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Roy Greenhilt

Eric Kile's page

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List Price: $30.00

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Play this game and DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you have a single funny-bone in your body, if you thought this sounds interesting, if you looked at this game and went "hmm...". Then get it NOW!!!!!

Very cool, easy to learn, great for a pick-up game when a player is a no-show, or heck even just a great time waster with your friends!!

I hope they make add-on packs for this game. Spell combo's are hilarious!!!

I cannot say enough good things!!! If you are a fan of twisted silly humor, Brutal Legend, Jack Black, Tenacious D & the pick of Destiny then this game will RAWK your world!!

P.S. they REALLY mean for ages 15+, nothing really bad, a couple of "s" bombs in the rule book intro but nothing you couldn't gloss over for 11-14 yr olds.

List Price: $10.99

Our Price: $3.00

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FANTASTIC! Every PC in the group now knows what equipment they have. It also makes shopping easy! What does the trader have? I lay out the cards. Multiples are done by scanner and color copier!

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