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Erik Mona

Erik Mona's page

Publisher, Chief Creative Officer. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,120 posts. 3 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.

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Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

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Thanks to the lads from Know Direction, who were kind enough to invite me and Brandon Hodge to be their guests this evening. The topic was Occult Adventures, the major 2015 Pathfinder RPG hardcover rules release.

We also briefly discussed Pathfinder comics, including major revelations about the next Pathfinder comic series from Dynamite, with stories from Pathfinder co-creators Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, and James L. Sutter.

You can listen to the wide-ranging interview on the other side of the link.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hats off to Wizkids, these look exactly as advertised; crisp, clean, dynamic.

While I've always liked the iconics in the sets (well except for two perhaps)I can happily agree these look to be leagues above them, especially Sajan. I'm really waiting on Amiri, the original, much like Seoni, is a benchmark NPC in my eyes. Incredinbly well done. Given the step up these show I'm expecting to be blown away by my favourite barbarian (although I think the iconic bloodrager is closing fast). Of course that's set 2, so I will need to use my weakest personality trait - patience! Curse you slow moving time! I can not wait for these to hit the shelves!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer


Please consider supporting Paizo by voting in the 2014 ENnie Awards! We've been honored with several nominations this year, including:

Best Interior Art: Inner Sea Gods
Best Cover Art: Mythic Adventures
Best Cartography: Wrath of the Righteous Poster Map Folio
Best Free Product: Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins Too!
Best Monster/Adversary Product: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4
Best RPG-Related Product: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Rise of the Runelords Base Set
Best Supplement: Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign
Best Miniatures: Pathfinder Battles Wrath of the Righteous set

Please drop by the following link and show your support!



Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer


Every year, after the convention winds down at 2:00 on Sunday, I host an informal miniatures trading afterparty in the hotel bar.

Please bring along your excess, unwanted miniatures (painted, prepainted, or unpainted) and join us for a lively and fun event.

We all have a bunch of figures we probably will never use. They can be gems for someone else looking to offload stuff you will probably love!

Most of the action tends to focus around prepainted figures like Pathfinder Battles, D&D Minis, Heroscape, and the like, but lots of folks (including yours truly) will have metal figures on hand.

I'll even be bringing along several "blank" Pathfinder Battles bases at various sizes, which are great for conversions.

The event should last a couple of hours. It's always great fun, and all are welcome.

Just don't forget to bring your minis!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

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I was a judge the very first year of RPG Superstar, before public voting on the Wondrous Items open call round. Three of us read about 1000 submitted items, the good and the bad, over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was a lot of work, it was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot myself from all of the submissions.

In the years since, I've had to step back a bit from RPG Superstar as the duties of co-running Paizo as a whole have taken up more and more of my time. Yesterday, however, I found myself with a few hours of free time, so I wandered into the judges chambers and started voting on items from this year's contest.

And I've got to tell you, you guys are doing a fantastic job.

Yes, there are plenty of items that don't follow the rules, or that are simply spells in a can, or that just don't earn their designer a spot in the next round. But as a whole, the quality of submissions has increased leaps and bounds from that first year. Even the bad items are better than they used to be.

Items are more likely to be in the right format, are more interesting, and are flat-out more creative (as a whole) than in previous years. Sure, I've judged far fewer than 1000 items so far, but I can say that after only an hour or so of reading I saw several items I would be happy to publish in a Pathfinder supplement, something that definitely wasn't the case that first year (and a few years after that).

I know that waiting to find out the results of the first (or any) round can be excruciating, especially as other judges can focus on the negatives and on the items that don't deserve the superstar title, making you second-guess your efforts.

But from the perspective of someone who was there at the very beginning, I'm very impressed with a LOT of items this year, and I'm eager to follow the contest as the rounds go on.

You guys are doing an excellent job this year. Keep up the good work, and good luck in future rounds!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Be sure to pack a few of your unwanted miniatures before you come to PaizoCon!

