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Sheriff Belor Hemolock

Enchanter Tim's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 189 posts (6,131 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 6 Pathfinder Society characters. 22 aliases.


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Checking in. I signed up with my Sorcerer/Oracle, but since this is involves Sovereign Court, I'm considering switching to my Aldori Swordlord fighter 1.

Checking in. I'm thrilled to be here among so many great applicants. Congrats everyone!

Barcas: Most of us have played with the idea of love or family. Do the Citizens of Hermea even understand these concepts (perhaps only academically)? I suppose some might have studied animals or seen the outside world, but for most it would seem like they are alien ideas and terms. Is there a term or attachment for someone who was raised with you? Schoolmate? Broodmate?

I'll work on stating up Dryth today.

Writing sample:

*Bang! Bang!*

Dryth jerks his head up from the wires he was working on. ”Krys, see who’s at the door.” He peers back into the control box and attaches the wires. There, that should do it. Now, let’s see if the code is right.

”Yes, sir.” Krys, Dryth’s personal robotic servant, wheels over to the door, but just as he approaches it, the door opens. With all endeavors and items in Promise for the collective good, there were no such things as locks to keep people out, but it was still impolite for someone to just enter on their own. Krys expresses his surprise at the intrusion. ”Excuse me, sir! I was just coming to get the door. You did not need let yourself-- Ah, Master Tyrone, wonderful to see you, sir. Master Dryth is in his workroom. Would you like any refreshments?”

”No, Krys, thank you. It seems Dryth has missed an appointment with Aldus this afternoon.” He yells out for Dryth. ”The man’s pride is hurt, Dryth. He was looking forward to this. You’ll have to apologize to him.” He walks into the workspace. ”What are you working on now that made you skip the meeting?”

Dryth curses as he hears Tyrone’s words. He turns and greets the man who has become a bit of a mentor these last two years. ”Tyrone, good to see you.” He turns back to his status screen. ”Aldus didn’t want to see me, he wanted a chance to mock me. I didn’t need that today. Besides, take a look.” He points to the half-torso of the robot he had been working on. Typing a few commands, he pulls out a control device. ”Ok, let’s see if this works.” He taps the device.

Suddenly, the half-robot glows with a reddish light. Dryth walks up to touch it. ”See, nothing but normal metal. But watch.” He pulls out a wand from his bag and touches it to the robot’s torso. White hot fire shoots out, enveloping the torso and driving Tyrone back from the residual heat. Dryth pulls the wand away. As both men struggle to regain their eyesight from the blinding light, Dryth grabs Tyrone’s hand and places right where the fiery wand had been a moment before. The older man feels cool metal. Dryth laughs. ”Not a scorch mark or hint of melted metal. Not even warm! And that was a maximized, intensified wand of burning hands. I borrowed it from Prena.”

”A proper protection spell can do the same.” Tyrone responds.

”Yes, but it can’t do it all the time. Drop this guy into a volcano for a week and he’ll come out without a mark. Think of him living in a forge, making repairs without having to shut it down. He works 24 hours a day without a break. He could be used to test fire weapons or rescue someone in a burning building. All without a ‘proper protection spell’ being cast.”

Tyrone rubs his chin, his mind running through the possibilities. He smiles and begins to speak when the torso begins glowing again. This time both men feel the intense heat emanating from the machine and are forced back. ”What’s going on, Dryth?!”

”I don’t know!” He reaches for the control, but it’s too close to the robot. The desk begins to blacken. Cursing, Dryth casts a simple spell. Suddenly the power to the robot is interrupted for a moment, but it’s enough for Tyrone to grab the control unit and power the whole lab down. As the temperature returns to normal, Dryth looks at Tyrone. ”Ok, maybe it’s not fully worked out. But it has potential, right?”

Tyrone laughs. ”Keep working, and be thankful your Daze spell works on machines like this. It would have burned my whole house down!” The older man pats him on the back. ”Go see Aldus and apologize. For my sake, at least. I have to deal with him everyday and he’s going to sulk. I know it.” He turns to leave. ”And remember the dinner with Gorath tomorrow! Grace is coming too, I spoke to her. Her testing of the new crops is going well and she’ll be able to make it.”

