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Intellect Devourer

Eric Clingenpeel's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma. 2,703 posts (2,832 including aliases). 7 reviews. 1 list. 2 wishlists. 20 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Shadow Lodge

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Hey, who turned out the lights?

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

After having covered all of Mid-Michigan for a year and a half or so on my own as a Venture-Lieutenant, I was quite happy when I got promoted to Venture-Captain as I was already basically doing everything a VC does anyway. I promoted a Venture-Lieutenant that did a great job for a few months before a certain company gave him an offer he couldn't refuse and he had to quit. I took my time watching a few people before extending the offer again. I wanted to find people that like me were either already doing the job of a Venture-Officer, or showed promise of being able to do a great job as one. I'm pleased to announce there are now three Venture-Lieutenants covering the Mid-Michigan area.

Robert Crawley - Robert has always stood out in my memory since I first met him. He makes interesting characters, roleplays them well, always has a smile on his face, and his hair is Blue... Yep, bright blue. Its always easy to pick him out of a crowd. Robert will be responsible for Lansing and the surrounding area.

Stephanie Lafayette - A year or two ago, Stephanie took over organizing her local game store's PFS as it started to struggle. With many in the community supporting her, she has helped her PFS community to flourish and grow to where they're running at least 8 tables of games a month. She'll also be assisting Venture-Lieutenant Jim Tinklenberg in organizing GrandCon in Grand Rapids this fall. Stephanie will be responsible for Greenville and the surrounding area.

Burton Schoder - As my region expended I realized I was starting to get a little worn out, like too little jam spread over too much bread. Buddy has stepped up numerous times and offered to run a second table if needed, or to run when I couldn't make it to my weekly game for one reason or another. He's given me the support I needed when I needed it. I have never heard a negative thing from him (though tonight's session with the summoner's flying kitty of death brought him close to the edge I think). Buddy started playing Pathfinder a few months ago, but jumped right in and hit the ground running. Burton will be responsible for Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding area.

So, let's give them a big Pathfinder Society welcome!

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

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It is my great pleasure to announce that Doug Miles has run his 500th table of Pathfinder Society this last weekend. That's well over 2000 hours of entertainment that he's provided to the PFS community.

For those that have had the pleasure to sit at Doug's tables over the years, you know that not only is he a dedicated volunteer (as the 500 tables show) but he is a great storyteller. I don't know of anyone that has walked away from a game at Doug's table that hasn't had a good time. He takes the time to carefully prep the scenarios he runs, hand drawing maps, digging into the background of the setting, and bringing NPCs to life. He can take brand new players and seasoned veterans and make both feel a sense of thrill and excitement in his games.

I'll be the first in this thread to thank Doug for the scenarios I'd have the privilege to play with him running.

My first ever con game Doug ran Midnight Mauler. I was so thrilled to get a chance to play a game run by a 5 star gm! At that time it was a big deal to me, and it was a great game. We had a party of 5, all casters. As a second level magus, I ended up being the "tank". Thankfully we had a good balance of other casters, and we succeeded at saving the Master of Swords.

My second game that Doug ran, he contacted me and asked if my home PFS group would like him to come up and run the new exclusive, Cyphermage Dilemma. I was ecstatic that he'd be willing to come up and run this special scenario for our small group. We treated him well, and had a great time fighting pirates and saving scholars.

It must be a trend, since the last game he ran for me was also the new exclusive, Day of the Demon. We got a group of Michigan venture-officers together, along with some dedicated volunteers from the region and played the exclusive before we had to run it for our respective regions. Running this slot 0 was a great blessing for me, since I very rarely get a chance to play a scenario before I run it. It was also a fun time and I got to play with other organizers and share stores that all of us could relate to.

So, I'd love for others to jump in and share their congratulations to Doug, and share a story or two about his tables. Let's see how big this thread can grow and how many lives Doug has touched by he generous offering of his time and talents!

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

For some time I've thought about what I'd do when I became Venture-Captain. What my region would consist of, who my Venture-Lieutenants would be. When asked who I thought I'd like to have as my Lieutenant, one name sprang immediately to mind.

This person took a small community of gamers and grew them into a strong enough group to support their own three day gaming convention that ran close to thirty sessions with over seventy players. He's already planning for a second one that might double or triple the previous convention.

I know he'll do a fantastic job in helping the growth of Pathfinder Society in the Mid-Michigan area.

Please help me in congratulating Mr. Alan Patrick a.k.a. Warfteiner on his promotion to Venture-Lieutenant of Fowlerville, Michigan!

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

I'm starting up a new location for PFS in Mid-Michigan. The Frozen Orc has recently opened in downtown St. Louis (Michigan, not Missouri) and its a great location for gaming.

Our inaugural game day will be a halloween special on October 26th. Doors open at 9:30, first slot will be 10 am and end at 2. Second slot will start at 2:30, ending at 6:30.

We've got space for 5+ tables and I'd love to see them all filled. We'll have drawing for door prizes and hopefully some gifts for GMs as well. It won't be big enough for Paizo prize support, but we'll treat you as well as we can. We'll be right next door to a great pizza place, and there's a grocery store kitty-corner across the street as well as a few other great local restaurants.

