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Eric Hinkle's page

2,633 posts. 89 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Does it look to anyone else like that rakshasa should be saying, "Excellent, Smithers"?

Looking at Luthorne's link:

Disrupting fist. New story feats (TWISTED LOVE).

Finally a story feat to play out that romance with the gnoll Lamashtu cultist.

SKIN SUIT Skin someone and wear their skin as a suit.

Wait, don't we already have this with Inner Sea Intrigue's 'recorporeal incarnation' spell and the 'seamless skin' magic item? It puts the lotion on its skin... Then again, if you have that aforementioned Gnoll cultist significant other, this way she can walk around town with you openly.

But whence all the skin-wearing love of late at Paizo?

Rules for being burned at the stake or put in the guillotine.

Inquisitors of Dammerich, you are not forgotten! Seriously, that sounds so bizarre I have to see it.

Book has a chapter of monster templates.
Slender Man template.

Templates are always good.

Decapitate, flesh wall, maze of maddness and suffering. Horrible maze. CLOWN CIRCUS MAZE OF DOOOOOM.

So, evil clown spells? Isn't that a redundancy?

It does sound great!

I love this one for all the River Kingdom articles. Great work. But I forget, did a previous issue concentrate on 'Ultimate Campaign' at all, especially the kingdom-building rules? Because that would work great with this issue.

Generic Villain wrote:
They get a unique poison named after them and a spell that lets you convert one poison into another on the fly. There's also some fluff on the Daggermark guilds in the River Kingdoms section.

A whole section on the River Kingdoms? May we get some hints at least as to what else can be found there?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Marco Massoudi wrote:

Chapter 2 spoilers:

** spoiler omitted **

Isn't the alchemist

already kind of a mad scientist?

Oh, and given that they mention Daggermark in the product description, what in the book relates to them? It does strike me that both the Daggermark Assassins and Poisoners could use vigilantes very well. The social identity is the cover, and the 'vigilante' one comes out when it;'s time for the kill.

Slithery D wrote:

Seduction deities: Arshea, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Shelyn.

Disarming Flirtation (Sp): You can attempt a Charisma
check to entice a target that could be sexually attracted to you into letting you speak for up to 1 minute when it would otherwise be unwilling to consider your words. [In combat it acts as a modified feint, DC details omitted.]

Inspire Devotion (Ex): By spending at least 1 hour engaged in acts of physical pleasure with a willing partner, you can attempt a Diplomacy check to improve that partner’s attitude or increase your influence with that partner (or reduce a rival’s influence with that partner) with no maximum on the number of steps by which you can change that partner’s attitude or disposition.

Most of those deities I get, but Cayden? It's because he's the god of booze, right?

"You sure look a lot hotter now that I've had those ten ales!"

I am also guessing that this particular inquisition is really best reserved for the less action-heavy campaigns. It'd be a bit hard to use most of those in your average dungeon crawl.

Still and all, it sounds good.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That list given above for what this PDF contains... Yeah. I want this one now. This is what descriptions of products should be like.

And this sounds like it would work great with a Kingmaker campaign. There was oddly little treant action in that one despite the heavy focus on the wilderness.

The serene forest master (monk treant) whose understanding of the trees around him is at once both physical and metaphysical

And now I am imagining a treant version of 'Kung Fu', where Woody the Monk spends two-thirds of his time talking about peace and wisdom and patience, and the rest kicking people in the throat.

I've read about the 'Seduction' Inquisition. Just what does it do (though I can guess), and who grants it other than Calistria?

Ask a Shoanti wrote:

Each past life profile is a secret backstory - a description of your PC's former life, how they died, and what mysteries are left unresolved. All of this begins unknown to the PC, something they gradually uncover as the game progresses, if they explore the clues provided by the profile (or the GM).

Each profile has multiple specific crunch elements too. As the PC uncovers details about their former life, aspects of it manifest, granting bonus abilities - and occasionally drawbacks - trace echoes reverberating from the past.

Each profile has suggestions for campaign plotlines and how they might resolve - though we all know no storyline survives contact with the players... which is one of the things which makes this game great.

