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Pathfinder Society Member. 334 posts (3,210 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 2 wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 3 aliases.

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Silver Crusade

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Vanilla Edition.

This list is from More Magic and Mayhem, and presents more variety of potions and alchemical products for your alchemist to make, craft, and discover. You have to admit, World of Warcraft Alchemy is very good -- although this only covers the potions from Vanilla WoW: when you have humans vs. the Forsaken, Night Elves vs. Orcs, Tauren vs. the Dwarves, and Jungle Trolls vs. the gnomes. And there wasn't so many changes to WoW that the RPG side of WoW couldn't keep up.

ArtHaus (White Wolf) couldn't keep the WoW RPG going because of Blizzard itself, and the massive changes happening (Pathfinder coming in to keep 3.5 alive, etc._ This list requires More Magic and Mayhem, mostly to protect the innocent. And names have been changed -- so as to protect the Innocent.

In World of Warcraft, the concoctions and Chymical mixtures your alchemist can brew is divided into four types:

Draughts: Draughts are mixtures that allow the imbiber to recover something that has been depleted. Draughts include healing mixtures, mana tinctures and a small variety of other substances. Draughts work immediately — they do not have a duration. However, draughts are difficult on the constitutions of those who drink them, and cannot be consumed more than once an hour. Attempting to consume another draught before this hour elapses causes the character to vomit up the draught (so it has no effect) and be sickened for 30 minutes.

Philters: A philter either augments already existing abilities or grants entirely new ones. Philters grant their benefits for a specific period of time, though the bonuses that they grant are explicitly non-stacking: Those who gain bonuses to a trait from a philter and any other source
at the same time gain only the benefits of the best source. Each philter has a listed duration, and philters may be drunk once per round, with no unpleasant effects.

Alchemical Oils: Alchemical oils are not directly consumed; rather, they are applied to weapons and armors to grant them certain benefits. All alchemical oils last for 30 minutes before the effects wear off. Like philters, the bonuses from alchemical oils are explicitly non-stacking. Note that alchemical oils are not the same as magic oils, which are a category of magic item; thus, oils created through alchemy are always preceded by the word “alchemical.”

Transmutations: The final kind of product is perhaps the strangest of them all. True alchemists are capable of transmuting certain materials into rarer, more alchemically pure materials. All transmutations require the use of the philosopher’s stone, the making of which is the first transmutation the alchemist undertakes. In game mechanics, these processes allow the alchemist to expend experience points, transforming them into a gold piece value that can then be applied toward certain ends. Each transmutation has a base cost listed, which represents the purchase of the raw materials.

Next: The list, when I get back.

Silver Crusade

big announcement
Okay, so I'm formally GRADUATING from College on June 14th, 2014. With a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design.

So, here are my strengths related to this market:

-- I CAN WRITE! God, I can write. I can write a lot of things about a lot of things.

-- I CAN DO A LAYOUT! Yeah, well, the last review of Pathways #36 not withstanding (4 stars and not a good layout according to one person on DTRPG). I -can- layout an RPG product.

-- I CAN DO 3D GRAPHICS! But I'm a tad bit limited, plus a lot of you don't like 3D.


-- I can draw but I don't have the time to illustrate all of my product. Sorry, everyone. :(

-- I really can't get a Presentations movie ready for Youtube for a Kickstarter, so . . .

I have a choice -- I can either put up Phaeselis for Auction and sell my copyright to the highest bidder;

or . . .

I can sell the InDesign file to all publishers, giving them all the right to alter, expand, and relayout the text through 2 license aggreements. A man's gotta eat, so I need money to eat and live. When you guys compete, I win.

What this means . . .

So, when I sell my first product on here, you the publishers, will be my SECONDARY TARGET AUDIENCE and the players will be my First. When you buy the Phaeselis Player's Guide (when it is up for sale) you will be purchasing:

-- Recompense for my time writing this draft. I started writing the campaign setting years ago, to try it out. I started on this draft on it's own wiki, so I can write on it at my leisure when I have time between classes.

-- The Right to Edit, Relayout, or Change the document; and to expand on it as you see fit for your own particular audience.

-- My Endorsement. This is important. Because someone will put the document on a torrent site. And While they are free to do so, and you can download it off the torrent for free,

-- And of course, you get to keep the copyright for whatever art you put on to it, including your trade dress. But you will have to conform to the 2 licenses I put on. Including any derivatives.

-- Also, you will be paying for whatever Paizo takes as a store cut, and on RPGnow and DTRPG, the cut is about 25% (rounded to the nearest 1/4th of a hundred).

Benefits to the work:
-- My work will hit a wider audience. By Auctioning it off, it can only reach a small audience of those who play Pathfinder -- that's the Psionics players who will do third party. But there are people, and there are a lot of them, who won't buy third party to Paizo. However, packaging it with the two licenses, it can reach potentially everyone who plays Pathfinder (as Paizo themselves can buy a copy of the Phaeselis Player's Guide InDesign file, although, I'm not going to hold my breath).

-- My work won't be owned by one company. So the work has the potential to GROW to substantial, exponential heights ~as long as the work is good!~

I'll put up a pricing hit so you, the Publisher, will know exactly what you are paying for when I'm ready for sale. But suffice it to say, I'm laying it out right now.

Silver Crusade

Oh, wow, I remember doing this.

This was my first d20 product going independent. however, it's largely my fault that I didn't follow up or worked on it in a much better vein.

Silver Crusade

Well, Weapon Styles were cut from Ultimate Combat. Well, never fear, my fellow martial art enthusiasts, I've just developed these (and published these) on my wiki today. Rules are basically the same for unarmed Martial Art styles. These start from the most familiar and will keep going until we get to the fantastic.

Hollywood Stage Swordfighting: Staged swordfights are the most recognizable form of fighting from the Swashbuckling era of Hollywood's Golden Age. Developed to please crowds when they go see a historical film, these choreographed techniques are shown on screen and are the inspiration for a multitude of onscreen swordfighting. This style is the basic weapon art we are most familiar with and can cut across time periods. It's become a timeless art.
Feat path: Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint

Movie clip from the Adventures of Robin Hood. Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone demonstrate Power Attack, Combat Expertise, and Improved Feint.

Hollywood Stage Art of Defence: Things get complicated when you want to do a swashbuckling movie with rapiers and you want to simulate rapier fighting on screen. Fortunately, the Arte of Defence is also timeless, as fencing was done with bronze age rapiers as well as with Renaissance ones. Although the expression of the Hollywood version is more arty in it's choreography and requires a different feat path. The fencing is based on the Spanish school with some influence from the French school most likely.
Feat path: Weapon Finesse, Power Attack, Intricate Swordplay

Movie Clip from the Court Jester. Danny Kaye shows his brilliance as he and Basil Rathbone demonstrate Weapon Finesse, Power Attack, and Intricate Swordplay (feat details at the end of this treatise).

Hollywood Stage Tai Chi Quan: the Chinese style of Fencing, the hollywood version gets very mobile and powerful. This is the sort of weapon art you see in Hero especially the green fighting scene where Broken Sword does battle with the Emperor Chin Huangdi Shi, the first Emperor of China. The fencing is based on actual Tai Chi Quan using the Jian.
Feat path: Weapon Finesse, Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, Intricate Swordplay

Movie clip from Hero. Broken Sword, Flying Snow, and Emperor Chin Huangdi demonstrate Weapon Finesse, Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack, and Intricate Swordplay

Next: actual Medieval Swordfighting, the Arte of Defence, and Tai Chi Quan Wudang.



Intricate Swordplay
You have been trained in the flashy Western style of swordplay. In Golarion, such swordplay is demonstrated in Andoran, Druma, Kyonin, and the River Kingdoms.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (broadsword, longsword, rapier, or arming sword), Combat Expertise, Cha 13.
Benefit: Whenever you have a broadsword (sometimes also called a longsword), or arming sword in your hand, and are wearing at most chainmaille or the equivalent, you may add your Charisma bonus as a special bonus to your CMD or AC, your choice.

From Conan: The Roleplaying Game.

OGL Section 15 Copyright Notice
Conan the Roleplaying Game (C) 2003 Conan Properties International, LCC. Authors Paul Tucker and Ian Sturrock.

Silver Crusade

Okay, I watched this movie, and I suggest everyone of you to watch it. Even if you don't agree with the author's politics. Ender's Game is a good movie in its overall story. It's a horror science fiction movie that is as much a psychological thriller than for it's science fiction action. It's a "Soft" sci-fi movie, dealing with the Science of Psychology more than using science to solve a problem.

For a story to be good, it must present a problem that the mind must solve through eight facets. These are the Overall Story, the story of the Main Character, the Subjective Story, and the Emotional Story.


Ender Wiggin is our main character, we are supposed to empathize with him through the story. Despite what they say, he's an emotional. Played by Asa Butterfield, Ender Wiggin is the unlikely future Fleet Commander for the International Fleet of Earth. I was unimpressed with Asa's performance as Ender Wiggin, but at least he's better than Mick Caulkin. Card didn't want an actor that would Caulkinize the character.

The Protagonist is Colonel Hyrum Graff, played by Harrison Ford. Hyrum Graff wanted to prevent the Formics from coming to Earth and destroy the human race.

