible thought then crossed Eris' mind as he turned back to face the cleric. "Please tell me you're not going to make us chase after them in the name of justice or something silly like that," Eris said, a genuinely distraught look on his face. It wasn't so much he thought what the kids did was excusable so much just was something so utterly petty and insignificant that he had no reason to make it his concern.

That and with her gone, Eris only had to pay for one meal besides his own which is always an added bonus. 'Sides, clerics make better companions when the s**# hits the fan. Mostly because they have 'moral convictions' and the like and he couldn't bare to watch me die an 'unjust' death at the hands of some old bastard's goon squad simply because he 'disapproves of the company his son keeps.'

That, and it never hurts to have a God on your side.

GM Nayr wrote:
Deneb and Kresham - still owe you, if you want to roll for these. I'll also take other knowledge checks like religion for the temples and holy sites, arcana for the Cyphergate, and history for nearly any location there of some reknown.

Can I make those rolls? Or were you specifically addressing Kresham and Deneb?

*is so tempted to cast grease and shove you into a troll pit now...


Yes, but though we start in a gambling hall, that doesn't mean there isn't a troll pit somewhere in our immediate future XP

I doubt that's the case...but I'm way too much of a skeptic to bar it from being a distinct possibility.

Remember kids, you're only paranoid if the universe isn't out to get you. Because if, as it turns out, the universe really is out to get you, you're not're right XP

Yes, we don't have super strong melee in the sense of run in there stabbing guys left right and center. We do, however, have plenty of 'control' options available to us. Bardy spells, witch spells, I'm assuming some cleric spells as well...Not to mention that I'm carrying two whips that I plan on using to trip up anyone who even looks at me funny XP

With enough stuff tripping guys up, we can make getting at the squishy types pretty much impossible.

That's a shame about Tal...oh well, c'est la vie. My availability to post o'er the next couple of days is probably going to drop somewhat as I've an essay due in about...40 odd hours or so.

Anyho, yes...first of all, for the knowledge local...I'll apply that 15 I scored to knowing the Rotgut district? If not, I'll roll for it 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

I'll also roll on Riddleport Harbor: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16

Next...regarding the party sitiation: I agree with the others. We'll probably be fine running with just five, though I wouldn't really object to a sixth person so long as we don't have to wait for 'em XP whose still interested in this? Because I've been waiting on either Tal or Deneb to post IC...or are we calling it before we've even started?

Perception check:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Incidentally, just to speed things along, does anyone mind if Nayr rolls perception checks of that kind and puts the information revealed in spoilers for the characters who were revealed that information? Because really, in situations like this, I can't respond to what's happening without knowing whether or not I succeed at the perception check. And I can't know if I succeed at the perception check unless I post...its kinda a catch 22.

Eris sort of scoffed at Deneb's coin toss. "You shouldn't encourage them like that. Now he's likely to run off and tell all his little friends about the easy mark from out of town," Eris said as he placed his face into his left hand and started shaking his head slowly. "Tell me, boy, do you even really have a sister?" Eris asked, point blank. His voice was nonchalant, as if he wasn't judging the child about lying (if he was lying), and he was almost coaxing the boy to fess up to the lie if for no other reason than to illustrate his larger point.

Sense Motive on the child to see if he's a liar:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2
Diplomacy Check on the child to coax him to admit he has no sister:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

LOL...and so my crappy dice rolls begin!

"You mean besides it 'not being my problem'?" Eris snorted, making no effort to hide his disinterest in the question.

Since we still haven't done anything of consequence, I swapped around a point from STR to CON.

I trust this introduction of the bar isn't going to be stepping on your toes, Nayr. Since its loosely in my charater's history, I figure I should be the one to make the initial description of it/the important people in it that Eris would know of, considering he's been living there for a while. If you'd rather do it though, by all means let me know.

Eris led his small group of chums to the tavern he was staying at: The Outrageous Slug. It was still another few minutes walk before they got there which would give him and his new 'friends' a chance to get to know one another. He continued to walk topless, holding his tattered cloak and rather skimpy shirt in his off hand. He would be changing in a few moments anyways, so what's the point in putting on a shirt?

"And what brings you to the areshole of the world, my dear?" Eris asked, looking at the Elf as he spoke, "Are you also here to 'cast your watchful eye upon the gambling tournament' as our friend here claims to be?"

