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Galenna Icethrone

Elaine Fisher's page

271 posts. Alias of doctor_wu.

About Elaine Fisher

Female Changeling durid(menhir savant) 2
Age 20
Skin Pale
Hair Black
Eyes brown.

AC 17
HP 20 current 17 level 1,2 favored class bonus
2claws+3 d4+3
scythe+3 2d4+3
sling+3 d4+2


STR14 +2
DEX14 +2
CON12 +1
WIS16 +3
CHA12 +1


Spell focus (conjuration)


Perception+ 9 +3 ability +3 class skill 2 ranks 1 trait
Survival+ 9 +3 ability +3 class skill 2 ranks 1 trait
knowledge nature +5 +3 class skill 2 ranks
handle animal +6 1 ability 2 ranks +3 class skill

pioneer +1 perception
poverty stricken +1 surivival

Elaine as a child ran away from her hag mother and started learning to fish in the lonely icerime peaks. She could catch big fish easily but prided herself on the little fish and ones that are hard to catch and living and having Great skill livning in nature Having a little impact as possible. In the desolate reaches of the southern Icerime peaks she found herself a quiet home where few knew her Until around a few years ago. Then to her horror a group of rich prospectors from House Surtova with an expensive magic item they thought would bring them fourtune a decanter of endless water. They turned this item upon the hillsides to gain gold and other precious metals but this in turns destoryed the fishing so Eliane fled south.

She then started fishing in the east Sellen and other small streams in the Gronzi forest where her fishing skills as a adolescent impressed some from house menvedev. When traveling through the Gronzi forest A sick young megaloceros became seemingly following her and she helped it find food and feed it. This megaloceros became attracted to her and a traveling companion as it followed her. She was angry at the house surtova and then eventually after a few years when she was 13 found her way to Restov She began fishing on the border with the Shrike river and was known to know some of the best spots. She became a bit knowledgeable but started getting bored how easy it was to catch fish in the shrike river and wanted to try exploring new ground so signed up for the exhibition.

Horse pioneer trait

Lamellar leather armor 60
backpack 2
scythe 18
saddle riding 10
bedroll .1
hemp rope 50 feet 1
saddlebags 4
5 fishooks .5
fishing rod
drill .5
signal whistle .8
30 cold iron sling bullets .6
2 days trail rations
Holly and misteltoe
Travelers outfit
Leather barding for megaloceros 20
3 silver pieces
10 copper pieces

class abilities
spirit sense
detect fey outsiders astral etheral and incorpreal creatures
place magic +1 caster level for 1 roudn for 6 times per day
nature bond animal companion
per day
4 0 level
3 1st level 1 bonus
0 level spells prepared
create water
detect magic
purify food and drink.
cure light wounds
obscuring mist

Megaloceros Companion
speed 50 feet
str 12
dex 17
con 14
Int 2
Wis 15
cha 5

AC 18 +2 armor +3 natural +3 dex
bab+1 HP 13

gore +2 d8+1
armor profiecncy light
perception+7 +2 ability 2 ranks +3 class skill

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