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Eric Hinkle's page

2,591 posts. 89 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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Rogue Eidolon wrote:
Swashbucklersdc wrote:
With your Winter AP line starting up (two products, anxiously waiting on more...), any updates on the possibility/timeline for a Winter Relationships book...

I will say that, if we do find a way to keep doing these, two of the NPCs in my archives, while I wrote them for my Far Eastern home game, are perfect for a Winter AP

** spoiler omitted **

Oh I would love to see the one about

the identity-challenged winter wolf
. Especially if they're based on the one from what I still think of as 'the Baba Yaga AP'. I liked that one and I long hoped someone among the 3rd party publishers would do more with the character.

DaemonAngel wrote:
Funny how this pops up at about the same time as Hasbro (D&D owner)announces that it has given publisher, River Horse, the MLP license to make and RPG version of MLP.

Really? Sorry to ask an off-topic question, but where did you read this?

What I've read from the folks who bought this one makes it sound like a very worthwhile purchase indeed.

Maybe someone at Paizo is going with the 'Good is Dumb' idea?...

Okay, probably not.

Rogue Eidolon wrote:
The upcoming ones are the kitsune emissary, who was raised by the kami and The Guardian, an intelligent magic katana who upgrades weapon power as you rank up.

I'm looking forward to both of these.

Pardon me for asking, but is this meant as a joke? Like the 'Gelatinous Cubes' one?

Lady Kali wrote:
I'm so pleased everyone likes it! I had a good laugh while writing about the chaotic little complications too. ;)

Thanks for doing this, I hope you get asked to do more work for RGG. It's a great PDF.

That's a great review as always, End. I admit to some amused surprise at hearing about a centaur medium, but if it works...

I just posted my own review. This is one heck of a PDF! I especially love the archetypes.

I notice this has a five-star review; maybe the person who wrote it can tell us why it deserves five stars?

Jason Nelson wrote:
Chemlak wrote:
Dare we say... Ultimate Armies?

Got it in one. A section of the book is dedicated to presenting base military units both as units (for mass combat) and as troops (for use in standard adventurer-level tactical combat).

It's been more fiddly but I think I'm close to dialing in a standardized template for the way I want it.

This is very good news.

I have to say that while I like the Mask of Stolen Mien, I do kind of wish it didn't sound so gruesome. Made out of patches of human faces? Sounds like something that Leatherface would run around with.

Okay, there's nothing evil about using it, but rather like the hand of glory, I wonder what sort of funny looks you'd be getting from people when you try using it.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Mike Welham wrote:
FallenDabus wrote:

Got it!


Azata, Nualidu - CR 5, partially water elemental
Bagman - CR 4, Fey, uses people's fat to brew potions and can smell children
Lythirium - CR 11, Plant, looks kinda like the Grim White Stag had kids with a wolf.
Mederach - CR 9, Chaotic good spider Outsiders. Egalitarian, scholarly, and predisposed to peace. Looks awesome! I'm almost too busy squeeing over getting this thing to actually pay attention to the rest of the bestiary.
Waldgeist - CR 8, more incorporeal undead, this times with ties to forests and the ability to possess trees.

I can't tell you how happy I am at your reaction to the mederach, which I am certain was wonderfully developed by Amanda Hamon Kunz.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

The whole 'non-evil spider monsters' part is what intrigues me I may be an arachnophobe, but it gets tiresome to have every spider-beastie be insanely evil and out for the PCs' blood.

Four Horsemen — Pestilence wrote:

What have I done?!

I'm sure the author of the Necronomicon thought it was a great idea at the time too.

Well, provided you can avoid Abdul Alhazred's fate of being publicly consumed by invisible demons before a horrified crowd, you should do okay. ;)

ericthecleric wrote:

There are six archetypes for kineticists (focus kineticist, god-touched kineticist, mystical kineticist, poisoned earth kineticist, primal kineticist, psychic kineticist), three for mediums (natural channeler, psychic channeler, worldly medium), two for mesmerists (fiend hunter, glorious companion), two for occultists (elemental specialist, school specialist), three for psychics (monastic psychic, psychic crafter, psychic savant), and three for spiritualists (karmic savant, phantom lord, relic hunter).