Dryth nods. ”We talked this morning. It seems the swamp rot isn’t affecting this new batch. Imagine being able to grow wheat in a bog! Maybe Promise will be able to feed more people. But do I really have to go to this dinner? You know how I hate those things.”

Tyrone laughs. "Right. You were holding court at the last one! I've never seen so many people interested in hearing about trionic networks. You'll be there, I know it." He begins to leave.

Dryth merely shrugs and waves to Tyrone. He turns back to his workshop. ”Krys, see Tyrone out. And get me something to eat.”

Also, I used the Pelagio tribe with Grace and made her a botanist. Pelagio can be in charge of agriculture, farming, and other things involving plants and livestock. Certainly I see them using technology to aid them. We could be talking about GMOs, pesticides, cross-breeding, etc.

Enchanter Tim: The section on Grace (an anachronistic name) raises a few questions. Were they secretly lovers as teens (a violation of the rules)? Have they attempted to get permission for a one-year match? Coming late into the rank of the citizens is an interesting point of view. How much of the technology has he explored? They're far beyond clockwork constructs, so he would have to understand the computers behind robotics.

The section on Grace is my exploration into relationships in Hermea. With no familial bonds to speak of and no attachments to mates, I sort of see things as perpetual series of hookups even with the one-year bond being fairly short in comparison with our society. Dryth and Grace have never petitioned for the one-year match. I see them as having a weird (in our sense) brother-sister/friends-with-benefits relationship. This might be the norm in Hermea. Dryth and Grace are not sneaking off at every opportunity (though they did break the rule as teens once). Mostly they're close friends who had a shared upbringing, which was tested while Dryth was at the farm. Occasionally that closeness crosses into intimacy whether it's a kiss or more, perhaps when stress and tension are high or feelings are low. This is a utilitarian intimacy still (like most in Hermea, I expect), and I stress this is occasional thing perhaps happening less than half a dozen times in all. Both of them have had many other partners. Grace has birthed 2 children and Dryth fathered 1.

I see Dryth as having come into Promise for less than 2 years now (making him around 24). He is still exploring what technology can do, but he sees the vast potential. I wasn't exactly sure what tech level Hermea was at. Do they have cars? Battle robots? Teleportation circles? Robotic farmers? Dryth's views on techno-slaves combined with the Arcana from his Impossible bloodline sets himself up as someone who could rule an army of robots. He could be the guy at the top in the beginning of every robot revolution story. For now though, he's still trying to convince others of the potential of his ideas and what it would mean for Hermea. He sees glory like that of Ancient Egypt, the Plantation South, and Mother Russia, but built on the backs of robot slaves who you never have to feed. Much of this idea is based around his experiences on the farm and the relative hardships they faced (manual labor) compared to those in Promise.

I'll lay out my idea of Crossblooded with Imperious Bloodline here too. Would you consider a tweak to make the Imperious Bloodline work with machines only? This would heighten his role as a robotic overlord, especially if his spells could actually cause robots/constructs to become shaken, a condition they can't otherwise have. So he would be able to enchant constructs as well as make them 'feel' fear. A robotic slaver.

Dryth ex-Thermostila, a mechanical artisan with an interesting birth history intent on creating and controlling a class of mechanical slaves for Hermea. Mechanically, he's a Sorcerer with the Impossible Bloodline, though I also have some ideas on Crossblooded with the Imperious Bloodline.

Gaming experience:

I've have considerable experience with PbP, with most being on the Paizo site. I was overseas for several years with PbP as my only gaming outlet. I've joined many games and I've GM'ed a few PFS scenarios. I'm currently in 6 games on the Paizo site including one lasting since 2012 and now over 5000 posts and another since 2013 and just shy of 3000 posts. I like to try to play different characters with varying personalities and mechanics.