The Guardian is Mazer Rackham, the first man that defeated the Formics. He guides Ender in his role as the Fleet Commander.

The Impact Characters are the Formics -- which are also the Antagonists, well, ostensibly. The real Antagonist is the military life that Ender is subjected to. Ender had to beat up bullies, and nearly kills Bonzo (pronounced Bone-SO, it's Spanish). This conflict is symbolized by the interaction between Colonel Hyrum Graff and Ender Wiggin in the film.

However, the Formics communicate with Ender through the Mind Game, hoping to present their side of the conflict. Unable to stop Ender but planting the seeds of doubt, they give him a location of a Queen pupa on the world that is Mankind's advance base in Formic territory.


This story is lacking, as the acting wasn't as well delivered by Asa and others as well as it could be. Both Ford and Kingsley act their parts strongly, however.


Ah, yes. This is the underlying horror of the film. It shows that if we ever have first contact with a race that is trying to kill us, we would return the favor, in spades. Ender's Game is about duping a child to commit Xenocide against an entire species. Which actually worked, they turned Ender into a killer, into a destroyer. As foreshadowed by Peter telling Ender Wiggin that he's a killer now.

This movie should be watched for the overall story throughline, at least. We are so spiritually primitive that if we encountered a species that intended to do us harm (like the aliens in "V"), we would build a fleet of spaceships -- send it to one of the race's planet -- and destroy the planet in a heartbeat. If only we could see ourselves as our own worst enemy.

Silver Crusade

male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

Discuss the campaign here.

Silver Crusade

male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

Hercules Intro:

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys Intro

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) Trailer


Captain Cortez as Agraxas Ambrosius Tiligris

Wrong John Silver as Antikytheros of Tiryns

DoubleGold as Draco the Cleric


Rednal as Myrrin

Hustonj as Lycaneus


"Kevin Sorbo" as Hercules!

Sign in when you're ready.

Silver Crusade

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Unlike Monks of the Far East and India, the Greco-Roman Athlete does not engage in mystical meditation, but focuses on the principles of Arete -- or Excellence -- in Athletic pursuits. The Adventuring Greco-Roman Athlete also learns Pankration -- a Martial Art that specializes in utilizing all of the body's strength to defeat one's foes. The name means "All Powers" or "All Strength" depending on the translation. It's a no holds barred martial art where it's Olympic form does not embrace biting (for reasons of hygiene, a human can transmit Tetanus through biting), or eye gouging -- however Adventuring Athletes will use these techniques.

Picture of Greco-Roman Athlete wearing a Jock Strap. Don't look at Work (it's rated Mature on DeviantArt). Did I mention that greco-roman athletes practiced in the nude?

Anthropometry, safe to look at while at Work.

Greek heroes who are Athletes: Atalanta, Hercules, Theseus, Castor, and Polydeuces (or Pollux).

A Greco-Roman Athlete has the following class features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Greco-Roman Athletes are proficient with the club, crossbow (light or heavy), dagger, handaxe, javelin, discuss, shot-put, chariot*, quarterstaff, sling, and spear.

Pankration Style: at 1st level, the adventuring Greco-Roman Athlete learns the Pankration style feat. This replaces the stunning fist feature. The greco-roman Athlete also learns Animal Affinity (for chariot riding).

Bonus Feats: The belief in a mystical ki is not part of Western Culture. The Greco-Roman Athlete gives up his/her Ki pool at 4th, 7th, 10th, and 14th levels for the Pankration style feat path. These feats are: Combat Expertise (4th Level), Crippling Critical (7th level), Vital Strike (10th Level), and Deadly Stroke (16th Level). Also, the Athlete's strikes improve to hit magic foes (at 4th level), hit foes that can only be hit by Cold Iron or Silver weapons (7th level), hit foes that can only be hit by lawful weapons (level 10), and finally, be able to hit foes of Adamantine quality (level 16).

Chariot Power Drive: The adventuring Greco-Roman Athlete learns how to drive his Chariot faster, incorporating techniques used by charioteers in the Pan-Hellenic Olympic Games. The effect is that the chariot's speed is increased by +10 and causes increased damage in a ram or butt (+2d6 damage). This replaces Quivering Palm at 15th level (The deadly stroke feat more than makes up for the loss).

PANKRATION (combat, style)

Pankration was a combat sport introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling but with scarcely any rules. The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging of the opponent's eyes. The term comes from the Greek παγκράτιον [paŋkrátion], literally meaning "all might" from πᾶν (pan-) "all" + κράτος (kratos) "strength, might and power". The style was developed by the Greeks as a weaponless martial art for soldiers and hoplites to protect themselves. Myth says that it was either developed by Castor and Polydeuces, or Theseus and Hercules. It's literally street fighting taken to a discipline.

Prerequisites: Str 12, Dex 13 (Monks get this for free if they take the Greco-Roman Athlete Archetype)

Benefit: You are training your body to be the ultimate weapon against your foes. You gain a +2 bonus to strike, as you watch for openings to grapple with or box with your opponent.

Non-Monk Feat Path: Pankration was taught to warriors as well as athletes. The feat path includes: Pankration, Pankratic Expertise, and Pankratic Crippling Strike.

Silver Crusade

Quick question:

Does the study of Anthropometry fall under Acrobatics -- since its Ancient Greek contortionism mixed with Natural Philosophy and Mathematics (thats Science and Mathematics) -- or can a knowledge skill go along with it?

Profession: Contortionist would be a by gone conclusion.

Silver Crusade

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Weird Al's

White and Nerdy

Silver Crusade

The Ionian villages that would become Tiryns had sent an emissary to the oracle at Delphi. The oracle uttered these words: I see a couple of people walking together towards greatness. One of these people is a hulking man, stronger by far, than anyone else in the world. The others number about five.

One of them may be extremely smart and good looking, another has the relationship of the gods, another might have the potential to be a good fighter, and another could be wily and shadowy.

Hercules is the muscle-bound man, a son of Zeus who has incurred the Wrath of Hera, Zeus' Wife. She drove the Theban to madness and he killed his wife and children. Since that fateful day, he has traveled around Greece, doing good deeds to atone for his evil.

The others are the Player Characters. They have their destinies and stories intertwined with that of Hercules. They will become heroes of renown and one day may have some of the Immortals call them friends.


I'm checking again for another campaign that is set up, this time, as a T.V. Series rather than an Adventure Path. It's our own Legendary Journeys Xena: Warrior Princess like campaign without using D6 but Pathfinder instead. Set in a pseudo-Greece (in fact, the Hellas of my Psionics City during the equivalent of the Mycenaean/Argolian Period) -- the PCs are like Characters in a T.V. series that have adventures that are like or linked to the Twelve Labors of Hercules.

In fact, Some of the adventure (Episode) plots will be loosely based on the plots of the 1st Season of Hercules.


Character Creation basics:

1). Those interested will know that we will be using the Core Rulebook: nothing out of Ultimate Combat, Magic, or the Advanced Players Guide (except for Kits). Approved classes: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk (ATHLETE), Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Wizard. No psions this time, this is a "You are putting Science Fiction into my Fantasy" naysayer friendly campaign.

2). Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf (although very rare in Hellas, but beyond), Gnome (rare), Halfling, Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Aasimar, and Tiefling (the last two represent Divine Byblows). You may use Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends if you want to play an Aasimar or Tiefling.

Aasimar PCs are the sons or daughters of the 12 Olympians (which include Hades, ostensibly enough. He's not treated as evil).

Tiefling PCs are the sons or daughters of the Titans; locked up in Tartarus, they also can be the sons or daughters of the demons and devils that Pandora released from her box; and the Furies. Tieflings are also sons and daughters of some of the Primordials.

3). Use the options in Ultimate Campaign to brainstorm your Characters' backgrounds. You can use 2 traits and can select story feats (which can justify godly parentage).

4). All characters are bumbling teenagers, or bumbling young adults fresh from their education (or uneducated). They shouldn't know anything about what is outside of Tiryns, besides being trained by Chiron. Their backgrounds should be linked to Hercules in some way.

5). Divine Byblows: Godly parentage is not impossible. It can explain a few things (where Sorcerers get their powers, Wizardly insight, etc.) Heroes can be divine byblows, but not all heroes were divine byblows.

Since we are using Pathfinder instead of White Wolf's EXALTED, I won't be drop kicking you into killing the Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, and all the others. You have to build up to kill lions and hydras and other monsters just as powerful. Like in the two T.V. shows, you will meet a lot of mythological figures, but Hercules would be showing up in your chronicle the most.

Campaign specifics:
Formula: The characters live in a pseudo-Greece land. They adventure through the land because their fates are entwined with that of Hercules.

Theme: Questing and monster hunting.

Tone: Fun adventuring through the lands that are based on Greece, but not exactly like Greece.


Will be placed in a post in the morning before I work.

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys -- The Wrong Path

Note: I am working on my Bachelor Degree's keystone project so I might not post as much as you expect. To keep the thread alive, you can ask any of my players in my Psionics Campaign any question you'd like on my gming style, how I GM, and that stuff. You can also use the thread to kick around character ideas and talk about mythology in general.

any Frequently Asked Questions will be answered in a future post.

