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Eled the Worm Tamer's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 72 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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John Simcoe wrote:

DRUID, make the gnome favored class be a druid.

Just look at the flavor text of the gnome, it suggests strong ties to nature (and adapting it through Alchemy) and the Fey.
I know that they've long been associated with Illusionist classes, but really a Druid would fit better. It certainly fits better than a Bard.
As druids, they just seem to fit better with their Fey-like nature. Wild Shaping, summoning nature's allies and even their weapon selection seem to fit with gnomish qualities like Keen senses, boosting their land speed and their racial hatreds and defensive trainings (you know, because giants, goblins and reptillian humanoids aren't really nature friendly).

Or at the very least, give the gnome have to favored classes -- Druid and Bard to appeal to the two main drives of the Pathfinder race.

But what about their passion for devices? That's not very Nature-y or very Bardish. I think that's what tripped WotC up with building the Gnome for 4e. That's an aspect more appropriate for Dwarves, if you ask me.

Agreed, and Gnomes, via those alchemical leanings and ability to adapt nature while sharing its strengths brings new flavor to Druids, a more pragmatic, scholarly aspect that might bring players who had ignored the class back to it.

Why not have mechanically minded Druids? why not have them plan great feats of engenearing to make feilds more fruitfull around gnomish setelments and so reduce the impact upon the wilds.

My pleasure, Truth to tell I'll end out using a hybrid of the two with my characters, with several skills I keep maxed, and sprinkle the remaining skill points as I please. I'm particularly noted for Wizards and the like having 1 rank on every knowledge skill. So I have a vested intrest in keeping both ways.

My sugestions.

Keep everything as stands in alpha 1, include a sidebar that explains that this is based off the assumption of gaining X ranks per level, X+3 at first level, and an additional Y+3 at levels Bla bla and bla, and keeping skills at there highest possible level. Players wishing to have more organic characters can instead spend ranks individually paying two ranks for a +1 to cross class skills.' There, its a sidebar, The people who like skill ranks get them, the people who like trained skills get them, both sides get the same quantity of skill ranks, so where is the problem?

Agreed, 2+ int skills is not enough, Id also like some half way between Class and cross class skills (which would pair up with Bab in a way, full, 3/4 and 1/2 BaB, Class, Peripheral and cross class skills, but thats a different matter)

Betote wrote:
Voss wrote:

Voss wrote:
Except now you have to pull stupid shenanigans with the armor training thing so the Celestial mithril full plate you get later benefits from your armor bonus. The math changes are bad enough (flat bonuses tilt the fighter off the d20 roll), but don't punish the fighter for wearing different armor later.

You know you're calling "stupid shenanigans" to "read the rulebook", don't you?


Mithral is a very rare silvery, glistening metal that is lighter than iron but just as hard. When worked like steel, it becomes a wonderful material from which to create armor and is occasionally used for other items as well. Most mithral armors are one category lighter than normal for purposes of movement and other limitations. Heavy armors are treated as medium, and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light. Spell failure chances for armors and shields made from mithral are decreased by 10%, maximum Dexterity bonus is increased by 2, and armor check penalties are lessened by 3 (to a minimum of 0).

Yeah, every one knows if you like heavy amour that Adamantine is the way to go (Though some rules text letting the DR stack would be nice)

I thought it was a nice touch, I can see a lazy unscrupulous 'failed wizard' type being interesting to play, this makes it a little easier. Anything that sparks character ideas = a good ting in my book. The Grey mouser resonances, also very welcome.

If we can't get non LG paladins, (Heck, even if we can) can we please, in the name of all the fictional gods *please* get a code of conduct that is clear enough that there not at the whim of every DM out there?

I've seen Paladins wholly hamstrung by there code because they had to subdue orks and evil cultists, secure them as prisoners and escort them to some manner of lawful authority of loose there powers. I've seen the rights and wrongs of killing evil cultists rage more feircly than any battle.

If Paladin deserves to be a full class it also deserves to have it made clear just where the line is that must not be overstepped. (My personal thought is that there redundant, 'Holly warrior' can be done just as well by a Cleric)

Well one thing I'd like to see addressed at the same time is mass combat. I take Leadership, I hit lv 20, I have literally hundreds of loyal vassals. and aside from a cohort I'll probably never use them for anything significant because doing so at the moment involves more rolls than a year in vegas.

