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Elvis Aron Manypockets's page

155 posts. Alias of beamersrq.


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Silver Crusade ***

Rudy2 wrote:
Lormyr wrote:
I personally do not like puzzles (in gaming or otherwise). They are not enjoyable for me, nor am I good at them, so it tends to become a matter of frustration for me quickly if I am forced to solve them on my own.
Yeah, it's also very frustrating that there seems to be an assumption that players or role-playing games like riddles and/or puzzles, or want them mixed together. It would be much better if there was an alternate way to solve them, by having your characters do checks of various kinds.

As one who enjoys puzzles & riddles, it would be equally frustrating for me if when presented with one we were simply asked to roll some dice to see if we succeed, without being given a chance to actually solve it.

Most scenarios will contain elements we don't personally enjoy but others do. If no one at the table wants to solve it or they are struggling then rolling is certainly appropriate, just don't default to that without giving the players an opportunity - after all, it's what the characters would actually be doing.

One of my favorite moments was when our group had found something to decode. As I (and my bard in-game) worked on the puzzle we were attacked, with one of them randomly hitting me. Without looking up I said "Hey, can't you see I'm working here?" and continued to focus on the code, while another PC charged in and took out my attacker.

Silver Crusade ***

The problem with using the AA conversion of the PCCS version is that you can't legally buy the PCCS version of it after 3/7/11, as per the additional resources. So you would have to purchase it from the ISWG (which replaced PCCS) or UE, both of which only give the light weapon designation when using TWF. Since the AA only refers to PCCS RAW it doesn't apply to the updated versions in the ISWG & UE.

Unless you purchased the weapon before 3/7/11, in which case the PCCS / AA version is legal.

Silver Crusade


Silver Crusade

Cathlessra wrote:
Only 1 missing. Almost there. Could be the Beginner box like others suggested, or maybe We Be Goblins (which I believe now only gives 1 credit). Good progress, I know how tricky it is to find a new feature (=bug) in code not written by yourself

It's not We Be Goblins - I've GM'd multiples of both of them and my total is correct, including 2 credits for Free RPG Day modules. Could be BB Bash as I haven't done that one.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Any updates on a Print Pack Add-on solution for those who pledged for it but weren't able to add it to the manager? I've received my regular KS physical rewards but still no word on this.

Silver Crusade

Mine's now correct & once I did the report then delete trick I now have my shiny new 3rd star.

Silver Crusade ***

kreeg6238 wrote:
Paz wrote:

Did you get given a card or slip of paper that had the Pathfinder Society logo on it, with a 'Pathfinder #' at the top and a 'Confirmation Code' at the bottom? That confirmation code is what you need.

If you did not get a card, then it looks like the GM made an error. I would get in contact with a local regional coordinator to try and get it sorted out, giving the details from your chronicle sheet (event code, your PFS number and the GM's, etc.).

Thanks Paz. The GM gave me a character number and a "paizo player #" and that was it. The character number is 7 digits and the paizo player # is 6-7 characters (numbers and letters). That's all I got so it looks like I don't have the necessary info. Oh well, it is what it is.

Thanks again!

Try using the "player #" as the confirmation number - it sounds like it's the right format, and there is no separate player # - your character # is your player # plus -1, -2 etc (123456-1, 123456-2).

...and RDN's ID says it all (though it's not raining here)

Silver Crusade ***

1. Alternatively each player without a number can sign up for one directly by clicking on Join the Pathfinder Society and create your character now! link on the main PFS page.

Silver Crusade

Our group of 6 (originally 5 for most of the game until a wayward boyfriend joined us for the summer) has just reached this point, with no deaths. Here's the stats:

Character Name: Amiri
Role Card: Juggernaut
Skill Feats: Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Intelligence +1, Wisdom +1
Power Feats: +1 hand size, heavy armor proficiency, may move another character at end of turn, Blessing of Gorum adds d12
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Blessing +2
Weapons: Bastard Sword +1, Dagger +1, Greataxe, Longsword +1, War Razor +1, Warhammer +1
Spells: -
Armors: Elven Breastplate, Magic Studded Leather Armor
Items: Crown of Charisma, Spyglass
Allies: Merchant, Troubadour
Blessings: Gorum x4, Shelyn, Gods