Thanks for the information.

'Hell Comes to Westcrown' -- like 'Hell Comes to Frogtown'? Can we expect a cameo in honor of Rowdy Roddy Piper? He'd make a heck of a Hellknight commander.

Aberzombie wrote:

Gothic: A Romance (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #’s 6-10, April to August 1990)

Just six months earlier, DC had launched a brand new solo Batman series – the first since 1940. Every couple of issues would feature a new creative team and a new story arc. And while the first story arc, Shaman, was pretty damned cool, the next one would blow my mind. Gothic was the first time I had heard of the name Grant Morrison. And while I’ve come to have mixed feelings about his work over the years, this first experience with his writing has ensured that I will forever consider him one of the better writers to exist.

While it was subtitled “A Romance”, Gothic was far more than that. Written by Morrison and drawn by the magnificent Klaus Janson, this is a story of revenge, memory, supernatural horror, ghosts, and immutable fate. Led by his dreams (and an inverted Bat signal), Batman is drawn into a conspiracy to save crime lords from an old enemy long thought vanquished – a man with no shadow, and with a connection to Bruce Wayne’s past – Mr. Whisper. Over the course of the series, Batman learns that some legends may indeed hold a kernel (or more of truth), while battling to save Gotham from a terrible plan centuries in the making.

The story is poetic, action packed, and even allows for Batman to show off his not inconsiderable detective skills. There is an eerie inevitability about the main antagonist, Mr. Whisper. He is terrifying, yet terrified. Violent, yet extraordinarily refined. In essence, he is one of the most fascinating opponents I’ve ever witnessed Batman facing.

Janson’s artwork is incredible. Dynamic when it needs to be, subdued and spectral at other times, it truly conveys (to me at least) a sense of the gothic. There is one full page shot, closing out the end of issue 6 (part 1), which is one of the most quintessential Batman images. Throughout the entire story, his art never fails to impress.

I’ve been purposefully vague on plot details on this one. I hope people will go...

Gothic. I LOVE that one. Everything about it works so well.

And that one line...

"Your time is at an end, old friend. Come to Hell and die forever."

Aberzombie wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
And when will we get the plotline about how Spidey has been making money on the side for years now by dealing drugs?

Or the story of how the Punisher's family is not only still alive, but his wife is a major crime boss and the kids are her chief enforcers.

I also hear that Thor is the one who is actually the son of giants. Loki is the true son of Odin.

And don't you know, it was the Hulk who was the original. The Gamma bomb turned him into Bruce Banner.

Heh, that reminds me how back when Civil War was a thing. Marvel released a picture of Iron Man, his armor painted in red white and blue, and with the classic Cap shield.

I showed it to some people at another forum and they universally denounced it as bullsh*t and me for an idiot to fall for it. "Because not even Marvel Comics and Quesada would be THAT STUPID."

Then it came out and we learned that no, it was NOT Tony Stark in that armor.

It was Norman Osborn. Which I suppose meant that Marvel wasn't 'that stupid', they were even stupider!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Aberzombie wrote:

A Marvel Editor Explains How Captain America Was a Hydra Agent All Along

Gizmodo article goes into it a bit more

So, there's a bit more background on the story.

Do they probably have some long-term scheme in mind? Possibly. Although I really don't trust most comic book writers these days to have any plan other than controversy to boost sales.

Is this just some cheap ass stunt? Possibly. That'd be my guess, but only because I really can't conceive of anyone saying "Hey! Let's make Steve Rogers work for the evil Hydra!" and then thinking it was a really good idea (at least not without the benefit of some serious drugs).

Either way, it doesn't mean I can't think it's any less poorly done. Nor do I wish to spend money on it. Because, even if it is a stunt, even if they do retcon it out of existence later on, even if they do something that makes sense in the long run - just going down that road seems like poor storytelling to me. A cheap way to generate controversy and get either a rise in ticket sales, or at least get everyone talking about it.

Some folks may be willing and happy to take whatever the writers give them and be happy about it ("Thank you, sir! May I have another?"). I've got better uses for that time and money.

