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Danse Macabre

Ellipsis's page

224 posts (992 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 aliases.


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Here is Carius Wyne, Human Wizard.

I am at PST [GMT -8]


Carius Wyne
Male Human Wizard 1
NG Medium humanoid (Human)
Initiative +3
Speed 30 ft
Senses Perception +1 (+3 in dim light; +2 when familiar in arm's reach)
HP 7 (1d6+1)

Normal 12
Touch 12
Flat-footed 10

Combat Maneuver Defense 12

Fort +1
Ref +2
Will +3
Base Attack Bonus +0
Combat Maneuver Bonus +0

Melee Quarterstaff +0 (1d6)
Melee Dagger +0 (1d4/19-20)
Ranged Light Crossbow +2 (1d10/19-20)

STR 10
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 18
WIS 13
CHA 10

Skills (2 + 4 INT + 1 Racial + 1 Favored Class)
Appraise +8
Knowledge (Arcana) +8
Knowledge (History) +8
Knowledge (Local) +8
Knowledge (Nobility) +8
Knowledge (Planes) +8
Linguistics +8
Spellcraft +8


Class Features
Arcane Bond (Familiar - Owl)
Arcane School (Divination)
Opposition Schools (Enchantment, Illusion)
Diviner's Fortune

Scribe Scroll
Combat Casting
Eschew Materials

Common (Taldane)


Acid Splash
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Ray of Frost
Disrupt Undead
Touch of Fatigue
Mage Hand
Arcane Mark

Endure Elements
Mage Armor
Comprehend Languages
Ray of Enfeeblement
Magic Weapon

Detect Magic

Mage Armor
School - Identify


Tireless Logic (Ultimate Campaign)
Once per day when you make an Intelligence-based skill check or ability check, you can roll twice and take the better result.


GP 35
SP 8

Cold-weather outfit [8 gp]
Light Crossbow [35 gp]
Bolts (20) [2 gp]
Dagger [2 gp]
Quarterstaff [-]
Spellbook [-]
Winter Blanket [.5 gp]
Bedroll [.1 gp]
Backpack [2 gp]
Waterskin [1 gp]
Parchment (50) [10 gp]
Inkpen [.1 gp]
Ink [8 gp]
Scroll Case [1 gp]
Signal Whistle [8 gp]
Trail Rations (10) [5 gp]
Hunk of Meat [.3 gp]
Hunk of Cheese (2) [.2 gp]
Flint and Steel [1 gp]


Carius is a short, bespectacled human with ink-stained fingers and short brown hair just starting to thin. He mumbles constantly to himself, occasionally pulling out a piece of parchment to jot down a quick note or crude sketch.


Hailing originally from Absalom, Carius has spent the last half-decade traveling among the peoples of the Northlands to chronicle their history and culture. His hope is for this work to one day be published in the prestigious Pathfinder Chronicles, but to date his discoveries have remained stubbornly pedestrian. Hearing tales of the mysterious Vigil of Light and the mystical moonstone, he has traveled north to the town of Rybalka in the hopes he will find a tale worth writing about.

I'm interested, thinking probably go with some type of wizard.

I agree as well, glad to have you back Rook.

Happy New Year everyone.

Per the Core book, characters receive equpiment from their specialty and from the regiment's standard kit. Hammer of the Emperor explicitly states that all sub-regiments use the core regiment's standard kit and may not contribute or modify the standard kit in any way, though regiments recently merged in the field may have some of there original equipment at GM discretion. The example the book uses is Death Riders of Krieg combined with another Rough Rider regiment, but I don't think the split regiment rules are meant to combine vehicle/mount focused units like riders or armor with footsloggers.

For Doc, my thought when I was putting these together was that he would be with the guards, being that he represents the more reasonable and civilized elements of Claustrum society.

Sorry for the delay on this, I got swamped a work and didn't really have the bandwidth.

I felt that the Frontier World was appropriate for the guardsmen who grew up in the wilds of Unduz and that Guerrilla Regiment better describes their composition (also, since we no longer have Deiros' operator it removes the vehicles as standard kit).

For the prisoners, I used Feral World as Mark suggested, but substituted in the same regiment type as the base regiment, since the talents and skills (Bombardier and Tech-Use) gained from Grenadiers were somewhat incongruous for a group of savage and uneducated criminals. Also, since they use the same kit as the base regiment Close Quarters Combat is pretty useless, so I replaced it with Hardened Fighters, which is similar thematically but provides a benefit.

For attachments, I pretty much went with my gut on how to put together a group which would mesh with what we have already.