Dryth ex-Thermostila:

Five background and concept elements important to Dryth ex-Themostila.
1. Dryth was part of an experiment by the Diocles tribe. Rather than have Rhodeans breed and control the bloodlines, a sect of the Diocles tribe thought to create suitable citizens through alchemical and magical infusion of infants. In essence, they sought to shortcut the decades long process of breeding by infusing infants with desired traits, particularly advanced intellect.
2. Dryth is of middling intellect, especially compared to many of the Themostila tribe, but he has a natural way with machines which seem to far outpace many of his tribe-mates.
3. Dryth was initially not accepted into any tribe and moved out to one of the farming communities. He lived there for nearly 6 years before his magical abilities suddenly fostered. With his ability to perform spells and a seemingly innate aptitude for handling machinery, he was soon brought back into Promise.
4. Dryth believes in the idea of machine slaves. He believes Hermea can unlock the true potential of humanity by freeing themselves of meaningless physical work. Fulfilling the Unity doctrine and finding enlightenment can be made easier by relegating nearly all tasks to machines, such as fighting, harvesting, and even walking,
5. Dryth is a mechanical artisan. He has an amazing way with machines, not just making them work or understanding how they function, but often controlling them in a way no one else can. He has found that his spells will affect machines where others’ won’t, and he can convince machines to follow him or pay attention to his innate presence.
Two goals that are important to Dryth.
1. Dryth wants to show he does indeed belong in Promise. Having failed to become a Citizen at first, Dryth is very proud of his accomplishment, and he constantly strives to display his usefulness to the nation.
2. Dryth wants to create himself mechanical slaves to do whatever he needs. He believes if he can show the potential of machine slaves, all of Hermea will benefit.

Two secrets about Dryth, one that he knows, and one that he not yet aware of.
1. The Diocles attempts to create suitable Citizens was ultimately declared a failure. Of the more than 300 the infants subjected to the process, most never survived the infusion process or died within several years. Only five children survived. Four showed immediate enhanced intelligence and awareness, and they all became Citizens. Dryth was the fifth child, who showed normal, unexceptional development. The cost of the experiment was deemed too high, and the details of the Diocles experiment have been hidden. Further attempts to alchemically create Citizens has been forbidden.
2. While Dryth believes in the power of machines to enhance humanity, he actually doubts part of the Unity Principle. His time on the farm showed him the strong talents and spirit of the farming communities. They have a drive and an ethic which is at times lacking in Promise since its Citizens have little more to strive for. He knows the farms have many people who would make excellent Citizens and be valuable, productive members of Promise. This is what has inspired his work and proposals for machine slaves. He feels if he can create these slaves, then the farming communities may be allowed to join the ranks of Promise, freed from their duties in the fields.

Four people that are tied to Dryth, three are friends and one is an enemy.
1. Tyrone tal-Diocles - Senior researcher in the Diocles alchemical citizen project. Tyrone wasn’t in charge of the alchemical project, but he is one of more prominent researchers who survived the project’s fall. With Dryth’s acceptance into Promise, Tyrone has tried to become a mentor and friend to the young man, trying to gauge his abilities. Dryth has come to rely on Tyrone as someone who can guide him in life, while not knowing the man’s history or intentions.
2. Grace ex-Pelagio - Childhood friend and sometimes-lover. Grace and Dryth were raised together in the same Rhodean unit. She is his friend, confidant, and seemingly the closest thing to family allowed on Hermea. Experiencing so much together as they grew up, it seemed only natural for them to become lovers too. Grace was accepted into the Citizenry immediately, which pulled them apart for several years. Dryth’s acceptance into Promise, however, was one of their happiest moments. Grace has had 2 children already, neither of them Dryth’s. Grace studies plants for Hermea as a part of the Pelagio tribe.
3. Piotr - Non-citizen friend from the farm where Dryth worked during his 6 years before becoming a Citizen. Dryth had been at the farm for a year when Piotr arrived. He helped the young man learn their tasks and the two soon became fast friends. When Dryth left to move to Promise, Piotr was crushed. He was losing his best friend.
4. Halpern ex-Themostila - Halpern is another machinist and Dryth’s philosophical opposite. He believes in the power of the Citizentry as superior beings to the rest of humanity, even those in the farms in Hermea. He believes all other humans should be enslaved to bring their base urges and other defects under control. Human slaves, he argues, can be used for labor and sustaining the Citizenry, who will be free to explore greater enlightenment. Halpern even places machines above potential slaves since they are not bound by the same flaws and can be constructed towards perfection in a single task. Halpern loves machines more than people actually. Dryth and Halpern have argued so much in his time as a Citizen that they fester hatred on sight of each other.

