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Eric Brittain's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest. 669 posts (801 including aliases). 1 review. 14 lists. No wishlists. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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While players may forget after a certain point in any adventurer's career they learn that death is only a financial condition and like all other conditions can be cleared.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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Pirate Rob wrote:

Hi Todd!

How long should I wait before I get my baby a PFS number?

Err wait you're not my RVC...

As the RVC for your region Pirate Rob, I would say that now is the best time to do something.


Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
So let's not exaggerate how hard this is to develop.

And lest it be forgotten, hard mode has other unseen costs.

Hard mode tables tend generate more complaints than 'regular' tables.

Each complaint take a significant amount of time for an organizer or member of the Venture Corps to address.

Hard mode has caused players in my community to leave PFS, even though they asked for it, and even though the table unanimously agreed to play. Even that was not enough.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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Strongly opposed to all due to the ripple and culture changes that these changes could engender.

Let gifts stay gifts.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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I think that hard mode is perhaps better served being in a home game where the difficulty can be calibrated to the specific players involved.

Put me firmly in the 'no more hard mode' column.

Shadow Lodge

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(With a nod to Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues)

I know the events are comin’
I just can’t be sure when
So I’ve been clicking refresh
And hopin’ I’ll see them.
I’m stuck reloading pages
And time keeps draggin’ on
But that timer keeps a tickin’
On down to Paizo-Con.

Maybe I’m just being a baby
As my friends all say to me “Fun
Is out there waitin’
Just join us and get some”
But I’m stuck here clicking refresh
Just to watch my hopes die
‘Cuz when the screen is still the same
I hang my head and cry.

I know that Paizo’s workin’
And traveling near and far
To schedule our events
Both mundane and bizarre
I know that schedule’s comin’
But I can’t be free
I just want to see the events
And that’s what tortures me.

Well, if they posted those events
If my dream schedule was mine
I know that my obsession
Would move just further down the line
I’d still be counting seconds
Waiting for that day
When I can be in Seattle
And join my friends to play.

Shadow Lodge

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General Spoon wrote:
You might think that you need to pour through various obscure sourcebooks to build a broken character that causes nobody else at your table to have fun, but that isn't true!

Let's take a deeper look at this central concept "the character that a person plays impacts the fun of the table".

I would argue that this could be better stated as "the way that a player plays their character impacts the fun of the table". I know many people who could take exactly this build a written and use it to add to the table's experience and enjoyment of gaming session.

It is my strong contention that the mechanics of any build can be played by a player who is skilled at spotlight sharing and is knowledgable of the communal nature of the game can add to the fun of any table by the way they choose to play.

I also contend that any build, without regards to optimization, can be played by a selfish player who ignores or doesn't care about the experience of the other people at the table can severely impact the fun of the table.

It is the person that causes the issue not the marks on the page.

The person playing the character makes a conscious choice to take each action they do in game. The motivation behind these actions whether communal/sharing or individual/selfish shape whether their contributions to the experience will be positive or negative.

If we attempt to address this problem by addressing the rules the problem person will still have their 'bad' behavior patterns and just express them in another area. All we do is push the issue into a different area.

If we take the time to address the person who is the root cause of the issue we have a chance of getting things to change.

Sometimes there will be people who just bug us for no rational reason, times like this we have found one of our own issues to work on.

Sometimes people seriously don't have any understanding that their behavior is a problem, in these cases we have a duty to inform them as kindly, clearly, and in-dramatically as possible.

Sometimes people understand the impact they have on others and aren't willing to change. In these cases I believe we al have a duty to our community to invite these individuals to have their fun (get their lulz) elsewhere.

These conversations are not always easy and looking at our own issues can also be challenging but by facing the issues as they are we can all work together to make our hobby safer, more fun, and even more jam packed with awesomeness.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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I find that problem players are selfish.

This selfishness corrodes and destroys the communal nature of gaming.

This is why the community needs to police itself so that bad actors have a chance to choose to change or to leave.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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The first step is always the same, confirm that this really is a problem. Sometimes our own "stuff" makes us see issues where they don't exist. Talk to others and get confirmation.

A step that follows this is always the same as well and it is talk to the ones causing the problem. Be kind. Be unemotional. Do not argue. Be very specific about particular incidents and the problems they cause. People argue more over generalities and less over the specific instances.

If you have the ability set consequences and timeline in which the behavior needs to be changed.

Then you just need to stick to the timeline and consequences if they choose not to change.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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Ascalaphus wrote:

A player can be disruptive. A character can be disruptive. Both are possible independent or together.