Some guidelines for handling massed troops, commercial and criminal guilds ect, to give something concrete to do with loyal followers would help those who take the feat, and perhaps encourage others to take it.

Agreed, I found everything *Everything* from WoTC so far as being patronizing, 'We know whats good for you' Pazio on the other hand has stood up, let us know what the plan is, and invited us all to weigh in. Lets all make something awesome. (Even if it feels my comments on alpha 1 are getting no notice.)

Well I certainly try to speak everything my character says, but will often miss ques so being less subtle than I aught to be, or end out knowing what I want to achieve but unable to find the words, as well as just not being that personally persasave. Thus I'll try RP heavy, I like that its why I play what I do, but I know its not my strong suite and so I want a good, robust social system there for the days where the aspegers bites down on my mind and I personally find myself painting my way into a corner.

I would love to see a decent, robust social resolution mechanic.

I'm an Aspergers sufferer, and very bad in Social situations. gaming is something of an escape for me, I like to play social characters. But theres a lot of smug, elitist types who would insist I Rp my way though situations that I physically don't get. This is patently unfair. No one has ever told me I need to show actual magical training to play a wizard, my religois views have no bearing on my power to play a cleric, no ones ever said I need to prove I can handle a sword but my Real world socal savy is made to stand for my charicters. So much for fantasy.

We need better social mechanisms because the current one roll easily capped out system in D&D not only leaves those like me high and dry, but, because of D&D's encounter based experience, makes non combat encounters hard to adjudicate.

Dryder wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:

(...)As for not upgrading other classes from non-OGL sources, I am afraid that there is little that I can do about that. They are no open after all.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Would it be legal if we fans would "try" to do these classes the PFRPG-way and post them here, or would that be illegal as well?

I'd guess that it would depend on how similar to WoTC's classes, and how universal the concept. There should be no problem with a pathfinder Charismatic, agile fighter to replace swashbuckler, but Duskblade is probably out.

If your relying on those skills to Feint and spending a feat to do so, the cross class rate will hurt, this is the problem.

I'll start by saying that the Pathfinder Fighter is indeed better than its 3.5 equivalent. How ever, it is still left in the shade by casting classes.

Problem #1
the basic spell scales at +1d6 perlevel fighter class abilitys scale moastly, if at all, by +1 every other level.

Solve by making more Fighter only feats that scale like spells.

Problem #2
Fighters lack mobility at later levels.

Solve by, more fighter only feats granting mobility, inspired by cinematic fights, to let fighters, for example, grab onto a dragon as it flies past, climb onto its back, and hack away.

Problem #3
Fighters no use outside of actual battle.

Solution, give them better Skills, say, Heal, Deception, diplomacy, and more skill points.

Fighter feats as it stands are part of the problem, being just too weak and too few, but they are a means to redress the balance by giving fighters real choice, real options at later levels.

Kirth Gersen wrote:

Seems like we have a lot of repeats of 2 posts:

(1) I hate assigning skills. Everyone should automatically have a maxed out set to make my life easier.

(2) I love assigning skills. Please don't take away my ability to do that.

I seem to be alone in stating that an optimal solution is easily possible whereby:

(3) The "default" is to have a maxed-out set, requiring no extra work, but that there is a mechanism available by which people who want to custom-assign ranks would be able to do so.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ALL OR NOTHING. So can we PLEASE stop telling eaach other that we're too lazy to customize, or too anal to simply max-out, or whatever? The skill system concept is robust enough to have it both ways.

Is there ANYONE else on the boards who agrees with me on that point? Anyone at all?

fully agreed, and I for one *like* gaining new skills now and then, rather than just getting 5% better at old ones.

well Id argue that something as broad as 'Archmage' should not need a PRC, its the odd paths, the strange hidden secrets that merit such. If you only want to be a more powerful spell caster, Wizard 20 should be the best option. If you want to warp fate and fortune, or turn a mans bones into your puppet, or bond with a being from the celestial plane those are more PRC worthy.

Thats a thought, how about having all feats operate on a 2 tier format, with a basic level for any one, and a better level tied to bab so it scales, for Fighters?