Four memories, mannerisms or quirks Dryth possess.
1. Dryth has a brand of a spoked wheel on his lower right arm. It was done one night in the farming community with many of them wanting to show pride in their positions on Hermea, despite not being Citizens. While painful to have done, he is proud of it.
2. Dryth has a love of animals, born of his time at the farm. He learned to care for horses and dogs there, seeing the intense loyalty these animals can have.
3. When Dryth was welcomed into Promise and signed the Contract of Citizenship, Grace was among the first to greet him. It was a reunion they had looked forward to for years. She presented him with a laurel wreath and helped him dress into his new clothes. They laughed together like they had as children, spinning around until they got so dizzy they collapsed. It was pure, uncontested joy.
4. Dryth has a habit of tapping his lips when he’s thinking, as well as wandering when deep in thought. When he’s working on a complex project, he will often wander the streets of Promise, only faintly aware of his surroundings. With the civil environment of the city, this is rarely a problem as no danger ever comes to him. When he was at the farm, he would wander some of the fields at times tapping his lips and moving through the rows of crops. Several times, he would ‘awake’ from his thoughts to find himself far off the farm property with dwindling daylight.

Dang Fizz, I was thinking of a policeman as well. Maybe a more mundane law enforcement official/detective who is suddenly confronted with the darker side of the society and finds it doesn't sit well.

Barcas: How much do the men even know of their offspring? Would they even know if their mate had the child successfully? Know if it was a boy or girl?

And I echo Tarondor. I could be in a face-to-face game later, but this setting is very compelling.

dotting for interest

wraithstrike wrote:
Enchanter Tim wrote:

It solves the hand problem if you don't assume manipulating the material component and doing the somatic gesture has to be at exactly the same time. You caster can begin the casting, then reach into the pouch and pull out the spider silk/butter/whatever, and then complete the casting. All possible in a couple seconds.

Now that doesn't answer the 'Do you need to have the material component in your hand?'.

Agreed, but I think it is reasonable to say at some point during the casting the item makes its way into your hand.

Yes, but I'm saying you don't need to be doing somatic gestures at that exact moment. So you wiggle your fingers, pull out the component, it gets sucked away by magical energies, and the spell is cast. Or you start the casting, pull out the component, it gets dissolved by magical energies, and you finish it by making a hand motion.

It solves the hand problem if you don't assume manipulating the material component and doing the somatic gesture has to be at exactly the same time. You caster can begin the casting, then reach into the pouch and pull out the spider silk/butter/whatever, and then complete the casting. All possible in a couple seconds.

Now that doesn't answer the 'Do you need to have the material component in your hand?'.

Interesting, because my Sczarni character is the one I have the hardest time believing he would fit well into his new Faction. Mostly it's because while he was interested in money, it was more the family and mob power that he was most interested in. Heck, if the Shadow Lodge was still around, he would move there in a heartbeat. The Exchange just seems too focused solely on cash for him.

I'm playing the transition scenario right now with my Andoran, so we'll see how this turns out. It'll be interesting because his first interaction of the scenario was saluting the Major as a higher ranking officer. If that military structure is lost in moving to Liberty's Edge, he might feel left behind.

I agree that we need a better sense of these new factions for our old characters to fit in well. The old nation-backed factions could feed on the history and culture of the specific nation to flesh them out. Honestly, I felt the non-nation ones (Grand Lodge, Silver Crusade) were the most flat. Now all of them feel that way.


I voted to have everyone in our Kingmaker game play Druids. I was shot down.

Dotting for interest. Either a Dwarven Magus (Soul Forger might be cool, but so might Black Blade+Relic of Dwarven Smithy) or a Foehammer.

Over the weekend, I tried to order some PDFs, but I got a message that my card had been declined. I tried multiple cards, but I got the same message. I've also checked my bank, and the original card I tried shows 2 holds on it from Paizo.

Any ideas on a fix?

I also got one from captainGreg903.

