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Eric Hinkle's page

1,989 posts. 58 reviews. 2 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Jason Nelson wrote:
At some point you've gotta find a good place to stop and then start the next one. The heroes-to-armies piece was a casualty of that this time around, but it'll be front and center when Ultimate Armies comes to town. :)

Both good advice and good news. I'll be looking forward to this book.

I'm sorry to hear this. He was a talented artist, and all my condolences to his loved ones.

MMCJawa wrote:
memorax wrote:
I'm glad we will have access to both the Dreamscarred Press version and the Paizo one. I wonder how long it will be before the cries of blot begin yet again.
I am pretty sure some people have been making those cries since the Advanced Player's Guide, so not sure how it is really relevant

I beg pardon, but "blot"?

That list of ships sounds good, but I do hope we get at least a few words on what kinds of ships are used in more normal circumstances. Typically, unless it's pirates or exploration, seafaring and ships get short shrift in fantasy.

Brawler Brutalities and Slayer Talents look good to me.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Fixed file uploaded and emailed to all purchasers!
Sorry to be a pain, but the new PDF doesn't seem to have arrived in my Inbox.

It bounced back from your email inbox with an error message about "maximum session size, so I waited until today to try resending it. Check your inbox again.

It was there, I just downloaded it. Thanks!

Jason Nelson wrote:
Fixed file uploaded and emailed to all purchasers!

Sorry to be a pain, but the new PDF doesn't seem to have arrived in my Inbox.

Zaister wrote:

Got it!

But why is the PDF missing the cover?

That's odd. My PDF has its cover but it has some of those other little problems I listed in an earlier post. It's also labeled 'UltimateWar2', I don't know if that means it's a different version from yours or what.

In any event, I really do enjoy this PDF, it was more than worth the wait.

Some quick comments from the read-through of the PDF:

The Good:

The siege rules. Oh my yes. Such a wonderful collection of weapons and attics for conducting a siege. And I love the magical siege weapons -- zombie apocalypse siege shot, anyone? A new and novel use for all those corpses that pile up around a city under siege!

The new command boons are very good. I like the war chant and surgical strike ones in particular.

Aerial warfare -- I admit, going in I expected to dislike this. I'm rather a 'traditionalist', preferring a 'Dark Ages - Renaissance' level of of technology in my games. Thus convinced me otherwise, with the inventive tactics, the vehicles, and the ideas on how to use them in non-military ways, like for trade. The latter is especially good to me. Besides, if we go by books like the Dragonslayer Guide Player Companion aerial warfare already does exist in Golarion to some extent.

Naval Warfare -- Yes! I love the variety of ships, ranging from the real world to steampunk for those interested. You see ship types here that almost never get mentioned in fantasy -- Galleys and Longships and Roundships and Barges to such exotica as Dreadnoughts and Ironclads and Nautiluses. Truly wonderful, though it's a shame that I'll probably never get to use some of them (what with that Kingmaker campaign set along rivers rather than oceans). Nice range of tactics too as well as ways to see them in both war and peace aside from the standard 'sight enemy, sink same'.

The Bad:

There seem to be some minor errors with the lists of ships in the book. For example, Table 9 on page 21 lists the required types of buildings for every sort of ship except the Nautilus. Not a major error, as I'd assume it needs the same ones as the Dreadnought (and let me say, I love the addition of needing not just BPs but certin kinds of buildings to make certain vessels; as well as the idea of artillerymen and ships' crews being separate from the soldiers in armies while still counting against the maximum forces you can have).

Also, in Table 11 on page 23, some entries for things like required crew for the Dreadnought and Greatship, with a '1' for the former (just one crew? Talk about a ship that sails itself!) and a '?' for both crew and oars for the latter. I assume the proper number of crew for a Dreadnought is meant to be '100' and ''50' for a Greatship, the same as a Longship and Gallleass, and that it needs no oars given that no oar speed is listed for it.

And on page 22 something seems to be missing. Right after the lsiting for 'Crew' we get a paragraph that reads:

The number of passengers the ship can carry. This
number is halved if the passengers are Large; for mounted
units with Large mounts, each mount and its rider counts
as one Large creature.

