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Eric Hinkle's page

2,450 posts. 87 reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist.


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It sounds great, but $4 for an 8-page PDF seems a bit pricy.

Jason Nelson wrote:

Just posted a quick update over on the Legendary Games website, but I also have a question for all of you:

Which Paizo adventures have mass combat scenarios you'd like to see translated into the premade unit stat blocks section of Ultimate Armies?

I forget the exact title, but isn't there a module where the PCs have to drive some Molthuni hobgoblins out of a Nirmathas fort they took over? Tower of the Last Baron is an attempt at avoiding the military option, but it could be worked in there as well with the rebellious count facing off the army of Andoran.

Maybe there could be some blocks for Wrath of the Righteous, I seem to recall some big battles in that AP.

Having seen what you did with the oozes, I hope you make some templates in the future for monster types like vermin and plants. It would be interesting to see what you made of them.

I enjoyed the various bits I saw in it that could be made to work for Aldori swordlords. I always enjoy new information on them.

I also find something amusing in the idea that the 'best' Aldori will probably be made with the fighter class and an archetype, while the more heavily armored Taldan rondelero has a swashbuckler archetype.

I knew about Lamashtu's real-world origins, including her rivalry with Pazuzu, but I still felt mild surprise to see old Lammy be mentioned by name in the book. And again, you did a great job with her in it.

Just did a review here. Great job on these slimy guys; combining the Exponential with almost any other template here would make for a race against disaster. Just imagine an Exponential Hive Mind or Intruder.

Just posted my own review. I REALLY love the Bound Horror and Fleshwarper ideas; they hold so much potential for horror and nasty surprises that it's amazing.

Just got this and skimmed it and I have to say that I like the material given for Lamashtu (and was rather surprised to see her actual name in the book). That Monstrous Pregnancy spell... brrr.

Jason Nelson wrote:

Hello there!

Ultimate Armies, Royal Tournaments, and Fort Scurvy have all finally made their way to the top of my to-do pile. Of the three, Fort Scurvy has gotten the most attention thus far, including some new artwork and new stat blocks, but I'm swapping back and forth with that and UA as I nail down the troop template rules we're using there, since the revised Fort Scurvy will be making use of them. I got some work done on Royal Tournaments in October as well, so all three have been getting some attention, but I didn't have a big enough chunk done of any of the three to feel like I should make a big announcement about it.

I also got distracted with some suggestions people had made for a follow-up to Ultimate Rulership, focusing on either strongholds and castle building or on nobility and noble characters (or perhaps both), so there's been some idea-work there as well.

So, in a nutshell, work is in progress! I'll be taking a long plane trip this week, so I may be able to get a good bit done on the plane. At this point, I'm not sure which of the three will see completion first, but all three long-simmering products will get done if it kills me, hopefully by the end of the year!

This is all great news. Thanks for responding to us here, Mister Nelson.

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I'm hoping we see both Ultimate Armies and that Tournaments books soon myself, as those are two items I am very eagerly waiting for.

That's a great series of PDFs listed there. Will they ones for abstraction golems, traps, and the Engineer class eventually be available on Paizo and other sites like RPGnow?

Four Horsemen — Pestilence wrote:

You said it Jacob, but well worth the wait!

The Four Horsemen are also offering free content in the form of a completely new golem template (with four ready-to-play golems) and a non-mythic version of the abstraction golem template (with six golems) for folks who want the flavor but not the mythic rule baggage. This is just our thank you to anyone who purchases the Construct Companion! Just send me a private message or request your free stuff right here in the comments and we’ll make sure you get a link!

If this is still available I think I'd like a copy. I bought a copy of the Construct Companion and after reading this (and the Gruesome Constructs PDF), I'd be excited to use constructs for the first time since I can remember!

And the Abstraction golems are a great and wonderfully weird idea.

I also love the potential ideas I got for using a Feyflesh golem together with Faded fey from the Gruesome Fey PDF. They just seem like creatures that would enjoy working together.

I do have a question concerning the Exiled Lord's demesne. When they abandon it after a year passes (if they do), does it revert to what it originally was or does it remain transformed according to the fey's wishes?

Just gave this one a review. I really like the Exiled Lord and the Faded. The latter make me wonder if that's why the gnomes and bleachlings were exiled to the mortal world. And the Exiled lord, wow, there are whole adventures and campaigns just in them. Not to mention a great explanation for the really odd geography you find in so many fantasy RPG worlds!

Katowice wrote:
What's the difference between the deep ones in this book and the previous conceit that the skum were the "deep ones" of Golarian. How do the two fit together in the same campaign setting?

I wondered about this myself. Then again, now we have reptoids and the Serpent People, though nothing says any group has to use one or the other (or either) in their home games.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think I want to get this one just to use the shapeshifters in non-occult campaigns and adventures. They sound amazing!

Almost all thew options you list sound good, though in my dream world there would be a Mythic Monsters for North American Indians and one for Mythic Monsters from American tall tales and legends. Heck, just from the southern Appalachians alone you get the Behinder, the Flat, the Bammat, the Toller, the Skim, the Tripodero, and the Gardinel. And that's just a sample list.