"The truth?" Eris asked as they walked, and then he burst out laughing. "My dear, you do realize where you are, right? This is Riddleport!This is a city of scoundrels, whores, thieves, and murderers!

"If I were you, I'd take the free meal. 'Cause truth kissed the snickersnark a long time ago," he added, with a rather smug grin on his face.

"See, now you have to come or else Deneb isn't going to accept my generosity," the feline added, "and that would just be a gosh darn shame." Eris is clearly taking jabs at Deneb's prim and proper speech patterns and mannerisms. The remarks are meant in jest, or at least Eris intends them to be so as evidenced by the coy smile that comes to his lips.

Eris enjoyed pushing the buttons of clergy folk. Not in an outright antagonistic kind of way or anything, but mostly because the clergy generally all seemed to take themselves so seriously with their 'divine missions' and 'blessings of blah...'. None of them lived for themselves, they could only live to serve. And such a life was utterly...strange, and bizarre to the Tiefling.

Incidentally, I'm hoping to do just a general knowledge local check for places of interest within Riddleport (taverns, safer areas, less safe areas, knowledge of the gambling tournament/people involved with you want me to roll for each individual question I want an answer to within the field of general knowledge? Or can I just do one roll for a general sense of how well I've learned the city in my time here?

If you do say a general roll is permitted: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15
Also, I'm rolling a knowledge religion for insight into Deneb's religion: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 2 = 14

Eris cocked his eye at the cleric as well, once again, clearly off put by people in Riddleport being kind. The sentiment was...unnerving. If Riddleport is suddenly becoming a haven for do gooders and 'stoic heroic' types...well, maybe there's something to that whole sun being blotted out as a sign of the apocalypse line of reasoning.

Also, I'd have to think of a new profession. Heroes generally don't have use of us working lads. End up having to get a job as a tailor or some such...I'd last maybe a day before I killed myself. Of course, at least I'd be able to mend my cloak, the Tiefling mused to himself as the Cleric went of about divine purpose this, watchful eye that. Typical religious babble.

To the cleric's question, Eris checked back down the street he'd burst out onto to see if he was being pursued by anyone who looked like "father", or possibly "father's" associates. Because everybody in Riddleport seemed to have associates.

"Oh, the crashing out the window? That was me. Definitely not something I'm looking forward to doing again, but otherwise..." Eris trailed off as he spoke, turning back from the alley to face the Elf he'd slammed into, "What do you say I buy you and your chatty friend here a meal? We can swing by the tavern I'm staying at so I can change into something more...fitting...for life in Riddleport?" Eris said. The offer was sincere, and not a bluff or a real deception of any kind.

DC 15 Sense Motive:
You get the sense that Eris is a little bit on edge. A tad overly anxious, and clearly eager to not be where he is. Exactly why he's nervous is another question.

Perception check for people pursuing Eris: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17

Eris blinked his eyes once, and then again, and then he cocked an eyebrow as he gave the Elf a more than passing once over. In short, he was clearly put off by the Elven woman's response to the collision. Finally, he decided that if she was going to kill him, she may as well do it while he standing.

"I take it you're not from around here then," Eris said with a knowing smile as he took the Elf's outreached hand and pulled himself up to his feet.

Eris awoke in yet another bed that wasn't his. And if you do it enough times, as he had, you learn to get over those questions like 'where am I?' and 'how did I get here?' and 'whose this lying next to me?' become so second nature after a while that you just sorta stop asking them. The tiefling shifted forward to move and get out of bed, but he found that at some point in the night, his partner had wrapped their arm around his waist making it...more difficult for Eris to sneak out completely undetected as was customary in his line of work.

Despite his best efforts to get out of the bed without disturbing his partner of the night before, Eris could feel the mass moving behind him. "Mmmm...that was wonderful," said a male voice that almost purred each syllable. The man reached out and tried to pull Eris closer, but the tiefling used the man's grogginess to his advantage and managed to wiggle free of the Human and get to his feet and began the arduous process of getting dressed. He grabbed the money from the night stand as he rose, though.

"Well, its easy when the client is as cute as you are, hon," the Rakshasa spawn said, half-heartedly as he started walking about the room looking for his clothes.