Also included are over two dozen new kineticist wild talents (Acid Blast (simple blast), Acidic Boost (composite blast); Infusions: Infuse Weapon, Irradiating Infusion, Irradiating Infusion (Greater); Utilities: Antilife Shell, Antiundeath Shell, Corruption Resistance, Deathsight, Detect Radioactivity, Detect Radioactivity (Greater), Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock Aura, Enervation, Gravitic Leaper, Gravitic Pack Horse, Hide from Animals, Hide from Undead, Irradiate, Planar Adaptation, Plane Shift, Radioactivity Adaptation, Remove Radioactivity, Remove Radioactivity (Greater), Share Adaptation, Wall Walker, Water Adaptation, Water Adaptation, Waterdancer (Shared)) and two new medium legendary spirits (druid, psychic).

There is also “The Psychic Magic Creature Special Quality: A Variant Without Psychic Energy Points”, which should sound self-explanatory.

For the reader’s convenience, there is a reprint of the rules for devilbane gazes, the elemental schools of air, earth, fire, metal, void, water, and wood (adjusted for use by the two archetypes that reference these rules (psychic kineticist and element specialist)), the radiation rules and some of the radiation-related spells.

Does that help?

Yes it does. Thank you very much!

Another couple of questions here for those with the PDF:

Just who are these 'Kortos Cavalry' and 'Horse Tribes' that apparently get mentioned in the 'Armor Masters of the Inner Sea' section?

And, just what is the Aldori Dueling Armor like? And it sounds odd for it to be a medium armor, as I always thought that the Aldori Swordlords were supposed to be more like swashbucklers and used light armor.

Can someone please share the basic information on the Molthuni Defender archetype?

And based on what I heard here, I'll be loving this book when I get it.

Skeld, PDF Prophet wrote:
Marco Massoudi wrote:
Who are the (9 other) creatures, what are their CRs and where are they based?

This is what i found with a quick scan. Some of the places might need fine-tuning.

** spoiler omitted **


Yikes on that CR for Andoletta.

And just what does she look like in the art? I always had this idea of her being a crotchety old country woman in appearance, as well as a good potential patron for LG witches.

I'm hoping someone can give us either a review or at least a quick rundown on the archetypes and such. It does sound good.

My but it took me a long time to notice this, but -- the 8th level ability for kyton eidolons is missing. Can we get some clarification on just what this is?

Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:

The corrected file has been uploaded to and I'll be uploading it on our other sites tomorrow. Eric, let me know if you need me to send you a new copy.

I got this through the Legendary Games site, so yeah, I'll probably have to get it from you.
I downloaded it, and thanks.
If your concerns have been duly addressed, perhaps you'll revisit the final conclusion of your review... just sayin. :)

And I just edited the review. Thanks for the reminder.

Congrats to the Four Horsemen for getting this on to the Top Ten Downloads list.

Just so long as we get some new Animal Races eventually (still looking forward to the antelope, horse, and hyena clans), I'll be happy. And good luck with everything.

Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Jason Nelson wrote:

The corrected file has been uploaded to and I'll be uploading it on our other sites tomorrow. Eric, let me know if you need me to send you a new copy.

I got this through the Legendary Games site, so yeah, I'll probably have to get it from you.

I downloaded it, and thanks.

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Nice review, Eric!!

Thanks End! High praise from you. I strongly suspect you'll like this one when you get it.

Jason Nelson wrote:

The corrected file has been uploaded to and I'll be uploading it on our other sites tomorrow. Eric, let me know if you need me to send you a new copy.

I got this through the Legendary Games site, so yeah, I'll probably have to get it from you.

That was one great review, End. It was a lot of fun to see that Eric Morton made a pair of PDFs for players who wanted to RP as dinosaur-people.

Mister Van Horn, Mister Nelson, thank you.

