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Eric Hinkle's page

2,108 posts. 59 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist.


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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yes, though not a very high DR.

Oh there are such amazing ideas in here! Maybe there's a stand/trader who sells you the knowledge of who is your One True Love, as well as how and where to meet them?

Of course they might not bother to tell you that they're dead, or <i>undead</i>, or already married, or some monstrous species that likes to eat people, or live on some other world/time/dimension which would make meeting them in person difficult, or what have you.

HI all, I've been trying to discover just which Player Companion has this magic item I just know I saw, a sort of 'Titan's Elixir' that basically lets you use Giant Form 1 on yourself. I remember seeing it in a recent Player Companion, but for the life of me I can't remember which one and I'd like to find it again.

Any help would be appreciated!

Epic Meepo wrote:

Animal Races: Clan of the Rabbit is now available here in the Paizo store and also here.

Clan of the Rabbit is an important addition to the Animal Races series for anyone who wants to know more about the Zodiac Council that has been mentioned in several other titles. Clan of the Rabbit is also the first Animal Races title to explicitly mention a campaign setting where animal races are the predominant races. (That campaign setting is located on a demiplane that can be easily added to almost any established setting.)

I'm not sure why, but when I read 'Clan of the Rabbit' I'm left wondering if they venerate the Prince with a Thousand Enemies as their ancestor.

Or maybe the PDF can be used to create a brutal rabbit tyrant of a downtrodden warren who routinely kills the biggest and nastiest monsters he can find just to prove that "Monsters aren't dangerous, you fools!"

I'd love to see the Ultimate Armies book, along with maybe a mass combat AP or module using the rules you folks have made, and that 'Tourneys and Tournaments' book for the Kingbreaker series. Heck, anything new for Kingbreaker would delight me.

Ashram wrote:
RAW it can work, if you have Weapon Versatility. Using that and changing the damage to piercing would allow a staff to qualify, although naturally you'd have to be using it one-handed through Quarterstaff Master and not ever use it two-handed to get the benefit.

OT but I'd say it's about time we got a feat like that.

Aleron wrote:
Not to mention you can't take the large evolution until level 8 at the earliest anyway. Best you'll get is a medium sized until then.

Unless you take Enlarge Person as a spell, since a summoner can cast that on their eidolon using their class abilities. It's a nice stopgap until you hit 8th level.

Malwing wrote:
I somehow doubt that this will have new monsters for the Summon Monster spells considering that those spells are already pretty powerful which leads me to wonder what IS in the book.

Possibly specific summonings like we got in Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Ross Byers wrote:

An arcanist who gets the benefits of a wizard school is still a level behind a wizard on spells.

An arcanist who gets all the benefits of a sorcerer bloodline starts making the sorcerer look bad.

Doesn't the one archetype in the book effectively give the arcanist a sorceror bloodline at the expense of 3-4 exploits? Just like the one that gives them full access to a wizardly school of magic for about the same price?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Snorter wrote:

(ninjaed by Eric...that's what I get for casting Wall of Text)

I think you may be reading too literally into what the Order represents to the Cavalier, as being an in-world organisation, with a physical base of operations, and then wondering for example, where the headquarters are for The Order of The Star, The Order of the Cockatrice, The Order of the Dragon, etc.

My interpretation (and I'll address why below) is that the Order is a spiritual and philosophical viewpoint, that drives the Cavalier in his overriding goals, and his dealings with others.
Essentially, the Cavalier believes in the principles of 'Starhood', or 'Cockatriciousness' (yes, that's now a word), in the same way someone of another class may declare themselves dedicated to 'mercy' or 'being the alpha of every group'.
These principles neither require them to be signed up with an existing (organisational) order, nor prevent such, though some may well be a poor fit, such as a Cavalier whose class choices insisted on personal aggrandisement would chafe in an order dedicated to humility.

Why do I use that interpretation?

1) It allows for the existence of many more background stories, and play styles, such as Knight Errants, Questing Knights, Penitent Knights, and others who choose to take a solitary path.

2) It allows for settings in which entry into a Knightly Order is a title that is earned or bestowed for deeds done, in which case it makes more sense that it happen to the PC at a level above 1st.

3) How about PCs who are Cavalier in class, have the abilities, but find themselves barred from membership from political orders of knighthood, due to some stigma (a half-orc asking for membership in Lastwall would probably face suspicion), or outdated prejudice ("This is a man's army, we have no need for girls!" - note this could be flipped around; "I WILL show them I'm pure! I WILL be the first MAN to ride a unicorn, and I'll do it with or without their help!").

4) It also allows for Cavalier PCs to take...

You did the Hellrider PrC?? I love that one. Even if every time I look at it I think 'Order of the Nail' -- they seem a natural for Hellknights devoted to fighting bandits and marauding monsters.

If they ever do a 'Hellknights of Golarion' book I hope they PrC gets included with it.

