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Eric Tenneson's page

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Awesome Sauce


I have every novel from the first release, and I have begun to grow an ache in between the release of the next novel. Each one seems to improve and unfurl like a drink of water in a desert.
In this one I can feel the joy and excitement of the world setting. When I'm with a client in a doctor's office, I have a brief moment of bliss and wish I can pause my world to finish the book (which I finally did a week ago). I adore the plane-hopping, which got me fantasizing about my planescape days, and the tragic hero.
Each novel gets better, so now my impatience between novels will only get worse. Maybe there will be a lackluster novel someday, so then I'll not mind the wait.

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Superior Game Master Guide


Paizo delivers on the promise of offering something for the new and for the experienced.
I've been playing and running games since 1991, and most game mastery guides of the many systems I've used in the past usually review the same advice. That advice is present here, but there's more. For the first time I've read advice how to handle running a game in the context of the real world setting such as difficult players or who brings snacks and cleans up. I also enjoyed advice on how to reward players with more than just experience and loot, suggesting boons from npc contacts. I also enjoy ideas for alternate ideas for game settings such as the future or if everyone was evil.

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Fast and Fun


This game can be played with only two players, the rules are quick and easy, and the card stock feels durable with double-sides images. The spinner spins well. The card graphics are whimsical and fun to read. This is an excellent game that goes fast (maybe 10 minutes for 2 people when taking our time) if one doesn't have time to spend hours playing something like "Monopoly."

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Superior AP


I ran Rise of the Rune Lords (RotRL), and felt honored to participate in the bold new world of AP's of a rival of WotC. I recall orchestrating the RotRL AP well enough, but it was filled with growth spurs that could dissuade lesser DM's from taking the reigns (although it boasts a breathtaking first chapter, the Skinsaw Murderes, and the nefarious Hook Mountain Massacre).

Not so with this first chapter of Second Darkness. It starts strong and easy for even a novice DM to run a smashing game. Just let "everyone have a blast" be the motto, and I think you'll be hard pressed to be bored or frustrated. Much of the kinks are worked out, and Paizo has mastered their field.

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A wonderful overview

***( )( )

I want to particularly commend what may be the very first taste of psionic crunch in a Paizo product. I was hoping for more, specifically with regards to Aboleths, but I understand the caution. For a hard core psionics fan, it's more of a small sample, and for psionic foes, the crunch is presented as a very small "sample" stat block, which shouldn't be too disturbing.
It provides a strong overview of basic features of the area, but I was hoping for more details about Aboleth cities and about the creators of Orv.

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