Character Name: Harsk
Role Card: Tracker
Skill Feats: Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Constitution +1
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Recharge to add d4 +2, Add 1d8 to Giant bane
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Armor +1, Blessing +1
Weapons: Deathbane Light Crossbow +1, Frost Longbow +1, Light Crossbow, Longbow +1, Returning Throwing Axe +1, Throwing Axe
Spells: -
Armors: Magic Leather Armor, Snakeskin Tunic
Items: Belt of Incredible Dexterity, Holy Candle, Masterwork Tools
Allies: Jakardros Sovark
Blessings: Abadar, Erastil x2, Gods x3

Character Name: Kyra
Role Card: Exorcist
Skill Feats: Strength +3, Intelligence +1
Power Feats: Weapon Proficiency, Heal 1d4 +2, Add 1d8 +1 to Undead bane, Recharge Blessing of Sarenrae
Card Feats: Spell +1, Blessing +2
Weapons: Longsword +2, Impaler of Thorns
Spells: Consecration, Holy Light x2, Major Cure
Armors: Magic Half-Plate x2
Items: Sihedron Medallion
Allies: Cat
Blessings: Abadar, Calistria, Desna, Sarenrae x3, Shelyn, Torag

Character Name: Seelah
Role Card: Crusader
Skill Feats: Strength +2, Wisdom +2
Power Feats: Hand Size +1, Discard top card of deck to add 1d6+1, Examine top card of location at start & end of turn, Add 1d8 to Undead bane
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Blessing +2
Weapons: Battleaxe, Dogslicer +1, Spiked Chain, Vicious Trident +1
Spells: Cure
Armors: Deathbane Shield, Half-Plate, Magic Chain Mail
Items: -
Allies: Crow, Sheriff Hemlock
Blessings: Iomedae x2, Norgorber, Gods x4, Zarongel

Character Name: Seoni
Role Card: Abyssal Sorcerer
Skill Feats: Constitution +1, Wisdom +1, Charisma +2
Power Feats: Discard to roll Arcane +1d6 +2, Auto recharge arcane spell or item, Blessing of Pharasma adds d12
Card Feats: Spell +3
Weapons: -
Spells: Frost Ray, Incendiary Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Scorching Ray x2, Fire Sneeze
Armors: -
Items: Wand of Force Missile, Wand of Scorching Ray, Wand of Enervation
Allies: Burglar, Father Zantus, Sabretooth Tiger, Sage
Blessings: Abadar, Pharasma x2, Gods x2

Character Name: Valeros
Role Card: Weapon Master
Skill Feats: Strength +1, Intelligence +1, Charisma +2
Power Feats: Hand Size +1, Add 1d4 +2 to another's combat, Use Melee in place of Ranged
Card Feats: Ally +2, Blessing +1
Weapons: Dagger +1, Flaming Mace +1, Icy Longspear +1, Longbow +1, Shortsword +1
Spells: -
Armors: Elven Chain Shirt x2, Magic Studded Leather Armor
Items: Spyglass, Thieves' Tools
Allies: Sage, Shalelu Andosana, Vale Temros, POOG!
Blessings: Lamashtu, Shelyn, Gods, Torag

Silver Crusade ***

Still at 41 tables of credit / 2 stars, should be 61 tables for my third star just earned over the weekend.

Also We Be Goblins is giving me a warning that I already ran it for credit - but it should be available for multiple credits (these were applied to 2 different characters).

Silver Crusade ***

Yeah, just reported what should have been my 3rd star achieving table I ran at Free RPG day, but still stuck at 40 tables and 2 stars :-(

Silver Crusade ***

It's located under Pathfinder RPG heading with the other Modules (last one in the list of modules when I selected it). This is considered a Module rather than a Scenario.

Silver Crusade

I've also lost my tables & stars, from 59 to 0. Scheduled to GM at Free RPG day this Saturday for my 3rd star, would be nice to get it when it happens & not as an afterthought.

Silver Crusade

You might want to flag this to be moved to the regular forums - you're in the Pathfinder Society forums where we don't believe in monster adjustments ;-)

Silver Crusade ***

Smite Makes Right wrote:
Don Walker wrote:
Do you have a dedicated group that will meet twice for each scenario? The phrase, "herding cats" comes to mind.

No. Not really.

The store is looking for a PF or PFS DM. I am trying to plan what is going to be the best time slot. Two times @ 2.5 hours might equal 4 hours in one go. A Saturday session would be easier, but then it would either be in direct conflict with another event or start at 10 or 11, crossing over lunch. (The shop has a cafe, so it's more of concern for the non-gaming family members who may not want to give up that time every week.)

