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Eric Hinkle's page

2,171 posts. 64 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Barong wrote:
Silver Griffin wrote:
Have you thought about as a possible future project doing a print compilation (once you have finished the zodiac)? I would love to see this in print (yeah I know I can print out the individual PDFs) & I know a lot of DMs that won't consider adding something in that is only available in PDF. It might even give you a chance to adding some things that you have thought of but didn't fit anywhere else.

Eric said this earlier in the thread on page 2:

Eric Meepo wrote:

I won't be compiling all of the information from the Animal Races PDFs into a single product. If and when I produce a hardcover entry in this series, it will reprint a small percentage of the content found in the PDFs, but will then move on to present entirely new material not found anywhere else.

That being said, I do have plans to eventually organize the PDFs in this series into product bundles (possibly in late 2015 or early 2016). That will allow folks to download groups of related PDFs all at once, as if they were chapters in a single book that has been broken into multiple PDF files for ease of viewing

Anyway, you're trying to do the Chinese zodiac, Eric? We'll see a clan of the rat, dragon, and cow eventually?

In the PDF for Clan of the Rabbit, they mention several clans yet to be released, including ones for the Rat and the Ox.

Jason Nelson wrote:

It is indeed, and it should be available TOMORROW!

I've been remiss in getting up a preview for it. I should fix that. At the dentist at the moment about to go in for some work so it might have to wait until this afternoon.

Good luck with the tooth troubles.

EDIT: And I love that preview.

Looking forward to it!

If Treasury of the Kingdom is meant for the Kingbreakers line, than I definitely will be getting a copy!

And looking forward to Royal Tournaments and Ultimate Armies too. Sigh, one more reason to look forward to the warm summer!

The next print compilation?

Kingdom-Building AP Plug-Ins
Ultimate Plug-Ins
Pirate AP Plug-Ins

I also agree with Chemlak's idea about a quick build for non-PC kingdoms; if you use the various trade edicts, trade, unification and other acts of diplomacy, it would be very helpful to be able to swiftly come up with some needed stats for them.

For that idea some guidelines on how big an army your neighbors/enemies might have would be a help too.

That's good news above about LG and EG hopefully working together.

Sorry to be a pest, but any word on how much longer until the next entry in this magnificent series is released?

I wonder which Pathfinder species would be good for the race of evil aliens that takes control of the 'good' kaiju until the heroes can liberate him/them? (Sorry, flashing back on a lot of cheesy 70's Godzilla flicks there.)

I got my copy of this, and on first glance looks pretty good. I really like how the reincarnation aspect of the samsarans was handled.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Axial wrote:
A) What the heck is a Planson?
Plansonis the simple spelling of "plançon à picot," which is a weapon a lot like a slightly long club with a big spike sticking out of the top so it can also be used as a short, broad-hafted spear.

That sounds a lot like a goedendag if I'm spelling it right. I remember that they were used by local militias against knights by the Flemings at the Battle of the Golden Spurs.

lonewolf23k wrote:

Basically, Eric, it's a weapon with 50 or so charges at creation, that anyone with the Exotic Weapon Proficiency Spellstaff can use to fire bolts that deal 1d8 against the target's full AC, rather then a touch attack.

Amazingly useful. Just got it, and I'm making it standard issue for spellcasters in my next game. No more crossbow-wielding wizards for me!

Thanks for the information. I guess I will see about picking this one up.

Thanks, Ashram, sorry it took this long to respond.

I'm looking forward to the Polymorph Rewritten myself, it sounds like something long overdue.

A question for anyone who has the PDF and read it: if a review is too much right now how about a quick rundown on what the spellstaff is like and what makes it different from other magic items?

Thanks for letting us how long the sale will run, I was wondering after getting an initial glimpse of it on your website?

Curse my fascination with reincarnation! *sighs* I know what I'll be getting next week.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And that was one amazing review you gave this one, End. I've been putting off doing one of my own and now I can't see a reason to any longer given the quality of yours!

Oh well, there's still the other PDFs from Everyman Games.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll add in a third vote for more perks. More loner perks, more kingdom-building and mas combat perks, more stuff for cohorts; heck, if there was some way to mention how you could use this PDF in combination with the 'Ultimate' books from Legendary Games, which I love as much as Everyman Games' work.

I'd recommend the 'Ultimate' series from Legendary Games. Their three books/PDFs Ultimate Rulership, Ultimate War, and Ultimate Battle are amazing. I'd go so far as to call them essential.

They also have a line of "Kingbreaker" material that has several very good PDFs meant for use with Kingmaker, ranging from a collection of characters to use to a pair of good adventures to some more information on the fey. Great stuff all.

Rknop, I do like your idea about giving the conjurer wizard a longer duration on their summon monster spells.