Fighters: For each 5 points of BaB you have, gain another +1 dodge bonus, this can be stacked upon the same opponent, or divided among several

Improved Critical

Fighters: Threat range of weapon is widened by 1 for each 5pts of BaB you have.

Power attack:

Fighters: Each 5 points of BaB adds 1d4 damage in addition to the usual for power attack (1d6 when wielding a 2 handed weapon).

For Feint

Fighters: Deception is now a class skill for you, you gain a +1 bonus on deception checks per 5pts of BaB (This also helps sneaky more scoundrel type fighters be built without needing new classes, let there feat choise alter there available skill set)

The feats stay useful, its easy to add new stuff on top of the old, and it makes Fighters truly the best at what they do.

I like the new system, I like the steady accumulation of new skills (As opposed to keeping the same ones Maxed)but from past experience it will make qualifying for existing PRCs harder, where skills out side the main classes that will take a PRC are used as a balancer. Its certainly been my habit to spend the minimum on such and move on (and for wizards to try and envengle a rank in each knolage skill) and this system, while faster, will make such harder to achieve.

Could do with:
A Feat to gain additional class skills, similar to the human and Half elf racial trait.

BM wrote:

The fighter is better... we just need to fix some things:

1) Include a retraining option in for the armor training/mastery and weapon training/mastery

2) Give the more skills. 4+int would go a long ways, especially now that you gain more skills, by leveling up.

3) Give fighters acrobatics. Questions of realism aside, we all seen fighter-type in fantasy running around dodging a dragons blows. (And note: For those who are worry about fighter tumbling in full plate, acrobatics is affected by armor-check so any fighter trying to is going to take a -6 on the roll.)

4) Fix up the combat feats system. If we getting working well, it can be the thing that makes fighters worthwhile.

#3 would also put more use on Armour Mastery, definatey like these.

another option would be to add more, and better, fighter only feats. After all, Wizards, druids clerics and bards get there own spell lists, why shouldn't Fighters, those peerless masters of the blade, get there own special techniques similar to the ability's rouges gain?

First up, Chains of feats, are a nice idea, needs more work though.

Chaining feats takes too long, 3 rounds to *possibly* use late tier feats? Ive seen climax battles not last that long. It interrupts the flow of some feats like Mobility or Spring attack, not good. This makes the late tier feats very costly feat wise, for relitavely little gain.

Theres the backwards computability effect, I don't mind bread and butter feats being the start of chains, but as it stands Pathfinder mobility is a very different beast to 3.5 mobility, the impact on tactics, PRCs and the like could be bad.

Lastly the use of 1 combat feet a round will severely alter the utility of feats like Improved trip and the like, mostly serving to weaken full Bab classes as well as making it potently harder to use feats from other 3.5 publications penned without that assumption in place, harder.

Spyderz wrote:
I'd kind of like to see it more like the way ranger favored enemies that at 20th level...the one he took 1st is at +4, next one taken is +3, third is +2, 4th is +1..reflecting that the weapons he used from the beginning he's better with...but that he gets bonuses with multiple types...because otherwise...he's never gonna want that cool mace you put in...because mace isn't the type he put his bonus in..but if it's his 2nd or 3rd choice...he might...

Agreed, a late level fighter should certainly have have that battle honored favorite weapon that hes known for, but he should still be the very death with anything made to hurt a living creature. Paladins, rangers and Barbarians all get there own shticks, fighters need this breadth of specialization because all they have aside from this is feats, and EVERYONE gets feats.

Its just too Limiting, Mobility tends to see a lot of use in the first round of battle, open a suprisie round, as someone vys to slip past defenders and hit a wizard or the like. No longer works as you have to dodge first.

My recommendation. Don't enforce it negitavely, 'you must do this' but positively 'if you use this feat in the turn following a use of [other feat] gain [bonus] encoraging players to set up combos and chains for the bonuses, not straight jacketing them as things stand.

Joshua Taylor 151 wrote:

I handled this in my game using action points (coupled with action point uses from various sources).

One of the uses was the ability to save a spell just cast, spending a number of action points equal to 1/2 spell level (round up)

So..... I'm a 5th level wizard with 7 Action pointd (5+ 1/2 lvl) who just cast a much needed fireball. As I'm casting the fireball (before determing it's effect) I decide to spend 2 Action points to retain that spell. Fireball goes off and I roll baddly on damage. Luckily, I still have that same fireball i can use again, and if need be...retain by spending two more action points.