Nonsensical "shocking" plotlines like this remind me why I stopped reading Marvel Comics in the first place. How bad are the sales if this is what they're doing to drum up interest with phony 'controversy'?

And when will we get the plotline about how Spidey has been making money on the side for years now by dealing drugs?

FedoraFerret wrote:
Awesome book, I have exactly one complaint: why is the Execution Inquisition not associated with Damerrich, who is literally the Empyreal Lord of executions.

Really? Well, crap -- though it's not hard to justify giving it to him.

Which gods DID get the Execution inquisition, by the way?

So, has anyone picked this one up yet? I'm wondering just what sort of options are in it, but I can't get it right now myself. The idea of feats for best suited for venerable characters alone makes me curious what they are.

Lincoln Hills wrote:

Wouldn't an Ultimate Neutral starve to death? ("I'm hungry, but eating food might disturb the Cosmic Balance.")

AD&D's Complete Book of Villains was mentioned above. It had a slew of good advice, and since it barely even mentions AD&D mechanics, it's a useful tool for Pathfinder GMs as-is. (Good luck finding a copy, though.)

Things that a book about villainy would do well to cover:

1. Creating LN, N, and CN villains (they always get overlooked):
2. How villains interact (and how PCs can break up alliances or lines of communication):
3. Keeping the villain safe non-magically (front groups, impersonations, etc.)
4. Developing a likeable or worthy opponent (far trickier than presenting the villain as RAWR Evul and incapable of ever changing).
5. Motifs, obsessions, and/or self imposed limits (think 'Batman villain' stuff).

Those are all great ideas that I'd love to see dealt with.

One I might add would be how to handle enemies that are honestly good -- not hypocrites, not nasty fanatics, but genuinely good. There are times I'd like to see an adventure where two good guys (one the PCs) want or need something desperately, but only one of them can get it. It'd be a little different.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's one heck of a review, End. This sounds like an amazing buy for witch fans.

Epic Meepo wrote:
If it's any consolation, even if I were following my original release schedule, this series wouldn't be finished for a year or more after the time stamp on this post. My 5e projects have only set this series behind by four or five titles (out of a planned forty-something titles).

Wow. 40+ titles for the series? I'm stuck with wondering how you'd ever find enough material for them. Though you've done great with it thus far.

Can we get any hints on what's intended to be next in the series?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ends review does make this one sound good, though I already liked the arcanist just for that one archetype that allows you to cast 'personal' polymorph spells on others.

Luthorne wrote:

Yeah, doc pretty much covered it, though I'd add it mostly works like recorporeal incarnation, you just don't get its immunities, proficiencies, weaknesses, or spell resistance, but you do get its physical appearance, size, and its abilities as per alter self. Takes about a minute to don. Very fun concept, just wish the price wasn't so high.

Why, what is the price? I remember that for some reason most 'Alter Self' based magic items in the game seem pretty highly priced. Of course there's nothing from you setting the price at whatever you want in a home game, or even letting someone get their hands on an item for free as loot or the like. Especially when they start to discover that it's got a curse on it and/or some powerful people want their skin-suit back and are prepared to slice it off of you if need be...

doc the grey wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
If Luthorne or someone else would be so kind, just what is this seamless skin magic item that he mentions?

It's a magic item that is made a full body suit made from the skin of a single humanoid. Anyone who wears it takes on the exact appearance of the person it is made from, match his size so long as it is within 1 step of your own, and gain stat buffs as per Alter self (but nothing else from the spell).

Just imagine a giant, flesh colored, vinyl body suit except its made from one guy and when you slip into it you look like him. Creepy, horrifying, and incredibly good.

*shudder* Sounds like the sort of thing Zon-Kuthon's divine servants keep around for occasions when they don't need to display every single mutilation to the gawking masses. They're probably also the best at creating them, too.

Still, it sounds like one neat and creepy magic item. And dumb question, do they have an illustration of one in the book? I kind of doubt it, but morbid curiosity impels me to ask.

If Luthorne or someone else would be so kind, just what is this seamless skin magic item that he mentions?

doc the grey wrote:

Oh my copies are in hand! So since initial thoughts.