However, there is no listing for heading for 'Passengers'. Again, this isn't a big thing but I thought maybe it needed to be brought up.

Also, with the listings for various ships for the number of oars -- are these to mean 'oarsmen' in addition to the regular crew, or just the number of oars on the ship?

Sorry to be a nit-picking pain but I wanted to be sure that I wasn't misreading some of those entries. Again, I [b]LOVE[/b} this book and am looking forward to the hardcopy. It really is great and I'm looking forward to the next one in the series, Ultimate Armies, whenever it comes out.

Thanks again for all the great books you publish.

I hope the sample businesses include a saloon/tavern. I've visited Coal Country in NE PA several times and every single mine had a saloon as the first 'civilian' building once you left the mine proper.

I got my copy! Thank you, Legendary Games!

K177Y C47 wrote:

^^^ Pretty much that...

Honestly the rogue has NO justification anymore... There is no trope you can do with the rogue that the Bard/Investigator/Ranger/Slayer/Alchemist/monk does not do better...

Disarm traps, especially the magical ones?

Jason Nelson wrote:

Not taunting, UPDATING!

Final editing pass complete. Edits sent back to layout. Need to run down a missing text fragment and write the updated back cover text and we'll be ready to roll. Tomorrow looking very promising indeed. :)

Good news! Looking forward to seeing it.

James Jacobs wrote:
Nope. The Azlanti were here (and indeed had been destroyed by Earthfall) well before the ship crashed into Numeria.

Ah. Darn, I was wondering if Pathfinder was going to go with the old 'Atlanteans were the spacemen' argument I remember from some lost civilization/ancient astronaut literature.

James Jacobs wrote:
As fro the rebirthing chamber... it's an artifact. It gets to break the rules, and is more powerful than the "Sorshen trap" you cite. A character who is rebirthed by one gains a +2 inherent bonus to all her stats and has her age reset to young adult. A live creature that's rebirthed by the device doesn't gain negative levels.

Translation, if I don't want it to be abused, then think twice and think twice again before introducing it? And/or give it some nasty side effects?

Thanks for the advice.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Review copy downloaded. Reviewing now.

You honestly enjoy taunting us, don't you? ;)

Sauce, Troll -- I looked at the PRD, and yeah, they're impressive enough that I question the wisdom of a GM who allows PCs to get their hands on them. Of course for some groups that's part of the appeal.

Also, the rebirthing machine, hmm, I wonder how best to handle the effects it has on a character who gets rebirthed by one (along with the +2 to all stats)? I guess the easiest way is to just do what was done with 'PC becomes Sorshen the pure Azlanti' and have them lose two levels.

And now I wonder if the Azlanti are/were descended from the space people in setting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just read the description, and -- extinction wave device? Let me guess, this is something that goes under the 'never ever let people who can't resist pressing the Big Red Button touch it' heading?

And just how good is the death ray? I hope this isn't like, "Death ray, bah! It doesn't even knock 'em down!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It was directly inspired by a mix of his work with the barbarian and Korean folklore (unlike the Japanese or Chinese, Korean stories about nine-tailed foxes are almost ubiquitously about them murdering people)

Ahh, the infamous gumiho. Who live in cemeteries, defile the dead, and replace people so they can murder their entire family for laughs. Such pleasant creatures.

Mark Norfolk wrote:

Is it Friday yet?


This +1.

So looking forward to it!

Aldarionn wrote:

Kingmaker has an ENORMOUS bonus for Wizards.

Make no mistake, neither class is strictly better than the other. It all comes down to style, and I prefer the Wizard because if you are smart about your decisions you can often find yourself with the tools you need when you need them. Wizards are much more of a support character, so spells like Glitterdust, Grease, Haste, Slow, and Summon spells will almost always be useful for helping your party "win".

Beg pardon, this will be OT here but what is the 'enormous bonus for wizards' that you can find in Kingmaker? I have the entire AP and I'm banking on this right now.

And speaking on a purely personal level, I prefer the sorcerer as Pathfinder does them. Less versatility than the wizard, yes, but to me the color and flavor of the bloodlines can more than make up for it. I think they do tend towards being best when specialized, though.

That said you can overcome some of that by having a second arcane caster in the party, like an alchemist or magus.

