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ElizabethArdoc's page

2,297 posts. Alias of Andrea1.

Full Name

Elizabeth Ardoc




Wizard6 HP39/39|AC 11T11/FF10|F4R3W6(8Fear) Per+7Init+5







Special Abilities

HandofApprentice 7/Day






Aspiring golem crafter

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About ElizabethArdoc

Full Name : Elizabeth Ardoc

Race: Human

Classes/Levels Wizard 6(Skill points)

Gender f

Size M

Age 18

Special Abilities :

Alignment: LG

Deity Brigh


Languages Common,Dwarf,Draconic,Abyssal,Celestial,Androffian

Occupation : Apprentice

Strength 10
Dexterity 12 (+1)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 19 (+4)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 10
Height: Weight: Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Favored Class: Wizard
Hit Points: 39
Spd: 30
Init: +5
AC: 11( armor shield)/Touch 11/FF 10)
BAB: +3
CMB: +3
CMD: 14
Saves: Fort +4 Ref +3 Will +6(+8 vs. fear)

Club +3 1d6
MW Light Crossbow +5 1d8 19-20/x2 80 feet (+6 1d8+1 within 30 feet
Ray +4 (+5 within 30 feet)

Skills: 8/Level(2 class INT+4 Race+1 FCB+1)
Perception (6+1)7
Know-Engineering (6+4+3+1)14
Spellcraft (6+4+3)13
Know-Planes (6+4+3)13
Fly (6+1+3)10
Profession-Engineer (5+1+3)9
Craft (armor) (3+4+3)10
Linguistics (4+4+3)11 Androffin,Aklo,Elvish

Feats:Improved Initiative, Toughness(+3 HP +1 HP/lvl past lvl 3),Scribe Scroll(Class),Point Black Shot(+1 Hit/Damage within 30 feet),Precise Shot(No penalty for firing into melee)
Wizard feats:Craft wand
Traits: Mathematical Prodigy(+1 Know-Arcana/Engineering),Skymetal Smith(+2 cs. Emotion/Fear)
Special Abilities:Bonded item(Ring cast 1 spell known/day),Hand of Apprentice 7/Day +4 Hit

Wizard's Kit (21)
belt pouch
flint and steel
ink pen
iron pot
mess kit
spell component pouch
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)
water skin
MW Light Crossbow
Wand of Grease 8 charges
Wand of Enfeeblement (33 charges)
4 bolts

Potion of Invisibility
Wand of Mage Armor (45) 750 gp
Skymetal bauble
Silver flame amulet
Light Combat trained horse(110 gp)
2 Acid Flasks
2188 gp
46 sp
2 pp

Special Abilities:Electrical spells against robots do %100 extra damage instead of %50
When casting Summon Monster 1, may summon clockwork spy
Mending, Make Whole, Soothe Construct and Semblance of Flesh added to spellbook

Spells per day 4/4/4/2
DC 14+level
0:Detect Magic,Light,Jolt,Mage hand
1(15)Magic Missil(cast)e,Enlarge Person,Grease
2(16)Glitterdust,Scorching Ray(cast),Scorching Ray(cast)
3(17)Haste(cast),Lightning bolt(cast)
Virtue:Elizabeth is devoted to advancing her knowledge so she can at long last build golems.
Flaw:Elizabeth despises misogyny and will be abrupt and rude to such people.

0 All
1 Magic Missile(3 Missiles),Ray of Enfeeblement,Mage Armor,Enlarge Person,Ant Haul,Charm Person,Alarm,Grease,Expeditious Retreat
2.Glitterdust,Scorching Ray,Spectral Hand,Resist Energy,Rope trick
3.Haste,Lightning bolt,Mad Monkeys

Background:Elizabeth originally hails from Kaer Maga where she was born into the Ardoc family, a group of ruthless criminals who enforce their will through golems and other constructs. Elizabeth longed to be able to join her brothers in the golemworks but the Ardocs were male-dominated and Elizabeth was expected to be a 'good girl' and eventually marry for the benefit of the clan. Elizabeth rebelled against this and stole money to fund her journey to Numeria in the hopes of expanding her knowledge and eventually learning how to craft golems.

Quick stats
HP 39/39
AC 15/15/14
Effects: Mage armor(+4 armor 1 hour),
Hand of Apprentice:7/7

10 scrapworth
7 batteries- Astra
22 silverdisks
12 fire opals (1 Sylvara)
3 large garnets
18 vials of soothe
5 gas grenades
scroll of technomancy
scroll of control undead-Liz
2 scrolls of animate dead. (1 Ibuki)
two cure moderate wounds potions
+1 Cloak of Resistance
Wand of Enfeeblement (33 charges)-Liz
Wand of Exhaustion (18 C)
Wand of Scorching Ray (7 C)
EMP pistol

Treasure Orc Fight
8 chain shirts
8 light steel shields
8 spiked gauntlets
160 silverdisks

scroll with black starburst
heavy steel shield
+1 spiked gauntlet
gray access card
silver holy symbol of a spiked hand

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