Lilijobel wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
I'll have to get this one just to see if I can use it to unleash an attack of the kiddy-snatching Phantom Clowns on some adventurers.
Try the sahkil for that.

The one they have listed here does sound like a kiddy snatcher at that.

And I just posted a review, I hope it convinces some people to try this one out. I love the monsters in here.

That's a plenty great list right there! The only main American cryptid I could think of adding would be Mothman. Maybe the Greys, too; they seem pretty limited to American UFO accounts.

And I never knew that the wikkawak was from real-world folklore. Any hints on where it comes from?

And isn't the wakandagi actually Aussie/Koori in origin?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Feros wrote:

Hmmm. Let's list three individuals who fit—and in at least two cases are being retroactively made—the Vigilante class and are already established in Golarion lore:

Chopper: Jervis Stoot, a skilled wood sculptor and carpenter of Sandpoint who secretly worshipped Pazuzu and became a serial killer to sacrifice victims to his demon-god.

Black Jack: A black-garbed hero of the people of Korvosa, he has been around for about 200 years, righting wrongs and fighting for the common man. Speculation is that he actually a title and costume passed from one generation to the next. ** spoiler omitted **

Red Raven: Aric, a son of executed nobles of Galt, grew up believing in the ideals of the Red Revolution and an opponent of the corruption that continually seemed to plague the various governments that followed. Disguised as the Red Raven, Aric has attempted to bring down the corrupt and unjust in order to preserve the values and ideals he believes in.

That's just three. All-in-all, Golarion is rife with such figures modelled on the Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, the Black Fox (The Court Jester is a film pretty much everyone should see), and—on the dark side—serial killers.

*put in spoilers as the Curse of the Crimson Throne is coming back in hardcover and Black Jack is an important part of the story.

Though he's a (nascent) demon lord now, the Nightripper sounds like he could have been an evil vigilante back in the day. One identity was a Taldan soldier, but the other was a mass murdering fiend.

I'm looking forward to Mythic Monsters: Slavic! That one sounds great.

As for new mythic monsters, I'd enjoy seeing both North American Indian monsters done up (especially if we could get ones like the Flying Heads), as well as the critters from American tall tales and legends. Lacking that, dare we hope for Mythic Monsters: Cryptids?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Alexander Augunas wrote:

The thing is, the vigilante class is REALLY good at mirroring a Dexter-type character; someone who can put on social graces by day, but goes around murdering people by night.

In fact, the stalker is SO good at being Dexter, from the emphasize on fear and nonlethal damage, to special abilities based around catching people unaware, that to me, personally, the stalker specialization is less "Batman," and more "serial killer."

Bringing back to Golarion, ANY of the ghosts of Harrowstone could have been excellent examples of characters who were vigilantes in life.

I was getting a serial killer vibe from the class myself. Not to mention the idea of a 'reverse Scarlet Pimpernel' vigilante who rouses the mob against the aristocracy, only to betray the people to their destruction to rid society of the pestilent rebels.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jason Nelson wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
And I do wonder just what sort of humor daemons engage in. They don't seem like the happiest people, er, fiends.

Hey, it's only funny until someone loses an eye.


I really like how the author respectively presented the diabolic, demonic, and daemonic 'takes' on humor. The demon is particularly fitting. He reads like a character from a classic Warner Brothers cartoon while still being horribly dangerous.

The qlippoth was good if truly bizarre. But then, 'bizarre' is what qlippoth do, even when they're a

living circus tent

Coming back here, let me also say that I enjoy the idea behind the Heightened Blade archetype, which allows for something like oracle curses for non-spellcasters. The way it's done it can be easily reworked for, say rogues or cavaliers that want the archetype as well.

Heck, I'd buy a whole (though very likely short) PDF that used more of the oracle curses this way, like wolfscarred face or others.

Matt Goodall wrote:

Had a quick chat with Jason (whose queue of "things to do" runs very long), over the weekend. Currently, my personal plan is to work on Legendary Fighters before coming back to Legendary Rogues 2.

I personally am looking forward to Legendary Fighters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations to everyone involved with Legendary Games, and thank you for everything you've made over the years.

