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Eric Tenneson's page

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Cheapy wrote:
JJ also mentioned that if there'll be psionics, it'll probably be around Numeria. So whenever the modules or AP of Numeria comes out, the psionics will probably be there are soon to follow.

Ah, cool. I'll have to look into Numeria, then. Thank you.

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I've run games with groups like this.
The approach I developed required me to be more flexible: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The DM fairly arbitrates the rules but does not control what players do. Not all players attending games enjoy the same things. For those that write a backstory and live-in-game roleplay with the NPC's, go ahead and reward for it, but it may be a bit much to demand it. I had one player that always had to play a dwarf named Boris, but that's how he enjoyed the game and I worked around that. Ask what they want out of the game. If some of them hate the idea of talking in character, is it okay to just relay what their characters want to convey to an NPC & then get them to make a skill check? It's not fair to cripple my diplomatic Bard who has massive skill ranks when I can't as easily succeed if limited to how "un-charismatic" I may be.

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Uninvited Ghost wrote:
How long does poison last on a weapon after applying it? Until the first successful hit? It can stay on a sheathed weapon indefinately?

I can only find page 557-8 in the core which I can't spot any specification. I'd say unless it is mentioned elsewhere, I'd then leave it up to the DM with the group's input.

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My player has so far been very keen on keeping Tsuto alive and capturing a goblin for information. Playing Kyra, I'm anticipating the possible exploitation of Sarenrae's aspect for redemption to first try to bring Naulia back into the light.

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