The only issue (both good and bad) is that since action points only refresh when a character levels up, it either makes it so that they're only used in extreme dire circumstances early in a level....or near their next level they get blown left and right. Good or bad? That's up to you really.

You could solve that by a mechanism by which AP are regained by doing cool, clever, or useful things, and as a meta game carrot for good habits like genuinely working as a team. That makes the supply less limited by level, involves players more, and keeps your idea.

I'm going to add my voice here, honestly do not see that this comes up often enough to be worth taking, not unless the setting involved heavy use of airships or the like.

I can see the designer logic to its placement, but theres no player incentive to taking it, so it just clutters things.

I'm a bit bemused by the fear for the Hobby. But then D&D has never been the sole game of my group, over the years we've played WoD, Exalted, Gurps, Fuzion, D&D 2nd Ed and 3.5, flirted with Fading suns and Earthdawn, and typically been playing 2 different games at once. Like wise the image of a 'divided' hobby seems odd to me, I'm a gamer not a D&D player, and more than happy to try other systems.

To me a failed 4E could well invigorate a stagnant hobby as Steve Jackson Games, White Wolf and others make gains.

Theres a lot of doom and gloom about the loss of FLGS's, but I cant find one within more than 100 miles of me so anything I get I order on line, its not the end so long as Amazon stocks things. (Sorry guys but your overseas shipping is a bit high)

If the average player is getting older its not because the game no longer appeals, not cause for a new edition, but because its longer as visible. In the past weve had witch hunts (any publicity is good, for each 9 morons you get 1 intelligent persons curiosity) a cartoon, and of corse the hoast of books, that presence has dwindled. LoTR was a huge success this should be our age, but Wizards haven't taken best advantage of that.

4E is mistimed, misguided, and built up as the sole source of Rollplaying. It is only a game, one of many. But to sum up my point Its not the Only Game in Town, so take this opportunity to try other systems, you might be surprised.

My gallery,though not your typical fantasy fare. All coment & critique welcome.

Link not working, for witch I'm sorry.

Short of 4E being naer *Everything* I want from a system I'll be sticking to 3.5 enlivened with other games, from other publishers till I die. WoTC is going to need to earn my trust all over again after all this.

My opinion may not count for much, as I'm not interested in Pathfinder (Small group used to campeghns that are strongly character driven makes prepublished adventures hold little value) and will probably not update if WoTC's attitude is indicative of the forthcoming product but if Paizo were to stick with 3.5 and publish there own core books, thus gaining the ability to also continue to produce more typical supliments, and (dare I dream?) there own, in house magazine (Perhaps catering to other RPGs as Dragon did in the late 80s) it strikes me that they would be in as good if not arguably better, a position as White Wolf, S.J. Games or indeed WoTC.

They would have a clear and present fan base, a readily identifiable game, and have by far more loyalty from customers. D&D in what ever the edition is not the only game in town, and there is clearly a profit to be made on games that are not it, and it would free them from the need to follow WoTC, I think that bears concidering.

after all, if Paizo suports 3.5 they will retain the loyalty of those who DO update to 4E, the two becoming esentaly separate, independent game lines, become the main sorce of new content to those who don't update. I dont see, in the short term how this can cost, and if, in the fullness of time it is viable to adjust they can always do so.

So Call it P.E. (Paizo Eddition) 3.75, 3.5 or 'Classic' theres still life in this edition, new is not always improved.

(My asumptions may be wrong, feel free to corect them. thank you)

Got 359 today, and its a great final issue, abet a poiniant one. it is how ever the timeto give one last fairwell.

So without further adoo (The bard's still on the run ;) )

The Day that Dragon Died (With apologys to Don McLean)

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that natural 20 used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make my players dance
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But April made me shiver
With every page the net deliverd.
Bad news on the doorstep;
I couldn’t take one more step.

I can’t remember if I cried
When I read about the things they cried,
But something touched me deep inside
The day that Dragon died .

So bye-bye, to this DM’s delight.
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

Did you write the book of rules,
And do you have faith in God above,
If the SRD tells you so?
Do you believe in rock ’n roll,
Can music save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to roll just so?

Well, I know that you’re in love with cash
`but of my game you’ve made a hash.
You both kicked off your shoes.
I hope to god a job you lose.

