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Enaris's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 145 posts (2,328 including aliases). 5 reviews. 1 list. 3 wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.

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Perfect for new players


Personally, I use a pdf printout, so I cannot say whether the folder in the front adds any value- the player at my table who uses the folder uses it to keep his health, spells, and loot notes. He uses memo papers, which are slightly smaller than a normal page.

I recently printed some of these for some new players and they absolutely LOVE them- they're going to buy the full folio right away.

Experienced players might enjoy the space provided to list followers, hideouts, and a record of adventures.

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First of all, this book is cool.

***( )( )

Now, I've only got the PDF as of yet, but I like the book for a few key points: First, my favorite character is a Hellknight Signifer of the Pyre. Second, my current character in Jade Regent is a Witch (winter witch), and I wanted some more winteriness. Third, an upcoming player in my Rise campaign is playing an aristocrat (for which I'm going to introduce the Noble Scion prestige class)

Here's the problem: two of the three classes I've looked at in this have serious flaws. Maybe not for the more experienced, perhaps, but anyone looking to add flavor to a character without rules wading is in for a surprise.

First, the Hellknight. Okay, okay, it's well designed to be able to support oracle, cleric, inquisitor, sorcerer, wizard, even probably druid levels before the prestige taking. But... Arcane armor expertise? You get that as a bonus feat.
...Expertise? What? Does that mean mastery? Is it a feat, or a class feature stated elsewhere?

Second, the winter witch. With James specifically calling out the WW, I thought for sure it'd be incredibly worthwhile.
Turns out, not so much. Besides only being able to take levels in it if you're ALREADY a winter witch, something I didn't mind too much, it's also worded incredibly badly. The first level doesn't add a level of spells per day, but levels of the PrCl stack with witch levels to "determine spells per day, spells learned..." What? So which is it? What's my caster level?
The errors and missteps in the Winter Witch prestige class go on and on, and it'll take a few hours with my GM, a lot of scrap paper, and some red ink for me to actually take levels in it.

All told, it was worth receiving anyhow, and has a lot of flavor for any class and concept you'll ever deign to play.

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Helpful, but could have used more

****( )

Though the guide contained excellent information about how to create an enjoyable player for the entire campaign as well as relevant and balanced traits to tie a character to the initial action, I felt they lacked the support for designing a character with long-term attachment to the story.

It DID contain some truly interesting information about a multitude of character design aspects, from race to class to background. Definitely worth a read by everyone who plans to play in Carrion Crown, a delightful and well-executed horror campaign.

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Best read in some time.


Sutter breathes life into both the characters and their world of Golarion, in a well paced and better spun tale of swords, sorcery, betrayal, and mystery.

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****( )

This is great- something in it for every group, well- organized for a GM's convenience, and deep, interesting NPCs and story.
I had a few minor issues with the book- first, I got it for pathfinder, and it contains none of the pathfinder rules that set it apart- NPC statistics contain spot and listen checks, move silently and hide checks, and there is no CMB or CMD in the statistics block. Changes based on the classes like the wizard's specialist abilities is not included, and rogues have no talents. Still compatible, of course, but very frustrating.
Also, the "handouts" are often in the middle of the page and very annoying to actually hand out... would be much more satisfied with a table I could photocopy.
As I said, very minor issues. Very thrilled- would recommend.

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