While I forget where it is, there IS a feat somewhere in the official Pathfinder material that allows you to add a few rounds on to the duration of a spell provided you have Spell Focus for that school of magic.

Kain Darkwind wrote:
I don't suppose that's a mahar on the front cover?

That's a summoned Daemon from the third Book of the Damned, Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
deathbyflossing wrote:

kingdom magic. some kind of system where you could spend bp to cast powerful spells that affect the kingdom building rules (like a spell that adds a bonus to Economy or mitigates a penalty currently suffered for a turn, or that automatically starts or ends a kingdom or settlement event).

I'll definitely second the kingdom magic. Maybe even some magic items that can help with running a kingdom?
We are closing in on the release of several magic item products, including... Treasury of the Kingdom, which should be ready later this month and should include some items that do just that!

This is very welcome news to me! I love everything you've done in your Ultimate line for kingdom-building, and it'll be great to see more for the Kingbreaker AP.

deathbyflossing wrote:

kingdom magic. some kind of system where you could spend bp to cast powerful spells that affect the kingdom building rules (like a spell that adds a bonus to Economy or mitigates a penalty currently suffered for a turn, or that automatically starts or ends a kingdom or settlement event).

I'll definitely second the kingdom magic. Maybe even some magic items that can help with running a kingdom?

Solar Oracle? Just which book is this oracle mystery found in?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's one heck of a review, End. Thanks for reminding me about this PDF, I'd actually forgotten that I bought it!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Endzeitgeist wrote:

Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek, GMS magazine and posted here and on OBS!

Also: Neat review, Eric! Well-reasoned indeed!

*Blush* Thank you, Endzeitgeist! Praise from you on a review I did is high praise indeed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
zergtitan wrote:
I am so excited for this that I have been trying occult rituals to bring this release closer. so far nothing has occurred. But I have begun to hear scratching in the walls of my room, is that a bad thing?

No, but if the walls start breathing and you see demonic faces in the wallpaper mouthing indescribable eldritch blasphemies, it's probably time to call in the pros.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was undecided about this until I saw the bit about 'building camps and strongholds in the untamed wilderness.' Guess I'll have to get this one now.

Nardoz Zardoz wrote:

This product should have rules and an official chart for oversized weapons and weapons for exceptionally large creatures!

Really, the Giant Hunter's book should have had it too! That book even offered more ways to use oversized weapons.

Get on it Paizo! It is long, long, long overdue.

If you're willing to buy a 3rd party product, there is a table listing weapon damage at different sizes going from Fine to Colossal in Everyman Games' Microsized Adventures PDF. It's also got some great combat maneuver rules that can be used with giants.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like that review by End. And seriously, 65 pages of material for $6? That's one heck of a lot of material for that price.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
swordfalcon wrote:
Alright so anything stat wise is already baked into the dragon companion. Do dragons get any kind of dark or low light vision. From what I was seeing in the regular animal companion section on paizo most animal companions get one or the other along with things like scent and other unique qualities dependent on the animal in question. Also languages, the dragon's companion starting languages isn't listed in the draconic companion section, since it is a very intelligent being and also has a class skill in linguistics. I initially thought these were included under the racial traits section, but...

Dragons are able to speak and gain the languages associated with their languages racial traits, similar to how an improved familiar is able to speak any language in its stat block.

If the dragons don't have low-light vision or dark vision, that's a bug that I'll look into after I get home from work.

Darkvision and Low-Light Vision are part of their racial traits, at least in my copy of the PDF.

Thanks for that list of clans, Epic Meepo.

Epic Meepo wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
VM mercenario wrote:
Cool thanks. I still have to buy clan of the bat and clan of the pig to see how you did flying and aquatic races, but expect to see it around mid march.
Clan of the Bat just got updated with an additional two pages of new content. w00t!

Yep, Clan of the Bat now has two pages of new information about non-vampire Bats.

Also, Clan of the Bear, Clan of the Deer, and Clan of the Rabbit were all updated to add a scent ability that got lost in cut-and-paste limbo.

Clan of the Pig and Clan of the Turtle will receive a few cosmetic tweaks soon.

After that, I will be adding two additional pages to Clan of the Bear, since I have more to say about Cave Bears and Polar Bears, plus a new bloodline option for the bloodrager class.

On one hand, new stuff for bloodragers and others, which is good. And yay for Cave Bears and Polar Bears. On the other, I just printed copies of these out for my own reference, and now I'll have to do it again! Grumble...

Epic Meepo wrote:
Following those updates, I'll be moving on to some new releases, namely Clan of the Raptor and Clan of the Swan.

And we get some birds, unless you mean the scaly sort of raptors. Any hints on what sort of 'subclans' we can expect in these releases? I.e., eagles, hawks, swans, ravens, etc.?

