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Eric Hinkle's page

2,067 posts. 59 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist.


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El Ronza wrote:

Out - out are the lights - out all!

And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
Comes down with the rush of a storm,
And the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, 'Man',
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.

Someone had to do it. What's the CR/MR on that particular beastie? I'm already getting ideas...

Magnificent! And I'm not sure why, but I 'heard' that in Vincent Price's voice.

Huh, one of the most popular items in the online store right now and yet no one seems to be commenting on it?

Can anyone please give us a rundown on what you get with this PDF?

*Looks at Worm Domain* Darn, all this magnificence and no Sons of Kyuss left to take advanatge of it.

It does help. Thank you, End.

This will be a silly question but with 'beastfolk' races like the alicorns, half-gnolls, and wulfkin, just how animal-like do they look? In the end it's all a question of group and individual player preferences, of course (I assume that the 'wolfscarred face' oracle curse from Blood of Angels leaves you looking like a gnoll or original Howling-style werewolf, when the actual intent is probably more 1941's Jack Pierce Wolf Man), but an official answer would be helpful.

Neil Spicer wrote:
#1 Third Party Publisher Download from the Paizo web store this week. And Imperial Relationships made the Top 10, as well. Not too shabby.

Congratulations to you and Legendary Games!

OT question, but how many of these critters have Swallow Whole as a monster ability? I just noticed that for some reason worm-like monsters in the game usually have that ability. Is there just something particularly horrid about being gulped down wriggling and alive by a monstrous worm as compared to, say, a dragon or even an ogre?

And I will definitely be getting this one, though it may have to wait until after the holidays.

Good too see a review that brought up some of my own questions, End. I love this PDF but the missing info on the Cannibal is frustrating.

And OT but with that 'Bag of Kittens' problem you've mentioned several times, what would you consider a cure for it? Maybe limit it to 'only triggered by defeating an enemy at least half your own level'?

That's one great review, End. I especially like what you said about the warpwolves (entangling foes with their entrails? Urrgh!) and how well-done they are. I'll have to get this one, after the holidays if not before.

Creighton Broadhurst wrote:
Thorr-kan wrote:
I don't supposed there will be a print version of this one, like there was of the first Village Backdrops compilation?

Absolutely there is. It's already up at Amazon and

Amazon UK. Print copies are on the way to Paizo as we speak (I'm surprised they are not there already).

Thanks for letting us know where the books can be gotten, Mister Broadhurst (aside from on the site right here, of course!).

Revan wrote:
Skeld wrote:
DM_Kumo Gekkou wrote:
Dylos wrote:
Just downloaded my copy and oh my God that bowstring. I may have to build an archer skald now.
What bowstring?

That bowstring reminds me of an exotic weapon flail found in the "More Malcontent" PDF from TPK Games that allows you to play out musical tunes while using it as a weapon in battle. I like the idea, especially when combined with the new Skald class. Just think, now I can play a berserk half-orc knocking out a spritely tune while busily cavong in the skulls of his enemies/critics.

And silly question, but together with the bardic bowstring, are there any new Masterpieces for bards that can aid in ranged combat?

Axial wrote:
Kodyax wrote:
...After all, Jack the Giant Killer is one of the inspirations for the class.
Really. Where did you hear that?

I'm not sure, but I believe this was listed all the way back in the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook.

*Reads the posted list of races*

Great now yet another PDF I Just Have To Get, if only for the wulfkin and half-gnolls. It'd be interesting to see how they're all done as playable races.

Imbicatus wrote:

There are three rogue talents in the book. One is Bomber, that lets you make a limted number of alchemist bombs per day that do the same damage as your sneak attack.

The second is bomber discovery, that lets you take an alchemist discovery that modifies bombs.

The third is highly situational and allows you to make a stealth check at a penalty to hide as an immediate action when you use evasion to avoid damage.

This alone makes me want to get a book that I was previously going to pass on.