I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck
With a bag of dice and one of guts,
But I knew I was out of luck
The day that Dragon died.

I started singin’,
"bye-bye, to the dreams and the Die."
Drove my chevy to the game store,
But the game store was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
And singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

Still waiting for DRagon 359, a sad way to see out the end of an era. Is Pazio any closer to resolving this?

My only conclusion is that WoTC know 4e is going to bomb. Lets face it, if you know something is cool you show people bits, you want them to see it becase that will generate the exitment. Here there trying to get us exited without showing us a thing. what does that tell you?

After all which is more convincing:-

Watching a movie traler and seeing realy fun cool dramatic snip its.


Being told by a stranger that the movie is cool, but you should totally see it for yourself, cant gove any details on what the cool parts are, or what made it cool.

All in all I just don't trust WoTC and am convinced they've lost all touch with us fans. I'm fairly sure the magazines were doing well enough to merit there continuation, that the DI could have coexisted with it. Instead they killed the magazines and are still showing nearly nothing and promising it will be cool. There gamer myspace was given a name that means nothing to any one who docent play magic, and a base theme designed by someone colour blind. Just the kind of geeky insular in jokes we do not need if we are to reach a better audience.

I fully accept the hobby needs to grow, but everything down to the way they lied about the imanance of 4e on there boards right to the day it was announced has further convinced me that the game that I loved is in the hands of fools. You don't gain new customers by disenfranchising old ones, you gain them my widening appeal, not shifting it.

Watching WoTC try to attract generation Net is like watching your balding middle aged uncle try to be 'hip' and about as sucessfull.

Perhaps Im wrong, perhaps when they show me something concrete I'll change my mind, in the mean time I turn to other games, by company's who I feel still know what there doing, and wait.

Dragon 358 arrived today, great issue, though it would be a day late for my artificer to make use of it forging his new sword =/ . Still now its just the last fanfare of 359 to await with equal parts anticipation and sorrow.

Aug 14 here(Techicaly Aug 15 but post dosen't arrive at 3 in the morning) no 358, no 359, is there even any word on when Pazio will accept that the channels they were using to get us Europeans our magazines have failed and find an alternative?

Agreed, pazo are normally my most regarded company in terms od customer service, but the longer they leave us with little more than hurry up and wait, the more poorly it refects on them.

Misery, I'm a writer, it stars with something Ive always been morbidly afraid of, being trapped writing for a character I no longer care for, goes on to the worst terrors of dependency and injury, and finishes with the acquired fear of success that would destroy any joy I had in my craft... its the stiff of nightmares, and the worst of it is its just so plausible, no monsters, nothing supernatural, just a chain of illfortune and madness.

The more I see of WoTC these days, the less I like them. Submitting to dragon the few times I had the nerve to Mike's rejections were sypathetic, warm and above all personal, profoundly educational in the comments, in the simple explanations WHY they were being rejected. They were the gentlest let downs I have received, such that even being turned down built my confidance. To be honest I had to stop myself trying to exchange emails with him as though he were a freind.

Now WoTC is running the show, the magazine I loved is dead and the warmth and personal voice it had is stilled.

Whose up for Exalted? =/

title says it all, apparently 359 is being shipped to subscribers today, but I'm still waiting for 358, should I be worried?

Well its all drawing to a close, but having been burned over my understanding of subscription timings in the last I just wanted to make sure I had things straight. My Last issue of my sub is 359, so that means I'm clear to the end of the run? again I am sorry about asking such a stupid question, but I ended out completely mistiming a gift subscription last year and want to be sure beyond certainty so if not I can take measures to make sure I get the bittersweet final issue.

Ohhhh it gets better. Fiddle with the thing a little, I hot a 50lbs crate of Paprika taht was worth easaly over the 100000gp limlit of thelargest city in the DMG, not to meantion being a heck of a blip on the wealth by level charts. Wish theyed thought about the blasted things value to DMs not how fiddle worthy it was. I dont need a random generator whose results I need to double check, I may as well do it the old fassioned way.

The Jade wrote:
What exactly would constitute an atheist who doesn't know what they're talking about, Eled? This is an atheist asking.

I see a lot of atheists who esentaly dont beleave becase of lazyness, it is to them I reffer, also to the many who are literatly withouth faith as the words meaning implys.