If you'd like to play or (even better) want to help GM, check out Michigan's forums at


Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

It is my honor to announce that Mr. Daniel Luckett has (finally) earned his forth star.

Congrats Dan!

Shadow Lodge

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Anyone else getting a Pokemon vibe coming from these three minis?

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I just tried checking out the retailers page to see if a local store has registered yet, and the page is blank. :/

Thought I should let someone know.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Wow, this looks really cool, can't wait til we get the cards from FedEx so we can get to playtesting this. My group is really excited to be able to participate. And with this preview, I understand a bit better how this will be played. Very cool.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I just wondered if there was any problem with my order. I realize that the 11th business day isn't until Monday, but I've never waited this long for an order to be shipped from you guys. I'd really like to get my minis ASAP so I can have them ready for an upcoming convention. Also, my wife is making a costume based on her mini, and having it in hand would help that get going and get her off my back. :)

Thanks Guys.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Not EVERYONE was distracted by Paizo Con. We noticed hours ago.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

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Thanks Mike! I was really hoping that there'd be a holiday boon this month. I'll make sure to spread the word around here.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

Sigh. Another one? When are we going to get another holiday boon? ;) With all this build up, there had better be incredible coverage for those of us that can't make it to PaizoCon.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

So, any guesses as to the "surprise coming Monday morning"?

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So, what is it? Because the last several weeks a TON of threads keep getting thrown other places when they contain valid PFS related concerns. Are we only supposed to BS in the thread like some do? By continuously tossing them into other forums, they easily get misplace/ignored by those that could answer the questions best, those that actually care about PFS.

I can understand the occasional thread that has nothing to do with PFS, but more and more those that do have something to do with it get moved. Who's doing it and why? Someone new to the boards/PFS could very easily get pissed off at his thread vanishing and not being able to find it and could leave for good. Seems pretty stupid for some small technicality. Just because a rule could be answered by the forum at general, doesn't mean they don't want only PFS members answering.


Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

Ok, first off, I'm bored tonight, so I figured I'd start a thread.

I've been GM'ing PFS for about 6 months or so, and I've started to collect a decent bunch of maps. I know many that draw their maps carry them in artist/blueprint/document tubes of some sort for transport to/from games, but I wondered how others store their maps between games?

For a while I was stacking them up on an unused desk in our junk room, but they were getting out of hand and looking through them got to be a pain. My wife works in a factory and is able go get these short tubes that their stretch-wrap comes on. They're about 3.5" in diameter and 3.25" long. I took 28 of these, taped them together, and taped them to the top of a box that fit them perfectly. I now have this.

So, how do the rest of you that draw your maps out ahead of time store them?

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

Sweet! I love next season's logo.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

4 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ.

I asked this back at the end of 2010, and got the response below, but since then the rules for day job have changed, so after seeing someone else post a similar question, thought I'd repost my question here.

Eric Clingenpeel wrote:

What's the official PFS view on the Bard archetype Street Performer's Gladhanding ability?

APG wrote:

Gladhanding: A street performer earns double the

normal amount of money from Perform checks. As a
standard action, he may use a Bluff check in place of a
Diplomacy check to improve a creature’s attitude for 1
minute, after which its attitude becomes one step worse
than originally. This ability replaces countersong.
Does it double the day job result? As a first level character I've got a +16 on perform for money (Performance Artist trait, skill focus, 18 cha) and on average could get a 26, so would I get 100 gp since gladhandling doubles the amount I'd get from my Perform check? Or 200 if I rolled a 19-20? Since the ability isn't banned or adapted (yet) for PFS, does it in fact double the day job result? I think it should, but I know the PFS is strict about how much gp is handed out...
Mark Moreland wrote:
As the rule currently stands, you do not earn money from a Perform check. Rather, you earn money from a Day Job check, which uses Perform ranks, feats, ability modifiers, and class skill modifiers but is not affected by racial modifiers or class abilities.
GtPFSOP wrote:

Not every Pathfinder works for the Society full time. Some

are trained artisans, professionals, or performers and
earn extra gold on the side, between missions. During
these times, you can attempt a trained Craft, Perform,
or Profession check to see how much extra money you
—this is called a Day Job check.
In the Pathfinder
Society campaign, you may make one Day Job check after
the end of each adventure. Certain Vanities (Pathfinder
Society Field Guide 60) allow you to further modify your
Day Job rolls, or even let you use skill ranks from other,
more specialized skills like Heal or Sleight of Hand as
Day Job rolls.
Permanent bonuses from equipment, feats, racial
bonuses, and traits effect your Day Job check as they
would any check for the rolled skill, but temporary
bonuses such as those granted by spell effects do not
contribute, as the duration over which the Day Job check
is made is undefined and represents a longer amount of
time than a spell’s duration would permit the bonus to
remain. You cannot take 10 or take 20 on a Day Job check,
nor can you aid another.
In order to determine how much money you make as
a result of a Day Job check, consult the table below. Add
this amount to the Day Job box on your Chronicle sheet.

So, now it is an actual Perform check to earn money, does the Gladhanding apply now? The ability now uses the same words as Day Job, so it seems to me like it would.


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