Silver Crusade

Recruiting for 1 character to replace a shaper. :) The player, Captain Wombat, has to turn his priorities elsewhere. :)

All the details of the setting and character creation is found here:

Phaeselis Wiki

Same rules as last time. No cartoon characters (Loony toon characters) or outlandish classes. Stick to the design document.

Be creative, be fun. Create any type of character within the racial guidelines. Create any character you like, the door's open to you.

I'll probably pick something outlandish this time in order to mix it up. As to being creative: feel free to make an aasimar, tiefling, etc.

Level 1.

25 point thingy. Normal gold for your level.

Also, if you want, check out the first party characters and get together with a player to make up your character -- make up a brother, sister, cousin, or some guy they knew down the street. There's a lot of hooks for your character to go on, and new ones are added every time I have time.

Silver Crusade

male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

New Thread to talk about the Second Party. :)

Silver Crusade

male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8


Okay, the City of Phaeselis is a large town dedicated to psionics, and fortunately, you've all come here to get a start. It's a rainy day, but that doesn't stop you from noticing the poster that is around the city.

The poster says:


Dark Elf Thief and Mindbender (telepath)

Extremely dangerous!

1,000 GP award from House Rama.

Silver Crusade

Well, I got my wiki more updated in the past 4 months! Phaeselis (yeah, I know, you all liked Phoenicia) is potentially bigger than Ptolus (it's actually as big as ancient Alexandria), and has some areas for outdoor adventuring for your tastes.

I don't have enough done to put together a book for you to download yet, but I might do a stingy gamer edition (no art, you know?) to raise money for original art and original maps. So question:
who wants to know what goes on in the sea?

I can add an Undersea Section.

Details on what is done can be found here:

Phaeselis: City of Psionics

Silver Crusade

I don't know if Archetypes are starting to get confusing or not, but I was wondering if there was another way to customize characters to a particular character concept.

-- elton.

Silver Crusade

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Stargate RPG Conversion

The conversion uses Public Domain pictures if at all possible and not pictures from the Series, since it's an unofficial and unsanctioned conversion. This is undertaken in stages, and can take place over the next couple of days. Especially if the Wiki has more than one contributor (like myself).

The RPG is based on Spycraft 1, rather than D20 Modern. Humans from Earth (the Tau'ri) do have their Pathfinder racial traits, but they can be modified by their military or para-military specialty (the second include Civilian Specialists). The goal is to bring a Pathfinder kind of presence to the Stargate SG-1 RPG, but to preserve Spycraft 1 rules that are essential.

-- The First Stage --

Conversion of the Specialties and Species are underway. Specialities are like Archetypes, but apply to the Tau'ri species in this case.

Air Force -- Done
Army -- Done
Marines -- Done
Navy -- Partly Done.
NID -- Stargate SG-1's version of the NSA, usually bad guys. Not worked on yet.
Civilian Specialist -- not worked on.
Diplomatic Corps -- not worked on.
Engineering Corps -- not worked on.

Jaffa -- not worked on.

Near Humans (i.e. Tollan) -- pending.

Asgard -- the Roswell Grays. pending.

Goa'uld -- pending.

Nox -- pending. (would use Elf racial statistics for them).

Furlings -- Never encountered!. Speculation to be like the 4e Dragonborn.


Stage Two -- Classes.


Stage Three -- Skills. Skills will be converted back into the Pathfinder list. Move Silently becomes Stealth, and Listen, Spot, and Search are rolled into Perception for example.


Stage Four -- Feats.


Stage Five -- Combat


Stage Six -- Weapons and Equipment

Spaceships such as the F-303 and the Tau'ri Space Battle Cruisers will need to be reworked using either statistics from DragonStar or from d20 Mecha published by White Wolf.

Silver Crusade

Are dero, or derro, described anywhere in the bestiaries? I seem to don't remember an entry for derro in any of the bestiaries. Can some one help me out here? I'm not interested in reinventing the wheel.

Here's what they actually look like: Picture of a dero. They look like beached whales, don't they? Pretty ugly, huh?

Silver Crusade

Who would be interested in an Updated to Pathfinder, Stargate RPG game? The System is based on Alderac Entertainment's Spycraft rather than Wizards' d20 Modern.

Players will play in a fairly robust modern RPG that revolves around the U.S. Military. Players will also be in SG-4, the third Stargate Exploration Team sent out to explore the Stargate Network. The network connects to Golarion (P5X-736) -- and the Stargate is located in Numeria -- as a matter of course. Golarion is under control of System Lord Ba'al (Abadar).

There are also Stargate addresses to Eberron (Located in the Pegasus Galaxy), Krynn (Located in the Ori Galaxy), Abeir-Toril (P3X-234; located in the Goa'uld System Lord Ao's empire), and Athas (Located in the Pegasus Galaxy).

Base Species include:
-- The Tau'ri (Earth Human)
-- the Jaffa
-- Near Humans (Tollans, Kelnowas, Nordics, Pledians, Lyrans, etc.)
-- Asgard (Non-playable)
-- Goa'uld (Non-Playable)
-- the Tok'Ra (Goa'uld against Supreme System Lord Ra)
-- The Noxx (A race of HEBs, sooooo non-playable)
-- The Furlings (Undescovered)

Base Classes include:
-- Explorer
-- Guardian (Jaffa only)
-- Pointman
-- Scientist
-- Scout
-- Soldier

Specialities (somewhat like Archetypes) include:

-- Air Force (Stargate Command is under control of the U.S. Air Force)
--- Air Force Officer (General John Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill, and Samantha Carter)
--- Air Force Technician
--- Enlisted Airforce Recruit
--- Pararescue
-- Army (Not a real presence in Stargate Command)
--- Army Officer
--- Army Ranger
--- Army Technician
--- Enlisted Army Recruit
-- U.S. Marines (Drawn when facing heavy combat off world)
--- Enlisted Marine Recruit
--- Force Reconnaissance
--- Marine Officer
--- Marine Technician
-- Navy (Used for water world type missions)
--- Enlisted Navy Recruit
--- Naval Officer
--- Naval Technician
-- NID (National Intelligence Department)
--- NID Officer
--- NID Area 51 Infiltrator
--- Rogue Stargate Team member
-- Civilian Specialist (et al. Doctor Daniel Jackson and Doctor Rodney McKay)
-- Diplomatic Corps
-- Engineering Corps
-- The Russian Unit

[occ]The Asgard[/occ]
-- Asgard Fleet Officer (et al. Hermiod)
-- Asgard Geneticist (et al. Loki)
-- Asgard Planets Enforcer (et al. Freyr and Thor)

The Jaffa
-- The Horus Guard
-- The Serpent Guard (Til'k)
-- The Setesh Guard
-- Shol'va Rebel

Near Humans
-- Primitive Society (ie. Golarion)
-- Modern Society (ie. Kelnowa)
-- Advanced Society (ie. Tollan)

-- Tok'ra High Commander
-- Tok'ra Undercover Operative
-- Tok'ra Warrior


Adventures start Mid-Season 2, after the discovery of the Tok'ra. (The Tok'ra).

Books you will need:
1 Stargate the Roleplaying Game by Alderac Entertainment
1 Pathfinder the Roleplaying Game

Silver Crusade

Hi guys,

I thought you guys could help me out in finding jobs to apply for a mock interview for a class assignment. The interview can happen either over skype or in-person. Salt Lake City jobs preferred, but I'll take anyone's suggestion.

If anyone is willing to help me out, post to this thread. Thanks!

and yes, I'm going to graduate soon! :)

Silver Crusade

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This is the formal thread for a second recruitment thread.

Okay, your party will play off the other. Do not be afraid to contact the other players on how your characters might be connected. The first party hasn't named themselves, but you guys can come up with a company name. The thread is here.

The Premise:

Phaeselis, the City of Psionics, is a living city that has a burgeoning population. There can be more than one adventuring party in the city, and these are the tales of a second adventuring party.

the Theme:

Fantasy Psionics Adventure in a Hellenistic city, based of the world of Alexander the Great.

The Twist:

In a city where people can read minds, move objects through the air, and create things seemingly out of thin air you might have an Utopia. But even Utopias hide things in the Shadows.

PCs will concurrently adventure with the other Player Party. Pretty soon their exploits will be known to one party and vice versa. Again, this will deal with city adventuring and dungeoneering. However, you will face different threats than the first party.

1. Read the Wiki.

2. no cartoon characters or slapstick comedy characters.

3. no dragonriders or gunslingers.

4. You can choose any class to play. As long as you know you will be facing psionic foes. If this is a deal breaker, you can bow out. As for dragonriders, see point 2.

5. Game Statistics
a. 20 point buy
b. After creating your character, find a picture of someone famous who you think can play your character.
c. Post your character on the Wiki as well as here, on Paizo. Paizo. Player characters good enough through this campaign will be counted as official characters and added to the main section of the wiki. You can make a Wiki Page about your character.
d. you can have 2 traits (I thought this is nearly universally assumed).

Check the wiki for races.

One last thing: Since I'm approaching this from the angle of a T.V. Show, I will need a picture of an actor that can portray your character. :) If you want to also include a drawing of what your character might look like, that would be cool too.

Slots available:

Silver Crusade

Since I am adding the rules from Psionics Augmented into the City, I want to see who would be interested to be in a second adventuring company in the city?

