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Loris Raknian

Eldon Gorski's page

112 posts. Alias of Xzaral.

Full Name

Eldon Gorski


Ice Cream Man

About Eldon Gorski

Wolves of the Weirwood:

Name: Eldon Gorski

Place of Origin: Winshaven, far to the south.

One or two lines about appearance: Eldon is a large man, and quite imposing. He always appears angry when he's seen.

Role in the Village: Gravedigger and tender of the graveyard. He lives in a small hut near the graveyard. While he himself is quite scary and imposing, he manages to keep the graveyard in good shape and repair. He has shown up at peoples houses in the middle of the night, their kid in tow, having caught them inside the graveyard. The few times he is seen in town is either picking up supplies for the graveyard, or the occasional trip to the tavern.

Why would they choose not to leave the village?: Before moving to Laniel, it is rumored about town that he once had a family, a wife and two daughters. What happened to them is unknown, if they even existed, though rumors vary wildly.

Mutants on the Cold Star:

Name: Unpronouncalbe in a speaking dialect. Has taken the name Eldon Gorski.

Planet of Origin: Unprouncable in speaking dialect, often referred to as XZ498

Species: Unprouncable in speaking dialect, often referred to as Soulsuckers. Scientifically called Xzysts. Xzysts feed off the energy given when living things die as a form of drug (it is not necessary to sustain them, they eat normal food like anyone else). This, as well as their monstorus appearence, has given them a very bad reputation amongst the peoples of the galaxy.

One or two lines about appearance: Xzysts are monstrous creatures, standing well over 8' tall with massive rows of sharp teeth, gray hardened skin, and eyes that glow. Their hands and toes end in sharp claws. Eldon himself prefers a loose pair of baggy pants (thick material to avoid easily tearing from his claws), and a vest for his midsection (sleeves also rip on his claws easily). His vision is quite bad, and he needs glasses to read, but rarely wears them (makes him look to 'humanish', an insult amongst his people).

One or two lines about personality: Eldon just wants to be left alone. For some unknown crime he has been isolated from his people and taken up refuge here. He will use his size and his species stereotype to attempt to intimidate others as needed, but only fights if pressed.

Occupation: General laborer, has moonlighted as a bodyguard when hard-pressed for cash.

What your character was doing when the Alert went off: Eldon's favorite past-time is reading, though handling books with his clawed hands is difficult (they're not retractable), and his poor eyesight means he only reads when he's certain not to be found. At the time he was in his small bunk, attempting to read.

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