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Eric Hinkle's page

1,907 posts. 57 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Looking forward to getting this one every time I hear more about it.

And Durvin Gest, the founder of the Pathfinders, was a fighter? Knock me down and call me shorty, I would have sworn he was a bard in game terms.

And oh yes, what does it have to say about the Varangian, I mean Ulfen Guard? I hope there's some fluff along with the crunch.

My pile of variously-completed projects has been a bit neglected lately as I've been dealing with our Kickstarter, taxes, and two undisclosed projects, but I should have time next week to lay out a more detailed preview of products coming up over the next few months.

I'll be looking forward to this preview. And hmm, undisclosed projects? Now I am eager.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Book of the River Nations does indeed have some great stuff in it, primarily in the sections on kingdom buildings and hex improvements, that can work just fine with Ultimate Rulership. It's also got some magic items and a few feats that can work with UR. It is by no means obsolete!

I do have to say though, that if you want to run battles, LG's Ultimate Battle and very likely their forthcoming (hopefully soon) Ultimate War are THE way to go.

A great review as always, End. And since you mentioned it, I ave to saree that it's a shame we didn't get this: I also consider the lack of alternate racial traits to modify base races according to parent-fey or alternate racial traits an oversight in this - either that or some actual examples of how to court varying fey (with skills or the like), a select set of taboos - either would have improved the book.

Ah well, it gives LG something to do in their next fey-based supplement.

I was already going to be getting this one, but the added information about the Aldori swordlords, the Ulfen Guard, new cavalier orders, and the martial training grounds have definitely made me even more eager to see it.

Just wrote my own review, I hope it's the first of several.

How did I ever forget to post the star rating with this magnificent collection of monsters? I corrected that now, and my deepest apologies to everyone involved for my foolish mistake.

Jason Nelson wrote:

That's not a bad idea right there. I'll be in touch with the artist soon as he's working on another project, but we might see if we can fit it in.

Meanwhile, we should be having another Kingdom-Building AP Plug-In coming out very shortly, possibly as early as this Friday if all goes well!

That idea (about the hex improvement icons) sounds great to me as well.

And another Kingdom-Building AP Plug-In coming soon? Ooh, I'm looking forward to it.

And thanks for the good news on the probably-April release date for both 'Ultimate War' and 'Legendary Tournaments', two tomes I've long awaited.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Valantrix1 wrote:
It all looks good Jason! I have one question though. How will this affect all the other nonmythic products you announced earlier in the year?

Faerie Mysteries and Unrighteous Villains are currently in layout and should be available within the next week or two.

And, since I've been clearing out all my half-done bits and pieces, I'll finally have the space on my schedule to knock out the rest of the long-delayed Ultimate War.

Now there's some good news! Faerie Mysteries and Ultimate War are definitely the two I've been looking forward to, particularly the latter after seeing the amazing job you did on Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Battle.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Speaking of coming soon, by the way, who says we just do mythic stuff? Coming VERY soon for all fans of the fey, behold FAERIE MYSTERIES!

The description alone makes this one sound like a must-buy.

Take care, Mr. Reynolds, and thanks for everything.

Please accept my regrets on being such a broken record on this score, but -- any word on a release date for Ultimate War?

And I'm glad to see that your Mythic material is selling so very well, to judge by the comments here.

Given my love for the River Kingdoms and Kingmaker, I'll definitely be getting this one.

Not lest for the information on river pirates, seeing as how they tend to get short shrift when compared to their salt water cousins.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This looks very different. I have to admit, I'd have never thought of the lamia (lamiae?) as a PC race.

Jatori wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Just asking: with the Beast-Soul Monk archetype, is it permissible to allow them to have a wolf animal companion if they choose the Wolf Style martial art from the Player Companion 'Blood of the Moon'?
Eric, sure, that would be an excellent use of the archetype. As you've noticed, it's fairly simple to expand the Beast-Soul's options as you create more imitative style feats or as more become available through other sources. Eagle Style, for example, would make a fitting option for a bird companion Beast-Soul.

Thanks for the response.

Just asking: with the Beast-Soul Monk archetype, is it permissible to allow them to have a wolf animal companion if they choose the Wolf Style martial art from the Player Companion 'Blood of the Moon'?