Monte Cook did the same trick with his original Ptolus Campaign, and so I thought I might run a second adventuring company. With the expanded rules systems, you can get some unusual character mixes. Also, you can play off the adventures of the other party, and they can play off yours.

So, who is interested?

Silver Crusade

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Discuss things WoW related, and WoW RPG related here. Along with your adventures.

Silver Crusade

male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

Sound off your characters here. First post tomorrow.

Silver Crusade

Disclaimer: I'm coming from the position that Paizo or any Roleplaying Game cannot copy real life fencing or swordsmanship in any way. There are just too many variables in European Martial Arts for the game to cover all of it in exact detail. Okay, Disclaimer over.

I was watching some videos on sword technique. Aside from the Katana not being the "best sword in the whole wide world, evar," I watched one on the two weapon combo technique. It seems that it was actually taught in Europe at the beginning of the Renaissance through the 19th Century. It was used in Japan, it was used in China, it has been used by pretty much every country.

It was not used in a battle situation because it is so hard to learn.

After that, as GMs and Players who have taken the feat, have you actually used it and what are your opinions on it? Anyone take the feat at first level without taking the associated archetype for the fighter?

Silver Crusade

The group has lost it's healer and it's time to recruit another healer. They had one encounter so far, so I'm accepting auditions for new player characters.

World of Phaeselis

Read the wiki and it will tell you how the various classes fit together. :) Player Characters are asked to mesh well with the party as so far as presently constituted.


Have fun creating your characters and auditioning!

Silver Crusade

I've added enough information about classes and races that I can start a formal recruitment drive. The link to the Wiki is here. Anything missing, you have the right to add to it.


Silver Crusade

A wiki is up for those who want to investigate, edit, and help:

World of Warcraft RPG Wiki

It's divided into five major sections:

* Characters and Races
* Classes, Archetypes, and Prestige Classes
* Skills and new Professions
* Spells and Magic
* The Worlds of Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor

I'm working on the races first. The following have been added: Humans, Dwarves, Worgen; Orcs, Trolls, and Blood Elves. Those wishing to help can fill out races, classes, skills, spells and magic, and help detail which areas of Azeroth are Mythic and which are Heroic (I suggest that Pandaria is heroic); and that Outland and Draenor are Mythic. You can do this to your hearts' content. And also, keep in mind that this is a conversion. Any OGC from the WoW RPG line and Pathfinder line should be deliniated on each page in a OGL Section 15 Copyright Notice section. :)

Those that want to help keep in mind:
Those working on the Classes section should divide Pathfinder classes into Core and Base (with a word that the new Base Classes are optional, with the exception of the Hunter, Shaman, and possibly Arcanist). The main reason is this: the Alchemist base class from the Advanced Player's Guide and the Alchemy rules from the official World of Wacraft RPG Supplement More Magic and Mayhem seem to be incompatible.

Until the incompatibility is solved to everyone's satisfaction, it's best to have the optional base classes stay optional.

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I've been wanting to play WoW again. So, I thought about an Azeroth during Cataclysm that is without Cataclysm -- the Greymane Wall breaks by some other means other than the Cataclysm, and the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel joins the Horde for the same reasons.

I've got most of the WoW RPG books, including the WOW RPG.

This is only an interest check. I was thinking of an Alliance Campaign, actually. So the following races are open to you:

-- Human
-- Dwarf
-- Gnome
-- Night Elf
-- High Elf
-- Worgen (Greymane pack)
-- Draenei (aka. Space Goat, Teifling)


Classes available (PF with (WoW) equivalent in Parenthesis)
-- Fighter (Warrior)
-- Cleric (Priest)
-- Cleric (Shaman, with an archetype)
-- Druid (Druid)
-- Wizard (Mage)
-- Wizard (Warlock, as an archetype)
-- Ranger (Hunter)
-- Paladin (Paladin)
-- Rogue (Rogue)


If anyone wants to play Horde, I could do an Argent Crusade campaign. :)

but I want to see if anyone would be interested. It can take a lot of work, though.

Silver Crusade

I ran out of inspiration for new monsters for my city state of Phaeselis. Besides phrenizing a raptor (Psychoraptor), I tried looking around for inspiration as to what to do next.

Anyone want to suggest any monsters I should look at?

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Okay, I melded WoW style Alchemy with Pathfinder Alchemy just today, in fact. The party can stand to have another member.

1. Choose any class you like, but I strongly recommend an Alchemist for -ahem- guinea pig testing (these are old 3rd Party Rules with new "3rd Party" rules).

2. All the information you need for character creation is on my wiki: Phaeselis Wiki.

3. You can bring your concerns about the alchemy rules so we can find out the best way to meld them together. Either on the wiki (please?) or here.

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(Adventure by John Tynes)

It's like a day like any other in the City of Phaselis. The water of the waterfall spills over the enscarpment with Zeus and Buddha carved on either side of the main waterfall. The day is wonderful and it's the start of the Festival of Plenty. Planned by the Cult of Demeter every year, the Festival of Plenty is quite the festival to celebrate the Queen of Heaven. Worshippers of the Creator despise this and are thankful that it takes place in the area known as Deeptown, the area around the Docks, from the Massalian Enclave to the Olivaen Enclave.

The week leading up to it is a celebration unto itself. People set up booths to show off their livestock and to sell wine, mead, and ale. They also sell bakery goods, like savory mincemeat pies, baklava, ham -- both baked and baked candied. While the worshippers of the Creator look forward to a passover with lamb's meat and unleavened bread; the worshippers of Demeter have the Harvest Festival in the Festival of Plenty.

It is in this atmosphere that you find yourselves in. Everything is building up to three days of merriment and song, a festival that celebrates the Harvest.

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male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

Those who have been approved can discuss their characters here.

I'll allow time for anyone to create interwining backgrounds. Brother, sister, cousin, yeah. That kind of stuff.

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The spells in "More Magic and Mayhem" from White Wolf is much more balanced than the spells in say, Relics and Rituals. That doesn't mean that your DM would allow it (I'd allow it) in their games, though. But this conversion exercise is aimed at the more open minded.

More Magic and Mayhem is a third party, d20 World of Warcraft product.

0 - Sense Demons

1st level -- Corruption

2nd level -- Curse of Recklessness

(more later)

Silver Crusade


In a far away land, a long time ago, there was a city.

The city looked like it was an ordinary city. People came and go, people came and did commerce. Goods were exchanged for money. Money was exchanged for goods. The people looked ordinary enough. Although some did go naked, others did not, and it was a place where people from the East could meet people from the West.

Yeah it's ordinary. Maybe.

People who knew where to look will find a blue dragon perched on a stall rocky spire outside the city, seemingly watching over it. Look up into the clouds, and you see a twisting sky dragon in the storm clouds. So far.

The City is quadrasected by a river, a waterfall, and a long escarpment from which the water fall falls over in four different falls. The river's lowest basin is deeper than expected as sea going ships can sail up the river and dock. They then can reduce their load and sell on the docks on either side, and sail down the river. So far, pretty ordinary. It has some unique features, although the presence of the two different dragons is unnerving.

The Quadrants are divided racially. The Northeast is devoted to a culture that is based on the Persians/Iranians (Aryans?). And there is a small town dedicated to a race of people that is like the Chinese (Qin'ae). It is also the terminus of the Silk Road. Western goods are exchanged for silk and other goods from the fabled Middle Kingdom.

On the Southeast Quadrant, all the people that live here are like the Indian people of East India. Called the Aryavartans, they come from the land of Aryavarta (an ancient name for India). Dark skinned, they speak Vedic and they came to escape a series of invasions. Hidden amongst the walls are an enclave of Nagaji.

On the Southwest Quadrant live the people that the Hellenes call the Phoenicians. They are monotheists worshiping a jealous god, although some say they worship the Creator. They have a elven enclave called the Olivaen Elves (original creation). They also have the cemetery, called the Necropolis. So far, so normal.

On the Northwest Quadrant are the Hellenes, or the Greeks. From here, Greek culture is enjoyed with a gymnasium, a theatre, and temples to several gods. There is even a Massalian elf enclave here (inspired by the Blood Elves of WoW). Yep a normal city.

Phaeselis was founded fifty years ago for the sole purpose of being a homeland for Psions. In a world where telepaths (mindbenders) are persecuted, in a world where telekinetic adventurers are kicked out of their adventuring parties "for going nova!" and persecuted. And in a world where shapers are persecuted for being like gods; they all come to Phaeselis for acceptance among their own kind. For this city is a city and a haven for those who practice and use psionic powers.


I checking out for any interest in a high psionics campaign. You'll be psionics characters or not, it doesn't matter to me. Just that you will be facing psionic monsters and foes (like puppetmasters!). -- all the information you need is on this wiki. There is 68 pages, which is enough to for you to say -- "yes, I'm interested." or "no, I'm not."
I just wanted to check to see who would be up for it. :)

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This discussion is a bit more ingame involved than others. Here, you guys can discuss domain turns, forge alliances, break them, conspire against the DM's realms and even conspire against each other.

Things to be discussed that are blatantly out of game have to be framed with ooc tags. Some metagaming is allowed in this forum, but do not go against a DM's final ruling.

Metagaming will not be tolerated on the game play forums.

