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ErikS's page

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OK, if there's still space in the game... I have an attempt at a char sheet for Metalbeard posted at .

Not sure how to handle the Modron race, I just used Hero Lab's "race builder" feature. Tell me if you think it's overpowered, and I can apply an ECL & lower the class level.

OK, tell me if this concept sounds good & I'll work on the stats.

Name: "Metalbeard" (Actually, Unit 34879721312. But nobody can remember that.)

Race: Modron

Exactly how Unit 34879721312 ended up on display at the Oddity Museum of Gehenna is lost to history; rumor has it that he was captured by a clever trap at the last Great Modron March 1000 years ago, before that entire race seemed to march off into oblivion. But for centuries the caged modron had been a popular favorite, as many had heard stories of the strange creatures that few of the currently living have seen. The Unit himself had seen no choice but to quietly accept his fate, as he saw no hope of escaping from his captors and returning to his duties on Mechanus. He would calmly answer questions and perform "tricks" for the visitors, as he could see no advantage to refusing, and pleasing his captors would gain him extra food and batteries.

His fate changed one day when a gang of interplanar thieves, led by the notorious Carlos of Vane, broke into the museum to steal valuables. In the modron's childlike innocence, when he saw the outlaws enter the museum and open his cage, he asked, "Have you been sent by Pentadrone 23898712 to recover me and return me to duty?" Carlos, being a quick thinker and natural bluffer, replied, "Yes, I have. Your orders are to follow my instructions until we reunite with the Pentadrone." The modron had no skill in sensing deception among humanoids, And thus his new life began.

Not sure what to do with his new pet at first, Carlos soon realized that having a blindly obedient 600lb metal friend with minor magical skills could be quite useful to a group of thieves and pirates. The modron, newly dubbed "metalbeard", became an integral part of the gang: his unique appearance would grab the attention of any witnesses, especially as the gang members talked up his "leadership" and appeared to be taking his orders, making sure they didn't recall details about the other gang members. And in the rare cases when a surviving witness got away, they could just store away the uncomplaining Metalbeard with the luggage for a few months until the heat died down. But gradually over the years, and after experiencing many bizarre and violent events in his career as a thief and gang member, Metalbeard began to actually develop some true free will and a bit of a personality of his own. And the inevitable day came when he realized he did not have to follow Carlos's orders.

Metalbeard actually departed from Carlos of Vane on pretty good terms. "I know you were taking rational advantage of an opportunity when finding me, and hold no anger. But I have realized now you were not truly sent by the Pentadrone, and I am no longer bound to follow your orders. My true duty is to discover the fate of my race. However, success in this endeavor will require financing-- so I may choose to continue doing jobs for you, *if* the pay offered is fair." Carlos, who had been growing nervous around his increasing erratic-acting friend, was only too happy to let Metalbeard go his own way. But he may get back in touch with him, if putting together the right kind of job.

Metalbeard actually made many enemies over the years, as he participated in numerous crimes across the planes. Perhaps the worse enemy is his first "victim", the daemon Quicksilver, who was the current proprietor of the Museum from which Metalbeard was rescued. He was financially ruined by the robbery that night, and would love nothing better than to catch the Modron and build a new display, where random visitors could torture the creature that had caused so much trouble.

Something He Cares About:
What Metalbeard cares most about is learning the fate of his race. At first this was a rational response to his programming, but along with his recent personality changes it has acquired the qualities of an unhealthy obsession. Upon picking up a tome at a sage's shop in Sigil (entitled the "Pathfinder Bestiary") and seeing no mention of Modrons, he went into an angry rage, tearing up the book and assaulting the shopkeeper; only a quick offer of cash restitution stopped the situation from escalating beyond control. Now he is exploring every corner of the planes, trying to find out what happened after the March during which he was captured.

I'm interested as well, and will apply with a Modron Bard when you're ready. Someone needs to sing of the fate of our race, since suddenly the books of the "Pathfinder" sages have totally ceased to acknowledge our existence.

(BTW-- Is an adaptation of Planescape to Pathfinder rules published somewhere online?)

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