Finally, I gave all the Oremorite guardsmen the Scarred by Loss drawback to describe their experiences. (Condemned is a super nasty drawback and I don't want to inflict that on anyone)

Claustrum Guards (Base Regiment)
Frontier World (HoE - 4 pts)
Regiment Type:
Guerrilla Regiment (HoE - 4 pts)
Commanding Officer:
Maverick (2 pts)
Survivalists - Jungle (4 pts)
Scarred by Loss (-2 pts)

Feral World (HoE - 4 pts)
Regiment Type:
Guerrilla Regiment (HoE - 4 pts)
Commanding Officer:
Supine (1 pt)
Hardened Fighters (2 pts)
Scavengers (3 pts)
Scarred by Loss (-2 pts)

Attached Personnel
Schola Progenium (3 pts)
Regiment Type:
Guerrilla Regiment (HoE - 4 pts)
Commanding Officer:
Sanguine (2 pts)
Iron Discipline (3 pts)

The base regiment will need to buy standard kit again (or at least expand it with the 15 extra points), the others share that kit per the rules of split regiments.


I am fine however you choose to deal with the Commissar. I have a few ideas on splitting the regiment that I will try to post tomorrow once I have them better organized.

p. 168 : only melee weapons and pistols may be used in close combat.
p. 244 : how to leave close combat.

Eli would like to opportunity to examine both the body of Kreth the Enginseer and Kohl Bennex. Perhaps his medicae's insight could be helpful.

Seems the dice are finally going my way.


Standard issue for a Techmarine includes 1 Bolter w/fire selector and 3 each frag and krak grenades.

I seriously doubt the usefulness of a Combi-tool or Lamp. Cluster mines might be useful but need to be deployed defensively, which may be problematic.

Also, if Rook allows, Rites of Battle has rules for using requisition to acquire assets from other Imperial institutions. Perhaps the Rogue Trader has a useful specialist or some household troops to requisition.

For spare requisition I would recommend:

Elucidator 25pt (Core Book, p. 175)
Cartograph 5pt (Core Book, p. 174)

Rook, it looks like you charged Brother Vex for his force sword in requisition which is actually standard issue for Librarians.

Remember that per the Deathwatch Errata, requisition for Kraken round is 15.

Lorm, The Horizon's Pride has a deathwatch armory which should have a heavy flamer for you to use. If you still want the heavy bolter, keep in mind that heavy bolter ammunition costs more requisition.

Thanks Rook, my biggest concern was whether the choice of scout armor would come back to bite me.

At this juncture, Eli does not have any questions for the Brigadier, though if he has anything interesting to say I wouldn't stop him.

As for requisition, given that it looks like we will be engaging in more subtle endeavors Eli will wear scout armor rather than the traditional power armor. Additionally, he will requisition an Ultra-Pattern Sharpshooter's Rifle (25 points), Cameleoline Cloak (20 points), and Auto-sense Goggles (10 points). He will retain his standard issue gear including his reductor and narthecium. If it is appropriate he will also retain the Omega Vault's chainsword.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments (hint, hint...)

Rook, are we using the original Dark Heresy combat rules or the new Only War style rules? I doesn't matter to me one way of the other, but I noticed it looked like you were using them for at least some of the actions and wanted to make sure I use the right modifiers when I post.

Vincent is hoping he can prevent any of the guardsmen from going crazy and doing something stupid. He has a feeling he is going to need them and their firepower if he is going to make it out of this mess.

On a more positive note, it looks like the dice gods have ceased their unjust persecution of my rolls.

The three on one melee definitely put the Harvester at a disadvantage and he would have fared much better if he had used fury earlier in the fight. That said, if a few of those rolls had gone his direction he would have wiped the floor with you Kaltos and company.

Eli does not have anything more to discuss and is waiting for the others to either broach a new topic or invite the trader back in. Eli has no desire to lead and would support any of the PC's who want to volunteer, not that he would tell them that.

Lorm, you are pretty far from the other members of the squad. You might want to run north so you can get to them next round.

My main ooc question would be that since the scale is 4m per square shouldn't the group be a bit closer together. Each character occupies 1m so we should all be able to fit into 2-3 squares. They could conceivably be that spread out but it seems unlikely.

Also, can you give me a rundown of the weapons the other characters are carrying. I assume the guardsmen have las rifles and the heavy stubber for from the core book (by the way there is no "light" stubber only heavy stubbers) but I forgot exactly what Lauce and Ryuk picked up in the armory.

Brother Syne's tone is meant to imply he is admonishing you for disparaging a fellow Astartes behind his back. He and Brother Vex (as well as you guys OOC) know that he is trying to get the other team members to butt out of Dark Angels' business.