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Sound off here with your Kingdom and your character and we will start with the first Domain turn.

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My premiere campaign setting turned into a wiki for anyone to edit.

Phoenicia: the City of Psionics has become Phaeselis.

"Phaeselis: the City of Psionics is inspired by the Ptolus: City by the Spire campaign. It's a pathfinder campaign that is built around a city of Psionicists set in land that is not unlike Hellenistic Asia.

"Long ago, psychically gifted people were persecuted because they had the ability to project their thoughts, read minds, see into the past and into the future, and create things seemingly out of nothing. Persecuted more than witches because no one understood them, these people had to hide during the time of the Great Empires. Then came the great Hellenistic Expansion. Led by a magnificient and beneficient Military Genius called Alexander, the Hellenes conquered the Achmeniads and created an Empire that spanned incredibly far. Alexander, learning of the plight of these gifted children and adults, founded a city just for them.

"He called it Phaeselis, the City of the Gifted. To everyone else in the World it became known as Phaeselis, the City of Psionics, the City of the Cursed, or the City of the Damned. Many armies led by Evil men tried to destroy it. Once by an army composed of Magi. In the final confrontation of that battle, the entire population of the City utterly destroyed the army and took the survivors into slavery. And then no one dared to come up against Phaeselis again."

Phaeselis is a campaign built for one reason, and one reason only. To be a City based campaign to be dropped into your campaigns at will and to explore when you are ready to. Inspired by Ptolus: City of the Spire, Phaeselis: City of Psionics is a place dominated by Psionics. A place where the psychically gifted can live in peace, and those with the talent and the will can find adventure.

Come to Phaeselis, the City of Psionics.

Silver Crusade

"This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, This precious stone set in the silver sea, Which serves it in the office of a wall Or as a moat defensive to a house, Against the envy of less happier lands,--This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.”

― William Shakespeare, Richard II

BIRTHRIGHT: Ruins of Empire

The winds were dark and foreboding. For years, Thane Brian Artice of Talinie had sat on the Oak Seat. He did not like it, nor did he like anything that was happening. He did his best to rule his realm from the Oak Seat ever since he wrested power from Thane Thuriene Donalls. Had he not reduced taxes, given the people one day in seven to rest according to the rules of Haelyn, and promoted peace?

Had he not, even once, held executions of criminals and traitors to his realm? He did his best to make the realm his, but now this Elton Donalls, one of the royal line, wishes to oust him. The Dog! How dare he spread sedition and rebellion against his rule among the people!

Elton Donalls, also called Elton the White, sat on his steed. All was complete except his command. The complex weaving of the magic of the land should work to bring everything together. Elton waited as the troops of Talinie's command gathered at one province, while those loyal to him gathered with him at another. When the formations were complete, it was time. Elton cracked a smile and completed the ritual:

"May meteors rain down from heaven, and smite you all!"

From the sky, great fireballs of rock came down and struck the troops loyal to the Usurper, Brian Artice. Some of them exploded, causing panic among the troops, but others hit the ground killing many. It seemed that the ranks of the Artice army was being struck down by raining fireballs! Elton Donalls smiled. Despite his grave inexperience (LEVEL 1 Wizard) he managed to cast a spell that was more powerful than Wish! A spell that relied on the power of the land that pulses through the land and pools at certain places. That spell was a realm spell. And it was a spell only wizard kings could cast.


Long ago, the Whole continent of Cerilia was virgin land of virgin forests inhabited by elves, dwarves, goblins, dragons, and orogs. Connected to the Continent by the range now known as the Seamist Mountains. Man has never set foot on the land, nor the Cerilian soil knew the plow. Until now.

Six different tribes of man: the Andus, the Vos, the Brechts, the Rjuven, and the Masetians fled from the evil Azrai in their own lands and settled in Cerilia, while the Dark Skinned West African like people called the Basarji came from Djaper. Welcomed by the elves, they made permanent settlements in Cerilia. They helped the elves push back the tribes of goblins and orogs and put the Cerilian ground to the plow. At first the elves tollerated this, but as it continued, the Elves grew to hate what Man was doing to the land and started to hunt Man down.

However, not long after the Hunt of the Elves, the evil God Azrai followed Man to Cerilia and sought to bring all under the domination of the God of Pride. To fight for their lives and their freedom, the Tribes of Man gathered together to fight the Shadow. The Rjuven and Masetians were on ships led by Erik and Nesirie -- Champions of Reynir and Masela, respectively (gods of the Earth and Sea, respectively); while Avani, Haelyn, Sera, and Ruornil led the Land armies -- Champions of Basaia, Andurias, Brenna, and Vorynn -- respectively (they were the gods and goddesses of the Sun, Rulership, Trade, and Magic -- respectively). Along with their ally, Hrothgar Moradinsson of the Dwarves, the Champion of Moradin.

On the Side of Azrai where the elves, the goblins, the orogs, and the Beastmen, and most of the Vos -- the last led by Belinik and Kreisha. And his greatest Champion -- Raesene the Black Prince -- was among the armies of the Andu.

The final battle culminated in the style of the 300 Spartans at Mount Diesmaar. The elves finally understood who Azrai really was, and joined on the side of Men for Freedom. But the Black Prince betrayed them, and the final battle took place between brothers. Sick of their brother's evil, the Gods came down leaving their Ally Moradin behind and fought Azrai.

And everything exploded. In the aftermath, the Champions of the Gods were no longer found on the field of Battle. Except Raesene. The battle concluded in a bloodbath of bloodletting as all armies scrambled back to Aduria and back to Cerilia as Mount Deismaar sank into the sea.

Anuirean Empire

Soon after the Battle (five years to ten years), Roele, the last of the brothers of the First House of the Andu, had a vision of Haelyn. Haelyn had told him to forge an Empire, and Haelyn battled to unite all of Man under one kingdom. Roele founded the Empire like Alexander the Great founded his empire. Stretching across Anuire, Roele founded an empire that lasted quite a long time -- although he died campaigning in Vosgaard.

Hundreds of years later, Michael Roele, the last of his line; went up against the Gorgon, a.k.a. Raesene the Black Prince. A foolish move, to be sure, as Raesene -- his kinsman -- slew him. Michael Roele channeled his Birthright into the Land, denying the Gorgon control of all of Anuire. Frustrated, the GORGON cried as his brother's bloodline went into the land of Anuire and control of the Empire wrested from his control.

Ruins of Empire
It's 125 years later, and the Land of Anuire has broken up into many several kingdoms: each ruled by a duke, a baron, a count, an earl, a king, or a thane. All vying for control of the Iron Throne of Anuire. Which one will take the throne? Will it be Aeric Boeruine? Will it be Prince Avan of Avanil?

Or will it be you!?

Understanding the Setting
Before KINGMAKER, there was BIRTHRIGHT. Before JADE REGENT, there was BIRTHRIGHT. So, what is Birthright about anyhow? BIRTHRIGHT is my absolute, favorite all time campaign setting. It still beats Eberron by a mile (Sorry, Keith); and it puts the Forgotten Realms to utter shame -- in spite of the Realms' popularity.

I read the advertisement on the then Monster Manual in 1995, players are kings? Seriously? I think I'm in love. I pick up Warlock of the Stormcrowns later, and finally I got an inkling on how BIRTHRIGHT is set up. I picked up the Campaign Setting and the adventure Sword and Crown later. Then I picked up as many accessories as I can get my hands on.

I never had been able to run a campaign for Birthright. The only person I wanted to play in my campaigns was my cousin -- and he's pretty opinionated (his attitude towards 3rd party publishers -- we should all die economically and Paizo should publish all things PATHFINDER. He's dead serious about that). I really wanted to impress him and I still do. It was ironic then that he had good things to say about Paizo's Ultimate Campaign.

--- "I'm running KINGMAKER, and my players all love Ultimate Campaign."

I smirked, withholding a laugh. Sorry, cuz, but I've got one over on you. I'm running Ultimate Campaign but I'm running BIRTHRIGHT.


From Ross Watson the Rogue Warden:

"When you talk about Birthright, there are four names you need to know.

"Rich Baker and Colin McComb were the architects of the main setting and rules, while Ed Stark and Carrie Bebris fleshed out much of the rest of the world of Birthright.

"The talent of this group is remarkable—consider that these folks created 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons, built the Forgotten Realms we know today, developed the best iteration of the Planescape setting, and helped craft amazing games like Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2—and that’s just a highlight reel.

"It should also be mentioned that the art of Tony Szczudlo really brought the setting to life; he brings a stark and grim style that still feels epic and fantastic and encompasses everything Birthright was about in his paintings."

The Setting

"Birthright is a fantasy setting that has a distinct feel from other “D&D-like” realms. I enjoy Baker’s quote about Birthright from a Dragon Magazine article (and referenced in his Wikipedia Page): 'I'm very proud of it. It represents an entirely new approach to the traditional fantasy roleplaying campaign, and the world itself is filled with a strong sense of history.'