Ok, I always said if I had some time, I would give back and GM a PFS scenario. So now I find myself with some time and it's time to make good on that.

Since this is my first scenario to run, I'd like to do The Confirmation. I'll be reaching out to the top 5 on the list to see if they'd like to join.

What's everyone playing? I have an Archeologist Bard and a Aldori Swordlord both level 1.

Huh, I totally missed this. Apologies.

I've labeled mine. I'm open for anything I can play. I've only got a couple of level 1s available for play right now, unfortunately. Otherwise, I'd love to do something like City of Strangers of Devil we know for a mid or higher tier.

I'm also considering jumping into the GM pool with something basic like Confirmation or First Steps.

My Inquisitor of Erastil refers to himself as a 'Hunter'.
My Inquisitor of Torag calls himself a 'Hammer'.
I can see both organizations taking those names on.

My conceited Oracle simply calls himself a 'Badass'.

I'm game for the Veteran's Vault. I have a Inquisitor 3 or a Archaeologist Bard 1.

This was something I missed on my first pass of the PFS rules too. It's not that each PFS character can't replay a scenario. It's that (with the exception of replayable level 1 scenarios only), none of your characters can have credit for the same scenario. You as a player can only play each scenario for credit once.

So for your PFS character #1, if you play Silent Tide scenario, then that scenario is unavailable for play for any of your future PFS characters. So, it's a bit of a disincentive to have tons and tons of PFS characters, since you'll just be limited the pool of scenarios each one can play.

Lucendar, please let me know if you have any questions about Jalal. I haven't had the time to polish the crunch, but I certainly would if he's chosen.

Jalal is a warrior-type, spurred on by his failure to save his uncle and his own cowardice as a child. He's learning to use his ancestral connections to help him in battle. As a Lorekeeper, he'll be gaining mostly defensive or unique utility spells like Haste or Fly from the wizard list.

Putting forth Jalal Hammada, an Elven Lorekeeper Oracle of the Ancestors.

Crunch isn't quite finalized, but mostly there.

Love the idea of this game, but I think I'm overloaded as it is. I'll let others enjoy this.

Dotting for interest. I have an Inquisitor of Pharasma floating around from a previous submission to a Carrion Crown game that I think would have a suitable edge for this.

I've played Night March with one of my characters already, so I'm happy to let others have the chance.

Dotting. Signed up on the sheet. I have a few level 1s and one now level 3.

Understood. Mostly I liked the idea of reusing an alias.

I'm still interested even if there's no Cavalier or their archetypes. Not sure what I'd play though. Beastmaster doesn't have the right tone to me.


Dario would tell you he doesn't revere any god above any other and respects them all. Especially with how much research he's done, he's seen good and bad of many religions. However, he holds up Aroden as a model in his mind of the enlightened and cultured society that he hopes will eventually prevail.

Gotta throw in for a VoV game!

Professor Dario Westone is a slim Half-Elf with short hair, standing about 5’8” and 135 pounds. He usually dresses in brown breeches and a leather jacket though he tends to favor blues as well. He moves with a natural grace and his smile is easily disarming. As an academic, Dario usually isn't seen with weaponry, but on excavations and explorations he is known to regularly carry a sword and several daggers about him.

The Professor is a religious researcher and former associate Professor originally from the University of Egorian. He has since taken to wandering the land, cataloging the world's religions, both major and minor. He's come to Solku not only to observe the practices at Sarenrae's Lambent Cathedral, but also to track down some ancient and esoteric religious texts in the Archive of Eminent Tomes.

Dario's next several days will be split between observing and discussing religious practices with Sarenrae's priests and digging through the Archive for texts. He will be known to several members of both groups, though his research may go largely unnoticed by the higher ups.

Dario is an Half-Elf Archeologist Bard with a level in either Urban or Freebooter/Trapper Ranger to give him access to martial weapons and the Disable Device class skill. He'll be using Dervish Dance with a scimitar for combats. He's going to be your skill monkey, knowledge buff, secondary arcane caster, skirmisher, and possible face (he's got the skill points, but not the full blown Charisma). All in all, a jack-of-all-trades.