PS: Glad to see Paizo no longer super-censoring

Unduz II, Oremor 7th Legion Penal Claustrum, Designate Ylesium, Plantation 7, Husbandry Barn Cluster 177, Edge of the Tertiary Fallow Fields.

Turning to the others, Vincent points a bony finger towards the fallow field, and the scattered undead which block their passage.

"There is no way around, we must go through. Ready your men Sargent, we are almost there."

Before Only War True Grit halved critical damage, now the toughness bonus is applied twice.

Eradico, the fantasy flight forums indicate that true grit does indeed make orks tough bastards. Apparently the best way to kill them is with righteous fury, since this insta-kills mooks.

Also, make sure you are keeping track of which orks have fatigue, since they have a -10 to all tests. I don't think this has come up yet, but when it does.

Eradico, just to save you some time. Edwin's attack has a penetration of 2, bypassing the ork's flack armor, gets reduced to 1 damage by the ork's toughness and then reduced by the toughness again by True Grit. Since True Grit cannot reduce the damage below 1, the ork takes the 3 damage rending critical to the body. This will stun it for one round and it must pass a challenging (+0) Toughness Test or suffer from blood loss (it doesn't stack so you can ignore this).

Eradico, you forgot to add the orc's strength bonus to its attacks against Edwin. The attacks would have resulted in 9 wounds and 5 wounds, which are still blocked by armour and toughness, but just barely.

Vincent spends his 500 to purchase Logic, Blather, Favored by the Warp, and Psyiscience.

I just noticed, but technically the orc would not have hit Edwin because he is running, which imposes an additional -20 on the attack. Edwin is pretty tough though, so there is not need to ret-con unless you want to.

I'm ready, glad to have you back.

I'm ready, glad to have you back.

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and those of us in the states had a happy Thanksgiving.

Hate to be the one to bring this up but:

p. 120
Pen (Penetration): Reflects how good the weapon is at cutting through armour. When a shot or blow from this weapon hits a target, reduce the target’s Armour Points by the weapon’s Penetration, with results of less than 0 counting as 0 (i.e. the armour provides no protection at all). Then work out Damage as normal. So, for example, if a weapon with a Penetration of 3 hits a target with 5 Armour Points, the target will only count as having 2 Armour Points against any Damage the hit causes. Note that Penetration has no effect on fields, but it does affect cover.

Penetration has no effect on Toughness, only AP.

Just a note Catman, per Only War p. 177:

Full Auto Burst
Type: Half Action
Subtype: Attack, Ranged
The character grips his gun tightly and unleashes a furious burst of fully automatic gunfire at his enemies. The attacker must be wielding a ranged weapon capable of fully automatic fire to take this Action. If the character has a pistol in each hand, both capable of fully automatic fire, he may fire both with this Action (see Two-Weapon Fighting, page 184). The attacker makes a Ballistic Skill Test with a –10 bonus to his attack. A dice result of 94 to 00 indicates the weapon has Jammed (see Weapon Jams, page 187). If he succeeds, he scores one hit with his weapon per Degree of Success. The number of extra hits scored in this manner cannot exceed the weapon’s fully automatic rate of fire. Extra hits can either be allocated to the original target or any other targets within two metres, provided none of the new targets would have been harder to hit than the original target. If extra hits are allocated to the same target, use Table 8–2: Multiple Hits to determine the extra Hit Locations. Remember, the first hit is always determined by reversing the numbers of the dice result made to perform the Test (see The Attack, page 181). If the character is armed with two weapons, and has the appropriate Talents, he may make a secondary attack with his other weapon as part of this Action. See Two-Weapon Fighting on page 184.

Just a note, they changed the armor for stormtroopers again, it is now Common Quality Stormtrooper Carapace which is 6 All.

Eradico, I replied to your PM.

I noticed that Edwin is currently marked down as having a chit-sickle in his kit. As a stormtrooper, he would not carry or use such a weapon, instead retaining his stormtrooper fighting knife.

Also, since Edwin possesses Trade(Armorer), I was planning to apply weapon customizations to some of his weapons. How do you want to work this out? Should we resolve it now or wait until play begins? The modifications I had in mind were:

Hellgun: Custom Grip, Fluid Action, Modified Stock, and Trigger Adjustment
Knife: Custom Grip

Note, the new changes for errata 6 increase the cost of a survival suit from 3 to 8 points, making standard kit:

Upgrade of primary weapon to lascarbine - 5 pts
Add laspistol as sidearm - 5 pts
Chrono - 2 pts
Survival Suit - 8 pts

Total cost = 20 > 15

Which means we have to reselect our loadout.