Given that the Order pf the Nail is very opposed to bandits and wild monsters (two things you find a lot of in Kingmaker), some of them could show up to help establish the rule of law over the Stolen Lands.

If you want some pre-made assassins for Kingmaker, then Jon Brown Enterprises (JBE) has a whole small PDF of them here onsite. They're a pretty good collection, too.

I would definitely get such a book.

I seem to remember it being stated elsewhere that the Cavalier Orders are more philosophies than actual organizations. That said there's nothing topping you from making your own such knightly organizations in whatever form you so desire.

Arrgh, and I have to wait until June for this one! But it'll be worth it.

Timothy Ferdinand wrote:
the blurb mentions "summoning guardian angels" - does that mean this book will also cover eidolons?

I hope so, I';d love to see some more information for Summoners. Though it could be referring to the Planar Ally/Binding spells, which seem to be oddly underutilized in-game by heroes and villains alike.

James Jacobs wrote:
DeciusNero wrote:

While I'm sure it won't, but will future deity write-ups include the Obediences found in Inner Gods?

Would love some for Zyphus!

Yes. We're including all that info for the deities in the articles going forward, starting with Brigh in the 2nd Iron Gods installment.

Good news! I hope we get some info on Kurgess (God of Competition) soon, I'm fond of the idea of playing a Brawler who becomes an Evangelist of Kurgess.

For that matter, just what can be revealed here of the secrets of Zyphus that we get in this book?

This sounds like it would work oddly well for a character who took the Torchbearer feat. Nice weapons and tools to give the sidekick/apprentice.

I'd like to see stuff for the slayer and warpriest myself, as well as the brawler.

For that matter a book that goes into yet more detail on how to use the PC classes with the rules in Ultimate Combat & Ultimate War would be great. Archetypes suited for command, prestige classes, new spells and magic item, etc.

Liz Courts wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
'Codpiece of the Goblin King' -- do we want to know?
Have you heard about the babe?

I'm sorry, but I'm not getting this reference.

Epic Meepo wrote:

Animal Races: Clan of the Deer is now available here, and should be up in the Paizo store, shortly.

I encourage everyone to pick this up for Christmas so you can run a one-shot adventure where the PCs are all Reindeer and elves out to defeat the Krampus. :P

I already got my copy. Anthro deer for Pathfinder, yay.

And as for the Krampus -- given the way the kids have been acting in the stores around here, I'd rather feed them to the Krampus.

'Codpiece of the Goblin King' -- do we want to know?

Epic Meepo wrote:

Glad you're enjoying the series, Eric. To answer your questions:

I'll be sending off Clan of the Deer shortly after writing this post. It should go live in the usual storefronts on Monday or Tuesday.

Clan of the Rabbit should be available in the first week of January, followed by Clan of the Frog sometime before the end of January. I'll have more information about other upcoming titles after the first of the year.

Good news! I'll be looking forward to the rules on playing deer, caribou, reindeer, and moose.

Also, have you made any decisions on how many PDFs the series will consist of?

Epic Meepo wrote:

A few quick updates:

Animal Races: Clan of the Bear is now up in the Paizo store and also here.

Animal Races: Clan of the Deer, complete with a Reindeer Clan character option, should be available in time for Christmas.

Animal Races: Clan of the Rabbit is shaping up to be my first release of 2015 and should be available this coming January.

I got Clan of the Bear and I love it. One of my favorite things about this series is the take on how these new races view classic monsters (and how the game version can be changed to match their legends), as well as the idea of Heraldry traits.

That said, how much longer until Clan of the Deer? And after Clan of the Rabbit, what other 'Clan' books are you panning on making for the upcoming months? I'm really looking forward to Clan of the Horse.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Stealing a face deals the damage.

I figured as much, but thanks for clearing that up.

Just asking about te augmented version of Transplant Visage, do you mean to say that granting someone a new face causes all that damage too, or is it just when you take one from them?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nice stuff at that link. Roots, cybernetics, and a cyborg PC class? Hmm.

El Ronza wrote:
I understand not making promises on dates - 'tis the Silly Season, and that does all manner of horrible things to plans. I'll just snatch up the Kingbreaker expansion the first day it comes out, and attempt to write up my own NPCs in the meantime!

I second this vote for a Kingbreaker expansion!

Jason Nelson wrote:

Hi all,

Ultimate Armies is simmering in the background, with work progressing on a couple of fronts.

1. Part of UA will deal with mercenaries and mercenary companies. This was something I had intended to include in Ultimate War at one point, but the scope and focus of the book often shifts during writing and it ended up seeming like a better fit in another book.

2. UA will indeed deal with the troop subtype as a bridging element between character-level and army-level mass combat.

3. @Arnwyn: The troop subtype will include a template version.

4. @Heine: The description of Ultimate Armies as being a sort of "NPC Codex" of armies is apt, and the pregenerated armies will be especially useful for players of the various official Adventure Paths that have scenarios that could easily be adapted as mass combat scenarios. Just sayin' if, for instance, there was a Fortress full of Stone Giants and their allies that you wanted to assault, there might be some support for things like that across many APs.