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Axial wrote:

The new cover reminds me of the Justice League opening. Oh, they're delivering justice alright! Just maybe not the kind you were hoping for!

"We're not the justice you expected, but we are the justice you deserve."

And I do wonder just what sort of humor daemons engage in. They don't seem like the happiest people, er, fiends.

I'll have to get this one just to see if I can use it to unleash an attack of the kiddy-snatching Phantom Clowns on some adventurers.

Hopefully we get at least a few tomes of blasphemous evil along with the material aimed at the good and neutral divine casters here. {i]Arcane Anthology[/i] was great but I would've liked at least one little fiendish grimoire in it.

But I do expect that this will be great.

Matthew Morris wrote:

A musician based vigilante?

That's outrageous, truly truly outrageous.

And he's a Gillman, right?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I love the new cavalier and skald archetypes. The Daring General is great, and I love the Battle Scion and Warlord.

I love the spells, though the illustration for wizened appearance (the one that makes you look older) creeped me out a little. Mostly because I'd been reading up on daemonic harbingers lately, like Folca.

That said it sounds like a great spell for a low-level caster to employ as a 'curse'. "Pay me off, your ladyship, or stay a wrinkled old biddy!"

That's a great review by End. I am intrigued by the passing reference to the Ordo metamorphic-whatever, and find myself curious as to what exactly it does.

Matt Goodall wrote:

Probably better here, that way it is all together (and easier for people to find).

For the Skulking Slayer, some things are pretty easy to fit in.

Combining Pass for Human (+1/2 rogue level to Disguise checks, no penalty for a specific individual of a different race) and Shifty (+1/2 rogue level to Bluff checks to feint) into a skill specialty and making it the skill specialty gained at 1st level is a good fit.

The bonus feats are fine, after all a rogue talent should be equal/close to the power of a feat. Replacing the +8 BAB prereq for Improved Surprise Follow-through with a prereq of being an 8th level rogue would work.

For Bold Strike (1d8 sneak attacks when charging with a 2 handed weapon), having this ability replace Telling Blow doesn't seem unreasonable.

For Unexpected Charge the wording needs a little bit of cleaning up to specifically allow the Skulking Slayer to feint a target who is a goodly distance away. Having this ability replace Outmaneuvering Sneak seems reasonable, Skulking Slayers seem to be designed to use feints and surprise follow-through to gain their sneak attacks rather than being an expert at flanking.

For Underhanded Maneuvers (make steal and dirty trick maneuvers with a bonus instead of sneak attacks) I'm still considering. It's probably worth a talent (inherent talent) but I'd want to change the wording a little.

For the greatclub and whip, I'd modify the Weapon & Armor Profs, but given legendary rogues already get proficiency with whips and a one-handed martial weapon I can't see a problem.

The loss of skill ranks and class skills seems unnecessary, given the other trade outs are fairly balanced.

That's just me brainstorming, let me know what you think.


It all sounds wonderful to me, thank you so very much!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have another question: if someone like myself wants to discuss how to change over an old rogue archetype (the Skulking Slayer from the Advanced Race Guide) to the new class in this PDF, is that best done here or somewhere else in the forums?

Bardess wrote:
When can we have a Legendary Rogues II with more talents and archetypes? Please make a rogue with panache and an updated Amateur Gunslinger/Swashbuckler talent!

I'd love to see this myself. As well as some more Legendary PDFs covering the other classes.

I own the Griffons one, and it's great. With a little juggling I can see them even being used as a race in a more humanocentric game, especially with the culture and history they were given.

Hmm, that picture of Gyronna's priestess looks odd to me. Though that's because I always envisaged the Angry Hag's clergy as looking like, well, angry hags. Sort of like those old ladies you find on the bus or at the mall, wandering around cursing everyone and everything they see, nonstop.

David knott 242 wrote:

That would be the Sargava Chalice. I thought that an adventure about this race had been published by Paizo, but all I can find are some fairly detailed on-line scenarios that you should be able to find on these message boards.


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