The Human, who was also as naked as Eris, leaned forward ontop of the pillows and rest his head upon his hands in an almost girlish way so he could watch the lithe almost pantherlike Tiefling go about the room collecting his things. "Oh, I bet you say that to all your clients," the human retorted, pouting as he did so.

Eris hid a sigh, and put on a giant smile and turned to face the Human...what was his name? John something? Vorna? Vorish...Tobin? "Well of course I do, but you're the first one I've ever said that to and meant what I said," Eris replied, smiling just the appropriate length of time before he went back to his task of finding...ah! Pants! And the Tiefling bent down low to pick them up and put them on.

"Mmmm. Well, you're certainly the cutest easy lad in this town. There's just something so exotic about you...its a shame you have to go and hide all your best assets with those clothes," said "John" with a sigh as he watched Eris put on the pants, his interest in the whore waning significantly now.

Eris continued dressing, not quickly, but he didn't exactly linger either. The morning after was always the most awkward part of this job, especially if you're really good at it. The clients are always on some euphoric high and think two things: first, that they -- the clients -- are the best at what they do and their magnificent prowess in the bed will make their whores fall madly in love with them; and second, if the prostitute is skilled enough at what they do, they always try and coax one more go out of them. Easy lads had to learn how to humour them, without giving in. Play up everything so that their client would be a repeat client. Its always better to have repeat clients, safer too. Because you know what to expect.

"Thanks hon. But I don't think --" there door to the bed chamber suddenly flung open and a gruff looking older man clad in scale mail armor walked burst into the room and stopping in the door as he found a half naked Rakshasa Tiefling standing there, holding his clothes, and the naked male lying on the bed.

It was a tense moment. Eris looked at the new man, then back to the Human in the bed. Then back to the man in the armor. The man in armor looked from Eris to the bed and back to Eris. And the Human in the bed simply looked Eris right in the eye and with a smile said, "Hello, father."

Eris raised a finger as if he were going to say something, but then he saw father reaching for his sword and Eris elected for the alternate plan: he took a deep breath, and then he ran. Specifically, he ran towards the window at the far end of the room, opposite where "father" was. He raised the cloak of his entertainer's garb before him just before he dove at the window.

The glass exploded into the street outside and with it came the half-dressed Tiefling who rolled with the momentum so he came out of the crash landing on his knee. He could hear the old man yelling curses and threats from within the...higher end slum shack? Eris cursed. Anyone whose father can afford armor like that can afford to pay me more money. Next time, I'll make sure to squeeze more outta him. He snickered at his unintentional double entendre, as he grabbed his cloak from off the street and continued at a brisk jog into the city, just in case "father" decided to give chase.

As Eris jogged he started brushing the class off of his cloak, noticing several new tears in the fabric which he cursed about in infernal. He held the cloak up into the light to see the damage but he decided to keep walking at a brisk pace with his vision utterly obscured. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that he soon found himself careening into an someone with enough force to knock him back onto his ass, leaving him staring up at whatever had obstructed his path.

It was an Elf, a female Elf to be more precise. A female elf clad in studded leather armor and armed to the teeth with wickedly sharp blades. So Eris did the only thing he could do at a time like that, he furrowed his brow, cursed in Infernal, and reconsidered his position on worshiping the Gods.

Yup, just another day in Riddleport.

So before I actually post, I just want to make sure: this is a post we can embellish however we want right? I ask because my idea for this post would technically require a lot of checks of various kinds.

Its not gonna alter the plot or anything (well, unless you choose to introduce the people I come up with as NPCs in the greater dialogue), and its really just for fun. I'm not gonna be killing anybody or fighting in the street or stuff like that. It'd just be some innocently harmless acrobatics, diplomacy, and bluff checks and maybe a trip CMB.

Koo koo. I have swapped around those stats, making CHA 18. I have also swapped around my feat from Lingering Performance to Weapon Finesse. Also grabbed a rapier instead of a longsword for for a starting weapon.

I am still open to rolling up my AT if you guys would prefer that.

Koo koo...on an incidental side note, I do have a Magus (Spire Defender)/Rogue/Arcane Trickster build I have been wanting to try out for sometime if y'all think someone more roguey would be of use.

