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Eric Hinkle's page

2,803 posts. 94 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Creighton Broadhurst wrote:

This week, we've got a flurry of handy resources for you:

20 Rumours About a Graveyard
20 Strange Mausoleums to Discover in a Graveyard

I hope you find them useful and that they add coolness to your campaign!

Great stuff. I especially like this one:

Recent heavy rain, or perhaps a minor tremor, recently unearthed a massive, unmarked grave in an unused corner of the graveyard. No one knows exactly who is buried there, or why, and officials are scrambling to get the bodies sorted and properly buried.

Reminds me of both the local collapses (one poor guy lost his house!) and the 'Poor Sinners' Corner' at the nearest cemetery. Of course over the decades the place has expanded until everyone who wasn't supposed to be buried in sacred ground now is, which makes me wonder what could happen in a fantasy setting when that happens. Maybe everyone else buried there gets up and moves to a better neighborhood?

QuidEst wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:

I'm really looking forward to the favored class bonuses. One of the major issues with the uncommon races is that they barely have any favored class bonuses to choose from, while the core races basically have favored class bonuses for *everything*.

Here's hoping that there is something for Kitsune Mesmerists! ;)

Hope Kitsune gets a Summoner one, given the most famous Kitsune tale has Kitsune blood produce a summoner.
We must have very different ideas what the most famous tale is. A Google search doesn't seem to back you up, since "Kitsune blood" brings up a bunch of fanfic first.

Perhaps I am presumptuous, but I believe the original poster was referring to the legendary Japanese sorcerer Abe no Seimei, who was the son of a human man and a Kitsune.

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QuidEst wrote:
A few are even associated with a domain a certain deity doesn't normally get, which is cool. Alchemy is tied to Artifice for Norgorber, for instance.

I have wanted to see something with alchemy as a domain for a long time. I thought it would be perfect for Haagenti.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you, Kalindlara.

Can someone please share some information on just what these apparently awesome Apocryphal subdomains are, and can do?

MannyGoblin wrote:

As for best parts, these links show the best momments in the series.
The buterling!
Plastic Man

Wait, Sinestro has become part of the Justice League? The same Sinestro who almost destroyed the planet when he fought the Green Lanterns with his Fear Corps? That Sinestro?

How long before they send an invite to any of Darkseid's minions who want to get in on the fun?

MythicFox wrote:
I'm more than a little intrigued to see how Fantomah is going to get statted up.

Fantomah? Is that the French pulp-era master criminal? Or am I thinking of Fantomas instead?

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MannyGoblin wrote:
IWW was a piece of work. After Lois got killed, she was openly stating that she was happy about that so she could have a go at ISuperman. IBatman called her out on that and she was all 'How dare you question my integrity!"

Wow. That sounds almost as bad as what was done to the Amazons in Amazons Atttack.

bigrig107 wrote:
Order of the Pike history wrote:
Nearing the end of her life and concerned about her followers’ future, the group’s leader, Irei Remsaine, petitioned the Order of the Nail to accept the monster hunters into their ranks. The Hellknights refused, but impressed with their work and skillful fighting tactics, sponsored them as a lesser order. In 4677 ar, the Order of the Pike rose as Hellknights once more. Soon after, Irei passed, and command of the order fell to her remarkably deadly daughter, Lesheir.

It might actually be a mistake, as the printed history clearly states it was the Order of the Nail who sponsored them, not the Scourge.

Good find!


Kalindlara wrote:
Axial wrote:
1) What deities in this book get paladin codes?

** spoiler omitted **

Okay, I am curious. What is the paladin code for Andoletta?

To be honest I always saw her as more of a LG witch's patron.

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I have a question about the monster-hunting Order of the Pike -- why is their analogous order the Scourge? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to have ties with the Order of the Nail instead? They seem to have a lot in common. Both exist on the fringes of civilized lands, both confront monsters regularly to defend innocents, while the Scourge works to oppose what might be called the 'internal enemies' of local crime.

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Inspired by this thread, I wrote a few witch hexes. What do you think?


That's a fine collection of hexes there.

Kalindlara, Mister Seitz, thanks for clearing that up.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Hm! Good point Eric! More info on them wouldn't be bad. But I don't think this book would probably cover that in great detail.

Agreed on all. Heck, given that their order's weapon is the longspear, a little more information on how to make a spearfighter that can compete feat and damage-wise with the swordswingers would eb vastly appreciated.

Marc Radle wrote:

And thanks to everyone for the latest round of reviews !!!!!