I am definitely looking forward to this one.

I'm thinking on getting this one mainly because one of the my favorite APs is Kingmaker, and you get some good chances at recruiting some centaur allies there if you play your cards right. And aside from soem brief troubles with the New Paths Compendium (downloading and reading, not the material!) KP is one of THE best 3rd party publishers out there.

Whatever other bonuses a Pathfinder Lodge gives, it should provide something for both Lore (from researching hidden secrets) and Danger (from when your research gets loose and attacks the public).

I was able to download the New Paths Compendium; thanks for the repairs!

Liz Courts wrote:
Please direct any issues with downloading your PDFs here, thanks! It looks like it should have cleared up, but if it hasn't, please let us know in that thread.

Was finally able to download mine; thank you!

EDIT: And just let me say that, after reading about the skinchanger -- YES! This is something I've wanted to see in Pathfinder for a long time, and it's handled so very well here!

Thank you, Kobold Press!

Heine Stick wrote:
Ooh, incorporating the troop subtype? Well played, sir. Well played. :)

100% in agreement on this. I was really hoping someone would do something with the new troop subtype myself.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

Huh. If this is a download from Paizo that is being troublesome in the download process, it might be worth mentioning to the Paizo staff. There may be an issue with on their system.

Not saying there is, but worth looking into.

Well, according to a thread or two on the Website Feedback portion of the messageboards, quite a few people are unable to get some of their PDFs to download. Maybe I downloaded this just as the problem first hit and that's why my copy of the PDF is being so difficult to use?

Everything goes fine for me except the New Paths Compendium from Kobold Press. I got it Saturday, was able to download it then, but now the version I've got saved can be opened with Acrobat but refuses to work after that (can't go from page to page); and I can no longer download it from the site. Am I doing something wrong, or is the problem found elsewhere?

@Eric Hinkle - I've heard of no one else with that problem. My suggestion is something is either hosed with your copy of Acrobat or, more likely, your PDF is corrupt in some way. I'd suggest downloading a fresh new copy of the PDF and seeing if the problem persists (in fact, there is an updated version of the PDF coming out in the next day or two, so you could even wait until you get your 'updated PDF available" e-mail and then just download then.

I'll try downloading it once more, and if that doesn't work I'll do what you say. I doubt it''s my copy of Acrobat at fault, since it opens and runs all the other PDFs I have without any trouble at all.

And thanks for the advice.

EDIT: *Ahem* I'll try downloading a new copy tomorrow, as right now every time I try to download it I just keep getting a 'wait ten seconds and try again' response. Yeesh but this PDF is being so difficult!

Has anyone else been having trouble using the PDF of this with Adobe? Because every time I open it, it locks up and I get a 'Not Responding' message at the top of the screen. Can someone give me some hints on what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks for the update on Ultimate War! That's the book I'm looking forward to the most.

Marc Radle wrote:
Oh! All you shape shifter fans - I'm anxious to hear what folks think of the skin-changer! :)

I'm hoping someone says something about this one too; they're the new class I'm really eager to find out about.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I love that review, End; I'll be getting this one by month's end because of it. Especially the info on the corrupted dryads.

That's a great review, End.

At long last! This is the one I've been waiting for; bring on the ultra-tech weirdness.

I am definitely looking forward to Ultimate War, Fey Impulses, and Legendary Tournaments, but it all looks great.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

And thank you very much, End, for the very well-done and informative reviews you post online. I really do think you set the gold standard for what reviews should be.

This tome sounds like it would go great with a Way of the Wicked campaign.

*sighs* I guess I'll just have to get Mythic Adventures post-holidays if I want to make any use of what seems to be roughly one-third of your new output.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Mark Norfolk wrote:

I like your stuff and it's great that you've got more irons in the fire. But..... Ultimate War?


I appreciate your interest and I'd like to get it done too. Alas, I've hit a bit of a design block on a couple of pieces that I thought were going to work together and don't seem like they're going to work the way I want them to. In my experience, the best solution to a block like that is not to stare at the monitor in frustration but to work on some other things and come back with a fresh mind. I think some good solutions are coming together but need a bit more time to get things nailed down.