Since it's the store that's requesting it they need to make the space & time available so it will work, just let them know that PFS scenarios require a 4 or preferably 5 hour time slot. Splitting days should not be an option.

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

For those of us who pledged the extra for the print add-on pack as part of the initial KS but now are not able to select it, are we supposed to just finalize our pledge as-is, leaving a $100 overpayment? I sent an email to support as requested but only got a canned reply about GW looking over other options for us, with no instructions as to how to proceed with the pledge manager. I've already asked this on the KS site with no response, now I'm trying here - PLEASE let me know what to do.

Silver Crusade ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Calybos1 wrote:

Your first encounter begins with a contest of who can hide farthest in the back.

"I'm staying in back."
"I go full withdraw."
"Shouldn't one of you guys go into the room? I'll wait here as backup."
"Well, I'm still out here in the hallway. YOU go in."
"Heck with that, I cast Vanish and run away."
"Hang on, maybe I can charm a rat and send it in ahead of us...."

Hey, what do you expect when the encounter is really your mission briefing with Drangle Dreng.

Silver Crusade ***

Rixis wrote:
Elvis Aron Manypockets wrote:
This is more so that I can use inspire courage in varying circumstances (darkness, silence, etc).

You can use Inspire Courage without having ranks in any Perform skills at all.

Heck, I don't have any Perform skills trained, as I've traded out both Versatile Performance and Countersong, leaving me next to nothing that actually benefits from such ranks.

Uh, flavor? Tasty tasty flavor.

Silver Crusade ***

Versatile performance also allows you to use your perform skill in place of other skills so make sure you plan ahead for what they will cover. You get your first at 2nd level then every 4 levels after (6, 10, etc). So maxing your ranks in one perform skill also gives you max ranks in 2 other skills per versatile performance (assuming they don't overlap).

For example if you choose Oratory at 2nd level you would use your perform check in place of Diplomacy and Sense Motive, for Dance it would be Acrobatics and Fly, etc. So maxing out perform ranks in Oratory means you don't have to put any into Diplomacy & Sense Motive as they will increase as your perform skill does.

I always start with 2 different performances, one "visual" and one "auditory" based on the distraction/countersong listings. This is more so that I can use inspire courage in varying circumstances (darkness, silence, etc).

Silver Crusade ***

Use the monster stats for those not found in Pathfinder but apply the Pathfinder general monster rules. So for undead traits use the PF version not 3.5 since it only lists it as a trait, not a specific ability etc. The idea is to convert as much as possible to PF without rewriting them.

Silver Crusade

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Elvis Aron Manypockets wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Wow. That was very different looking. So, were the stand up character tokens intended originally, or were those just stand in things while it was being designed?

Looks like Pathfinder Pawns made originally for the RPG:PF Pawns
Cool. Thanks for the knowledge.

FYI the Iconics are from the NPC Codex box. We actually use miniatures for our group, some from the Beginner's Box Heroes set Kyra-Ezren-Merisiel-Valeros and others from Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter (currently unpainted). Makes it easier to see who's at a location.

Silver Crusade

OK, I think this is taken care of since I had to call in today because it wasn't taking my CC on the new subscription. Added a couple more things to get the $10 shipping discount per Eric, hopefully that calculates since there's multiple orders that add up to it.

Silver Crusade

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Wow. That was very different looking. So, were the stand up character tokens intended originally, or were those just stand in things while it was being designed?

Looks like Pathfinder Pawns made originally for the RPG:PF Pawns

Silver Crusade

I've subscribed to the PFRPG (order 3096314) but wasn't given the option of combining it with the upcoming shipment of my current monthly subscription (order 3114137), though I was able to combine shipping on my regular order placed today (# 3117440). Is there any way to combine 3096314 to ship with the other 2? I tried last month as well but it seems to want to ship the subscription immediately without allowing me to have it wait for my next regular monthly shipment. Don't need it right away and wanted to save $ on shipping.


Silver Crusade

Chad Brown wrote:

If you make/maintain a list of cards that you've removed from the game, then you can use that list to implement something like Mike's original suggestion, and leave all the cards in the box.

Or maybe simplify this a bit and just track the number of each type of card removed from the game, like 2 Basic Spells, 1 Elite Spell, 10 Basic Weapons, 0 Elite Weapons, etc. Then when a Basic (or later Elite) card is encountered it gets replaced from the box, continuing this process until you use up the number of removed cards for that type, exempting cards that you chose not to remove permanently.