For the fourth year in a row, I'll be hosting a post-convention miniatures trading market in the hotel bar! Bring your unwanted miniatures (prepainted, plastic, metal, or otherwise) and get ready to barter like there's no tomorrow!

I'll be bringing a HUGE box of extra figures, and hope to swap some of my doubles, triples, and flat-out unwanted figures with you. It's a great way to keep your collection in check, and to pick up figures you didn't even know you needed!

The Miniatures Trading Afterparty will go from 1 to 3 PM on Sunday, at the hotel bar (location subject to change, but we'll be around). It's been a great event in years past, and I think everyone has left happy.

So bring your unwanted minis, an idea of what figures you DO want, and get ready to TRAAAAADE!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer


We just sent Planet Stories subscribers an email letting them know that Robert Silverberg's THE CHALICE OF DEATH will be the last Planet Stories volume for the foreseeable future. We've had a lot of fun with the 33 books we've released in this series to date, but sales of the line into bookstores have been sluggish, and the line has the fewest number of subscribers of any Paizo product, by a considerable margin. That's not a good combination, so for the immediate future we are pushing the "pause" button to consider our options and chart a new course for the imprint.

As many of you know, Planet Stories is a personal labor of love of mine, and something I've poured enormous amounts of time and energy into over the last five years. I am currently talking with my partners in Paizo's senior management to determine what comes next for the line. I have a list of projects longer than my arm that I'd love to do, but in order to make them happen we need to restructure the business, and that's going to take some time.

Given the huge popularity of Pathfinder (and the fact that Pathfinder projects already dominate much of my "free" time), I can't promise a timeline on when I can bring my evil plans to fruition, so for the time being I ask that Planet Stories fans remain patient. I AM working on something, and I do not intend to let the project end permanently with this announcement.

We've removed the option to begin a new Planet Stories subscription as of today. Planet Stories subscriptions are no longer required to achieve "superscriber" status on Current Planet Stories subscribers will continue to enjoy a 15% discount on previous Planet Stories volumes, and if you're missing any of our previous volumes, a good way to show your support is to pick up books you may have missed the first time. Should the line begin anew, we will give subscribers plenty of warning so they can know what to expect, and when.

I'm happy to answer whatever questions I can here in this thread and elsewhere in the Planet Stories discussion folder, which isn't going anywhere.

So, for the time being, keep your eyes on the stars and a fresh charge in your blaster pistol. The future of Planet Stories is lurking up ahead just beyond the next star.

More soon.

--Erik Mona
Paizo Publishing

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Uh, I wonder why they didn't just call this Tanis Half-Elven.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

9 people marked this as a favorite.

This is very exciting news, and we're thrilled to finally get to share it with you! We plan to monitor this thread throughout the day and the coming weeks, so let us know what you think!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Howdy, folks. I recently did an interview with author Ed Gorman on Robert Silverberg's THE PLANET KILLERS and the Planet Stories line.

You can read it here!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I have a little challenge for you guys, just for fun.

For a long time now, online forums have used the word "gish" to describe a class that is essentially a fighter/magic-user from the old 1e days. More recent approaches to this class have included the hexblade and the spellblade, from our pals over in Renton.

Every so often we have cause to discuss such a class in meetings here at the office, which brings up a problem.

The word "gish" sends us up the friggin' wall.

I challenged my staff to come up with a better name than "gish" to end this annoyance, and thus far they have been unable to do so satisfactorily. So, since 170,000 minds are better than 10, I've decided to ask you guys.

What is a better name for the "gish" class concept?


1. NO NONSENSE WORDS: I don't want to replace the "gish" with a "schmonktarn," thanks.

2. NO PORTMANTEAUS: This is two words smooshed together: Spellblade. Hexblade. Nothanks.

3. ONE WORD: All other base classes are ONE word. This one should be no different.

Sounds easy, right?

Not so easy round these parts.

So, what's a better name for these guys that fits all three criteria?