Combatwise, he'd be kinda a switch hitter using bow, whip, and spells whichever is appropriate at the time.

We'd lose the higher CHA though, but there'd be a boatload more skill points.

Well, since we haven't started yet...Nayr, do you mind if I tweak my character a bit? I'm hoping to drop my STR from 14 to 13 (maybe even 12), and drop my INT from 13 to 12 (I'll get Combat Expertise even if I don't qualify for it at Lore Warden so there's no reason for me to keep my INT at such a useless number). I'm also considering swapping out my feat Lingering Performance for Weapon Finesse.

Assuming Nayr agrees, do you guys have any particular 'use' in mind for me (giggity, btw)? By that I you want me as a more combat focused bard (in which case I'll use those freed up points to boost my CON up a bit)? Or do you want me focusing on spells/CHA stuff? In which case I'll use those points to boost my CHA up to 18 at the expense of some survival stuff?

"OOOO! Can we play "Whose in my mouth?", Eris asked cheekily."Wait, but I have darkvision so that would be cheating..." and Eris kind of trails off for a moment.

"Unless, of course, someone wants to tie me up and blindfold me?"

People with Darkvision:
You can see Eris grinning a very toothy and sheepishly adorable grin.


Eris does not worship Calistria, He was raised as in one of their temples but that temple got slaughtered by bandits who decided to sell him off into sexual slavery. So while I'm all for making bonds with other character, it isn't going to be directly through religion.

Maybe when Eris was passing by the temple, the witch and he shared in a hymm or something? You were on your way home from the temple humming a song, and Eris started singing it...and the two of us start going off like something outta Singing in the Rain?

Heh...this is like the opposite of every campaign ever...normally diplo is kinda the thing that everybody forgets about.

Deneb* wrote:
Deneb has Detect Magic covered, so your zeros work for me. My skill points are low (my main problem with the cleric class) but I am decent with Diplomacy due to high Charisma and a trait that enhances it. And I am nearly broken with perception. But pretty much everyone needs that skill.

Well, at Bard 2 I get an ability called versatile performance. Basically, what that does is it allows me to use my perform skill level instead of the actual skill level to do whatever that skill does. Perform (oratory) covers both Diplomacy and Sense Motive and I was planning on taking that as my versatile performance next level while my Diplomacy and Sense Motive are crap for this level, they'll be upped to rank 8 when I ding 2. If you're hurting for skill points, I'm happy enough to do that...

On the flip side, if you wanna handle the diplomacy side of things, I'm also cool switching out that perform to (dance) so I can get Acrobatics and Fly working for me...

Or we can both do it...I'm easy like that.



Alright...well, I'm your token slut bard textbook XP

Basically, I'm planning on maximizing the utility of the bard class to be whatever you guys need me to be. I've taken as my skills:

Knowledge (arcana), perception, perform (comedy [bluff and intimidate]), perform (oratory [diplomacy and sense motive]), profession (prostitute [which is purely only for RP purposes]), spellcraft, stealth, and UMD.

Anyone want me to take any particular spells, or knowledges? I only picked arcana because it was first on the list XP.

Anyways, for spells, so far, I'm thinking Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Message, and Prestidigitation for cantrips...CLW and Grease for the 1st level spells.

At level the third, just as an FYI, I plan on grabbing a level of Fighter Archer or Lore Warden depending on how my role in combat evolves (i.e. if I spend more time pewing, I'm grabbing Archer but if I spend more time tripping with whips [scorpion] I'll grab Lore Warden).

Actually, on that you 'reimberse' feats, GM Nayr? What I mean is...say at level 3 (Bard 2/Lore Warden 1) I take as either a feat or the fighter feat Combat Expertise. At level 4, let's say I take another level of Lore Warden, which gives me Combat Expertise for free. Could I just pick another feat instead (probably the improved trip feat)? Or is that a no-no for you?

I too am now ready to roll some dice.

Gonna win me a gamblin' tournament ^^

...giggity XP

Sexy cat boi ftw XP

On a completely unrelated matter, I've posted Eris' stuff to the alias now. In doing so, I tweaked the stats somewhat (dropped CHA to 17, INT to 13, added Infernal as a language).

Lol...if I knew mortal combat was going to be part of the process, I wouldn't have rolled a bard XP

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