I'll have to get this one ASAP, I already have the first two and they're great.

Out of curiosity, did you ever do a PDF covering the feats from Ultimate Magic?

Owen KC Stephens wrote:
I really DO need to finish the Sinful feats series...

I know I really want to see the Seven Sinful Feats of Sloth. That would be memorable, and hopefully some of them play off the despair aspect as well as the more common 'too lazy to move'.

By the by, any chance that after Imperial Relationships we'll be seeing similar books for the Kingbreaker campaign? It'd be a natural for that campaign given the amount of non-combat interaction with NPCs you can have while putting your new nation together.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just read the list for the Sights and Sounds, and yikes, that's some prime nightmare fuel there.

Thanael: I'd say the bigger part of the book is useful for them, given that many of the feats require the 'Shade of the Uskwood' (rendered here for copyright reasons as 'Shade of the Umbral Wood'). There are also feats like 'Welcome Pain' which allows you to shed conditions that involved repeating or ongoing damage (like bleed) if they wold reduce you to 0 hit points if you can make the Will roll.

There are also a few feats that allow you access to goodies normally restricted to Kuthites or at least Lawful Evil characters, like 'Subtle Shade of the Umbral Wood' (allows you to hide the effects of your injuries and mutilations from unbelievers and grants some arcane enchantment spells, AND you can enter the Umbral Court Agent PrC); 'Tidalwave of Rot' which allows you to multiclass as an anti-paladin of the Lawful Evil-allowed 'Lord of Darkness' archetype (druid and A-P levels stack for touch of corruption) as well as granting access to some feats that seem to be from someone's Tumblr; and 'Unhallowed Shade of the Umbral Wood' which grants you access to clerical domains of Zon-Kuthon or give acess to bloodline powers and bonus spells of the Shadow bloodline, with Wisdom used in place of Charisma.

There's rather more than that, really the Feats section is the best part of the book. If you want to play or use a Kuthite druid you really do want this book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Qstor wrote:

Is there anything on derro?


Sorry, no derro. Maybe if it sells well enough they can be in the next book, one hopes.

You put together some cool monsters here; definitely makes me want to get the book or at least the PDF.

My order of the book arrived, so thanks! Very nice work, though I do wish that there was a little more for non-Kuthite druids, such as the Darkwolf (which I adore). But it's all great, and the spells and feats are very good.

Owen KC Stephens wrote:

More bloodrager bloodlines is definitely in the pipeline, though I can't say when I'll have time to finish it.

My working list of new Bloodrager Bloodlines, designed to be *different* from what I'd do for sorcerers. I'll like pare this down.
*Wolf ("wolfbrother" or similar totem-bloodlines)
*Firearms ("son of a gun")
*Lost Ages ("He was born in the wrong time, a creature of primarl urges and melancholies out of place in modern cities.")
*Lycanthropy ("Beasts walk as men in those lands.")
*Hag ("Bastard daughter of a whole coven, evil and magic were her birthright, but not her passion.")

They all sound great, but the ones I left above are the ones that would 100% definitely get me to buy the product.

I seem to recall that he has Vital Strike as a feat, which would explain it.

Wolfwaker wrote:

How about more bloodrager bloodlines?

I heartily second this. I'd love to see more Bloodrager bloodlines.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Endzeitgeist wrote:
Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and's shop.

That's one amazing review, Endzeitgeist, and it provided all the information anyone could hope for. The will-o-the-wisp and green hag especially sound amazing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Swashbucklersdc wrote:
Sweet, I am a huge fan of Leadership, Followers and Cohorts! I am really looking forward to this book. Hopefully it will continue the Bestiary entries for Monstrous Cohorts, etc.
That's absolutely something we're looking at.

Good news about yet another book that I simply Have To Get.

Hopefully there will also be some information on feats like Squire from Knights of the Inner Sea and Torchbearer from Dungeoneer's Handbook. Maybe we can get Apprentices for arcane casters and Acolytes for divine ones?

