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Eric Hinkle's page

2,926 posts. 96 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

I'm going to love getting this one.

And out of curiosity, any ideas on what's coming next from Everyman Games?

If all goes according to plan, the Dynastic Races Compendium will be released in January, and the Skill Challenges Handbook will be released in February.

May we get a hint on what the Skill Challenges books is?

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Jessica Price wrote:
There is, in fact, a significant amount about gnolls, especially in the ruined city of Shadun.

Yay for any canon information about gnolls!

I'm going to love getting this one.

And out of curiosity, any ideas on what's coming next from Everyman Games?

Luthorne, Mister Augunas: D'oh! I missed that one. Thanks for pointing it out.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Generic Villain wrote:
Also x2: Sure were a lot of high-level mesmerists in this one. I'm not complaining, mind. I get the feeling that class has some serious traction. It's by far my favorite occult class, for whatever that's worth.

I was actually just talking about this the other day with Code Switch's blogger, James—the mesmerist is basically the bad guy base class. Like, you don't have to be evil to play a mesmerist, but everything from the ability names to the class's flavor to the types of mechanics that the mesmerist uses (enchantments and illusions) just screams "bad guy."

As a result, it is VERY easy to envision a villainous organization with a mesmerist somewhere high up in the power chain, because the type of people who would be mesmerists are the type of people who would cause situations that heroes would want to thwart.

Huh, and here I see the Mesmerist as a very good good-guy class if you want to stop people without killing or maiming them. Just charm/dominate/hold person them, and fight's over!

And I like the art of the mutagened-up alchemist with the slavers. I always wondered what feral mutagen looked like; I had this mental image of something like a jacked-up Larry Talbot Wolf Man. Guess I was wrong.

Luthorne wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

Even with the Christmas holiday coming, I'll be getting this one ASAP.

Though I do hope it's got an Unchained version of the Aldori Swordlord archetype.

Archetypes in this are: Blackjack Mercenary, Border Guardian, Combat Infiltrator, Corsair, Dragonheir Scion, Drill Sergeant, Eldritch Guardian, Eldritch Warrior, Falcata Duelist, Lore Warden, Martial Master, Mutation Warrior, Mystic Warrior, Opportunist, Relic Master, Seasoned Commander, Siegebreaker, Steelbound Fighter, Studied Duelist, Swordlord, Titan Fighter, Trench Fighter, Vengeful Hunter, Viking, and Whirlwind Dervish

... Looks like the Aldori is the one they missed. Oh well, I have the original archetype, I can always figure something out for myself.

That is an impressive list. I feel kind of confused at some of the archetypes that got redone, however. The Trench Fighter? How many folks ever used that one? Not saying it shouldn't have been done, but the inclusion feels odd.

And the Seasoned Commander from Villains Codex? That was fast. Someone must like that one!

Be interesting to see what was done with the Mutation Warrior.

A few of these do sound new to me. The Border Guardian, Combat Infiltrator, and Vengeful Hunter -- are these original to this PDF?

Looking forward to getting this one!

I've read this one in the local bookstore, and it is a great piece of work. I love the horror story potential of that one ritual used by Nature's Scourge that turns people into beast-men, among other things.

The idea for PCs to get involved in fights where they'd have to choose the lesser evil against an even worse one is also a cool idea. Like supporting a community run by the Asmodeans against the Urgathoan cultists, Nature's Scourge, or one of the nastier kill-em-all groups in the book.

And the Ascetic oracle mystery is pretty darn amazing.

Todd Stewart wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:

Of course it's a succubus. It always is. ^_^

I'm forced to agree with Nightterror - for once, I'd like to see a less pretty monster as the sample redeemed creature. Redeem a nalfeshnee for me!

(I do still love Arueshalae, though.)

I did a redeemed ultroloth back in 3.5 in Dragon magazine. :)

And wasn't there also A'kin the Friendly Fiend, a reformed-if-insane arcanaloth? I seem to recall that he and Shemeska the Marauder had a 'difficult' relationship.

Even with the Christmas holiday coming, I'll be getting this one ASAP.

Though I do hope it's got an Unchained version of the Aldori Swordlord archetype.

Brother Fen wrote:
It seems like Strange-Aeons plug-ins would be a natural for LG.

While it's not specifically Strange Aeons, they did just do one PDF covering and expanding on the rules for madness and insanity from Ultimate Horror. And more than one of the Gothic Grimoires PDFs work fine with cosmic horror.

That's a mighty fine list. Pity the Legendary Heroes line didn't do better though. I hope this doesn't lead to its being put on the back burner, and I really enjoy what you did with the Paladins, Rogues, and Swashbucklers books.