I even saw today that the Priest debuted on Paizo's Top Ten Downloads list this week at #6!!
That's awesome!!


I do hope we get a little information on the Hellknight Order of the Pike among other monster-hunting organizations in this book.

The cinderghost? Didn't that monster originally show up way back n one of the original RotRL books?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wait. Someone did a book covering a heroic fantasy Polynesia? Oh please, someone who has this, do tell me what it's like.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kajehase wrote:
And for Desna's sake, do not eat anything they offer you!

Plus, be very, very careful about visiting one of their celebrations for 'just one night'.

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Dragon78 wrote:

Which of the new races are most excited about?

For it would be the Naiad.

I'm looking forward to the Rougarou myself.

Well, I just posted my placeholder review, hopefully it'll do until Endzeitgeist comes along and blows us all out of the water again. I really do love what N. Jolly did with this PDF! It's an amazing piece of work, and even the in-jokes are genuinely amusing.

The vigilante talents are especially good in this. Really now that we have avenger vigilantes, I wonder why part fo me still wants to play a vanilla fighter.

N. Jolly wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Legendary Vigilantes is NOW AVAILABLE!

Just because it's out doesn't mean the playtest is over, as Legendary Villains: Vigilante is conducting the same open playtest, so come and let us know what you think of these options!

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes Open Playtest

Looking at the Mercurial Duelist makes me want to get this just to see what I can do by way of a Aldori Swordlord vigilante with that archetype. And just to be sure, the Mercurial Duelist will have proficiency with the Aldori dueling sword since it is a one-handed edged weapon (and they are said to gain proficiency with all such in their description), right? Or would its being an exotic weapon disqualify it?

Congrats on Legendary Vigilantes doing so well. It's a highly deserved honor, and I'll see about doing a review for it tonight.

I was going to pass o this one, but if it's as full of new and great kineticist options as everyone says, it's gone to a must-buy for me.

I just got my own copy of this, and it is one great PDF. I'll have to comment further later but I enjoy the archetypes as well as the ideas on how to use this class in a more intrigue-light campaign.

The news that Legendary Fighters is the next book in the series is making me giddy with delight as well!

Albatoonoe wrote:
All I can say is bring on the cryptids. Daddy needs a Dover Demon and Flatwoods Monster.

I think the Phantom of Flatwoods already showed up as the Melfesh Monster in, I believe, Pathfinder AP #61. It might be in one of the websites that collects everything officially Pathfinder-related.

N. Jolly wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
I looked at the Symbiotic Slayer. My gosh, you made it possible to create Venom and Carnage?
That was the goal. I wanted it to be different from how synthesis summoner works, or else I'd have just made it a forced eidolon suit (which to my credit would have been a hundred times easier)

I have to admit, I'd enjoy seeing a 'forced eidolon suit'.

N. Jolly wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Legendary Vigilantes is NOW AVAILABLE!

Just because it's out doesn't mean the playtest is over, as Legendary Villains: Vigilante is conducting the same open playtest, so come and let us know what you think of these options!

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes Open Playtest

I looked at the Symbiotic Slayer. My gosh, you made it possible to create Venom and Carnage?

Given my fondness for ebon-furred kitsune Amazons, I'll definitely be getting this one.

Great cover, and yay for more details on the Witchmarket.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Thanks for the review, Eric!

Welcome, and I hope you do more products like this for other prestige classes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It does have a section that covers cosmic horror, so yes.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Rysky wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Has anyone said what the 'Respectful Prey' feat does?
You can make offerings to improve the attitudes of nonhumanoids towards you.

Okay, what do you have to offer? I assume things like treasure and not your less-valued fellow members of the party.

And how does it differ from the use of social skills to make a good impression?

The offering costs 5g x CR of the creature.

It only improves one step (unless the creature makes a save) whereupon you can then start using Diplomancy like you normally would to increase it further, so a nice conversation starter.

Thank you, Rysky. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Rysky wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Has anyone said what the 'Respectful Prey' feat does?
You can make offerings to improve the attitudes of nonhumanoids towards you.

Okay, what do you have to offer? I assume things like treasure and not your less-valued fellow members of the party.

And how does it differ from the use of social skills to make a good impression?

Has anyone said what the 'Respectful Prey' feat does?

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
That article appears to be from 2011, as do the comments. Or am I missing something?

Oy, I didn't even notice that. My apologies everyone.