Those two nasty abilities for the Night Hag really make me want this one! Especially that 'In Your Dreams'; transformation abilities like that are always great.

Just curious, which of the other Mythic Monsters books have the rest of the mythic hags?

Any chance of getting a basic list of just what the templates are in this PDF? It certainly sounds nice and creepy from the title.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Romaq wrote:
I would be happy to get this PDF, but a review from someone who is comfortable with the leadership material "by the CRB" and able to compare it to this document would really make my day. :)

I can totally compare this to the CRB for you.

Imagine the Leadership feat. Take the feat's Leadership score and make it a baseline statistic, like your Reflex save or AC. Every PC has this statistic, and NPCs have it too if you (the GM) want them to have it.

Now using this statistic, every PC gains the ability to attract cohorts and followers and posseses a Sphere of Influence. All of these things are based on your Leadership score. Additionally, your mass combat capability (as a commander) is also based on your Leadership score.

Finally, in order to set leaders apart and allow them to customize their skills, leaders get special benefits called perks. Perks are earned at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Most don't give many (if any) combat benefit. They make you better at downtime, at kingdom building, at managing contacts, and at fighting with an army. If you don't like cohorts and followers, there are even perks that let you buy out of leadership called Loner perks. My favorite loner perk is called One-Man Army, which gives you an ACR boost when acting as a commander of a Fine army (an army consisting only of yourself).

I hope this helps you determine if this is the right product for you. :-)

Oh darn it, now I have to get this PDF just because of that description. :)

Owen KC Stephens wrote:
It's true Paizo updated about five templates in Bestiary 4. They used many many more, but without printing the templates themselves. So we simply didn't republish the templates Paizo had in a Bestiary. We added new things instead. :)

Silly question, were either the Manimal or Bipedal templates redone for this book?

I'll have to get this one. I like my druids to have a bit of an edge and a nasty side.

Hopefully this is the right place for this question -- just what are these planned-for books I saw listed on the LG site?:

Imperial Relationships

Ultimate Relationships

Ultimate Classes: Dark Druids

Treasury of the Forest

Ultimate Classes: Antipaladins

Now, I'm guessing that 'Treasury of the Forest' is a collection of magical items for the 'Kingbreaker' line, but what about those Ultimate books and 'Imperial Relationships'? Cann we get ay hints as to what they will be covering?

Great news, thanks for letting us know. I'll have to wait and see what;s on sale ext week though, already got this one! Heck, I think I picked it up back when it first came out.

Tom Phillips wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:

Does this mean the book shows us King Snorre Iron-Belly and Queen Frupy in all their glory? Now lets see if anyone's old enough to get those references.
That's King Snurre to you! Now turn in your grognard badge and hand over your agonizer if you please, Mr. Hinkle! :-)

D'oh! Guess the memory really is the first thing to go!

Skeld wrote:
Major_Blackhart wrote:

Ok, I gotta get specific now with everything for the two following races. I'm getting this on the 22nd when the PDF gets out, no question, but dammit I can't wait any longer.

What is actually in the book for the two following races:
Orc and Fire Giant.

I love Orcs, and for monster races, outside of Rune Giants, Fire Giants are another favorite of mine. Tell me of feats, abilities, spells, all of it please!!!!!

Also, you can assume that the Fire Giant who has that specific apocalyptic mystery worships either the god of the fire giants or any one of the Horsemen. It's a nice touch, because I never really thought of the Fire Giants, incredibly militaristic and uptight, to put much stock in oracles and divining and divinations and such.

** spoiler omitted **


*Reads the list of Fire Giant stat blocks*

Does this mean the book shows us King Snorre Iron-Belly and Queen Frupy in all their glory? Now lets see if anyone's old enough to get those references. Really, though, it sounds like an impressive list.

And do any of the monsters use classes from the ACG? I think that the Brawler would be a great class for giants.

