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Danse Macabre

Enre's page

372 posts. Alias of Mrdarknlight.

Full Name

Enre Nhaésion




16 Invulnerable Rager/ 16 Hex Crafter Magus








Chaotic Good


Common,Elven,Giant,Draconic, Celestial, Orcish

Strength 26
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 24
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Enre

The shown stats are when he is wearing his mask and cape to seal his strength.


Weapon:+4 Furious Adamantine Falchion of Defiance 29/24/19/14 (2d4+17/18-20/x2)
Armor: +2 Full Plate
Base Spd: 40ft
Spd: 35 ft

BaB: 16
CMB: 24
CMD: 36


AC: 22
Touch: 12
Flat-Footed: 20
hp 190
Fort: 13
Reflex: 7
Will: 11

Armor Expert
Classically Schooled


Power Attack
Improved Initiative
Combat Reflexes
Iron Will
Combat Casting
Raging Vitality
Improved Iron Will
Raging Brutality
Improved Initiative
Intimidating Prowess
Extra Arcana

Class Abilities Barbarian:

Fast Movement
Rage : 43 rounds a day
Damage Reduction(DR8/-)
Extreme Endure: Resist Fire: 5
Greater Rage
Indomitable Will

Class Abilities Hex Magus:

Arcane Pool: 15
Spell Combat
Spell Strike
Hex Magus
Knowledge Pool
Fighter Training
Spell Recall
Counter Strike

Rage Powers:

Reckless Abandon
Lesser Beast Totem
Beast Totem
Great Beast Totem
Witch Hunter
Come and Get Me
Increased Damage Reduction


Arcane Accuracy
Hex Arcana: Evil Eye
Accurate Strike
Hex Arcana: Crackle
Hex Arcana: Ice Tomb
Bane Weapon


Acrobatics: 18
Climb: 10
Fly: 18
Intimidate: 24
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 21
Perception: 17
Ride: 14
Spell Craft: 22
Survival: 17
Swim: 10
Use Magic Device: 18

Languages: Common, Elven, Giant, Celestial , Draconic , Sylvan


HP: 400
Str: 44
Dex: 20
Con: 36
Int: 24
Wis: 20
Cha: 8

AC: 32
Touch: 12
Flat-Footed: 30

Fort: 23
Reflex: 14
Will: 18

BaB: 33
CMB: 33
CMD: 48

Weapon: +4 Furious Adamantine Falchion of Defiance 38/33/28/23 (2d4+36/18-20/x2)

Dark Vision
Giant Strength: Allows for weapons to be swung with more force than normal increasing their damage dice by two steps.
Fast Healing (Ex) 20
Frightful Presence (Ex)
Immunity (Ex) Bleed, Blind, Paralyze, Poison, Stun, Daze, Curses, Disease, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Sickened, Fear.
Natural Armor: 10
Regeneration(Ex):No form of attack can suppress this regeneration.
Rock Throwing (Ex): Instead of being two sizes smaller for the thrown rock it is one size smaller.
Scent (Ex)
See in Darkness(Ex)

Age: 20
height : 6 ft 10 in
weight 300
Skin color: pale
Hair: shaved
Eyes: dark red
body type: well muscled
Clothing: Enre wears a white mask covered with runes and a grey cloak. Under the cloak he wears heavy armor. On his back is a massive two handed blade.

Here is a picture of Enre, thanks to Ruloc.

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