And I like the new additions to the Bat Clans.

This sounds like it could help me try something I heard about long ago (though done for the old 'Bunnies & Burrows' system), where the player characters got shrunk down to the size of mice in a very creepy old house, and end up having to deal with these hyperintelligent mutant rats who have been messing around with this one book from the library, Necronomicon something or other...

Basically, they ended up in the house from 'Rats in the Walls', but Brown Jenkin was around, too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kvantum wrote:
Barachiel Shina wrote:

Now I am only going based on what I have read here and on so I could be wrong but.....

You mean to tell me there are new skill uses for Bluff/Diplomacy and Stealth (like HIDING BEHIND OR WITHIN BIG CREATURES!) but---

One of the most well known staples of combat with massive enemies, the ability to climb atop and hang on to them while fighting them, is found no where in the book? Not as a new Climb skill option (which would make the skill more useful) or as a feat?

Both WotC and Paizo lack this mechanic in the game.

Why exactly?!

Rite Publishing's outstanding (imo) release 101 New Skill Uses has an expansion of Climb to cover this, if you're willing to go 3PP.

There's also rules for this in Everyman Games' Microsized Adventures PDF, as well as for things like the Crush combat maneuver (letting the giants stomp on those annoying dwarves and halflings) and a great chart for how to handle weapon damage by size. I personally consider it a great piece of work.

Seems like there's quite a few gun-toting characters this time around, not that I'm complaining.

EDIT: And having looked at the link, the art looks good; and I'm pleased to see that there's a Ratfolk character there.

I read that list at the link. Very nasty and well done.

carborundum wrote:

Well, my group have given Captain Odenkirk and crew a special bonus in recognition of their good work.

** spoiler omitted **

Heh! Great plan there, and truly worthy of Asmodeus.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
I did, in fact, include the estoc.

Good news, and thanks. I do seem to recall you also mentioning it in one of the old Super Genius PDFs, I'm eager to see the 'canon' version of that blade.

Zhangar wrote:

@ Eric - That's Dretha, Orc Goddess of fertility, birth, and death.

Though I suppose it's fitting that the orc equivalent to a love goddess is both armed and madder than Hell.

Thanks. I guess that explains the wolf pups too, given what her sacred animal is.

I like that picture of Mother Orc and the 7-8 kids she has there. If that is common in Orc family life, maybe now we know why the menfolk spend so much time fighting with the neighbors?

The guide to the 20 different kinds of swords sounds like it's going to make the book worth buying all by itself. I'm hoping we get some stats for blades like the estoc.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Have you seen Legendary Games Ultimate Relationships yet? Any ideas on how to integrate those rules with your leadership rules?

I have. I'm still digesting it. If I like Ultimate Relationships, I could forsee a future where I put out a cheap product with Leadership Perks to support it. (Maybe $1.99 or something.) I was originally going to do a rewrite of the Relationship Rules myself down the line, but if Mark did it better I have no problem supporting his work.

From what I've seen so far in the product, the one-or-two Relationship Perks that I DID have in the book should fit nicely with Mark's rules.

Talking about new Leadership perks, would you say that several of the feats listed in the [i]Quests & Campaigns[i] Player Companion such as 'Center of Power', 'Fortunate Ruler', 'Inspirational Commander', and 'Natural Ruler', would work as perks, given that they affect your ability to manage kingdoms and armies?

Also, if some player wants no part of the Leadership rules but the others do, would it be okay to offer him a free feat at start to make up for it?

Being a big fan of KIngmaker (where the froggy Boggards play a decent role) as well as of weirdness in general, I'll naturally have to get this one. JUst to see if they have other amphibians along with the frogs.

Jason Nelson wrote:

This month is the last frantic rush to the finish on our giant mythic project from last year, but once that's out the door I'll have a nice break to breathe and catch up on projects like this one.

I think you'll be very happy with what's coming in Ultimate Armies.

Good news!

Dumb question, but is this related at all to 'In The Company Of Giants' from Rite Publishing?

Melkiador wrote:

I love the concept of summoning, and was so excited when I found out Pathfinder had a Summoner class. I'm still a bit sad about how looked down upon that class is.

I have to agree with this. I love that class -- I mean, you get to make your own pet monster. What's cooler than that?

Glad to hear that it's nothing bad, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new material coming out.

I've looked through this, and I have to say, I like the Primal Savagery spell AKA 'Become Godzilla'*.

* -- Okay, not really, but it's pretty good. +8-+10 to Strength and Constitution?

Have you guys stopped doing the 2 for Tuesday? I'm only asking because it's been more than a week now and the "Mythic Monsters: Devils" book is still at the sale price.I'm hoping it's not that something bad's going on with you fellows.

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