Mister Nelson, Mister Walklate, thank you for those explanations. They make me even more eager to get a copy of this.

Is there any best guesstimate on how long before Ultimate Factions goes on sale?

I just looked at the link, and it's great. I am really looking forward to Ultimate Factions. Will any of the rules from Ultimate Intrigue play a role in it?

But what's going on in the cover art with that poor tied-up dragon-man/whatever the heck he is?

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
A very minor point but I think the (Aldori) dueling sword isn't listed among the weapon groups, though it's properly statted up. I think it would fit in with the heavy blades group?
It should be in the heavy blades group, yes.

Thank you.

And my but if your fighter picks the Heavy Blades weapon group as their main one at first level, they get a LOT of "free" EWPs. Bastard sword, Estoc, (Aldori) dueling sword, katana, and I think there's several others as well.

Are there rules in here for playing a character suffering from madness, even if just one of hose minor/lesser ones, from level 1 on?

That Scarred Monk archhetype sounds like it'd be great for the Silent Enforcers of Nidal.

A very minor point but I think the (Aldori) dueling sword isn't listed among the weapon groups, though it's properly statted up. I think it would fit in with the heavy blades group?

Kalindlara wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Last I remember the green mother has art in the same AP volume with the article about the eldest and the first world.

I do not believe this to be the case; although there is a picture of a green woman emerging from a Venus flytrap, no specific evidence links that art to the Green Mother, nor does it match her description in that article.

Of course... who knows? Maybe you're just three moves ahead. I won't rule it out. ^_^

I though that was an early picture of the Alraune?

So, a village where instead of charging the adventurers through the nose and cheering them on, the locals chase them away before they can awaken yet another horrible monster? Sounds like an interesting change of pace.

The Tome of Madness sounds pretty good. Very appropriate to the season too!

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Also, December's product is an expansion to this one.

I know I'll be looking forward to it.

End's review is great, not least for reminding me that I have two of these Iconics (Kyr'shin and his kitsune girlfriend), and I really need to buckle down and write reviews of them.

Thanks for that ref Luthorne.

Major_Blackhart wrote:

And Chain Challenge plus Order of the Flame are absolute MUSTS for any Cavalier who is gonna be a combat monster.

OT question but what rulebook as the stats for the 'Order of the Flame'?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Congrats on getting the #1 slot in the top downloads list for this week!

David knott 242 wrote:

The Imperial Unifier is a relatively minor variation to the standard Samurai. He loses Climb and Swim as class skills. He can use his challenge in verbal duels as well as in actual combat. Instead of the 6th level bonus feat, he gains a limited form of Leadership (followers at -3 penalty to Leadership score, with no cohort). If he gains the actual Leadership feat, that -3 penalty becomes a +3 bonus. Finally, he gains one extra point of Fame/Honor/etc. at the end of any week in which he gains any such points.

Thanks for explaining that archetype.

It sounds great. May we please get a few hints about what the Imperial Unifier archetype is like? I'm especially curious about that one I recently re-read some books on Japan's 'three unifiers' and wonder if it's meant as a sort-of warlord.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
I'm just glad to have killer clowns from outer space.

Paizo actually did this in the book? XD

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Rysky wrote:
swoosh wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Reviewed. Best Player Companion since Weapon Masters' Handbook AND best Blood of book so far.
Hearing both those things warms my heart. :)
Should totally do a followup with love for some of the more monstrous beast races like gnolls and lizardfolk.

I'd certainly buy a 'Blood of' book that covered gnolls and lizardfolk. Heck, I'd buy books that took the time to cover each of them separately.

Ben Walklate wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:
Any word on a hardcover compilation yet Mr Nelson?
At minimum, I'd have to finish Ultimate Armies first, and we also have Ultimate Factions percolating around to flesh out sub-rulership groups within a kingdom, so I am guessing it will still be a while before we do a compilation.

Percolate, percolate

Almost finished. Example factions are partially done, and then it's on to finishing touches before sending it to Jason. Current plan is "by this weekend", depending on how well my wife nags me about it, and how poorly my son is.

Good luck with it and I hope your son does well.

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Jason Nelson wrote:

I suppose we could create a "Mythos AP Plug-Ins" line and cross-list any products that fit there ideally. It would make some sense, since we do have plenty that slide right in, including:

Beyond the Void
Cultic Cryptomancia
Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses
Gothic Grimoires: The Sepulchral Swaths of Tanoth-Gha

I'd say all of those are pretty darn mythosy.

Owning copies of all four of these amazing PDFs, I wholly agree.

I edited my review to cover the changes. Unchained Fighters was great before and it's even better now.

Thanks for the information, QuidEst.