So, this is Paizo's version of the Inverted Jenny? Now I may have to get a physical copy just for that reason.

I have one dumb question about the slayer class: is this or is this not basically a not required to be evil version of the assassin? I know, if you what non-evil assassins in a campaign than all you need is to get the GM to say, 'they don't have to be evil' but I suppose want an 'official' response.

Because if so then I might want to use these guys with those Daggermark killers, the Yenchabur.

Jason Nelson wrote:
It's in layout right now. As soon as Dain finishes with it, it'll be up for sale!

Thanks for this good news!

Annoying question time: I seem to recall that Ultimate War was slated to be released this weekend. Is this happening or has it been pushed back?

I just looked, and it sounds awesome! And yet another book in the series? [i]Ultimate Armies{/i]? Now I'm looking forward to THAT one too!

Jason Nelson wrote:
I've been slacking on the previews (though not on the work - Ultimate War continues to grow unabated)

Good news! Is the plan still to release it in time for Gencon?

And good luck with the other books and PDFs too.

Ah, thanks for explaining that.

I have a question, does this focus more on the PCs and NPCs and what might be called the 'heroic', individual-warrior side of warfare, or is it more like Legendary Games' Ultimate Battle and focus on the w=mass combat side of things?

I got my copy and I'll be taking a look soon.

You can add in a 'me too' vote for Ultimate Rulership and Ultimate Battle.

kevin_video wrote:
Axial wrote:
But why would you want you want to totally obliterate Talingarde? You wouldn't even have anything left to rule.
Some people just want to watch the world burn.

It's also a way for your villain PCs to

become major devils without having to spend 1000 years as the lemure cleaning out Baalzebul's chamber pot.

I got it, and I like it. I love the detail on what you can do if you set up that wizard's school mentioned in book 6 (magic gate-powered trading and zombie hordes, anyone?), the way to use the one dead dragon's library to make technological superweapons, and the humorous bits. Yes, it gives you the funny, with notes on how to portray Grumblejack, including how to handle his romance with another ogre and the ensuing horde of kids and MinionQuest: learn what it's like to be the flunkies of evil! Done with NPC classes who don't even get names because they won't last enough for it to matter...

Shisumo wrote:

I suddenly feel like every rogue or slayer ever is going to come from Daggermark now.

Can we get a reason why? Besides, I thought Daggermark was home base for all the poisoners in Golarion.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
zergtitan wrote:
It's Clobbering Time!

That would be an Oread Brawler, yes?

*Reads about Mutagenic Mauler* Aw, blast it, now I'm gonna have to get this book too. Thanks for cleaning out my pocket again, Paizo.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Mark Norfolk wrote:
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:

Cool beans!

Any ETA on Ultimate War?



Your wish is my command: BEHOLD - ULTIMATE WAR!

Finally! Yay! It'll be so worth the wait!

Jason Nelson wrote:
We'll be beginning our SUMMER SPECTACULAR previews and announcements today, so stay tuned!

This is good to hear. I'm looking forward to the announcement!

I also want to day that I like the cover. Looks like the monsters are having a convention in the dungeon; and does it appear to anyone else like the vampire is hitting on (what I assume to be) the drow?

4 people marked this as a favorite.
MMCJawa wrote:
I actually like the look and fluff of Pathfinder goblinoids...they actually feel rather distinctive. I always felt that the DnD goblinoids were kind of just there, and fairly generic (at least compared to better fleshed out bad guys like Drow and such)

I'm with you. I just wish they did more with the whole 'bugbears as terror-rousing serial killers' idea; whenever they do show up in an adventure, they seem to be just simple thugs for PCs who haven't graduated to facing ogres and trolls yet.

Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. Still, a few mythic creatures in otherwise non-mythic campaigns are cool. And the Angurboda sounds like it has some great plot potential.

John Kretzer wrote:
Alex Smith 908 wrote:
Generic Villain wrote:

I think you pretty much nailed everything right there. Orcs: what happens when a seal, a young pig, and a corpse love each other very much and share a special hug in Hell.

I don't claim to be a Tolkein scholar, but I believe they were original creations of his. Perhaps a slightly xenophobic outlet for the trauma he experienced during WW1. Which is to say, a horde of monsters ruining the planet with their mindless rage.