Still, while I'd love to see a Kolchak movie, Kolchak himself should be some mug, not especially good-looking or the like. He ought to convey the feeling of a half-honest used car salesman, and I have a hard time thinking of someone in Hollywood who can manage 'unimpressive at first glance, but competent when the chips are down.'

No, seriously, they're making a movie about the old Night Stalker series.

And Johnny Depp will be Kolchak.

I hope this doesn't end up another Lone Ranger and Tonto. Though I doubt Hollywood will have the same budget problems with this movie. After all, does a Kolchak the Night Stalker movie really need a $100 million dollar budget?

And am I alone in just not seeing Johnny Depp as Kolchak?

Dragon78 wrote:
Anyone else see this past Saturday's episode?

I saw it and it made me laugh quite a bit. I do wish they could have done a little more with Discord putting Spike and Big Mac into a LARP of the game, but nothing's perfect. It was a good episode.

I like the Intrigue Archetypes, Legendary Vigilantes, and Legendary Villains: Vigilantes ideas!

I've been told this movie is doing badly. Can anyone verify or disprove that?

Just looking at it, I love the new archetypes. The Dread Champion (a vigilante antipaladin -- great idea!) and Gore Fiend especially; the latter comes off as a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Jason Voorhees. And there's the Hellion and Plague Scion.

And just the fluff for the Crimson Dreadnaught PrC, brrr.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow, everyone seems to be loving this one.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Currahee Chris wrote:
Just curious but does anyone else really dig throwing their parties up against Hags? I really do as they just seem like really evil, vile foes. There is so much fun to be had with them!!!

Hag covens are great, especially when you bring in their monstrous servants -- ogres, trolls, or marsh giants. I wonder why they seem to be used so rarely in official adventures as major villains.

Fourshadow wrote:

I really like Life Blast as well. It finally gives Druids, Rangers, Hunters something to smack undead around.

My oldest son and I rather like the Gravedigger Investigator archetype. As he said it, "You can have Bob the Skull from Dresden" (of course, so can most Occultists, but it is still cool).

I mostly like the Gravedigger because they can use a shovel as a weapon. I'd love to see one with a magically enhanced shovel that they used to battle their enemies.

I have to say that one of my favorite archetypes in the book are the druidic ones, the devolutionist and life channeler. The latter has a very 'Golden Bough/Wicker Man' feel to it; and the devolutionist feels like something from a 70's Gaia's revenge movie, or maybe the original version of The Crazies.

I do wish we'd gotten an occult ritual that made it possible to do what the life channeler does with its rampant growth ability, but have it affect an even larger area at the price of keeping the 'Harvest King' around for a longer time. Just to see how PCs react when the friendly villagers who have been showering them with flowers, and the gorgeous women/men have been throwing themselves at their feet, suddenly whip out the masks and robes and start singing, "Harvest is icumen in..."

The spells are awesome too, even if most feel like they'd work better for haunts than in the hands of the PCs. Except for that life blast spell. I love that! Druids may not be the go-to guy for anti-undead purposes that clerics are, but they do oppose everything unnatural, and they needed something to smack those shambling corpses with. It just feels so very 'druidic', with the sacrifice of life to defeat undeath.

The Archive wrote:
KestrelZ wrote:

More directly, what happens when a changeling uses a magic item that specifically changes their gender? (such as girdle of opposite gender, or elixir of sex shifting, or a certain draw of the Harrow deck of many things - "the Twin").

Ah, the question of immovable versus unstoppable.

Well, there's an answer for one of those three. An elixir of sex shifting doesn't affect races with no sexual differentiation. So, such an elixir used on a changeling would do nothing.

Wow, seriously? I was kind of wondering about a Changeling character that drank an elixir of sex shift to make sure their mother couldn't somehow forcibly change them into a hag. Back to the drawing board.

Thank you, Mister Seitz.

What a cheery and deliciously evil assortment they are!

And while it's not meant as a joke, dark desolation sounds comical to me. It just reminds me of an old minor Lil' Abner character, Joe Bfstplk, who was the unluckiest man in the world. To the point where he had a little thundercloud following him everywhere, and when something somehow went well for him, he got immediately zapped with a lightning bolt.

However it gets done, I'd love to see something eventually done with the troop type/template/whatever. Especially if we get ideas on how to make one up.

Also, Geryon was once an asura rana? When and where was this revealed?

This one sounds great. Who doesn't love a good curse?

Can we get any further hints on just what some of these curses do? Do any of them transform you into a monster or the like?

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