5. We also have a couple of other contributors working on character options that integrate with the mass combat/kingdom-building rules and with the troop subtype. It's possible this may end up as its own standalone product, or it may end up in Ultimate Armies; that will depend on the final scope of the design and how it fits.

2 & 3 are the best bits of news here, but all of this sounds great to me. Thanks for letting us know what we can look forward to.

Heine Stick wrote:

It is my impression that at least part of the book will contain army stat blocks for GMs to use in their games. The NPC Codex of mass combat, so to speak. I might be wrong, of course, and it's something else entirely.

In my geekiest dreams, this book is a good mix of support for Legendary Games' mass combat books (stat blocks, etc.) AND support for the troop subtype.

I hope that this is indeed what we get. I'd love to see someone do something with the Troop subtype/template. It'd be great to get some guidelines on how to keep low-level monsters a threat to higher-level PCs without making every mook a 10th-level character.

I just got this one and it's a nice piece of work. I love the extra bits they stick in, like myths and actual deities for the new races, as well as the heraldry aspect for traits.

That said I do have one question if the author will be so kind as to answer -- where did he get the artwork used in it? I could swear I saw some of those pictures many years ago in some old books, but I can't remember which ones.

Endzeitgeist wrote:

@Heine Stick: May I suggest Iron Wall Gap Must Hold by AAW Games?

And Chemlak + Eric - thank you for the kindness, it's encouragement like this that fuels me and keeps me going!

Thank you, End. I also just put the adventure you listed on my wishlist for a future purchase based on your review; would you say that it could be made to work with the more involved and complex rules of Ultimate War and Ultimate Battle?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just saw End's review get posted over on the Legendary Games site. Mention was made of the upcoming Ultimate Armies book -- can someone from LG let us know just what one will that one be covering, again?

I'm looking forward to Clan of the Deer simply because I can't recall anyone ever doing anything with sapient and/or anthropomorphic deer before. Just so long as it tells you how to make reindeer Vikings.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Glad you are enjoying them - if you could write up a quick review, that would be awesome. Spread the good news!

I actually wrote up a review for it some time ago, but thanks. I loved it then and I love it now!

TPK Games wrote:
Eric, we are planning on releasing that one next!

This is very good news! Thank you.

Great buy, but unfortunately(?) one I already have and love. I do recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone running Kingmaker campaigns, or who just like using fey/folktale-themed critters in their games, though!

Curious to see what goes on sale this week.

Cthulhudrew wrote:

I hope that the inclusion of the centaurs means we might get some more snippets of information on Iobaria and/or Iblydos.

I second this!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's an amazing review as always, End. And I agree with the idea of a mass-combat focused AP, possibly with characters as somethng like late medieval condottieri. I know I'd buy it!

Thanks for all the great reviews you've written, End.

El Ronza wrote:

Out - out are the lights - out all!

And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
Comes down with the rush of a storm,
And the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, 'Man',
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.

Someone had to do it. What's the CR/MR on that particular beastie? I'm already getting ideas...

Magnificent! And I'm not sure why, but I 'heard' that in Vincent Price's voice.

Huh, one of the most popular items in the online store right now and yet no one seems to be commenting on it?

Can anyone please give us a rundown on what you get with this PDF?

*Looks at Worm Domain* Darn, all this magnificence and no Sons of Kyuss left to take advanatge of it.

It does help. Thank you, End.

This will be a silly question but with 'beastfolk' races like the alicorns, half-gnolls, and wulfkin, just how animal-like do they look? In the end it's all a question of group and individual player preferences, of course (I assume that the 'wolfscarred face' oracle curse from Blood of Angels leaves you looking like a gnoll or original Howling-style werewolf, when the actual intent is probably more 1941's Jack Pierce Wolf Man), but an official answer would be helpful.

Neil Spicer wrote:
#1 Third Party Publisher Download from the Paizo web store this week. And Imperial Relationships made the Top 10, as well. Not too shabby.

Congratulations to you and Legendary Games!

OT question, but how many of these critters have Swallow Whole as a monster ability? I just noticed that for some reason worm-like monsters in the game usually have that ability. Is there just something particularly horrid about being gulped down wriggling and alive by a monstrous worm as compared to, say, a dragon or even an ogre?

And I will definitely be getting this one, though it may have to wait until after the holidays.

Good too see a review that brought up some of my own questions, End. I love this PDF but the missing info on the Cannibal is frustrating.

And OT but with that 'Bag of Kittens' problem you've mentioned several times, what would you consider a cure for it? Maybe limit it to 'only triggered by defeating an enemy at least half your own level'?

That's one great review, End. I especially like what you said about the warpwolves (entangling foes with their entrails? Urrgh!) and how well-done they are. I'll have to get this one, after the holidays if not before.

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