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Eric Hinkle's page

2,832 posts. 95 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just so everyone knows, I was joking about a Kitsune corruption.

A Nogitsune/Oni one would be great, though!

EDIT: While we're on the subject, how about a Wendigo corruption?

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Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
In keeping with our halloween-theme, we present to you patron hexes for the trickery witch. Just don't expect any candy.

I so hope you collect these into a PDF when you've got the time. I know I would buy it.

Their stuff is still up over on DriveThruRPG; maybe they're just done withb this edition of the game?

Alexander Augunas wrote:

Thank you both to Erik and Rallister (ARMR) for posting your reviews!

And to echo N Jolly, the more reviews and comments, the merrier. Being #2 this past week is awesome and it's better then I ever could have hoped, but the more exposure and ratings this book gets, the easier it will be for Owen and I to justify a sequel.

This really has me excited, because I was worried that corruption content wasn't going to be popular. No one really knew what to expect because we're at the front lines of making new content for this mechanic. I am happy to see that there is an interest, because I am really interested in doing more with the mechanic.

Much, much more....

So, we can expect a Kitsune (maybe Kumiho) corruption? Hey, I'd buy it.

Jason Nelson wrote:
You certainly could ask it here. I can point Linda and Cheapy to this thread and see if they have any thoughts, but other fans might as well.

Okay, (if someone wishes to respond) then what is the best 20-point build for a half orc commander?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Just posted my own review, I hope it helps with sales. Though given that this is at the #2 spot on the top ten non-Paizo bestselling products list, I think it's already doing great.

Malikjoker wrote:

yes...The Dream Witch...merge your mind and body and become immortal!

I'd love to see how the rules could replicate her whole "DNA vampire" aspect.

Jason Nelson wrote:

I'd have to finish Ultimate Armies first, and we also have Ultimate Factions percolating around to flesh out sub-rulership groups within a kingdom, so I am guessing it will still be a while before we do a compilation.

I'm looking forward to both of these.

BTW, is there a proper place on the forums to ask about things like the best 20-pt build for a half-orc member of this class? I keep wondering if one should emphasize the physical or mental characteristics.

Shadowborn wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Thanks for the review, Eric!
Welcome, and I hope you do more products like this for other prestige classes.
If Jason is up for it, I might be able to turn out a couple more. Any suggestions on which prestige classes really need a tune-up to be prestigious?

I'll go with 'Dragon Disciple' simply because it's literally the first one that comes to mind. Maybe a way for people to get into that PrC without being an arcane spellcaster?

I imagine something could be done with the Duelist as well,, since the role of Dex-based melee fighter seems to have been usurped by the Unchained and/or Legendary Rogue and the Swashbuckler, esp. the Unchained version; and maybe a more heavily spellcasting version of the Pathfinder Chronicler?

I have a copy of this one and I really like the Focus Kineticist, if that's the one that uses an object to channel their blasts through. Great for ideas like Derro zapping you with their vril staves, the Mi-go using their lightning guns, etc.

Part of me still does wish it was possible to make such a character with heavy armor so you could go the Iron Man route, though.

Ah, good old Shub. Aside from Yidhra (who no one else has ever heard about) probably my favorite Great Old One.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Speaking of fall previews, here's the latest one from Legendary!

Ancient Idols sounds like it'll be great. I'm looking forward to it.

Johnnycat93 wrote:
The Battle Host replaces the normal implement progression entirely. So, yes, they lose it with nothing specific in exchange.

Thanks. It seems a shame that they lose their 6th level implement school, though they get a lot in exchange. Heck, you can get a masterpiece suit of heavy armor at 1st level, which isn't bad.

Hi all,

With the Battle Host Occultist archetype, it says under "Panoply Bond" that "your bonded item starts as an implement for any single school of magic at 1st level, and gains access to another school of magic at 2nd, 10th, 14th, and 18th levels". What about the school of magic at Occultists normally gain at 6th level? Do they just lose that and gain nothing specific in exchange for it?

So, a village full of swindlers that makes a habit out of ripping off nasty and powerful mages? I have to read this just to see how these people have lived this long.

Part of me wants to get this just to see how becoming more good can be a problem. Of course someone like Seltyiel might be dismayed if he suddenly felt the desire to be merciful to his enemies and started giving his spare gold to hungry orphans.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
What little I've seen of this makes me like the devolution corruption. It reminds me of a lot of Arthur Machen and Robert E. Howard's stories about the 'Little People'.
I'm not familiar with this reference, but I'm glad you like it!

I mean stories like Howard's 'Worms of the Earth' and 'The Little People', and Machen's 'Novel of the Black Seal' and 'The Shining Pyramid'. Stories about how the fae were really a race of devolved, murderous, sadistic cannibals who hid in caves and performed atrocities on anyone they caught. In-game I suppose these would be devolved halflings or gnomes.