I believe that while any person can play disruptively and any character build can be used disruptively there is no character build that by its very construction must always be disruptive when played.

I would challenge anyone to attempt to create and to post a characters that can only be played disruptively based on the mechanics of the build.

To me , it is always about choice. I can use a hammer irresponsibly and While I realize that is a choice I could make I do not choose to do so. I take the responsibility for my actions and refuse to believe and have also to date encountered no proof that an object is responsible for my action.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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The Fox wrote:
Yeah, I still think all of those examples you listed are on the player—not for making that character, but for playing that character in that way.

I agree complete with what The Fox said.

The character build by itself is just a piece of paper, which on its own does not cause issues in a game. it is how the characters abilities are used by the player in the context of the table that causes problems. The players choices/actions create the disruption.

Any and every characters can be played by a collaborative player non-disruptively.

Any and every characters played by a selfish player can be used disruptively.

It is about the choices the person makes and not the instrument they use to execute those choices in the game.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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Kitten, if there are problems you can always report them to the Venture Officers assigned to your area.

If you have a problem with a VO, please bring it up with them. If you don't feel safe doing this, or if the problems is with a VO, please bring the issue to the attention of the person above them in the organization even taking this to the level of the campaign coordinator.

Life is far to short to have to endure bad gaming situations. If it gets reported there is a chance we could do something about it. However to do something about it we need to know that something is going on.

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

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Simon my friend, as always, you rock!

Thanks so much for sharing and for being such a wonderful part of our community.

If you get the chance to play at a table with Simon take it. His is an absolute joy to game with.

Inclusion, acceptance, community, and safety are key parts of the organized play experience that don't normally get the same 'screen time' as other parts. By sharing your experience you have helped make the game better (if only a little bit) for everyone.

Little by little, choice by choice, together we all increase the awesome.

Silver Crusade

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Male Human (Kellid ancestry)
- AC:22[28]/T:10[16]/FF:22[28] || HP 44/44 || F+12*/R+7*/W+8* || Per -2* || Init +0* *:+2 vs. haunts[vs. smite target - currently Cassiel]

Egmund nods at Lilybeth's advice and says, I always remember it from that rhyme ...

For undead this should be known
you slash the flesh and bash the bones
and if through them you can see
it's called incorporeality.
You'll need magic to get that job done
and if you don't have it then run fool run!

He continues to wait for Junia's response.

Silver Crusade

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Male Human (Kellid ancestry)
- AC:22[28]/T:10[16]/FF:22[28] || HP 44/44 || F+12*/R+7*/W+8* || Per -2* || Init +0* *:+2 vs. haunts[vs. smite target - currently Cassiel]

Egmund gears himself up to deliver what seems like a memorized speech. He turns directly to Junia and locks eyes with her as if willing her to understand what he is trying to convey,

Before we being there are some details I would like to go over that you need to understand. We are all here to safeguard you during this visit to the Tri-tower yard.

We are skilled at getting into and out of places like the Tri-tower yard. Pathfinders do things like this frequently but there is no way that we can guarantee your or our safety.

But if you work with us we can work to minimize any issues that may arise.

It is possible that there will be situations that put you in serious danger.

My goal in those situations will always be to see to your personal protection.

In the moment we may not have the time to explain the reasons behind our actions. We will certainly explain things after the situation is resolved and we are certain of your safety but in the moment if one of us says to do something, do it.

Do not ask questions.

Do not stop to think just do it as best as you can.

In order to keep you safe we will need to ensure that the areas we go into are reasonably safe. This will mean that one of us needs to clear an area before you go into it. It may also mean that some areas will simply be to risky for us to enter.

We do know that there is an active haunt in the Tri-Tower yard and there have been reports of unread.

It also means that before you interact with anything unusual one of us will need to clear that as well.

Please talk to us and let us know what you want to do or are thinking of doing before you do it. Our goal if your safety and if you communicate with us we can hopefully accomplish what ever it might be that you want to do. It will likely take longer than you might hope and will require your understanding and patience. Pathfinders are creative people and if there is something that you need to accomplish we can usually figure out a way to make that happen, if you talk to us.

It would also be helpful if you stayed close to one of us at all times.

This is all to keep you safe and give you the best chance of returning home.

Our venture captain Drandle Dreng has brought us in here as a favor to your mother. So be aware that we will be reporting back to him and her after this mission is completed.

Before we begin I need you to really think about and answer something, should you die during this mission do you want to be brought back to life?

For this mission there will be no cost to you or your family for this service.

After getting through that he waits for Junia's response and continues to hope that she understands.

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