Threeshades wrote:

There is a lot of interesting sounding words in that list.

Vukodlak? Are we to see a new type of werewolf?

If I remember right the vukodlak is a kind of werewolf ghost that was written up in the bestiary for one of the entries in Carrion Crown.

John Benbo wrote:
I've seen a couple people mention the bone ship so I'm glad people are digging it. Along with the death coach, can't go wrong with some vehicular undead.

I imagine the Death Coach* can run over you, but what exactly can the Bone Ship do, especially if you're a passenger on it? Sail roughly to make you seasick?

* -- And this is from real-world myths, isn't it? I vaguely recall something about this in connection with Irish folklore.

Luthorne wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Luthorne wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Great list and thanks for posting it. But what are the Cursed King and the Crone Queen?

Well, the crone queen is a reprint from part six of Reign of Winter (you can see it here). The Bestiary 5 version has considerably less detail, but they're still formed from the frozen remains of Baba Yaga's daughters, which surprised me...I thought they would have filed that angle off.

The cursed king is a mummy with an animal's head in appearance, created by pharaohs as punishment for disloyalty, torturing and decapitating them, then sewing on an animal's head and binding their souls to their bodies, creating creatures of only slightly above animal intellect that exist in eternal, unliving agony as mockeries of the ambition that led them to subvert the pharaoh's authority.

Thanks for the response. I wondered if the Crone Queen was some sort of high-powered hag, though I figured the Cursed King for an undead by the name.

Luthorne wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Great list and thanks for posting it. But what are the Cursed King and the Crone Queen?

I'd love to see a compilation of the Sinful Feats, as well as the as-yet untouched ones dealt with. It would be interesting to see what you can come up with for feats based around Sloth!

And more of the Gruesome templates would be great too.

Silly question time, is this book meant for any particular AP or is it more of a general-purpose one? Like how the one for Druids was pretty obviously optimized for Kingmaker. I'll be getting it anyway, but some more information on the contents would be welcome.

Myth Lord wrote:

Really sad to see the Demon-AP Putrid OOze make it in over the Curupira, Squonk and Mahaha (and many other AP monsters)...

Huh? Which AP book had the Squonk in it?

What are the rituals tied to Razmir's cult, and the one about turning into a half-fiend? Is the latter related at all to the one in the first "Book of the Damned", that covers demons? I remember that had a ritual of sorts in that one for becoming a demon.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Just read EZ's review and it's amazing.

Chemlak wrote:

Army special abilities are granted by race/class.

Essentially, if the race/class of an army has a particular special ability in a normal statblock for a single creature which makes up the majority of the army, the army gets the relevant special ability.

UCam, Mass Combat, Special Abilities wrote:
Modifiers for these abilities apply only if most of the units in an army have the listed ability. For a class ability, a parenthetical note after the ability name indicates the class and the level the units of the army must be to confer that ability.

I wondered about this myself. This gives you a good reason to make units of alchemists or cavaliers given just how many army special abilities they get at low levels.

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Cthulhudrew wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
Out of curiosity, has anyone else been pondering secret undercover wars between kitsune and reptoids since hearing about reptoids, or is it just me?


Now, Oni, on the other hand...

(Actually, now I'm picturing a scene from the finale of an adventure, where the PCs have been captured by what they think is the major villain):

"Bwahaha, heroes!" He reveals his true face- a Reptoid! "You can't stop my ultimate plot to secretly infiltrate your society and destroy humanity!!"

Just then, one of his henchmen steps forward. "Your plot?" he reveals himself as an Oni! "I've been planning that with my minions the whole time, infiltrating your organization to do the same thing!"

The Oni's #2 lieutenant steps forward, revealing himself as a Rakshasa. "No, you fool! I and my rakshasa followers are going to take over from you!!!"

There is a great dissension among the assembled villainry, as disguises are shed and arguments ensue. Serpentmen, a lamia, and several others. A couple of dopplegangers show their true faces. "We're not with anyone in particular, just thought this was a good opportunity to get our grub on!" His friend shows his agreement by rubbing his full belly.

The PCs, meanwhile, quietly sneak out of the chamber.

This seriously needs to be illustrated.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Adam Daigle wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

The Reptoids are based on the aliens from the show "V".

To be clear, the idea of reptilian humanoid creatures (from other planets or time periods) posing as humans is MUCH older than that 80s series.

I'm curious, just how old is it?

Myself, I thought the reptoids were based on the, well, highly unique views of David Icke.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Endzeitgeist, Mister Augunas, thank you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just posted what I hope will be only the first of many reviews. This is one great piece of work!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I second Endzeitgeist's opinion of the recent review, it's a great piece of work.

The Talented Bestiary sounds like a great idea.

Lord Gadigan wrote:
Orang-Pendak is ** spoiler omitted **

Great! They could almost be the Little Red Men of the Delta with those stats.

