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Elianna Morgethai's page

17 posts. Pathfinder Society character for ElektraDawns.

Full Name

Elianna Morgethai










19 or 20 to human eyes


Joyfully mischevious (Chaotic Good)




Wherever her journeys take her


Elven, common (taldane), sylvan, draconic, celestial

About Elianna Morgethai

To human eyes, she might appear as a girl near to 19 or 20 years at most, save for her pointed ears. Her eyes a light shade of violet through and through, a mere shade away from that of her lips. Her golden tresses hang down to the middle of her back, often tucked both fore and behind her slender ears marking her elven heritage.

Her attire is simple and yet striking as well, a simple white blouse and skirt, but atop these are layer upon layer of sheer silks of bright sky-blues and deep purple, emerald green and swirling brown like that of the tower of Mordant Spire from whence she comes. Only light armor mars her form, dancing as if to a melody only she can hear, only a slender scimitar slung at her slender hips betraying that for all her carefree appearance, that there may be an undertone of iron there yet.

An inspirational vision of Elianna

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