Please save us from annoying ourselves in meetings. The situation is growing desperate.


Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I've seen these Asian dragons in person, and they are absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to snap up a set for myself!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

These are absolutely great. Sean Reynolds brought them into our regular Pathfinder campaign, and we all love them.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

What are your favorite villains to appear in the PFS campaign so far? I'd love to hear about your experiences with memorable bad guys from the dozens of scenarios we've reprinted so far.

Please list the villain, the scenario from which is comes, and why you liked it so much.

This data will help me finish a PFS-related writing project in which I am currently engaged, so I am most curious about the subject.


Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Noted Robert E. Howard blog The Cimmerian has just posted a lengthy review of the Planet Stories edition of A. Merritt's THE SHIP OF ISHTAR!

Editor Deuce Richardson had previously called our edition "the best version ever" of this classic tale, and now that he's had a chance to re-read it and see the beautiful Virgil Finlay illustrations, well, let's just say he's still a fan.

You can read the review HERE.

If you've not already done so, please consider purchasing THE SHIP OF ISHTAR right here on! It's one of our absolute favorite Planet Stories books to date, and it make a great introduction to the line!

I'd love to hear from fellow Planet Stories readers about their thoughts on this exciting, beautiful novel!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I'll be a special guest at Dragonmeet in London on November 28th of this year. I'd like to have some "walking around" money on the trip, so I've decided to put some of my extra RPG and D&D collectibles on a "London Fund" eBay auction/fundraiser.

Please take a minute to check out my auction. There's a lot of really rare stuff there, including some GREYHAWK oddities, the ultra-rare DUNE: CHRONICLES OF THE IMPERIUM RPG, and other really fun stuff.

I also tried to include some fun anecdotes in the product descriptions, to make reading them worth your while.

Check out the London Fund auction today!

(Please note that this auction is not in any way affiliated with Paizo, which is why I'm posting here in the off-topic area.)

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer


I've read a ton of Henry Kuttner's work, and consider him one of the very best authors I've explored extensively since kicking off the Planet Stories project.

But up until tonight, I'd never had a chance to read his very first story, "The Graveyard Rats."

I am still creeped out thinking about it. It's one of the most effective horror short stories I've ever read.

I found it in a beautiful hardcover from Centipede Press called "Two-Handed Engine: The Selected Stories of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore," which I recently picked up from Half-Price Books. I think there may be a SFBC version available.

If you have this or can get it, I strongly suggest checking it out. It's filled with great stories, but this one in particular is a doozy.

And, if you haven't had a chance yet, please check out the Planet Stories editions of:

Elak of Atlantis
The Dark World
Robots Have No Tails

He really is quite good.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

At Gen Con I heard some grousing about the lack of a coherent meta-plot for the Pathfinder Society campaign. I suspect this is in part driven by the focus of the faction prestige system changing from a competition of team vs. team to a personal goal related to availability of rewards. And the fact that we haven't announced which faction "won" season 0.

I've heard people requesting more linkages between adventures, more of a sense of "something going on" in the campaign beyond the events of a given scenario.

Do you feel this way?

Do you disagree, and prefer things the way they are now?

Do you wish your in-character actions had more of an impact on the overall "plot" of the campaign?

Should the campaign have an overall "plot" at all?

Please discuss.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Just one added note for customers.

We'll be discussing the scope and future of this range here at Gen Con over the next few days, and I imagine both Paizo and Reaper will have much more to announce by way of details in the next few weeks.

For the time being, this does not change the available miniatures currently in the Pathfinder range, though many of those sculpts will eventually be rolled into the new line, which will include new sculpts on a monthly basis.

It will be a few months before things start appearing in stores and here at, so if you're dying to get one of the currently available miniatures, you may want to place your order sooner rather than later.

I'm very excited by this development, and expect amazing things.

More soon!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

We've just implemented some changes to the Planet Stories imprint and to Planet Stories subscriptions that we believe will significantly increase the quality of the books in general and enhance the value of your subscription.