Note that in answering these questions I'm going with the material used in the 'Ultimate' series of books from Legendary Games, mainly Ultimate Rulership. So it's only useful if you use 3rd party material, but if you do then they are GREAT for the kingdom-building rules.

relativemass wrote:

As I was reading through the Ultimate Campaign I had some thoughts and questions.

Because foundries increase the affects of mines but not quarries, is there there any reason to make a quarry rather than a mine, aside from +1 Stability?

There are buildings in Ultimate Rulership like Brickyards and Lumberyards that provide extra bonuses for quarries and sawmills in or adjacent to the hex they're located in. Indeed, since they provide it for every two such terrain improvements, you have every reason to build 4-6 of them nearby.

Historically small town tend to form around mines, called mining towns. Am I reading the rules correctly that towns cannot share the same ~150 square mile region as a mine?

Again, there's a rule in Ultimate Rulership that you can build a town and a terrain improvement in the same hex, given how much ground the typical hex covers.

The price of a monastery looks kind of fishy since it used to be 6 BP and now adds less kingdom bonuses than before while taking up double the land. As they are currently printed, why would you ever get a monastery, other than for the favor?

It does provide for the Law and Lore scores as Peet said. Also, from the 'ULtimate' series, it allows you to recruit monks for your army, provides a sizeable boost in population to your community and according to Ultimate War is rather well fortified in case you need it for defense.

That said, yeah, given how little it provides to the kingdom's scores it seems overpriced.

Skeld wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Alexander Augunas wrote:
Dread Knight wrote:

So Skeld thanks for answering these questions and as a reply of what you mentioned about the sidebar about prestige classes and hybrid classes.

Does this finally settle the Dragon Disciple Bloodrager confusion?

It basically says, "Up to your GM.

Also, it focuses on the Paths of Prestige prestige classes.

Hmm, any word on what new classes would work well with the Daggermark Poisoner PrC? I get the idea that the Investigator would work very well with that class if you reskinned the PrC's sneak attack as studied combat.

Also, any hints as to what if any of the new classes would work with the Noble Scion? I get the idea that there aren't very many classes that would work well with it aside from the Bard, Cavalier, and Rogue.

** spoiler omitted **


Thank you.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Dread Knight wrote:

So Skeld thanks for answering these questions and as a reply of what you mentioned about the sidebar about prestige classes and hybrid classes.

Does this finally settle the Dragon Disciple Bloodrager confusion?

It basically says, "Up to your GM.

Also, it focuses on the Paths of Prestige prestige classes.

Hmm, any word on what new classes would work well with the Daggermark Poisoner PrC? I get the idea that the Investigator would work very well with that class if you reskinned the PrC's sneak attack as studied combat.

Also, any hints as to what if any of the new classes would work with the Noble Scion? I get the idea that there aren't very many classes that would work well with it aside from the Bard, Cavalier, and Rogue.

The more I hear about this book the more I'm looking forward to it. The information on ghouls in particular. They're another group that needed some more coverage and now they're getting it.

I'm curious, does anyone here know what the books contains on ogres?

Chemlak wrote:


Lose brew potion, gain a single martial weapon proficiency.
Lose poison resistance, gain ability to apply alchemical items to weapons. Starts as a move action, eventually becomes a free action.
Lose poison use, gain precise bombs.
Lose swift poisoning, turn bomb blasts into cones.
Lose poison immunity, stagger foes with critical hits from bombs.

I tell you, the prospect of a squad of these guys scares me silly.

Adjule wrote:
That sounds like the grenadier alchemist from the PFS Field Guide.

I was thinking that myself. It does sound like it'd be a great alchemist archetype for use in any combat-heavy or military-focused campaign.

And reading this plus the information from the ARG on hobgoblins makes me want to have either a nation or tribe of them as villains (or even allies) in a Kingmaker campaign. We've needed more information on the hobgoblins for quite some time.

