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Element Al's page

75 posts. Alias of Shanosuke.

Full Name

Element Al


Unicorn ( Ws 0 | Ds 0 | Fa 0 | Cha 0 | Spd 6 (+d6) | Pry 2 | Tgh 4 | Bs 3)





Special Abilities

Power over the four natural elements


Harmony :p


Some pony god. Celestia when she comes around







About Element Al

Element Al
Male Unicorn

Charisma: -1
Pace: 6 + 1d6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 4
Skill Tied Attribute Special
-- Athletics---- Strength
d4 Fighting----- Strength
d4 Grace-------- Agility Clash of Wills
-- Healing------ Smarts
-- Intimidate--- Strength Clash of Wills
d6 Intuition---- Spirit
d6 Investigation Smarts
-- Know --------Smarts
-- Leadership--- Spirit
-- Nature------- Smarts
d6 Notice------- Smarts
d10 Persuasion--- Smarts Clash of Wills
-- Piloting----- Agility
d12 Spellcraft--- Smarts
-- Stealth------ Agility
-- Streetwise--- Smarts
-- Taunt-------- Spirit Clash of Wills
-- Vogue-------- Smarts ]
Hindrances: 4 points for 2 edges
Minor:Bad Eyes
Jack of all Trades
New Spell: Restoration
New Spell: Magic Missile
Magic Known
Free: Magic trick
1r: Light/Dark – Creates a Perpetual flame that lights up area
2r: Shape Nature - Water
3r: Shape Nature - Air
4r:Shape Nature - Earth
5r:Lay of the Land – Connect with Earth to achieve spell’s results
Spell: Restoration – Uses heat and fire to purge impurities and cure ailments

Third Eye

Cutie Mark: Image Here This particular talent relates to using any magic with an elemental attribute such as Fire, Water, earth, and Air. All Unicorns have special magic that relates to their unique talents. Element’s is making spells out of the natural elements. He has a lot of magic potential.


Horseshoes X4
3 Journals, Blank
Waterproof Sachel
Tent 2 Pony
Foul Weather Clothing
5 Books
Trail rations.
Total weight = 45


Element’s a tall but young Unicorn Pony
He has a Blue Water Coloured Coat and a red snout and hooves
His eyes are also Red
His mane is short and combed but his tail is Long and kind of messy.
His mane and tail Colours are light green and Brown.
He also wears black rimmed glasses
For a Picture of Element Al click HERE
He is also a bit skinny too.


Element is a bookworm. He loves to read all sorts of books. He is generally quite good at retaining information and putting it into practice. He loves to learn new things. He is however, dangerously curious. He will put his nose into anything he is interested in even at the risk of his own life. He also tends to get distracted quite easily by things that fascinate him. He has a constant habit of adjusting his glasses all the time. He is quite sheltered too and it tends to show.


Element’s family struggled worst of most ponies during the blizzard. His family was made up of him, his twin sisters and his baby brother. His Father and mother had to struggle to endure the weather when it hit. His father in particular was displeased with the other tribes but Element himself never did get to meet any other ponies beyond Unicorns. When Element founded his Cutie Mark, Star Swirl the Bearded saw fit to have Element especially trained. However because of the strife, Element never did quite get any official training. He was left to self-study for much of his time in the Unicorn capital. It was only when the three tribes made peace that Clover returned to find Element had developed a lot of out of control magic. Since Star Swirl was busy assisting the Unicorn King, She took it upon herself to train him.

Because of Element’s diligence, his family was taken care of. However, his father was not quite ready to accept the other tribes in spite of the urge of peace, Still blaming them for their suffering. This caused Element a good amount of distress. Clover spent the next five years training Element to control his unique talent. When he was finally of age, Clover saw the perfect opportunity for Element to intergrate himself with the other pony tribes and sent him off to Trottingham to assist her good friend Smart Cookie with matters. Also, he asked him if he could live in Trottingham thereafter. Hopefully one day Element’s family would be willing and able to come to Trottingham also and finally work together with the other pony tribes. Element accepted the responsibility to be a role model for his younger siblings and his stubborn father too.

For a Picture of Element Al click HERE

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