Starting with June's Robots Have No Tails, by Henry Kuttner, Planet Stories subscribers will enjoy a 30% discount on new Planet Stories volumes (up from 20%). Additionally, subscribers will be able to order older Planet Stories books at a substantial 15% discount off the cover price as an added benefit of subscribing. We hope this new discount structure makes it easier for collectors to pick up volumes they may have missed from earlier in our series.

Also in June, Planet Stories will shift to a roughly bimonthly publication schedule, with six volumes scheduled per year into the future. We're worried we may be producing Planet Stories books faster than subscribers are able to read them, so we want to slow things down a bit and give each book a chance to make a strong impact on the marketplace and in the minds of our faithful readers. We hope to increase the frequency in the future, but doing so will require significantly more subscribers than we have now and better penetration into local and national bookstores. We believe these changes will come with time, and reducing the frequency in the meantime gives us an opportunity to ensure that Planet Stories has the best possible foundation in the years to come during a very challenging period for the book publishing industry.

The biggest change to the line will become apparent when we send out Robots Have No Tails in the upcoming weeks: We've completely revised the Planet Stories format to pack in more story for your buck and to include illustrations that harken back to the pulp era from which many of our stories are drawn. In the case of this summer's The Ship of Ishtar, by A. Merritt, we've even negotiated rights to publish illustrations by noted pulp illustrator (and the best man at the wedding of C. L. Moore and Henry Kuttner) VIRGIL FINLAY!

Those of you familiar with Finlay's marvelous work will no doubt be jumping up and down with excitement. Those of you who have not encountered his work are in for a real treat. Other Planet Stories volumes will contain interior illustrations (many original to the Planet Stories line) as well, and we hope to set a new standard of design excellence with the series. We've posted sample page layouts on the Robots Have No Tails product page to give you a taste of what's in store in the very near future.

The very best way that you can help to ensure a bright future for Planet Stories is to subscribe, and to evangelize the line to your science fiction and fantasy-reading friends. We hope to double the number of Planet Stories subscribers in the next year, and we're going to need all the help you can provide in order to achieve that goal.

We're more excited about the Planet Stories line than we've ever been. In many ways, we're finally publishing these stories in a format that does them justice and best matches our original plans for the line. We hope you love what's in store, and that you continue to support Planet Stories.

It means the (strange adventures on other) worlds to us.


Erik Mona
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

A lot of us have iPods and MP3 players and computers and stuff. A lot of us love music.

I hereby challenge Paizocon attendees to create a 4-song playlist of your very favorite songs you'd love to share with other members of the community and bring it to the convention for a listening party hosted by yours truly.

Here are the rules:

1. No lame-ass fantasy movie scores and stuff like that. Honest to god kick-ass music of any genre without regard to whether or not it fits into the historical context of a fantasy game or whatever. Kick ass, awesome music you love so much you want to share it with other people.

2. The music doesn't necessarily need to be super-rare. If you think "Detroit Rock City" needs more converts, fly the flag high. This is really an event aimed at people who consider themselves somewhat snobbish in their musical tastes, though, so the deeper and awesomer the cut, the more likely that you will gain the respect of your peers.

3. Please burn the music to a CD so I can review each one at my leisure and play them on a CD player at the party. There will be prizes for awesomeness awarded to the mix I deem as the SWEETEST, as well as some goofy prizes handed out at the party.

4. Try to keep to shorter songs. Songs longer than 5 minutes are pushing it. Do not include them unless their sheer awesomeness is overpowering and commands that you disobey a rule in the spirit of rock and roll or heavy metal thunder or elfin folksy purity or whatever. Under no circumstances include a song longer than 7 minutes.

5. Name your mix something triumphant and awesome.

6. Be prepared to evangelize and defend shoddy choices.

I'll figure out the time and place for the listening party later, but it is highly likely that it will be after-hours.

