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Eric Hinkle's page

2,502 posts. 89 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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2 people marked this as a favorite.

I love this one. Any chance of seeing a second entry in the series with a few more iconic princesses in it?

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's shop.

Your review convinced me that this one will be worth getting. It actually sounds almost humorous with some of those ideas; how many adventurers will admit they were beaten up by the architecture?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Matrix Dragon wrote:
Oh please let there be a dragon type eidolon for the unchained summoner... :D

If you're willing to go 3rd party Everyman Unchained:Eidolons allows you to make dragon eidolons for the Unchained summoner.

Kvantum wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Major_Blackhart wrote:
Depends on if you've read the Monster Codex. While no images of the beast were showed, there were stats for a fully ancient and super charged Troglodyte that was essentially a precursor before their civilization fell.
I did and I like the information it gave us on the trogs.
The original Xulgaths, the actual precursors, are statted out fully in the Occult Bestiary.

They did? Thanks for giving me a reason to get a copy of that book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Quandary wrote:

Yeah, a Ha Hoi centred AP would be most obvious option for Dragon centric AP that works from start to finish.

Dragons and non-dragons can be allies, Dragons and non-Dragons can be enemies,
half-dragons/dragon-kin can abound, Dragons in Human form,
Dragons don't need to be "on-screen" because they are the contextual framework of the country and events there-in,
the plot doesn't need to be shoving Dragons as antagonists at every turn,
sometimes there will be Dragon antagonists (very likely opposing other Dragons),
other times it is just other Evil stuff going on - Cthuloid weirdness from Valashmai jungle,
Underdark mysteries, political chaos from Nagajor, cultists from other factions of Tian Xia, etc.

A Xa Hoi-themed/located adventure wouldn't even have to be dragon-centered to make me want to buy it. Just seeing someone use Vietnamese history, mythology, and folklore in the game would be wonderful.

Major_Blackhart wrote:
Depends on if you've read the Monster Codex. While no images of the beast were showed, there were stats for a fully ancient and super charged Troglodyte that was essentially a precursor before their civilization fell.

I did and I like the information it gave us on the trogs.

Jason Nelson wrote:

It's a MYTHIC MONDAY, which means we have a new set of marvelous mythic monsters for your modules, especially if you're talking about adventures with murder by skin and saw!

But we also must point out that tomorrow is the most ridiculous holiday of the year, Groundhog Day, so we're having a sale today and tomorrow that is just as ridiculous! Buy ANYTHING at the LG webstore at full price, get a second product for just $2 (PDF) or $22 (hardback)!

Check out the details here and go save BIG!

Just so I'm clear here, there's no 'coupon' for the $2 special -- we have to buy a regular price PDF or hardcover, and then we e-mail you the lower-priced title we want, and then you change the price to $2 for that sale?

Being a fan of both military history and the paranormal, this is something I'll definitely be buying. Dare we expect a haunt that somehow can play into use of the mass combat rules? I know, probably not, but I'd be thrilled to see one.

MannyGoblin wrote:
Kurgass' deva is a big fat Gaul.

Did he fall into a cauldron brewing up a potion of bull's strength as a baby?

Jason Nelson wrote:
Woo, glad to hear it! If you like bad guy classes, I'd also encourage you to take a look at our "Legendary Villains" series, currently including Dark Druids and Antipaladins (by Clinton Boomer and I) and Evil Clerics (by Jenny Jarzabski and I), and watch out for the next ones in that series. We've already announced Legendary Villains: Wicked Witches (by Jenny Jarzabski again), but could I tempt you with... Legendary Villains: Assassins?

Ooh, I am looking forward to the Wicked Witches one!

And sorry to be a broken record, but I'm hoping that we get to see Ultimate Armies and the tournaments PDF soon too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's one heck of a final list of critters for this book. I've been wanting more information on the urdefhan, gugs, morlocks, duergar, and troglodytes for a long time.

I always thought of the trogs as degenerate lizard men who went underground to worship demons in peace away from their more peaceful kin, occasionally returning to the Bright Lands to kidnap other lizard folk for purposes of breeding and sacrifice. I'm sure that what's in here will be 100% different from that, and it'll be a joy to read.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I got this one and I love the list of ideas presented. I have to admit, I never would have thought of half of these eidolon concepts (lie the conjured ancestor or idealized version of yourself), but they all make perfect sense.