I think this could be fun. Vesna is an Oracle, but her remaining levels will be in Sorceror. Likely, Elemental/Boreal crossblooded. It doesn't get any more Winter Mage.

GM, there is one thing I would like permission to change though for some cool flavor, I think. Instead of her tongues curse making her speak Celestial, would you allow it to make her speak Skald only? Part of her Northern heritage taking over.

Vesna (Anastasia) Kania:

Vesna Kania
Human (Jadwiga) Oracle 1
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +0
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 12 (1d8+4)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2
Resist oracle's curses (tongues [celestial]), cold 2
Speed 20 ft.
Melee dagger +0 (1d4/19-20/×2) and
. . spear +0 (1d8/×3)
Special Attacks revelations (freezing spells [1 rd])
Oracle Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +5):
1st (4/day)—protection from evil, bless, cure light wounds
0 (at will)—detect magic, create water, read magic, light
Str 11, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Elemental Focus, Toughness
Traits magical knack, northern ancestry
Skills Diplomacy +8, Knowledge (arcana) +2, Knowledge (nature) +5, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +5, Survival +4
Languages Celestial, Common, Skald
SQ mysteries (winter)
Other Gear Studded leather armor, Dagger, Spear, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Belt pouch (empty), Blanket, winter, Cold weather outfit, Flint and steel, Scroll case (empty), Torch (3), Waterproof bag (empty), Waterskin, 60 GP, 8 SP, 7 CP
Special Abilities
Cold weather outfit +5 Fort save vs. cold weather.
Elemental Focus (Cold) +1 DC to spells that deal damage of the chosen energy.
Energy Resistance, Cold (2) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Freezing Spells (1 rd) (Su) Creatures who fail to save against your cold spells are slowed.
Magical Knack (Sorceror) +2 CL for a specific class, to a max of your HD.
Tongues (Celestial) You can only understand and speak one language in combat.


Vesna’s early years were life on the road. She didn’t remember much of the early days except that whenever they moved, they moved South. South, her father told her, was safer. Her father, Nikolai Kania, was a sorceror, one who could manipulate water. Some people feared them, but mostly Nikolai tried to help people when he could, bringing water to crops and clean water for drinking. Sometimes they would stay in a town for months, her father trying to figure out a new spell, but then it time to move again. Vesna knew not to complain when they had to go, besides she would just make new friends. Friends were easy for Vesna. She owned rooms when she walked into them and it wasn’t a week in a new town where she didn’t have a following of others. Girls usually, but as she grew older the boys came too. With her pale blonde hair and powder white skin, she was cute at first, then grew to become stunningly beautiful. The only flaw in her skin was several lines of scars the left side of her neck, chin, and cheek. But those only made her exotic and fueled endless speculation.

Vesna knew exactly where those scars came from, though she never told others. Her father had never hidden her past from her. The scars were the last gift from her mother, a Jadwiga of Irrisen. Nikolai had fallen in love with Klaudia years before when living on the northern edge of Varisia. Klaudia would come and go, spending weeks in Nikolai’s arms before departing back to Irrisen. One day she came back swollen with child. She stayed then, trying to live a normal life with Nikolai. The baby was born and they named her...Anastasia. That was Vesna’s original name. She was beautiful even as a baby. Motherhood and a normal life wore on Klaudia, though. She could feel the pull of her grandmother back to Irrisen. Klaudia had always been cold, but caring for Anastasia made her bitter too. One night, Nikolai woke to find her clutching little Anastasia by the neck, claws digging into the baby’s flesh. She would end the baby and then be free to leave. Nikolai ripped the baby from her grasp, causing the claws to rake the girl’s neck and cheek. He threw Klaudia back with a spell and the Jadwiga fled in rage. Nikolai knew then it wasn’t safe for them to stay in the North. He fled to the south with his baby girl, and renamed her Vesna to spite her Winter Witch mother. Vesna means Spring.

