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Priestess of Nethys

Ensirio the Longstrider's page

366 posts. Alias of Orthos.


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TOZ wrote:
I would punch nothing so hard it exploded into a new sun to light the world again.


Cosmo wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
I have no memory of this thing.
I know.


That's all that ever sticks.

That and directions to the nearest restroom.

probe of the Or-Der Collective wrote:
Ensirio the Longstrider wrote:
I got this variant rod of wonder I can give you. It might work for ya. It might not.

[*winks in existence with a slight "psshhhh" sound. Probes with a minute but sinister-looking violet beam of light*]

"Kkkk... kkkk... scan-n-in-g... kkk"

[*sends an encoded hyper-message towards discrete trans-Grid coordinates*]

[*head rotates left and right... and then does a 360° rotation*]

"Kkkk... kkkk... prele..kkk...mina-ry probbbbbing... acc...kkk... omplished"

[*winks out of existence*]

Oh heyyyyy! It's the little wingding! Just the pet of the guy I was lookin' for.

Hey tell your boss, I found him a friend. You guys really should get together and hobnob for a bit. You'll either kill each other immediately or get along famously. Either way it should be as fun as Friday to watch.

I got this variant rod of wonder I can give you. It might work for ya. It might not.

*pops head out of fireplace*

Ho ho ho! Hey anybody seen that Bucko guy? I found somebody he should meet.

*vwips back up into chimney*

ROM, Space Knight wrote:
Ensirio the Longstrider wrote:
Man what is it with people trying to shoot me. That is so not awesome.
You make such a cooperating target.

I know a guy you should meet. He really hates ducks. You'd make a wonderful couple. Can you imagine the honeymoon? Gallavanting through the Maelstrom, blowing up ducks and proteans, chasing lil' ol' me across the cosmos with the lil' mechanical children in tow.

You'd never catch me, of course, but it's the thought of the thing that matters, innit?

Man what is it with people trying to shoot me. That is so not awesome.

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Don't you mean you WERE one?

That was a little funnier with the modron but this is still perfectly cromulent

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meatrace wrote:
Irontruth wrote:
I keep imagining some scenario where this thread becomes self-referential and starts repeating posts in an endless loop.
I keep imagining some scenario where this thread becomes self-referential and starts repeating posts in an endless loop.

I keep imagining some endless loop where this thread becomes scenario and starts repeating posts in a self-referential.

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Mmmmm. Delicious impending excommunication.

Accumulates slack

Defies authority

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137ben wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Rite Publishing wrote:
Another Interior Art Preview
Orthos wrote:
Hey, you can't just recycle comments like that! Comment Bonuses from the same source don't stack:)

Try and stop me!

Man, I want a helicopter. Hey dragon dude, wanna steal a helicopter?

There are people who actually ask permission anymore?

The Bailiff wrote:
Do I need to escort each and every one of you out of here?

You ain't the boss of me! I don't live on your grid! Anarchy in the FAWTL! Hail Eris! Row row fight da powa!

Give or take.

Row row fight da powa!

Sara Marie wrote:
ashley: can "POUNCH" be a new rage feat? you gain the ability to pounce 20ft and then punch your target in the face.

Let me see ya GRIT YOUR TEETH

Ross Byers wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:

jessica: Do we need a clause in there clarifying that this was after he died?

gary: it's a more interesting story if they [redacted] him before death though.

justin: do you *need* to clarify that he died before [redactification]?

jessica: I feel like it's implied since it isn't exactly *traditional* in [Redacted] to [redactifiy] the still-living

I'm putting a dollar on 'mummify'.

Oh sure, be logical about it.

It's the journey, not the destination, man.

Werebat wrote:
Gruumash . wrote:

I know this is a dying question most people have been asking themselves. Like Charles Scholz for one, A Doodlebug Anklebiter or his other persona Leafear the Lost. People like Patrick Curtain and Aberzombie and others may already be aware of my awesome nature and possibly why that is. But being so awesome I thought I would start this thread so you could ask me yourself instead of bothering those other people.

So go ahead ask away.

I don't need to read the rest of this thread because it is so obviously made of win.

Rock on, dude.

For those about to rock

We salute you!


Are you awesome enough for swordchucks?

Or don't, if you like.

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That's okay, I don't live on your grid anyway. Good day sir, I say good day.

*tips hat and hops on a rhinoceros, rides off into the sunset blasting "We Are The Champions" from horn-mounted loudspeakers*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nope, I'm just here for the show.

*handstands on one hand*

Look what I can do.

Order? Well we can't be having any of that.

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Rawr! wrote:

I'm a badger. Those stupid Chelaxians couldn't tell I was naked. :P

<Spraypaints anarchy symbols on statues of Asmodeus>

Aww yeah.

Fight da powa!


Burgerrmeister Meisterburger wrote:
Horkka Schorkka

*lays a yoyo shaped like a golden apple on the stairs*

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It's good cereal but I always have to pick out the shaggy dogs. They just don't sit well for me.

Mythic Evasion man!

Karelzarath wrote:
Man, what's up with that cheapy guy, eh?

I dunno man, I didn't do it.

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♪ Spicy-Slaad, Spicy-Slaad ♫
♫ Does whatever the Spicy wants ♪
♪ Burninate? Any time ♫
♫ Egg everything on the Prime ♪
♪ Look out, here comes the Spicy-Slaaaaaaaad ♫

Lamontius wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Hmm.. folks here sure to seem to be worked up about something.. I can't imagine what.

I be Trollin...

...armor spikes.

*slow clap*

Hawktitan wrote:
Threeshades wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Feros wrote:
Threeshades wrote:
Dammit, time! Pass faster!
In order to make time pass faster, physics states that you must go slower. Faster speed makes time slow down. I'm not sure how one would slow oneself to create a noticeable time effect, but it might be worth investigating. :)
Or you could do the Time Warp.
*does a jump to the left*
And a step to the right

Put your hands on your hips....

Rysky wrote:
Gark the Goblin wrote:
What if it's chili with beans without meat on a hot dog?
Then you blaspheme against the hot dog... why would you do that?

Yeah man, respect the hot dog! Or don't, if you like. I'm a Discordian cultist, not a cop.

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zylphryx wrote:
thunderspirit wrote:
zylphryx wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Dire. Consequences.

So, just to be clear, these would be the larger, more aggressive and primal cousins to the smaller and more common consequences, correct?

Also, do dire consequences have bony growths along their hides like dire bears? And if so, why? I mean, honestly, I never understood the bony growth thing ...

It's to differentiate them from the other bears.

And so the dire bears can feel pseudo-superior. You know, like the star-bellied Sneetches.

Soooo ... you're saying ...

Those bahrs have spars on thars ...

*slow clap*


Okay I gotta give it this one. Slappy Squirrel is my godsdamned hero.

Clark Peterson wrote:
You must think I'm a joke! I ain't gonna be a part of your system! You can't buy me, hotdog man! The moral of this story is: you can't trust the system!


When you're dead can I have your stump?


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Look at my horse, my horse is amazing....

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Nope, that's a create pit. Sorry.

Tels wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Rysky wrote:
I have the flu. Nuff said.
Hope you are feeling better soon. :)
SnowJade wrote:
...Well, I never thought I'd give birth to 2d4 slaadlings, either. Honestly, Cosmo.
Hmmm, I never considered Cosmo as a slaad... kinda makes sense though.

Are you implying that Cosmo did the nasty and impregnated SnowJade with 2d4 slaadlings?

SnowJade, please tell me you were unconscious for this ordeal!

Next episode, on As The Maestrom Turns....


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