I hope you'll be doing something for the summoner end of the summoner-eidolon relationship in the future!

it’ll be a joy to get this one finally off my desk and out to you, hopefully followed soon thereafter by Ultimate Armies, Royal Tournaments, and Way of the Blade! - See more at: -its-a-pirates-life-for-me/#sthash.fWahdwD3.dpuf

Good news! I've been looking forward to Ultimate Armies and Royal Tournaments for a LONG time. Just what is that 'Way of the Blade' book, though?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Autoduelist wrote:
Eberron is new-fangled in my book. I've got the old Greyhawk folio edition (the one before the 1983 box set). Now that's putting the Grey in "Greyhawk."

I know a fellow who has his original copy of Eldritch Wizardry occupying pride of place on his bookshelf. He used to play gray-bearded crotchety old wizards; now he almost is one.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have to agree with End. When I was a kid growing up and you could still find comics for $.35 in the corner store, my favorites were the horror, fantasy, and war titles. You could have Batman and Spider-Man, I wanted the Thomas/Buscema Conan, the Colan Dracula, the Haunted Tan, and all those cheap and gloriously awful DC horror comics and Marvel monster reprints.

And does anyone else from the States remember the old local horror shows that were often the first introduction to Universal, Hammer, and Toho? Like 'Shock Theater with Dr. Shock' in SE Pennsylvania?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
SCKnightHero1 wrote:
It's good to see that they've decided to put in responses of how and what other nations are doing during a campaign. This adds realism and depth to the campaign world. So hooray!

Given that this is happening to Cheliax, I imagine most of those responses can be summed up as wild rejoicing followed by a land grab.

I wouldn't mind seeing an updated version of that 'Hellrider' PrC from an old issue of Wayfinder that allowed you to bring your cavalier into the Hellknights. And while I doubt there could be room for it, a Hellknight cavalier order would be very appreciated.

I hope this is an okay place to ask this, but it seems like Legendary Games has slowed down quite a bit from your usual rapid pace of releases. Is this real-life concerns taking precedence or has something gone wrong? Or am I just not noticing the new releases?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I got this book and I love it. So many great ideas, but I particularly enjoy the new backgrounds and associated story feats. Particularly the 'bad romances'; I'd love to see how it goes when one of the PCs is in love with one of the villains fighting the rest of the party. Especially if they take it easy on their 'true love' while hammering everyone else.

"Guys, if we just stopped messing with her ritual sacrifices to the Abyss my girlfriend Azzie, I mean Azzakrat the Murderous promises no more conjured demons sent into our bedrooms at 3 in the morning."

I was kind of surprised to see so many of the new spells lacked the 'evil' descriptor. Not complaining but I would have thought that if any book was justified in bringing in evil spells, it would be this one.

It's a great piece of work, Paizo!

I am happy to see this one coming out. I've wanted to see extended information on te Hellknights for a long time. Thank you, Paizo!

Thanks for the response Mister Augunas, it's quite helpful.

I just got this ad read through it, and I agree with everyone who hopes we see more information and options for both the shapeshifter and the vessel.

I do have a question or two about the 'shifter: does the hybrid shape adaptation permit taking on half-animal forms like a gnoll or ratfolk or adlet? Or should the character stick to taking humanoid forms of them?

Also, just to be clear on my end, the shapeshifter doesn't get the ability bonuses or penalties you would if having spells like beast form or alter self cast on them, do they?

Also, one minor critique, the information for the 12th level grace boon granted by a daemon passenger to their vessel seems to be missing.

Really this is a great book. The new classes are very original and the options for other classes are great.

Hey, I don't mind kitsune art. Not when it's well done! I wish we had a race of anthropomorphic wolves to go with them but that's what other 3rd party publishers are for.