When Vesna was 13, they had crossed into Taldor. Here, her father said, they would stop and build a life. Vesna wasn’t certain it was so much about safety as it was about Nikolai finding love again. Elizabeth was special though. She had visions. She saw things in their future and helped Nikolai ease his fears. Her stepmother was the steadying force they had never had for years. She also taught Vesna how to see and trust the good in people with a warm and loving heart. Before Elizabeth, Nikolai had watched his daughter become harder and colder. She had realized she could use her beauty and charm to get her way. People saw her only as an object of worship, and she began to treat them like it. Elizabeth showed her that goodness was worth respect, and weakness was to be protected by the powerful.

One day, Elizabeth woke up screaming. When they calmed her down, Vesna heard the words that made her heart stop. ”Your mother wants you back.” Nikolai wanted to move again, but Elizabeth assured him that would not stop it. Worse, if he or she interfered, they would all die. Vesna had to go alone. She was 18 now, and that age meant something to the Witches. But where? All the way back to Irrisen? And how was she to fight against the Witches’ power? That’s when it happened. Elizabeth touched Vesna’s arm and divine power raced through the girl. She woke with a distinct dream of butterflies. Heldren Butterflies. Moreover, she woke with a lock of auburn now in her blonde hair. If anything it only made her more striking. But Elizabeth’s words rung true. ”Now you’re my daughter too. Your mother’s blood is strong. You’re a child of the North. But you’re also your father’s daughter. Your blood sings with magic. You know the spells; you can tame it. Now you have my blessing as well. You can do this. Heldren will need you. You’ll find your future there.”

I'm Torean in the other game, Beckett. As much as I'd love to play in both (3 if you count Frozen Fingers), I'm happy to give others a chance. Besides, I'd be bringing a level 1, so hopefully you can get a higher level to keep the tier higher.

Interested. Considering a Crossblooded Marid/Boreal sorceror with a level in Oracle of Winter. Bit of a 'Soul of Winter'.

Alternately, a Witchguard Ranger could be fun in this campaign.

Yeah I dont have anything that high either. I'll try to clear up the chronicle sheets but the Inquisitor 1 is ok to go.

Ok, I have evidently lost the Chronicle sheets for the character I was retraining as my Archaeologist Bard. So that XP may be lost and I need to either restart my Bard at 0XP or use a different character.

I wouldn't mind playing my Archaeologist Bard, but with a group like this having access to divine magic might mean the Inquisitor is a better call.


Edit: What am I thinking? Bards have access to Cure spells too. Let me try to get my Archaeologist Bard ready.

I'd be interested. I only have some level 1's available, though I think I can totally remake my very first PFS character and he would be at level 2. Archaeologist Bard, Spellkiller Inquisitor, or Aldori Swordlord fighter.

I got one of those too. I like Inquisitors. (Btw, I was also in your Berosius game as Devram Coates. Aldori archetype I'm iffy on.) I have a feeling archer inquisitor is all about one thing: Bane arrow full attack

-Posted with Wayfinder

*waves to Scott*

Spellbreaker seems good. At 1st level I really only got to play with the Will Save rerolls, but combined with Torean's mega saves vs spells, it almost guarantees he won't fail. Not the case with your character, but anytime you get a second chance at Will saves is good. With an archer it might not be quite as important though since you shouldn't be the first target of a nasty mind-bender.

I do wish the Spell hunter inquisition was PFS legal though.

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Ok, so I might end up with 2 or 3 chronicle sheets to apply to various (or a single) level 1-3 pfs character, then likewise several for the next tier and so on. Ok, I get it now.

I'll take a look at the PG and see if I'm inspired for a character.

-Posted with Wayfinder

I put the link in the old recruitment thread to come here.

I'll take Chuffy!

Everyone, go here

Sent via PM. I'm good with playing Chuffy or Poog.

Ah, ok. Well then I'm not married to the idea of a rogue. I'm willing to play any other small deranged maniac as needed.

Checking in. Are we building our own characters or using the pregens for this? I have a goblin knifemaster rogue I could use.

I realized I will need to setup a new alias for Valeros. GM, would you mind if I posted under this account for the game or would that break the flow? I would just rather not have a pregen alias that I can't remove later.

Also interesting how the pregen is made. It's about a 14 point buy.

I'd love to jump in on this one. I'll have to play a pregen though, so I can be Valeros. I found the PFS pregens, but it only has level 4. Are there level 5 pregens?

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