I use chrisianity as my main example as it is he main faith I've had case to deal with.

And finlay I apologise for my spelling but Dyslexia bites :/

Being a strong materialist ratonalist (Ie an Athiest who knows what hes talking about) I see freligious belief as rather like the belief in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. Its a plesant enough thing to have faith in as a child, but something one should grow out of.

At the root this has 2 causes, firstly religion and sience have contradictory ideas on cosmogenisis the rise of man and many other issues, and by the buy Sience has had the more validateable answers. I'll go so far as to state that the rule of Sience finds its valadation in every technological implament you own, including the computer you are reading this on. Sientific study, sientific method, have aloud the pronciled of that device to funtion. I know for sure theres no biusy team of cheribum powerd by prayer fetching my emails for me.

The second is the way Reliions behave. If there were one true faith then like the microwave radiation that proved the Big bang, its marks should be everywhere. Instead faiths are always deviding and asimilating, so Christans celabrate the rebirth of christ on a pagan holy day becase ariving christains asimilated the holidays to gain converts and Samhain wears a haloween mask. This is not the mark of an existing entity or panthion of entitys responible for cosmogenisis. It is the mark of tribal societys creating myhs serialy altered and embelished.

Any Pazio guys who might have more input want to weigh in? I cant be the only guy morning Dragon's loss but with no intrest in prewritten adventures. Sell Pathfinder to me 'casue right now Im not convinced its what I'm looking for.

Krome wrote:
DeadDMWalking wrote:

The best suggestion I've seen for a shirt:

Wizards of the Coast
Taking the Dungeon and Dragon out of Dungeons & Dragons

Hehehehe we need to make some T-shirts of that for GenCon :)

Im not normaly a big shirt buyer, but Id get that one and Im not even heading to Gencon.

Thats another prblem, I live in the UK, about 100 miles from anywhere that carrys RPG related products more weighty than a soon to be extint Dragon, I've gamed for over 15 years and never even seen Dungion on a shelf, so getting into pathfinder will basicly be sight unseen, and with half of each gone on stuff I will in all likly hood never use the remaning part would have to be consistantly stelar to get into my wallet I am afraid.

Long term reader of dragon, and disparing at lusing my monthly inspiration. However my group is small (I run exclusavely solo games for an old freind as im too buisy to find a larger group & happy with my long established situation in this) This means we tend to charicter foucused plot centric campeghns taht do not readaly accept pre written adventures, and as a result I never use them.

So as adventure paths have no real use to me how much value would there be in my picking up Pathfinder?

Still nothing here in Scotland, Im getting kina twichy now. Should I be worried?

Goodbye Dragon, gone you may be, but you will live on in my book shelves. It was this hallowed publication that kindled an enduring passion for Gaming in me. I may have drifted away from D&D when the editions changed, but you have always been with me. In the Characters your pages spawned, in the heroes you inspired, in the epics you helped me weave, you will be remembered.


People who right off Eberron because Airships and lightning rails are ‘Gimmicky’ or to similar to final fantasy games. So I suppose Mystara’s Princess Ark is a Gimmick? That the Harulan Airships of Forgotten realms are a gimmick? Just because its new doesn’t make it bad. And Warforged? Because of Corse there never been a humanoid construct before now has there? Wait there have indeed, the MM is full of them, but thse are familiar and safe, those are ok. Heaven forbid that any one do anything new with there character.

One vote for Eberron. I am not ashamed to admit that after gaming for 15 years a setting in which magic was a part of the world not an after thought to justify spell casting classes was a delight. I enjoy the politics the magi tech, I’ve used a Warforged BBEG who was restarting the Last war because it was all he knew. I genuinely like the fact that Players are remarkable people here, but that still there are villains and horrors enough to test the greatest. But Im not going to turn this into a rant about Eberron haters when there’s a perfectly god rant thread for that to I’ll stop here.

Aside from the obvious ones (books, D&D books, dice including dragon dice, and of corse Dragon magazine) My main colection is my Mineral / fossil colection and a growing folder of webcomics in my favorites.

My geology colection has been growing slowly but steadaly since I was 6, has gone though several culls as my tastes narrowed and my stadards for colections rased, and still manages to participte in a bitter war over my limited shellf space.

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