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Emilia the Devout's page

42 posts. Alias of Icyshadow.

Full Name

Emilia Lormaine




Cleric 3








Neutral Good






Common, Elven


Priestess of the Dawnflower

About Emilia the Devout

Born the half-elf daughter of a Keleshite father and a forlorn elf mother, Emilia grew up in Osirion at the city of Shiman-Sekh after the small settlement to the south where she had been born in was burnt down and destroyed in a raid by the local cultists of Lamashtu when she was only 4 years old.

Though she never found out that both her parents were ardent followers of Sarenrae, she learned the ways of the faith from her adoptive father and savior, a compassionate but somewhat stern Taldan man named Darek Lormaine who had settled a small orphanage with the help of his companion, an elf of Kyonin named Al'naria.

Years passed with her new family and Emilia eventually grew up into a fine young woman with a slight bit of a hot-blooded attitude. Having heard of her parents' fate, she then knew what she'd want to do with her life. Taking with her the scimitar, robes and holy symbol that once belonged to her parents, she bade farewell to her adoptive family and set out to explore the world, intending to bring help to those in need of it and to fight against evil when she needed.

Having grown up in an orphanage surrounded by kids from various backgrounds, Emilia has learned not to judge people by their appearance. An energetic and somewhat hot-blooded person, she is also known for her compassion as well as her willingness to help those in need. She absolutely hates followers of Rovagug and Lamashtu, the former due to the deity being Sarenrae's greatest foe and the latter for her relation to the ones that killed her parents.

Usually sporting a kind smile on her face, Emilia is a young woman with cobalt blue eyes and straight black hair reaching to her shoulders with a medium-length fringe. She usually wears blue robes with yellow sun patterns on the sleeves. Her body has a slight but noticeable hour-glass shape, a fact that she's aware of as she hardly ever tries to present herself in a provocative manner. She always carries a holy symbol of Sarenrae with her, a keepsake from her deceased parents.

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