There's also Leigh Brackett's Beast-Jewel of Mars in which a weird Martian cult venerates a gemstone that reverts humans into savage apelike beings.

EDIT: And I would enjoy seeing you do more with the Corruption templates and ideas you mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

Charles Scholz wrote:

I like Lobo when he first appeared as a villain in the original Omega Men.

He was a bad ass assassin/bounty hunter that cared not for you.
They then combined him and Wolverine to make the Lobo that is here today.

Wow is it ever good that Lobo dropped those leotards.

And I wonder if we'll ever get an explanation for why the 'real' Last Czarnian has returned?

Robert Brookes wrote:
Glad to see people interested in my weird Calistrian temple! Rob and Owen did some fine work on the development and the art is fabulous! Hope you folks like creepy ossuaries in your beehives.

That description makes me think of the Candyman movie.

What little I've seen of this makes me like the devolution corruption. It reminds me of a lot of Arthur Machen and Robert E. Howard's toories about the 'Little People'.

I checked out the description for Mythic Monsters: Halloween, and it looks pretty good. I was esepcially amused by the 'mythic mobs'. I imagine that they're troops?

Axial wrote:
I can see Entothropes being favored by Deskari worshippers and spider Entothropes specifically being prevalent among Drow and followers of Atlach-Nacha.

Wait, Atlach-Nacha exists in the game? I thought they were replaced by Mazmezz.

Though I always did enjoy old A-N was depicted in CAS's classic 'The Seven Geases'.

DC is starting over -- again? Didn't they just do that less than five years ago?

Thomas Seitz wrote:


You should read Mockingbird's latest comic. A certain someone shows back up...again!

Hoo boy, do I want to know?

And am I wrong, or did comics fans eventually learn that Mockingbird was replaced by a Skrull and had never actually married Hawkeye in the first place?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
phantom1592 wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Hawkeye has murdered people before. Lots of comic book characters have on the regular. I dont know how or why it became so awful for them to kill on occasion when the story warranted it.

Hawkeye doesn't kill

Hawkeye has long had a stance of 'Avengers don't kill'. It was a very specific thing to him.

Granted this was prior to Bendis dragging Ultimate assassin Hawkeye over... but he took his heroic role model status VERY serious.

I read that article. Hoo boy. I can remember when Mockingbird killed her rapist, Phantom Rider (and ugh how I hated what they did to him, turning him from a spooky hero into an utter scumbag) and I thought Hawkeye was being a jerk over the whole thing.

I loved the line about how Hawkeye would 'never let Wolverine be an Avenger'. And yet Bubsnikt Boy ended up in the Avengers anyway in the end. So he could kill the people Iron Man and Cap were too 'pure' to kill. BLARGH!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I just read this and wait, Marvel is doing a SECOND Civil War? What, the first wasn't awful enough? Can you count on issues and storylines being held hostage because the miniseries everything else is tied in to is half a year behind? Which heroes turned into imbecilic fascists this time?

Dangit, Marvel.

Thanks Kalindlara. And while it's likely impossible, I'd love to see references to Mythos material by Brian Lumley like Yibb-Tstll or Bugg-Shash -- what? I like his stuff; it has a very fantasy feel to it. Ramsey Campbell did some amazing work as well, though I suppose Glaaki is still stuck on Earth.

I may have to get this particular book just for the information on the Sellen river.

And am I wrong or has one of the already-published books in this AP given information on Ithaqua the Wind-Wallker and his cult?

Yidhra, Goddess of Paradoxes wrote:
...For certain reasons, I am very interested in these dreams.

My gosh, someone remembers Yidhra.

“Yidhra, the Dream-Witch, clouding the minds of her followers;
Dream-Witch, hiding her shape in illusion,
Dream-Witch, cloaking her shape in strange beauty...”

It would be too much to ask for us to get her and her cult statted up in this AP, wouldn't it?

Creighton Broadhurst wrote:

This week, we've got a flurry of handy resources for you:

20 Rumours About a Graveyard
20 Strange Mausoleums to Discover in a Graveyard

I hope you find them useful and that they add coolness to your campaign!

Great stuff. I especially like this one:

Recent heavy rain, or perhaps a minor tremor, recently unearthed a massive, unmarked grave in an unused corner of the graveyard. No one knows exactly who is buried there, or why, and officials are scrambling to get the bodies sorted and properly buried.

Reminds me of both the local collapses (one poor guy lost his house!) and the 'Poor Sinners' Corner' at the nearest cemetery. Of course over the decades the place has expanded until everyone who wasn't supposed to be buried in sacred ground now is, which makes me wonder what could happen in a fantasy setting when that happens. Maybe everyone else buried there gets up and moves to a better neighborhood?