I'm a firm believer in the notion that you release a product when it's ready. My school will be out for winter break starting next week, so I should have some good writing time in there to work out the kinks that have been eluding me as I clear out the low-hanging fruit on my virtual desk.

I appreciate your patience with the vagaries of the creative process. We are in the Sitzkrieg right now, but the Blitzkrieg is not far away...

Glad to hear the good news. Better to wait a little longer than have Ultimate War be rushed and not so great. That said, I am looking forward to its release VERY much!

This is good news. And am I wrong or is there another site that also keeps track of the open gamimg material from Pathfinder?

It may just be me, but that link posted in your last entry doesn't seem to work.

Just reading that preview makes me wish it was already in my grubby little paws. Seriously, this is something I've been waiting for. Any idea on how long until it becomes available?

Jason Nelson wrote:

I can say, without a trace of irony or bias, that this ability that I wrote for the mythic pony is one of my favoritest things I have ever written for any game thing ever:

Inexplicable Survival (Su) A mythic pony has a supernatural knack for surviving situations that should have killed it. Whenever a mythic pony is about to be killed or permanently incapacitated, it can spend one use of its mythic power to miraculously recover and escape, reappearing 1d6 hours later fully healed, rested, and none the worse for wear. If at the GM’s discretion its master or rider abuses or mistreats the mythic pony, such as sending it into excessively dangerous or near-suicidal situations, the pony uses this ability upon its death but never returns, and horses and ponies become hostile to the pony's master as the nature's exile spell for 1 month. Remove curse or break enchantment can negate this curse with a DC 14 caster level check.

Sure, there are lots of mythic mount abilities more dramatic, but this one was my favorite.

Pinkie Pie, is that you?

And I do have to agree, that idea sounds both cool and more than a little funny as the players and DM work to justify it. "How did my pony survive a fall into that pit filled with acid and sharks?"

@James Nelson -- Woops! I thought that book was yet to be released. My mistake.

@End -- thanks! I really think you should like this one.

Lohan wrote:

If "In The Company of Dragons" sees the light of day, I'm totally buying it.

Play to win!

What he said. I gotta see how THIS is handled.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just posted what will hopefully be the first of many reviews. I hope it's helpful to potential customers.

kevin_video wrote:
Yeah, I'm getting the same thing from my spellcasters as well, but that's partly because while the wizard has been one multiple times, the oracle is a first time divine user, and chose the worst set up for his character so he's only got minimal battlefield control spells. He's starting to wish he was a sorcerer now just so he could have some offensive spells.

Dumb and OT question: what are good battlefield control spells for an oracle?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Mr. Stephens, Ms. Styles, all the best to you both with your future endeavors.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Heine Stick wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
I thought I'd also pop in and pass on my regrets at the delays in getting Ultimate War in the pipe as the third installment in this series.
As impatient as I am to get my hands on Ultimate War, I do hope you manage to get some R&R once in a while. I can only imagine how draining the Kickstarter must've been for you guys. But yeah, glad to hear that Ultimate War is coming out soon.

What he said. Rest assured, when it comes out I'll definitely be getting a copy!

And that's a typically great review there, End.

Arrgh, and now I have to wait until next week to get a copy!

Still, just from the description this one sounds like it'll be great. Pathfinder has really needed a detailed source for alchemists and mages who wanted play Saruman/Moreau and craft their very own twisted abominations.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Good to see someone doing something different with the poor old flesh golem. It does seem to be one of the relatively forgotten monsters.

Neil Spicer wrote:
I suspect Jason will find his way here soon, but I think the delay on Ultimate War is owing to the progress he's made on the Mythic "monster" line-up, as well as getting everything in line for the recent Kickstarter to put out our first hardcover book. That's not to say there hasn't been progress with Ultimate War, however. I believe he's fairly deep into the writing and development of it. So, hang in there. The Ultimate plug-ins have been very popular so far, and I'm certain this one will get our focused attention very soon.

This is good to hear, and it's even better to know that the problems come from too much success rather than all sorts of real world problems hitting. Thanks for the response!

That is one good list. And is there any word from LG on just when Ultimate War will be released?

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