Please note that CDs will be discarded after the event. The idea is to listen to awesome music, not distribute it.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

My friend (and Downer artist) Kyle Hunter got me into the new album by The Decemberists. I'd previously bought one of their CDs, listened to it twice, and filed it away forever without even ripping it to MP3.

This one is something different. Here's how describes it:

"A 17-song suite (think one continuous song with track ID's peppered throughout for sanity's sake) about a girl named Margaret, shapeshifters, forest queens, and fairytale treachery, Hazards of Love is ambitious, pretentious, obtuse, often impenetrable, and altogether pretty great."

Surely some of you have heard this record.


Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer


The editorial staff has been tinkering with a wordpress blog over the past few months, getting a feel for the technology and posting only when we had time. I can't promise that we'll ever get to the point where the blog has posts every single day, but I just spent some time posting a general update for the line that I suspect would interest many of you.

Please come take a gander at the Planet Stories wordpress blog and see what we've been cooking up. We've already got posts from Ben Bova and Joe R. Lansdale (to say nothing of contributions by me and senior editor Pierce Watters).

It'd great to have a few of you pay us a visit!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I'm interested to hear opinions about the Pathfinder Chronicles Map Folios. So far we've got one released or slated for every announced Adventure Path, and another one filled exclusively with city map posters on the way.

Do you like this sort of thing? Would the world be torn asunder if they were not a regular feature?

I need to make some decisions about 2010, and I don't really have a sense of whether these are "working" or not.

Please help me determine this.



Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I am pleased to report that Paizo Publishing has been nominated for an Origins Award this year!

Our nominee is the Planet Stories novel Infernal Sorceress, by Gary Gygax. This "lost novel" from the father of fantasy roleplaying was originally written for TSR, who rejected it in what the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design has now solidified as a purely political move.

It's a fun story of two swordsman-rogues and weird magic.

I encourage everyone who hasn't had a chance to read this final Gygax fiction offering to give it a shot.

The final awards will be determined by the Academy and the attendees of the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio on June 27th. If you'll be at the show, please be sure to vote for Paizo!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

We've put a lot of work into the Pathfinder RPG, and I'm happy to announce today that we are launching a new game system for the RPG, based in large part on customer playtest feedback.

Please see the announcement here.

PS: We also posted new cover mock-ups for the Core Rulebook and the Bestiary.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Are you on Facebook? Want a chance to keep up with the latest Planet Stories news, check out a cover gallery, and pledge your devotion to the coolest science fiction imprint since, well, since the original Planet Stories?

Then head on over to the Planet Stories fan page on Facebook and join up!

Tell 'em Erik sent you!

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

The current Epic Level rules are a mess.

The way to make the game more mythic in scope is not to make it more bloated with math.

So if Paizo does an "Epic Level" book, it will probably be a complete re-do. With that in mind, I'm very curious to hear what people think about the idea of play beyond level 20.

What are you looking for conceptually?

What are you looking for mechanically?

If you're skeptical, what can we do that might get you to give this one a try?

Any deal breakers?

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

The current Epic Level rules are a mess.

The way to make the game more mythic in scope is not to make it more bloated with math.

So if Paizo does an "Epic Level" book, it will probably be a complete re-do. With that in mind, I'm very curious to hear what people think about the idea of play beyond level 20.

What are you looking for conceptually?

What are you looking for mechanically?

If you're skeptical, what can we do that might get you to give this one a try?

Any deal breakers?

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

One of the most frequently requested topics for Pathfinder RPG rules exploration once we've put the Core Rulebook to bed is Psionics.

It seems to me like a vocal and forthright minority of d20 players REALLY like psionics as written, and would like to see us publish something for which backwards compatibility is the primary design goal.

I would guess from my experience over the last two decades of playing the game that about half of the total audience does not like psionics. A lot of them REALLY don't like psionics for one reason or another.

The funny thing is that I think an overwhelming majority of d20 gamers are OK with the idea of telepaths, empaths, psychics, and the "concept" of psionics.

