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Electric Wizard's page

618 posts. Alias of Tensor.


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Well, for one, the combatants would have essentially no control over their own movement in zero-G. They may be able to push themselves off from other objects (including allies and opponents), or learn to flap a cloak to "swim' through the air, but rotation is going to be hard to deal with.

Physically hitting something hard enough to do damage would be very hard. Swings are bound to miss and/or do little damage. Stabs may work a little better. Archers would be much better off, although they would need to learn to control the rotation caused by firing an arrow which is not aligned with their center of gravity. Spellcasters are probably best off in zero gravity (may need a concentration check for tumbling and/or simply for being in zero-G).

In d20 terms, Nimbleness is Tumble and Athletics is Jump.

- You can move along the walls of the craft by making an Athletics check DC 10 or a Nimbleness check DC 20.
- All movement that is not along a wall occurs in a straight line and you continue to move the same distance each round until you interact with another object.
- You can push off a wall by making an Athletics/Nimbleness check. The distance moved is equal to the result of the check (rounded down to the nearest 5ft.).
- You can always move 5ft. This is as a 5ft. step that consumes your move action.
- You can move by throwing objects in the opposite direction. Throwing an object of your size causes you to move your speed. Throwing an object one size category smaller moves you at half speed and throwing objects larger than you causes you to move at double speed.
- Attacking with a melee or ranged weapon causes you to become increasingly unstable; the first attack has a -1 penalty on attack rolls, the second -2, and so on, to a maximum penalty of -5. A full round spent stabilizing allows you to begin again at -1.
- Range increments of projectile weapons or abilities are doubled.
- You can not be tripped or knocked prone.

Also, if flight is a possibility:
- extraordinary flight (flapping) has reduced maneuverability
- supernatural \& magical flight still works the same
- levitation requires that you specify an axis as up \& down


As I come up with new/better, I'll post in a stream-of-consciousness style.

Jamie Charlan wrote:

Things get a bit different when it's vectors and acceleration.

Though its hex-based, if you look up the old space combat rules for the Silhouette system (like Jovian Chronicles) it worked fairly well. Plus it made engines one of the nastiest weapons available - as is only righteous, proper and Good when you're spewing plasma out the back the same way that pathetically tiny "sword" the other guy's wielding is.

Very different from the typical "naval or air combat" type rules we see for a lot of stuff including star wars, but can easily be as exciting; just that things don't move the same way is all.

> Attack Vector: Tactical < is arguable the best hex-based space combat game in existence.

Perhaps Paizo can make a marketing deal with the owner and include some of it.


Maybe there will be some space fighting like this -> space fighters

the economy

1d12 ⇒ 6

6. A perfectly intact head sized egg. (it was planted here by something else)

Well you had better hurry up. The creators are going to break the game this year with the release of new rules.

37. Edition wars? Apparently, Shadowrun is coming out with a non-backward compatible rule book at the end of the summer?

36. Blood magic

Have you tried Mutant Chronicle? 3rd edition is out. You could easily do a mirror-glass run.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Did anyone say PROMETHEUS yet?

35. Suppression Fire rules

Spellcasting + Magic[Force]

23: Bacterial Containment Zones

"In Moscow, pizza serves you," tickled through Jennifer's mind and then a sudden movement caused her to turn her head.

It's cloudy here.

archmagi1 wrote:
Well, in the novel Tarkin, they have a 'holo-net', which is obviously a retconned in thing because the internet didn't used to exist, which is taken over to 100% military use by the time ANH rolls around. I think that's one of the more glaring anachronistic features of the series, particularly with how advanced our global communications are now. Extrapolating out to hyperdrive tech era would make galactic communication much more than what we see.

How close are the novels to the movies, because I've only seen the movies?

Maybe they don't know about radio waves. No one ever watched TV in the movies.

Celestial Healer wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:

A question for Americans.

How do you, personally, pronounce the word 'sage' ?

Rhymes with "age", "page" or "rage". Is it different in the UK?

If you speak 'Murican, then it's pronounced "preacher".

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Isn't New Madrid the secret location Runners in Logan's Run are seeking?
It's there they shall find salvation and peace.

21. Grenades

Here is an open question: You are in a Host fighting a few Spiders and some IC. How far can you move in one round inside a Host (not the Matrix)?

