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El Dios De Los Almas Perdidas's page

975 posts. Alias of Signore di Fortuna.


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Oh, go count your losses. I'm the winner now.

And send my regards to those who threw you out of gnomish society because the sight of you made them sad.

Look out. He's got a creepy van with no windows and a boxful of candy.

A poor excuse for hands.

That's just cruel.

Says you.

Anyway...back to winning.


That doesn't come off.

You can't have fun with me. It's improbable.

Sorry, no. Go find your warm, fuzzy host elsewhere.

Yay, go Team Chaotic Neutral.

The name's not Dave.

Much like your tv show, you are no winner.

Victory is mine!

You should stick to hanging with Wally Cleaver.

No, there's no 'I' in 'team', but there's an 'I' in 'winning'. A couple, even.

Granted! Blood flow to your brain stops.

I wish I could find a more lucrative job.

Granted! You are now floating in limbo with nothing around you.

I wish the holiday decorations would put themselves up.

Granted! You grow to a freakishly huge size and end up wrestling Godzilla.

I wish I knew what I wanted to eat.

Chromedome Sourpuss

Granted! You decided to necro this thread and got someone to do it for you.

I wish things would get better.

I win. It's a Thanksgiving miracle.

Poor Hippeh, so understood.

That woman is a M.I.L.A. A mother I'd like to avoid.


No. Just. No.

Sorry, this is a prescription.

Whoa! That dude has no pants!

Oh, get over yourself. They're old enough to be out after dark.

There is no banning here. That's another thread.

Stop that, stop that. No theme music.

I didn't mean that you needed my permission to win. I simply meant that I will not allow anyone to win.

Sorry, but I can't let you win.

Well, this place is more like this than that.

That sounded dirty.


Chick-fil-A would like to have a word with you, LTAD.

Wrong. I win.

It is one of the worst selling games in's current flash sale. It's a point and click adventure game.

If you use, apparently it's Jack Keane Day.

I didn't see it. Do it again.

Oh, go fly a UFO.

Pfft. He has no mouth.

You can feed a horse peanut butter, but you can't make it like ceiling fans.

If Pete and Repeat are on a surfboard...

You're just full of cliches, aren't you?

Not dead enough.

Cold again today.

The state's weather is as backwards as the rest of it.

At least, the air is dry here. Veterans Day was nice and sunny. Tonight is just quite cold. I would say that it's unseasonable, but there's no such thing in Arkansas.

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