And please put me down as a buyer for "A Fox's Wedding" when it's done. Be nice to see how some social roleplaying with a whole skulk of ready to celebrate kitsune can be set up.

kevin_video wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Just where is this 'noble' class, and how good is it?
It's here on the Paizo site, and if you've ever seen the Noble class from Dragonlance, it's not unlike that. That said, you could always convert the 3.5 Dragonlance noble over. It's not the greatest class in the world, but it definitely has its moments. For starters, you have bard HD, saves, skill points, and BAB. As for abilities, besides various versions of "inspire", it gives you Leadership at 1st level.

Thanks for that link.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Endzeitgeist wrote:
Thank you for making this gorgeous milestone, Alex!!!
Hopefully you're just as impressed by Paranornal Adventures and the forthcoming Dynastic Races Compendium! ;-)
Dynastic Races Compendium? Just what is that?

I'm going to be running Everyman Gaming's first Kickstarter in March of 2016 that takes the Samsaran Compendium and the Kitsune Compendium, updates them, and adds an equal amount of content for Nagaji and Wayangs. I'm calling the final product the Dynastic Races Compendium because the races involved are all associated with "dynasties," i.e. Eastern races. There's going to be a stretch goal for tengu, and possibly ratfolk. Each race has about 30 pages dedicated to its flavor text alone; including crunch, its a good 40 pages per race, so keeping the theme tight and the number of races in check is important to me.

This has been a project that I've wanted to do since the Samsaran Compendium (its even noted as such in the Author Anecdote for that product), but after much deliberation over the past year (as well as some experience with Kickstarters and printing books), I've decided that sooner is better for the Dynastic Races Compendium. I'm hoping to have some more information out on the Kickstarter tomorrow on the forums, but its going to depend how much progress I can make on the work I have in my schedule. (Among other projects, one of my goals is to have the entire Kitsune section updated and finished, sans a few pieces of new art that I'm still ordering, before the end of the year.)

Thanks for the response and good luck!

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Endzeitgeist wrote:
Thank you for making this gorgeous milestone, Alex!!!
Hopefully you're just as impressed by Paranornal Adventures and the forthcoming Dynastic Races Compendium! ;-)

Dynastic Races Compendium? Just what is that?

Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

I should point out that I decided to go with just one book. And how mu

ch longer does this sale last?
Through the end of the month!


Just where is this 'noble' class, and how good is it?

I should point out that I decided to go with just one book. And how mu
ch longer does this sale last?

Those all sound like some great weapon enchantments! The 'Toxic' one sounds like a great investment for members of the Daggermark Poisoner's Guild.

And it went through. Thank you!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Great review as always, End! I like the idea of combining the Bound Horror and Eternal templates for maximum effect.

Thanks for the poison info, ErisAcolyte.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Hmmm... it looks like I had one of the coupon conditions set to AND instead of OR. Try it again now; it should work.

Thank you, I will.

Good luck with this one! This is an idea that I really hope takes off.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For me it was two things. One was seeing Godzilla on my local TV as a kid. I mean, this was amazing! You could see GIANT MONSTERS battling it out with each other and leveling whole cities! This wasn't some small toy like King Kong or camera tricks, this was 'real'! I started loving monsters then and I still do.

The other was after my brother took me to see the 1981 Conan. I loved it, and said I wished there was more... So he took me to a bookstore and showed me the rack of Ballantine Conans with those Frazetta covers. And all these other names beside them: Anderson, Norton, De Camp, Adams, Tolkien, Lewis, more and more. I never looked back.

Goddity wrote:

The Star Wars Christmas Special

Bad because: Something like 30 straight minutes of only Wookies growling at each other with no translations. And the camos.

Good because: No one has heard of it (Lucas tried to cover it up, it's that bad), so you can invite your "friends" round to see it and then watch as they slowly become more and more horrified by it.

Hey, don't forget seeing Chewie's father Itchy getting aroused by Wookiee porn!... Much as you'll wish you could.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The SHARKNADO franchise.

The Bad: It's about sharks in a freaking tornado eating first LA, then Manhattan, and then finally the entire eastern half of the USA. And a Space Shuttle. IN ORBIT.

And the hero is a loon who blows up tornadoes with dynamite(!), kills flying sharks with a chainsaw(!!), for which he gets rewarded with a golden chainsaw by the President. And oh yes, in the third movie with the Space Shuttle, he fights off the sharks with a lightsaber chainsaw. I Am Not Making That Up.