19. Cheering and happy players.

I'm leaning towards Driods being a religious mix of spirit-force and steampunk technology.
That makes more sense and why Anakin could build C3PO at such a young age. Anakin was full of midichlorians and able to embue "life" into C3PO's mechanical skeleton using the Force.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

18. Drinks with Mr. Johnson

Character Creation in Shadowrun 5e is not for the weak. You have to make five choices in order to make your dreams come true.

Shadowrun is a dark setting, mixing the cyberpunk from the 80’s with the idea of the return of the magic and the surging of old species like Elves and Dwarves. The players are shadowrunners, criminals doing whatever they are contracted for and trying to survive one more day in a world owned by megacorporations.

Now, let’s go to the creation!

Step 1: Choose concept:

Shadowrun character creation is not random, so it starts by choosing a valid concept. Some of the classic Shadowrun character concepts are: Face (the one with a lot of contacts and good with the people), Spellcaster (a magic user), Decker (expert in using the Matrix, the evolved Internet of the setting), Technomancer (a user of the Matrix with a mystical base), Rigger (the driver, but with a total connection to the vehicles and to drones) and Street Samurai (experts in combat, usually mixing big weapons with cybernetic technology).

I’m going to create a spellcaster, a mage who studied magic in some old magic school in Europe.

All characters start with 25 Karma to improve themselves. (You may elect to take on 'negative' qualities during character creation which give you more Karma to spend (up to 25). Typically, during game play, the GM rewards Karma for you to use after you complete a mission.)

The next five steps are actually kind of concurrent: there are five elections (metatype, attributes, magic/resonance, skills and resources) and five priorities to assign to them (from A to E). The election which gets A is the better for you, the election with the E is the worst.

E.g.: You get to choose one letter for each slot.
Metatype: B
Attribute: E
Magic/Resonance: A
Skills: C
Resources: D

Step 2: Choose Metatype and raise Attributes:

Metatype is just the magical race of the character. This election gives you also special attribute points to increase your Magic, Resonance or Edge.

I’m going to be an Ork. I can be an Ork with priorities A, B or C. I’ll set with the priority C in Metatype, to be an Ork with 0 special attribute points.

As an Ork I get Low-Light Vision, and the starting and maximum values in my attributes: Body 4/9, Agility 1/6, Reaction 1/6, Strength 3/8, Willpower 1/6, Logic 1/5, Intuition 1/6, Charisma 1/5, Edge 1/6, Essence 6.

For the Attributes I’m going to assign only the priority D: he is not very naturally gifted in many areas. This gives me 14 points to distribute among my attributes. I end with the following attributes:

Body 4, Agility 3, Reaction 3, Strength 3, Willpower 3, Logic 5, Intuition 3, Charisma 2, Edge 2, Essence 6.

Step 3: Choose Magic or Resonance:

This one is easy: I’m giving priority A to Magic. This means I can choose to be a magician, a Mystic Adept or a Technomancer. I choose to be a Magician, which gives me: Magic 6, two Rating 5 Magical Skills, and 10 spells.

As magic tradition, I choose to be a Hermetic Mage. My Drain Resistance (which allows me to avoid being exhausted after using magic) is Logic+Willpower.

For the two skills I choose Spellcasting and Counterspelling.

For the spells, I choose Blast, Manabolt,Fireball, Improved Invisibility, Heal, Analyze Magic, Armor, Clairvoyance, Detect Magic Extended, Detect Individual.

Step 4: Purchase Qualities:

There are positive Qualities, which cost Karma, and negative Qualities, which give Karma (you can get a maximum of 25 additional Karma for negative Qualities).

From the list of available Qualities, I buy:

Analytical Mind (-5 karma): +2 to Logic to analyze clues, recognize patterns, etc.
Aptitude: Spellcasting (-14 karma): I can start with Spellcasting at rating 7, and eventually rise it up to 13.
Exceptional Attribute: Magic (-14 karma): I can rise my Magic to 7.
Focused Concentration 2 (-8 karma): I can sustain better some magic.
Bad Luck (+12 karma): When using Edge, there is a chance in 6 of it turning to be bad.
Distinctive Style (+5 karma): I am very european, with a thick english-dutch-french accent I can’t avoid.
Simsense Vertigo (+5 karma): I am very bad at augmented reality or virtual reality situations.
Sinner (+5 karma): I am registered in the system. I have a national SIM from some european nation.