The Campaign

The Campaign takes place in Anuire. Yes, I love all the other places in Cerilia too: including Vosgaard. But Anuire is the one place that you, the players, would be most familiar with. From Ross Watson, again:

"Anuire forms the ruins of a shattered empire. Once, the rulers of Anuire straddled most of Cerilia, having conquered vast portions of the continent over generations of war. However, the last emperor perished roughly 550 years prior to the current campaign date, plunging the empire into disarray and civil war. In the current time, Anuire is a fractured realm, with many smaller kingdoms struggling for dominance. There are a handful of contenders for the Iron Throne of the Emperor, but there is plenty of room for a resourceful and strong player character to unite Anuire beneath his banner. Anuire has a strong historical and cultural link to Britain, and there are many parallels that one can draw between struggles in Anuire to the War of the Roses and other civil conflicts in Britain’s history.

"This is not limited just to the main region of Anuire. Much of Birthright’s setting is based on real-world historical cultures and conflicts. The region of Brechtur, for example, is modeled upon the Hanseatic League.

What Ross expresses is what I like about Anuire so I'll use his words: "While it’s fair to say that I really like all of the Birthright regions (I have a special fondness for the Khinasi Cities of the Sun and the Brechtur Havens of the Great Bay), Anuire is my favorite. I love that you can find nearly every example of Birthright’s touchstones in Anuire, from dangerous Awnsheghlien like the Gorgon and the Spider to mysterious elven realms like the Sielwode. Powerful wizards like the Sword Mage can be found there, as well as lawless regions crying out for a hero to forge them into a realm—such as the Five Peaks. The goblin kingdom of Thurazor, the wonders of the Imperial City, unexplored islands lying temptingly close to familiar shores, ancient ruined keeps and deep-delving dwarves—Anuire has it all.

The region of Anuire is also chock-full of interesting personalities and NPC’s. The Gorgon is the most powerful awnsheghlien on the continent and constantly schemes to claim the Iron Throne. Rhoubhe Manslayer represents the resentment and hatred of the Elves towards the tribes of humanity who drove them out of their forests. The Mhor of Mhoried holds the unwelcome position of the realm most likely to suffer the Gorgon’s wrath; he must be ever-vigilant to raise his defenses against an inhuman and implacable foe. The Archduke of Boeruine schemes to position himself as the pre-eminent candidate for a restored Empire. The wizard known as the Eyeless One conducts mysterious experiments among the lawless mountains of the Five Peaks.

You can practically /taste/ the epic. If you’re like me, you’re probably hearing the Skyrim (or the Game of Thrones) theme in your head right now."

Yep, for me, I saw everything I admired in Shakespeare when that boxed set was delivered to my home. Henry V and The Tempest ran through my mind. Yes, you can taste the Epic. If you can hear the theme to Skyrim or the theme to the Game of Thrones right now, RIGHT NOW, this campaign is definitely for you.

Spectacular Insights:

Okay, it's true, Birthright has a lot of things going for it that is hard, absolutely hard for you -- the newbie to low level Epic Political Roleplaying -- to take in right now. Domain rules, Bloodlines, being a King, building kingdoms, making war, casting spells of great and terrible power, and going HIGHLANDER and all when you kill another Scion that has a bloodline is dizzying. I know, I'VE BEEN THERE, every one of us that enjoys this setting has been there.

Fortunately, the interest check I did drummed up a lot of people who can help you, including Ross Watson (who probably posts on these boards), navigate through what is hard to accept.


Is to play and put the PATHFINDER Ultimate Campaign rules through the wringer, even though they are already been put to paper, in a campaign that is ultimately DESIGNED for them. BIRTHRIGHT. We are going to stretch them, break them, chop them up, scrunch them, and see how they hold up in a real man's (or real woman's) campaign about Regency.

You will all take a throne. Seriously. I'm serious. The KINGMAKER scenario already has happened, and you have a throne. And you are going to rule it. At level 2.


Still here? Good. I'll put up the Character creation guidelines and a few write ups on some realms. The other Birthright veterans are here to help answer any questions you may have.

Creating your characters:

1. Review the available domains within Elinie, Endier, Roesone, Ilien, Medoere, Arwenwe. You always earn full regency points for provinces. Depending on your class, you can earn more regency points for law, temple, guild or source holdings. Your first feat allows you to earn half regency for one type of holding. A second feat allows you to earn full regency for the same holding or half for a second type of holding. Decide the class of your character.

2. You may pick any Birthright race: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, and Halfling. Humans have five sub-races: Anuireans, Brechts, Khinasi, Rjuriks, and the Vos.

3. If you do not select a published domain as is, you must use the domain building rules, which will always make a small domain about the size of Ilien. Select which domain you want to play or modify. Submit your character concept (race & class) and domain selection to the GM Elton for approval.

4. Roll your Bloodline strength and score using the rules in this post on the Recruitment thread. If you want to keep your bloodline rolls, use a point buy of 25 points.

5. If you don’t like your bloodline rolls, point buy SEVEN stats with 30 points. The stats are: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Blood score (if playing a scion). Double your blood score and this will be your Bloodline score.

6. Choose two traits. Equivalents from Humans of Golarion: Anuireans are equal to Taldans; Brechts have no equals but traits revolve around Trade; Khinasi are equal to the Keleshites; the Rjuriks are equal to the Ulfens; and the Vos are equal to the Varisians. Elves use Elves of Golarion to determine their traits; and almost so on (Halflings use the APG and ARG).

7. As a bonus, regents get a bloodline feat. On the Recruitment thread, roll for the number of bloodline powers.

8. Regents must spend their 1st-level feat on the Regency of Holding in order to collect Regency from one type of holding in addition to provinces. The type of holding depends on your character class. This is to prevent rampant multi-classing.

9. Human regents may select the Leadership feat at level 1 as their bonus feat. The PrC Scion (found on and can raise your score. Leadership feat has also been modified.

10. Regents get bodyguards. On the Recruitment thread, roll for the number of bodyguards and their type. Martial and hybrid martial characters get 4d6+10 for the number and roll bodyguard type on Table 4 (d100, Rulebook pg 10). Otherwise, roll 2d6+5 for the number and type on Table 5 (d100, Rulebook pg 11).

11. Spell-casting regents receive 1d3 Realm Spells; roll on the recruitment thread. From then on, your realm spells have to be researched using the Research domain action.

12. There are four new skills: Administrate, Knowledge (law), Lead, and Warcraft. There are also a couple new uses for existing skills. Check with GM if it is a class skill for you.

13. There is no Common language. You start with your racial language. Additional languages are here.

14. Equipment: regents receive 20 times the standard starting wealth for personal funds. Roll on the recruitment thread. Equipment is culturally based, though. On page 17 through 19 gives you the proper equipment list. As for items, Anuireans, Brechts, Khinasi, the Elves, and the Dwarves are the equivalent of Renaissance culture. As for the Rjurik and Orogs -- they represent Middle Ages culture. Finally the Vos, the goblins, and the beastmen (Gnolls) are considered to be in the Dark Ages.

Weapons changes:
Claymore (greatsword) -- Rjurik greatsword.
Cutlass -- Popular among sea-farers.
Crossbow -- Critical threat is 18-20 because of their penetration power.
Rapier -- popular among the Brechts.
Saber (scimitar) -- favored weapon of Khinasi for those Dancing Dervishs

Varsk -- A lizard with fur all over it, big enough to ride. A trained Varsk costs 250 gp, and an exceptional animal might cost twice that much.

15. Background. Please integrate your character’s background into the published history of their domain.

To summarize all of your rolls, after you receive character and domain approval from GM:
[dice=Bloodline strength]1d20
[dice=Bloodline score]
[dice=Bloodline powers]
[dice=Number of bodyguards]
[dice=Type of bodyguards]1d100
[dice=Starting Realm spells]1d3
[dice=Starting personal funds]*20

--------- Available Domains in Anuire ------

ROESONE: the Barony of Roesone was carved from Diemed over 80 years ago. And it has been struggling to maintain it's claims of independence from Diemed and Ghore. Even today, Roesone's future remains uncertain; it has the potential to grow in power and influence, but it could just as easily fall to the ambitions of Ghoere.

The lands here, sparsely settled when Daen Roesone brought them under his banner, have attracted new settlers to rediscover its beauty. Drawn by the offer of rich farmlands, these settlers come from all over Anuire, uprooted by wars and troubles. They have come to Roesone to build new lives, and therefore, they tend to stick together and do not stand bullying from newcomers; one family's problems often end thanks to the efforts of friends. The folks of Roesone also share an interest in exploration - many famous adventurers once called this land home.

Roesone is a good kingdom because: It's the prototypical Fighter kingdom. It's also a moderately sized domain with 7 provinces. As ruler you have:
* 15 Gold Bars* in your treasury. Taxes on trade routes, commerce, and other things brings in a total of 24 GB.

* your people worship Haelyn -- the God of Rulership; and Ruornil, the God of Magic.

* You have 3 units of Anuirean Archers, 1 unit of Artillery, 1 unit of Anuirean Infantry, 1 unit of Armored Cavalry (Knights), and three units of Pikemen, Your navy is sad: The Baronial Navy of Roesone includes only two Caravels.

* You have two castle fortifications: The Black Tower in caeracas, and Castle Bellamie.

* Your Government is Medieval Feudalism.

ELINIE -- Geographically, Elinie, is a domain of the Heartlands, but culturally it shares more with the Eastern Marches. Resolute and indomitable, rough and tumble, and somewhat lawless, Elinie stands next to three hostile domains, including a puppet of the Gorgon. Nonetheless, Elinie prospers.