Skaldi wrote:

Bugbear - Fearmonger (Antipaladin)

Gnoll - Bouda (Witch)
Gnoll - Pack Rager (Barbarian)
Goblin - Winged Marauder (Alchemist)
Hobgoblin - Grenadier (Alchemist)
Kobold - Alchemical Trapper (Alchemist)
Kobold - Dragon Yapper (Bard)
Lizardfolk - Ancient Guardian (Druid)
Troll - Troll Fury (Druid)

Now that sounds like one great list. I'm especially looking forward to reading the ones for the kobolds, lizardfolk, and trolls, given the roles all three play in my favorite AP, Kingmaker. I do wonder how exactly you do a troll druid, though. Everything that's been said about them over the years makes them sound very 'un-druidic' to me.

And I REALLY like that witch archetype for the gnolls! I remember reading about the Bouda in a collection of (I think) North African legends about the hyena-witches. I'm eager to see what the Pathfinder version is like.

I really like how the Hag form spells work, with skill bonuses given IF you use the skills to gratify some rather nasty desires the spell brings you along with the more usual bonuses. Seriously, I'd love to see some more polymorph spells like that.

TPK Games wrote:
Feats Reforged III (Ultimate Combat Feats) is the next item slated for release by TPK. It is written and in final editing.

This is great news!

Looking at that list of archetypes above

I really like the sound of the Bekyar and Belkzen skalds, and the Ulfen beast wrestler. I admit to wishing that we could have gotten the Orc Bloodrager bloodline in this book, but that can come later.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Mortagon wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:

ULTIMATE WAR is finally in print! After SEVEN versions, we finally managed to exterminate the glitches that were dogging our heels, and the print order has been placed. They should arrive at LG central in 1-2 weeks and we'll be dropping them in the mail as soon as they arrive! Many thanks to all for your patience; this one has had far more than its share of troubles getting to see the light of day, but see the light of day it shall!

I just want to give my compliments for the personal message in my Ultimate war book, a "thank you" (Takk in Norwegian) and in my own language even. That was just awesome and totally unexpected.

That was indeed cool of them. And hey, thanks too for the personal messages in Ultimate War and its predecessors Ultimate Rulership and Battle. I'll be just as delighted to read it when I get my hands on a copy of the forthcoming one with information on the Troop template and troop types. Now THAT is desperately needed!

El Ronza wrote:
Neil Spicer wrote:
El Ronza wrote:
I'm planning on picking up a few of the Mythic Monsters books to spice up my Kingmaker campaign. Fey and Fairytale Creatures seem far too appropriate... >:D
You might also be interested in the entire line of AP plug-in's we did for that adventure path.
Oh, I'm very interested. I bought Faerie Mysteries a while back because it seemed like something I could start plugging in right away, and I love it! Having them function similar to haunts was a real stroke of genius!

If you're interested at all in the Kingdom Building and Mass Combat aspects of that AP, I'd also recommend their three 'ULtimate' books, Rulership, Battle and War. Magnificent source material for would-be kingdom makers!

The Coldwood Codex and Boreal Bestiary are also great sources for new monsters. They're good enough that I wish we could see a Mythic Monsters just to cover them.

And thanks for the reminder on getting their Mythic Monsters covering Fey creatures and Fairy Tale creatures. I so need that for Kingmaker.

Thank you, DankeSean.

Axial wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
I must add that it'll be good to see more on the hobgoblins too. They seem to have been almost completely forgotten about since Classic Monsters Revisited. What was said about them makes them sound like perfect choices for a humanoid race with alchemists and gunslingers among them.
In my campaign, they're based on the Roman legions and revere Moloch as a patron deity. My party had a pretty hard time dealing with them. :)

If/when I ever get to use them I was going to go with them being sort-of Ottoman Turks, complete with sipahi cavaliers (using that archetype in the ARG) and musket master gunslinger Janissaries.

And your version sounds great.

What are the four new cards, and what do they do, exactly? If that can be shared here.

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