QuidEst wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
Matrix Dragon wrote:

I'm really looking forward to the favored class bonuses. One of the major issues with the uncommon races is that they barely have any favored class bonuses to choose from, while the core races basically have favored class bonuses for *everything*.

Here's hoping that there is something for Kitsune Mesmerists! ;)

Hope Kitsune gets a Summoner one, given the most famous Kitsune tale has Kitsune blood produce a summoner.
We must have very different ideas what the most famous tale is. A Google search doesn't seem to back you up, since "Kitsune blood" brings up a bunch of fanfic first.

Perhaps I am presumptuous, but I believe the original poster was referring to the legendary Japanese sorcerer Abe no Seimei, who was the son of a human man and a Kitsune.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
QuidEst wrote:
A few are even associated with a domain a certain deity doesn't normally get, which is cool. Alchemy is tied to Artifice for Norgorber, for instance.

I have wanted to see something with alchemy as a domain for a long time. I thought it would be perfect for Haagenti.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you, Kalindlara.

Can someone please share some information on just what these apparently awesome Apocryphal subdomains are, and can do?

MannyGoblin wrote:

As for best parts, these links show the best momments in the series.
The buterling!
Plastic Man

Wait, Sinestro has become part of the Justice League? The same Sinestro who almost destroyed the planet when he fought the Green Lanterns with his Fear Corps? That Sinestro?

How long before they send an invite to any of Darkseid's minions who want to get in on the fun?

MythicFox wrote:
I'm more than a little intrigued to see how Fantomah is going to get statted up.

Fantomah? Is that the French pulp-era master criminal? Or am I thinking of Fantomas instead?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MannyGoblin wrote:
IWW was a piece of work. After Lois got killed, she was openly stating that she was happy about that so she could have a go at ISuperman. IBatman called her out on that and she was all 'How dare you question my integrity!"

Wow. That sounds almost as bad as what was done to the Amazons in Amazons Atttack.

bigrig107 wrote:
Order of the Pike history wrote:
Nearing the end of her life and concerned about her followers’ future, the group’s leader, Irei Remsaine, petitioned the Order of the Nail to accept the monster hunters into their ranks. The Hellknights refused, but impressed with their work and skillful fighting tactics, sponsored them as a lesser order. In 4677 ar, the Order of the Pike rose as Hellknights once more. Soon after, Irei passed, and command of the order fell to her remarkably deadly daughter, Lesheir.

It might actually be a mistake, as the printed history clearly states it was the Order of the Nail who sponsored them, not the Scourge.

Good find!


Kalindlara wrote:
Axial wrote:
1) What deities in this book get paladin codes?

** spoiler omitted **

Okay, I am curious. What is the paladin code for Andoletta?

To be honest I always saw her as more of a LG witch's patron.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I have a question about the monster-hunting Order of the Pike -- why is their analogous order the Scourge? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to have ties with the Order of the Nail instead? They seem to have a lot in common. Both exist on the fringes of civilized lands, both confront monsters regularly to defend innocents, while the Scourge works to oppose what might be called the 'internal enemies' of local crime.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Inspired by this thread, I wrote a few witch hexes. What do you think?


That's a fine collection of hexes there.

Kalindlara, Mister Seitz, thanks for clearing that up.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Hm! Good point Eric! More info on them wouldn't be bad. But I don't think this book would probably cover that in great detail.

Agreed on all. Heck, given that their order's weapon is the longspear, a little more information on how to make a spearfighter that can compete feat and damage-wise with the swordswingers would eb vastly appreciated.

Marc Radle wrote:

And thanks to everyone for the latest round of reviews !!!!!

I even saw today that the Priest debuted on Paizo's Top Ten Downloads list this week at #6!!
That's awesome!!


I do hope we get a little information on the Hellknight Order of the Pike among other monster-hunting organizations in this book.

The cinderghost? Didn't that monster originally show up way back n one of the original RotRL books?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wait. Someone did a book covering a heroic fantasy Polynesia? Oh please, someone who has this, do tell me what it's like.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kajehase wrote:
And for Desna's sake, do not eat anything they offer you!

Plus, be very, very careful about visiting one of their celebrations for 'just one night'.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Dragon78 wrote:

Which of the new races are most excited about?

For it would be the Naiad.

I'm looking forward to the Rougarou myself.

Well, I just posted my placeholder review, hopefully it'll do until Endzeitgeist comes along and blows us all out of the water again. I really do love what N. Jolly did with this PDF! It's an amazing piece of work, and even the in-jokes are genuinely amusing.

The vigilante talents are especially good in this. Really now that we have avenger vigilantes, I wonder why part fo me still wants to play a vanilla fighter.

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