The demeanor that fits best would be Old

Also, the errata switches out the WS aptitude for Finesse, which resolves our earlier issue.

Edwin will take Mentor for 300xp.

I have been trying to write the a background but it isn't turning out the way I would like. For the moment I can tell you that that his previous unit was disbanded once it was reduced to just a handful of soldiers, and the stormtroopers reassigned to alternative duties. Mostly this consists of serving as bodyguards for important personages, where the manners and polish of the Schola make stormtroopers preferable to normal soldiers. He has finally been able to snag an assignment shepherding a commissar (Rad's character) in a regiment euphemistically termed "potentially volatile" (the other players). As far as personality, he is a hardened veteran who has seen years of combat on the Spinward Front. The experience has left him somewhat jaded, but he generally maintains a paternal attitude towards other soldiers. He is trained as a sapper (pioneer in stormtrooper parlance) and has extensive experience with explosives and combat engineering.

Kaltos Havelock wrote:
So I am thinking on getting the projectile instead of las and then getting the launcher as the other weapon talent that way I have something that can, with the right missiles, take down vehicles. I will still select heavy flamer as the regimental heavy weapon. What do you all think?

Just to clarify, Weapon Training(SP) does not grant proficiency with the rocket launcher, you need Weapon Training(Launcher)

From the errata:

Penal Colony (page 28): Replace the last sentence of Honour Amongst Thieves with: “Penal colonist characters may start with one of the following: Peer (Underworld) or Street Fighter.”

You may no longer take Pity the Weak so it is something of a moot question, but my understanding is that you do not need to meet the prerequisites of talents gained at character creation.

No problem Lorm. Also, you can buy any skill or talent within as long as you meet the prerequisites and have enough XP. Your aptitudes determine how much it costs.

Lorm Dragonheart wrote:
Eradico, I didn't know what skill set is being used. Is it like DH and made up of basic and advanced, or is like the others, with some sort of criteria (besides aptitudes deciding the cost.) that decides what you can take?

There is no longer a basic/advanced division in skills, instead characters can use an skill except specialist skills untrained. (specialist skills are skills with different subcategories determining area of expertise) When using a skill untrained characters take a -20 penalty.


I was just looking over the standard issue equipment and noticed that we don't have microbeads. Since those are pretty important if we want to communicate at longer ranges we might want to swap something out in the requisition (microbeads are 8 points, and can be coupled with a chrono for an even 10).

Eradico Pravus wrote:
In the errata that was released this week, melta was eliminated as a "basic" choice for weapons specialist. Mark has been gracious in accepting this rule change (even though I would still let him take one if he really wanted to). His suggestion is that the Regimental Favoured (Basic) Weapon be the Plasma Gun (and then that choice *would* be available to him).

Technically, if the meltagun was the regiment's favored weapon he could take one, but I would still recommend Flamer/Heavy Flamer for a regiment of jungle specialists.

Deiros wrote:
Damn lol I get Fieldcraft and Agility twice, Going to pick something interesting or just another fieldcraft appropriate for our regiment, so at least the driver can manage in 2 terrains.

Deiros, there is no way to get Fieldcraft twice. You might want to double check that.

Eradico wrote:

“Favoured Weapons: Each regiment has weapons that its members prefer to wield,or simply have a natural aptitude for. Each

regiment may choose one Basic weapon and one Heavy Weapon to be their Favoured Weapons, these weapons mat not have an Availability higher than Very Rare.

Given the regiment's specialty, I would say that Flamers would be appropriate as a regimental favored weapon.

Eradico Pravus wrote:
Ellipsis, if you're OK with Storm Trooper generation, that's fine. I was thinking maybe we could replace Weapons Skill with Finesse to reduce BS costs. But then again Storm Troopers should be tough melee fighters too. Anyway, lemme know if you think some tweaking is in order.

As far as replacing aptitudes, Offense would be the aptitude that least suits the Storm Trooper archetype, since it focuses on brute force rather than skill and discipline. Also, this would avoid the issue of replacing a characteristic based aptitude with a non-characteristic based aptitude.

Eradico Pravus wrote:
Ellipsis, what is your opinion on the fact that Storm Trooper does not start with the Finesse aptitude? Will advances in Ballistic Skill be pretty steep for you?

This shouldn't be much of an issue, however advance costs for characteristics with one or zero aptitudes are now much more expensive than they should be based on previous games.

In previous editions the three advance tracks have been:
100 xp 250 xp 500 xp 750 xp
250 xp 500 xp 750 xp 1,000 xp
500 xp 750 xp 1,000 xp 2,500 xp

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