Silver Crusade ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Your players are a bard, a kitsune, and a player who will go stark raving mad if they hear one more line from "what does the fox say"

Got this covered in one - I have a kitsune bard and am already stark raving mad. Last game I played him in we had another kitsune (sorcerer) for 2x the memelols.

Silver Crusade ***

Try this one then :

Silver Crusade

Vic Wertz wrote:
First World Bard wrote:
Elvis Aron Manypockets wrote:
As for sleeving cards, it sounds like you'd only need to concern yourself with your own cards. Base set is for setting up the scenarios / locations, while you use your deck to play your character. When you acquire a card from a location you pull the equivalent from your OWN set to add to your hand/deck. Since you're never actually mixing anyone's cards together, there can be a variety of sleeved/unsleeved sets without having to figure out how to separate them afterward. If that's the case I'll be using distinctive sleeves for mine so I can quickly tell the difference.
It may be that during the game, you will take the boon you acquired from the deck into your hand, and use during the scenario. If so, after the scenario you'd put all the boons back in the box and "unlock" boons from your deck That's how I'd expect it to work, at any rate.

So I bring extra sleeves of what I use and transfer the set card to my sleeve when I acquire it. Once I rebuild my hand at the end I can remove it from my sleeve and return it to the base set (with or without original sleeve), replacing it with the unlocked one from my deck. Same with exchanging cards.

Silver Crusade

As for sleeving cards, it sounds like you'd only need to concern yourself with your own cards. Base set is for setting up the scenarios / locations, while you use your deck to play your character. When you acquire a card from a location you pull the equivalent from your OWN set to add to your hand/deck. Since you're never actually mixing anyone's cards together, there can be a variety of sleeved/unsleeved sets without having to figure out how to separate them afterward. If that's the case I'll be using distinctive sleeves for mine so I can quickly tell the difference.

Silver Crusade

cartmanbeck wrote:
Here's a question for you guys that I'm curious about... will there be some way of personalizing the cards in your character deck so that they don't get mixed with anyone else's? I'm sure you could initial the edge of the cards or something like that, but it would be nice if there was a little box on each card specifically for putting your own initials or symbol so that they won't get mixed with other players' organized play decks.

If it's anything like the current setup, the only times I can recall that your cards usually leave your possession are if they're banished to the box which you could just banish to your own personal deck box, or if you give someone else a card.

You could use your own distinctive protective sleeves with extras for acquired cards so you can't tell those apart while they're in your deck.

Silver Crusade

I'll be doing a demo play-through of the PF ACG on Tabletop Day at our local FLGS - The Dark Side in Sarasota Florida.

There's a group of 5 of us that meet Thursday nights at the store to play and we've had a lot of people stop at our table to ask about the game. Or it may be because 3/5 of our players are female...

Silver Crusade ***

Nefreet wrote:
You can also cast Masterwork Transformation on your Heirloom Weapon.

Or have it cast on it & it's one of the few spells that carry over to other scenarios. So I assume you could then enchant it as usual since it's now masterwork. Nice.

1. Heirloom Weapon trait to get proficiency
2. Find someone who can cast MWT on it (or buy a scroll & have them do it for you)
3. Enchant as you are able to afford it

Silver Crusade ***

The equipment trait Heirloom weapon from Adventurer's Armory would get you proficiency with one (and only that one) non-mw simple or martial weapon. You can't enhance it but it would get you through a few levels.

Check out traits - I used one to give my hafling bard longbow proficiency, since small archer with shortbow = 1d4 base damage.

Silver Crusade ***

I also get the error, but I imagine we'll need to wait until later in the day since they're on West Coast time so aren't even at work yet.

Silver Crusade

Actually you could also add a blessing to your own check making it 5dx

Silver Crusade

I'm notorious for low dice rolls, to the point that 2 of our female players refuse to use dice I've touched. Last night at the FLGS one of the two forgot to bring her recently purchased set of dice. Instead of using my extras she bought another set, then proceeded to roll three 1's and a 2 on her combat check of d12+2d6+d4.

Silver Crusade ***

If your ranger is an archer Elves of Golarion has some nice alchemical arrows, most of which are legal for PFS even though it's a 3.5 book.

Silver Crusade

I'd like to see the insert in 2 parts so we can remove a tray with just the in-play cards (banes & boons) and leave the storage portion for adventure pack boxes etc in the box which could be set aside. This would leave more room at crowded tables as it would take up 1/2 the space & be easier to pass around for drawing cards. I've considered trying to cut mine up but don't want to ruin it.