And yet a lot of them do not allow the current (or any previous, let's be honest) version of the psionics rules in their campaign.

I am convinced there is an audience for a Pathfinder RPG Psionics book.

I am uncertain how to proceed from that basic assumption.

So I'm asking you:

What does Psionics mean to you?

How can I get you to buy a psionics book and use it in your campaign?

What is an absolute deal-breaker?

Thanks again for the give-and-take.


Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

In July we officially kick off the Pathfinder RPG with the release of the Pathfinder Bestiary. The massive Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook follows in August, but beyond that we have not yet announced additional rules support for the game.

That support IS coming, and we're in the process of finalizing what form it will take.

The current plan is to release between 2-3 hardcover rulebooks per year, including additional Pathfinder Bestiaries.

What form would you like these books to take? Would you be interested in subscribing to such a line, provided the books cost somewhere around $35 a pop?

What titles/ideas would you like to see us explore?

We're all worried about rules bloat. What is your opinion of new classes and races?

Are you as tired of prestige classes as I am?


Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

We've just announced four more Planet Stories books for next year:

By A. Merritt
Introduction by Tim Powers
MAY 2009

Explorer John Kenton returns from a lifetime of wanderings and the wreckage of World War I to discover a mysterious block of Babylonian basalt containing a crystal model of an ancient ship—the Ship of Ishtar!

The sultry magic of the fabled ship draws Kenton into its dreamworld, where a strange crew plucked from the ages sails in a lushly imagined mystical seascape. At the fore of the ship is Sharane, beautiful, proud, luxurious priestess instilled with the power of Ishtar, goddess of Love, Wrath, and Vengeance. On the prow broods inhuman Klaneth, infused with the essence of Negal, god of the Underworld. Kenton finds himself in a cosmic struggle of wills between them sixty centuries in the making! Will he claim Sharane and take command the Ship of Ishtar, or will its mysterious power take command of him?

Science fiction legend Abraham Merrit was a giant of the early 20th century, inspiring the lush language and mystical subjects of authors like H.P. Lovecraft, C.L. Moore, Clark Ashton Smith, and others. In his day he was among the most famous authors in America, with his books selling millions of copies, but today he is mostly forgotten. Planet Stories presents the triumphant return of a true master of fantasy, A. Merritt!

Introduction by Tim Powers (The Anubis Gates, The Stress of Her Regard).

By Piers Anthony
Introduction by Chris Roberson
JUNE 2009

Alp, a 9th century Turkish war-chieftain, is whisked away from his tribe and his era at the moment of his death, and finds himself in 2332. This future is ruled by humans called the Galactics who preside over a live-action game called Steppe, where the participants can actually die. Against his will, Alp is forced to fight once more.

Author Piers Anthony routinely makes the New York Times best-seller list, and is one of the most popular living legends of science fiction. His long-running Xanth series (A Spell for Chameleon, Air Apparent, Two to the Fifth, etc.) has created a legion of fans eager to explore Anthony’s additional creations.

Introducer Chris Roberson (Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, Iron Jaw and Hummingbird) provides an introduction to the book and its formative effect on his own successful writing career.

By Manly Wade Wellman
Foreword by Mike Resnick
Introduction by Karl Edward Wagner
JULY 2009

There’s a traveling man that the Carolina mountain folk call Silver John for the silver strings strung on his guitar. In his wanderings, John encounters a parade of benighted forest creatures, mountain spirits, and shapeless horrors from the void of history with only his enduring spirit, playful wit, and the magic of his guitar to preserve him.

Manly Wade Wellman’s Silver John is one of the most beloved figures in fantasy, a true American folk hero of the literary age. The Planet Stories edition of Who Fears the Devil? collects—for the first time—all of John’s adventures published throughout Wellman’s life, including two stories about John before he got his silver-stringed guitar that have never previously appeared in a Silver John collection. Lost, out-of-print, or buried in expensive hardcover editions, the seminal, unforgettable tales of Who Fears the Devil? stand ready for a new generation to continue the folk tradition of Silver John!