2.) The Execution Inquisition is sadly underpowered. The initial power is good, but the 8th level is bunk. A 1/day ability that that just lets you make an attack as a standard action and IF it hits and they are flat-footed then the crit you might make auto confirms. That's a lot of qualifications for an 8th lvl to potentially work.

Hmm, my planned Inquisitor of Dammerich definitely knows what his Inquisition will be!

And that 8th level power, doesn't the game already permit you to make an auto critical hit against someone who can't move? Given that this seems intended for use with legal executions where the target won't be running and dodging, it does seem kind of unnecessary. Unless of course I'm just missing something that can be found in the actual book.

QuidEst wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

In the hopes that this is a good place to ask, just what is the intended use for the Recorporeal Incarnation spell? It seems to me to be a 'cool, but how do you use it' spell along with Reincarnate Spy from Ultimate Intrigue. What can they do that lesser polymorphing spells can't?

I hope that question isn't too far out of line for here.

- Every Fighter body is now weeks of martial weapon proficiency.

- With Permanency, it's the best long-term disguise. (True Seeing is a lot likelier to stop you than mind-reading, and you don't have to worry about circles of protection like with possession spells.)
- Also the best spell to simply not look like yourself. Flat +20 for weeks at a time and creatures with True Seeing don't pick you out in the crowd.
- The target options blow polymorph effects out of the water. Make any willing living creature look like a humanoid. The Druid's animal companion (who now gets weapon proficiencies), a familiar, an eidolon, called outsider, animals the Druid charmed, and so on. Your Fighter friend can dress as the old frail mage that tried to take you out.
- Combine with Sculpt Corpse.

Wow, that is an amazing list for one spell. Of course I imagine the whole 'need a fresh corpse' aspect does tend to limit its use slightly. And do they say just how much Permanency would cost when used with this spell?

But what good does it do to make the animal companion look like a humanoid if they still have animal level intelligence?

I also didn't think about the nasty possibilities when combined with Sculpt Corpse.

And thanks to Kalindlara for reminding me about AP #16. I should still have that one around.

Thanks, Luthorne. I'm guessing that they're best both used with some mind-reading magic, or just good Bluff rolls and a prearranged cover story ("He/She had their mind blasted by an aboleth, and their memory is shot"), to explain why "you" don't remember things you should know.

In the hopes that this is a good place to ask, just what is the intended use for the Recorporeal Incarnation spell? It seems to me to be a 'cool, but how do you use it' spell along with Reincarnate Spy from Ultimate Intrigue. What can they do that lesser polymorphing spells can't?

I hope that question isn't too far out of line for here.

This one sounds like it covers a fantasy trope that's long been undeservedly ignored in fantasy RPGs. I will be getting this one!

I would like to know a little more about the whole 'Past Life Profiles' part.

DeciusNero wrote:
Ustalav might get a mention, though it has recieved a fair amount 9f coverage already. Hoping something about Geb and Shenmen.

+1 for some more information on Geb and Shenmen.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Finally, I want to thank Paizo for updating one of my favorite, creepiest spells you ever came up with, Recorporeal Incarnation. I loved that spell & really, this is the perfect source-book to bring it back in, thanks.
Wait, they re-did the 'Buffalo Bill' spell? AKA, 'wear that dead guy for a disguise'? Dare we ask how it works now, or hasn't it been changed that much?

Let me get out my copy of Endless Night & compare the two.

Alright, I just finished comparing the two & they are almost identical. It is now also a Witch level 7 spell as well as Sorcerer/Wizard. The duration went from Instantaneous to 1 week per caster level, which also now allows it to be made permanent via the Permanency spell. The only other differences I spotted were that the safe distance from the focus went from 90' to 30' & they removed the XP cost of course.

Thanks, Irnk. Adding it to the witch's spell list does make sense.

Luthorne wrote:
cavernshark wrote:
Would anyone be willing to offer a few highlights on the Drovier and Spell Trapper? I'd be much appreciative!