The Good: Read everything above. And these people know the film is utter garbage and play with it. It's stupid, but it's a giddy glorious kind of stupid that leaves you laughing. Sometimes in shocked disbelief, but you'll laugh.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Christmas Story II took the legacy of the first film and publicly defiled it. The whole plot is that the kid from the first movie is now 15, and he wants a car for Christmas so his girlfriend will have sex with him. So, uh, yeah.

My 'favorite' part is how they keep referring to his friend Schwartz as 'Schwartz, a nondescript Jew' and at one point swipe a dollar from him by basically mugging him. Why did he refuse to hand the buck over? Because he's a Jew, that's why. Ye gods.

But the all-time champion of stupid movies has to be Manos The Hands of Fate.

One question here: just what are the new poisons, and what effects do they have? Are they more of the ability damage/drain, or do they get a little stranger than that?

I may well have been doing something wrong, but I attempted to use the coupon code last night and it didn't work.

captain yesterday wrote:

Thrune Troops! Is last monster, you get Dottari troops (CR 7) and Asmodean Inquisitor troops (CR 9)

Troop subtype explained!

So this book tells you how to create a troop? Okay, definitely on the 'have to get it list' now.

EDIT: And the fact that it has some extra information for Kingmaker only makes me more eager to get it!

We got some information above about neutral worshippers of evil gods like Norgorber and Urgathoa. What about Lamashtu and Rovagug? I'm especially curious about him, he and his worshipers seem to be pariahs even among the evil gods.

Just did a review for this one, and I hope some people pick it up. The write-up for the Krampus is especially good, and my congrats to Mister Morton and crew for making sheep paladins a thing.

Mark Seifter wrote:

Basically, we have a big list of monsters and different freelancers pick the ones they like. When I saw a CG azata gancanagh on the list, I thought it would be a fun chance to do a completely different take on it than the last gancanagh. It lost the addictive sweat as part of its new outlook; a creature that addicts people and causes them to pine away afterwards is CN edging toward CE at best. You can always use the other version of gancanagh for the nefarious sort; I'm fairly certain you have the 3pp product in question.

Would that 3pp product be Rite Games Secret of the Masquerade Reveler?

And I've only looked at this book in the stories, but I love the amount of 'modern weirdness' we got in here. The Greys, the Reptoids, the Hopkinsville Goblins (Hobkin gremlins), Orang-pendak, even the Manasaputras seem to be from Blavatsky's Theosophy if I remember right. Really, all we need now are game write-ups for flying saucers.

And the sahkils are great. Outsiders who feed on fear? They and those daemons that kill with fear must be great pals.

I love the amarrok and vukodlak too. Wolf monsters will always delight me. And a great assortment of weirdo oozes this time around.

I'd love to know something about the Appeaser archetype. On a 'fluff' level it seems like something the game could have used for a long time. Someone has to keep those evil gods -- content, so they don't go running amok all the time.

The NPC wrote:
DeciusNero wrote:
Probably won't be in this product, but I'd like to see more bloodrager bloodlines, especially starsoul, boreal, and stormborn.

I'd love to see a Daemon bloodline.

That already exists in the Blood of Fiends Player Companion book. The one that covers tieflings.

So, the 'I want to be Iron Man' class?

Hmm, that cover art. Let me guess, he's the Mad Barber of Absalom, who wanders the streets at night giving free shaves to unsuspecting citizens?

Milo v3 wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
I'm actually really curious about this comment, specifically about why our "Intrigue" titles would have such an effect on Golarion more than any other product. What about the content in these has you concerned about DC/Marvel ripoff elements worming their way into the game/setting?

I'd assume it's the mental association of secret identities with comic book characters.

Personally I don't think the link is likely to fully be in the vigilante. There were heroes (and serial killers) with secret identities long before comic books, so you guys have a decent amount to draw on when it comes to flavouring the vigilante.

Like Zorro, the Scarlet Pimpernel, and the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, just to name the first three I can think of.

And information on Galt and Daggermark's Poisoners? I'll definitely be getting this book.

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