Introduction by Mike Resnick (Stalking the Unicorn, Starship: Mutiny).

by Piers Anthony
Introduction by TBD

After the Apocalypse, primitive humans wander the Earth. When one tribe meets another, individuals fight inside a Battle Circle. The loser must become a member of the victorious tribe. Each warrior is named by his weapon. When Sol the Sword is bested by Sol of All Weapons, he loses his tribe, his name, and his weapon. Re-named Sos the Rope, he joins with Sol of All Weapons to try to create something greater than a world of Battle Circles.

An early classic from Piers Anthony, creature of the legendary Xanth series, Sos the Rope was nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award.

I hope you folks enjoy reading these books as much as we'll enjoy publishing them! Thanks again for your continued support of the Planet Stories line!

(More incredible books coming soon!)

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I'm very pleased to announce the new hardcover monster book for the Pathfinder RPG:


The greatest monsters of fantasy gaming come alive in the very first hardcover release for Paizo’s new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Backward-compatible with the 3.5 fantasy rules but packed with new solutions and options that place it firmly on the cutting edge, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is the culmination of the largest open playtest in tabletop RPG history.

This lavishly illustrated, full-color tome contains new takes on more than 250 of the best-loved, most popular monsters of fantasy ready for instant use in your Pathfinder or 3.5 campaign! From the comedic-but-deadly goblin to the world-killing Tarrasque, The Pathfinder Bestiary contains a wide range of foes suitable for battles with characters of all experience levels.

The book’s innovative design and presentation—each monster receives either a full page or two-page spread—makes for an easy reference book that is also fun to read and delightful to flip through and enjoy as a gallery of the industry’s strongest fantasy art. With a cover by fan-favorite Wayne Reynolds and new takes on classic monsters from the best of Paizo’s in-house and freelance designers and artists, The Pathfinder Bestiary will set a new standard for RPG monster books in a way that only Paizo can deliver.

Click on the product's title to preorder! The cover on the page is a mock-up. WAYNE REYNOLDS is currently sketching the final cover.


Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Which one is your favorite so far?

The Anubis Murders by Gary Gygax
City of the Beast by Michael Moorcock
Black God's Kiss by C. L. Moore
Elak of Atlantis by Henry Kuttner
The Secret of Sinharat by Leigh Brackett
Northwest of Earth by C. L. Moore
Almuric by Robert E. Howard
Lord of the Spiders by Michael Moorcock
The Samarkand Solution by Gary Gygax

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

We've heard several reports that Pathfinder #2 has grown very difficult to find. We are sold out at the warehouse level (though you can still buy the PDF from us!), and most distributors have no stock as well.

Because of this, some folks online are offering copies at outrageous prices, and Pathfinder readers looking for a nice hardcopy are running out of luck.

We're looking into reprinting the issue, but for the time being the best place to find copies of Pathfinder #2 for reasonable prices are likely your friendly local gaming store.

After lunch at a local mall this afternoon, I walked over to the local game shop, and was shocked to discover four mint copies of Pathfinder #2 on display. I asked the guy working there if he'd be willing to sell them to people who call on the phone, and he said yes.

So, without further ado, there are four copies of Pathfinder #2 at:

Uncle's Games
15600 NE 8th Ave., Suite K10
Bellevue, WA 98008

In the interest of keeping interested parties from getting gouged, I encourage other readers to post contact information for local stores that still have this incredibly rare Pathfinder volume in stock.

Good hunting!

--Erik Mona
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

In one week, more than 10,000 individual gamers have downloaded Alpha release 1 of the Pathfinder RPG. Judging by the responses to these messageboards, a significant number of you are also participating in the open playtest!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks for checking out our new game. For those of you new to the Paizo community, I offer a hearty welcome! For those familiar faces out there, thanks for giving the new game a shot!