The drovier archetype for the druid is fairly simple, yet intriguing. They must choose the Animal, Eagle, or Wolf Domain with nature bond, and trade wild shape for the ability to buff all allies within thirty feet with animal aspect at first, followed by many of the other aspect spells as they level up.

Thanks for the response on Blood Hexes, Luthorne. You are indeed a scholar and a gentleman.

And this about the drovier... When I first heard about the archetype, I disliked it simply because I consider wild shape to be one of the best things about the druid class. But now? Now I've got to get this book for the archetype. Having read those Aspect spells, seriously, aside from the great buffs, this druid gets to turn their pals into animal people!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This one looks and sounds good.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Finally, I want to thank Paizo for updating one of my favorite, creepiest spells you ever came up with, Recorporeal Incarnation. I loved that spell & really, this is the perfect source-book to bring it back in, thanks.

Wait, they re-did the 'Buffalo Bill' spell? AKA, 'wear that dead guy for a disguise'? Dare we ask how it works now, or hasn't it been changed that much?

Has anyone mentioned just what 'blood hexes' are yet?

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Information about the archetypes and Enchanting Courtesan PrC.

Thank you for the descriptions.

Four Horsemen — Pestilence wrote:
Justin Sluder wrote:
Is Spell-Like Ability usable 3/day or at will?

Sorry for the late reply on this! I recently became a dad, and it has distracted me from my ongoing careful watch of the forums.

The SLAs are 3/day.

Congratulations on becoming a father.

Can we get some information on that enchanting courtesan PrC?

I don't know if this belongs here or not, but I tried to buy this PDF over at the Legendary Games webstore with the MayThe4th coupon four or five times and it just refused to go through.

I'll definitely be getting this one, especially if it has even just a two-page spread on other potential and real 'beastly' races in Pathfinder and Golarion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How long will this sale last? Some of us may have to wait a few days before we can take advantage of this offer.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This blog makes me very eager for this book. Especially the new world information and those two PrCs.

kevin_video wrote:

Owen Stephens just shared a free simple template to Facebook today, and because of its relevance I'm sharing it on here too. I'll probably even edit my blog to add this.

Thrice-Damned and his wraiths could easily make use of this.

The simple "Channel Wraith" template.
A channel wraith channels negative energy as a cleric with a level equal to the wraith's HD. This negative energy both heals undead and harms living creatures each time it is used, rather than doing one or the other. The channel wraith can use this ability as a swift action by expending two daily uses of its channel.
+2 CR.

That template is great. Thanks for sharing it.

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Swashbucklersdc wrote:
With your Winter AP line starting up (two products, anxiously waiting on more...), any updates on the possibility/timeline for a Winter Relationships book...

I will say that, if we do find a way to keep doing these, two of the NPCs in my archives, while I wrote them for my Far Eastern home game, are perfect for a Winter AP

** spoiler omitted **

Oh I would love to see the one about

the identity-challenged winter wolf
. Especially if they're based on the one from what I still think of as 'the Baba Yaga AP'. I liked that one and I long hoped someone among the 3rd party publishers would do more with the character.

DaemonAngel wrote:
Funny how this pops up at about the same time as Hasbro (D&D owner)announces that it has given publisher, River Horse, the MLP license to make and RPG version of MLP.

Really? Sorry to ask an off-topic question, but where did you read this?

What I've read from the folks who bought this one makes it sound like a very worthwhile purchase indeed.

Maybe someone at Paizo is going with the 'Good is Dumb' idea?...

Okay, probably not.

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
The upcoming ones are the kitsune emissary, who was raised by the kami and The Guardian, an intelligent magic katana who upgrades weapon power as you rank up.

I'm looking forward to both of these.

Pardon me for asking, but is this meant as a joke? Like the 'Gelatinous Cubes' one?

Lady Kali wrote:
I'm so pleased everyone likes it! I had a good laugh while writing about the chaotic little complications too. ;)

Thanks for doing this, I hope you get asked to do more work for RGG. It's a great PDF.

That's a great review as always, End. I admit to some amused surprise at hearing about a centaur medium, but if it works...

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