Silver Crusade

The only one I'm having trouble with is Gamemastery Guide - Ultimate Combat & several other updates work fine for me.

Silver Crusade

PDF doesn't download for me, both single file & lite versions. It goes to "personalizing" but clicking after waiting 10 seconds doesn't download & stays as "personalizing". I was able to download both versions of Ultimate Combat without any problems, plus a few other pdf's.

Silver Crusade

For the bad guys there's Rise of the Runelords miniatures, or the less expensive set of non-random pawns.

Your post got me to looking through my stuff for table dressing for our 2nd attempt at Black Fang tomorrow night. I'll be laying out this flip-mat: Dragons Lair with my Black Dragon Promo mini lying in wait for us in his lair.

Silver Crusade

csouth154 wrote:
... before having to pee."

I believe it's called resetting your bladder.

Silver Crusade ***

Hmm, Curaigh's question is a valid one. The boon says "You may spend 4 PP to acquire another promising map and reuse this boon; if you choose not to do so upon checking the final box on the Chronicle sheet, cross the entire boon of [sic] the Chronicle sheet. You may only use one Treasure Map at a time."

Nowhere does it impose a limit of x reuses, only that when you choose not to spend the PP to get a new one you then cross the boon off the sheet. And limiting it to one use at a time seems to indicate multiple reuses.

So can you keep spending 4 PP to obtain a new map as many times as you want?

Silver Crusade

Sehyo, if you don't defeat the random monster you encounter when moving, do you take damage as usual, or just can't move/explore?

Silver Crusade

Nice timing for mine which arrived today, so I've got another package to open for Christmas day.

Silver Crusade

Wyphy wrote:

These should be very handy for when I get my copy soon.

The only thing that seems to be missing would be the recommended starter deck for each character. Ya know, since the rulebook has a couple of errors there.

I would say highlight/bold/italics/underline the cards (with a number for dupes)but since there are already letters and or numbers for the set a card came from it'd probably be least confusing to have the deck explicitly listed somewhere; probably between the card list and backstory, or in the "notes" section would keep the sheets cleanest and closest to the current layout.

I dunno, maybe you all thought of it and dismissed it since it's only needed once per adventure path, and only if you actually want to start with the suggested deck, but I think it'd just be really useful.

Or maybe put an asterisk after the set code (B)* with a footnote that * means it's part of the recommended starting deck.

I'd also like to see a generic character sheet. First, so I don't have to bring multiple copies of all eleven to game days for new players since I won't know who they're going to play, and second for all the home-brew classes to use.

Deck list & scenarios completed would be the same, but skills/powers/card lists would need some work. For skills/hand size/cards list I'd have a blank spaces for base # (die, quantity) and another for bonus, or just one blank space for the current figure (d8+2 etc).

Powers would need more work as each is different.

Silver Crusade

Ravingdork wrote:

...when one of my friends announces a new game, I quickly determine what levels it is expected to run through.

If it is a low level game that is unlikely to see high levels, I will generally play a martial character, since they tend to perform better than sorcerers and wizards at such levels and are unlikely to leave me with nothing to contribute with but a crossbow after the first encounter (which just isn't fun for me). However, if it starts in the mid- to high-levels, then I will most likely play a spellcaster, as they are far more versatile and allow me to really let loose with my creative, world-altering thinking.

If the game starts at low levels, then plays through high levels, then I will begin play with a martial choice, with the expectation that he likely won't survive through to high levels and will then be replaced with a spellcaster

So here's your stated method of selecting a character class:

-Determine expected play levels
-If low, play martial as they are better at low levels
-If high, play caster as they are better at high levels
-If starting low but moves to high play martial as they are better at low levels
-Once martial dies (or if allowed to retire) switch to caster as they are better at high levels

In every case you are choosing to play the best class type for those levels, even wanting to switch once casters become better than martials, chafing at having to wait for him to die. You want to cherry pick the best class type for whatever level you're at and leave the rest of the group to fill the other roles, or be crowded if they're playing something similar. Don't you think this sounds a bit selfish?

Silver Crusade ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Nefreet wrote:
Glad someone explained what "mcl" was.


Silver Crusade

Another question on 2890879 now that you've added the mats - shipping is over $50 - is this correct? It seems quite high to me even with the $10 discount.

Silver Crusade

Yep, you moved me - thanks!

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