Today we also released a newly updated version of the Pathfinder RPG Alpha rules, release 1.1. You can get a summary of the changes in the first of a series of Development Notes direct from Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn from the link off the main Paizo frontpage.

I hope you take a chance to check out Jason's development notes. We are paying very close attention to the Alpha Open Playtest message boards, and playtester feedback has already resulted in significant changes to the Alpha rules!

Thanks again for your interest in the Pathfinder RPG, and thanks for helping us make the game the best it can possibly be.


Erik Mona
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

A while back I said that I'd periodically check in with Paizo customers to gauge their thoughts on the upcoming 4th Edition. Since the first time I asked, Wizards of the Coast has released two preview books, shared a great deal of information about the new game, and are on the verge of a public demo at the upcoming D&D Experience convention. In short, there's a lot more information out there than there was six months ago.

As for Paizo, we are still weighing our options. I'm told the GSL is complete and in review over at Wizards of the Coast, so a lot of the cold, hard facts we need in order to make our decision are imminent (or at least more imminent than they've been at any time in the last 6-8 months).

Given all of the information that you have heard so far about the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, I would love to hear your thoughts on the following three questions:

1) Do you plan to convert to the new edition of D&D?

2) If Paizo converts its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

3) If Paizo does not convert its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

Very soon Paizo will have all of the legal and strategic information we need to announce our plans. A sense of where the company's current audience stands on these issues as of today would be most helpful before I make the final decision.

At least for the next few days, I would appreciate it if posters limited their posts to this thread to a single post responding to the three questions.

Your feedback and continued support of Paizo Publishing is most appreciated!

--Erik Mona
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

I wanted to take a moment to express my personal thanks to all members of the Paizo community who have shown their support and trust by setting up an ongoing Planet Stories subscription.

Subscriber numbers so far have exceeded my expectations, and each time another customer decides to take the plunge, the more the line's long-term survival is assured. The idea of getting enough subscribers to sign up that Planet Stories remains profitable--and thus perpetual--is very real, and while it will take many months to get there the early support you have shown by subscribing makes that goal seem more and more attainable each and every week.

Retail sales for Planet Stories right now are steady but not spectacular. This is to be expected when entering a new sales channel, but we are in an important point in the history of Planet Stories, when every little bit of support really can help.

You've already taken the biggest step in setting up a subscription, but there are a few more things you can do to help establish a solid footing for the line:

1. Review, review, review! After you have read your Planet Stories book, please take a moment to post your thoughts in a review here at, on, and elsewhere. Please be honest in your opinions. If you didn't like the book, say so! The more customer feedback on a product page here or elsewhere, the more information a consumer has to make a decision one way or the other. Your feedback counts!

2. Spread the word! If you have a blog or post regularly to science-fiction and fantasy-related communities, take a moment to share your thoughts about the latest release or about the Planet Stories mission to republish classic works of fantasy and science fiction. I'm convinced there are a lot of folks out there who would be interested in our mission, but who haven't heard about it yet. Please help us give them a chance to get involved early!

3. Get in the game! Paizo got its start in the hobby games business, and many of you came to Planet Stories via RPGs. If you've got a regular game, please mention Planet Stories to your buddies, and consider loaning copies of your favorite stories and novels to interested readers among your fellow gamers.

4. Keep in touch! A Planet Stories subscription is a two-way relationship. Please post your thoughts on the Planet Stories message boards to help us get a sense of what readers want from the line, what authors and stories worked, and any other topic related to the line. Post to the Requests thread to offer suggestions for future Planet Stories books, and feel free to begin any fantasy or science-fiction-related topic of your own on the Planet Stories forum.

Now is an important time for Planet Stories, and even the smallest bit of help promoting the line can have important results.

Once again, please accept my personal thanks for getting on board with your ongoing subscription. We've got some wonderful stories ahead of us.

--Erik Mona

PS: And for those of you who haven't subscribed yet, the line starts here!

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