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Eildath wrote:
Oh hey, Hobkins are the Hopskinville Goblin, aren't they? If so, Kentucky monsters represent!

And topping the list of "Monsters I never thought I'd see adapted for an RPG..." Yay, Paizo!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have to agree with End's review of this one. This PDF is an incredible help for anyone who likes the class templates from Monster Codex and wanted a few more to use.

David knott 242 wrote:

A frog father is basically nothing more than a Huge frog.

The Deep One Hybrid is rather complex, so I will let somebody else answer that one.

Hmm, given the way he was described in the story 'Frogfather' by Wellman, I would have seen Froggy as more of a supernatural being/monstrous humanoid or even an outsider. But hey, even this is more than I ever expected! Thank you, Paizo.

I guess the Flat, Behinder, Skim, and Tripodero will all have to wait for the next book. ;)

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Just got the PDF and I think the extra leadership perks alone make this worth every penny. Seriously -- guidelines on how to turn your familiar or awakened animal companion into a cohort? Judging from what I've seen on these forums people have been waiting years for those ideas alone. It will be interesting to see how the kingdom/mass combat perks work together with the Commander/General class from Legendary Games. The bonuses from the perks should combine with the bonuses the General gets from class abilities, right?

I haven't read Ultimate Commander, so I couldn't tell you. The Leadership system was designed to be a mostly non-combat system, so I wouldn't personally use many of the perks to boost the power of the animal companion-like followers that the General class gets.

But if your GM allows it and the rules work out, I suppose you could.

Oh, no, no. I meant that the Commander gets some bonuses on armies in mass combat from their class that they command (and that has nothing to do with their troop), and I was wondering how well those would combine with the mass combat focused perks in UC.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Human Fighter wrote:

I'm pretty much disappointed in what I read.

Racial style feats don't even include human.
Fighter archetype is pretty much a brawler and a monk master of many styles. The other archetype uses magic item feats. Neither archetype gets more skill points, or class skills in perception or acrobatics.

So humans don't get a racial style for a few reasons. First, human versatility really hurts them here; they have no iconic, traditional weapons they use, nor do they have any racial traits that really define their attitude in combat. Take a look at the racial styles: Orc is based on Orc weapons, dwarf on the hatred trait, and halflings on the warslinger trait.

If you wanted more skill ranks, I'm surprised that the versatile training advanced training doesn't interest you more; it's worth +2 skills per level per selection.

Dumb question, does that versatile training skill bonus stack with the new skill points per level you gave fighters in Everyman Unchained: Skills and Options?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just got the PDF and I think the extra leadership perks alone make this worth every penny. Seriously -- guidelines on how to turn your familiar or awakened animal companion into a cohort? Judging from what I've seen on these forums people have been waiting years for those ideas alone. It will be interesting to see how the kingdom/mass combat perks work together with the Commander/General class from Legendary Games. The bonuses from the perks should combine with the bonuses the General gets from class abilities, right?

Owen KC Stephens wrote:
Bob_Loblaw wrote:
I would love to see you continue the 7 Deadly Sins feats that you started. I would love to see that continued with 7 Heavenly Virtues.

I DO keep meaning to finish the drafts for the feat to round out the collection that currently has Gluttony, Lust, and Pride. I'll try to prioritize those.

And Heavenly feats? Neat idea!

I second Bob Loblaw's idea. I'd love to see that series be completed.

One on the Seven Virtues would be a great idea too.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
Just posted a review. I really do like this one, it has some great options for anyone who wants to play a poisoner rogue.
Thanks! I appreciate the time you took to write the review, Eric. :D

Well, I appreciate the time you took to write the PDF in the first place, so thank you.

Just posted a review. I really do like this one, it has some great options for anyone who wants to play a poisoner rogue.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Spells will note if they are mind-affecting, in the spell descriptor.

Other abilities will say "this is a mind-affecting effect" in their description.

That's it.

Thanks. I don't suppose there's any convenient list of all these, is there?

Steadfast Personality allows you to add your Charisma bonus on will saves versus mind-affecting effects. I just want to know, what counts as a mind-affecting effect? I had the idea that any save where Will was used was basically already 'mind-affecting', but I'm pretty sure that's not what it's supposed to mean.

Advice would be appreciated.

I'm interested in the social combat system. Be interesting to see how that gets handled.

I'm delighted to see tat this PDF information on the yeren and the various Tibetan, Vietnamese, and Cambodian monsters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Having purchased and read this, I can honestly say that I have never waited to play a rogue nearly as much as I do right now. Seriously, I was thinking of how to do rogue characters headed for both the Aldori Swordlord and Noble Scion PrCs within moments. This PDF is such an embarrassment of riches; I'll be surprised if this doesn't end up in Endzeitgeist's "Best Ten of the Year" list.

Mister Augunas, those really all sound like great ideas. I hope they get used in Legendary Fighter, which cannot come out soon enough to satisfy me.

Just gave it my own review, I hope it encourages people to get a copy of this.

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