And I still have 9 karma left (from the negative qualities I only receive 25 karma, not 27).

Step 5: Purchase Skills:

For Skills, I have assigned the priority B. That gives me 36 skill points to divide among my skills, and can use up to 5 of those points to buy skill groups (skill bundles, cheaper to buy than the individual skills they contain). The maximum rank for a skill in creation is 6 (but I can raise Spellcasting to 7 thanks to my Aptitude Quality). The skill points can also be used to buy skill specializations, which cost 1 point and give +2 to use the specialization.

I start raising my Spellcasting from 5 to 7, spending 2 points, and buy a specialization in combat spells (1 point). I also want to know how to summon spirits, so I buy the Conjuring skill group up to 3. With my other 2 group points I buy the Enchanting skill group up to 2. I still have 29 skill points to spend. I buy the following skills:

Spellcasting 7 (specialization: Combat Spells)
Counterspelling 5
Skill group: Conjuring 3
Skill group: Enchanting 2
Pistols 2 (specialization: semiautomatics)
Sneaking 2
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Running 2
Swimming 1
Etiquette 2
Intimidation 2
Negotiation 1 (specialization: Contracts)
Blades 1 (specialization: swords)
Perception 3
Assensing 2 (this is used to read astral auras)
Arcana 2
Astral Combat 2
Computer 1
Navigation 1

Now I also get free Knowledge and Language skill points, equal to my (INT+LOG)x2. So 16 points in total. And, also, a language as native language. For me it is English. I buy the following Knowledge skills:

Language: English (N)
Language: German 2
Language: French 1
Magic theory (Academic) 3
History (Academic) 2
Music (Academic) 1
Parazoology (Academic) 1
20th Century Trivia (Interests) 2
Smuggling Routes (Street) 3
Law (Professional) 1

Step 6: Spend your Resources:

For Resources I only have left the priority E. This means I only have 6,000 NuYens to spend. I can always spend some karma to get more NuYens in this step, obtaining 2,000 extra NuYens per Karma point spent. I spend 7 points of karma in this, to get 14,000 additional NuYens, for a total of 20,000 NuYens.

I have also to select (and pay) for my level of lifestyle. I’m going to spend 2,000 NuYens to have a Low Lifestyle.

I spend the rest of my money as follows:

Katana (1,000 NuYens) (I always associate katanas with shadowrun, due to the Street Samurai Catalog cover)
Colt America L36 (320 NuYens) (a light semiautomatic pistol)
Hidden arm slide for the Colt America (350 NuYens) (allows me to ready the weapon faster)
Regular ammo for the Colt (20 reloads) (400 NuYens)
Normal clothing (300 NuYens)
Lined coat (a wild west style coat which offers protection and allows to hide things better) (900 NuYens)
CommLink: Sony Emperor (700 NuYens) (the smartphones/computers of the future)
MicroTransceiver (100 NuYens) (a professional walkie-talkie)
Silver CredStick (20 NuYens) (to store up to 20,000 NuYens)
Gold CredStick (100 NuYens) (to store up to 100,000 NuYens) (this is me being optimistic of my future contracts)
Fake SIN (rating 2) (5,000 NuYens) (To avoid using my real SIN when possible)
Flashlight (25 NuYens)
Spell Focus (Combat Spells) (Force 1) (5,000 NuYens)

And I keep 3,785 NuYens for me, that I add to my standard initial money, which based in my Low Lifestyle is 3d6 x 60 NuYens. I roll and get 540 NuYens. So I have 4,325 Nuyens.

Step 7: Spending your leftover Karma:

I have two points of Karma, that I use to bond to my Spell Focus (it costs Force x 2 in karma). This will allow me to add the Force of the Focus to my spells.

In this step I also get additional free Karma to spend in contacts. I get CHA x 3, so I have 6 points of Karma to spend in contacts. Each contact has two values: Connection (how much influence the contact has) and Loyalty (how much is he willing to do not to betray me).

With only six points, I’m going to settle with only two contacts:

The owner of “Ye Olde Magic Boutique” (Connection 1, Loyalty 2)
A not very important Corporation middle-manager (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)

Step 8: Final calculations:

This step consists only in calculating some values derived from the previous.