Xenophobia is an unfair thing to say given the overall progressiveness in Tolkien's work. I think it was mainly in finding a villain that could be fought against in a guiltless fashion. Hence why when the hill tribes, Haradrim, or Easterings were depicted as enemies it was always a tragedy. They were humans and it was lies or coercion that drove them to evil. orcs on the other hand were essentially just a tool of evil doers.

Despite this characterization their moral status is somewhat more complex. Given that orcs were the result of twisted elves or humans depending on revision, it would follow that they should also have souls. Hence they should have free will, but how does one reconcile that with the pure evil depiction previously stated? When asked about whether orcs were born evil Tolkein said that they were not. He said that the abuse of orcish society was what twisted child orcs in a similar manner to how their ancestors were first changed, but that it was something he'd prefer not to dwell on. When further asked whether an orc could in theory be redeemed he said that they could, and that they would likely cease being an orc as a result. What ceasing to be an orc exactly meant was never elaborated on.

With this back round knowledge I think it is a fairly solid basis to say that orcish society in Tolkien's works is inherently evil rather than the species. The evil being the product of outside control and a cycle of abuse works much more smoothly than some creature just born evil, and fits more in with

John Kretzer wrote:
Not to disagree with you...but I always took orcs was meant to represented the worst of humanity while elves were the best of humanity.

This is probably true, given that some sources identify the elves as being basically incarnate angels or unfallen humanity while the orcs are elves tortured into madness and savagery.

Tolkien also once told a young lady who asked him about his WW1 experiences that: "We all became Orcs in those trenches."

More on topic, while hordes of good orcs would probably be a bit much, I hope we get some neutral ones in Belkzen.

Silly question time, does this PDF give non-mythic stats for the Angurboda along with the mythic ones?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
DM Under The Bridge wrote:
That detail on the uniforms and banners, and how they fight and move. Excellent.

That's one great review you did there. I like it!

I freely admit that the comments on having some knowledge of historical medieval mercenaries such as the condottieri didn't hurt.

What about Numeria? Everything I've ever read in official sources suggests that it's a very wild open place, and if you were able to promise the locals protection from the Technic League they'd probably be happy to ally themselves to you.

Pardon my foolish question, but this is listed as a backorder. I thought this was a PDF?

Dustin Ashe wrote:
Aleron wrote:

Similar issue, but I can't actually add anything to my shopping cart at the moment. I click add to cart and the little spinner pops up but goes away quickly and nothing is added to my shopping cart. In addition clicking shopping cart just gives me the page that says an error occurred.

I tried following what Liz said above and also tried in three separate browsers to make sure. All had the exact same issue.

I'm now having the same problem as Aleron. I have some items in my shopping cart but can't add anything more. When I try it just refreshes the screen, or sends me back to the Paizo homepage.

When I try to view my shopping cart, it gives me the error golem screen.

Unfortunately, I have to add a 'me too' to this.

I'd say it works just fine for different levels of power; again, my problems with the high-level units are more of a personal thing. It just feels odd to me have units of 100-200 10+ level characters roaming around. At that point I'd rather go with giants or monstrous humanoids and give them some character levels.

But it is a great product. The little in-character bits of information were especially well done.

Jason Nelson wrote:
It's on the drawing board, but it has to wait for me to complete Ultimate War, which with my newfound status as a full-time author/publisher (instead of just doing it in my spare time) is finally on the way to getting accomplished!

Good news! Rest assured that I will be getting a copy! I'm really eager to see the rules for sieges, naval warfare and that modular system for making 'mixed arms' units. Heck, I'll do my absolute best to get that hardcover compilation too if it ever happens, and I hope it does.

Silly question time, can anyone share some information on just what exactly is the "Cannibal" archetype? I have this image of characters like the ones from the original 'Hills Have Eyes' or 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'.

I'll be keeping my eyes open for this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's a great review, Endzeitgeist. It sounds rather intriguing to me, especially given that I'm a big 'Kingmaker' fan and this could work well with the one adventure centered around a centaur tribe.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just wrote up a review for the PDF, I hope it gets more folks to look at it.

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