I just learned about the re-do of the PDF. As soon as I can read through the new version (after just printing the *old* one out too, grumble) I'll edit my review.

Luthorne wrote:
Whoo, finally got my copy. Wow, the curses of corruption, fourteen new oracle curses...and the lore for the lich one is certainly interesting in its implications.

Fourteen new oracle curses? Can we get some more information on them? At the very least, are there any that cause physical changes/transformations in their victims like 'Wolfscarred' does?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Good luck with this idea, End.

{i]That's right, in secret, the society engages in hunts for the most dangerous game. But with a twist: these ailurophiles use magic to transform their victims into humanoid mice while hunting them in cat masks.[/i]

Is this where Ratfolk come from?

And I like that Slayer's Guild. The description makes them sound like the Daggermark Assassin's Guild.

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Rysky wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
What's so special about this 'Bit of Luck' spell that some of you are so delighted with?
You get a pool of 1d8s you can add to your rolls, and at higher levels you can spend more points to add multiple d8s to the same roll.

Okay, that is pretty good. Thank you.

What's so special about this 'Bit of Luck' spell that some of you are so delighted with?

djones wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

Ah! Thanks, Luthorne.

Do Kitsune get anything here to aid with their human-form shapeshifting, like a way to take on other forms besides the one human alternate form they all get?

What's wrong with Realistic Likeness from the ARG?

Nothing except that I forgot about it like a total dummy.

1) The River Kings ones, easy. I love the Plug-Ins you did that deal with the Fey. Though the Gothic horror ones were great too, especially the ones covering the various vile eldritch tomes.

2) Right now I mostly just want to finally see Royal Tournaments and Ultimate Armies.

3) Giantslayer and Strange Aeons would be my choices.

4) Interested, yes. Able to afford it right now, no.

5) River Kings would be the one I'd like the best, but my chances of affording it right now aren't good. But once I have the cash it'd be a different story.

Ah! Thanks, Luthorne.

Do Kitsune get anything here to aid with their human-form shapeshifting, like a way to take on other forms besides the one human alternate form they all get?

Luthorne wrote:

And now that the pdf is available...

** spoiler omitted **...

Oh so many goodies! I'll definitely be getting this book.

One question for now: what does 'Superior Shapeshifting' do for Kitsune?

This is a bit OT but isn't the emela-ntouka supposedly a real-life 'living dinosaur' like mokele-mbembe, at least according to the cryptozoologists? It will be interesting to see how it's been changed for this bestiary.

EDIT: Wait, the mobogo is African? Here I thought the toad-dragons were either original to the game or from Bob Howard's horror stories.

Are all the idols listed within Egyptian in style?

If I helped even a little I'm glad.

Charles Scholz wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
No, the sandpoint devil is a unique creature not a template, it was stated up in the Inner Sea World Guide. But I want to see it in a hardcover bestiary. In fact I would like most of the other creatures in the Inner Sea World Guide and Inner Sea Bestiary stated up in a hardcover bestiary.

I downloaded the Bestiaries.

I may be confusing Plague Beast where they used a horse as the example.
But I can't help thinking I saw the Sandpoint Devil elsewhere. Maybe one of the Revisited Campaign Settings. I think it may have been classified as half-fiend.
I could be wrong about that too.

I'm pretty sure it's in the hardcover Inner Sea World Guide. Along with Treerazer and the Daughters of Urgathoa.

I just posted my placeholder review until Endzeitgeist or someone like him gets around to writing the real one. ;) More seriously, I LOVE what this product did for the Fighter. I never knew I needed this until I read it, but all my old love for the fighter has returned. I really enjoy how several of the feats and new class abilities give it a very pulp action feel, like classic Robert E. Howard heroic fantasy. Heroic, but not superhuman.

I am so eagerly looking for to any sequel or expansion on this.

Jason Nelson wrote:

There is a sheath of perfect defense in the upcoming Asian Archetypes: Martial, though I don't know if that's the same item being referenced from the playtest days.

In any case, you can check out the table of contents for the new book coming soon - just off to layout tonight!

Great list! That Mandarin archetype sounds great. Now I can finally play Judge Dee!

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
I have my copy, and I think it's an amazing piece of work, typos and all.

That's great--I'd just like to know where the typos are so i can fix them.

Also in the next update--I've heard people's requests for options that the fighter can take that improve his ability to act out of combat, so I'm going to try and address some of those concerns as well.

I'd have to look and see. There weren't very many, though I do see that the prereqs and benefits section from 'Elven Weapon Training' were repeated in the same section for 'Gnome Weapon Training', listing 'elf' where it should probably be saying 'gnome'.

I may see what else I can find when I do a review in the next day or so.

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