Initiative determines the order in combat. It is INT+REA and a dice, which starts in 1D6. My Initiative is 6+1D6.
As a mage, I can have Astral Initiative. It is INT+INT, with a base dice of 3D&. My Astral Initiative is 6+3D6.
Inherent limits are determined by your attributes, and limit how many hits (successes) you can get in your rolls.
Mental limit is ((LOGx2)+INT+WIL)/3). My Mental limit is 6.
Physical limit is ((STRx2)+BOD+REA)/3). My physical limit is 5.
Social limit is ((CHAx2)+WIL+ESS)/3) My social limit is 5.
The Condition Monitor tells how much Physical and Stun damage you can sustain.
You have (BOD/2)+8 Physical boxes. That’s 10 for me.
You have (WIL/2)+8 Stun boxes. That’s 10 for me.
You have some extra Overflow boxes, equal to your BOD + bonus from augmentations. As I have no augmentations (they do not mix well with magic), I have 4 overflow boxes.
With my bad luck quality, I start with a Notoriety of -1. My Street Cred and my Public Awareness are, of course, 0 (as I have yet to do anything).

Step 9: Final touches:

This is the step for the background and the rounding of the character. I see him as a traveller, born close to England, educated in ancient European magic schools, and recently arrived to Seattle.

It always rains in Seattle because of the polution.

12. Black IC (pronounced black ice)

11. Augmented Street Samurai

10. The core rules cover in detail how to use another player or npc as a meat-sheild.

knightnday wrote:

Heh. I've played more Shadowrun than any other game except D&D/Pathfinder.

Most of the original post isn't anything strictly tied to Shadowrun as a game. ...

Oh, for this list it's ok if items are not precisely unique to Shadowrun, just make them thematically on target.

Go for the Nuggets, so experienced players will think, "Ah yes, I know that." And, noobs will think, "Oh, I didn't know that. That's good to know."

I really like your item about native americans. Let's keep going with your item on the list:


9. Native American's being an actual threat in a game not set in the Old West. With the rise of magic, the Nations were able to take over large swaths of North America and send the USA packing. You don't see that come up often in RPGS.

8. And this brings us to: People pretending they have played Shadowrun.

1. Dystopian world controlled & monitored by corporations (kinda like today, hey!)

2. The Matrix (or interwebs?)

3. Magic + Technology. "Hello, Troll buddy."

4. Shadowrunners live in the grey areas of morality

5. Constant threat of being double-crossed

6. Rain -- because of the pollution (or is it just Seattle waitors)

7. 3 hours of at-the-table planning before entering a room

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This happens more than expected. You're in a gun fight surrounded by dead bodies and you need more cover. Or, your Decker is jacked in and her RL body needs protection -- throw bodies on her for protection!

Complex Action has produced a wonderful video giving an overview of making it work
-- > Using Bodies as Barriers <


My Self wrote:
So I'm running a campaign right now with several players. I can meet with all of them regularly together, but a couple of the players I am often able to meet with more often. I don't want to start a whole extra campaign in the meantime. Any way to not waste extra sessions without splitting the group?


Did 5e finally kill off everyone's enthusiasm?

TJH wrote:
Can someone explain how my character uses a Deck to find, read, and then replace a file in a bad guy's host?

As GM, I would use this simple list of "How you need do it". (Feel free to change things up and augment it.)

Also, these are Actions/things "you" have to do. The Host will have Spiders and IC to fight you off. And to assist in beating them you can run/use programs on your deck.

>>list-file "How to Hack a File"
Hacking + Logic vs. Intuition + Firewall
-- if you are outside the Firewall then this is significant and you are easily facing 15d6 to 20d6 total defense.


Computer + Intuition vs. Logic + Sleaze
-- you have to know what you're looking for and find it.

Electronic Warfare + Intuition vs. Intuition + Data Processing
-- a good idea neh?

Electronic Warfare + Intuition vs. Logic + Firewall
-- this depends upon your mission and situation of course.

Electronic Warfare + Logic vs. 6 dice
-- maybe, maybe not depending upon your objective(s)

Hacking + Logic vs. 2*Protection Rating

Computer + Logic vs. Intuition + Firewall

TJH wrote:
Also, does my PC actually have to dive into the Matrix, or is doing so only one of my options for finding files in the game of Shadowrun?

Yes, you need to enter the Matrix.

My Imagination.

Fury was kinda lame.