Elinie is the only realm in Anuire that is ruled by a line of Khinasi dukes -- the Daouta family. They are members of the Dark skinned, West African like people who are culturally like the Moors. What happened was that one of Avani's paladins was sent to kill the Anuirean Emperor during Khinasi's fight for Independence from the Anuirean Empire. She came to Elinie, and finding the Duke to be a poor and tyrannical ruler, she slew him and then sat on the throne after that.

Why do you want to choose Elinie: Elinie is one of two realms in Anuire being ruled by Paladins. In this case, a Paladin of Avani (the Goddess of the Sun and Reason). It is a moderately sized realm with 6 provinces.

* You have 15 gold bars in your treasury. And you get about 21 gold bars from taxes and other interests.

* your people worship Avanalae (Avani).

* The rulers are Khinasi.

* Your enemies include Goblins from Markazor; and humans from Ghoere and Osoerde.

* You have 3 units of Anuirean Archers, 1 unit of Artillery, 1 unit of Anuirean Infantry, 1 unit of Anuirean Armored Cavalry (Knights), and three units of Pikemen.

* Your capital has the only castle, Castle Ansien.

ENDIER: As one of the smallest domains in Anuire, Endier finds itself in something of a bind, wedged as it is between Avanil, Ghoere, Tuornen, Diemed, Alamie, and the Spiderfell. It cannot hope to compete with the farms of the larger realms around it, cannot raise an army to rival theirs, and cannot hope to defeat these powerful entities in any endeavour, except one - trade. The ruler of this realm, Guilder Kalien, has done his best to ensure that the words Endier and trade become synonymous. Since taking power, Kalien has transformed Endier from a cesspool of corruption into one of the greatest trade centres in Cerilia. Though his means are very dictatorial, Kalien is careful to maintain the people's loyalty with frequent celebrations of their newfound prosperity.

Like Ilien, Endier is dominated by a single city - the Free City of Endier. The city is a thriving metropolis located on the banks of the River Maesil, supported by foodstuffs imported from the countryside. It is from this city that Kalien runs his tangled web of intrigue, pulling on a string here and there to get the desired result.

Initially, Endier was part of the Spiderfell. Technically, Roele had rewarded the province to Diemed, but House Diem never braved the Spider to claim it. A little over 250 years ago, however, an intrepid scion named Richard Endier arrived with a group of settlers and tore the province away from the Spider while Diemed languished under an inept ruler. The county has managed to keep itself free of the Dieman yoke ever since.

Why Would you Want to play Endier: Endier is a trading Kingdom. The Prototypical kingdom ran by rogues. It's a kingdom built by trade rather than sources or law. Endier is one of three kingdoms in Anuire that consists of only one Province. Ilien and the Spiderfell is the other two.

* you get 43 GB in your treasury. You gain an income of 32 GB through taxes on trade, but you pay 3 GB in tribute to the Wizard regent Caine once a year.

* Your military forces consist of: 1 unit of light Cavalry, 2 units of Infantry, two units of Archers, 1 unit of Scouts, and a navy of six Caravels.

* Your people worship Saramie and Haelyn.

* You accumulate 36 Regency Points through control of trade routes and law holdings, one of which is in Medoere.

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Alexandria Eschate

Or Alexandria the Furthest

Alexandria Eschate is a perfect city for your campaign where the West can touch the Far East. founded by Alexander, in the Real World the city has survived it's founding and is now the city of Khujand in Tajikistan. Alexander founded the city in the Fergana Valley to protect conquered lands from invaders, especially the conquered city of Cryopolis.

Alexandria Eschate exists as the furthest post of Western Civilization. Placing it into your campaign means that beyond is 400 miles of rough country until you get to your Campaign's equivalent of China. Here, the city survives and is so far out that it attracts adventurers, criminals, and the desperate. Despite this, the reason why the town has flourished that not only was it founded in a beautiful green valley in Central Asia, but it had many good rivers feeding it and the people who migrated there stayed there.

From the beginning of the Hellenistic Empire to the end of the Roman Empire, Alexander Eschate retained it's Hellenistic culture. In a Medieval-Renassiance setting like Gloarion, Alexander Eschate might still exist as a Hellenistic outpost. The last relic of an age gone by.

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I don't know if this should belong in Homebrew, or Questions.

I want to make a new Subdomain called Spell.

Basically, I want to be able to grant a certain wizard/sorcerer spell that represents Arcanality (ha, new word!) but won't overpower the priest. This came up while converting Ruornil in the BRCS, and I wanted to steal a domain from the Forgotten Realms CS (3.0) called Spell, but I suddenly thought that a sub-domain of magic might work better.

Ruornil's priests in 2nd edition have the spell abilities of a magician 1/2 their level, making them really different indeed.

Can a replacing power be a metamagic feat? It's hard to pick one, but I think Empower Spell might work well.

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The Kingmaker Adventure Path had your adventurers running ragged carving out a kingdom in the wilderness. you fought mysterious bandit lords, barbaric raiders as bad as any Hun band, and eventually carve out a kingdom.

An epic campaign, to be sure. But . . . Before Kingmaker there was. BIRTHRIGHT.

In BIRTHRIGHT, you didn't just carve out a kingdom; you are the King. and, "it's good to be the King."

This campaign is concepted to try out the KINGDOMS AND WAR rules in a campaign setting expressly designed for them. BIRTHRIGHT. Features:

* CREATE characters of royal bloodlines stemming from the Ancient Gods that died in Mount Deismaar: Andurias, Azrai, Basaia, Brenna, Masela, Reynir, and Vorynn.

* Be a fighter that commands great armies, a Priest that leads an entire Church, a rogue that controls Guilds and Trade Routes, or a mysterious Wizard that commands the might of the land itself!

* Choose from several different races: Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans. And the Humans are split themselves into five different races: Anuireans (French and English), Brechts (Germans), Khinasi (Moors), Rjurik (Norsemen), and the Vos (Russians).

* Choose a kingdom. There are many to choose from in the land of Anuire, as the Ruins of Empire: Ilien, Talinie, Medoere, Roesone, Arenwe, Diemed, Elinie, and many others.

* Be a regent. And rule. But beware, there are enemies who are equally as powerful, as well as millennia-old abominations that will stop at nothing to steal your kingly power and to claim . . .

Your birthright.

This is just an interest check. My cousin, who HATES all 3rd party Pathfinder material with violent passion just loved Ultimate Campaign. I almost laughed in his face and asked if he was willing to run BIRTHRIGHT. Almost.

Players who are interested are interested because it is time to visit Cerilia. And it's time to claim your birthrights and to play the Ultimate Campaign rules in the Campaign setting expressly designed for them -- the BIRTHRIGHT campaign setting.

You will need:
1 copy of the BRCS (required) in order to pick a kingdom. So the campaign runs in Anuire.

And we will go on from there.

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Before the Kingmaker AP, there was the Birthright Campaign Setting (BRCS). The BRCS is probably T.S.R.'s crowning Achievement during the 90s in published campaign settings. Although the Realms was, and still is, the most popular Campaign Setting in the TSR lineup, Birthright was the crown in the jewel for many different reasons.

FIRST and probably the best reason. The campaign feels the most real out of any campaign setting you can really get from TSR at the time. This is simply because humans were divided into six different cultures in different eras of play, all of which are based on REAL Earth Cultures. Five of these are playable.

They included the Anuireans - which are based on the French during the 15th Century with a lot of Norman English influence; the Brechts, which were based on the Holy Roman Empire with a strong Hanseatic League and Venetian influence; the Khinasi, which is based on the Spanish Moors; the Rjurik which are based on the Vikings with a lot of Scottish influence (think of a more SERIOUS approach to the Viking town in "How to Train Your Dragon"); and the Vos, which are based on the Russians (Ivan the Terrible's Russians) but have a strong Hun and Mongol influence. A sixth race, called the Masetians, are based on both Persian and Egyptian cultures, but don't really get into play much as a player character race.

The Elves call themselves the Sidhelien, and are an elder race and that all are not to be trusted. They are based on the Sidhe from Celtic myth. Conversely, the Dwarves were returned to their Tolkien roots as a sovereign race. Infact, they are so Tolkien-dwarf like that the Dwarves from the Hobbit movie would not be out of place.

The halflings are different from any other Halfling race since they are from the Shadow World, a word of fey that is the mirror image of the planet that the continent Cerillia is set upon; where the Plane of Shadow is spilling into (I'll get to why in a moment.) Goblins and Orogs (powerful orcs) have existed in Cerillia along side the elves and dwarves for years.

SECOND, in order to teach Tolkien a lesson, Rich Baker wrote a novel named, oddly enough, KINGSLAYER. It had a strong Highlander vibe as a theme. You could kill a king and absorb his legacy, his right to rule, within yourself and take upon yourself his Right to Rule. This is a central feature in the campaign setting. The novel itself wasn't ever published, but used as a backbone for Birthright.

Therefore, commoner, noble, or king; you can slay a king and absorb his birthright into you via Highlander when an Immortal kills another Immortal. The reason for this is that in the past, the Old Gods destroyed themselves to destroy a God of evil and their "bloods" was asborbed into the populace. The stronger amount of blood you have, the stronger your Divine Right to Rule.

When a commoner kills a king and absorbs his birthright, there is a strong chance that he will sit on the throne and become the realm's new king. It's as simple as that.

THIRD, Based on how much blood you have, your blood grants you certain Spell-like abilities which are related to the Blood of the Gods. This idea was translated into Eberron as in the form of Feats and into the Dragonmarks. There are five different legacies: Tainted, Minor, Major, Great, and True. Four of these you start out with: Tainted, Minor, Major, and Great.

Despite this, you have to have some kind of blood legacy in order to sit on the throne of a given kingdom. So, by now, you know that Players can play commoners, nobles, or kings. Although most of the mechanics are devoted to Kingly play (this is because all of AD&D 2nd Edition at the time was devoted to commoner play). and only a called shot to the heart releases the bloodline.

FOURTH, Magic worked differently. Arcane Magic was divided into minor, major, and Realm Magic, and Divine magic is divided into regular and Realm magic. In order to be a powerful Sorcerer or Wizard, you need to be Blooded. This allows you to cast Arcane spells of levels 3-9. In order to cast Realm Spells -- which are EPIC spells in and of themselves -- you need to have blood to manipulate the Arcane Magic inherent in the land. Commoners can cast spells, but they learn the lesser magic and are relegated to being magicians -- which means that they can learn divination magic to level 9, but their knowledge in other schools are cut off and limited to level 2.

Arcane Realm spells are dependent on how pristine and wild your land is. too much development and you can't draw on the magic in the land. Thus, if you are a Wizardly or Sorcerous Regent or King, you have an interest in maintaining the wild magical places in the Kingdom in order to be effective against other Wizardly regents in the area.

If you are a cleric, priest, or oracle; you need to be Blooded in order to cast Realm Spells (and Quest Spells from 2nd Edition), and that is if you are the head of a Church (so naturally, there are many Churches in the land: each with their own dogma, doctrine, and interpretation of scripture).

FIFTH, there are four different kinds of Regents. Law regents hold the crown upon their heads. They typically gain Regency from the populace. Law regents are primarily associated with the WARRIOR class group in AD&D. Fighters, Rangers, and Paladins gain regency from ruling the populace. For them, there is an incentive to develop a province. However, any class can gain Regency as Law regents.

The second kind of Regent is the Temple regent. Temple regents are associated with the PRIEST class group in AD&D. Surprise, surprise. Clerics, druids, and finally Oracles can lead as pontiffs over a religion or church. Temple regents gain regency on their Temple ratings, and so they have an incentive to evangelize the faith. All races in the game are religious except the elves, by the way. Paladins also benefit from gaining regency from a temple.

The third kind of Regent is the Source regent. Source regents are associated with the WIZARD class group in AD&D. Source regents depend greatly on the inherent magic of the land, and are tied to the land by Blood or by virtue of being an elf (elf commoners are the exception to the rule that all commoners that wish to cast magic must do so as a magician). Source regents gain Regency by drawing on the magical places in the land. So they have an incentive not to develop a provinces population rating but to spread out their populations. Despite this, a Source regent can forge a ley line to pump magical potential to his center of power.

The last kind of Regent is the Guild regent. Guild regents are associated with the ROGUE class group in AD&D and they gain their Regency through the control of trade routes. So they have an incentive to grow trade routes and participate in trade wars with other Guild regents. In Pathfinder, this includes the Rogue, the Gunslinger (which is in the Warrior group too), and a new class called the Guilder.

SIXTH, monsters are handled differently in Birthright. In birthright, there are monsters and then -- THERE ARE MONSTERS! These more powerful monsters are called Awnsheghlien and they mostly carry the blood of Azrai -- the evil god. For instance, there are probably gorgons in the land -- but only one Monster is the Gorgon (with a capital G). There are many basilisks in the south east of Cerilia, but only one is the Basilisk -- which represents perfect Hate.

The awnsheghlien are the foes that player characters must defeat. All of them are wicked, awful, and evil. From Rhoubhe Manslayer (an Elf), to the Gorgon, to the Magian (the token Lich King); the evil of the awnsheghlien know no bounds.

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Think that the Castle was invented in the 5th Century? Not really. :)

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male Human Atlanteologist 10/G.eneral O.perations D.irector 8

House Rules for Cerulean Seas play-by-post -- part 1:
Marine Zones

While the good people at Alluria Publishing who wrote Cerulean Seas probably did enough research to get their Bachelor's degrees in Oceanography (and have), the problems of playing in a 3D environment through a play by post medium are much more stark than at the dinner table. I can't exactly buy pizza for everyone. Also, this is Oceanography from an Atlanteologist -- so at all possible, verify what I said.

homer simpson:Pizzzzaaah!:/homer simpson

The Zones of the Sea are differently categorized by scientists than what they present in Cerulean Seas. Although it's not as much as the "Oceanography for Gamers" you get in the Blue Planet RPG, it's best to revisit the Cerulean Seas' tract on Oceanography. All the information below is found on

The Sea is divided into two major divisions: the Pelagic, which includes the ocean expanse; and the Benthic, which includes the seas next to the continents.

The Pelagic Zones
The Pelagic is further divided into: the Epipelagic, the Mesopelagic, the Bathypelagic, and the Abyssopelagic. The Epipelagic is where most of our adventures are going to take place. It's the zone from the surface of the water to about 200 m. or 600 feet. The Epipelagic zone is also where the greatest biodiversity is found. As in, about 4 out of every 6 song dragon kinds are found here. The other two are found above the water and in the Abyss.

As you are playing intelligent species, the Epipelagic is your home, and most of our adventurers will take place in the Epipelagic zone. The Mesopelagic is from 200 m to 1000 meters below sea level. It's the twilight zone, with me so far? The biodiversity here is diminished because not enough light can get through for photosynthesis. The Bathypelagic zone is the zone of the Hush song dragons, the kraken (Megateuthis) and regular Architeuthis dux or giant squid. it's the midnight zone, and most animals here use bioluminescence. It's from 1000 meters to 4,000 meters below sea level.

There is the Abyssopelagic zone, where the water pressure is so great and the animals are strange. Here, among the black smokers you get tube worms, crabs, fish, and other organisms. it's from 4,000 meters down. And the last of all is the Hadopelagic zone, which includes all the water in the deep ocean trenches.

The Benthic Zones
The Benthic zones have to do with land. The first of the benthic zones are the supralittoral zone, the intertidal zone, and the sublittoral zone. The supralittoral zone (or "Spray Zone" from now on) is only underwater during storms and is located from the high tide line and dry land. The intertidal zone is located between the high tide mark and the low tide mark. The subtidal zone is always below water and includes the Continental shelves. The abyssal planes are in the abyssal zone, and the trenches are located in the ultra abyssal zone.

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Completed a map for my online Campaign on this boards today. Tell me what you think of it!

Check it out here.

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The Lost Land. The Sunken City. The Ancient Birthplace of Secrets. Somewhere, beyond the edge of the world, a great empire grew decadent and fell, sinking forever beneath the waves. The City of Atlantis has haunted our dreams since the days of Ancient Greece. In some of our dreams, Atlantis is still out there.


Gaming Primer

In the days before Heroditus, King David and King Solomon ruled over an Empire that stretched from the Land of Jerusalem to Carthage in North Africa and possibly beyond to the British Isles and had colonies in the lands of Spain and possibly France. The entire Empire was based on the Sea, and had settlers on Corsica and Sardinia. It is 40 Generations after Moses and the great powers in the region are Egypt and Phoenicia.

Under the sea, however, it's quite different, and that is what we are basing our adventures on. In the Western Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic, ancient cities were claimed by the sea and peopled by entirely different people.

Merpeople, sometimes called nixies, naiads, nereids, merfolk, mermen, merpeople, and mermaids; they rule a great empire under the sea. They trade with the lands of Africa and Western Europe for items made of bronze. Bronze statues, bronze weapons, bronze armor. The Greeks say that these people are the descendents of Nereus and Doris -- but their origins may lie in the lands of the Azores. But these people don't even know.

Most of the lands of the Sea Folk are in the sunken cities of the Western Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic from Spain to Sierra Leone. The Feykith command kingdoms of their own around the British Isles and the Baltic Sea.

The Azores is a forbidden place to go, and the whole of the Atlantic Ocean has not been explored. There are rumors of an undersea city of Airbreathers, and uncharted lands beyond the great expanse (the whole of the Atlantic Ocean from Sierra Leone to Brazil, and Spain and North America).

The Lords of the Deep is a campaign setting originally intended for Steampunk or Superhero games. But has been altered for a Fantasy setting on a Fantastic Earth. (see pages 110-125 of GURPS: Atlantis)

PLAY in the Classical Age, before the Age of the City State and before Heroditus set down the history of a great people.

PLAY the four divisions of Merfolk: Cindarians, Kai-Lios, Nommos, and Sea Folk. Also choose a number of Faykith: Sea Elves, Naiads, Nixies, and Lochgelly Selkies. And the Anthromorphs are available by DM approval. All races are from Cerulean Seas.

FIGHT Sahaugin, meet the Song Dragons, and deal with threats under the sea.

EXPLORE and find new lands and meet new and strange varieties of Sea Folk.

And above all, have fun. :)

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