Hey, where is everyone?
Why are the paizo boards so dead?

Ceaser Slaad wrote:
Back in the early 80's Simulations Publications Inc (SPI) had a table top hex grid board and cardboard marker game that simulated jet combat really well. Darned if I can recall the name of it though.

I remember SPI. That game company was another victim of TSR[1][2] back in the 80's.

I think the game you're referencing is called "Air War".

It may be informative to read each Matrix Combat Action.

Brute Force
Crack File
Crash Program
Data Spike
Erase Mark
Erase Matrix Signature
Jam Signals
Change Icon
Control Device
Edit File
Enter/Exit Host

Grid Hop
Invite Mark
Jump Into Rigged Device
Matrix Perception
Matrix Search
Reboot Device
Send Message
Switch Interface Mode
Trace Icon
Check Overwatch Score
Control Device
Format Device
Hack on the Fly

Set Data Bomb
Spoof Command
Disarm Data Bomb
Jack Out
Full Matrix Defense

Can't wait to see some dogfighting in the new Star Wars movie.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I know! Construct some dice.
Look around you – can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?

the 2nd derivative is negative too

2 people marked this as a favorite.

All the Transformer movies.

Scott Betts wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:

Actually, what causes black holes to appear black is just the fact that a black hole neither emits nor reflects any light; it is a perfect black body.
There's this guy in a wheelchair who begs to differ with you on that subject. :)
And when he (almost certainly) turns out to be correct, it will be a really cool observation!

Don't think of Hawking radiation as light-rays, but as "evaporation". i.e. black holes evaporate, and the process by which this happens is through Hawking Radiation.

Incidentally, this evaporation causes the Entropy of the universe to decrease (which is a good thing).

oh oh.

who said, "psionics is people" ?

Tensor wrote:

Note: ties are listed in alphabetical order.

Scariest Movies:
  • ______________
  • 13 , The Shining
  • 11 , The Exorcist
  • 10 , Jaws
  • 10 , The Ring
  • 9 , Event Horizon
  • 8 , Alien
  • 8 , Blair Witch Project
  • 6 , Changling
  • 6 , The Exorcist III
  • 5 , Halloween
  • 5 , John Carpenter's The Thing
  • 5 , Night of Living Dead
  • 4 , The Audition
  • 4 , Evil Dead
  • 4 , Fire in the Sky
  • 4 , The Haunting (not remake)
  • 4 , Poltergeist
  • 4 , Texas Chainsaw Massacre (not remake)
  • 3 , American Werewolf in London
  • 3 , Black Christmas
  • 3 , Candyman
  • 3 , The Grudge
  • 3 , Nightmare on Elm Street
  • 3 , Omen
  • 3 , Phantasm
  • 3 , Prince of Darkness
  • 3 , Se7en
  • 3 , Serpent and Rainbow
  • 3 , Silence of Lambs
  • 3 , Watership Down
  • 3 , Wicker Man
  • 2 , 1408
  • 2 , 28 Day's Later
  • 2 , Amnityville Horror
  • 2 , Burnt Offerings
  • 2 , The Dark
  • 2 , The Fog (original)
  • 2 , Hellraiser
  • 2 , In the Mouth of Madness (Carpenter)
  • 2 , It
  • 2 , Jacob's Ladder
  • 2 , Killer Clowns From Outer Space
  • 2 , Last House on Left
  • 2 , Lets Scare Jessica to Death
  • 2 , Mothman Prophecies
  • 2 , Prophecy
  • 2 , Psycho
  • 2 , Riget I & II
  • 2 , Salem's Lot
  • 2 , Wizard of Oz
  • 1 , 28 Weeks Later
  • 1 , Angel Heart
  • 1 , Apt Pupil
  • 1 , Arlington Road
  • 1 , Bad Seed
  • 1 , Below
  • 1 , Children of Corn
  • 1 , Child's Play
  • 1 , Cold Blood
  • 1 , Creepshow
  • 1 , The Cube
  • 1 , Dagon
  • ...

    I don't think of "The Cube" as a scary movie, but as a thriller.

    Guess what everybody, you are currently living in a Decline.

    Monster of the Week is a standalone action-horror RPG for 3-5 people.

    > (link-me-baby) <

    So, I've played this five times now, and highly recommend it. We play entire episodes in 5-6 hour gaming sessions.

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